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Part 48 - Rango - The Ice Cube as the AllSpark of Transformers PLUS

Rango's signal “ice cube as hypercube” has another associate in the movie, Transformers (2007). The live action film is based on a line of toys that became an animated TV series and lines of comics, including a series by Marvel. The movie's MacGuffin is a cube referred to as the AllSpark that may be considered as one of the cosmic cubes of the Marvel Universe.

The following script excerpts are from: Transformers (2007) - IMDB

Optimus Prime: Before time began, there was the Cube. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how our race was born. For a time, we lived in harmony. But like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil. And so began the war. A war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death, and the Cube was lost to the far reaches of space. We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find it and rebuild our home. Searching every star, every world. And just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called... Earth.
[the All Spark falls to Earth]

Captain Lennox: So why Earth?
Sam Witwicky: It's the AllSpark.
Keller: AllSpark? What is that?
Sam Witwicky: Well, they came here looking for some sort of cube-looking thing. Anyway, Mr. NBE-1 here, aka MEGATRON...
[glares at Simmons]
Sam Witwicky: That's what they call HIM... who's pretty much the harbinger of death, wants to use the cube to transform human technology to take over the universe. That's their plan.

Ironhide: Why are we fighting to save the humans? They're a primitive and violent race.
Optimus Prime: Were we so different? They're a young species. They have much to learn. But I've seen goodness in them. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. You all know there's only one way to end this war: we must destroy the Cube. If all else fails, I will unite it with the spark in my chest.
Ratchet: That's suicide! The Cube is raw power, it could destroy you both!
Optimus Prime: A necessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet. We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes. It's been an honor serving with you all.

Tom Banachek: Follow me. You're about to see our crown jewel...
[Everyone enters the AllSpark Chamber]
Tom Banachek: The First Seven came upon the Cube. We knew it was extraterrestrial because the symbols on its surface matched those on NBE-1. The Dam was built around it in 1935 to mask its signal. Four walls of concrete, as thick as four football fields, enable the Cube to avoid being detected by any humans, or any aliens from outside...
[Frenzy comes across the Cube, whose energy boosts and repairs him]
Frenzy: AllSpark located!

These selections from the script conceal and reveal elements I've presented in the Parts 42-47. Comparing to the cube in Rango's umbrella drink being ice, a crystal, the Transformer's MacGuffin is called “our crown jewel” by Tom Banachek. The cube is assigned the power of creation and destruction. See Part 45 with reference to CERN and Shiva, because that's what the god Shiva is pictured doing.

Transformers; they transform their appearance from resembling common vehicles to giant weaponized humanoid robots. Here's a verse about a transformer that comes readily to mind.

and no wonder -- for even the Adversary doth transform himself into a messenger of light;
2 Corinthians 11:14 YLT

Note what was said about Megatron, “who's pretty much the harbinger of death, wants to use the cube to transform human technology to take over the universe. That's their plan.” In the Adversary's plan, the focus on the “human technology” is actually on human biology or the biotechnology of humans, of Adam-kind, the genetic bridge. That's “their plan” “to take over the universe,” at least the armed forces part of the plan. Think about the evil “Decepticon” Transformers as those who want to who transform us into them, which is the similar plot of the sci-fi series, Threshold. This is behind the transhumanist, h+ or posthumanist agenda, a popular example of which involves Ray Kurzweil's predicted singularity event. Another relevant scenario is the artilect vs Terran conflict famously proposed by Hugo de Garis. The Serpent transformer is about to change some who are in the image of God through the mark of the Beast. The cube represents the higher dimensional resources for attaining the serpent's objectives towards the final goal.

The reference to the Dam built in 1935 as the hiding place for the cube is intriguing. This post is the Rango series, and the MacGuffin of Rango's plot is water. The water supply for Dirt came through the agency of the Dam built in 1935, known as the Hoover Dam. Las Vegas and the surrounding area depends upon the reservoir on the Colorado River called Lake Mead, created and maintained by that Dam. Is there something special going on in the vicinity of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, something hidden that relates the Transformers cube in some important way? There are some features of the Dam that suggest there is! Nephilim may be buried and bound in that locale. Nephilim buried in the earth were signaled in other scenes in Rango in connection with adobe cliff dwellings, but this signal through Transformers places the focus on the Dam.

I'll present a few more examples of cubes as containers for enhanced or higher dimensional beings. Perhaps in another post, I'll follow up with some revealing features of Hoover Dam that suggest the presence of a hyperdimensional containment system.

The hypercube has been presented as a construct that may function as a throne room, domicile, habitat or prison. You may recall how The Immortals (Part 46) featured the ancient gods called Titans being imprisoned in a cube, which were played as having the potential to annihilate humanity. There is a movie titled Cube (1997) that features people (all named for famous prisons in America, Russia, France, etc.) imprisoned in a bizarre collection of interconnected cubes. The key to Cube (1997) was solved by the prisoner who was an autistic savant, a math genius who could do prime factorizations in his head, an enhanced or h+ agency, who ultimately exited the cube and entered into bright light.

