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Part 12 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Black Sun - Nazi Blight

When you become aware of the sodomite signaling around you it raises questions. If you can accept what the Lord showed me some 20 years ago, that Adam was sodomized in the Garden by the “serpent tree,” you can follow the dynamic of this activity as it threads through the historical record up to the present and beyond, and make better sense of it. When our eyes begin to open to the legitimate reality of sodomy as a ritual gateway and means of worship and communion with the gods, of acquiring supernatural power, that's when we really begin to perceive the agendas, roles and objectives of people, their organizations and the events where sodomite methods have been concealed.

Most folk are under the spell, not wanting to believe this and so they won't. Most of them would claim those who do believe it, simply want to and therefore do. Decent folks have a natural aversion to openly acknowledging such things as are being used to create trauma and demonization, and our adversary, the devil, takes full advantage of this. This leads, of course, to ignorance, which is fully exploited. I'm here to deal with that. Still. The symbols bear witness to the truth, when you love the Truth, Y'shua, and when your eyes are open to see what the Revealer of Secrets has to reveal.

Sodomy has a spiritual component in it that is far more sinister than anybody recognizes. It is the most underrated evil power to the general public. But to the people who are in the know, they know that this is the ultimate rebellion against God Himself. This is what they hope to use to gain the whole human race for their side and defeat God Himself.”

“The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy.

Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

"They took with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany and brought them over to the United States."

Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel's Wife

Books have been written on the subject of homosexual activity and the Nazi Party, like The Pink Swastika, for example, so to think Hitler succeeded in patterning his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy is an easy conclusion, given the signaling imagery used at the time. If you can interpret it the message is pretty clear. What worked well for Alexander worked well for Hitler.

These examples witness to the practice of sodomy as connected to the same ancient gods as the Greeks. They testify that sodomy was central in making Hitler's band of cruel warriors capable of great evil. The imagery associated with the SS (Schutzstaffel - Protection Squadron) and the SA (Sturmabteilung - Storm Detachment or Stormtroopers) tells a convincing story. I'm not even going to take the time to explore the obvious Mengele (SA and SS) and subsequent ML-ULTRA line of evidence, which famously features ritual sodomy as a fundamental ritual activity (pursue that as the Lord leads)

The SA (Sturmabteilung - Stormtroopers) played a key role in Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. The SS started out as a branch of the SA but after the Night of the Long Knives in 1934, they were effectively superseded by the SS.

Here's a collection of images I made to tell the story of the SA.

These storm troopers were often called "brownshirts" because of their uniforms. Like UPS, the Big Brown Machine, there's a focus here on a kind of package delivery. I subtitle this: “How to OWN Apollo

The pin from 1938 (blue background) borrows heavily from da Vinci's Vitruvian man, cluing us in on the A for Apollo/Arrow/Anus/Anatomy lesson so we can stop wondering what they really mean.
SA Competition 1938 Koblenz Day Badge, produced for the 'Competition Days' Wettkampftage for Gruppe Westmark July 2-3 1938.

The pin or medal from the SA competition in 1936 took place a little over a month following the Nazi Summer Olympics in Berlin. Someone in the design studio seems to have been particularly inspired. The clever key does explain nicely. Acorn = Sword = Arrow
Wettkampftage der SA-Gruppe Niedersachsen 26-27.9.1936 Braunschweig “Wettkampftage” means “Days of competition”
This sporting event for SA took place on September 26-27 1936 in Braunschweig, a city in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany

Remember, this is characteristic behavior,that, like cannibalism, stems from their nature. The Acorn does not fall far from the tree. They are like their fallen angel ancestors. The folks at UCHC also know their oak anatomy, choosing a variant that shows they know nuts when they see them.

The SS (Schutzstaffel) who split off and superceded the SA seem to have taken ritual sodomy to a new level. Their runic SS has a Z for Zeus in the negative space between the lightning bolt weapons of Zeus. The bolts are also two men, facing the same way. The SA runic symbol of their former association illustrates the basis for it. Two modern cousins are shown. The imagery here should already be familiar from previous posts.

The secret of the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne) is revealed in recognizing it as their god's asset, the ultimate sodomite portal. The 12 spokes are as the solar year zodiac and the 12 solar year cycle of planet Jupiter (Zeus), the father of Apollo.

The Black Sun. Leave it to the one who masquerades as an angel of light to put the sun where the sun don't shine.

The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy.

Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

This explains why the high ranking SS generals held their dark rituals there and that chamber of the Black Sun, ringed about by “Royal Arse” windows, was referred to as the center of the world. There must have been demonic direction to build it there and in that way. It was a temple for ritual sodomy and worship of the god who owned them and that they wanted to own.

