Thursday, November 19, 2009

Part Three: NCR - The Great Merchant City, from the builder's perspective

This post continues the exhibit of the mark of the beast and the great merchant city Babylon, as presented from what must be the builder of Babylon's perspective on The last post was something of a parenthesis where I took the opportunity to share some very pertinent insight. In it I presented what I called the two faces of charagma, but after giving it more thought, they are more appropriately the two "prongs" of charagma. Anyway, here's more relevant news about positiveID. VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire (BNET - 11/11/09)

And, here's an image of Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital Partners, being hosted by Glenn Beck on Fox News, 11/17/09. Remember him, from a couple posts ago? See the light radiating from the logo? Yes, that one, the delta inscribed in a circle "demonic invocation gateway" symbol that is a triskelion composed of three sixes! Watch the video but only as the Lord leads. The visual effect is not at all subtle, drawing our attention to focus and refocus on the logo. Do you think he believes in the power of his symbols? I do. You should to. Glenn doesn't seem to get it. Either that or he's moving in the same direction, flowing downstream alongside everyone else in the paddle-free zone.

The world's systems are applying a lot of pressure and building mental stress to the end that fear is building about two key areas in particular; health and wellbeing, and personal economics. Pandemics. Terrorism. The economic crash. Bill Clinton was famous for saying, "It's the economy, stupid." Well, he's now on the health care bandwagon, so we might soon be hearing, "It's personal wellbeing, stupid." It's certainly both when it comes to manipulating people until they relent and let themselves get tagged with the chip.

Surely you know what really matters to people. At the top of the list is their life itself, then the quality of life. Here's the two-pronged attack. First prong: Health. Your physical health is threatened, and at the extreme, even your very life. Second prong: Economic. Your financial health is threatened, and at the extreme, even your life itself. Yeah, that will do it. In scene 1 of the NCR storyboard we saw how the souls are captured by means of establishing a connection to a networked world in the context of health and medicine. Scene 2 reveals the second context for hooking people to the beast system, through their bank accounts. No one will buy or sell unless they have the mark. They will control the medium of exchange - and you can bet both barter and direct charitable aid are going to be HIGHLY discouraged!

I'm ready to revisit scene 2 and fill in some detail.

On the right, in the creepy shadow zone, the black shape seems to be a couch, suggesting to us there is in the shadows a place for repose, of rest, which makes us want to relax and drop our guard, to consider embracing the darkness.

Positioned in the center of this graphical scene are vertical segments that appear to be leaning towards the right. While most of us are accustomed to seeing the kind of lens distortion in photographic images that causes some of the verticals to slant, the verticals in the center are usually straight up and down, right? Most commonly, with symmetry and balance governing the effect, the verticals in the center are upright while the further off center they are, the more they lean to the center. This scene is not that way. If you study it more closely you'll see how most of the elements are leaning or slanting but the real issue visually is that the perspective is not consistent. I pointed out previously how the dim and oddly shadowed lighting is rather unsettling. In a similar way, the inconsistent alignment of the vertical and horizontal elements is unsettling. What's the point? It makes me want to gravitate towards the structure that looks like a ladder for some support and stability, for something to hang on to. Uh - ladder? Hold that thought.

In this scene, when the user clicks to affirm their acceptance, where do they click. Sure, still on the target zone glowing "YES" on the triple helix, but it's now offset, off-center, placed on the expanse of masonry. Let's assume this placement is just as deliberate as it so obviously was in the first scene, being positioning between the pillars smack dab on the Zeusmobile soul shuttle. The acceptance click is captured here on the masonry, or, put more obviously, Masonry with a capital M. This subtle allusion to freemasonry rightfully acknowledges this organization's role in preparing people for the mark of the beast.

Beyond the acknowledgment, this signals us that there's some Masonic symbolism in view - like that ladder. OK. It's not a real ladder, but this is symbolic imagery, and if you've done any research on Masonic symbolism you've probably seen this image of a three rung ladder. Scene 2 "leans right," like the Masonic Jacob's ladder. The ladder bridges heaven and earth and is the means by which man is transformed, ascending to godhood. It has three visible rungs. It represents the connection between heaven and earth that is three strand DNA, just as Mike Hoggard stated in his DNA DVD series. It closely resembles two strand DNA and implies the secret third strand with that matching number of rungs. I believe the whole point of the scene's graphical slanty slopey mashup is to get us to move toward that ladder, which is a symbol, and, like I been sayin', SYMBOLS IS AS SYMBOLS DOES - and they work like magic because THEY ARE!

I explained the pillars when I addressed the first scene, so you know they represent the Sun and Moon and mark the gateway that is the soul's access point. These pillars are as the Sun and Moon, luminaries, beacons of light. On the left we see some downward shining beams as beacons or pillars of light bracketing a customer. This customer is ascending! In scene 1 the soul shuttle awaited its precious cargo and picked it up between the pillars. Use your imagination for moment and consider how these downward shining beams resemble the thruster jets of a rocket as it lifts off from the earth and ascends into the heavens. This rocket man who is the focal element in the scene is wearing a holy white garment, and the beam of divine triple helix light is focused on him. Beam him up to the mother ship, Scotty! The red tie is like Superman's red cape. Up, up and away!

There are two rectangles featured in the center of the scene, a black one and a lighter one. These seem to be another representation of the two pillars of the Masonic occult and supernatural gateway. Our attention is directed everywhere else but on them, but since they are in the middle of the scene they finally get our attention. The woman is the same one featured in scene 4 as the ascended Moon goddess with the holy white purse, but here she has not yet ascended. She has a brown purse, not yet the pure white one, and she stands in the shadows. She's not engaging in commerce, not yet connected. Yet, she's adjacent to the ladder so she's close.

The two pillars are symbolic of the Sun and Moon, male and female, and they are so represented in this scene. See how distinctly this imagery is being presented? He is lighter in skin color than she, brighter, as the Sun is brighter than the Moon. His pillar is black and devoid of detail, and so we perceive that his background is hidden, an obscure mystery we cannot see.

The male pillar is named Boaz and it appears on the left side of the entrance to the temple. This male pillar is shown on the right, which is correctly positioned because we're actually inside the "temple" construct facing outward and viewing the exit. If you consider the body language of the couple it suggests they are flirting and might be romantically involved. The two pillars together are as Bridegroom and Bride, and the passing between them through the pillars represents the sexual union. This is entirely consistent with everything else I've noted.

As I bring this posting to a close I wanted to point out an observation I made this evening. Compare the images you see here.
The NCR logo pictures a knot. A slip knot. This knot is used as a noose. Picture your neck in it. Isn't this the plan?

Until next time, May the Lord's blessings in insight, with much mercy and grace and love be yours from the true Bridegroom, Y'shua, the Truth who sets men free who are free indeed!

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