Sunday, May 29, 2016

2012 - Back Again - and related items of interest

Here's an interesting development. The movie titled, 2012, is back on redbox. With such a limited capacity in their system, that redbox should bring back a film like that seems rather suspect. Is there a message in this? “2012” Back Again. Redbox has certainly had our attention with the ongoing level of Occult messaging in their brand and promotional imagery. Do they know we're going to find ourselves back in 2012? BTW - the film length of 2.38 produces a 13 as 2+3+8. Thirteen. The Mastery of time.

There are a couple of TV commercials appearing for DirecTV that feature the rocker Jon Bon Jovi. The theme? The Power to Turn Back Time

The Power to Turn Back Time - DirecTV with Jon Bon Jovi

I forgot to record that show.
Now we have to wait forever to see it.
Not with DirecTV you don't! You see, we got the power to turn back time. That show you missed, let's just go back and find. And lets go back and choose spicy instead of mild and maybe reconsider having that second child. See, that's the power to turn back time.
Watch shows you missed right away. Call 1-800... DirecTV

If you are interested in the current TV shows that hold our interest lately, here's a list of recent standouts.

12 Monkeys
Legends of Tomorrow
Person of Interest
“Honorable Mention”: Flash. And, Wayward Pines - which was done after one season. Now it's back for a second season.

These shows are dancing all over themes the Lord has had us watching. Some trending themes include the separations between people in relationships caused by time, establishing and exploiting control over time toward dimensional breaches, timeline alteration and the making of things more to one's own preferences, use of time as a weapon, assaults on the timeless place or other dimensions in interdimensional battles, the role of destiny, targeted pandemics toward selective biological/genetic filters / transhumanism, mass mind control and Illuminati "Monarch" mind control, Nazi science and theology... All of this is woven in with and cloaked by sodomy symbolism.

This week a new Disney live action version of, Alice Through the Looking Glass, arrived in theaters. Apparently, the plot revolves around a character who is the personification of time. He's played by Sacha Baron Cohen and there's some casting resonance with the role he played in, Hugo. He was functionally an anti-time agent, playing the Station Inspector (security) at the train station where the orphan Hugo lived. Hugo maintained the Station's clock that regulated the schedule, and SBC was always trying to capture him, which would of course negatively impact the clock maintenance and schedule keeping - as time itself. Note, Cohen - Aaronite, the line of Aaron - the High Priest class of the Levitical Priesthood. In this promotional movie poster he's apparently got a golden eye, seeing eye of Horus.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Decoding: redbox "Days Of Deals"

I received this promotional email from redbox on 3/19/2016. Do you see what's going on in this animation?

redbox "Days Of Deals" Ad - looping animation

The business of redbox is the distribution of DVD's of movies and games. They promote the symbol magic of Hollywood and special effects that create and exploit illusion. It's the pharmakeia or sorcery of Mystery Babylon. I don't mean to single redbox out as one that is unique in the role they play because that's not how it is.

A display of words and stars and the redbox logo and images for movies shoot out of the box. The stars appear to have several meanings.They suggest that this is magical, like stardust and the familiar trail left by waving magic wands in cartoons. It matches to the stars that are the celebrities acting in the movies. Stars are a metaphor for angels. The latest film in the James Bond 007 franchise is the first one out of the box. It's titled, Spectre, so a spectre emerges with the star-angels. It was a haunted box.

The “Days of Deals” title flies out of the box. Days refers to time, so Tempus Fugit, time flies. Deals are about saving money. “Time is money,” so it is said. There's another time element in a symbol.

Did you notice the hidden arrow? “Time flies like an arrow.” So we see “Days of Deals” flying out of the box like an arrow is shot from a bow. Arrow-as-time + Days of time + Deals with money-as-time

Days of Deals: 11 characters plus 2 spaces makes 13 total. Declaring the mastery of time.

Days of Deals is a double D. With D as the 4th letter, DD=44, Isis, which matches the meaning of the red of the redbox branding. In this context, The double S at the other end of the words speaks to me of the 88 (S is 8 when Z is 1) days (of deals) it takes for Mercury to orbit the sun. Mercury aka Hermes (Hermetic Maxim), Hermaphrodite, Anubis. The psychopomp escorts people in to the underworld. He controls transits through space-time portals.

Text: Wonder - 727272 is three times 72.

