Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our Reality as Trance State, CERN, The Man in the High Castle, SHIELD-HYDRA Code 88

There haven't been many posts lately but we haven't been idle. Aside from the impact of having struggled with a persistent cold, the intensity of the work in progress hasn't diminished. The Lord continues to sustain us in this season and grant us such amazing favor. He is so good to us!

I've been mostly focused on the video series production and the research behind it. The next one planned, the 6th installment, is a work that exposes a striking undercurrent of neo-Nazi sentiment and offers insight and perspective on the Nazi theme introduced in part 5. Aaron has continued making progress with his coursework in biblical Greek. We continue to be advanced down the parallel tracks of character development and education in His curriculum in the how, what, why and when of things.

We do watch what's being reported as news and what other things are trending. Here's a sampling of some of the interesting bits that have crossed our desks recently.

LHC collides ions at new record energy - The lead ion collisions represent a huge increase in energy. 26+ TeV?
Strange Science: Physicists Find Classic Formula for Pi Hiding in Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Computer Coding in Silicon Now Possible
Plane Said to Vanish, Reappear 10 Minutes Later: Time Slip?
Israeli Teen Returns from 15 Minutes of Clinical Death with Spiritual Messages Concerning the Coming Redemption
Iran Guard simulates capture of Al Aqsa Mosque - Nov 21, 4:47 AM (ET) - By ALI AKBAR DAREINI

The Adele phenomenon - a spell that is, oddly enough, dramatized by SNL. While the skit is comedic, the reality of what's being expressed is not at all funny.
A Thanksgiving Miracle - SNL (Adele)

The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer (HD)

David Bowie - Black Star [This more than a little disturbing song and music video are NOT recommended for viewing - repeat NOT]
Interesting anagrams from lyrics:
"villa of Ormen" = formalin love {formalin is formaldehyde, used for embalming. Think, Anubis.]
"the villa of Ormen" = evil manhole fort, homo tavern fille, hellfire tav moon

A couple of themes that have been trending with us have made some media productions worth noting.

The Man in the High Castle - a special dramatic series on Amazon, based on the novel by Phillip K. Dick. The themes of the man in the high castle and the grasshopper lies heavy evoke Ecclesiastes 12:5 - a very relevant chapter. Occasional instances signaling Code 88 are embedded in several episodes. The 88 in common neo-Nazi code leverages the H as the 8th letter to signal, Heil Hitler.

The controversial "news reels" suggest those McGuffins are artifacts documenting another timeline, one that seems to have been hijacked by the Axis powers of WWII. The man in the High Castle suggests someone with a space-time ark who transcends the skewed timeline.

These subjects are so pertinent and resonate so strongly with us in this season of the expanding “Mandela Effect,” as we await the time when the Lord will reset time and restore the prophetic biblical reality. With some flip and spin, the value assigned to the threat posed by the reels speaks very loudly of the great hoax that is the subject of 2 Thessalonians 2. The Lying Report - A Supernatural Multimedia Hoax (The Sign for the Bride)

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD series on ABC is once more a compelling watch as they are starting to move the Occult plot forward, spilling the beans on the trending theme of Nazi and ancient sciences of dimensional breaching. HYDRA derives from NAZI connections, and we have just been told the roots of the organization go way further back in history.

The images sequenced by the brilliant SHIELD scientist, Fritz, shows one that compares very closely to the HYDRA logo, and we note that it features an embedding of 88. Code 88. The expanded meaning of that number is expected to be explored in upcoming installments in our ongoing video series.

The connections of interest involve the ancient HYDRA quest to be able to control the black stone monolith, which is a space-time portal. SHIELD has already demonstrated that ability. While the organizations of SHIELD and HYDRA are always in conflict, that dynamic is dramatizing what's found in real life, a working toward the same goal using two opposing forces. It's like how control over the flow and path of a river is exercised, which requires control of both banks. The evil Devil employs this means, (and all the SHIELD characters are false god and goddess characterizations i.e. Agent Coulson as AntiChrist), and so does the Sovereign God, Creator of all and the one who is truly good.

The Librarians and Heroes Reborn episodes remain pertinent, as we remain alert and watchful and see the world carrying on as if nearly everyone is increasingly in a trance or dissociative state.

This item just came in. Thanks Erin. Code 47 - and yes, it's legit.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Back to the Future - Project Bluebird and Nazi Science, Doc Brown as Dr Mengele and Die Glocke

The 5th video in a series has just been published.

What is Back to the Future Really About? Part 5 - Project Bluebird and Nazi Science, Doc Brown as Dr Mengele and Die Glocke

Due to content blocking, the video is not available on our YouTube channel.

Here's where you can find the rest of the series: Playlist for “What is Back to the Future Really About?”

This 5th installment provides a foundation for the very significant next one in series.

This installment explores the following:
  • The story behind the starting line at the Bluebird Motel
  • Doc Brown's secret identity as Dr Josef Mengele, and in his post-war alias as Dr Green, Illuminati programmer
  • The signaling of the ideology of Nazi science, the doctrine of Eternal Ice
  • How the DeLorean and the Clock Tower model the Nazi Bell, Die Glocke

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Commentary and Catching up

As we continue to watch according to the Lord's command what we see just boggles the mind.

What has been dominating the news media has to do with the recent slaughter in Paris. I doubt that everything going on there is what it is claimed to be, knowing full well how the media spins events that are often designed by a powerful few who take action in the shadows to manipulate our perceptions and behavior.