The sequel to that, Cube 2: Hypercube (2002), presents us with an actual hypercube, with a similar plot. People are trapped inside. Hypercube prison! There's plenty of esoteric signaling in both movies. In Cube 2, as they try to solve the riddle and escape, those who are trapped inside discover they have one thing in common: They're each connected in some way to Izon, a weapons industry. Think, Zion.

A primary feature in Cube 2 is the number 60659, which turns out to be a reference to the time when the hypercube was programmed to implode, at 6:06:59. It signals a countdown of sorts in anticipation. That's one second before 6:06:60 (or 6:07), alluding to the mark of the beast (666), a very notable signaling because the mark of the Beast will bring a marked end to the life of a human as their soul is swapped out for that of an entity from another dimension. Somebody knows something about the plot, concealing it with evil genius! The Lord has ordained that our eyes and ears would be opened to see what He is revealing, in advance of when the sly and deadly trap is set and sprung. Many will fall prey, but many will not. Thank you Lord, for your mercy and love!

This esoteric time element that is the key to their hypercube containment system compares to the movie Pi, addressed in Part 47 - Rango - A Cubic Name Key to a Multi-dimensional Access Code. The cubic key 6*6*6 is the 216 character length secret name of God, so the 6*6*6 MacGuffin of Pi correlates to the 60659 key of Cube 2.

Connecting the dots? Yeah. The cube is a big deal, which is why we see it in Rango as he falls to earth!

From the Wikipedia page for Cube 2: Hypercube, it says: “In the alternate ending it is revealed to Kate that she was in the Hypercube for just six minutes and fifty-nine seconds. It was an experiment used for quantum teleportation.

Time compression and quantum teleportation, like in Contact (Part 47 ), where the 18 hour (6+6+6) trip out and back appeared instantaneous to the observers on earth.

Quantum teleportation, or entanglement-assisted teleportation, is a process by which a qubit (the basic unit of quantum information) can be transmitted exactly (in principle) from one location to another, without the qubit being transmitted through the intervening space.

A qubit... like Qubo. Notice how the icon for the Qubo children's media channel is a cube, colored with evident duality, that, instead of casting a shadow like the other elements in the lower area of their Web site graphic space, “casts” a round hole, as a portal or wormhole. That's what I'm showing in the image here. Qubo is currently promoting a new show called Timeblazers, featuring time travelers. The Qubo icon appears to represent a quantum teleportation hypercube.

I remember a show from many years ago with a similar theme, Mr. Peabody and Sherman in the WABAC (way back) machine. This programming has been going on far longer even than that.

Cubes are featured in the Abrams/Spielberg movie Super 8 as objects that, as a collective, form a transdimensional transportation device, a space ship. The cubes, called Argus cubes, exhibit something of a hive mind. They have the appearance of energetic crystals and are the building blocks for a kind of transdimensional chariot throne. (Argus Cubes - Super 8 - Wikia)

Perhaps the most famous cube of sci-fi is the Borg Cube of the Star Trek franchise. It's a hyperdimensional conveyance, a chariot throne room for the Borg queen and her hive-mind drones, a containment system for a collective of CYBernetic ORGanisms, including humans. The Borg (cyBorg) are the most dangerous threat to the inhabitants of the Star Trek universe. "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated." That's the serpent's plot, right? Assimilate the Lord God's heritage into his own through the mark of the Beast, part of a cube plot.

The movie Hellraiser (1987) features a puzzle box, a cube that contains and transports demons, other-dimensional beings. It also features regeneration through blood ritual and cannibalism, and explores these, plus torture, as facilitating dimensional portals.

The Pandora's box legend appears to describe a hypercube.

This poster, which briefly appeared in promotion of the European Union, appeared in Part 47 albeit without commentary. You may have identified the scene as the Tower of Babel being rebuilt as the goal of the EU. Notice how the citizens involved in this return to Genesis 11's foolishness are angular, in a style like cubism, cubic. There's a clue.

There's a cubic crystal person in the Bible. When the Canaanite cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be destroyed, Genesis 19:17 records the warning of an angel given to those who would escape, “Do not look behind you.”

And his wife looketh expectingly from behind him, and she is -- a pillar of salt!
Genesis 19:26 YLT

Lot's wife became a pillar of salt. Salt is a cubic crystal. There is a resemblance to the EU poster's cubic people. Was there something higher dimensional and transformative in the electromagnetic wave energy radiating from the scene of destruction? That region was the southern Dead Sea, which has a very dense concentration of salt in the water.

and Jehovah hath rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from Jehovah, from the heavens;
Genesis 19:26 YLT

In closing this post, I would like to propose the possibility of another cube, possibly manifesting in our not very distant future. I believe animal sacrifice will be administered by an Aaronic and Levitical priesthood on the Temple Mount in 2015. It seems likely to me that a Temple might well appear as unfolded out of another dimension to intersect ours; a hypercube throne room event.

3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.
2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

More to follow - Lord willing!


  1. Your short article here is a great example of cherry-picking any information, no matter how probable, strained, or distantly related, to fit a supposed hypothesis. I'm not so sure you're serious or joking, so I will evoke the possibility of Poe's Law here.

    If that isn't the case, You should know that this system of logic is inherently a fallacy, and isn't a valid support in interest to your theories.

    1. And, if you isolate this post from the rest of this series and every other post on this blog... one might think your theory is credible.