“The number 72 is very important to those who have been made privy to that kind of knowledge of the fallen angels that particularly concerns the binding and loosing of demons and control over dimensional portals. The goetic demons number 72, which represent the dimensional gateways. The 36 cell magic square of the sun has to do with that. The magickal name of God (Shemhamphorasch) is claimed by some to have 72 syllables, and there are those who use this for invocation when performing binding rituals. ”
(Star Trek: Kahn=Ankh)

Mercury/Hermes is known as a phallic god, and the arrow plays as a phallus. This arrow is magically seeding the sky with star seed. Redundancy for the phallus is provided by the redbox logo, with the db combo being a classic. Search the blog for more insight into what the redbox logo means, about the sex magic. The starry emission from the arrow phallus includes the sex magic logo - and the Spectre.

This Days of Deals promotion is about is the union of Osiris and Isis, producing Horus. The dynamic is that which is common to pairings of obelisks and domes. Beyond that, see how the designer set the x of redbox near to the y in Days? XY signals the male gender, with reference to the genes. That supports the maleness of the action. The big red box is a male box. The red arrow-phallus is one with the box - as a picture of sodomy, bloody ritual sodomy sex magic. This resonates with the imagery of the redbox logo, a bloody scene where the arc connecting the r and x identifies what the phallic db ideogram is penetrating, the Rx Eye of Horus.

If this kind of sodomite sex magic combined with the signaling of time and mastery of time isn't familiar to you by now, you just haven't been paying attention. When you learn just what it is that's so important to those who have authority in this age you can perceive their instruments of control as they do their appointed work, deluding, controlling, stealing, killing and destroying.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Isaiah 11:6 and the Mandela Effect & Signs, Observations and Impressions

Those of you who have been watching with open eyes are seeing plenty in this season.

While we've been giving lots of attention to the critical themes being addressed in the videos that are being produced there's a lot more going on that's worth noting. We've noticed that we're in another transitional season. I can't offer much perspective on this yet but certainly, transitions are evident.

You may have noted the deaths of many celebrities in recent months. We noted the apparent passing of YouTuber Chris Constantine, alias Gorilla199 (PlanetXTube). Joseph Herrin has been sidelined following a recent stroke. I visited my family in Upstate NY a few weeks ago and, in the hour of arriving at my Dad's place, my stepfather passed away in a Rochester hospital. There's nothing really new about people dying but there is something transitional in this season that the Lord is highlighting.

One item of huge import is how the Bible has become involved in the "Mandela Effect" controversy. If this is news, search out something that first crossed my desk a week or so ago. Isaiah 11:6. Wolf or Lion? When it comes to the spelling of Berenstein or Berenstain, or whether or not Mr. Rogers sang about a beautiful day in THE neighborhood, the kind of changes really aren't that significant. What is significant about those kinds of things is in the fact that our reality has somehow been changed. In contrast, when it comes to changing the words of the Bible you're touching something that could not be more important. Are things really being changed, and even the words in the Bible? Some deny it and some are confused, but yes. If this isn't disturbing to you on a very deep level, I have to say you're not engaging as one who is obedient to the Lord's command to watch. What about every jot and tittle, which Jesus said was going to be fulfilled? If Lion becomes Wolf, how long before the name of Jesus/Y'shua becomes something else, or the blood of Jesus becomes something else? Is the Author not watching over and protecting His own word? What can be trusted? If our memory of the past is unreliable then our present reality becomes whatever it seems to be. What's at stake is our faith and our hope, and yes, even what cannot be separated from that, in truth, love.

Has a challenge been made to the sovereignty of the Most High God that is going unanswered? Well, yes and no. He's not responding to the challenge in ways that are apparent to most, however, you should know that this is all part of the outworking of what has been His plan from the beginning.

We are not shaken. If anything, we're ever more convicted of the Lord's abiding presence, with our faith, hope and love intact and secure in Him because He IS HELPING! We are thrilled to know many of you are like as we are in this strange season. Signs continue to be manifest, some that are very personal and others that bear witness on a large scale. When I repeat in these many posts and videos how the Lord has appointed a fix for what we're witnessing in the resetting of time itself, this is no joke. This is THE BIG DEAL! Let me share with you some perspective that is very much a NOW thing and some that goes back a little further.

I don't travel much. I haven't been visiting family more than a couple times in a year even though I'm only living about 6 hours away. When I do visit there are always attending signs. I never know what to expect but as they unfold what becomes evident is the Lord's handiwork. The past few years I've been led to visit with my Dad in the Spring or Summer. He and my stepmother winter in Florida and live for the balance of the year on a small bay off Lake Ontario. With Spring comes the clean up and maintenance of the property left vacant over the winter. While my Dad is still pretty spry for his age, my help is appreciated.

