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Part 17 - The Sodomite Gateway - Royal Pains - Order of the Garter

In this series of posts, sodomy as a gateway has already brought to the fore a royalty theme through the labels of Monarch (Programming), Regent (University) and Royal (Arch of Freemasonry). I'm going to expand on this royalty theme.

The demonic hierarchy rules the world's elite in this age. Satan is referred to as the prince or ruler of this world (archon toutou kosmos - John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11) and regents of his are called princes of this “world” (archon toutou aion, “world ~ age” - 1 Corinthians 2:6,8). The archon are the real authorities (Ephesians 6:12) as the powers behind the men of flesh who serve them. Kings, presidents, emperors; all those who occupy the top positions of authority really rule as puppets that are wholly subject to their gods. The will of the archon is manifested through fleshy agency, and so is the character, which is why we see sodomy as a constant across every culture.

Public reports of sodomy being practiced by the ruling class make them look bad in the eyes of decent folk, so such reports are minimized by the authorities and their media minions, squelched if possible. The rulers want to draw as little attention as possible to this unseemly behavior so they can more easily maintain their status and control. Their secrets extend to practices beyond sodomy, of course, including the ritual abuse, human sacrifice and cannibalism that goes along with it. Most common folk really don't want to believe reports of this activity and are content to deny them. It's not hard to deny things when we're not personally confronted with the reality, plus, we don't want to believe everything we hear without sufficient evidence. It's got to be pretty risky business attempting to document such activity. In this post you'll be confronted with what's easily documented evidence of their sordid behavior that derives from their own testimony. If you struggle with disbelief when royals are accused of SRA involvement, see for yourself what the sneaky snakes are so careful to “not tell” you as they proudly parade their esoteric sodomite brand imagery in the public domain.

[video] Prince William Is Made A Knight Of The Garter

Prince William is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. On the 16th of June, 2008, Prince William became the 1,000th member of the register of the Order of the Garter. His personal Coat of Arms was updated to include the Order of the Garter ribbon. Like Pope Benedict XVI's Coat of Arms, the Order of the Royal Garter identifies sodomy as their secret.

The arms of the Order of the Garter is a symbolic representation of the male backside. If you've been following this blog it's a familiar image. The male package is presented by the dangling phallic bell end garter, flanked by testicles formed by the wrap and opposing buckle. The big red cross - X marks the spot, the sodomite port of entry. The shield shape is the signal squaring of the circle. That squaring extends even into the outer circle, for emphasis.

Related schemes are signaled in the fleur-de-lis of the “glans penis” (triple helix DNA and another embedded phallic package) and a doubled testimony of “three things and then a fourth.” That time signal is embedded below the cross in the belt. The three open holes match to one that is filled by the buckle's golden prong. The three also match to one that is filled by the shield and cross. I get excited about this signal every time I see it in such an obviously symbolic context as this because it is part of a continuing validation of what the Lord first opened to me in His still small voice in April of 2008. This fall, the Shemittah of transition into the Lord Y'shua's reign over the Earth begins!

My work here is to present the truth of these matter, so that you can accept what the Lord Himself is opening to you and be prepared for what is nigh at hand. No offense is intended to anyone who has attachments to royals, or anyone or any institution I address on this blog. It is understood that some will take offense, but the greater consideration must be that the true sovereign, the Almighty God, is worthy of honor above any beast, man or god. “Idolater” isn't going to look good on your resumé, so to speak, when you make application for inclusion in the Bride company.

The mantle of the Order that is now dark blue was originally purple, the signal sodomite color. The hat of the Order features a plume of white ostrich and black heron feathers. The white ostrich feather in the hat represents the illumination of the third eye. The ostrich is an animal that famously sticks its head in the sand, and in so doing exposes its butt. How appropriate! Compare the album cover art from the sodomite anthem Black Hole Sun. See the bright white ostrich plume as an attestation of illumination through sodomy. I'll explain the black heron feathers that represent the sodomizer in another post, Lord willing

Here's a picture of Queen Elizabeth II in the robes of the Sovereign of the Order. She's third eye illuminated, as attested to by her ostrich plume. Can you guess what's In Her Trunk? The Sovereign's mantle features the Star of the Order of the Garter. That star (angel) is a radiating ray symbol with a sun wheel at it's center, like unto what's common to every cult of Horus, but it is also the symbolic sun “where the sun don't shine.”

The Star of the Order of the Garter compares to the Masonic “G eye” featured on Royal Arch tracing boards and on The Steps of Freemasonry poster. (See Part 9) The Masonic G-EYE is a GI signaling the gastrointestinal tract, and the terminus thereof. Clever buggers, indeed.

Imagine what stories might be told by the Groom of the Stool!

The actual Garter itself is a small belt that is worn on ceremonial occasions around the left calf by knights and around the left arm by ladies. It is a left side symbol, of the left hand path. I suspect the garter is a reminder (and quite possibly more than a mere reminder) of those who are bound in the earth, giants of old, to whom they have been bound in service.

“If Job 38:31 is therefore interpreted according to these ancient astrological and mythological renderings, it would have God asking Job if he could bind the magic bands (kesatot?) of Osiris-Dionysus or loose the bindings (mispabot?) of the Mighty Hunter, the giant Orion/Gilgamesh/Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo. What is potentially more explosive is the deep possible implication from this text that not only can God do this—that is, loose the forces bound at Giza and the constellation Orion—but that, when the correct time comes, He will.”

Tom Horn

Another insight into the garter is that, as an undergarment, it's hidden under the attire that is fit for public display but yet exposed when engaging in certain kinds of activity.

Let's consider the meaning of the Old French motto that encircles the belt. Honi soit qui mal y pense. Translation: "shame upon him who thinks evil upon it", or "evil to him who evil thinks." Spells are often cast with circular symbols that have letters, words, characters or symbols ringing them about. I believe this motto is a supernatural mechanism that provides cover for the sodomites, effectually concealing what they are revealing with sorcery. Isn't the red cross akin to crossed keys linked by a red cord, the signal of the red blood oath of the sodomites who swear on their lives to conceal their great secret? Even the requisite spell casting symbol must be supernaturally cloaked. Those who can interpret and accept what the symbolic Arms of the Order of the Garter means are no longer under that curse. Can you see what you're looking at?

Here's a couple links where others bear testimony about these Royal puppets.

Identifying the sodomite branding of the Order of the Garter has, through the common red cross on white, implications that extend to England's national flag and the shield of St. George. The cross of St. George is first as every cross symbol, where the vertical crossed with the horizontal symbolizes the sons of god uniting with the daughters of men. It's colors, red and white, signal the resultant divine illuminated Adam-kind. The cross of St. George must also be acknowledged as an emblem of the secret means of entering into that relationship, which wields powerful magick until the greater reality manifests in the coming mark of the Beast.

The Order of the Garter is the oldest and most prestigious order of chivalry in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1348 (or possibly 1344) by King Edward III, around the time of his claim to the French throne. Earlier, in 1188, Philip II, King of France had accepted the claim of the English to the red cross on white. Even by that time, the red cross on white had already become the symbol of the crusades, activity sponsored by the Romish church under its Papal head.

England's identification with St. George's cross signals a relationship that is -RIGHT NOW- of particular interest. That's the symbol of the crusades, with an obvious Zion agenda. You've been following the blogging on the London “Zion” Olympics, right? Remember William Blake's poem, Jerusalem?

St. George was said to have slain the dragon. Isn't this Order's apparent core ritual the celebration of owning of the dragon by way of sodomizing their dragon god?

There's a telling set of images in the roundel badge of Alfa Romeo. What appears on one side balances the other. The graphic's light gradient has the brighter upper left opposed by a darker lower right. That's the ubiquitous occult paired sun and moon imagery. Ignoring the official explanations, the legend of St. George is plainly represented here. His cross appears opposite a serpent dragon. The dragon has a crown above it, and in its mouth we see a man, red, Adam-kind. Here's the sodomite portal version of the story. We can identify the red cross inside the circle as a squaring of the circle. We can identify this regal version of the serpent dragon as the kundalini and G-eye tract, the Royal Arch Freemason's horn of plenty that the sun cult worshipers want to own. Compare the illustrated terminus of both emblems. See the food at the mouth end? Alfa Romeo connects some royal dots for us by illustrating sodomy, crown chakra enlightenment and even the appetite for human flesh.

