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Megas Thlipsis - Biblical Accounts

My calendar informs me that the end of this season is nigh. About our conclusions, Aaron and I have questioned and re-questioned our assumptions, interpretations of scripture, what we consider signs, and revelation insights, and assurances of many kinds, and we see nothing that compels us to waver in our conviction that we are mere days away from our bright hope being fulfilled.

We so appreciate the love letters we've been receiving, so grateful that our love in the Lord's mercy and exceeding great grace has been received. The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Y'shua haMashiach, has been so good to us, so generous with favor, forgiving and kind. We long to be with the Lord and with His elect, knowing that what could be done is nearly done, and it will be enough. We servants of fine food have lingered long in the kitchen, but there's more bread and fish to be served. What an honor to be found serving in this hour!

It's not a party atmosphere around here, at least not entirely. It's tempered with the stone cold sober awareness of how many think they are ready and are about to be devastated.

As Noah finished building the ark, those around him occupied themselves with life's myriad activities, marrying and giving in marriage, as though life would go on as it always had. It had never rained before, or flooded. One hundred twenty years earlier, Noah had warned them of coming destruction but none gave heed except the seven others with him. Today, it's not very different. Life goes on. In the minds of most, judgment has never been poured out on the world, but really, it has been. Most think there has never been a resurrection of the dead and a changing of the living, but that's only partly true. Warning has been given about what is coming but for most, it is today as it ever was. Life goes on.

Until it doesn't.

Here are more models that speak loudly to us of the megas thlipsis, great tribulation.

21 For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. 22 Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. ~ Matthew 24:21-22

A special miracle happened as a sign in the account of the great contest on Mt. Carmel, 1 Kings 18. It was between the gods of the prophets of Baal and Asterah and the Lord God of Elijah. The 950 prophets (v. 19) failed to produce the required result. For Elijah, fire fell from heaven to consume the sacrifice, right on time. Contest: Over. Elijah had prefaced it with a prayer.

Answer me, O Lord, answer me, that this people may know that You, O Lord, are God, and that You have turned their heart back again. ~ 1 Kings 18:37

I wrote about that in, Elijah's God Answers by Fire, showing it to be a prophecy about the Bride Theft and the baptism of the 144k sons of Israel. Romans 11:15, John 21 - it should be obvious. The sign informs us about our day. It conceals and reveals something about what will turn His people's hearts back to Himself.

30 Then Elijah said to all the people, “Come near to me.” So all the people came near to him. And he repaired the altar of the Lord which had been torn down. 31 Elijah took twelve stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the word of the Lord had come, saying, “Israel shall be your name.” 32 So with the stones he built an altar in the name of the Lord, and he made a trench around the altar, large enough to hold two measures of seed. 33 Then he arranged the wood and cut the ox in pieces and laid it on the wood. 34 And he said, “Fill four pitchers with water and pour it on the burnt offering and on the wood.” And he said, “Do it a second time,” and they did it a second time. And he said, “Do it a third time,” and they did it a third time. 35 The water flowed around the altar and he also filled the trench with water. 36 At the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, Elijah the prophet came near and said, “O Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, today let it be known that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and I have done all these things at Your word. 37 Answer me, O Lord, answer me, that this people may know that You, O Lord, are God, and that You have turned their heart back again.” 38 Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. 39 When all the people saw it, they fell on their faces; and they said, “The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God.” ~ 1 Kings 18:30-39

Twelve stones - the time number. Four pitchers, three times filled with water and poured out on the sacrifice. 4*3=12. Again, the time number. Water-as-time. It was the appointed amount of time, in the fullness of time. The sacrifice was drenched and water filled the circular trench. When fire fell from heaven, the sacrifice was consumed along with everything in the circle. What was burned up speaks of the Messiah and His people. The appointed measure of time itself was consumed by heaven's fire! And, there's a time code: After three things are completed, then comes the fulfillment. Familiar, right - the Keystone Pattern? First, came three dousings in sequence with 4 pitchers of water (4-dimensions of time-space), which men do. Then, the Lord brings the fire, answering Elijah and performing the sign to the people that He is God, not the idols they have been worshiping, and that He has turned their heart back again. This prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

Have you read through the account of the Exodus yet, understanding the prophetic allegory where water represents time? Dry land in the midst of the sea between walls of water as time-space ark. Those saved went through in martial array, and armies march in step. Left right left... keeping time. Read the song of Moses and the sons of Israel in Exodus 15 mindful of the water-as-time metaphor.

16 “Terror and dread fall upon them;
By the greatness of Your arm they are motionless as stone;
Until Your people pass over, O Lord,
Until the people pass over whom You have purchased.
17 “You will bring them and plant them in the mountain of Your inheritance,
The place, O Lord, which You have made for Your dwelling,
The sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands have established.
18 “The Lord shall reign forever and ever.”
19 For the horses of Pharaoh with his chariots and his horsemen went into the sea, and the Lord brought back the waters of the sea on them, but the sons of Israel walked on dry land through the midst of the sea.
~ Exodus 15:16-19

Awesome! The chapter closes with more water allegory at Marah, then at Elim.

Then they came to Elim where there were twelve springs of water and seventy date palms, and they camped there beside the waters. ~ Exodus 15:27

Provision will be made subsequent to this Pesah season's time wars, as before, now.

Time wars will be fought. Here's an account of 12 stones, the time number, taken from the Jordan.

19 Now the people came up from the Jordan on the tenth of the first month and camped at Gilgal on the eastern edge of Jericho. 20 Those twelve stones which they had taken from the Jordan, Joshua set up at Gilgal. 21 He said to the sons of Israel, “When your children ask their fathers in time to come, saying, ‘What are these stones?’ 22 then you shall inform your children, saying, ‘Israel crossed this Jordan on dry ground.’ 23 For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan before you until you had crossed, just as the Lord your God had done to the Red Sea, which He dried up before us until we had crossed; 24 that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, so that you may fear the Lord your God forever.” ~ Joshua 4:19-24

Note, as I write, it is now the 10th day of the 1st month. Lord willing there's more commentary forthcoming about the account of the taking of Jericho, and the Passover model.

The test for selecting Gideon's army of 300 took place at the water's edge, with respect to how they drank water.

The most exalted of the Lord's warriors has to be David, when he was a boy. He killed Goliath with a water worn object chosen from a brook in the valley of Elah.

He took his stick in his hand and chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in the shepherd’s bag which he had, even in his pouch, and his sling was in his hand; and he approached the Philistine.

48 Then it happened when the Philistine rose and came and drew near to meet David, that David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine. 49 And David put his hand into his bag and took from it a stone and slung it, and struck the Philistine on his forehead. And the stone sank into his forehead, so that he fell on his face to the ground.
~ 1 Samuel 17:40, 48-49

We believe that some of us are about to enter the ark of salvation, and others of us will find ourselves barred from entering. We have all received fair warning.

3 Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, 4 and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.” 5 For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water, 6 through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water. 7 But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. ~ 2 Peter 3:3-7

Sunday, March 29, 2015

James Bond 007 “Spectre” trailer - Embedded Time Codes for the Beast's Arrival

If you watched the video presented in the previous post and grasped the time code messaging, you'll see more of the same in this new official video of the James Bond 007: “Spectre” teaser trailer.

The official blurb is laden with NLP. “See the first teaser trailer for the 24th James Bond adventure SPECTRE. A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.”

Aaron and I noted that the teaser trailer is packed with symbolism, like stargate transit (transporters traveling across Thames-Isis on arched bridge) , Apollo (crows-ravens)... He is told, “You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond.” Kite: bird of prey, like a falcon or hawk, an NLP symbol strengthened by the startling crows. Hurricane, spirit time vortex wormhole. Recall CERN's Symmetry trailer!

The main interest is what happens at 1 minute 13 seconds in. We hear, “It's been a long time.” It's the man's response to seeing Bond. The appearance of the lawless one on the 13th day of the 1st month - familiar - from out of the distant past - from a long time ago. He is the spectre! Listen for the tinkling sounds. The tinkling of bells signals dimensional transit, first heard at 1:09. At 1:16 the bell rings again and we see a man sitting at a table, his face is in the shadows, on the table is a large pitcher of water and a glass. Water-time. He says, “And finally, here we are,” accompanied by more bell tinkling. Then we see what is evidently a bullet punching a hole in glass or ice, at 1:21. The event resembles a particle collision in a supercollider. We see it as the LHC, punching a hole through the dimensional barrier with atomic particles fired from a “machine gun.” Deadly. The trailer ends with the word, SPECTRE, appearing, with the "C" forming around the bullet hole. “C” it's the Eye of Horus, or, (spect)“RE”. OT is circle cross ~ MOB.