Like I mentioned earlier, in the hour of my arrival, my stepfather passed away. I attended his burial service and spent a little time with family and friends before returning home to Greensburg, PA. The Lord made a point of His care for me and of His oversight. My first clue that there was something special about this trip came in the planning. The level of interest I had in my Dad's return to NY was notably increased. When he arrived, he was eager to have me come visit and help them get settled in, which was rather new. I made my typical plan, giving myself several days to tie off my own projects, parking them so I could more easily pick up where I left off. My customary plan involves not being in a rush, doing laundry, getting a hair cut, etc, and for food, eating up the perishables instead of tossing them out. I told my Dad, I'll be up on Monday. I had to call him back. I can't say I knew why but I just knew I needed to leave the next morning, early on Saturday. When I arrived at my Dad's place, I had just received a text from my sister. I checked it after greeting my Dad and stepmother. The text was a notice of my stepfather's passing. I knew why I had to go when I did.

A few years earlier, I visited my Dad in Florida for the first time. My stepmother was in the hospital having cancer treatments. She was very sick. I was at work one day and the Lord directed me to book a flight to Florida. I did, and when I called my Dad to tell him that I had just booked a flight he was stunned because he had just been surprised with the news that his wife had just passed away. The Lord wanted me to know that He was overseeing things. So it was then and so it was again a few weeks ago.

I could go on at length about the family matters, but suffice it to say that I did grieve during the season but not so much for Luke's passing. It was for the condition of those left behind. After spending several hours with them before, during and after the burial service, It was sad indeed to see that there was still no turning of their rebellious hearts toward my God. It was the Lord's kind provision for me to meet with two dear brothers in the Lord on that following day as He ministered to me in this grieving.

The signs of this visit were interesting and they highlight the signs of the previous year's visit. Last summer, two little projects my Dad wanted help with involved springs. I've written about this and how the springs on the vintage outboard motor and the lawnmower chute guard very closely resembled the flourishes pictured on a Lulu ad that had previously gotten my attention. “This is your year” - between the springs. Last spring was epic in significance, being appointed for the Bride Theft, the sealing of the 144k sons of Israel, the revealing of the lawless one, the great hoax, etc. The scheduled appointments were not kept. And, this Spring passed, or is passing, and so went our year between the springs. I did mention transition, right? So, here we are now, in a different season. This year my Dad's main projects had to do with plumbing, with three separate issues, and with his phone service.

When he was still in Florida, he switched their cell provider from Verizon to Sprint, with the promise of saving lots of money. Coverage was fine until they got home in NY. No service. No phone, no data. Several trips to the nearest Sprint store an hour away in Auburn, several lengthy calls to Sprint using my TracFone (that works on on the Verizon network) - no satisfaction. Since my phone worked fine, he eventually got Sprint to agree to buy him out of his contract. He went to Walmart, about a 45 minute drive and got a Tracfone. Home again, and still no service. We went to Webster (another hour drive) to the Verizon store so my stepmother could get a phone that worked, and with some effort over the next day or so we got her all set up. I left for home in Greensburg, PA, at that point and my Dad still had no phone service at the house. That was our first and last chore, and it wasn't even resolved when I left! We figured my Dad had a bad phone, because my cheap Tracfone worked fine. He returned it to Walmart and exchanged it for another of a different kind, and that didn't get a signal unless he walked up the hill. Two "bad" phones in a row? So, back he went on yet another trip to Walmart. This time, he got a different phone and service - and it worked. Apparently, Tracfone uses phones that are on Verizon and other phones that are on AT&T. If someone would have informed us properly right up front, choosing the right Tracfone on the Verizon network would have been the easy solution, but the situation is not being disclosed openly - and this seems intended to serve one corporate agenda or another.

My Dad kept me in the loop as to what progress he was making. When he finally called me using his own phone from his own home I had to laugh. He ended up going with Straight Talk Wireless. When he called I was writing a post decoding their brand imagery! The Pop Quiz portion had already been published, which I had prepared and placed at the top of the queue for publishing before I planned to go to NY, well before I learned of my Dad's cell phone situation. The Lord's timing and provision - He is quite capable of directing His affairs!

