Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Part 7 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - AWA / ABA

Since the last post in this series nearly 2 years have passed. We've learned much since then, and learning how to recognize the goddess symbolism has proved to be quite valuable! When you become familiar with the pattern we're exposing here you'll be able to perceive how the goddess is being exalted and evoked and become more free from “her” influence, from that of the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon the Great. She leads the world in a growing rebellion against the Most High God, the God we love and serve.

In recent video and blog posts we've begun making reference to some hidden signs of the goddess that derive from this ancient image of Inanna. This is not an old and forgotten religious relic. The goddess is a supernatural entity who reveals herself to generations of worshipers in a variety of forms, and this one still resonates strongly with her worshipers.

The sign of the W is identified with the goddess because it's the form of the bent elbow pose. The hand signaling of the W goddess is on display in this excellent video produced by Diron Lyons. It's called the West Side Gang because the sign is flashed like gang members do it in the West Side Gang. He illustrates a broad range of examples in 3 categories, classical art, Disney animations and Hollywood film and celebrity culture.

The owls that flank Inanna can be represented by the letter A or similar forms. Because Inanna has the same feet and toes as the owls, we understand that they are related in kind. The letters AWA signal the goddess with her watchful escorts. This pattern has become very familiar to us as we learn to see what things the Lord would have us to see.

Here's a screenshot from the home page for the Advancing Women Artists Foundation.

Leveraging the AWA in exalting women in the arts in the inspiration of and adoration of the goddess.

Ask Women Anything. AWA the oracle.

James Cameron's Avatar, which is the highest-grossing film of all time, presented a slightly obfuscated version. The goddess of the planet Pandora is known as Eywa.

Eywa is obviously a derivation of AWA, the ancient goddess of many names. Pronounce AWA like Eywa instead of pronouncing each letter separately.

A-WA is a band formed by 3 sisters who combine Yemenite folk singing with electronic dance music. It’s pronounced “Ay-Wah” and we're told that it means “yeah” in Arabic slang. But there's something these girls raised in Shaharut, a tiny farming village in the Arava Valley of southern Israel, are not telling you.

In their native Israel, the AWA has been worshiped as Asherah and Asteroth, among other identities, for a very long time.

The Wachowski brothers, who are now identifying themselves as sisters, exalt the AWA in their blockbuster film, The Matrix, from 1999. There's a scene where Neo, the main character, performs a feat that reveals him as the one, the antichrist savior figure. The character who plays the role of the goddess facilitates that, just like in real life.

This scene was filmed in Sydney, Australia. Local aviation laws had to be changed to accommodate their filming at this location. Central to the action of the scene is the broadcast tower that is clearly identified as AWA. The woman flying the helicopter is named Trinity. She is the triple goddess; maiden, mother and crone. She is the AWA. The bent elbow goddess is the dancing bee queen and queen of Heaven, and we see Trinity modeling this as she flies in the sky. The helicopter is clearly identified to us as a model B-212. B as bee. She does a maneuver that was popularized in Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise. It's called buzzing the tower. The queen bee in the B-212 and the BEE is BUZZING the tower. She is AWA!

I note that the screenshot where she buzzes the tower was taken at 1.50.11. One hour and fifty minutes is 110 minutes. At 110 minutes and 11 seconds, that's an 11 11 signal - goddess pillars and a Silver Gate stargate transit signal. With the AWA object being a tower (male phallus) and with Trinity's dangling of spread-legged Morpheus over it, there's sex magic in that. This is a subtle pairing of dimensional transiting with sodomy. Trending!

The goddess is very strongly identified with dimensional transits.

Can you see how the AWA is evoked in this cover art for the Deluxe Edition of the Stargate soundtrack? Follow the light. Trace down from the stargate across the top of the pyramid and back up. W. The flanking letters A are in the title. It's a brilliant bit! Evil genius. AWA - the goddess who facilitates dimensional transits.

Aquafina. It's already a clever name. Aqua is water. To quaff is to drink heartily. It's even more clever in the way of Occult symbolism because those mountains conceal some overlapping Ws flanked by A forms! AWA. This embedding of the W in the mountains explains why they emphasize the flanking letters A of the wordmark. AWA! This brand of bottled water is leveraging the design of the mountains as a wave glyph, the symbol for water. Stella Maris. Star of the Sea. Venus. Lady of the Lake. And, Inanna/Ishtar, who wields the waves of water in her hands. AWA. With water as time, the goddess of dimensional transiting is pictured riding the fire breathing griffin as she facilitates the chariot's passage through the realms. The wave glyph mountains also conceal overlapping Ms. The 13th letter M signals the Mastery of time. The celestial throne of the goddess is established by the crossing circle design of how the Q is called out, with the arcing tail intersecting the arc below.