We note that the slaughter has the look of a mass ritual sacrifice. It took place on Friday the 13th. Every Friday the 13th is an occasion for ritual sacrifice to the gods served by the illumined elite. We note that recent episodes of Heroes Reborn on NBC revolved around a world changing mass murder that happened on a June 13. (If you watch it and you have been attentive to this blog for a while, you'll find “June 13 Part 1” and “June 13 Part 2”, and “Sundae Bloody Sunday” to be of significant interest ) Like Friday the 13th, June 13th is a slightly obfuscated connection of the numbers 6 and 13. That combination has to do with the goddess and judgment, as I've noted previously on the blog. The Lord made a point to me about that with an undeniable sign.

So, judgment and the goddess. Isis, is the organization seen as responsible for the slaughter. Isis is one of the most familiar identities of the goddess. Islam's Allah is a moon god. The moon is strongly linked to the female and goddess - “menstrual” has to do with the lunar cycle. The city of Paris takes its name from the legend known as The Judgment of Paris. It has to do with a banquet held by Zeus, Eris, the goddess of discontentment, a golden apple and a beauty contest. The human, Paris, had to judge between the goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Six and Thirteen. Judgment and the goddess. Slaughter on Friday the 13th. The famous Trojan War was triggered by the result of this contest. There was a blood bath, as the Trojan Horse ploy was used to breach the defenses of Troy.

Paris, France. It's the home of Notre-Dame de Paris, Our Lady of Paris, which is widely known more simply as, Notre Dame. The city and region features many shrines to the goddess, like Our Lady of the Medal. The national symbol of the French Republic is the goddess known as Marianne, who is featured in Eugène Delacroix's familiar painting titled, Liberty Leading the People.

The color of the goddess is blood red, and it is she who inspires violent rebellion. Was the slaughter a mass ritual? We can't see it any other way.

We wanted to share a few items that have our attention. In addition to the earlier mentioned, Heroes Reborn...

The Librarians on TNT
See EPISODE 4 “And the Cost of Education” (Stopping time - Science+Magic...) and the finale of season 1, which has been commented on in this blog. This show is kind of a Warehouse 13 on steroids.

Arrow on The CW - “Haunted”
This episode really stands apart.

The Flash on The CW continues to dance all over some very interesting interdimensional space-time precepts while signaling the usual Occult themes.

Official Trailer for, Alice Through the Looking Glass

If The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2 is the equivalent of its predecessors, it should have plenty of interest.

On the lines of Back to the Future. Buckaroo Bonsai. Tip: Bring plenty of crackers for all that “cheese.”

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Sound of Music - A Classic OF ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL

The Sound of Music -This popular film from 1965 is widely regarded as a standard of fine G rated family entertainment. Truth be told, there's a very dark side to it. Here's a scene that seems pretty comical - until you begin to interpret the Occult symbolism and recognize what's really going on, and then it's not funny at all.

The Dark Side of The Sound of Music - Pinecone-Pineal Illumination

When joining the family for their first meal together, Maria sits on a pinecone the children had placed on her chair. That act pictures the activation of the pineal gland, and the dialog and action of the scene affirms that this is an illumination ritual, according to the way of Illuminati mind control programming.

Update: Note - This is not on YouTube because "content owner" FOX took it down. "Fair Use" is not high on their agenda.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Back to the Future - Marty, The Goddess of Love and Illuminati Initiation

Another installment in the series has just been published to our YouTube account. The depth of the Occult layering in this classic film trilogy is stunning. It reminds me us Rango, which I was led to write about during an amazingly productive season. Oh, it is so good to see what we're looking at! Thank you Lord Y'shua!

Even during this Bizarro World season, the Lord continues doing a refined and refining work, setting His people free to serve Him in Truth, with genuine love that endures!

What is "Back to the Future" Really About? Part 4 - Illuminati Initiation"

In this fourth installment in the series, we begin with an illustration of more secret idientities, exposing how the ancient celestial goddess of love is identified and exalted in unexpected ways.

This exposé pivots around the "Save the Clock Tower" scene of Marty's original 1985's timeline, when he's romancing his girlfriend on the park bench. The focus is on Illuminati illumination ritual and the opening of the third eye.

More examples of the cleverly hidden 88 appear, and we're leading up to the illustration of why it is that this number signal is so important.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Back to the Future -The Sands of Time, and Marty Trips the Light Fantastic

In this third installment in the video series, we begin with some illustrations of how the filmmakers use sand as a metaphor for time. Then, we decode the Mr Sandman sequence that exposes a masterful weaving together of the major themes.

We discover some important connections made by the filmmakers to to the classic MGM musical, Singin' in the Rain, from 1952. In both Back to the Future and in Singin' in the Rain, references to the Vatican Courtyard are made, and also to Chaucer's ribald classic, The Miller's Tale, from The Canterbury Tales.

Here's the playlist with this link pointing to Part 3, the one just published. What is "Back to the Future" Really About? Part 3 - Mr. Sandman

Three primary layers of symbolism are:
  1. space-time and its mastery, with special attention given to transits
  2. trauma-based mind control of the SRA DID kind that involves ritual abuse and sodomy.
  3. the legendary conflict between Chronus and Zeus

Part 1 - Marty and Doc Brown have secret space-time names.
Also decoded, the title graphic and promotional posters.

Part 2 - Doc Brown's Secret Identity and Howdy Doody Time
Includes decoding of related clips from Wreck-It Ralph and Rango.

Part 3 - The Sands of Time, and Marty Trips the Light Fantastic
Decodes the sands of time metaphor. Exposes how a nod is given to Singin' in the Rain (1952). Demonstrates how these films allude to and derive from The Millers Tale from The Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer, and the setting of the Vatican Courtyard.