Before leaving for NY, I commented to Aaron about how interesting it was that I was going to a lake house because I was engrossed in the effort of producing videos on The Lake House. My Dad's is on a small bay off Lake Ontario, and you can see the lake from his place. When we take his boat out we usually go through the channel out on the lake. I was actually following the pattern of Keanu Reeves' character, Alex Wyler, but I didn't realize it until later. I made a point in the latest video that is the 5th installment in a series that there is an esoteric layer where Kate and Alex, through the course of the film, gain mastery over time. Early on, they are novices with no comprehension or ability. Demonstrated by how the movie is structured with a signaling of the time numbers 12 and 13, we see the plot is about how they both gain mastery of time. The way Alex is presented as a novice with no skills is allegorical. His inability to control the flow of water in plumbing fixtures is a metaphor for his inability to control the flow of time. Alex was at the house His Dad built on the lake, fixing old plumbing. Now, there I was at my Dad's house at the lake, fixing old plumbing. Alex's Dad was played by Christopher Plummer, the Christ figure, the anointed "Plumber" and master of time, Father Time, the architect of the year. My own Dad is a pretty fair plumber, and he also has several vintage cuckoo clocks that he services himself, taking them apart and fixing them on occasion. Our first plumbing project was to remove a water softener system, since the community water is no longer well water but is piped in from town. One of the pipes related to it had split over the winter. We removed the canisters and rerouted the water pipes. I was just providing support for my Dad as a helper while he ran the operation of unsoldering and cutting and resoldering. He was the experienced master at work. The next plumbing project I was even less helpful with. No hot water was flowing through the shower. It seemed to me that the problem area was behind the exposed plumbing and inside the outside wall, but my clever Dad fixed it without opening up the outside wall. He addressed the corrosion in the flow control section that was accessible in the handle, lubricating, cleaning, working the controls through the range of movement - that did the trick! I had a bigger role in our last plumbing project but it still took the two of us working together. There I was, working in the cabinet under the sink, like Alex at the lake house. There was a leaking problem but it wasn't the drain. Water was leaking down down under the sink and my Dad had already tried to fix it. Our first attempt was to clean and reseal the base with silicone, letting it cure for the recommended day. As it turns out, the fixture was badly corroded inside and the leaking was internal. Replacement was called for. We took a long drive to Lowes and picked out one that was very similar to the one he already had, one lever with a pull out spray head. Getting the old fixture out was a chore. My eyes are not so good, but fortunately my Dad was able to see the very corroded nut underneath holding the clamp in place. Installing the new one was a breeze. Except for one little problem. No hot water. Actually there was, but we didn't know because we didn't run enough water through to reveal that the hot and cold were reversed. I had hooked up the hot water to the cold water supply. I assumed hot was on the left, but that's not how it was. Surprise. So, I flipped them and hot was now hot and cold was cold. No leaks. Success. Control over the flow of water was achieved after paying the price, patient trial and error - and team work.

Aaron and I have been led to expect becoming involved with certain special missions. We expect to be involved with the time reset, based on a long series of revelation insights and signs. Is this latest identification with Alex another sign of moving toward a kind of mastery over time? We don't like to read into things and neither do we like to have to be beat over the head to catch a clue. We continue watching and logging observations and impressions. Aaron now finds himself in a situation that is more than a little similar! There is the redundancy we have become so familiar with in the ways of the Lord's dealing with us!

All this has been received as an encouragement and a comfort, which is continually necessary because the evidence that this reality, this timeline, has gone off the rails, confronts us on every hand. The Lord has Aaron and I fixed on this so that the pressing need for a reset is never far from our minds, and we hold fast to the promises we have received and the miracles we have witnessed.

So all that is very much a NOW thing, but here's some perspective that goes back further in a wider view, speaking to the apparent failures of prophecy since 2012. Some of you will find this testimony familiar. We had a high level of confidence about how things would unfold on the prophesied biblical schedule. Years were spent challenging assumptions, etc. refining understanding as the Lord directed my watching. As the fall of 2012 came and we entered into the prime Shemitah we were continually disappointed in our expectations. All the events we had learned to watch for failed to manifest, one after the other. It wasn't that we didn't see anything, but instead of the prophesied events it was more shadows, but not really following the trend of previous cycles, where the shadows became more and more distinct. It was so weird because the Lord kept leading and encouraging in the watching, prospering us in all kinds of ways. When April of 2015 rolled around things came to a head. What happened to the revelation insight I had received about Daniel 8 and the breaking of America's power? What about the template of Psalm 90:4 laying out the schedule of events for this Shemitah, with what was foreshadowed in the great flood of Noah's day manifesting in the second year, etc? What about the revealing of the lawless one, the Bride Theft? What about the promises made to Aaron and I individually and together that were personal? We did need some help understanding what the Lord had done and where He was leading. We received a simple promise that He would help, one that was understood to be very broad in scope, and He has been faithful. What more could we ask for than to have His ready help? How awesome He is, beloved! Answers have been arriving.

We've been wondering when insight would come about the timing of the reset, whether prior to it, during or following. We continue seeking the Lord about it, because it matters. Here's an insight I discussed with Aaron when we visited together a couple days ago. So far as the survival of man goes, things are already looking pretty dire. How bad are things going to get before the fix comes?