If you watched, Snowpiercer, the bullethole symbolism should be familiar because you saw a scene featuring a gun battle when the “time” train with the eternal engine was making a tight loop. Bullets were fired from machine guns between two cars, one many cars ahead of the other. Folded time-space. Time jump through the frozen (water-time) expanse between them. Bullets pierced the window glass, piercing the time-space barrier.

Spectre is the 24th film in the franchise. We're in the 24th year of a very special count, which began at the celestial sign of 1991 marking the Lord's return in judgment. This is the year appointed for the spectre to manifest. It's very nearly the 13th day of the 1st month, when we should expect his revealing, being day 9 as I type this out. The Occult value of the word spectre is 19+16+5+3+20+18+5=86. We're in Shemitah 860 counted from Adam and it's all about the 86ing of the age. As the man said, “FINALLY - here we are!”

If it's been a while since you visited the Mark of the Beast Code 666 Blog, you'll find that we have published several posts in the past few weeks.

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Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine

Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine

The LHC is being fired up and is expected to begin generating particle collisions any day now. Are they going to achieve their goal? If so, it looks to us like they will be fulfilling prophecy on the exact schedule foretold in the Bible, a schedule and outcome they themselves are signaling!

CERN recently presented two films to celebrate the refiring of the LHC called, Symmetry, and, Symmetry Unravelled. A time code has been embedded in the Symmetry trailer that testifies to the reason for the LHC. There's a ringing sound attending a particle beam collision at 1.13 that speaks to me of the 13th day of the 1st month on the Lord's calendar. That's the day when biblical models illustrate the emergence of the Antichrist beast, and that's when the LHC is probably going to begin colliding protons at high energy.

The trailer seems to highlight the Passover week and a the events leading up to it. The key scene of this trailer is compared to one from another film, The Penitent Man, to demonstrate the match. Just because we're not being told “directly” what's really going on doesn't mean we're not being told. This is a big deal because your life will never be the same - the world will never be the same, and what you do about it will matter for a very long time!

In the clip from The Penitent Man, you'll hear Mr. Darnell say, “You need a machine to sustain a wormhole, of course. ” What kind of machine do you suppose is meant? Their NLP laden conversation and symbolic props filling the set make it abundantly clear. CERN's LHC is the time machine, the one that sustains the wormhole.

Darnell, the time traveler and inventor of time travel who destroyed the future, says: “Think of the water in that glass as time. Time moves forward constantly. Untouched, it's as still as the water. Go back and try to change something - BANG - and it creates a ripple effect.” Read between the lines. The particle collision pictured creates a ripple effect in time, a time impact event. Who is trying to go back/forward to try to change an outcome? Darnell is. That's why he's there meeting with Dr Pyatt and speaking so persuasively. Darnell himself is playing the role of the destroyer of worlds, the dancing lord Shiva.

The CERN LHC facility is literally a temple devoted to the ancient gods and it's the set for much of the Symmetry film. It's located adjacent to what is claimed to be the number one most Occult city in the world, Geneva, Switzerland. The Penitent Man, was filmed adjacent to the number two most Occult city in the world, which is Vancouver, BC. It was filmed in Seattle, and most of the scenes were shot inside a Masonic facility, the society of the illuminated brotherhood known for their temples.

For more insight shared on this blog, see the following:

More insight opened up to Aaron and I during the past few days, since beginning work on this video, and there's just so much that's so relevant that I could go on for quite a while - but time is up. I doubt that I'll be making another video, so here's some notes if you feel led to pursue these things further.

About the props on the set...

The voice recorder:

Records the present, so the past can be replayed in the future. Time loop. Cassette reels are XO MOB. Reels rotate out of synch with a changing rotational speed differential - modeling ends of a wormhole harnessed for time travel. Acoustic device - wave energy. Model: M-47 -- 47th Problem of Euclid which signals: Osiris + Isis = Horus. Through Theurgy, actually works to invoke Horus. The letter M is understood to be a male union female symbol. It is the abbreviated glyph for water, and therefore, time.

Room door, hall tree, umbrella and overcoat:

The room's door and the umbrella and overcoat hanging next to it. An umbrella keeps you dry when it rains, so one who uses the umbrella properly can pass through rain-water-time in their own little dry comfort-safety zone as they travel from place to place. The door is a dimensional door and the door handle is the control mechanism, which the young doctor is so eager to learn about. A garment represents a body and its state and status. In John 21, Peter put on a garment before he jumped in the water. What sense does that make? Not much, until you catch on to how it was a resurrection scenario, and he had to be clothed upon with immortality to make his way to shore, to be with our Lord.

In Matthew 22, we read:

11 But when the king came in to look over the dinner guests, he saw a man there who was not dressed in wedding clothes, 12 and he said to him, 'Friend, how did you come in here without wedding clothes?' And the man was speechless. 13 Then the king said to the servants, 'Bind him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.' ~ Matthew 22:11-13

The overcoat hanging next to the door belongs to the time traveler, who took it off as he entered the room. What's his status? His assumed name is Mr. Darnell, and a Darnel is a tare. (Matthew 13) His garment hangs from a wooden hall tree.

'Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us-- for it is written, "CURSED IS EVERYONE WHO HANGS ON A TREE " ~ Galatians 3:13

I identified Mr. Darnell as the destroyer, Shiva, Apollyon. He's the one CERN's LHC is opening the door for. The real one is about to come through the door and be clothed upon with a garment that is the flesh body of the man chosen as a host vessel. Are you ready?

The crossing red and green rubber bands on Mr. Darnell's black book:

Crossing the red and green rubber bands represents crossing the future with the past. Modeled in TPM when Pyatt hands Darnell a glass of water, and they linger while making the transfer. While they both hold the glass, Darnell says to Pyatt: Does it scare you if I am? I AM. That's the identification heard by Moses with the Lord God spoke to him on Sinai from the burning bush. “I am,” meaning every-where and every-when present. Darnel-Tare the destroyer masquerades as the Most High God, claiming His identity.

Red = Adam
Green = Osiris, the Green Man
Red and green rubber bands crossing their gene lines to make a cross between heavenly and earthly species, the hybrid man binding heaven and earth.

Red - blood - the life of the flesh is in the blood - Leviticus 17:11
Green - chlorophyll - plant life
The book wrapped around is the book of life - as with DNA strands

Red sands of time in the dragon cornered hourglass
Green witch sent it flying - Tempus Fugit
The water splashed on the Green Witch destroyed her, leaving nothing but a vapor.
Water = Time. Green Witch - Greenwich - GMT / UTC.

Gravitational Red Shift

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Megas Thlipsis - Insights into Allegorical Models and Signs

21 For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. 22 Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. ~ Matthew 24:21-22

I've been writing about this Pesah season as megas thlipsis, great tribulation. It will be a season like no other. Time will be in flux, and there are perspectives where time will be shifted into the future. A great deception will be manifest and nearly everyone will fall prey to it - but a small number are about to be protected in what can be described as a space-time ark. Aaron and I still have plenty of questions about what's coming but answers continue to come as the Lord abides faithful to His promise of help. Insight is being brought into the scriptures and through multimedia presentations, and signs are being observed. More on signs later.

As demonstrated in Will No One Know the Day?, knowing the time of the Lord's coming is a key thread that runs through the entire 24th chapter of Matthew. Now, with a greater understanding of megas thlipsis, and seeing that as a central thread woven into the time theme of the passage, verse 37 suggests another point of comparison.

For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. ~ Matthew 24:37

Some will be like Noah, knowing the time in advance. It was Noah entered the ark, with his family and the creatures who were appointed to salvation, and so it will be on that same pattern. Did you read the accounts in Genesis and Jasher? An argument can be made that they entered a week before destruction was brought by the flood. Have you grasped how the water as time metaphor applies?

13 On the very same day Noah and Shem and Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife and the three wives of his sons with them, entered the ark, 14 they and every beast after its kind, and all the cattle after their kind, and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth after its kind, and every bird after its kind, all sorts of birds. 15 So they went into the ark to Noah, by twos of all flesh in which was the breath of life. 16 Those that entered, male and female of all flesh, entered as God had commanded him; and the Lord closed (Strongs H5462: sagar) it behind him. ~ Genesis 7:13-16

The Hebrew word for, “closed,” (verse 16) was used once before in a specially related context. In Genesis 2, the Lord God the Lord closed up something else, Adam's flesh, after putting him into a deep sleep and removing that which became his bride.

21 So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed (Strongs H5462: sagar) up the flesh at that place. 22 The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. 23 The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” ~ Genesis 2:21-23

That is a prophetic model of the Bride Theft, when the Bride is taken out of the Body of Christ, the last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45). Of course, this is not to say that the body of Christ is the ark, because the Bride has been sealed outside, not inside. See instead the pattern of how the Lord God will remove a Bride from the fleshy fleshly Body and make them separate distinct entities. See also that the Body of Christ is put into a deep sleep when the Bride is about to be removed. Is the Body of Christ not being anesthetized?

