Friday, December 30, 2016

More videos: Pizza Esoterica 3: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

We're excited to announce that another new video has just been produced, the third in the Pizza Esoterica series. This time, it's all about a pizza scene from 1982's Spielberg classic, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It's the scene where little Elliot encounters the alien in the tool shed. Just like with alien encounters that are abductions, anal probing is involved, although you wouldn't perceive it unless you were tracking the clues, like the pizza code. Pizza is connected with trauma-based sodomy mind control programming themes: Black Magick, sex trafficking of a young boy, torture, incest, and pedophile anal sex between minors and an adult - and reciprocal sodomy with a demon.

It's difficult to see these kinds of things, this manifest evil, even when the actions are dramatized in symbol. However, it is a witness to the reality of our world that goes on in the background of our daily lives, and a facet of reality that we should neither be ignorant about nor dismissive of. What Pizzagate has brought to light is real and this touches your life in most significant ways. If you find this subject matter disturbing, and we certainly do, avail yourself of an audience with the King of Kings, to pour out your heart before Him. He has a fit provision for you in this season, to help you endure and to find and maintain joy and peace. His love is constant.

Pizza Esoterica 3 of 8: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

We successfully published a modified version to our YouTube channel, adding it to the Pizza Esoterica playlist.
Pizza Esoterica 3 - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial ("Utubified")

We're also excited to announce that we finally had success publishing the first video in another series to YouTube. Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 1 - The Magicians (S1E9). The pristine original is available at Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 1 - The Magicians (S1E9), and it's a good thing - because, in order to satisfy YouTube's arrangement with the content owner, we had to reduce it to something of a skeleton. Still, for those who have difficulty accessing the pristine video, Utubified is the next best thing.

The Magicians season 2 premieres on January 25th at 9 p.m. on Syfy. The content owners are policing YT so you won't likely find any unauthorized clips there, but Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. What this show presents so openly touches on many of the subjects we have been led to be attentive to.

We note that the mission of one group of magicians is to keep magic from dying out. In contrast, those in another show, that is perhaps the equal with respect to the level of bean spilling, The Librarians, on TNT, their struggle is because, despite their best efforts to contain it, magic has returned into the world and it now threatens the end of it. If you follow the show, you realize that's really nonsense because the Librarians themselves are all high level magicians.

Playlist for “The Pairing of Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV Media”

(You Tube) Playlist for “The Pairing of Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV Media”

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SIGNS: Warp Zone + Past 2 Present

Yesterday, on 12/27/16, I was returning home after a routine walk around the hilly neighborhood for some fresh air and exercise and I came upon this scene. I had to take a couple snaps. You might think I staged this, but no. It's just another sign. Well, signs - that are a sign. When I got home, I checked the time stamp and both of the snaps I took were at 3:33 PM.

Warp Zone - Where Past Meets Present
Past 2 Present - on a transport vehicle

The Lord keeps the reality of our predicament pretty fresh in mind, no matter how involving our other projects may become. We await a time reset. We don't yet have confirmation on when, but it's pending. We see the evidence in the Bible, in media productions and logos and works of art, and in "supernatural" signs. We have a foundation for our conviction, knowing what time it is, on the Lord's calendar, and we are very aware that this manifestation of the present is not yet what it will be!

There is a reason why the word AGAIN is used in the passage below.

8 Then the voice that I had heard from heaven spoke to me again, saying, “Go, take the scroll that is open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.” 9 So I went to the angel and told him to give me the little scroll. And he said to me, “Take and eat it; it will make your stomach bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey.” 10 And I took the little scroll from the hand of the angel and ate it. It was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter. 11 And I was told, “You must again prophesy about many peoples and nations and languages and kings.” ~ Revelation 10:8-11 ESV

I'll decode what we see in the logo graphic sign on the vehicle hauler, but first, I'll list some of the media that has really spoken very loudly to us recently about trending themes like how time itself is threatened, time resets, or how the present is manipulated by changing the past.

