Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Sign of the Space-Time Ark Mission

Our Internet connection went down on the day after I began writing about our insight into The Avengers. We've had problems with our broadband before, but this was very different. I rely on having ready access to research things as I go but we were offline for nearly three full days, so I made do, using a local cafe's wi-fi once to check email. Vandals had cut the cable where it enters the house. Apparently, this is not unheard of here, but it's not common. In the context, it was soon apparent that this was a sign. It was a sign that the inviting nest of cables so readily exposed to the street might not be very secure, sure, but the meaning of sign really effects all of us, everywhere. The meaning found some pretty obvious support from two other sources during that span.

What led us to The Avengers initially was an insight about the Stark Tower sign calling out the ST for space-time. When I shared that with Aaron he noted that it was ST-ARK, and that the scene where the Tower was introduced began under water, a time symbol. When I reviewed the scene and its context I noticed how the segue scene in the boxing gym was richly layered with space-time symbolism. The more I saw, the stronger my impression that the Tower, as a self-sufficient space-time ark, was a really big deal to the producers because so much of the film supports that concept. What was being done underwater in the scene of my first interest was basically the cutting of the cable that connected the Stark Tower to the grid. That's where my study began, and that's not unlike what happened here when the study got under way. We weren't cut off from the power grid and we didn't switch over to an alternate power source, but there's more to know about the nature of the disconnection! Those in the Tower were then, symbolically, in a space-time ark. And here Aaron and I are, still expecting to find ourselves in a space-time ark. Stark was asked to participate in a mission involving the Tesseract. We've been expecting a related kind of mission.

As some readers have pointed out, the word, tesseract, lends itself to being broken out to, resset act. It's derived by looking outward from inside, like how I described the 12:21 as 21-s looking out and 12-s looking in. Full anagrams include acts reset, reset acts, resets act, and act resets. Perhaps this is why the producers use the word instead of the simpler, cube. (I note that tesseract is also pretty close to, resurrect, and that is relevant because how how it, and Captain America, who went down with it, were fished out of the sea.)

Are you connecting the dots here? Space-time ark. Mission so that all humankind wouldn't be destroyed: “Act Resets.” It wasn't just our broadband connection that got cut. The bundled house phone line went with it, and one of the cable box feeds was cut, but, get this! The line to the water meter was also cut! Think, water as time. The water meter records water usage. The house water wasn't effected because it continued to flow. The meter just registers and reports the amount that flows, and that was disabled by the act of vandalism. The cable guy fixed what was his to fix. The local water utility had to come splice the cable to restore their connection to this house - and reset the water meter. Think about what Iron Man did when he took the Tower off the grid, with the cable under the water.

The other items have to do with the time ark of Wayward Pines (on FOX) and some closely related allegory in Ex Machina (2015), both of which I watched during the writing of The Avengers posts, before we even knew that the outage was due to the cables being cut. I hope to share about those things, plus about another clock sign from early June that Aaron documented, which is also relevant. And there's some more I may be presenting about The Avengers, probably in a 3rd part in series. Lord willing, of course.

We take the multi-part sign as validation, and encouragement, and it is comforting. The Lord has not been distant in this season but so far the intensity of engagement doesn't compare to what we experienced in March and April, leading up to and through the season of the Pesah watch. If you've been following this blog, you know we've been expecting a mission briefing, of sorts. I've logged a lot of hours in the effort to discern the thematic structures of key passages of scripture, and Aaron has been logging many hours learning Greek and acquiring resources for translation work. We've had a trickle of insight metered out but the fire hydrant of revelation insight hasn't yet been opened to us. We have high expectations. The Lord promised to help and He is helping!