In the account given in Luke 17, the days of the Son of Man are compared to the days of Noah and also the days of Lot. Don't skip over the fact that we're literally talking about time parallels here; "days of." In Lot's day, most were destroyed but a few were saved, those who had been sealed inside Lot's house when the visiting angels shut the door (Genesis 19:10-11). The parallel to when God shut the door of the ark should be obvious, when those appointed for salvation were sealed inside. (Genesis 7:13-16) For those saved in Lot's house, it was made so that the men of Sodom who had been struck with blindness could not even find the doorway. Think about it as a time-space ark that vanished from their sight, with undiscoverable access. When fire and brimstone rained down from heaven destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, those who had been sealed inside Lot's house had already escaped to safety. Just such an escape to the mountains for safety is appointed for some who live in Judea during megas thlipsis, whose flight will be triggered when they see the abomination of desolation, according to Matthew 24:15-20, where the connection is established with Daniel 12.

This is definitely not an academic exercise, here. This is what real prepping looks like, the receiving of timely help from the Lord Who opens our eyes and ears so we may find our way through the narrow door, or the martyr's reward, wherever our good Shepherd may lead.

I mentioned the model of the Passover a couple days ago, referencing it from Hebrews 11. This is a fundamental model. What I wrote in The Exodus Archetype is a useful collateral study, if you're not already familiar with it. The houses of the believing Hebrews were models of the ark of salvation. Those who were being saved had been obedient to select and slay a lamb. The lamb's blood was put on the posts and lintel of the doors, creating a blood seal. When destruction visited the land in the plague of the firstborn, those sealed inside were safe. They escaped destruction, making their way through the sea. When the Passover week was over, the Hebrews (crossing over) had been passed over by destruction, arriving safely on the other side. They passed through the sea in martial array, in ranks of 50. They emerged as victors of a time-war, in type; alive, completely whole, bearing with them the spoils of Egypt.

Other Pesah models of the space-time ark are easily found, like when Israel had been brought into Egypt about four centuries earlier.

Joseph had arranged to bring all his brothers to Egypt, announcing to them that the Lord had sent him ahead to provide salvation. (Genesis 45) See Joseph and Benjamin - Part I and Part II for more detail. He had brought them into his private chamber for a special meal. Egypt was then a type of heaven, and only Joseph and his brothers supped together in that heavenly compartment. Joseph sent every other man away. Joseph (Y'shua) commissioned the brothers (144k sons of Israel), and perhaps Benjamin (the Bride) with them, sending them on a mission to quickly bring Jacob-Israel back to Egypt, so the family could reside in a special place for protection from the famine, in Goshen, the best of Egypt. The prophetic modeling in that scenario was begun at Pesah, and I believe the mission was completed at Shavuot, Pentecost, the wheat harvest. As I understand Revelation 7, there is a megas thlipsis that extends out to the completion of that mission and the harvest of the great multitude of Wheat saints.

For another private Pesah dinner with Y'shua modeling the space-time ark, consider the upper room where Judas was revealed. The large upper room is a spacious heavenly chamber. The context features the looming threat from the religious persecutors, and the work of the betrayer.

1 Now the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is called the Passover, was approaching. 2 The chief priests and the scribes were seeking how they might put Him to death; for they were afraid of the people. 3 And Satan entered into Judas who was called Iscariot, belonging to the number of the twelve. 4 And he went away and discussed with the chief priests and officers how he might betray Him to them. 5 They were glad and agreed to give him money. 6 So he consented, and began seeking a good opportunity to betray Him to them apart from the crowd. 7 Then came the first day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. 8 And Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and prepare the Passover for us, so that we may eat it.” 9 They said to Him, “Where do You want us to prepare it?” 10 And He said to them, “When you have entered the city, a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him into the house that he enters. 11 And you shall say to the owner of the house, ‘The Teacher says to you, “Where is the guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples?”’ 12 And he will show you a large, furnished upper room; prepare it there.” 13 And they left and found everything just as He had told them; and they prepared the Passover. 14 When the hour had come, He reclined at the table, and the apostles with Him. 15 And He said to them, “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer; 16 for I say to you, I shall never again eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.” ~ Luke 22:1-16

If the timing on this scenario looks different from the account in John, there's a reason for that. Are you familiar with what I've been led to write about John 13? Efforts made by scholars to merge or harmonize the accounts have met with some success, but I believe multiple time frames serve the Lord's multiple agendas. Judas is named as one of the 12, and the inclusion of the time number draws our attention. The man carrying the water in the pitcher is a sign to them, and to us. Water signals time. The message to be conveyed identifies the Lord as “The Teacher.” Why? Listen up, students, because there's a lesson here. In Luke's account, we see selected aspects of the megas thlipsis being dramatized. Threats surround them, and the betrayer is present, and an active participant, until he's sent on his special mission. Yet they were safe. He calls that meal in the upper room, the Passover. It speaks to me further of the upcoming Pesah week. Why does the naming of Passover seem to be used so loosely with respect to time? Perhaps it has something to say about time being in flux, warping ....

Preparations were made in advance of when the Pascal lamb was slain and eaten. The first official preparation for the feast was made with a lamb being selected on the 10th day of the 1st month. That's pointing to March 31, 2015, if you're paying attention. Many elements of these several prophetic models are soon to be fulfilled. Stay alert and watch. Some models suggest a sealing in from the 15th through the 21st days, the duration of the Feast, like how Noah and the others were in the ark for a week before destruction came. With what light I have at present, others seem to suggest a separation and sealing a few days earlier, even on the 12th day. We suspect there are agendas being advanced with diverse groups of saints on differing schedules.

In Acts 12, we find one of my favorite Bride Theft scenarios. (Passing Through the Iron Gate) Here's another chapter numbered with the time number, 12. Peter, playing the role of the Bride of Christ in this prophetic allegory, had been isolated from the outside world. He alone was saved in this scenario. The prison as ark of salvation. Note that James was killed by the sword at the time when Peter was imprisoned, who was quite possibly modeling those of the Bride company appointed for martyrdom. Megas Thlipsis. Herod (meaning, heroic) is a type of the Antichrist, the new incarnation of the hero of old.

1 Now about that time Herod the king laid hands on some who belonged to the church in order to mistreat them. 2 And he had James the brother of John put to death with a sword. 3 When he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded to arrest Peter also. Now it was during the days of Unleavened Bread. 4 When he had seized him, he put him in prison, delivering him to four squads of soldiers to guard him, intending after the Passover to bring him out before the people. 5 So Peter was kept in the prison, but prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God. 6 On the very night when Herod was about to bring him forward, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and guards in front of the door were watching over the prison. 7 And behold, an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared and a light shone in the cell; and he struck Peter’s side and woke him up, saying, “Get up quickly.” And his chains fell off his hands. 8 And the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and put on your sandals.” And he did so. And he said to him, “Wrap your cloak around you and follow me.” 9 And he went out and continued to follow, and he did not know that what was being done by the angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision. 10 When they had passed the first and second guard, they came to the iron gate that leads into the city, which opened for them by itself; and they went out and went along one street, and immediately the angel departed from him. 11 When Peter came to himself, he said, “Now I know for sure that the Lord has sent forth His angel and rescued me from the hand of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting.” ~ Acts 12:1-11

That Acts 12 scenario is a cryptic time prophecy, which I was led to from the one in Genesis 45, and these both identify this third year of the Shemitah as the one appointed for the Bride Theft. This revelation insight represented an absolutely HUGE advance in the progressive unfolding to me of the chronology of the end times, and the way of its unfolding through metaphor and allegory. The Lord had prompted me to ask about what I only knew to call, "the rapture," back in the day. “If it's not at the beginning of the seven, when is it?” What followed was insight into Genesis 45:6, Luke 12:38 (there's that chapter number again) and Acts 12:10. The answer was, after two years, in the third. It was a count I related to the celestial sign of Yom Teruah, 1991.

“Guard,” in Acts 12:10, is the Greek word, phulake, the same word that is translated, “watch”, in Luke 12:38. The years of this Shemitah are the watches of the night.

Whether he comes in the second watch, or even in the third, and finds them so, blessed are those slaves. ~ Luke 12:38

Phulake, is the word for, “watch,” in Matthew 24:43!

43 But be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into. ~ Matthew 24:43

The verses that flank that one speak to me about the need to endure, staying vigilant, on the alert for further refinement in this season with our attention fixed on the Shepherd Himself! Have we really received The Love of The Truth? These are the proving hours.

There's more of these scenarios to be brought forth but I want to pause for some personal testimony. The Lord has been keeping it real, keeping it very personal with engaging interaction in a variety of familiar ways. Aside from the timely provision of tokens of glory and His quick response to our frequent petitions for help, He has been granting the meaning of some cryptic dreams and visions. Closure.

