Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Outlander, Scheduled Return: April 4, 2015

Yesterday marked a very notable transition. Aaron and I have been led to anticipate something special in this season, and what developed on Yom Teruah did not disappoint! Before I share about that, in another post, Lord willing, last night brought another noteworthy development. The date of the Antichrist apocalypse was signaled through the Starz network show, Outlander. The final episode of this season, titled, Both Sides Now, featured the following conversation.

Mrs Graham: The stories are old. Some say as old as the stones themselves. Passed down through generations and generations through ballads and songs. I first heard them from my grandmother and she from hers. The songs tell stories about people who travel through the stones.

Frank Randall: Travel through stone. I'm not sure I take your meaning.

Mrs Graham: Not literally through the stone itself. You see, the circle at Craigh Na Dun marks a place on the earth where the powers of nature come together.

Vicar Wakefield: Superstition and twiddle-twaddle.

Frank Randall: Go on.

Mrs Graham: The stones gather the powers and give it focus like a glass - Dae ye ken? (Do you know?) - and certain people on certain days it allows them to pierce the veil of time. Mr. Randall, you know your wife went up that hill the day she vanished. I believe she didn't come back down that hill, at least not in 1945. I believe she traveled to some other time.

Frank Randall: Where or when would that be?

Mrs Graham: I don't know. Every traveler is different. They must make their own journey, on their own path, but the songs do say that the travelers often return.

Frank Randall [standing up]: I see. I shall leave for Oxford this afternoon.

Mrs Graham: Did you not hear me!

Vicar Wakefield: Mrs Graham!

Mrs Graham: I said they often return!

Frank Randall: I did hear you. I simply do not share your beliefs.

Insight into what the show is really all about comes when you know what's appointed for the date that the show itself is scheduled to return for its “Midseason Premiere.” April 4, 2015. That day will be marked by a blood red moon in lunar eclipse in Virgo. Although the dating on the Lord's calendar depends on the sighting of the new moon and ripening of the barley, best projections identify it as the 13th day of the 1st month. That's the day of the year when the biblical models present the revealing of the lawless one!

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Here's some miscellaneous bits of interest. All this should make more sense in the post that follows. This is a season for validating signs, for strengthening faith and hope, and love. Note: Saints have “stargate access” to commune with the Lord of Glory, at His invitation. Seek it, as He may lead. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

The pilot of the series: While on her honeymoon, WWII combat nurse, Claire Randall is mysteriously transported back to 1743 Scotland. As I wrote recently in Our Lady of the Bicycle, Playing Cards, Time-Space and the Euchre Miracle:

“If you see the 808 milestone marker as an ancient standing stone, an interesting connection can be made with a TV show on the STARZ (stars = angels) network called, Outlander. A woman was transported back in time when she placed her hands on a standing stone monument. A coven of witches had just performed a Beltane ritual there in the moonlight. Standing stone ~ milestone marker ~ time-space stargate. Finding herself in the past, she soon encounters a man who looks like her husband's twin, who is his infamous ancestor. His nickname is Black Jack. That's a secret time code. The card game Blackjack is also called 21. The number 21 is a time number, generally meaning, the fullness of time. She and he may be seen to be linked through time, obviously. Her husband was the last person she interacted with before her transit, and Black Jack was the first significant contact, following.”

“Starz” Network: Stars = angels ~ Angels Network

“Outlander”: a foreigner. It's code for the Antichrist, from beyond this dimension, an alien or foreigner from out of this land.

“Both Sides Now”: The dimensions linked through time, just like a scene in this episode illustrates when the outlander, Claire, and her husband Frank Randall both come to the circle of standing stones at Craigh Na Dun seeking each other. Despite being separated by time they can hear each others voices crying out. “Both Sides Now” describes a bridge through time.

In “Both Sides Now,” 1945's Frank Randall begins to demonstrate the brutal and sadistic character that his infamous ancestor Black Jack Randall displays in 1743. About that display of excessive brutality, the Vicar made an interesting comment about Frank Randall drinking from the same cup of evil as the Nazis. Comparing Frank Randall to The Nazi, Hitler, an Antichrist.

A network of clockwork angels - bridging time. Time hack opening stargate for transit of Horus.

Frank Randal [standing up]l: “I see. I shall leave for Oxford this afternoon.”
“I See.” He's illuminated, CLAIREvoyant.
“leave” ~ a travel word
“this afternoon” ~ the appointed time.
“Oxford” Code for Silver Gate transit of the beast. Ford, to cross a stream like the river of time. OX is the circle X mark of the beast sign. Oxford signals the crossing of the river of time by the beast, through the celestial Silver Gate. OX is the horned Silver Gate constellation of Taurus. Taurus is the 9th constellation (correctly counting from Virgo). Count how many words there are in Frank's declaration. There are 9.

