Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Remarkable Keystone Prophecy of 1 Kings 19

We often mention a pending reset of time and act like it's really going to happen - because it is! This isn't something we think about constantly, but its never really very far from view because, really, everything hinges on it - our hope and yours. The Lord continues to call it to our attention in ways that are sometimes pretty spectacular. We definitely get excited about the supernatural signs, which are sometimes pretty dramatic. We also get excited about insights that are opened into what is being signaled about the reset in trending media, because the Devil has to blab about what's going on via the ritual mass programming of Mystery Babylon's pharmakeia. What we get really excited about is when He opens up new insights about the time reset from the Bible! We have more to report! While it's not entirely new, it does represent a significant addition!

Last month, we published a new page on The Open Scroll that fit into the collection we call, Beyond the Veil. Just after publishing that study, called, Indications of a Time Reset in the Keystone Prophecies, I discovered another example of the keystone pattern, one that I really didn't know what to do with. Aaron and I discussed it, and like so many items that cross our desks, we kind of set it on the shelf to await further insight. Yesterday, the Lord brought such a blessing, and with His welcome provision, the record of 1 Kings 19 was subsequently added to the collection of keystone prophecies and those that indicate a time reset! Today, it is with joy that I announce this news and invite you to check it out!

The Keystone Pattern - Three Things Then the Fourth: 1 Kings 19 - Elijah's Journey and Encounter with the Lord in the Wind

Indications of a Time Reset in the Keystone Prophecies: 1 Kings 19 - The Mysterious "Echo" at Horeb

The extraordinary nested example of 1 Kings 19 brings the total number of examples of the keystone pattern to 18, if you count John 13:38, which is the foundation - or 19, if you count the doubling as separate examples. The number of keystone prophecies that indicate a time reset is now 7, and this is not insubstantial.

If you don't know how the chronology of the end times has been concealed and revealed this won't make much sense. It's our confidence in this revelation that gives us hope in this strange season, knowing that the Lord God is sovereign still - and always. In this day when the lion and the lamb has become the wolf and the lamb, there needs to be a sanity check and an anchor beyond what may have served you in past seasons. Press in to the Lord Y'shua and get everything He has for you. It's worth everything - He's worth everything!

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