Speaking of appetite for human flesh, did you happen to catch this article in the news? British royalty dined on human flesh (but don't worry it was 300 years ago) (Daily Mail - 5/21/11) Actually, there's no evidence to suggest there has been a discontinuation of such practices.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” - Confucius

This is an expression of the reason why the second commandment was given by the true sovereign, who loves us, and not like, for breakfast, lunch and supper. It's for our protection.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Part 41 - Rango - Form a Possum!

Continuing from the previous post, it will be seen in the day of the Bride theft that those left behind will receive it as a sign. I know, that would seem OBVIOUS, right? Those who had formerly refused to lay down their lives, a great multitude in number will be confronted with the undeniable difference between them and those who had just been stolen away out of their house by the Bridegroom. Finding themselves immediately in what is called great tribulation, sacrifice is the order of the day, and willing self-sacrifice is preferred.

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
Matthew 16:25

This observation is expressed in the animated feature Rango by a “church” lady in the congregation at the Bank of Dirt as she wails, “We're all going to die!” Well, yeah, that's pretty much the way will be. Many of those with robes that were soiled (as Soiled Doves, remember?) will understand that they must be washed in the blood of the Lamb. I believe some number will be alive and changed when Shavuot's wheat harvest rolls around less than 2 months later, but even those will have died, to self, because no one keeps the life that is of real value by wishing to save their physical life. This life we have to give, you see, is as currency that may be used to purchase the life of real value and substance.

The church lady's observation is echoed shortly thereafter when Rango spouts off with another comically non sequitur remark.

Mayor John: My friends! We all know what we have to do now!
Sheriff Rango: That's right! We all know what we have to do now. And that would be?
Mayor John whispers to Rango.
Sheriff Rango: Form a possum!

Rango strikes a pose and freezes. Humor. What he should have said was “posse,” obviously. Yet, think about what's suggested by the forming of a possum and Rango's little acting cue. The famous behavior peculiar to a possum is that they involuntarily enter a death-like state.

When threatened or harmed, they will "play possum", mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. This physiological response is involuntary (like fainting), rather than a conscious act. In the case of baby opossums, however, the brain does not always react this way at the appropriate moment, and therefore they often fail to "play dead" when threatened. When "playing possum", the animal's lips are drawn back, the teeth are bared, saliva foams around the mouth, the eyes close or half-close, and a foul-smelling fluid is secreted from the anal glands. Their stiff, curled form can be prodded, turned over, and even carried away without reaction. The animal will typically regain consciousness after a period of between 40 minutes and 4 hours, a process which begins with slight twitchings of the ears.

Opossum - Wikipedia

We all know what we have to do now. ” Indeed! The season of striving to save this temporal flesh life will cease for what will amount to a great multitude of saints, although, sadly, some Christians will even then fail to yield what is due their Master, who gave His life for them.

Following the scene at the bank, Rango gets a posse together to go after the thieves and recover the water. He makes sure they're armed and know how to handle a weapon, and we see him assemble an impressive band of warriors. To understand the posse scenario we look to the 6th chapter of the Song of Solomon, a passage I introduced at the conclusion of the previous post.

9 But my dove, my perfect one, is unique: She is her mother’s only daughter; she is the pure child of the one who bore her. The maidens saw her and called her blessed, the queens and the concubines also, and they praised her, saying,
10 ‘Who is this that grows like the dawn, as beautiful as the full moon, as pure as the sun, as awesome as an army with banners?’
11 “I went down to the orchard of nut trees to see the blossoms of the valley, to see whether the vine had budded or the pomegranates had bloomed.
12 “Before I was aware, my soul set me over the chariots of my noble people.”
13 “Come back, come back, O Shulammite; Come back, come back, that we may gaze at you!” “Why should you gaze at the Shulammite, as at the dance of the two companies?
Song of Solomon 6:9-13 NASB

This awesome passage is about the Bridegroom and His Bride in the season of her readiness for being taken. She is that Shulammite, the dove. When, in verse 13, we read pleas for the return of the Shulammite, the dynamic behind Rango's posse is in view. When the church left behind (sleeping virgins) fully awakens to the meaning of what just occurred, it will be perceived as a crime of great deprivation. Many will desperately want her back. So it is that Sheriff Rango, in the position of responsibility, forms a posse.

This passage is so beautiful and exciting! The moon is a symbol of the Bride, that celestial body that stands out from all others in the sky as second only to the sun in glory. It has no light of its own but reflects the glory of the sun. It's a exquisite symbol! The Bride is seen in verse 10 to grow like the dawn, increasingly bright with the light of the sun, her Bridegroom.

The Bride is also seen as an army with banners. She is fit for battle, with banners that suggest she is warring according to the resources of and for the glory and honor of her King, subject to His command.

Verses 11 and 12 speak of the interaction between the Bride and the 144,000 sons of Israel, who have a key relationship, about which I've been thrilled to write much in the body of work titled Beyond the Veil. When the numbered sons of Israel come to the threshold of "acceptance" referenced in Romans (“For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” - Romans 11:15), they will have attained what state is described in verse 11 above. The Bride and the 144,000 sons of Israel are the two companies of verse 13, gone to meet together with Y'shua as revealed in the dramatic vignette with Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 45). I get so excited about this engagement that I always rejoice to see it even as it's cryptically embedded in the adversary's bean spilling media!

Verse 12 is a peculiar verse, with widely variant renderings being produced by its translators. I don't know how to bring forward the best translation, but I feel confident enough in my understanding of what's pictured to assert that the angelic escort of the Bride to the Bridegroom's Father's house is in view.

  • “Before I realized it, my strong desires had taken me to the chariot of a noble man.” NLT
  • “There I will give thee my breasts: my soul knew [it] not: it made me as the chariots of Aminadab.” LXX-Brenton
  • “Before I was aware, my desire set me among the chariots of my kinsman, a prince.” ESV

The word for “chariots” is “merkabah” in Hebrew. The same word is used in the following verses.

And for the altar of incense refined gold by weight; and gold for the pattern of the chariot of the cherubims, that spread out their wings, and covered the ark of the covenant of the LORD.
1 Chronicles 28:18

The wings and whirlwind are esoteric references to inter-dimensional transport, which I really hope to cover at some length in future posts to this blog.

For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
Isaiah 66:15

Behold, he [the Lord God] shall come up as clouds, and his chariots shall be as a whirlwind: his horses are swifter than eagles. Woe unto us! for we are spoiled.
Jeremiah 4:13

I think the trip is the reason why Rango initially sets out with the posse on a wild ride with no destination in mind. "We ride!" Hilarious, sure, but with Rango I have to think by now that there's ever a more substantial reason behind everything that's done and said.

As I begin to wrap up this post, I really want to explore Song of Solomon 6:13 a little further, which supports that scenario as presented. The following is the rendering from the KJV.

Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee. What will ye see in the Shulamite? As it were the company of two armies.
Song of Solomon 6:13 KJV

The Bride and the 144k sons of Israel are as two “machaneh” in the Hebrew, camps or encampments, as those of armed hosts. This matches to another pair of Bride Theft scenarios as one more independent witness of when those involved are grouped into sets or ranks of 50, as in martial array.

and God turneth round the people the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea, and by fifties have the sons of Israel gone up from the land of Egypt.
Exodus 13:18 (YLT)

As he's beginning to form the posse, Rango annunciates this very distinctly, “Now, we're gonna be doing this in an orderly fashion.” Now you know why!

Verse 18 has been translated in a wide variety of ways. Most translators present the array as a battle formation.

  • "And the Israelites went up marshaled [in ranks] out of the land of Egypt." (AMP)
  • "and the sons of Israel went up in martial array from the land of Egypt." (NASB)
  • "And the Israelites left the land of Egypt in battle formation." (HCSB)
  • "The Israelites left Egypt, prepared for battle." (CEV)
  • "The Israelites went up out of Egypt armed for battle" (NIV)
  • "and the children of Israel went up armed out of the land of Egypt." (ASV)
  • "Thus the Israelites left Egypt like an army ready for battle." (NLT)
  • "and the children of Israel went arrayed out of the land of Egypt." (DARBY)
  • "And the children of Israel went up in orderly ranks out of the land of Egypt. " (NKJV)
  • "the children of Israel went up harnessed out of the land of Egypt" (KJV)
  • "and the children of Israel went up by five in a rank out of the land of Egypt." (KJ21)

Those who crossed over model the Bride, the Shulamite, an army and sister to the counterpart of Israel. The two companies or camps of Song of Solomon 6:13 are prophetic types of the Bride and 144,000 sons of Israel. Their revelation is not far distant!