Dr. Strange (2016)
Alice Through the Looking Glass (with Sacha Baron Cohen as Time)
The Man in the High Castle - S2 on Amazon
11-22-63 - on Hulu

On Netflix:
Travelers - projecting souls into bodies living hundreds of years in the past
The OA
Sense 8

On network TV
Falling Water
The Librarians
SHIELD Ghost Rider
The Magicians
12 Monkeys

There are so many more we could add to the list, but these are the recent stand-outs. The Magicians and 12 Monkeys are included mostly because these have really been so epic and because they are returning soon with new episodes.

There's one more production that Aaron and I felt had to be mentioned here. Intersteller. Because we had a memorable sign associated with it, which you can read about here: Notes on the Trending Time Signs (4/7/16)

About the Past 2 Present graphic, here's some observations.

If you remove the P and N from PRESENT, you're left with RESET. Read backwards, the result is - RESET 2 PAST. The horizontal of the numeral 2 is an arrow vector, as pointing to the future. Backwards, as rendering - (p)RESE(n)T 2 PAST - it points into the past. A peculiar white vertical outlined in blue appears to the right of the, 2 - rendering 21, a number that signals time, eternity and timelessness. A space-time symbol appears in the XO formed as the circle of the 2 engages the Tau cross at the end of PAST on its circumference.The lining up of the double S signals the dimension transiting psychopomp, Mercury (88 day year, and S=8 when Z=1) The sun god is named redundantly, RE and from the adjacent line, RA. P and P present 11 11 when Z=1 - which is stargate code, twin pillars. When A=1, P=16, and P+P = 32 - one of the key Masonic Degrees, and this identification really resonates with us.

A familiar 3 letter word appears when you start with the A then S then down to the next line for another S. It's in that A-S-S that the phallic god is signaled (SS/88) emphasizing ritual sodomy illumination. Which explains the checkerboard pattern motif - signaling the knowledge of good and evil aquired as the gnosis and enlightenment. P-ast and P-resent = PP ~ pee pee, which goes along with the 2 as a #2, in potty code - which has a phallic arrow.

It seems worth noting that, SS, is most obviously a Nazi symbol, and that 420 (address of Warp Zone) is code for Hitler's birthday, April 20, 1889.

Some insist that we're bonkers, reading into everything what's not really there. Call it as you see it. To us, it just is what it is. And we see it everywhere - over and over and over again! There is a reason why the sovereign God gave us the 2nd commandment. It was for our protection. The sum of the influence is not without substantial impact. Open your eyes. Let the reality of this world bear witness.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pizza Esoterica - Another Video in Series (Deadpool, The OA, TMNT, Home Alone, Smurfs, Longmire)

The second video in the Pizza Esoterica series has been produced, continuing the work of exposing and decoding the pizza code language used by the undergrounders, Hollywood and the elite. Here, the focus is on examples where pizza is connected with mind control programming elements of incest, torture, ritual abuse, pedophelia, coprophilia, sodomy and the Spirit Cooking related cakes of light, Nazi and Neo-Nazi code and tributes to the ancient gods. You'll see clips from diverse media including, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, Home Alone, The OA, The Smurfs, and Longmire.

Please note that this video is intended for a mature audience. We have not censored the language used in the featured media clips so it's not recommended to watch this at work with the volume up, or where others might hear and take offense.

Pizza Esoterica (2 of 8) - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

Part 1 is here:
Pizza Esoterica (P1 of 8) - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

There are pluses and minuses for hosting these ourselves and for hosting them on platforms like YouTube. We're making these available in two versions so you can choose which one works best for you. The versions we host ourselves are unmolested but less accessible. The YouTube-ified versions are, well - on YouTube. (Where you see ads, it's because the copyrighted content owners like Sony are monetizing them according to their arrangements with Google.)

Playlist for “Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media”

(YouTube) Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

Here's a page where our video and audio content is consolidated and presented for easier access: Video & Audio Content, on The Open Scroll

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New MP3 Audio is Now Available

You can now download the MP3 files made from all the recent videos of Aaron reading studies from, The Open Scroll.

You'll find them on our video and audio links page.