For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. ~ Matthew 24:37

The main point of comparison in that verse has to do with foreknowledge of the timing (Noah knew and so should you), yet there are other points of comparison that bear consideration. In Noah's day, the biggest deal seems to have been the salvation or persistence of the pure Adamic heritage. Noah was the last one remaining who was perfect in his generations, DNA. His wife wasn't genetically pure, and neither were his sons or their wives. The point is that the sovereign God let it get down to a single man and aged man of 600 years. His family survived the flood, of course, but when Noah died, that was the end of the line. (Until the Most High God's only begotten son was brought forth in union with Mary, of course.) Things were different after the flood. To let the world fall into such a degree of corruption where it all depended on a single man seems pretty risky, doesn't it? In our day, as we look ahead in hope of a pending reset of time itself, how bad will it get? The sparing of man from utter destruction, quite honestly, already seems like a real long shot. At what point will the sovereign God intervene and do what must be done? The Adversary sees there is no intervention, and still no intervention, and still... But the Sovereign God will intervene, like with the Flood, and completely turn the tables. Probably, at the last moment possible. Until I have more insight, that's all I can offer at present, except to say, take hope and take courage. Y'shua is Lord of Lords.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Lake House and Embedded Time Codes - Part 5: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming

With a clever featuring of the rusty mailbox as a time warping male box, The Lake House from 2006 remains very casually elegant while charming us with its romantic tale. Literally, charming. If you watched the 4th installment of this series, you know this tender drama has surprising depth. The intricate layering of esoteric symbolism is brilliant - evil genius. This example of the explicit pairing of time travel with sodomite mind control programming is an exhibition on several levels of how our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time.

We paid attention to the elapsed time displayed on the time bar of the media player and discovered an impressive feature. The producers embedded several kinds of codes involving the numbers 12, 13 and 21, which you might expect in a time warp movie because they are special time numbers. Several other number codes were discovered but those must await another installment. The producers of this clever time warp flick put a lot of effort into matching the content of the film to the esoteric meaning of the numbers on the counter. This means that the pace and content of the film is keyed to these number codes. This provides a rigid framework for the film like a skeleton provides the structure for a body. These synchronizations invite us to give them special consideration and, at the Lord's leading, that's what we did!

Due to blocking polices relating to content rights claims, the video is not expected to be available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 5 - The Lake House and the Embedded Codes that Declare Their Mastery of Time

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Lake House and the Magic Mailbox - Part 4: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV

This one really surprised Aaron and I. The Lake House, is a romantic drama from 2006 starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. It features a time warp as a plot device, and the mechanism that makes it happen is a common object that you will recognize as symbol of the sodomite gateway.

This example of the explicit pairing of time travel with sodomite mind control programming is expected to take a few videos to cover what really needs to be seen because it's really that worthy of our attention for HOW it reveals what it does. There has been a very considerable effort put into this production, and for us, it has already been very rewarding!

The movie is soft and romantic and classy in a casual way, and If you couldn't interpret the symbolism or didn't receive revelation insight about it you would never suspect that it's really all about sodomite mind control programming and what that is concealing, how our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time.

Due to blocking polices relating to content rights claims, the video is not expected to be available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 4 - The Lake House and the Magic Mailbox

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Decoding: Straight Talk Wireless

Walmart, the popular and sometimes controversial retailer offers shoppers several wireless providers and is the exclusive vendor for Straight Talk Wireless. Their branding is with bold black and white speech bubbles, usually on a lime green background like you see here. What they are saying with their brand imagery - there's nothing straight about it! It complements Walmart's own branding, and it's all quite offensive.

For those who have given this subject of a Pop Quiz an effort to decode, it's a useful exercise no matter how much or little you have seen. Thanks for sharing your insights and observations in comments and email.

The logo smacks of the familiar yin yang symbol. I see the Straight Talk logo primarily as a simplistic cartoon picture of two men engaging in mutual oral sex. One is white and one is black. From one perspective the pointers are their noses. Kind of upside down, for obfuscation, but that's what they are. "Brown Noses." They are also phallic, with each being received into the other's mouth. Speech bubbles are used in comics to show us who is saying what. The words come out of their mouths, so the pointer is linked to their mouths. Straight, means, heterosexual, in the context of sexual orientation. The message sent by the logo is that Straight Talk isn't straight at all. The conversation is twisted up. The speech bubble resembles the letter Q. Q is for Queer. Queer Talk.

There are several more Occult layers of symbolism that emphasize the sodomite character. The speech bubbles butt against each other to make a bubble butt, which is what well rounded buttocks are sometimes called. This is evident on the right side where the TM is positioned, with one cheek being white and the other black.

That butt is actually flat bottomed like a person is sitting down, if you tip the logo to the right. In that orientation you can also see the logo as a tall white person and a short black person sitting down with their arms around each other. The white arm is on the black's shoulder and the black's hand is on the white's butt.