The last observation I want make involves another insight Rango offers into the 144k sons of Israel. When the theft of the water reserve from the Bank of Dirt is reported by the teller, that character is never shown with any clarity. I tried hard to capture a crisp screen shot from that scene when he was reporting the crime but there were none to be had. I thought it was really odd. I knew it was done on purpose and that the Lord had me going through the exercise for some good reason. I had to discover why.

I believe the reason is this, because the “focus” at that time, the focus of attention is no longer going to be on the church. While the Bride was there, she was the “valuable” of the Lord's house. Major focus. When she's gone, the focus of attention shifts back off the church to Israel. Romans 11. I've covered this at length in Beyond the Veil. The teller, the left behind church, they aren't going to pick up where the Bride left off. They missed being accounted worthy as Y'shua's Bride, squandering their opportunity - their time has passed. The devil knows how this works, so Dirt's bank teller is indistinct and graphically out of focus. What now is done in the relay race is accomplished by those who have picked up the baton, so to speak. That's not the Soiled Doves. When we later see the teller in the bank vault he's picking up the prospecting permit, and it is then that the reason why he wasn't stolen away sinks in. My friend, let's not be that guy.

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Part 40 - Rango - The Source of the Societal Discontentment

After giving the Rango series another break for over a month I'd like to visit it again to feature an aspect of how the Bride is presented.

I'm becoming increasingly aware of how the devil knows just enough to carry out his appointed tasks. His reach extends only to the limits set by the Sovereign God. As you (I hope) have noted in the previous 39 posts about Rango, the enemy conceals and reveals his agendas and objectives in plain sight with evil genius. What I'm highlighting here is valuable insight into what's accurately modeled in Rango about an approaching season of the greatest import. I base this judgment upon what the Lord has shown me for many years from the scriptures, where His dramatic modelings have concealed and revealed detail that informs us more fully about what is declared in more superficial ways elsewhere.

So, how is the Bride pictured in Rango? She is the water in the jug in the Bank of Dirt vault, the Hope of Salvation (Part 36) of the town. The Bride is the priceless element of the church whose value is beyond compare. The plot pivots on the theft of that water, the Bride Theft, the barley harvest according to another allegory. Now, the Bride is further characterized as a troublemaker, the “source of the societal discontentment,” an important element I want to feature in this post. Here's the context of that characterization.

Following the “Ash Wednesday” hydration ceremony at the holy spigot, where Beans "spills the beans" on the fact that the bank's water reserve has run dry, the panicked townsfolk make a run on the bank. Rango, in a role as the appointed authority over the church, shows up at the bank. He fires his gun in air to get the unruly mob's attention.

Sheriff Rango: None of that civil disobedience in my town, thank you very much.

The crowd parts and Rango walks on up to the vault.

Sheriff Rango: Alright now. Let me have a gander at the source of the societal discontentment here.

Rango looks up at the water jug, shuddering, overcome with emotion, gasping, “Mercy.”

In that scene we see the metaphor for the Bride of Christ identified as the source of societal discontentment, a troublemaker. Thanks again go to brother Aaron for sharing his observation of the dynamic referenced by that expression. The Bridegroom was viewed as a troublemaker when He walked among men in a body of flesh. He made a whip and overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple court. He accused the appointed religious authorities of the most evil deeds and heritage. Crowds were divided over him, causing civic unrest and raising continual issues the civil authorities were forced to contend with. He was hated by many and charged with committing the most offensive of hate crimes. He said those who truly served Him as their master would also be hated. Types of Christ and of His Bride appear in Genesis 41 with Joseph and his bride, Asenath, whose name means “I shall be hated.” Saul of Tarsus, aka Paul, a servant, was frequently jailed or stoned at the border of towns. What a troublemaker!

The Bride is accurately represented by Rango as “the source of the societal discontentment here.” Folks who make a point of steering wide of trouble won't qualify as the Bride. If that's your aim, repent of it. Far better now than later. We're here to seize the opportunity to make one friend. We have this moment, with no assurance of even one more breath, except as the Lord might explicitly promise to an individual. Those who make Him their friend will be accounted in the company of a very small number.

Few, very few, will make the cut, as Paul rightly declared in the tenth chapter of 1 Corinthians in referencing the exodus. Two out of a multitude made it into the promised land. Out of all who had left Egypt, Joshua and Caleb made it. All the others fell in the wilderness.

Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.
1 Corinthians 10:11

That's it. There's our example. If you really get it, it means just what Paul wrote. It's for you and I. It's a model, for our instruction. If you're using other folks as a gauge of how you're doing, anyone including me, you've been set up for a fall. Look to the Lord. Whatever His standard is for you, there's your standard. It costs you your life, be assured of that, but there's no better deal to be found!

Those who become a genuine friend of the Lord Y'shua will come to manifest His radiant glory while yet in this body. This is why Rango shudders and says, “Mercy,” when he stands in the presence of the water in the bank vault. The testimony of the martyrs has long borne witness. Some among you may give an “Amen” here from personal experience.

Here is a biblical view of what we are shown when Rango shudders and says, “Mercy.”

Who [is] this that is looking forth as morning, Fair as the moon -- clear as the sun, Awe-inspiring as bannered hosts
Song of Solomon 6:10 YLT

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Part 16 - The Sodomite Gateway - What's In Her Trunk - The Black Hole Sun

I strongly recommend reading the rest of this series before you continue here. Warning, this post may be triggering if you're SRA DID.

When my buddy Aaron called my attention to Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden's big hit from 1994, I checked it out. (See his comments here in Part 12) Arghh. It was immediately obvious: It's all about the Satanic Ritual Abuse of young children, and sodomy, most particularly. Hidden in plain sight. It is arguably the band's most recognizable and most popular song, and remains a well known song from the 1990s. The song topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, where it spent a total of seven weeks at number one.

The dark secret of Wewelsburg Castle and the Nazi religion of the elite SS - the Black “Hole” Sun - has been programmed into a generation of youth, supporting the Monarch trauma-based mind control programming that is escorting a multitude of victims into what is becoming the kingdom of the antichrist Beast. This programming through ritual sodomy and associated symbols has actually been going on for a very long time, but this provides us a window into the reality of today and the subtlety of Satan's devices that have been forged against us.

In this post, I present Soundgarden's plus another music video, one by pop artist DEV from 2011 titled “In My Trunk” to emphasize what Mr. Marion Knox has declared, that it is done with the intent of opening the third eye. This is key because this supernaturalism accomplishes a number of essential objectives for the handlers and programmers.

The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vile act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is referred to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.

The Master Plan of the Illuminated Rothschilds: Ron Patton interviews Marion Knox

The album cover art pictures the expression of the purple portal being accessed and the illumination of the third eye being opened.

I would like to allow that the songwriter and performers of Black Hole Sun might not even realize what's going on, because the spell of deception is that powerful in the mind-control system - except for what I hear when I listen to a couple samples played backwards.

Sodomy. This says to me that Soundgarden's Chris Cornell is not likely just a Monarch slave but also a handler. Reverse speech analysis is a legitimate means of investigating the sincerity of the speaker or singer, a useful tool for discovering what's really going on, at the Lord's leading, of course.

The other music video I mentioned is “In My Trunk” by DEV. The car trunk is a pretty obvious reference to the back end of a person. When you watch this video you'll notice that it's all a big tease. She names what's in her trunk, probably "thump it." We're shown an array of things, but the trunk is empty at the end. What's in her trunk? Follow the clues. Watch for the flashes of light from the trunk, the two guys in the trunk with their cameras flashing, the two girls in the trunk with sparklers, the tunnel scenes with lights and signs that say “3rd St” that appear several times to signal the 3rd eye.

It looks like 3rd St is the Step 3 of the book cover art on Barack Obama, Out of Many One, doesn't it?

So, what's that tunnel and trunk illumination all about?

Now these survivors have told me that the, "Key of David" is the Rothschild sodomy. The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes of light in the brain. They do this on a regular basis -- sort of maintenance program to keep everything intact.