When Claire first arrived in 1743 she though it wise to use her maiden name to isolate herself from identification with her husband's ancestors. Pronounced, Beecham, the family name is, Beauchamp. That also happens to be the family name of the Witches of East End (Lifetime network), who are a cursed royal family from Asgard who struggle to control the Bifröst stargate. Not a coincidence, despite the different networks.

Claire and Frank were on their honeymoon. Code for goddess assisting transit. Moon, goddess. Honey bee, Queen Bee Melissa, Ishtar Inanna. When Claire went through the V (Venus - Vogue - Virgin - Victory) cleft rock standing stones, the sound she heard was the buzzing of bees.

Claire was a nurse and herbalist. Goddess of healing and magic, who dispensed a love potion in one episode.

Claire is notably disrespectful of men's authority. Jezebel. Her favorite exclamation is "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!" Overlaid Messianic identification. H = Harpocrates, the boy Horus who is linked to the rose? Roosevelt, means, “from rose field.” The rose goddess, Isis-Venus, the Virgin Mary. Claire had found herself planted in the midst of the political turmoil leading up to the Jacobite Rebellion. Her beloved Clan MacKenzie was going to be slaughtered by the King's army, as she remembered from the farther future history, because they were trying to set their king of the House of Stuart on the throne of the realm. Theirs was the Catholic side in opposition to the their Anglican rulers.

The fictional standing stones of Craigh Na Dun are located near to Inverness. From the hilltop we overlook a waterway that must be linked to Loch Ness. The legendary Loch Ness monster known as Nessie is believed by many to be extradimensional, manifesting and disappearing as through a space-time portal.

The infamous portal opening black magician Aliester Crowley (the Amalantrah Workings, 1919) lived on Loch Ness, 21 miles (34 km) south of Inverness. He lived in the Boleskine House, which was constructed in the 18th century by Archibald Fraser as a hunting lodge. Crowley purchased the house from the Fraser family in 1899. Here's an interesting connection. The house was built in the era when the fictional outlander, Claire arrived. Not long after her arrival, she married a Scottish clansman to obtain legal protection for her and her adopted clan from the vicious Black Jack Randall. Her husband of circa 1743 is named James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. Claire (clear - clair-voyant) Fraser is thus connected with the Boleskine House, near to Craigh na Dun's standing stone circle. Portal opening magick ritual locations. (There also seems to be a kind of a kinsman redeemer - Ruth-Boaz messianic thing going on because of the fugitive Jamie and Claire's abiding with the MacKenzie clan on their land.) Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page purchased the house in 1970, who is a famed black magician and Occult bookshop owner and publisher. Lyrics, Battle of Evermore

About 1945, WWII had just ended. Aliester Crowley was a secret agent of the Crown during the war. He died in 1947. Frank Randall was also a secret agent during the war, MI-6. In 1946, a kind of protege, rocket scientist and black magician Jack Parsons famously performed the Babalon Working. That can be compared to Crowley's Amalantrah Workings. Jack Parsons' Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron and L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) participated. Reference to the Babalon Workings is made when Illuminati chosen ones refer to them selves as BWBs, Babalon Working Babies. Many magical workings were done by the Nazis during the war, and Die Glocke as a time-travel device is legendary.

What really speaks to Aaron and I about 1945 is the 70 year span to 2015, which I've written about before. The wedding of the Bride and Bridegroom is the subject of Psalm 45, which presents a perspective of the events of 1945 (see Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms, by J.R. Church), which projects in a heptadic (times 10) echo into 2015.. The lawless one is to be revealed on the 13th day, and the Bride, stolen away by her Bridegroom on the 21st.

About 1743, in Roman numerals: MDCCXLIII. The simple Occult alphabetic code produces from that letter string the sum of 86. This present Shemitah that is the 4th from the sign of 1991 is number 860 from Adam. So, 1743 ~ 860. The destination of the time-traveling Outlander. The last wolf in Scotland is thought to have been shot in 1743, in the town of Killiecrankie. Wolf ~ Apollo and the goddess - links to the moon. On February 23, 1743, Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born, a major Illuminati player.

April 4, 2015. Is someone who left and is greatly missed returning from the past? According to ancient legend? Through the kind of magick of the standing stones being stirred by such as the Beltane ritual? It's a recurring message that I see more and more frequently.