“The mosaic is located in the ground floor room of the North-Tower of the castle, in the so-called Obergruppenführersaal ("Obergruppenführer hall", completed 1939-1943). The "Obergruppenführer" (literally: "Upper-Group-Leaders") were the highest ranking SS-generals. It is not known if the SS had a special name for the ornament, or if they attributed a special meaning to it. The sun wheel is significant for the Germanic light- and sun-mysticism which was propagated by the SS. In their studies on sense characters, the sun apart was interpreted as "the strongest and most visible expression of god", the number twelve as significant for "the things of the target and the completion". The mosaic at Wewelsburg itself is dark green on a whitish/greyish marble floor. Probably a golden disc was originally located in the middle of the ornament.”

“Traditional Christianity was to be replaced by a "völkisch" (folkish or racial) cult. Instead of Christianity, Himmler wanted a moral doctrine derived from the pre-Christian pagan Germanic heritage. Cultic ceremonies and rituals were part of the everyday life of the SS. The Wewelsburg was to be a center of a "species-compliant" religion (German: "artgemäße" Religion)”

“The North-Tower of the castle was to be the center of a planned circular estate, 1.27 kilometres in diameter. The architects called the complex the "Center of the World" from 1941 on.”

“The North-Tower, which had survived a ruin after 1815, only assumed importance for Himmler starting in the autumn of 1935. In the process of Himmler establishing the castle as a cult site (an ideological and religious center of the SS), the tower was to serve the highest-ranking SS leaders as a meeting place and probably as location for quasi-religious devotions. Nothing is known about the possible way and the kind of arrangement of designated ceremonies in the tower—the redesigned rooms were never used. According to the architects, the axis of the North-Tower was to be the actual "Center of the World".”

Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne)

I noted with interest how the SS is interpreted as the Protection Squadron or Defence Corps. The copy cat themed Fringe Division logo from a previous post names it as a Department of Defense agency. Their role in the alt-verse is somewhat like the SS, with authority wherever they go.

After WWII, many Nazi scientists were brought to America, including Joseph Mengele, a Captain of the SS. Sodomy was not new to America, but it would apparently never be the same. To be able to understand why we see sodomy signaling everywhere and accept what it means, it helps to see past the cover stories we've been sold. Why would anyone want to whitewash what the Nazis did? Because it's even their own cover, that's why. Think about it.


  1. While reading the accompanying links about the black sodomite portal at Werelsberg castle, I was reminded of a song "Black Hole Sun" by a band named Soundgarden....they were rather popular in the mid 90's. The symbolism is rife in the video....starting off with the Cthulu icon on the lead singers shirt...butterflies....burning's over the top. I never realized when I listened to this song in my teens that i was listening to a song that is 100% about Satanic sodomy programming.


    In my eyes,
    In disguise
    As no one knows,
    Hides the face,
    Lies the snake,
    And the sun
    In my disgrace.
    Boiling heat,
    Summer stench.
    'Neath the black
    The sky looks dead.
    Call my name
    Through the cream,
    And I'll hear you
    Scream again.


    Black hole sun,
    Won't you come
    And wash away the rain?
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come?
    Won't you come?
    Won't you come?

    Cold and damp,
    Steal the warm wind
    Tired friend,
    Times are gone
    For honest men
    And sometimes,
    Far too long
    For snakes.


    Black hole sun
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come?
    (Repeat 3 times)

    Black hole sun
    Black hole sun

    Hang my head,
    Drown my fear
    Till you all just

    Chorus x 2

    Black hole sun
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come?
    (Repeat 6 times)

    Won't you come?

  2. Is the pine cone similar to the acorn as it does not fall far from the tree? In that's the case perhaps any nut that falls from a tree.

  3. Thanks Sandra. You are very perceptive. Here's the link:

  4. Hi, one of the SS competitions was held in Breunschweig, which is Brunswick in English. I came across a reference to the "Brunswick cause" in an old book I've been researching but haven't been able to discover what this means. The reason I think it's relevant is because the book I'm looking at is a coded novel written in 1819 which appears to be a handbook for sexualising children, ostensibly a young boy and a young girl, though I believe the girl is in fact a boy being raised as a girl. The boy is adopted from another family (both families are acquainted but there seems to be no logical rationale for the boy to be adopted out, other than to abuse and raise him in a satanic family).... I have long suspected that the satanic families swap children, like in a breeding program, for a variety of reasons,which is why so many of them from different Countries resemble each other. Anyway the book is called Dudley, written by Adelaide O'Keefe and is available online to download free if you're interested. BTW, I came across this while investigating writings of WB Yeats, RLS, JM Barrie, EE Cummings. I'm currently following up a link from these to Kensington Gardens in London, which used to be a part of the palace grounds and was later incorporated into the adjoining Hyde Park. However the Kensington gardens end was always closed to the public at night (Kensington and Hyde are separated by the serpentine river, with a connecting Bridge. Hyde Park is also where Diana's memorial is). As I say it's ongoing but I believe Kensington gardens was used as a location for the ritual rape and murder of children. The Jeckyl and Hyde story may also fit into this, Jeckyl representing what went on in the Kensington part.