The Master Plan of the Illuminated Rothschilds: Ron Patton interviews Marion Knox

It's known as the Key of David in connection with the Rothschild network. It's also linked to the Kundalini serpent activation.

The secret tradition of magical Tantra teaches that the anus is an ultrasensitive erogenic and psychic zone directly linked the Muladhara, the basal Chakra. Hidden within Muladhara, Boiled and compressed like a spring, lies the primal power of the nervous system manifest as the Snake Goddess, Kundalini. The terminus for the "pipe of flesh" is the anus, composed of an internal anal external sphincter, rings of muscle surrounding a body orifice. The word "sphincter" means a "knot" or a "band" and is derived from the same Greek base as "Sphinx," the mythological beast epitomizing occult mysteries. The master of Tantric sex magic opens the anal sphincters of his Shakti, thus solving the riddle of the Sphinx. Anal intercourse is a specific Kundalini arousal method. Reference to Gray's Anatomy reveals the existence of an irregular, oval-shaped gland between the rectal wall and the tip of the tailbone, or coccyx, called the "coccygeal body.'' Although the function of this gland is unknown to Western physiologists, it is established in Tantra as the "Kundalini gland."

Sodomic mind control quotes - (Ecstasy through Tantra by Dr. Jonn Mumford p. 61

If you watched and remember the “Shady Love” music video by Sister Scissors you'll find a lot in common with “In My Trunk”. It's the SRA focus on sodomy. Did you notice the reference to the ritual's observers and witnesses? In Shady Love the action takes place on stage in front of an audience - handlers, family members and victims. Here's a repeated verse from “In My Trunk.”

We ride by like there's no one there and they stop and stare (yeah they stop and stare)
We ride by like nobody knows what's in my trunk (what's in my trunk)

She later lists family members, father, mother, grancy. They are most commonly complicit. Monarch is generational.

There's a line in which she is careful to “not tell” us what she means by trunk. “Got the west got the north got the east of me” What about the south of her? That's her trunk.

Here's a list of some clues to what's in her trunk.

  • tattooed girl sitting in trunk has a shirt that looks like it has the word “dick” on it
  • the open trunk has lights flashing out of it
  • two guys in trunk with cameras flashing
  • two girls in trunk have sparklers
  • 3rd St. sign appears in several scenes, even shot from different locations - third eye opened through sodomy
  • lots of driving through tunnels, dark sodomite portal
  • huge Royal Arch earrings - squaring the circle
  • huge pentagram ring on middle finger of left hand - fallen angel god
  • the West Side Gang hand sign - "Hey, look at me! I'm illuminated!"
  • putting the finger to mouth is the equivalent of a lock's key in symbolism, saying, I have a secret I'm carefully "not telling" you here, concealing and revealing
  • licence plate rotated presents the three 9s as 6s, an instance of 6 6 6
  • guy in trunk bound with rope and gagged - SRA DID coercion, ritual sodomy is not consensual
  • three people sitting in the trunk with the masks on (common MK-ULTRA Monarch SRA programming feature) are the audience, passively observing the sodomite ritual abuse

The empty trunk at the end on one level probably represents the evacuated bowels after the ritual is over. It also represents the secrecy, how the effectual spell is such that folks just don't see it. Evidence of ritual sodomy is in our faces constantly and we just don't see it. More do now than did before, thank you Lord! Yet, the world is mesmerized, enchanted, stupefied. For yet a short season.

I was really curious about the "thump it" in the trunk so I did reverse speech analysis on it. I'd prefer posting a video but the "soup Nazi" over at YT isn't game anymore. So, in lieu of that, here's a few mp3 clips. Maybe you'll hear what I hear.

Horus. You're shocked, right? I hope not. It's his gig.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Part 15 - The Sodomite Gateway - Regent University, Daughter of Babylon

In the hierarchy of the myriad "Christian" forms of Mystery Babylon, the imagery promoting the sodomite gateway extends all the way up to the Pope. What is witnessed to by Benedict XVI's picturesque Coat of Arms exposes the mother church as a sodomizing priesthood serving the gods of sodomy, and it can only be such that, as it is with the mother church, so must it be with her daughters.

One example of that is evident in this first image below, one I saved several months back. This was a promotion of Regent University, associated with Pat Robertson, of CBN and 700 Club fame. There's a hidden owl in this brand, and it may be noted that reference is further made to Dr. John Dee, the Bavarian Illuminati and the Vatican through the branding elements common to each. These all serve the gods who sponsor, promote and even demand the worshipful activity of ritual sodomy.

If you haven't read each of the other installments in this series, I strongly recommend doing so before you proceed because I'm going to continue on that assumption.

The meaning of the purple color scheme and the rayed Royal Arch style purple portal framing the musician should be obvious. The color plus the signal portal style (squaring the circle) calls this out as a sodomite gateway scene, with further support lent by the phallic guitar. Add to this the upper frames of the light portal windows presenting “sun rise as the dawning of Horus” elements. The expression, "cultivating a new generation," has to be seen as a reference to Satanic ritual abuse, to trauma-based mind control. This is how new generations are cultivated.

It's with regard to Monarch programming and sodomy that the following statement was made.

They nurture--they cultivate--the sons of prominent families.

Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel's Wife

The expression, "cultivating a new generation," also references the advancement towards the post-human DNA transformation of the mark of the beast a parallel agenda supported by the Monarch drone army.

Here's the imagery of an affiliate institution, Oaktree Academy, in a current promotion of their relationship. Recall from The Iron Giant and the Nazi SA imagery that the oak signals Zeus. The oak tree is not the family tree of Yahweh. The leaf, angled like the male gender symbol's arrow, is placed inside the big black circle as a sodomy signal.

Here's the simple version of the Regent University brand. It's a crown. Well, actually it's a phallic package that resembles a crown. There's a plus sign marking the member, squaring the circle like on the Pope's Coat of Arms. Can you find the dotted "i" of Horus? The stylized “R” in “Regent” has the usual long leg signaling another Eye of Horus. The “G” in “Regent” is styled like the Masonic “G,” squaring the circle. The enlarged “U” in “University” that balances under the “R” is called out as yet another signal squaring of the circle, an inverted Royal Arch.

The leveraging of the heart in this promotional image is the female genital mating to their male genital crown emblem. The invitation to check out student videos, taken in the context of the heart-love and video camera imagery makes a porn reference. There's plausible deniability here, sure, but their branding is consistent and this is the level on which it operates.

RU was first incorporated as CBN University and later changed to Regent University. The word “regent” refers to one who rules during the minority, absence, or disability of a monarch, or who acts as a ruler or governor. As I've been focused on the study of Pat Robertson's branding and have connected many dots over the past few days, I've come to believe “Regent” is actually code for “Monarch,” the trauma-based mind control label. It also suggests the elite families of the royal crown.

The word “regent” is sometimes used in the context of the demonic hierarchy.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

The story told by the following collection of images is that Pat Robertson's Regent University serves a lesser god than the one it professes to serve. The symbol language testifies that Pat Robertson is an agent of the evil one, like unto others exalted into the highest levels of the professing church. This post isn't my attempt to cause a scandal, but to bring into the light his own testimony of who he is and what he does through the branding of his empire.

RU has branded themselves with heraldry that conceals the form of an owl. I've included some other images in this collection to illustrate a few select hidden owls plus some that aren't hidden but that are associated with the Minerval Academy of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Considering the hidden owl alongside the meaning of the word “regent” and in the context of RU being a university, the real authority being signaled is a Watcher, a fallen angel regent of the kind who have only ever passed to men the forbidden secrets of heaven. This owl regent is the very same as or akin to the 40 foot tall idol sacrificed to annually at the Bohemian Grove. You can see it from this Painted portrait of Haig Patigian with Bohemian Owl in background, by Peter Ilyin (1927) how the RU owl banners closely resemble the Grove owl's ears. Notice, too, how the ribbon banners resemble forked serpent tongues, which suggests the lying serpent - and a talking out of both sides of its, well, mouth, OK, but that's not really where they're pictured coming from.

