Monday, March 18, 2019

Mass Ritual from 2015: Hoover Dam was the site of a major event as Freightliner unveiled their Inspiration Truck

It was back in the spring of 2015 that Aaron and I experienced some major transition, in preparation for what's still to come. We had just come to learn that time was going to be reset back into the past to replay what should have happened but didn't, and about the timing of that matter, we still knew very little. There were no updates to the blog from April 30 until May 11 when I reported that there had not been much to report beyond that the Lord was working with us. It recently came to our attention that on May 5 there was an event involving an AI at the Hoover Dam, the dramatic introduction of an autonomous (self-driving) truck that was ushering in a new age. We see this corporate event sponsored by Daimler in context as one magic ritual among many, the sum of which has driven our timeline into the ditch, as it were.

Here's a short clip featuring the opening segment that was projected on the dam. Keep the water-as-time metaphor in mind as you watch. The dam is where the potential energy is exploited.

Hoover Dam Projection - Freightliner Show (May 5, 2015)
"The Hoover Dam, one of the top 10 engineering marvels of the world was the chosen location for Freightliner to launch their new groundbreaking autonomous truck, the Freightliner Infinite Inspiration. Presented in front of a live audience perched high above on the Dam's observation deck, the event was also streamed to millions around the globe."

The opening segment pictures a time-lapsed journey that seems to begin with a time reset restoring the dam from broken bits. We see a transitioning through several ages with some dramatic celestial/terrestrial stargate modeling. The unlocking of the material dam that exposes the clockworks-like machinery is more than a little interesting. So is the projection of the map and the nearby Las Vegas sign, which is known as Sin City. This dam features a special memorial visitor area that has a compass rose zodiac and a celestial map that locates the place and time in a way observers from somewhere off-planet would be able to interpret. While some may say, "Dude, it's just art-deco," the design of the star map's visitor area reveals to those who can recognize such things that it's an Occult energetic ritual location, featuring "tuning fork-angels" and a flagpole antennae and even a grand scale of "Temple of Zeus/Satan" modeling in the facility located at the base of the outlet side of the dam.

A long version of the Freightliner event is on YouTube. The projection show begins about 3 minutes in, but this link takes you directly to one of the other interesting scenes, a tunneling effect. Unveiling Freightliner Inspiration Truck From Hoover Dam

In Rutledge Wood's commentary - "Tonight we're gonna blow your minds. We'll SPELLBIND you with memorable and moving program with this awe inspiring backdrop that is the Hoover Dam." In the 13th minute (mastery of time) a man whose face is projected over truncated pyramid forms is talking about the FUTURE - and what is from their "perspective kind of a holy grail."

Mayans had been meeting at that location during 2011-2012 for regular midnight-3 PM rituals. The plot of the Transformers film featured the Hoover Dam as the place where the All-Spark cube had been hidden, the source of the alien life that animated the transforming (shape-shifting fallen angel) vehicles. The Freightliner Inspiration Truck resembled the leader of the transforming Optimus Prime. That was a Western Star 5700 Phantom Custom, and Western Star is part of the Freightliner Trucks division. In the movie, Fools Rush In (1997), the dam is the setting for a birth of Horus ritual as Salma Hayek's character, Isabel Fuentes, went into labor and gave birth at the film's climax (as ISIS and Our Lady of Guadalupe - The name "Fuentes" means, "fountains, spring, well").

In a very key season we had much to write about these things, which have continued to resonate with us, and especially so in this season as the reset of time draws near.

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