Friday, December 16, 2011

Part 31 - Rango - Apollo-Horus-Beast Imagery In Your Face

Among the odds and ends left to address is this item that goes right along with the "i" of Horus series. I've already pointed out how the stylized letter R in the Rango title compares to the Rx symbol for prescriptions. It's the well documented mark of Jupiter and eye of Horus. The curled leg picks up the form of the featured chameleon's spiral-of-life tail. This is leveraged in the film's promo imagery.

The eye of Horus shape referred to as the wedjat is formed on his head, with both the swirl eye of the anja and the superior crown chakras implied. This is the chameleon, changing, transforming in an eye of Horus ascension. The Beast is rising above the clouds, being revealed as no longer amongst the clouds (without water - Jude 1:12). Three eyes are present, Rango's two plus one from the fish. It's a third eye activation.

He is tightly embracing the messianic ICHTHYS fish, a brilliant illustration of the Beast behind the image of the Beast. The fish is a resurrection symbol. (See the parable of Matthew 13:47-50, the 153 fish in John 21 and the sign of Jonah.)

And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life.
Revelation 13:14

The ICHTHYS has a wind up mechanism that animates it, picturing a cyborg messiah, a biotech (and quantum entangled?) image of the Beast.

By the way, this fish is not a hijacking of a legitimate Christian symbol. There are no symbols ordained for use by obedient saints. The image you see at left was lifted from the current Wikipedia entry for ICHTHYS. Plain enough?

Rango is “Osiris green,” the color of the resurrecting god whose phallus, according to legend, was swallowed by a fish. This prompted Isis, when reassembling and regenerating her husband Osiris, to magickally substitute an obelisk for the missing penis. She then impregnated herself with the magickally vigorous Osiris obelisk to bring forth Horus in what appears to be something of a fish proxy.

Amidst this reproductive imagery we see Rango's red and white flowered shirt, signaling potent fertility and the resultant divine offspring produced from Adam-kind.

Hovering above the truncated pyramid shaped “A” in RANGO is the capstone, Horus, represented by the letter “H” in JOHNNY. Horus and Apollo are the same ancient diety. The letter A that touches the eye of Horus signaling letter R is leveraged as a pyramid base, and that A stands for “Apollo.” Tom Horn has documented (Apollyon Rising 2012) how Apollo is the identity to which the pyramid and associated elements point, that are found on the one dollar bill.

Still more odds and ends to follow, Lord willing!


  1. I haven't seen Rango but I'll say this again, you really should consider writing a book (or using this material) for a book on the subject.

    It's good stuff.

  2. Jeff - If you've been following the series you may want to watch the flick. It's so engaging and subtle that it's really quite astounding. I'll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Jeff - I checked out your posts on the DNA from 2010 Greece Olympics and 2012 Innsbrook. WOW! Excellent! Thanks for bringing them to my attention! Have you read what I wrote about the 2008 Summer and 2010 Winter games yet? This stuff we're onto here is so relevant and important! Praise the Lord for opening our eyes!

  4. Bob,
    I look up to your work and your ideas a great deal and have for some time now. I have read every one of your posts (many of them several times) and have been a long time follower of both your blogs. I recommend your blog not only to my readers but to other individuals via email, forums etc.

    The reason I specifically sent you the DNA/Youth Olympic thing is because I know of your extensive and insightful work on the Olympics and DNA - probably the most extensive work on the subject I have found on the internet and certainly right there with Goro Adachi's work on similar subjects - yet from a Christian angle.

    I get your posts via email everyday and sometimes that makes me lazy not to come here and post a comment. But I will do my best to come here more often and comment when I see a reason to.

    The Winter YOG will begin January 23rd I believe and like the previous games, it will certainly be full of pagan symbolism. If you watch my blog (or follow me on Twitter) you will be kept aware of it's coming - Lord willing.

    My best,
    JeffD III

  5. BTW Bob, please have a look at this! I think you will find it reveling.