Compare the statements under the solid lines for RU and the WEF. It's a witness to the systematic working from the underworld of the hidden owl agency through an elite, mystery schools and secret societies. Some have made the claim that Robertson is an Illuminist. (here)

RU isn't just a humble little Bible college of no consequence. John Ashcroft is on staff. The Law School has risen in status to a high level (Regent Grads Score Big On Bush Team - Christian Law School has Direct Route into Justice Department -- John Ashcroft - Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Schools of Law and Government - Regent University School of Law)

Here's some info on the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati's Minerval Church Seal you see in the collage above. Keep the Freising, Bavaria location in mind, which will make another important connection.

A Minerval Academy was also known as a Church; its meetings marked on the Illuminati’s calendar as sacred. To the right is the seal of the Freising Minerval Church. Instead of the letters P.M.C.V., they are replaced with S.E.M.T.: Sigil Ecclesiastic Minerva Thebes; or, “Seal of the Freising Minerval Church” (i.e. Freising’s alias within the Order was Thebes).

A Satanic Alliance: Bohemian Club and Bohemian Grove

See also:

The secret of illumination involves sodomy. RU is illuminist, according to their use of symbols. The imagery of Regent University brand's "cultivating a new generation" and Oaktree Academy promotions was no fluke. It's who the Illuminists are as the worshipers of Lucifer, and what they do because of what they are.

Notice the red shield in RU's brand. In old German, the name “Rothschild” means, "red shield." Consider some testimony given about sodomite - Rothschild - illuminati links here, The Master Plan of the Illuminated Rothschilds: Ron Patton interviews Marion Knox. Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati was Jesuit trained, affiliate arm of the Romish church.

There's another red shield that needs to be considered in connection with RU's, the Coats of Arms of the Vatican and the Holy See. There are several red shield versions in the Vatican and Holy See collection. The one you see here is for the Holy See.

So, See the key circles as eyes and compare them to the eyes in RU's owl. Compare the cross on top of the phallic head. Compare the triple crown of one to the three crowns in the other. If that's all there was I wouldn't make much of it, but considering everything else in the context, it reveals how the red shield branded agents are identifying themselves to each other and giving appropriate testimony in symbol language about their activity, roles and agendas. What we have in these brands is a vast network where sodomy is the hidden key to illumination.

One of the old Illuminati power centers appears to be Freising, Bavaria. The collection of images I offered earlier featured owls that demonstrate a connection with that "red shield" locale. Freising was the center for the Minerval academy of the Bavarian Illuminati and it also happens to be the place with which the Holy See Benedict XVI has chosen to identify himself. His Coat of Arms establishes that link with Freising, Bavaria quite openly, as posted on the vatican Web site. Ratzinger was Archbishop of Munich and Freising when he first added the elements to his personal heraldry we see at present, the Moors head and Corbinian's bear. The Moor's head is known as the caput Ethiopicum or the Moor of Freising. The bear with the pack derives from the first Bishop of Freising, St Corbinian. This Ratzinger is the man who had been a Nazi Youth, (sodomite) He was Archbishop in a region central to the Illuminati, (sodomite) as a high ranking priest in an order of sodomites.

Illumination, sodomy and secretive ruling elite. This is the imagery of Pat Robertson's carefully branded empire.

I'm going make another notable connection here, linking Robertson's 700 Club and Dr. John Dee through his esoteric signature. This was in the form two circles under something resembling a 7. It's popularly identified as a 007 but it could be argued that it's really no more that than it is a 700. I propose that Robertson's 700 Club is an oblique reference to John Dee and his heritage systems of magickal arts and worship of fallen angels via sodomy.

In this collection of images, mostly Robertson empire brands, I've included one I found on RedIceCreations that Henrik made with that signature superimposed upon John Dee's face. You may picture Pat Robertson likewise, with the same superimposed over his, because, given the symbology I've addressed already, it appears that Robertson has been initiated into The 700 Club of the alchemist necromancer Dee, enlightened in the secrets of the Monas Hieroglyphica.

Notice the Master Mason's Tubal Cain logo in the background of the graphics composited with John Dee's pictures. Henrik linked this to Dee, comparing the “two balls and a cane” elements to those of Dee's cryptic signature. The characters in the cross and pyramid shaped runic construction presents what I perceive as three crowns, and I invite comparison to the red shield brands of Regent University and the Holy See. Henrik linked this construction attributed to Johannes Bureus to John Dee in this study, Johannes Bureus, the Renaissance rune magician.

I'm going to continue decoding Robertson's most familiar brands. Notice how, in The 700 Club imagery (that I found on his current Web site), a blue elliptical eye is formed, and that from contact with the globe of the Earth a golden light illuminates it. The “C” of “Club” with its stylized flame is shared with the CBN brand. The golden flame is eye shaped, and the central portion is the Taco Bell clapper style serpent slit. The flame is the light of Zeus that lights the lamp eye. This eye is in a class I introduced in the "i" of Horus series as a C-ing eye, where the letter “C” is called out as the focal element. There's triple helix DNA signaling here, too, with the trident flame. Given the context, I infer that the stylized form of the C signals the squaring of the circle, sodomy, and that the flames within represent the illumination attained through sodomy. The flame triplet then becomes the male genital package that introduces the sex magick dynamic within the seeing eye portal. This can be compared to the Masonic “G” with the eye inside, out from which extend the anatomical sun god rays that identify the containing squared circle portal.

Beyond identifying his domain with the sodomite Dee and the red shield brands, Robertson's branding shares elements with the Rosicrucian branding, that of the rose cross. His CBN is better identified as Christian Rosenkreuz Broadcasting Network, or Christian Rosy Cross, a C(RC)BN.

How much influence has Pat Robertson had through C(RC)BN and the 700 “Monas Hieroglyphica” Club, and Regent “Monarch” University? The influence cannot be separated from the brotherhood of Illuminists. Sodomy is inherent in the system. It's who they are and what they do. Mystery Babylon sits on the Beast. It ain't pretty, but there it is.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Part 14 - The Sodomite Gateway - National Identity and Gov't School Agenda

The secret's out. I'm getting reports that eyes are opening to see this evil.

In this series, we've seen numerous exhibitions of sodomy in key esoteric alchemical symbols and in those of the most familiar secret society. We've noted its promotion by the queen of Pop and as the secret branding of major corporations, international organizations, the Nazi war machine and the even the Pope. We've seen a lot of things we won't be un-seeing anytime soon, and that's really not a bad thing for those of us who know the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. To that list of things, I must add yet a few more scenes. This depraved practice of worshiping the ancient gods and advancing of the kingdom of the coming Beast is evidenced on the national level, too.

Oh no. That's not a palm tree! Hey! Clearly, some Saudis share the enthusiasm of the folks at the Pacific Palms Golf Academy. They're not only branding with the palm tree as a symbol of victory over death, they also broadcast their access via the secret of the Monas Hieroglyphica.

One guy I know knew a Saudi who said that over there women are for children and men are for love. The violence and hatred in that kind of stuff is produced by sodomy; it produces the internal rage.

Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

I won't argue.

America, led by the enigmatic President Obama, has recently been presented with some new imagery to consider. This image is the cover of a Random House book for young readers, “Barack Obama: Out of Many, One” by Shana Corey and illustrated by James Bernardin. Sodomites target even pre-school children, then support the programming continually through popular media and books, games, cartoons, ads, school curriculum, etc. Containing elements from many posts to this blog, I'll offer a brief list. Thanks, Aaron, for your excellent input!

Obama is pictured flashing the magickal "West-Side Gang" sign. Behind him is the occult signaling American flag, with two stars partly occulted by his head and one completely hidden, the illuminated third eye. The letter “M” in “Many” is carefully positioned above his head to suggest horns, also signaling M as a 13 ~ a Beast number. A woman in the background signals Harmerty (Horus who rules with two eyes), with half a left eye showing and the other with the enhanced vision of the camera lens - third eye.

His personal brand seal as a glowing seeing-eye of Horus appears on the sign floated above the letter “A” signaling the Apollo - Beast kingdom pyramid kind of change. This pyramid connects to the book title, “Out of Many, One,” because the famously familiar Latin expression of that, E Pluribus Unum, appears opposite the pyramid with the glowing floating eye on the great seal featured on the ubiquitous one dollar bill.

Now for the sodomy feature. The giant blue arrow at the top of the page adds the white to form the familiar divine heavenly sons of god phallic symbol. It's pointing at and touching the purple portal. Right. Sodomy. The bright white numeral 3 appears inside the circle as the enlightened third eye.

The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vile act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is refered to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.


