Friday, June 07, 2024

Blade Runner (1982) Roy Meets His Maker - Pt6: Is Chess Linked to Death in Media Productions?

In this video: In this 6th installment in the series, we explore a scene from the classic sci-fi neo-noir cyberpunk film, Blade Runner, from 1982. The intimidating replicant Roy gains access to Tyrell's private chambers using a surprise checkmate. Once inside, there's a play on the phrase, meet your maker, which is a euphemism for dying. In the room with the chess game, Roy murders his maker and his chess opponent, Sebastian.

To Watch: "Blade Runner (1982) Roy Meets His Maker - Pt6: Is Chess Linked to Death in Media Productions?"

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Resources referenced in the video:

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Collateral Study: The Game of Chess - Beyond Entertainment to the Manipulation of Reality

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