Here's a dream Aaron received on August 17, 2014. We hadn't been led to published it until now.

“I was in some place with my dad. It was a house or something. My mom was still gone. It was winter time. Looking outside I see mountains or hills with an incredible amount of snow and ice. I've found myself buried under snow and ice, trying to climb out, but I couldn't. At this point I'm not sure if I woke up, or whether the dream just changed.

It was the Superbowl, and there was a major upset of a very unusual kind something strange happened, but I don't know what. I tried to call someone to tell them about it, but it was a strange sort of phone like the kind you would find in a hotel in the 1990's. The cord was ripped out of the phone somehow. I remember seeing something like a pay phone booth with many people around in a state of extreme excitement.

At this point the dream shifted again and I was in some sort of large glass type building on a lower level double door with large panes of glass looking outside. I was with someone, or maybe more than one I don't know. I recalled there was still in extreme type of excited energy all around, but not necessarily a good, or happy kind.

The next thing I know I'm looking out of the large panes of glass on the double door and I see a massive wall of rushing water. I was able to hold the doors closed but the power of the water forced it open a crack and some water came in. I said, "Displaced by water and time." Then another massive wall of water came much larger and stronger than the first, and I and two others were washed away with me. I remember seeing the three of us being washed away by two large trees that look like palm trees, and someone said, "God will make a place for us."

Then I woke up.”

Until the Lord was pouring out more insight about water-as-time, in the context of the season when the Devil has control over time, we really didn't know what to make of most of the dream. Leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, 2/1/15, we remembered the dream in several conversations, wondering what it might mean. We didn't pay attention to the game when the day finally came but we did give attention to the half time show. The highly controversial results of the game seems to explain part of it, just part, but what we noted in the days and weeks that followed was how the day actually marked a significant transition. I'm not going to go into detail but a different season of personal preparation had arrived, one that made no sense unless it was the season of finality and closure. When the Lord more recently brought that dream to mind, when He was informing us about water-as-time in the context of the abbreviated “megas thlipsis,” we began to understand how it applied on both a personal and a more corporate level. This vague story will make more sense when we look at the Gospel accounts of storms on the sea of Galilee, but it's about time wars, the enemy's assault and our preparation and provision. There will be victory over death in that second wave, because, God will make a place for us, an ark of safety. The time war would destroy all flesh, but through the agency of the elect and while they are under special protection, those days of megas thlipsis will be cut short. Special ops, special provision.

While I was writing the previous paragraph, the Lord used a “phones” sign to validate the fitness of the presentation for Aaron and I. We need the Lord's help constantly in real time. That's how it is for those of us who are awake and alert. He had done it earlier with a War of the Worlds (1953) sign, involving another brother also who made timely contact.

19 So then, when the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was received up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God. 20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed. ~ Mark 16:19-20

During the season of the initial outpouring of insight about megas thlipsis, the Lord reminded me of a vision-like experience I had back in 2005 or 6, when I heard a heavenly choir. I wrote about that back in November of 2013, in a post titled, Part 19 - Celestial Stargates - River and Serpent Symbolism. After Aaron and I had followed the Lord's leading to review many passages of scripture and connect many dots. He brought us to passages where storms were tossing the boats on the sea of Galilee. After that, maybe on the third or fourth day of all this latter rain drenching, He brought us to review the verse by verse comparison between John 13 and Revelation 13 and 14. (John 13 and Revelation 13 and 14 - Comparing Thirty-Eight Verse Pairs) When we got to John 13:21 == Revelation 14:3, The Lord reminded me of when I heard the heavenly choir.

As I reflected on that and the context of my hearing it, I occurred to me that theme of that special evening was, Rivers. My dear Mennonite brother Jacob and the children of his middle school class were singing a song about a river, and the Lord gave me to hear what it sounded like on the other side. It was awesome! The river of time - stargate opened to the heavenly realm.

The little town we were in was, Bangor, if I remember correctly. On the way there and back, we passed a casino that was associated with a local tribe of Maidu indians, the Tyme Maidu. Tyme ~ Time? Maidu, means, man. The local watershed is all about the Feather River and Lake Oroville, which was created by the Oroville Dam (at 770 feet high, it is the tallest dam in the U.S.). The “Feather” River. The Lord has been emphasizing to me over the last few days how rivers wind through the land like the path of a serpent. Feather River - Feathered Serpent - Amaru. Time flies like an arrow, which has feathers. Remember the posts about the Apple Clock sign and Uli John Roth - Tempus Fugit? Time Flies? Feathered animals typically fly, with feathered wings, symbols of beings with the ability to traverse dimensions. Oroville was formerly known as Ophir City. The nickname is still, City of Gold. Read Psalm 45 lately?

In that same post about the river and serpent symbolism where I told that story, I mentioned when I had been taken to a realm near the Throne of the Most High that I call the timeless place, and that experience must also be revisited here. That was unique, not being repeated to this very day. As led, you can read more about it here (Search The Open Scroll for "The Timeless Place" -- then use your ctrl-F browser search to find exactly where the phrase occurs in the large result page returned by the search.) Why was it a "hosted" time mission? Preview? As incredible as it seems, what led up to the experience lends it credibility. I had just returned from The Apostles Gathering in Anaheim, in 1999. I went there after my attendance was confirmed with a vivid sign that had to do with locking down the relationship between the Shemitah and the millennial cycles. It was all orchestrated by the Lord, and now, closure is being brought.

Shortly after The Apostles Gathering, I had an accident on the job and lost some fingers. Five days later, I had a dream that I have just gotten more insight into. More closure. You can read a little more about it here. My Accident on 11/2/99 and Dream on 11/7/99, but here's the bulk of it.

“I had a dream the Sunday night following my table saw accident. I was fighting a snake. It was a very short dream. The snake was very threatening and struggling to attack, but I placed the index finger of my left hand on the back of his head and pressed down. As much as he tried, the snake couldn't strike while I had my finger on him. I just used enough pressure to restrain him, but I must have realized that I couldn't just maintain this situation because the snake would have resumed his attack if I lifted my finger, so I pressed down really hard and held it. After a few moments the snake stopped struggling and became motionless, and, while that was happening I found myself aware that I was actually feeling pressure from my hand inside the cast. I had been pressing with my hand, even feeling the pressure on the tip of the index finger that I don't have anymore. I thought that was odd, and with that thought, I woke up somewhat, concerned whether or not I hurt my hand by doing that. (I wasn't supposed to do anything with my hand yet and I had been exerting a lot of pressure. I had cut off my fingers only 5 days earlier.) When I realized I didn't hurt myself, that I just had the lingering sensation of pressing with the tip of my index finger, I drifted back to sleep. In the dream, all I could see was the head of the snake facing to the right and my left hand and nothing else. When I was waking up and remembered this dream I thought about the snake, that it had been green, and that I must have killed him or put it out of threatening status.

When I got up, I told my wife my dream, not having given it much thought. She didn't comment on it because of the company we had visiting at the time. When I laid down for a nap later in the day, I remembered the dream and it startled me that I hadn't realized before that it was a prophetic dream. As to the interpretation; the snake is the devil, and the tip of my index finger I don't have any more is the Lord's power. By His power He will use me to destroy the power of the Serpent! This has been confirmed through a number of people who have spontaneously brought forth prophetic words. The evidence of this has been seen to a certain degree, and I believe it will be multiplied.”

Again, the Lord has been emphasizing to me over the past few days how rivers wind through the land like the path of a serpent or a traveling serpent. As I was writing the above bit about the heavenly choir, I came across the post, Part 19 - Celestial Stargates - River and Serpent Symbolism. Now I'm putting it together. The green snake has to do with time, and very specifically the megas thlipsis when the Serpent has control of time. Wow!

Have you read Greg's comment on a recent post? There's a sign.

More signs have come today, but enough for this post.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Megas Thlipsis - more Briefing

I closed the previous post with a reminder that the expression, “time, times and half a time” literally refers to time, multiplied time and fractional time. It's a simple description of a controlled wormhole, a portal through time-space domains. How is one time-space referential system changed relative to another? Consider what the time traveling tare, Mr. Darnell, had to say in the film, The Penitent Man (2010). “You harness a wormhole, speed up one end and slow down the other.

A time, times, and half a time. A portal through time may be opened when a wormhole is harnessed: TIME. Speed up one end: TIMES. Slow down the other end: HALF A TIME. A time shift or differential is generated. Again, this is what the construct in Daniel 12:5-7 pictures, Revelation 12:14 and Matthew 24.

Explore and compare the contexts. This refers to the “megas thlipsis” and it's related to the abomination of desolation, when Satan has control over time and the ability to facilitate stargate transit.