The numeral 3 in the purple portal is on a book that has the word "step" on the binding. Ritual sodomy may well be the third step in the current SRA methodology of trauma inducing alter personalities.

I want to call attention to the DNA transformation and mark of the Beast signaling, which runs parallel to the sodomy scheme. As Mike Hoggard points out, the book of life of our physical body is DNA, written in the language of genetic code, with amino acid pair bonds. This is the step 3 book, our DNA. Make sense? If you look closely you'll see there are actually three concentric purple circles implied. If we infer each one has a 3, that's 3x3 or 9, the appropriate signal number. This matches exactly to the meaning of the sign with the pyramid and eye!

And, while we're on the subject of fine literature (uh, not really fine, exactly) and the 3x3 signal, here's some (Baconian) Shakespeare, from Macbeth. (A "poster" is "One that travels in speed or with haste.")

The weird sisters hand in hand,
Posters of the sea and land,
Thus do go about, about,
Thrice to thine, and thrice to mine,
And thrice again to make up nine.

Nine. Need we ask to whom is the third triple? The wierd sisters are ancient beings who perform witchcraft and prophesy. Their god intends to supply a third strand of DNA in a triple helix regeneration.

If you've been following this blog you should be able to put it together, that this is descriptive of the York Rite Masonic Royal Arch degree ritual three times three, a magickal Jah-Bal-On spell. After performing this, the Royal Arch candidate is told, "It is the name of Deity in three language, viz Chaldee, Hebrew and Syriac. Which is the long lost Master Mason's Word, and has now become the Grand Omnific Royal Arch Word." There's the "step" 3 book inside the purple portal! Its the long lost Master Mason's Word that becomes the Grand Omnific Royal ARSE Word. This intends to own their god, chanting the names, physically forming the model of triple helix DNA with three men, done within the context of the Royal Arch ritual sodomy.

See how the word “own” is superimposed over the rings of the purple portal? Again, like UPS calling out the OWN in BROWN, we're carefully being "not told" that it's all about owning the sodomite gateway, the horn of plenty. Note also that the male member arrow touches the y (chromosome) in "your." Sneaky devils, they are.

To close out this post, in a glance past the kiddy friendly face of the government school system's pedophile SRA agenda featuring Obama, I will direct some of you to another blogger's write-up of a shocking pop rap video, but with a caveat. It's not for SRA/DID victims because it has to be highly triggering. It's for the stout, as the Lord leads. It's horrific. The devil is bad. Give Me Your Bum And I Hop Off The Whip: Scissor Sisters vs Krystal Pepsy - Shady Love - Occult Popagenda Blog

As a key, shady love is intercourse, in the shady place where the sun don't shine. The lyrics "Give Me Your Bum And I Hop Off The Whip" deals with the SRA practice of sadistic sodomy, where the one beating with the whip demands, well, you'll figure it out.

If you watch it, compare the audience to the cover of “Barack Obama: Out of Many, One.” They are the Monarch handlers. Note also the dramatized disembowelment of the ritual sacrifice scene. Yes, I'm serious.

The cover art for the Scissor Sisters debut album (that was, by the way, the best-selling album of 2004 in the UK) appears at left. Note the stargate / dimensional portal and the scissor's appearance over the arch as the crossed keys of the blood oath of secrecy of those who worship the gods through sodomy. It's a big eye, with rays of illumination. The spiral binder features make two threes and imply a third set, the nine. The setting is the Garden of Eden, it seems. You see palm branches on the right. You did note the palm tree on the set in the video, right? Hey Rango, Victor's back!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Part 13 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Sodomite High Priest of the Romish Sun Cult

While few feathers would be ruffled by exposing the sodomite branding of the former institutions of the Nazi war machine, what's exposed in this post might make somebody's home look like the scene of a pillow fight. Some folks just love the Pope. If this is you and words haven't yet convinced you that's a bad thing, pictures might.

Benedict XVI's Papal Coat of Arms is a graphic illustration concealing and revealing sodomy. Basically, it's a declaration that he is the Sodomite High Priest of the Romish sun cult. This should be no real shock for those who get that the Romish priesthood's enduring passion for little boys is just part of who they are. No real surprise either for those who get that the Hitler Youth (Ratzinger's past) were young recruits who were adored by Bladur von Schirach and the whole pink swastika gang. What's surprising is how the testimony is put on the Coat of Arms - right there in plain view - and nobody catches on! The world is under a spell. Hey - the emperor has no clothes!

I already cast Ratzinger in the role of the False Prophet or forerunner to the False Prophet in a study from 2008 titled, Who is Pope Benedict XVI? Tom Horn and Chris Putnam are making noise about their upcoming book, Petrus Romanus - The Final Pope and the Antichrist are Here, and word is they will be naming names. The False Prophet will have his day, and many saints will be given over to death, but for yet a short season, we are given a testimony that must be brought forth.

I titled this collection of images, Sodomy - Variations on a Theme. Each presents the backside of a male, presented as for sodomizing. If you need help getting your bearings on the papal Arms version, the scallop shell is the puckered sun where the sun don't shine.

The official Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict XVI features two naked gents. The backside of one features the scallop shell anus on the shield. Hanging below are the phallus and scrotum. As tattooed on the buttocks, we see a brown head (sodomizer) [the dexter chape - Moors' head - Moor of Freising] opposite a hairy brown beast of burden (sodomizee) [the sinister chape - Corbinian's bear]. The other gent has a helmet head phallus mitre and the red rounded elements below it are the testicles. Perhaps to ensure we don't miss all the genital signaling, they've been generous with the marking of the bits with "x marks the spot." The one on the helmet is obfuscated, but it's there. The one on the bear's pack speaks of the nature of the burden bourne, the keeping of the blood secret of sodomy. If you don't have what I've already written in mind, this won't make much sense. This goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, past the Nazis, past Rome, past Babylon, past Sodom and past Noah's day.

About that symbol of the brown head with a crown, consider the language of birthing. When a baby's head is presented at the orifice it is said to be crowning. In the context of sodomy, a brown head with a red crown is a rough picture, but there it is. Now when you see the Madonna music video for "Like a Prayer" (See Part 6) You'll have insight into why the Moors are featured. What can BROWN do for you, right? It's not racial but rather the leveraging of a color metaphor.

When I exposed the sodomite brand UPS I identified the loops of the tie on the package logo as keys. Comparing this with the Pope's coat of arms explains with few words what is meant in a very convincing way. The crossed keys of secrecy represent a blood oath, made between those who engage to forever conceal the sodomite secret. They won't reveal the secret. Don't bother waiting for official disclosure on this. It just won't happen.

In this next image I've superimposed the alchemical glyph for squaring the circle over the Coat of Arms to compare some common features. This readily demonstrates that the Pope has been initiated into the dark secret about squaring the circle, sodomy. It also reveals how even the stylized scallop shell is an artful instance of the signal squaring of the circle.

The comparison also illustrates how the alchemical glyph is a cryptic line drawing of the backside of a man engaged in sodomy. It's evil genius. The square peg is in the round hole, and vice-versa. This is the squaring of the circle, the alchemical metaphor for sodomy, you see. The triangle and circle positions the inner square and circle relative to the larger context of the backside. It compares to daVinci's drawing of The Vitruvian Man and John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica. The stick figures, line drawings and geometrical structures are the anatomical language of the ancient mystery religion.

The heraldry interpretations of the coat of arms serve largely as pretext, a cover story, a useful system of obfuscation like unto the noisy chatter provided for the alchemical glyphs. There's some truth in the symbol systems, but they serve the greatest purpose in concealing ritual sodomy as the key to the illumination and gnosis acquired in their worship of and communion with the gods. What works in the imagery as a functional spell casting device is what's simple; programmed shapes and colors alignments, positioning and combinations; the emotional connection below the threshold of awareness. It may be seen that this Coat of Arms further presents a hex figure, like Solomon's Seal, the so-called Star of David and also a pentagram figure - for demonic evocation.

The plus sign marking the Coat of Arms genitals is the same sign that you commonly see inside circles like the Eucharist, the Host, for example. It's everything I've been saying it is, a sun wheel sign and seal of the sun god, etc, and it's also the squaring of the circle. Consider the purple logo, for example.