Now on Video and MP3: Will No One Know the Day? - from, Beyond the Veil

Another new video has just been published to our YouTube channel, with Aaron reading, Will No One Know the Day? - from, Beyond the Veil.

Beyond the Veil (2) Will No One Know the Day? - The Open Scroll

Here's an mp3: Audio Download

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Remarkable Keystone Prophecy of 1 Kings 19

We often mention a pending reset of time and act like it's really going to happen - because it is! This isn't something we think about constantly, but its never really very far from view because, really, everything hinges on it - our hope and yours. The Lord continues to call it to our attention in ways that are sometimes pretty spectacular. We definitely get excited about the supernatural signs, which are sometimes pretty dramatic. We also get excited about insights that are opened into what is being signaled about the reset in trending media, because the Devil has to blab about what's going on via the ritual mass programming of Mystery Babylon's pharmakeia. What we get really excited about is when He opens up new insights about the time reset from the Bible! We have more to report! While it's not entirely new, it does represent a significant addition!

Last month, we published a new page on The Open Scroll that fit into the collection we call, Beyond the Veil. Just after publishing that study, called, Indications of a Time Reset in the Keystone Prophecies, I discovered another example of the keystone pattern, one that I really didn't know what to do with. Aaron and I discussed it, and like so many items that cross our desks, we kind of set it on the shelf to await further insight. Yesterday, the Lord brought such a blessing, and with His welcome provision, the record of 1 Kings 19 was subsequently added to the collection of keystone prophecies and those that indicate a time reset! Today, it is with joy that I announce this news and invite you to check it out!

The Keystone Pattern - Three Things Then the Fourth: 1 Kings 19 - Elijah's Journey and Encounter with the Lord in the Wind

Indications of a Time Reset in the Keystone Prophecies: 1 Kings 19 - The Mysterious "Echo" at Horeb

The extraordinary nested example of 1 Kings 19 brings the total number of examples of the keystone pattern to 18, if you count John 13:38, which is the foundation - or 19, if you count the doubling as separate examples. The number of keystone prophecies that indicate a time reset is now 7, and this is not insubstantial.

If you don't know how the chronology of the end times has been concealed and revealed this won't make much sense. It's our confidence in this revelation that gives us hope in this strange season, knowing that the Lord God is sovereign still - and always. In this day when the lion and the lamb has become the wolf and the lamb, there needs to be a sanity check and an anchor beyond what may have served you in past seasons. Press in to the Lord Y'shua and get everything He has for you. It's worth everything - He's worth everything!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

We've just launched another video series. We published the first one and it's our expectation that at least one more will follow, Lord willing.

Pizza Esoterica (P1 of 8) - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

The #Pizzagate controversy has captured the attention of many folks, many of whom are just now becoming aware of the reality of how the elite communicate in secret code language. We're weighing in on this topic as the Lord leads and provides, with something significant to add - insight into the meaning of the symbols - yes, but primarily, wisdom; a higher perspective! We've been tracking and reporting on the coded language of the elite for several years, but this video represents the first significant exposure of the pizza code. In an upcoming installment we expect to present a couple scenes where pizza is linked to ping pong, films that probably inspired the naming of Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

In this first installment of the planned series you'll see a range of clips that illustrate the pizza code (and hot dogs) from Inside Out, Stranger Things, Men in Black 2, Coraline, X-Men Apocalypse, Frequency, and even Katy Perry's live performances! Awaiting future installments are pizza scenes from Spielberg's E.T., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Home Alone, The Librarians, Deadpool, Longmire, The Smurfs, The Magicians, and more!

In clips from the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things, we expose the secret of the Eggo waffles and how that's related to the pizza scene. Another surprising insight exposes how the Men in Black are secretly identified with the Nazi SS. In a surprising revelation, another clip from, Men in Black 2, bears witness to the kind of thing that has become known as, Spirit Cooking, and suggests Thelema and the OTO in their sacred communion, with mini pizza "Cakes of Light."

The term, witch hunt, comes to mind when I see how some are handling the situation, with the characteristic emotionalism and ignorance that is popularly associated with the term.