Notice how the phallic protrusions are both near a letter t. T is for triangle. Anal triangle. This picture of the act of sodomy is more obfuscated but it's definitely there. See how the phallic protrusions are in the form of a triangle? That's because they are fit into the anal triangle. One speech bubble is on top of the other. In sodomite language, one is the Top and the other is the Bottom, the receiver.

The pairing of black and white is often signaling the knowledge of good and evil, and that's what's going on here. It's the opening of the third eye, the Horus Eye, and the illumination with that knowledge, the Luciferian enlightenment and gnosis. Black on white and white on black.

The Registered Trademark is almost always being used to create an instance of Harmerty, Horus who rules with two eyes. This is done as the Registered Trademark symbol that represents the darkened "Moon" eye of Horus is paired with the symbol of a seeing eye. Where is the logo's bright "Sun" seeing Eye of Horus? An alternate name of the sun god is embedded as the, ra, in, Straight, which makes it the seeing Eye of Ra. Also, the centrally located simple letter, i, in, Straight, may be identified as the “i” of Horus. Yet another seeing eye appears centrally in the word, Straight, with the, ig, as the gi, the GI tract, the terminus of which is known as the Horus Eye. Zooming out, there's a perspective where the entire logo graphic can be identified as that seeing eye, the anus of an illumined individual. Since each speech bubble has the phallus-penetrated anal triangle and the black+white signaling the knowledge of good and evil, you could say that each one of them is a complete seeing Eye of Horus. The Registered Trademark then is the Third Eye, creating yet another Horus Eye layer.

Now that we have identified each speech bubble as a Horus Eye, rotate the logo counter-clockwise. Bam! It's another instance of Harmerty! The darkened eye matches to the bright seeing eye. Raised up between them is the opened third eye of the Registered Trademark!

Sodomite illumination is a core aspect of what we call Code 33, which is associated with Freemasonry. The symbols TM and the Registered Trademark both present Code 33.
T+M = 20 + 13 = 33
O+R = 15+18=33
These appear next to a big 3, formed by the right end, the butt end, and this speaks to me of the emphasizing of the trademarks' encodings of 33. You might see the forms of the Masonic square and compass in the T of Talk seen adjacent to the protruding form of a compass. I certainly do!

The lozenge or pill shape of the rounded rectangle speech bubble presents a Hermaphrodite symbol, combining the forms of the square and circle into one. The square and circle are male and female, respectively. The positioning of one below another that is very nearly a mirror image opposite suggests the Hermetic Maxim, “As Above So Below.” This strengthens the identity of Hermes that is bound together in the lozenge shape with Aphrodite, and it also declares the supernatural dynamic of this and every Occult logo. The symbol is a connecting point and demonic portal of influence in this realm.

“To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol.” (Starhawk - from "The Spiral Dance" - a popular manual for witchcraft)

“A symbol can act in two ways. First, it can be used to focus and project your energy through it. Second, a symbol can function as a magnifier and transmitter of energy, even if you are not focusing attention on the symbol. Symbols do have a life force of their own. They are mini-transmitting stations for subtle energies that are infused in our reality. Each symbol interacts with your energy field, constantly generating a force field that strengthens you.” (from the popular Wiccan magic book "Sacred Space" - by Denise Linn)

Strengthens? For the witch, certainly, but not for their victims.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” ~ Confucius

We have been warned about symbols, but the wicked and foolish rebel against our Creator.

15 “So watch yourselves carefully, since you did not see any form on the day the Lord spoke to you at Horeb from the midst of the fire, 16 so that you do not act corruptly and make a graven image for yourselves in the form of any figure, the likeness of male or female, 17 the likeness of any animal that is on the earth, the likeness of any winged bird that flies in the sky, 18 the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground, the likeness of any fish that is in the water below the earth. 19 And beware not to lift up your eyes to heaven and see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, and be drawn away and worship them and serve them, those which the Lord your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven. ~ Deuteronomy 4:15-19

There's yet another invocation of the psychopomp in the ad copy. “Same Phones.” Right under that, “Same Networks.” Same is Same. “As Above So Below.” Same. See how that works? Very clever. And it's even more clever than that! The two letters S (in Same) are stacked one on top of the other. SS is sometimes used as a Neo-Nazi code but it is also a psychopomp identifier. The planet Mercury is associated with the number 88 because the planet orbits the sun every 88 days. The letter S is the 8th letter, when Z is the 1st, so SS translates to 88 to signal Mercury. The god known as Mercury is also known as Hermes. The letter H, in Half, appears under the stacked letters S. H, is the 8th letter when A is 1, strengthening that numbering in support of the identification with the psychopomp. Adding further support by proximity is the double s ending the word, wireless. SS=Mercury, Hermes. You might want to reread this paragraph and let what they've done with this ad copy sink in. Mercury is the swift messenger of the gods. Communication is his specialty. Wireless Communications, and otherwise. What they've done is evil genius, providing subtle but very significant support for this deceptively simple logo graphic that is really a magickal sigil.