26 And after the sixty and two weeks, cut off is Messiah, and the city and the holy place are not his, the Leader who hath come doth destroy the people; and its end [is] with a flood [WATER=TIME], and till the end [is] war [TIME WAR], determined [are] desolations. 27 And he hath strengthened a covenant with many -- one week, and [in] the midst of the week he causeth sacrifice and present to cease, and by the wing of abominations [WING - for interdimensional flight] he is making desolate, even till the consummation, and that which is determined is poured on the desolate one.'” ~ Daniel 9:26-27 (YLT)

Many false assumptions have been made from that passage, two of which are that a treaty with Israel is a sign and that “midst” means “mid-point.”

The Adversary knows this activity is coming, yet seeing only that which he must see to be able to accomplish the objectives that have been foreordained by the sovereign God. His time-shifting exploits will seal his fate.

Watch this clip from The Hunger Games - Catching Fire to see a bean-spilling view of “megas thlipsis.” The water is time. See the dial being twisted that controls time keeping, which is being used as the metaphor for time itself as it unfolds within the domed habitat where the games are played.

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire - Spinning Cornucopia

Hickory Dickory Dock ...“The mouse ran up the clock,” goes the nursery rhyme being repeated by the traumatized woman. Sequenced deadly plagues are in view, like in Egypt prior to the Pesah and exodus. When he's done, the Gamemaker, in a separate control room outside their space-time domain (like the man in linen above the waters of the river in Daniel 12), gives the technician direction: “Okay. That's enough. Let's see how they tell time now.” The clock, or time itself within their domain, is reset. Plutarch Heavensbee is the Gamemaker character's name. “Plutarch,” was a Greek then Roman historian, famous for authoring, “Parallel Lives.” “Heavensbee:” The Bee goddess, Queen of the heavenly hive - facilitating the life and dimensional transiting. The heroine, Katniss Everdeen, was cast into the tumultuous waters, being shifted from one hour-time zone of the clock to another after many revolutions.

Of just that film alone, like with The Penitent Man, post after post after post could be written with a focus on the coming time-space ark and megas thlipsis scenarios.

There are different referential systems in play. One sees the sequential flow of time progressing day by day “in real time” it could be said. Another sees time truncated, where it suddenly becomes the future, kind of how it seems when you wake up from a sound sleep. Like how lightning can flash in a moment of time, the zigs and zags may be appear instantaneously. Time, times and half a time. Non-linear flow. In one time frame, events seem accelerated into the future, in another, as into the past, or slowed, even paused.

One scenario of megas thlipsis has to do with Satan's falling like lightning (Luke 10:18) in a forked path from heaven to earth, diagrammed like tracing a zig and a zag time vector.

In Occult media, a demonstration of a facet of this can be seen in I, pet goat II - from Heliofant. In the segment of the official video spanning 1:45-2:05, pay attention to the clock tower pointing at 12 o-clock. Keep an eye on the the clock tower because it's identified with the lightning in the Bible verse referencing grafitti. The very moment we see the clock tower+lightning (“Back to the Future”) swung around in the pan-and-zoom motion to align with the leaper, down into the sea he goes! Clock as time, with the time number 12 showing. Water as time. The lightning “time-vector change” symbol is associated with the clock tower (implying also the church bell facilitating a dimensional transit), so when that lines up with the leaper he immediately falls from heaven to earth into the water-time symbol. The leaper is Satan, cast out of heaven as in Revelation 12. He then manifests as the Beast, seen by John in Revelation 13:1 as rising from the sea - from out of time, from biblical history.

For the lawless one to be revealed, a time-space portal must open for the Antichrist anointing (Horus birth-resurrection), an “unrestraining” event that permits his emergence from the underworld realm. That initial “zig” of the time line path manifests at the opening of the portal, and control over time-space has been acquired. It must be said that, despite what it will look like, the sovereign God remains sovereign, and everything will be unfolding according to His plan. The time mission appointed through the agency of the elect involves an intervention, a seizing back of control because there's a fixed limit and specific condition that must exist when this is over. The elect will be sealed in the ark of sorts, a special containment zone of time-space. According to the language of Matthew 24:22, those days are cut short. This resetting of the time line happens from one perspective at the end of Pesah, which I've been referring to as the “zag” of the zig-zag path. So, between the zig and zag are those days which are cut short. That, very specifically is megas thlipsis, the great tribulation.

The school of I, pet goat II's scene appears like a church because there's a lesson here, fellow students. Like Psalm 23:2 declares, “...He leads me beside quiet waters.” In this season there will be quiet waters, where time is undisturbed, for those led to this place by the Lord, our Shepherd.

Read the whole Psalm. It's applicable during megas thlipsis!

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. 3 He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. ~ Psalm 23

Monday, March 23, 2015

Those Days of Great Tribulation are Probably not what you Think

During the last week or so, Aaron and I have been getting closure on many things that have great import. The Lord is being so kind in keeping us grounded, a necessary provision for keeping it real in a season that would otherwise seem quite surreal. You may be able to relate to an observation I expressed in a recent email about this intense season, that it's, almost like we're supernatural schizophrenics - bi-polar in the Lord because the contrasting emotions are strong - but yet with a sound mind and steadfast awareness of the Lord's comforting presence. There is, on one hand, a lightness and jubilation with a deep refreshing brought by the Lord, while alternately there is the feeling the Lord Himself also shares of the profound burdens for those on the other side of judgment. This breadth and depth of emotional connectness is a requirement for the work.

What I'm about to share in this post isn't going to be readily grasped by most folks. It should raise more questions than it answers. In the previous post, I introduced some insight about a time metaphor that was collateral to a key revelation insight about Matthew 24:22 that was granted a week ago yesterday. Through it, the Lord brought Aaron and I to a deeper understanding of the days that lie ahead. I've declared how The Open Scroll and Beyond The Veil is a Noah's Ark kind of work, appointed for salvation, and that comparison is more descriptive than you might suppose. While some have testified how it has already brought them to salvation in Y'shua, the core of the work is appointed for a very special season that is nearly upon us.

For several days in a row, Aaron had been obsessing over Matthew 24:22. He had been pressing in to discover why the Lord had fixated him on that, coming to the Lord's clear prompting of the question, “What days?”

21 For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. 22 Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. ~ Matthew 24:21-22

We didn't know where this was going to go but we have learned that the Lord always prompts a question He intends to answer, then provides insight at the proper time. He has been engaging Aaron and I as a team, independently first, then together - a routine that is not at all unfamiliar. Clearly, we were missing something important. On March 15th, we reflected on an email exchange with a brother in the Lord named Paul, had some prayer and a season of discussion. The time had come. The Lord brought us to the short answer to the driving question: The days that will be cut short are those when the Devil has control over time. This conclusion brought some startling insight about the hidden meaning of verse 21's “great tribulation,” megas thlipsis in the Greek. We began to explore the immediate context of Matthew 24 with this in mind and then tracked the thread into related passages as the Lord shined the brighter Light. I can't say that this insight has invalidated everything we thought we knew about great tribulation, but this fresh insight and the validation that has followed is so compelling we find it irresistible.

While some declare that seven years are identified with great tribulation, and others, half that, there is a reality where it will only last for about a week. Bear with me, there's a lot of ground to be covered on this point. That week is this upcoming Feast of Pesah, also known as Hag haMatzot. This version or fulfillment of megas thlipsis will conclude on the last day, which is now known to be April 11, 2015. In a wider sense, the 9 days inclusive of the 13th to the 21st might even be considered megas thlipsis.

This span is measured according to one particular referencial system. If you consider what I noted in the previous post about Daniel 12:5-7, this measure is from the perspective of someone on one bank of the river of time. From another perspective and dimensional consideration, time itself will be in flux, disconnected and non-linear, until it is anchored once again and synchronized to the time-space domain on the other side of the river of time, so to speak. The Dragon is going to have control over time and be permitted to make some changes within appointed limits but not everyone and everything will be impacted and under his control. The Sovereign God's domain is exempt, of course, and those whom He has isolated and insulated, who are sealed as in a time-space bubble, an ark of salvation.

This is food served at the proper time. We've been blogging about an upcoming time mission for years. We recently saw it in connection with the last day of this coming Pesah, and now the Lord has shined a greater light on its context.

A simple illustration is provided by a classic film from 1960, The Time Machine.

The Time Machine (1960) -Time Differential

It's presented here as the man in the time machine traveling into the future. The principle involved is that a time-space referential system is separated from another when there is flux, a time differential, then they are rejoined with a potentially out of sync condition.