What these clips all demonstrate is that the pizza and hot dog code is the Occult language of Hollywood, as it is in Washington DC - and every other power center. It's the language of mind control programmers and slaves, who are embedded deeply among us.

About this ongoing controversy, we're glad to see people who care, seeing the evidence of such evil and wanting it to stop. We also see the enemy adeptly controlling the situation by leading the opposition.

Ask yourself, what does winning look like? What is the ultimate victory, and what constitutes a victory toward that goal. If taking direct action until a few of the people seen as responsible are behind bars will satisfy you, you're missing perspective. See the scope of this pervasive evil beyond Comet Ping Pong Pizza. You don't destroy icebergs by chiseling off the tops that stick out of the water. Even that small effort is a losing proposition. Bryan Singer is still doing what he ever did. Bill and Hillary Clinton are still free and exalted. Jimmy Savile is dead and gone, but the BBC and the Monarchy and Parliament and all their support systems are still in place. The world's religious authorities and the UN and all the courts, policing agencies and mass media put on a show of concern but are part of the system that feeds on the abuse of children and adults. The god of this world age, Satan, or Lucifer, if you will, demands worship in the way of the pizza tribute, with pedophile sex, child abuse and sacrifice, copraphagy and cannibalism. Until he's gone, his followers will worship him in the way he demands and receive from him what seems worth their very lives, and yours.

This is not to say - do nothing. If you see what's going on, pray about it, to know what the Lord Jesus Christ might ask of you. Becoming aware of the pizza code and other codes like it does have a very practical application.

If you have children, please don't trust them to the care of institutions, even where your neighbors, friends and family might be directly involved. If you're involved in the care of children or in some institution or agency that has authority - consider what you are being asked to do and asking others to do - and seek the Lord about what your greater responsibilities might be. When Cain was asked about Abel, his brother, he asked in response, Am I my brother's keeper? The Lord Jesus Christ makes it plain. Yes. Yes, we are. Don't protect the guilty. Protect the innocent.

We are really grateful to have a role in exposing these things. We are privileged to share these things with you. This is our way of alerting those who are navigating the iceberg infested waters about the dangers and how to identify the threats and respond in appropriate ways.

We encourage you to pray for those who are struggling to understand what they see. Many folks are rattled by what's being exposed, shaken to the core. The Lord Y'shua haMashiach continues to draw men, women and children to Himself in this strange season, for comfort and protection and for blessing in this age and in those to come!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Decoding: The "Shut Eye" on Hulu Promo

There's a new series on Hulu called, Shut Eye. Can you decode some of the Occult symbolism in this promotional graphic? This decoding is NSFW and intended for a mature audience because we're going to expose what it really is - a foul magickal ritual image.

What is Shut Eye? Anagram: TUSH EYE. That's where the demonic psychic powers are installed that open the shut third eye.

The TUSH EYE is the Eye of Horus, which is made completely obvious by the eye inside the mouth. This Horus Eye is anatomical and is found at the opposite end of the GI tract from the mouth that's pictured. It's the Lips and Teeth of the iconic Midnight Movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (See our videos decoding the, "Let's do the Time Warp" routine.) This mouth you see is like the mouth of a river, which is a misnomer because that's not the inlet but where the water is discharged. Shut Eye is the Tush Eye, you see. ShutEye ~ Shute eye ~ Crap shoot or poop chute Eye.

One might take this also as the mouth of Isis, which Aleister Crowley contrasted with the Eye of Horus in expressing his preference of that orifice for sexual intercourse.

About the eye seen in this mouth, think, "one-eyed snake" or phallus - which reveals this as a picture of sodomy. Another slang term for the phallus is gun, and there's a pair of those in the sign. Like the eye in the mouth, these phallic objects are also in red neon. Red blood, in light. Bloody violent ritual sodomy, the kind that opens the third eye in illuminati initiation ritual.

Yes. Illuminati. See the blue neon triangle as a pyramid. The all-seeing Eye of Horus is detached, as hovering over it - just like on the most widely recognized Illuminati symbol that appears on the Great Seal of the USA.