The African Women Awards leverages the acronym for an evocation and exaltation of the goddess. Some clever redundancy is leveraged with the word, Awards in this promotional imagery. See how the A in the corner begins the AWA in two directions? The attending image features the Mother with Child to highlight the Black Madonna (and Harpocrates) identity. See how they are together doing the bent elbow pose? See how their lower forms are presenting the A shape of the AWA flanking owls? Coincidence, perhaps? We think not.

Note, every AWArds ceremony is potentially evoking the AWA. It is implicit that the goddess in her identity as Nike wreaths the victors of such contests of sports and arts.

Panera Bread, as a bakery and in their logo, honors Ceres-Demeter, goddess of grains and, in this Rising Above (Ra!) AWArd promotion, they give a nod to AWA. This promo also features the goddess red apple that signals the three goddesses of the Judgment of Paris.

More AWArd signaling of the AWA is apparent in the AWA brand that is the Argentina Wine awards. The logo rotates the line up of A, W and A so they are superimposed. Brilliant. The goddess as the queen bee has long been linked to alcoholic beverages because of the honey that was fermented and enjoyed as mead.

Can you perceive the evocation of AWA in this feminine flowing logo for The Woman's International Music Network? Goddess red. As above, so below. The mirror is a goddess symbol associated with Hathor (Egypt) and Amaratsu (Japan). The mirror is, in nature, the reflection in water. Aquafina.

Here's a familiar logo: Triple A. The American Automobile Association is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America that began in 1902. The AWA design is pretty obvious. Even if the three As were separated, the Occultism would still work. Inanna has feet matching her owl escorts so she can also be represented as an A form.

Here, in a game branded, AWA, each delta-winged fighter jet in the picture is the A form. A Triple A image. The warring goddess Athena-Minerva (owl goddess).

So, Triple A is for the triple goddess, maiden mother and crone - and AWA. Red is the goddess color! The union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, and this is done in each place where the acute angles formed by the connected letters touch the surrounding ellipse. More XO union is emphasized in the crossing of circles, the intersecting blue and red rings. The blue - male. The red - female.

Triple A is all about travel, and the goddess of travelers, voyagers and wanderers is Viatrix, the feminine of Viator. The names Beatrice and Beatrix derive from this goddess name. Bea ~ BEE. The Queen Bee - like Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, of the Bilderbergers.

American Worldwide Agencies is an AWA goddess evoking corporation. According to their official statement, they serve “the global freight forwarding market, whether our customers reside next door to us in Los Angeles, in New York, or across the world.” They are travelers by land, sea and air. Viatrix.

When Trinity buzzed the AWA tower in The Matrix, she was a female pilot. She was what's known as an aVIATRIX.

Paul McGuire exalts the AWA in this promo for the Great Awakening. Front and center, the AWA is called out by the cross that signifies a union of the heavenly sons of god with the daughters of men. Do you see what's going on here?

The cross in a circle establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. See the lightning? It's there because of the dynamic of the cross inside the circle. This image is featured on one of our other blogs, titled, Operation Ezekiel 8, where this key feature is explained.

Leveraging the AWA in AWAkening is the kind of thing that we see elsewhere.

There's a movement called AWAken and their imagery reveals that they secretly evoke the goddess. Trace the top to discover the W. They worship her. They do it covertly. They pretend to be different from the Pope and the Romish church but they are really only different in that the Romish church's devotion to the goddess is overt. (If this design smacks of the square and compass of Freemasonry, there's probably a good reason for that.)

This River City Church in Spokane Washington secretly has devotions to AWA, with her identifying form isolated and emphasized by a goddess crowning arc.

A slightly modified rendition of that same logo is used by another AWAken organization. They evoke the AWA to empower indigenous people, and it seems that women receive the lion's share of attention.

The Cinnabon brand that we just decoded concealed and revealed in CINNA an obfuscated version of the letter sequence, aWA. It occurs in the same place as the obfuscated name, Anna. Inanna - the AWA.