TMI? Well, somebody needs to tell it like it is. Some of us need to see it like it is. The sodomite gateway is legitimate. The kings of the earth, the mother of harlots and her daughters; they have secrets, weapons formed against us in darkness.

23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee [the Great City Babylon] ; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.
Revelation 18:23-24

The Lord has set a limit. He is good!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Part 12 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Black Sun - Nazi Blight

When you become aware of the sodomite signaling around you it raises questions. If you can accept what the Lord showed me some 20 years ago, that Adam was sodomized in the Garden by the “serpent tree,” you can follow the dynamic of this activity as it threads through the historical record up to the present and beyond, and make better sense of it. When our eyes begin to open to the legitimate reality of sodomy as a ritual gateway and means of worship and communion with the gods, of acquiring supernatural power, that's when we really begin to perceive the agendas, roles and objectives of people, their organizations and the events where sodomite methods have been concealed.

Most folk are under the spell, not wanting to believe this and so they won't. Most of them would claim those who do believe it, simply want to and therefore do. Decent folks have a natural aversion to openly acknowledging such things as are being used to create trauma and demonization, and our adversary, the devil, takes full advantage of this. This leads, of course, to ignorance, which is fully exploited. I'm here to deal with that. Still. The symbols bear witness to the truth, when you love the Truth, Y'shua, and when your eyes are open to see what the Revealer of Secrets has to reveal.

Sodomy has a spiritual component in it that is far more sinister than anybody recognizes. It is the most underrated evil power to the general public. But to the people who are in the know, they know that this is the ultimate rebellion against God Himself. This is what they hope to use to gain the whole human race for their side and defeat God Himself.”

“The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy.

Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

"They took with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany and brought them over to the United States."

Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel's Wife

Books have been written on the subject of homosexual activity and the Nazi Party, like The Pink Swastika, for example, so to think Hitler succeeded in patterning his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy is an easy conclusion, given the signaling imagery used at the time. If you can interpret it the message is pretty clear. What worked well for Alexander worked well for Hitler.

These examples witness to the practice of sodomy as connected to the same ancient gods as the Greeks. They testify that sodomy was central in making Hitler's band of cruel warriors capable of great evil. The imagery associated with the SS (Schutzstaffel - Protection Squadron) and the SA (Sturmabteilung - Storm Detachment or Stormtroopers) tells a convincing story. I'm not even going to take the time to explore the obvious Mengele (SA and SS) and subsequent ML-ULTRA line of evidence, which famously features ritual sodomy as a fundamental ritual activity (pursue that as the Lord leads)

The SA (Sturmabteilung - Stormtroopers) played a key role in Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. The SS started out as a branch of the SA but after the Night of the Long Knives in 1934, they were effectively superseded by the SS.

Here's a collection of images I made to tell the story of the SA.

These storm troopers were often called "brownshirts" because of their uniforms. Like UPS, the Big Brown Machine, there's a focus here on a kind of package delivery. I subtitle this: “How to OWN Apollo

The pin from 1938 (blue background) borrows heavily from da Vinci's Vitruvian man, cluing us in on the A for Apollo/Arrow/Anus/Anatomy lesson so we can stop wondering what they really mean.
SA Competition 1938 Koblenz Day Badge, produced for the 'Competition Days' Wettkampftage for Gruppe Westmark July 2-3 1938.

The pin or medal from the SA competition in 1936 took place a little over a month following the Nazi Summer Olympics in Berlin. Someone in the design studio seems to have been particularly inspired. The clever key does explain nicely. Acorn = Sword = Arrow
Wettkampftage der SA-Gruppe Niedersachsen 26-27.9.1936 Braunschweig “Wettkampftage” means “Days of competition”
This sporting event for SA took place on September 26-27 1936 in Braunschweig, a city in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany

Remember, this is characteristic behavior,that, like cannibalism, stems from their nature. The Acorn does not fall far from the tree. They are like their fallen angel ancestors. The folks at UCHC also know their oak anatomy, choosing a variant that shows they know nuts when they see them.

The SS (Schutzstaffel) who split off and superceded the SA seem to have taken ritual sodomy to a new level. Their runic SS has a Z for Zeus in the negative space between the lightning bolt weapons of Zeus. The bolts are also two men, facing the same way. The SA runic symbol of their former association illustrates the basis for it. Two modern cousins are shown. The imagery here should already be familiar from previous posts.

The secret of the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne) is revealed in recognizing it as their god's asset, the ultimate sodomite portal. The 12 spokes are as the solar year zodiac and the 12 solar year cycle of planet Jupiter (Zeus), the father of Apollo.

The Black Sun. Leave it to the one who masquerades as an angel of light to put the sun where the sun don't shine.

The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy.

Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

This explains why the high ranking SS generals held their dark rituals there and that chamber of the Black Sun, ringed about by “Royal Arse” windows, was referred to as the center of the world. There must have been demonic direction to build it there and in that way. It was a temple for ritual sodomy and worship of the god who owned them and that they wanted to own.

“The mosaic is located in the ground floor room of the North-Tower of the castle, in the so-called Obergruppenführersaal ("Obergruppenführer hall", completed 1939-1943). The "Obergruppenführer" (literally: "Upper-Group-Leaders") were the highest ranking SS-generals. It is not known if the SS had a special name for the ornament, or if they attributed a special meaning to it. The sun wheel is significant for the Germanic light- and sun-mysticism which was propagated by the SS. In their studies on sense characters, the sun apart was interpreted as "the strongest and most visible expression of god", the number twelve as significant for "the things of the target and the completion". The mosaic at Wewelsburg itself is dark green on a whitish/greyish marble floor. Probably a golden disc was originally located in the middle of the ornament.”

“Traditional Christianity was to be replaced by a "völkisch" (folkish or racial) cult. Instead of Christianity, Himmler wanted a moral doctrine derived from the pre-Christian pagan Germanic heritage. Cultic ceremonies and rituals were part of the everyday life of the SS. The Wewelsburg was to be a center of a "species-compliant" religion (German: "artgemäße" Religion)”

“The North-Tower of the castle was to be the center of a planned circular estate, 1.27 kilometres in diameter. The architects called the complex the "Center of the World" from 1941 on.”

“The North-Tower, which had survived a ruin after 1815, only assumed importance for Himmler starting in the autumn of 1935. In the process of Himmler establishing the castle as a cult site (an ideological and religious center of the SS), the tower was to serve the highest-ranking SS leaders as a meeting place and probably as location for quasi-religious devotions. Nothing is known about the possible way and the kind of arrangement of designated ceremonies in the tower—the redesigned rooms were never used. According to the architects, the axis of the North-Tower was to be the actual "Center of the World".”

Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne)

I noted with interest how the SS is interpreted as the Protection Squadron or Defence Corps. The copy cat themed Fringe Division logo from a previous post names it as a Department of Defense agency. Their role in the alt-verse is somewhat like the SS, with authority wherever they go.

After WWII, many Nazi scientists were brought to America, including Joseph Mengele, a Captain of the SS. Sodomy was not new to America, but it would apparently never be the same. To be able to understand why we see sodomy signaling everywhere and accept what it means, it helps to see past the cover stories we've been sold. Why would anyone want to whitewash what the Nazis did? Because it's even their own cover, that's why. Think about it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part 11 - The Sodomite Gateway - FedEx - Our Most Important Package is Yours

I had a good laugh last night. After posting the UPS and the Fringe Division logo to the blog a day earlier, I was winding up my day watching an episode of Fringe from season 3. The Fringe Division team showed up at a scene in a vehicle that was a ringer for a UPS package truck, with the Fringe Division logo substituting for the UPS logo. Oh yeah. Somebody knows what they're doing.

In the package business where UPS had been so dominant, Federal Express broke into the market and has given quite a challenge. Did they one-up UPS by trumping their sodomite branding? No. You can't beat that, apparently, so they joined them. They are a purple brand, like ally Bank and Taco Bell. I already addressed the FedEx logo here, Part 29 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! FedEx Hidden Arrow and Healthways' Triple Target, a Phallic Horus Eye, but it is also another really popular sodomy promotion you may well see every day.

The hidden phallic arrow is in every one of the corporate operating unit “wordmark” logos, and the Fed part is always purple. It's the hybrid sodomy scheme and the Horus package delivery. If they wanted to steer wide of sodomy branding they should have avoided the purple theme, and yes, the matching of the color spectrum of the symbolic rainbow flag. While corporate policy doesn't have them acting as champions of gay rights, the agenda, like Lady Gaga's really goes beyond the behavior to the nature behind it, to the rainbow bridge, to enlightenment that is the joining with the ancient gods.

