Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Make-A-Wish #ShareYourArse Exposed

Why are they cheek to cheek?

Ohhhhh Nooooo!

When we were producing our previous video we visited the Make-A-Wish website to see what we would find. WOW! We could hardly neglect following up on the decoding of their "Seasons of Wishes" promotion with another, decoding their #ShareYourEars promotion. Disney's charity is prepping YOU for the mark of the beast - and this is how they are telling you - and how they are doing it.

Make-A-Wish #ShareYourArse Exposed

It's no wonder that folks respond with disbelief when presented with this kind of thing. Even those who think they've woken up to the big conspiracies have a struggle getting their minds wrapped around it. Some insist that we're reaching but we know there's a lot left on the table with each one of these productions. Did you notice how After School Satan had his tASSle flying in the breeze? Here's the Make-A-Wish America brand imagery, doubling up on the AWA - exalting the goddess! AAA like ABA and EVE (when these are used in Occult imagery) is just a variation of AWA. We've barely peeled back any of the space-time layers or the Ra/Re kinds of the naming of the sun god. There's so much more to these but we're rolling these out of our vast collections of stuff that really should be shared.

We're including an FAQ in each one of this style of video, and it helps. Really, though, the Lord's own help is required in a most direct way, so seek Him hard, with all you've got! While we've still got breath, we're trying to make this season count. There's so much left to share about, about the "hands up" theme, Poppy's antichrist promotions, and, yes - the pending reset of time. We've had still more signs recently, and this is THE big deal!

For those of you who support us with funds and offer words of encouragement and share stuff you see with us and tell us what an impact the awareness of the nature of our world is having in your life - thanks! Thanks so much!

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