Like we mentioned with Panera Bread, the goddess of bread and rolls and agriculture is honored by Cinnabon. And this exaltation extends beyond commercial bakeries. The Association of Women in Agriculture. AWA branded and proud of it.

Here's the logo for the American Agri-Women Foundation. It's not AWA, strictly speaking, but when it comes to occult symbolism it's often a matter of, close enough. From what examples we've been seeing, the letters A, W and V appear to be interchangeable. The potency of the forms generated varies, but when there are other goddess-signaling layers present, the alternate forms appear to work. Near the beginning of this lengthy study, you read that the owls that flank Inanna can be represented by the letter A or similar forms. Because Inanna has the same feet and toes as the owls, we understand that they are related in kind.

In these images of the goddess worshiped in Russia as Mokosh you see the bent elbow pose in the middle and on those flanking her.

Compare the WWW form to the AWA. The World Wide Web is well known to be a 666 signal as the W equates to the Vav, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The WWW is like AWA, evoking the bent elbow dancing bee queen goddess.

Madonna. There's a goddess worshiper who demonstrates how it's done. Her bent elbow pose presents a downward version, like some images of Mokosh. The view we have of her magickal sigil illustrates the classic W in combination with the XO that establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. There she stands, with her feet apart, making the form of the A that is completed by her royal queen bee antennae crown. Why is the M for Madonna pictured upside down? Now you know.

The AI techno goddess of Ex Machina (2015) is named Ava. You see that derivation, right? Ava ~ AVA ~ AAA - the V is an inverted A. The actress who plays Ava is Alicia Vikander. Her middle name is Amanda. She is AAV and she plays AVA. See what they did there? Evoking AWA!

There's a chain of department stores in Brazil that features large replicas of the Statue of Liberty. Their name is, Havan.

H + AVA + N

Brazil was claimed to be 64.6 percent Roman Catholic in 2010. The second largest church in the world is located in Aparecida, Brazil. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Aparecida, (a variant of the Immaculate Conception) as the principal Patroness of Brazil. Yes, they love and exalt the ancient goddess!

Here's a WWA branding that promotes the AWA: The World Wakeboard Association. See how the AWA sequence appears in similar event banners. WWA WAKE ~ WW AWA KE

We gave attention to the viral Virgin Airlines in-flight safety video in Part 5 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - Awareness Ribbons and Dancing Bees. In these screenshots, we see the dancing bee gals presented against a special background. The structures present A forms that imply Inanna's flanking owls. The people behind them are bending elbows too. AWA!

Wherever did they get the idea for the Virgin Airlines to have a flying nun? Maybe they grasped the meaning of The Flying Nun, the queen bee goddess worshiping Sister Bertrille when she reaches up to adjust her wings.

Witches worship the AWA. The Spiral Dance. Of the celestial queen bee.

In Lifetime Channel's Witches of East End, the matriarch is named Joanna. Think Inanna. The earrings she wears in this screenshot features a bee. You know why. She has a daughter named Freya, another goddess name. Freya is a barmaid, again the classic goddess association with mead, the fermented honey drink. She works at The Bent Elbow Bar. There's the goddess on the sign, doing the, yes, of course, the bent elbow pose. She's a mermaid, Stella Maris, etc. The sign appears above an entryway that is flanked by two more mermaids. They're doing bent elbow poses too, presenting V forms as inverted As, or also, W forms. They form triangles that signal the triple goddess, maiden mother and crone, like Trinity in The Matrix.

There's magic in the branding of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That goddess star performs a magical transformation, right before our very eyes! The trail of magical stardust forms a goddess spiral. That's obvious. What's not so obvious is how the same trail of stardust transforms the I of Wish into an A. That matches to the other A and these flank the W. The AWA magically appears as the goddess of magick!

Here's the Make-A-Wish America brand imagery, doubling up on the AWA - exalting the goddess! Like we illustrated above, AAA is just a variation of AWA. This image also presents a pyramid, a truncated pyramid with the detached capstone. America's Great Seal features the same image, with an illuminated eye in the triangle. The Make-A-Wish America duplicates this motif. Not seeing it? You have to know that the triangle eye is the anus in the anal triangle, anatomically, which is the sodomite gateway to Illumination. You also have to recognize that the stylized letter A has a rounded magical hole. A magic A hole. Are you seeing what you're looking at?