At this point in this series exposing the sodomite imagery and agenda, some of FedEx's best-known ad campaigns may take on a little different slant.

  • “When it Absolutely, Positively has to be there overnight” – 1978–1983
  • “It’s not Just a Package, It’s Your Business” – 1987–1988
  • “Our Most Important Package is Yours” – 1991–1994
  • “Absolutely, Positively Anytime” – 1995
  • “The Way the World Works,” 1996–1998
  • “Be Absolutely Sure,” 1998–2000
  • “This is a Job for FedEx,” 2001–2002
  • “Don’t worry, there’s a FedEx for that,” 2002–2003
  • “Relax, it’s FedEx,” 2004–2008
  • "We Understand," 2009–present
  • "WeLiveToDeliver" 2009–present
  • "Brown Bailout" 2009–present
  • "The World On Time" 2009–present

FedEx has a thing they call the Purple Promise. There's plausible deniability, of course, but subtle sodomite NLP is evident.

“The Purple Promise. Why purple? Because it’s what we all share”

Count me out of that sharing bit.

While we're on the rainbow theme, Steve Jobs was enlightened through the drug portal and meditation and, well I don't know what all. His Apple brand leveraged the rainbow theme for many years with an apple hearkening back to the sin in the Garden of Eden because of the bite taken out. The rainbow really has to be taken in that context, and that means sodomy. See Who is Cain's Father? if this connection doesn't make sense to you.

The apple seems to resemble Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica, doesn't it? This rainbow apple with the bite out of it really makes quite a vivid statement about sodomy in the Garden. I have to think the swirl on the current apple substitutes adequately for the earlier version, like the current UPS shield with a similar swirl substitutes for the earlier and more expressive imagery. The earlier generations apparently accomplished the missions for which they were sent, to seduce the world that rejected the second commandment.

The Masonic Royal Arch features a rainbow as the arch in some tracing board renderings. (See also The George Washington Apron) It is given a nice legitimate sounding pretext for public consumption, but we already understand about the squaring the circle and the Royal Arse, right?

If you're a TV watcher you might be familiar with this logo for Hey, it's the Royal Arse!

This post has been on the lighter side, if there is one. Next up - probably not so much.

Part 9 - 2012 London Olympics - Quantum Entangled Zion and Fringe Science

Following on the heels of the Part 8, there remains more to the bell of Caliban that must be explored. It will help you get what's here if what I've already written in the series is fresh in mind.

The bell of Caliban, the largest tuned and ringing bell in Europe, is intended to be hung in the stadium of the Olympic Park. Most folks will think nothing of it, but if you've been paying attention as this series develops you've got to see the extraordinary potential in this! I've proposed the Olympic Park as a “time and space entangled” place, and the bell as “time and space entangling” object. When you put the two together as they intend, will the Zion some seek to establish by any and every means be magickally birthed? If this is the intent, will there be some concrete manifestation, and if so, how will it manifest?

Recall William Blake's poem and his passion to build “Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land.” Remember how Psalm 48 describes the establishment of the State of Israel, and how that TCT time/distance band sweeps the Olympic Park. Remember how Psalm 48 appears to describe the 1948 Olympics, yet implying something more, of a terrifying nature, and how its associated TCT band also sweeps through the Olympic Park. The TCT measure is from the Holy of Holies on Mount Zion. Now, consider the bell as associated with the High Priest's access to that very place. Consider how bells are leveraged to control dimensional portals by those who practice magick. They facilitate transdimensional access and function as what might be considered stargate actuators. If nothing means anything and everything means nothing, we can all just go back to sleep. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but that's not how I see it.

Is the bell of Caliban part of a work that intends to exploit a quantum entanglement between 2012 London and 1948 Israel, even Jerusalem? Is what we are seeing the preparation for a dimensional breech! Is the ArcelorMittal Orbit a late model “tower of Babel,” some kind of magickal vortex bridge construct? These are questions that beg to be asked. What, too, is the role of the 1948 Olympics in this dynamic, and really even of the 1936 Nazi Olympics and 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which have far to many links to ignore? I believe these are posed at the Lord's prompting, who directs those who watch. I intend to explore these further should the Lord grant such favor. We are in an extraordinary hour, my friends!

Have you seen Fringe, the popular sci-fi series that's now well into its 4th season? My friend Aaron and I have been watching these on DVD for some time and have enjoyed epic sessions of dialog about what the Lord is revealing! I would be doing a series on Fringe but there just isn't time, that's not my assignment; I've got other work to do. I've already addressed the bell's use in Rango (DNA water dance) and in the Rochester, NY series (Clock of Nations), but the Fringe show plays it BIG!

The plot involves two parallel universes and the interaction between them, two versions of the people involved and a third class of beings that meddle in these matters (Observers i.e. Watchers). The matter and means of crossing between these dimensions are continual themes and bells play a featured role in much of it. The show explores other means of opening the portal too, like drugs, emotional states (intensely conflicting love and fear or grief), and, very significantly, specific blood and DNA. With a nod to the concurrent series on this blog, the sodomy gateway is also in view. Yet, the focus on the bell is huge.

Much of this transdimensional activity later comes to focus on Liberty Island, where there is, of course, the bronze Lady Liberty, an icon that may be linked by shared elements to the iconic bronze Liberty Bell. They also play on tuning forks for the same purpose of crossing over between dimensions. A quantum entangled typewriter is also featured, the manual kind that has a bell that rings with each carriage return. Even for all the focus on the obvious bells, though, this element is underplayed because, unless you're really attentive to it, you'll miss some of the more subtle bell triggers like the shattering of a glass lighting fixture or the sound made as a cardiac defibrillator charges.

Time jumps are also involved, which was played cryptically in an episode titled “Momentum Deferred,” but in the concealing there is a revealing! A Dr. Bell was involved, who for a while was the only one from this universe who traveled to and stayed on the other side. Sampled and manipulated bell sounds provided the soundtrack for a key scene where Olivia Dunham (the lead character) met with Bell, a meeting that was initiated and concluded with the ringing of bells. The presence and clear identification of the bell noise was established through the extra effort of a special feature on one of the DVDs, and what they were careful to "not tell" us was that we should make the obvious connection to the biblical scene of note.

33) You shall make on its hem pomegranates of blue and purple and scarlet material, all around on its hem, and bells of gold between them all around:
34) a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, all around on the hem of the robe.
35) It shall be on Aaron when he ministers; and its tinkling shall be heard when he enters and leaves the holy place before the LORD, so that he will not die.
Exodus 28:33-35

The bell is even used in connection with "soul magnets," which appear to be magickally engaged utilizing a quantum entangling nanotech / biotech solution that may be drunk undetected in a glass of tea, become infused with the drinker. You should compare this to what we are presented with in James Cameron's Avatar, with one being's soul projected into the body of another as a host vessel. Think - disembodied spirits of the ancient Nephilim released to inhabit mark of the Beast recipients as avatars. Dr. Bell is played by Leonard Nimoy, and this hybrid human / Vulcan (devil) identity from our long term association with Star Trek is being leveraged.

My point in this is that there's really something to this bell and quantum entanglement connection. Those who know about it blab about it in the usual occult fashion, as they must. Can bells and tuning forks be used as stargate actuators? Is it all fiction and fantasy? It worked for the Aaronic High Priest on Mount Zion, right? Was the trumpet blowing and shouting as the army marched around Jericho all for show? Is the similar noise attending the event featured in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 just presented there for colorful page filler?

So, is there some reality forthcoming where that earthly Zion that some seek so passionately might actually be magickally birthed in England's green and pleasant land? When the bell of Caliban is rung, exalted in the zone swept by the Psalm 48 band, could a quantum entanglement of time and space be triggered that opens a gateway connecting London to the Temple Mount, where some claim Nephilim are entombed? This 2012 London Olympic party is, after all, being held in their honor.

The Tempest. Isles of Wonder. Caliban's bell. Land of Giants. All the Bells. Let's keep watch, with eyes open to see what the Lord will reveal as we await His coming, which in due time will bring a destruction of the plans of those ancient gods and those who serve them in their antichrist rebellion.