So is that it? Is that all there is to this Occult branding? No. There is more.

Mark of the Beast. The version of the logo that features the registered trademark has that as one circle, and together with the speech bubbles there are 3 in total. Three circles, triple O (O as 15 as 1+5=6) is triple 6 or 666. Revelation 13:18. MOB. On that same level, the three letter t crosses of sTraighT Talk present 666 as each t cross transforms through the X cross as the 24th letter - and 2+4=6. This is made redundant in the Walmart ad copy. As Inflojet noted in his comment, “Only at Walmart” repeats the pattern with the letter Y as a a bent Tau cross.

Also, XO MOB. The protrusions from one speech bubble into the other make them crossing circles. The pair of letters t in, Straight, have rounded tails, a subtle and potent form where the cross appears on the edge of a circle. Those two crosses plus the Tau cross letter T in, Talk, are encircled by the speech bubbles, which makes for three more instances of the cross circle image. The T in TM is adjacent to the two rounded ends, adding two more instances.

The cross circle has to do with space (X) and Time (O) and the S.T. acronym of Straight Talk suggests Space Time. “Straight Talk” is 12 letters in length, the 12 being a special time number. Including the space between the words we have time and space, and the numbering of those 13 characters signals the mastery of time and space-time domains! The planet Mercury signaled by the SS-as-88 emphasized in the ad copy is a celestial body in space, and the identifying number represents the relative period of time. "Half the COST." Time is money - and money is time, metaphorically speaking. Wireless signals are broadcast into the heavens through cell towers anchored in the earth and distributed across the face of the Earth.

The union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. Her presence is strengthened by the ad copy. Consider the word, Half. It's right under the stacked word, Same. Right under the SS as 88. Half of 88 is 44, the number identified with the goddess through the very familiar 47th Problem of Euclid. Redundancy.

Let's talk straight about what the affiliated company's logo means. I've decoded Walmart's branding before but let's refresh our memories and see how their branding supports the Straight Talk branding. The yellow starburst graphic is a rayed sun. A sun. ASUN. Anagram: ANUS. That's why the company emblazons it on the back of their employees. Back = Butt. Their 6 rayed illuminated sodomite gateway sigil is a magickal hexagram. It conceals the form of the overlapping triangles that signal the Hermetic Maxim. The one pointing heavenward represents the sons of god that are the fallen angels. The other, the daughters of men. The radiant symbol is a multiplied XO form. See that sun anus as a circle that is positioned in many versions of the branding right next to the cross, pairing with the circle cross form of the letter t in, Walmart, for more XO redundancy.

Straight Talk. Only at Walmart. Same Phones. Same Networks. Same evil Sodomite branding.

Are you seeing what you're looking at? Praise the Lord Y'shua for His favor, and honor Him with obedience. He is worthy!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Slack and Squatty Potty Do the Sodomite Gateway Rosetta Stone

If we were still adding posts to the sodomite gateway series, this would fit right in. It's more of what's trending in imagery, time and dimensional transiting tied to sodomite mind control - and this is what's really influencing the world as Mystery Babylon's pharmakeia.

As a necessary caveat, if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on.

Extremely Bubbly Ad Campaign OOH work is full of rainbows, kittens and ice cream

Slack is illustrating how it feels to sit in fewer meetings. In trauma-based mind control programming, going over the rainbow is typically induced by trauma and ritual sodomy, where the victim is made to mentally dissociate and enter the trance state for programming.

The rainbow arch is the sodomite gateway, the nether region access to the netherworld. Stars are angels, a metaphor used in the Bible. Using another biblical metaphor, the clouds are dimensional vehicles used for transiting.

Riding (my little) pony? The Pony Eye is the Horus Eye anus. A pony is a little horse. Near homonym for, horse, is, Horus. Search the blog for other examples of this pony symbol being leveraged in popular media.

Here's a film quote that connects the pony to sodomy and bestiality. Colleen Sutton (Priscilla Presley) and Ford Fairlane (Andrew Dice Clay) in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1991):
- Colleen: ''Nothing offends me. When I was eleven I walked in on my father with the Shetland pony he gave me for my tenth birthday . Does that excite you?''
- Fairlane: ''I don't know . I never met your father.''

Riding the pony means, sodomy. High heels raise the butt - for sodomy.

And, in the "just when you thought it couldn't get any worse" department, here's an official commercial for an actual product, the Squatty Potty. This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty

How do we know this is not just innocent humor to make the item being sold more easily received? The esoteric symbolism gives it away. Coprophagia. The sodomite's obsession with feces and defecation.

