Monday, January 27, 2020

Jesus Barabbas as Antichrist Type in the context of the reset of time

In this video, we feature insights into the scriptures and our times, including some resonant indicators of the pending reset of time!

With insight into the symmetrical structure of the biblical text of the circumstances of Jesus' trial (John 18:10 - 19:16a - Interactive) we give our attention to where Jesus Barabbas is presented as an Antichrist type. Yes, JESUS Barabbas. This actually appears with an overlay of Keystone Pattern and "reset of time" layers, with precision!

  • Pilate washes his hands with WATER on The STONE Pavement. Why?
  • Revelation 13:1 - why "rising out of the SEA"?
  • Revelation 17:8-11 - why "out of the ABYSS," and, what sense can be made of, "IS NOT and..."?

Water and stones are a very familiar pairing in contexts that feature these esoteric symbols of time and time manipulation. In the biblical text, on a VERY SIGNIFICANT 13th day of the 1st month, this pairing occurs in the context of the keystone pattern! Three of a kind has passed, which are rounds of the Jews demanding Jesus' crucifixion and Pilate's unwillingness to comply. The setting is the place called The Stone Pavement, where Pilate sits on the judgment seat. Finally, Pilate relents, washing his hands with water. Now, according to the keystone pattern, the fourth and final engagement in the series occurs - with a conclusive outcome! The Jews express their demand in a different way, as a veiled threat to Pilate, and Pilate refuses them no longer.

These observations should speak to you as a witness to the pending reset of time!

Jesus Barabbas as Antichrist Type in the context of the reset of time

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