I could go on for months detailing and documenting these things, but there are only a couple weeks remaining so I won't be doing that - at least not on the blog or in this body as things are today. So, explore these things further, or not, as led. If it's for you, the Lord will open it to you and shine His spotlight. The Lord has diverse plans for the members of His Body, which at present includes His Bride people. All you personally need to get and give is just what He has for you, as an individual member. I note how some with Dr. Stephen Jones (author of Secrets of Time in Prophecy) have been planning for a well timed mission: Decree to Commission the Overcomers for Coronation (March 21, 2015). “Heavenly Father, at Your direction we DECREE the commissioning of Your Saints for their formal coronation in the United Kingdom of God at Passover 2015. ” We don't need to have an overview of everything the Lord is doing. We just need to mind our own business, whatever it happens to be, seeking the Lord's help to be attentive and faithful to the tasks at hand. We servants can trust that our Master has things well in hand.

What's about to manifest is a time war - turf war, where heavenly time-space domains are at stake. You fight fire with fire, as the expression goes, and you fight time with time. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what it looks like to Aaron and I, and we can't deny that what the Lord has been doing in this season makes it quite compelling. Since 2008, I've written about a pending anti-flood, describing the Adversary's avenging of his fallen angels with a prison break. He has to spring the time lock with a dam buster, releasing the reservoir of water-time to flood this realm. That can't come without the agent for such first getting hold of the key to unlock the abyss. Apollyon-Abaddon-Shiva-Horus is appointed as the Dragon's agent. He will succeed but only in part. See him as the sovereign God's agent, a servant with a mission, and also see time itself as a servant construct. The Lord God I serve is the Lord and master of time, and it is His will that is ultimately being fulfilled in all this. As inconceivable as a time mission might seem, the Lord has chosen to involve human agents in His plan. It's not really very different from what happened in Joshua's long day.

12 Then Joshua spoke to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, “O sun, stand still at Gibeon, and O moon in the valley of Aijalon.” 13 So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until the nation avenged themselves of their enemies. Is it not written in the book of Jashar? And the sun stopped in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. 14 There was no day like that before it or after it, when the Lord listened to the voice of a man; for the Lord fought for Israel. ~ Joshua 10:12-14

Where else have we seen such a reference to the uniqeness of a situation with time manipulation in a war?

21 For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. 22 Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. ~ Matthew 24:21-22

Have you read Jasher 6 and Genesis 7? When Noah went in the ark the Lord sealed it shut. Those inside were protected. Seven days later, the waters of a great flood brought destruction to those outside the ark. See the water as time. Those sealed inside were saved. Ruminate on that model. They were sealed inside a time-space ark. Compare the context of Jasher 6:18 to that of Luke 13:25.

Here's two more examples, primary models involving the first Pesah.

28 By faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood, so that he who destroyed the firstborn would not touch them. 29 By faith they passed through the Red Sea as though they were passing through dry land; and the Egyptians, when they attempted it, were drowned. ~ Hebrews 11:28-29

Passover = pass over, the agent of destruction passes over the protected zone of people without touching those sealed in with the blood of the lamb. The blood on the doorpost and lintel sealed in the occupants during the plague of the firstborn. That kind of plague indicates a selection by sequence, by time - the firstborn, and a limit is established according to sequence and time. The water as time metaphor is seen in the passing through of the sealed and healed people on dry land through the midst of the sea. Waters stood in a heap as on the banks of a river, inverted. The wind was involved, spirit, and also the agency of Moses. Passing through time, which subsequently destroyed the pursuing army. Time wars - We're not making this stuff up! The people were sealed in with the blood applied on the 14th day of the first month. The firstborn were struck and the midnight cry went up on the 15th day. It is accepted that the crossing through the sea came with its salvation-destruction on the last day of the feast, the day with the numbering of the fullness of time, the 21st.

The passage from Hebrews 11 continues with another model, which begins shortly after the circumcision and first Pesah celebrated in the promised land.

By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encircled for seven days. ~ Hebrews 11:30

At the shouting and blowing of trumpets the walls fell flat. 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15 should come to mind.

Now, consider the word translated tribulation in Matthew 24:21.

Strongs Concordance G2347: “thlĂ­psis” – properly, pressure (what constricts or rubs together), used of a narrow place that "hems someone in"; tribulation, especially internal pressure that causes someone to feel confined (restricted, "without options").

Thlipsis is used of a narrow place that hems someone in. Take it literally. Hemmed in a narrow place, as having passed through the narrow gate into a confined place of protection - sealed in like an ark.

22 And He was passing through from one city and village to another, teaching, and proceeding on His way to Jerusalem. 23 And someone said to Him, “Lord, are there just a few who are being saved?” And He said to them, 24 “Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. 25 Once the head of the house gets up and shuts the door, and you begin to stand outside and knock on the door, saying, ‘Lord, open up to us!’ then He will answer and say to you, ‘I do not know where you are from.’ 26 Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in Your presence, and You taught in our streets’; 27 and He will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you are from; depart from Me, all you evildoers.’ 28 In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but yourselves being thrown out. 29 And they will come from east and west and from north and south, and will recline at the table in the kingdom of God. 30 And behold, some are last who will be first and some are first who will be last.” ~ Luke 13:22-30

Within a couple weeks, we believe most will fall prey to a great hoax, not having received the love of the truth so as to be saved. Others, found trustworthy and therefore not needing to be written to about times and epochs, will not be taken by surprise. They will be sealed in, protected during megas thlipsis as having entered through the narrow door. I had previously concluded that the saints with soiled robes would find themselves locked out when the Bride is stolen away, but we see now that her separation comes earlier, when the living are sealed as in an ark. Some will die, as a blood sacrifice, martyred, but some will live and enter “The Time Machine,” in a sense, a pocket universe, a time-space ark. I have much more to convey about this.

The Lord drew my attention several years ago to a time pivot in the language of the passage in Matthew 24, and that led to Aaron's revelation insight when we met and discussed verse 22 in July-August of 2011. His attention was drawn to the word "sake," which is translated from the Greek preposition dia. What it really informs us about is the Lord's working through the agency of the elect so that all life or flesh will not be destroyed, but rather saved. How could that possibly be? Because a time war is that big of a threat.

Consider the time pivot, how the tense swings from before the fulcrum event to after it, then returns back again. It signals a time shift.

21 for there shall be then great tribulation, such as was not from the beginning of the world till now [the PAST], no, nor may be [the FUTURE]. 22 And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would have been saved [now looking back from the future into the past]; but because of the chosen, shall those days be shortened.[now looking ahead to the event]~ Matthew 24:21-22 (YLT)

The time shift is appointed for salvation, and the Lord involves His elect in this time war. The period of megas thlipsis, when Satan has control over time, will be truncated, specifically limited. The Bride together with 144k sons of Israel will be in a protected zone or zones. You might think I'm making this up, scripting a fanciful sci-fi adventure but I'm quite serious. There's scriptures that picture this in prophetic allegory, and it's been modeled over and over in literature and in multimedia presentations. Some will be sealed in a time machine of sorts, in a protective bubble, around which will flow the destroying influence of the time warp.

The following passage about the one who will be a star in the big show doesn't say that he will intend to make alterations in the measurement of times. There's a difference. He will be granted success.

25 He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time. 26 But the court will sit for judgment, and his dominion will be taken away, annihilated and destroyed forever. 27 Then the sovereignty, the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints of the Highest One; His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him.’ 28 “At this point the revelation ended. As for me, Daniel, my thoughts were greatly alarming me and my face grew pale, but I kept the matter to myself.” ~ Daniel 7:25-27

There's the linguistic construct of “time, times and half a time” again, like in Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 12:14. Remember, the expression, “time, times and half a time” literally refers to time, multiplied time and fractional time. It's actually a cryptic description of a wormhole!

More to follow, Lord willing!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Beyond the Veil" Updated - Plus Fresh Revelation Forthcoming - and - New Day, Month and Year!

For years, I've had the updating of the Beyond the Veil collection in my queue of side projects. I've made some effort in recent years without it bearing much fruit, but finally, in this remarkable season of finality and closure, the Lord has made the provision. Most of it is untouched, but some key insights have been added.

I recommend, at the least, becoming familiar with these two pages:

Beyond The Veil
A Glimpse of the Lord's Appointment Book

While that content is very fresh, it doesn't represent what we have just begun to see in a brighter light, which shines upon what lies just ahead. The ongoing work of chronicling has been paused while the Lord continues this other work with Aaron and I, preparing for what's coming in the 1st month of the year. We have been engaged by the Lord in compelling ways that bring us to the kind of assurance we need, to be able to publish a word like the one Aaron just published without thinking that we've joined the ranks of the nutters, and to move forward with an acceptance of the revelation received that establishes the context.

Before sharing more about that, which has sprung from another key revelation insight about Matthew 24:22, let me give you some collateral insight for a foundation. Most of us are familiar with how time is sometimes compared to a river. If you search this blog for river of time you'll find some posts of interest.

The following excerpt is one example that is particularly relevant. (From Part 23 - Celestial Stargates)

“This is where the symbol of the river of time factors in because the Adversary's plot intends to exploit time to win the ultimate victory. “Throw the basket in the river and drown him,” in the river of time.

