Friday, December 14, 2018

Best Buy - not really that subtle

With the recent Green Monday deals promo, we showed in a video how Best Buy was not very subtle (or particularly sophisticated) with their NLP clusters - featuring "demons."

This image is from a promotional email received on December 11.

Here's a couple illustrations. Radial hex "anus" masquerading as a snowflake. Pentagonal star appearing as a completely superfluous mark that suggests an ASSterisk. The word Save is thus flanked by "ass." The magickal balance for the enhanced power dynamic.

"ig" = "gi" - resonating the GI tract.

"Save on big-a$$ TV's!"

The pentagram star resonates with the celestial "queen of heaven" goddess branding. Not seeing it yet? The 6 sided yellow price tag resonates the hexagonal golden honeycomb cell. The Best Buy logo conceals BUSY BE - the busy bee.

That's the buzz. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Decoding Amazon's "12 Days of Deals" - Part 1

"Fear" and "Death" - in adjacent and tight NLP clusters. Hex, hexes, hexing...

Fear and Death spells - with sodomite/coprophagic cover spells - and so much more!

Decoding Amazon's "12 Days of Deals" - Part 1 (rereleased with different soundtrack)

Walmart promotional emails with subliminal death spells

We have been seeing words like "death" and "die" lurking in recent promotions, coming in a season famous for an increase in suicides - and while murder continues to trend! This selection of recent Walmart marketing emails conceals and reveals NLP clusters of, death, die, dead and slay.

Received email with this graphic on December 5.



Received email with this graphic on December 10.




Received email with this graphic on December 12.







Walmart - a retail giant - a bastion of Mystery Babylon the Great. Note the 999 flip 666 MOB pricing.

The Day 12 marketing graphic features redundant crossing circles, signaling TIME and SPACE (and exalting the goddess), which resonates with the theme of the numbered counting of days (TIME) (and the number 12 is a primary TIME number) and the picture of the landscape inside the square (SPACE). This all resonates with Walmart's sodomite XO logo. TIME-SPACE theme is emphasized further with their promotion of 2-day shipping, which involves moving items through SPACE within a specified TIME. Time is money. Free!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Walmart ROLLBACKS - Rolling back time

Rolling back time...

"Time is money" - and thus, money symbolizes TIME.
"Time flies like an arrow" - and thus, the arrow symbolizes TIME.

(Image sourced from a marketing email recived on 12/11/18)

Rolling back time - speaking to us of the pending reset of time when we ROLLBACK to 2012!

M.O.B. signaling...

Follow the arrow - down through the line of 3 letters O. The letter O transforms to 6 as O is the 15th letter and 1+5=6.

OOO ~ 666 * Mark of the Beast * Revelation 13:18

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Personal Update - and 'Tis the Season

I've been on the road over the past couple weeks, traveling back and forth between PA and NY, taking care of family matters. I've also been preparing for some eye surgery. My eyesight has been failing for quite a few years due to some hereditary and age-related issues. The decline has been so dramatic in the past year that it has pretty severely impacted my ability to continue doing what I do from day to day. So, even though I'm betting we've got less than a year left, it seems necessary to have the surgery. First one eye, and then maybe the other. Thanks for bearing with me on my slow response to recent emails. I hope to start catching up, maybe tomorrow.

As for the season, here are a couple of posts we published to the blog last year. These are definitely still relevant.

What do you say when someone wishes you a Merry Christmas?
The Story of Christmas That Should be Heard

Please continue praying for Aaron and I as we sure do need all the help we can get. We depend on you as we depend on each other. We pray that you are finding the Lord's favor as you seek Him first, laying aside those fears that arise when you look to your own limited and lacking resources and abilities. His are boundless!