As we have learned from one signal instance after another, the Great Giza Pyramid in the desert is often presented in a way like it is here, with the obfuscation of the pyramid seen in connection with weapons (her neon (ray) guns). In The Lake House we hear an obfuscated: “Butt Eye can Dance” at a signal moment in the film! Dancing is fighting. The Butt Eye is the pyramid, a weapon of incredible power, resonant with space and time. ShutEye ~ Shute ye ~ shoot you - bang bang.

And speaking of Isis, here's the woman, dressed up like a common picture of the Virgin Mary. AKA Isis, The Queen of Heaven. Usually there's some XO imagery to support the goddess, because the union of the X and O is claimed to establish the celestial throne of the goddess, who is pictured here with a celestial crown on her head, and who may be seated, for all we can tell. Where is it, this X union O? See the round open mouth as the O. Centered right above it is the T in shuT, which is the kind of cross called the Tau Cross, which is equivalent to the X.

Behind her and the sign are the shadows of palm trees. The palm tree imagery supports the goddess imagery as Leto, wife of Zeus, gave birth to Apollo while clinging to the trunk of a palm tree on the magical isle of Delos. (Yes, like the WestWorld corporation!) Apollo aka Horus. These are Phoenix palms, which signify, victory over death. This is the goal of the illumined, to gain eternal life outside the parameters set by the Sovereign God, which they plan to attain through the agency of another incarnation of Apollo/Horus, the antichrist beast. This is about Isis raising Osiris into Horus.

The psychic goddess appears to be labeled, PSY CHIC, with CHIC like CHICK, reference to a female. PSY CHICK, a female psychic, and as a programmed Illuminati slave she would have the Theta programming that exploits her psychic gifts, tapping into the demonic with remote viewing/astral projection abilities. Such slaves frequently have Beta sex kitten and Delta assassin alters. Thus, she's like Venus/Aphrodite - with red hot pistols in hand.

The sidewalk billboard reads, “Fortune comes at a cost.” The T in, Fortune, is right under another circle for another XO symbol. It's a starburst, star of Inanna, celestial goddess Venus symbol.

The letters on the front read down: FCC. In the US, the FCC is the agency known as the Federal Communications Commission, which operates as the official regulatory agency for interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. It doesn't explicitly state that Psychic Communications are included, but, hey - what might be going on behind closed doors is not mine to say.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Beyond the Veil - Introduction and Summary Overview - now on Video

The first two pages of the collection titled, Beyond the Veil are combined in this first in series (Lord willing) video. We consider this to be a milestone achievement and we are so grateful. The Lord's favor is awesome!

Beyond the Veil (1) Introduction and Summary Overview

Friday, December 09, 2016

Remembering J. R. Church and His Key Role in our Discovery

I'm glad to see that Prophecy in the News is revisiting this classic, a reprint of an article about how the Lord blessed brother J. R. and I in that season with a refinement of what Ernest Martin had discovered almost a decade earlier. I had learned of the interpretation of Revelation 12:1 as a celestial sign from a book called, Jesus Christ our Promised Seed, which appeared to have been inspired by Dr. Martin's work.

Exact Birthdate for Christ Discovered? Written by: J. R. Church

I wrote about it here, When Jesus was Born - The Celestial Signs, and here's J. R.'s testimony about that insight he had and the excitement of our discovery.

“Only once every 12 years will Jupiter be found in the head of Virgo. But rarely will we find Jupiter in the head of Virgo when she is clothed with the sun and the moon directly under her feet!

I called Bob Schlenker and asked him to crank up his computer program on astronomy and tell me in what year Jupiter would be found in the head of Virgo on the evening when the sun was in Virgo and the moon was under her feet.

He has one of those computer programs that can tell you precisely where any heavenly body can be found from any location on our planet at any time from 4,000 B.C. to 10,000 A.D.

It took him about 5 minutes to pinpoint the exact date recorded in the story of Revelation 12:1-5. He found Jupiter in the head of Virgo with the sun clothing the constellation and the moon under her feet on September 28, 2 B.C. The moon was .01 degrees from the sun. On the next evening, September 29, the moon was .04 degrees from the sun and moving into Libra.