The goddess is actively rallying people together, promoting false unity and ecumenism. We see AWA evoked in the American Womens Association. Goddess signaling stars appear next to the symbol of AWA, just like in the ancient imagery.

The planet Venus traces out a 5 pointed star form in the heavens every 8 years, exactly, and this is the basis for the rosette and star symbolism. That heavenly construct is considered by Occultists to be a key portal from another realm.

We see the exaltation of AWA in the Affiliated Workers Association. The star of Inanna is next to the AWA symbol, right where it should be, as it has been through the ages.

The former professional wrestling organization, American Wrestling Association, introduced celebrity performers like Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura and Andre the Giant. Nike wreaths the victors. Their brand exalts the AWA. Goddess red. Five goddess stars.

Is the Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine evoking AWA as the goddess of healing and victory over death? Given their promotion of the symbol of the ancient god that is the Wand of Hermes and the crossing circles that establish the celestial throne of the goddess, that's how it looks from here. Instead of lightning flashing forth from the abyss we see the jagged trace of an electrocardiogram. Close enough.

Beyond this life other forms are sought, extending yet transforming in kind. This is what the RAADfest is about. Here's a promotional image they sent me with a countdown. See how their placement of the infinity symbol conceals and reveals a W, flanked by the pair of As? They seek the blessing of AWA in their seeking for life extension, for victory over death.

See how they generated more crossing circles with the placement of the planetary sphere? The arc crosses through the loop of the 6 and both loops of the infinity symbol. This of course establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, the AWA!


Because the AWA is the bee goddess, she is the WB, as we illustrated from that defunct channel's branding. Swapping the W for a B, the AWA becomes the ABA. This is yet another form evoking the bent elbow goddess!

The design of the ace of spades on the Bee branded Bicycle playing card deck evokes the ABA. Some use these cards for divination (cartomancy), or more commonly, court Lady Luck with games of chance.

Does the Bicycle brand really intend to exalt the goddess?

Yes. They do.

Here's a familiar ABA brand, the American Bar Association. This Bar has nothing to do with mead but everything to do with the legal system and “practicing law.” They call it a justice system.

Many a courthouse in America and around the world features a goddess known as Lady Justice. The goddess of the scales and the blindfold is a conflation of her identities through various cultures, Maat, Isis, Themis and her daughter, Dike, Iustitia or Justitia, Fortuna, Tyche and Nemesis. By other names, she is AWA or ABA!

Another ABA organization also has to with courts, but of a different kind. This one is perhaps more familiar to you as the NBA because the ABA ceased to exist with the ABA–NBA merger in 1976. In their day, they exalted AWA with their branding. The goddess red B or bee flanked by her royal escorts. The basketball in the logo presents a star of Inanna.

The sport of basketball is renowned for their cheerleading squads, who dance around like bees, rallying the people together to support their team. Victory! And, Nike wreaths the victors. The game play supports the theme because points are scored by passing a ball through a hoop, ritually crossing circles and establishing the celestial throne of the goddess!

Have you seen Mamma Mia! (2008) with Meryl Streep? If there ever was a chick flick, that would be it. Goddess exaltation, throughout. It does have a memorable scene of supernaturalism featuring the Fountain of Aphrodite.

Most of the movie was filmed on the Greek island of Skopelos. That island's culture has long been matrilineal.

Mamma Mia! Momma. Madonna. It doesn't take much imagination to see the AWA in the title string, AMMA. Ignore the verticals in the letters M. AVVA. AWA.

The film is a musical based on the songs of pop group ABBA. Evoking the ABA/AWA? You may be thinking, Abba - Father - but that's not what they're about. Two of the songs on the soundtrack are titled, “Dancing Queen,” and “Honey Honey.” Evoking the ABA, Inanna the dancing queen bee!

The band's name is usually stylized symmetrically as the mirrored letters AB. The mirror, as you may recall, hearkens back to Hathor, the “dairy queen.” Accounting for the values of the letters, the AB mirror BA presents a 12 21. That's a 12:21, a time signal. With regard to the mirror, in nature it is the reflectivity of water. Water as time. The goddess ABA - she wields the water glyphs and facilitates dimensional transits.

These many examples of AWA / ABA goddess symbolism represent just a sampling. Most of her exaltation is right out in the open but it's the Occult symbolism that really does the magickal spell work. Look around and see what you're looking at, in the freedom of the Lord Y'shua. Blessings in the name that is above every name.