The flying monkey sets the basket containing Toto on the pillar right behind the hourglass. The hourglass is a symbol of time itself, and the sands of time are as the river of time, flowing evenly from the future through the present and into the past. The basket is behind the hourglass, which is to say that the hourglass is superimposed over the basket. They are linked, one with the other. We don't see the dog, we see the basket. “Throw that basket in the river,” the river of time. The basket represents some kind of containment. As set upon the pillar, the stargate mechanism is in view. ”

We had light that was bright enough for then, but we've been upgraded for the present work. A higher security clearance has been granted into the secrets. Rivers and other bodies of water and containers are used as a metaphor for time in esoteric works, in Occult works and also in the Bible. As a brief, I'm going to introduce you to 2 chapters of note where this is the case - and which are about to be fulfilled. For some of you, this may already be familiar territory, but the Lord has reserved this presentation for today.

5 Then I, Daniel, looked and behold, two others were standing, one on this bank of the river and the other on that bank of the river. 6 And one said to the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “How long will it be until the end of these wonders?” 7 I heard the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, as he raised his right hand and his left toward heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever that it would be for a time, times, and half a time; and as soon as they finish shattering the power of the holy people, all these events will be completed. ~ Daniel 12:5-7

The river is the river of time. Two stood by it, one on each bank, on the earth but distinctly separated by time, which is to say, in different referencial systems. The man dressed in linen who was above the waters of the river was over the river of time, above or beyond time and unbound to either referential system. One standing on a bank asked him a question about time which, of course, would pertain to his particular frame of reference. The man dressed in linen swore by Him who lives forever, which is a descriptive that pertains to time and declares the relevant domain of His authority, which is time. The answer given contains a very interesting reference to how long it would be. Although it is typically interpreted to simply indicate the span of three and a half years, there's more to it than just that. The expression, “time, times and half a time” literally refers to time, multiplied time and fractional time. Consider the symbolism of the context, with the answer being given in response to the question prompted by the one who stood on one bank.

The other chapter is also numbered 12 in series, in the book of Revelation.

13 And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. 14 But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent. 15 And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. 16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth. ~ Revelation 12:13-16

The water represents time. Again, we find a reference to “time and times and half a time.” There are transits between dimensional compartments pictured, and one appointed for protection is distinct from our familiar time-space frame of reference. The wars in heaven are star wars, angel wars, fought in heavenly realms over stargates opened through time-space.

From the heavens the stars fought, from their courses (mecillah - kindgom viaduct - stargate) they fought against Sisera. ~ Judges 5:20

The context of the the passages in Daniel 12 and Revelation 12 matches that of Matthew 24, around verse 22. We're talking about Pesah, 2015.

This post brings the count of posts to 1200. That's 12 x 100. It's posted on 3/21. The numbers 12 and 21 are both time numbers, and one is a mirror of the other. The post is about: TIME. Again, there's been no intent or manipulation on my part to produce this feature. It's just an observation of facts and truths, and characteristic of the past week in particular. The Lord is bringing closure to the season, in so many ways.

As I publish this, I just got word that Karaites have reported sighting the new moon. It is the first day of the first month! Both signs of the maturing Bride have been witnessed!

From Nehemia Gordon's Facebook page:

The New Moon of the Aviv from the Eilat Mountains in southern Israel on March 21, 2015. The moon was sighted from this location by Nehemia Gordon at 5:53pm and by Tim Arndt at 6:01pm. The sky over the Eilat Mountains was perfectly clear. The moon was still clearly visible to both observers from the Eilat Mountains at 6:50 pm.

The 13th day of the month will begin at sunset on April 2nd. Is there an epic April Fools Day coming?

A Word and Vision from the Lord (through Aaron Hermann)

I was struck with a terrible feeling of fear and panic, and then I had a vision.

I saw a man in a black button shirt. He had a casual look about him as the shirt was worn casually tucked in with an open collar. He was wearing a kippah and sunglasses. He was standing over some kind of overlook platform like you see at the side of the road near parks and such. He was leaning on the railing looking outward. He turned his head and looked at me and then we both looked outward. It was overlooking a great valley that appeared to be desert type landscape. It was a valley for certain.

I looked to the right and saw a large mountain. I had the sense it was Mt. Hermon.

The vision shifted and I saw what seemed like a great cloud of dust. I was somewhere else, in the cloud of dust it looked like large tanks and military transport trucks were being moved around. Then I saw a soldier in a Jeep and I asked him, "What is happening?"

He was in the drivers seat in an open Jeep and was facing me. He lifted his left arm and pointed to the sky to my right. I knew without looking that he was pointing to UFO's. I had the sense there were three or four large objects in the sky. The feeling of fear and panic was overwhelming.

The vision ended, and I was terribly shaken and I asked the Lord what was happening. Why was I having this terrible feeling?

He spoke to me and said, "The invasion is imminent. The fear and panic will be more than anyone will be able to bear through their own agency. I have assured it. Only those with My protection will be able to endure. The fear and panic will cause them to cry out for a savior to make it stop, to save them from the terror and terrible panic that is seizing upon them."

I sat for a bit and then another word came forth.

"The invasion is imminent. These are the days you have proclaimed them to be. Only those sealed in My protection will escape. All else shall fall prey to the Great Deception I have spoken of in My word. Since the beginning of time no such thing has occurred, nor shall ever occur again."

Thus saith the Lord.

The Lord spoke one final word to me before this season ended.

"It is for judgment's sake that these things must occur."

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friday: Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox - Rare - and a sign

We have been promised signs in the heavens, and this is one.

Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox: Friday will see three rare celestial events

From one perspective, this biblical age has never seen a vernal equinox solar eclipse quite like this one. Similar ones have only rarely been seen. Our research indicates that two of note occurred in connection with significant events with Nimrod. In another season, that might get more ink, but our attention is elsewhere.

This rare solar eclipse comes at the end of the 12th month on the Lord's calendar. With the barley found to be aviv, the coming month is going to be the 1st. We'll soon know for sure about the start day, but my best guess at this point is that the 3rd lunar eclipse of the highly publicized blood moon tetrad will come on the 14th day of the 1st month. Our expectation is that the upcoming 13th day is going to be very, very special, and that the prelude itself will be epic.

We have much more to report on what's been going on, Lord willing. This is an extraordinary season! The Lord is faithful, Who has promised!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Aviv Report! The Barley is mature!

The Karaite-Korner report: Aviv Barley Found - Hebrew year to begin with new moon on March 21, 2015

I wouldn't declare the very day, until the time of the official sighting arrives, but the next new moon will begin the 1st month! Bride candidates - this is awesome news! The timing of this report's arrival is amazing. What an amazing season this is!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

CERN's Lord of the Dance

Update: Also see this more recent post (Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine) that features this video: Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine

The LHC supercollider is expected to be operating at record breaking energy levels any day now, amid much speculation about the potential for opening a wormhole/stargate. Reports of entities appearing during the last round of tests add to possible connections with earthquakes, and interviews given by physicists involved with the projects do nothing to soothe the mind. Neither does the video production made for the launch. (Thanks John)

Bizarre ‘Dance Of Destruction’ Performed At CERN Ahead Of Launch

The circle on the salt flat is the image of a magic circle. Info turned up in a web search for the use of salt in magic circle will make it obvious. (The usual caveat applies - get the Lord's permission before visiting sites.)

The skin color of the black performer is being used as the symbol for evil, representing the demons the circle provides protection from. When the purpose for casting a magic circle involves a spell, energy is raised inside the circle (bubble) and then is sent out (cast) into the universe at the opportune moment.

CERN's LHC has to do with CERNunnos, the god invoked in many spells. (See December 21 Celebrates the Birth of CERNunnos)

The hand is as the Horus hand or the hand of Isis, the black madonna, and the fingers 3 and 4 on the physicist's ear signs the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis.

The town where the LHC complex is situated is Saint Genis Pouilly. In Roman times it was apparently called Apolliacum. The town and a temple were dedicated to Apollyon - the destroyer. aka Shiva, aka Horus.

I see the image of the concentric circles as the representation of the dispersion of subatomic particles at a high energy proton collision. It's attended by a ringing sound and then by thunder. Ringing: Bells facilitate dimensional transit. Thunder: Satan falls like lightning. The image of the collision presents the ancient XO or circle Cross Mark of the Beast symbol. OTO doctrine declares that the union of the X and O produces the flash of lightning from the Abyss to establish the throne of Isis. The time-space portal is opened and the figure of a man transits through from another dimension.


One man's interpretation is in this For more that is of interest, see Wikipedia's, CERN - In popular culture.

Understanding something of cosmology, history and the significance of the idol of Shiva doing the Dance of the Nateraj provides more insight into what the LHC is about.