Therefore, the date of 2 B.C. seems more likely to me to be the year for the birth of Christ than any other suggested date. Though calendars may change, the movement of the heavens are constant enough to give us a precise accounting of ancient events.”

He called around dinner time and I remember using an obscure shareware astronomy program on a 5 1/4 floppy disk, on my IBM-clone 286-12 with a 14" VGA monitor and a 9-pin dot matrix printer. As I recall, as long as you weren't trying to actually use Windows 3.0 for multi-tasking or run anything too serious with the native DOS 4, it worked fairly reliably. J. R. was really very accomplished with the Apple equipment, with impressive skills in desktop publishing. I believe he was very gracious to share his insight and include me in that discovery!

So, what difference does it make whether Jesus was born then or at some other time? Details matter - truth matters. While the date has become known to some, with some even discerning it from their study of the Bible and well sifted historical evidence, it's still hidden from most, obscured as one of the Lord's valuables; one of the precious keys to discerning the chronology of these end times with confidence!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode "Shut Eye" on Hulu Promo

There's a new series on Hulu called, Shut Eye. Can you decode the Occult symbolism of the promotional graphic? If you can, what happens in this trailer makes perfect sense.

UPDATE: For our follow-up, see Decoding: The "Shut Eye" on Hulu Promo

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Story of Christmas That Should be - Heard

It's become our tradition at this time of year to call attention to something you won't hear being sung about in stores. Neither is it likely to be preached in your pulpits - but it really should be!

Nearly 20 years ago, something quite unexpected happened to me. In a memorably dramatic way, the Lord brought insight that has had a lasting impact, something we want to share with you.

In this video, Aaron is reading this study that has been featured on The Open Scroll for many years.

If you're already familiar with the legacy version, I think you'll enjoy this substantially improved edition - and the new format!

Here's some other items of interest relative to this season:

When Jesus was Born - The Celestial Signs
What Was it That is Called the Star of Bethlehem

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Decoding: The Jubilee Year of Mercy Logo - The Vatican's Dark Secrets

It's been longer than usual between the posting of our decoding effort and when we first presented this logo as a Pop Quiz. Thanks for your patience. And thank you Erin and Paul for sharing your excellent observations and insights in the comments!

Pope Francis officially closed the Jubilee Year of Mercy on the 20th of November, 2016. You may have noticed the creepy logo associated with that event. There's several layers of Occult imagery in this branding, and it conceals some of the Vatican's dark secrets. We decode it to discover what that ritual working was about. This exposes their belief in and exploitation of the ancient Pyramid Texts. The Eye of Horus is the key. You'll see layers of symbolism that expose a secret about Exodus 33 as a foundation of their spiritual authority and the incredible immunity they enjoy.

Decoding this logo and its associated mass ritual required a video, and here it is!

Caveat - NSFW - Not Safe For Work

Decoding the Jubilee Year of Mercy Logo - The Vatican's Dark Secrets

The third eye with the halo illumination is pretty obvious. The goddess imagery is expected, really - given the source. The celestial stargate known as the Silver Gate is embedded - evil genius! stacking What may be shocking is how they expertly feature the Eye of Horus. The ritual sodomizing of the Most High God is at the heart of this offensive graphic, it may be said, and this is overlaid with the illustration of a key section in the ancient Pyramid Texts. The evidence of the ritual binding of the sun god is also present. The all-seeing eye of the Illuminati pyramid is modeled in a clever way. Some notable anagrams are identified, like LUCIFER. This evil logo and motto are rich and potent!

Aaron connected the official explanation of the shared eye with the Garden of Eden. "Christ sees with the eyes of Adam, and Adam with the eyes of Christ." The Garden of Eden was where Eve conceived Cain with the Serpent and where she and Adam became like gods, knowing good and evil, illuminated by being engaged by the sodomizing Serpent. Relative to that scenario, Aaron recognized the halo as the obfuscated serpent, with the head that looks like fake Jesus' twin being that of the serpent!