The salesman winks. This is an Occult signal, the closing of one eye to signal the hidden eye that is the anus, the Eye of Horus. It also indicates having a secret, sharing a secret. He's sharing the secret, if you look past the silliness to see what truly is so incredibly offensive.

Adult dispensing poop for the children to eat. This is a foundation of the traumatizing handlers of SRA.

Salesman stands in an archway, a royal arch that is a squared circle, the royal arse, the sodomite gateway.

The vertical striping on his costume is stargate imagery, a kind often signaled with awnings and draperies. The red and white banding signals the Adamic daughters of men made divine. That comes through forms of union with the fallen angelic sons of god. Proxy sodomy is one means.

The objects on his costume that are connected by chains and the chains themselves are Occult symbols. Those decorative objects model the anus. The chains connecting them together represent the binding function of ritual sodomy, how the victim is supernaturally bound to the handler as by an unbreakable oath. The chains match to the unicorn and the rainbow as symbols of dimensional transit because they signal the celestial Silver Gate. That's the ancient stargate located between the constellations Gemini and Taurus. The silver colored chain has identical links, a twinned torus construction. Gemini - The Twins. Taurus ~ torus. The chain is another important symbol, the Seirai of Theurgy. These commercials are the products of theurgists practicing their religion.

Lots of attention is given to the mouth. Flip it. It represents the orifice at the other end, like how we describe where a river empties out as the mouth of the river. When you see the toilet paper wiping the children's messy poopy mouths with toilet paper it should become very, very plain. The funky brown hat is the poopy butt - hat as butt metaphor. The twisted brown headband is the sphincter that they've been demonstrating and telling us about.

He says, “Now your colon's open and ready for battle.” Battle? Yes, by ritually abusing the anus and with the forced consumption of excrement and other bodily fluids, if young enough, and most are, they are brought to the place where they acquire the supernatural abilities they use as weapons against you and I.

He says, “like a virgin swan.” Swan, is occult code for the anus. Anagram. swan ~ anws. The key here is in recognizing that the letter W is double u. a n u (u) s. A virgin swan = a virgin anus.

The banner for is orange, a sodomy signaling color like purple.

Here's another commercial for the Squatty Potty. The Best Poop of Your Life, Best Poop of Your Life ? - #SquattyPotty

The multiple panels of the pooping unicorn and salesman are signaling multiple identities, dissociated alter identities, illustrating the mind of a trauma-based mind control victim.

“Ice Cream You Scream.” Traumatizing with forced consumption of feces.

The kaleidoscope scene is illustrating the surreal and insane dissociated state, the victim's trance state during programming where mirrored alters are spun off.

Why is there a colon after squatty potty. This makes the eyes of the text smiley, sure. Yet, the colon, in the context, is what he's been talking and singing about. Smile, the jokes on us. The text smiley colon eyes symbolize the all seeing eye of Horus, the Horus Eye butt. As the crude expression goes, "bend over and crack a smile."

These Squatty Potty commercials have some slick XO MOB signaling. The graphic with the angle over the pooping unicorn is clever. The V is the crossing of 2 lines where they intersect. The arc suggests the circle. By extending the lines past the intersection, we see the X formed near the edge of the round bowl of the toilet. Redundancy.

The text smiley is the bright seeing eye that matches to the registered trademark symbol for an instance of Harmerty.

The double letters t in both words are touching, forming a pair of letters H and calling them out for special attention. HH is neo-Nazi code for, Heil Hitler. Double H is also 88 because H is the 8th letter. The salesman emphasizes that Howard Stern poops out of his butt. Howard Stern, with the H.S. logo. When Z is the 1st, S is the 8th letter. H and S is 8 and 8, Code 88. Among other things, this is a nod to the god, Mercury. The planet nearest the Sun has a period of 88 earth days. Mercury, the wing-footed psychopomp, aka Hermes and Anubis. He facilitates transits in and out of the underworld.

If you take the final letter y as a bent or broken Tau, which it is, each word ends in a triple Tau. There's a 666 transformation in all that, but perhaps more powerfully here, it's connecting with other triple tau images that all about poop and pooping butts. Freemasonry's Royal Arch degree's anal triangle Horus Eye magickal sigil - seen here next to the G-EYE tract terminus and dimensional portal.

The guy using the potty has the compass and the toilet hides the square in the 90 angle of the seat and raised lid, the signature tools of Freemasonry. In the context, that's definitely a compASS!

Here's the other Triple Tau next to it, the Jesuit/Romish stinky IHS-SHI"cross" golden Sun that they are always Mooning us with.