Friday, August 24, 2012

Part 36 - The Sodomite Gateway - AN(13)AL Planet - Surprisingly Human

The popular cable channel "Animal Planet" logo graphically signals Satan's nefarious plan to replace Adamic-Mankind created in God's image with the beast-human hybrid created in his image. Take a long look at this logo and if you have an eye to see you will quickly realize that there is nothing subtle about the signaling taking place here.

The first thing being called out in the logo is the letter "M". They have turned the "M" sideways, rotating it so that it is called out for specific attention. The "M" is being called out because it is the 13th letter of the alphabet signaling the Rebel Lord Beast. The "I" has been widened to pair with the rotated "M" creating a graphic pairing that transforms the "IM" into a rather pronounced 13. The "IM" can also be taken as a blasphemous play on the name of the True God Who told us that His name is "I AM". The Beast is proudly announcing himself as the new "IM". Evil Genius!

The significance of the "ET" in the word planet that is centered and hovering over the word human cannot be overstated as this is exactly what the plan entails. The "ET" is referencing the Fallen Angels masquerading as "Extra Terrestrials" who will rule over the humans and assume their place atop the hierarchy in every imaginable way. When we look at the logo and see it as Animal Plan-ET, what we are seeing is a graphic representation of Satan's end-game plan to bring about a global post-human beast transformation. The manipulated "IM - 13" is hovering over the word "plan" in Planet and the "ET" is centered and hovering over the word human. A true 13-Plan ET-Human indeed!

The Animal Planet that is "Surprisingly Human" is the global beast system. Embedded within the word "Surprisingly" is the word rising, which is a sneaky way to reference the ascension of the beast.

The complexity of the signaling found within this logo is exceptional as I believe that it is also referencing what transpired in the Garden of Eden when Satan "hovered over" Eve and Adam as depicted by William Blake in the image to the left. A clear representation of "ET" over Human!

What transpired in the Garden was a gross abomination of sexual deviance that included sodomy with Eve and Adam. Satan was the original sodomizer, and as the saying goes the fruit does not fall far from the Serpent-Seed tree.

The "A" in animal is followed by "N" with the aforementioned manipulated "IM"/"13" which is completed by "AL". What we are looking at here is "AN-13-AL", which is presented a bit more simply in the form of "13" bracketed by ANAL.

Sodomy is the occult means used to achieve third-eye enlightenment which has long been serving as the precursor hook-up to the Mark of the Beast that will complete what the ritual sodomy has begun.

The fact that the "13" is stuck right in the middle of the word "anal" is no small matter. The occultists believe that if you sodomize God then you have His power, so what is being referenced here is the dark desire to own Apollo's "beast butt" in order to acquire his power. Correct me if I am wrong, but sex with animals is called beastiality, right?

Once again I draw your attention to the "13" over the "plan" in the word planet. I believe they are telling us that this is Apollo's "beast butt" Plan - ET. Satan is attempting to replace Adamic-Mankind with his own Serpent-Seed version. This beast-hijacking-avatar replacement scheme will be brought to fruition through the implementation of the Mark of the Beast. This will accomplish the final transformation, thus substitution, of Adamic-Mankind created in God's image by replacing it with hybrid-man created in Satan's image. Although these beast-human hybrids will appear Surprisingly Human, they will be post-human and assured a place in the Lake of Fire.

The negative space within the "ET" further attests to this fact as it is a backwards "F". "F" is the sixth letter of the alphabet which is a symbol of man.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. ~ Revelation 13:18

The fact that the "F" is reversed speaks to me of a hijacking of mankind, a transformation via reversal that will recreate man in the image of Satan. Satan is most certainly attempting to hijack mankind, and he will have limited success!

The backwards "F" can also be seen in the same fashion as Baphomet, which is a bastardized version of Adam. God created the first Adam in His own image as an androgynous being with the nature of that dynamic being male over female. Baphomet is the inverse bastardized version of the first Adam's original androgynous state recreated in the image of Satan with the inverse nature being presented as the female over male dynamic.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the logo is Osiris green set on a black background, featuring a rather large "A" which serves as both a truncated pyramid and a reference to Apollo. We see Apollo coming forth from the darkness as the progeny of Osiris, Satan, taking his place as the Rebel Lord Beast capstone upon the pyramid that has long awaited his arrival.

Just in case we needed any further illustration of this entire plan, I do believe this image that was presented during "Reptile Week" on the Animal Planet network speaks volumes. Keep in mind; this is a promotion for "Reptile Week", which can easily be taken to be serpent, dragon, etc.

One of the first things we notice is the far-from-subtle representation of the Hermetic Maxim "as above so below" pictured by the reflection. We also see what is supposed to be the loveable Geico-Gekko embracing the Apollo "A", and you will notice that the Geico-Gekko is an enlightened creature with his third eye opened signified by the orange marker on his forehead between his eyes. The enlightened reptile, with surprisingly human attributes, is portrayed as existing between the terrestrial and celestial realms.

The rising sun (Horus) backlighting the AN(13)AL compares to that other object, which I believe is supposed to be a large speaker. However, the rather flimsy pretext of a large speaker falls far short and clearly references a "black hole sun" with the ring of lights around the edge signifying the enlightenment that is sought and gained through the practice of ritual sodomy. This illustrates the anal gateway, or sodomy portal to counterfeit godhood.

By Aaron ( Revelation of Babylon blog ) and Bob

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  1. I really apreciate your work which I have been following last 2 years. I am from Brazil.
    I want to ask if you agree that Cam in fact sodomized Noah, probably to get his power, as you said on todays post, and that was the real motivation he was coursed that way.
    He was practicing, obviously, what he observed in the previous world that was destroyed, being in this case, inpired by demons who want to come back, as they did in fact.
    If so, the Hollywood movie "Alien, 8th Passenger" movie, was a devil´s joke about this eith passenger, who, obviously, was in Noah´s Ark.

    God bless you!

    Haroldo Maranhao

    1. Hi Haroldo,

      Ham may well have sodomized Noah, but the idiom "discovering his father's nakedness" definitely has to be interpreted as having his way with his mother, Noah's wife, which may be inferred as when Canaan was conceived.

      That's great insight into Alien - I believe you are right on target! Thanks!

  2. I just wanted to add another layer: AN(13)AL = AN (EVIL) Artificial Life...Daniel 2:43

    1. Artificial Life - AL - indeed. Thanks!