Brief video illustrating the idol Shiva, Lord of the Dance

The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in the Trinity test in New Mexico. Afterward, physicist and director of the Manhattan Project J. Robert Oppenheimer famously remarked how it brought to mind: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." He had learned Sanskrit in 1933 and read the Bhagavad Gita in the original form. He citied it later as one of the most influential books to shape his philosophy of life. The quote was from verse 32 of chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita.

The following excerpt is copied from, Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva. (Written and also arranged from various manuscripts and articles by Philippe L. De Coster, B.Th., D.D. - Gita Society of Belgium Branch of International Gita Society (IGS/USA) © 2001-2012)

These iconographic details of Nataraja are to be read, according to the Hindu tradition, in terms of a complex pictorial allegory. The most common figures depict a four-armed Shiva. These multiple arms represent the four cardinal directions. Each hand either holds an object or makes a specific mudra (gesture).

The upper right hand holds a hour-glass drum which is a symbol of creation. It is beating the pulse of the universe. The drum also provides the music that accompanies Shivas dance. It represents sound as the first element in an unfolding universe, for sound is the first and most pervasive of the elements. The story goes that when Shiva granted the boon of wisdom to the ignorant Panini (the great Sanskrit grammarian), the sound of the drum encapsulated the whole of Sanskrit grammar. The first verse of Paninis grammar is in fact called Shiva sutra.

The hour-glass drum also represents the male and female vital principles; two triangles penetrate each other to form a hexagon. When they part, the universe also dissolves. The opposite hand, the upper left, bears on its palm a tongue of flames. Fire is the element of destruction of the world. According to Hindu mythology at the end of the world, it will be fire that will be the instrument of annihilation. Thus in the balance of these two hands is illustrated a counterpoise of creation and destruction. Sound against flames, ceaselessness of production against an insatiate appetite of extermination.

The second right hand is held in the abhaya (literally "without fear") pose and so a gesture of protection, as an open palm is most likely to be interpreted. It depicts the god as a protector.

The left leg is raised towards the right leg and reaches across it; the lower left hand is stretched across the body and points to the upraised left foot which represents release from the cycle of birth and death. Interestingly, the hand pointing to the uplifted foot is held in a pose imitative of the outstretched trunk of an elephant. In Sanskrit this is known as the gaja-hasta-mudra (the posture of the elephant trunk), and is symbolic of Ganesha, Shivas son, the Remover of obstacles.

Shiva dances on the body of a dwarf apasmara-purusha (the man of forgetfulness) who embodies indifference, ignorance and laziness. Creation, indeed all creative energy is possible only when the weight of inertia (the tamasic darkness of the universe) is overcome and suppressed. The Nataraja image thus addresses each individual to overcome complacency and get his or her own act together.

The ring of fire and light, which circumscribes the entire image, identifies the field of the dance with the entire universe. The lotus pedestal on which the image rests locates this universe in the heart or consciousness of each person.

The Nataraja image is also eloquent of the paradox of Eternity and Time. It shows us that the reposeful ocean and the racing stream are not finally distinct. This wonderful lesson can be read in the significant contrast of the incessant, triumphant motion of the swaying limbs to the balance of the and the immobility of the mask-like countenance. Shiva is Kala, meaning time, but he is also Maha Kala, meaning Great Time or eternity. As Nataraja, King of dancers, his gestures, wild and full of grace, precipitate the cosmic illusion; his flying arms and legs and the swaying of his torso produce the continuous creation- destruction of the universe, death exactly balancing birth. The choreography is the whirligig of time. History and its ruins, the explosion of suns, are flashes from the tireless swinging sequence of the gestures. In the beautiful cast metal figurines, not merely a single phase or movement, but the entirety of this cosmic dance is miraculously rendered. The cyclic rhythm, flowing on and on in the unstayable, irreversible round of the Mahayugas, or Great Eons, is marked by the beating and stamping of the Masters heels. But the face remains, meanwhile in sovereign calm.

Steeped in quietude, the enigmatic mask resides above the whirl of the four resilient arms and cares nothing forthe superb legs as they beat out the tempo of the world ages. Aloof, in sovereign silence, the mask of gods eternal essence remains unaffected by the tremendous display of his own energy, the world and its progress, the flow and the changes of time. This head, this face, this mask, abides in transcendental isolation, as a spectator unconcerned. Its smile, bent inward, filled with the bliss of self-absorption, subtly refutes, with a scarcely hidden irony, the meaningful gestures of the feet and hands. A tension exists between the marvel of the dance and the serene tranquillity of this expressively inexpressive countenance, the tension, that is to say, of Eternity and Time. The two, invisible and visible, are quintessentially the same. Man with all the fibers of his native personality clings to the duality; nevertheless, actually and finally, there is no duality.

For another study, see also this post and its context: Part 10 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - Decanting Spirit into a Host Vessel * RIGHT ON SCHEDULE

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Keystone Pattern - Three Things Then the Fourth

(This post is from a page I just added to the “Beyond The Veil” collection on The core content of the new page has been extracted from the blog series about numbering our days aright. It represents closure.)

For many years, I had been seeking to understand the meaning of the celestial sign of 1991. I understood well enough how that remarkable celestial event had signaled the Lord's coming in judgment. I understood how it established a certain date on the Lord's calendar as a hard reference point. I also knew that certain key events were identified to me as occurring within the context of a single week of years, a target Shemitah. What I didn't understand was when that week would come. It was obvious enough that it was established on His calendar in relation to the celestial sign, but what was the relationship, the number of years or Shemitah cycles between them? That relationship or connecting link is a kind of keystone, and it was not until 2008 that it was finally revealed to me; nearly 17 years after I learned about the anchoring celestial sign.

As many precious insights have been, it was conveyed to me as a pattern through a passage of scripture.

Here's the verse that triggered the insight in 2008. The Lord was in the upper room addressing Peter at his last supper with his disciples.

Jesus answered, “Will you lay down your life for Me? Truly, truly, I say to you, a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times. ~ John 13:38

It was a sign for Peter, and also for the people he modeled, upon whom the end of the age has now come. Given the context in which I received the revelation insight, the message was obvious. I knew instantly that this was the insight I had sought for almost 17 years.

Peter's three denials in sequence represent the failing of the church to pass the tests in the three Shemitah that followed the sign of 1991. In the fourth Shemitah, there would be no more denying the Lord! The rooster would then crow! In the context, of which I was made astutely aware, I knew the rooster crowing represented the voice and trumpet call that triggers or announces the Lord's harvest of the dead and living in Christ.

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:17

in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:52

Like the rooster that heralds the dawn of a new day with crowing, the archangel will herald the ingathering of saints. When will that be? After three denials, which represent instances of accounting within their seasons. Why did I relate this to the sign of 1991 and the Shemitah that followed? It was an unavoidable conclusion.

It was April 9, 2008, which was, on the Lord's calendar, the 13th day of the first month: The watch day for the sign to the Bride. It was more than just an annual watch day because it was in the 3rd year of a Shemitah, the one year in seven that is when the revealing of the lawless one should be expected. I had been waiting seven long years for this day to come, ever since 2001 when the previous watch day brought such disappointment. My hopes were high that the sign would be witnessed, because that meant the Bride Theft would follow shortly after, on the 21st day, and the Lord would receive His beloved Bride.

The Pope (Benedict XVI, who had been born and baptized on the same day, which was the 13th day of the 1st month) had been visiting the US, making public appearances in Washington DC and NYC. He was scheduled to end his visit with a departure on that very day. I had been monitoring the news reports during his visit, with my attention focused once more on Bill Clinton's activity, just like how the Lord had directed my attention in the previous Shemitah. He was stumping for Hillary, working the campaign trail and moving east all the while. The trail looked like Bill might have been going to meet with the Pope just prior to his departure. Would there be a baptism? It was quite a tease!

Was I consumed with monitoring the news on the watch day? Not at all! I was quite notably insulated, intensely focused on a very engaging study of John 13. While that undertaking hadn't been very high on my list of pending projects, the Lord prompted me to occupy myself with that, and so I did. I used the Chiasmatron 2000 tool I built to help analyze the thematic structure, and the Lord prospered the effort to such a degree that I completed it satisfactorily in a single day. (John 13 - An interactive presentation of its thematic structure ) That was remarkable productivity. It was perhaps in the twilight hour that I came to give my attention to the close of the chapter. I had scanned the news and there was no report about Bill being baptized by the Pope, and no sense of such a thing from the spirit of God. As I came to verse 38, the Lord broke the news about why not.

Jesus answered, “Will you lay down your life for Me? Truly, truly, I say to you, a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times. ~ John 13:38

It was heavy. I had been hopeful, but it had long been weighing on me that I had never yet received revelation insight about which Shemitah would be the one appointed for fulfillment, and I had a sense that we just weren't ready to welcome the Bridegroom. With the revelation of the piece of the puzzle I had been missing, it would seem to be cause for rejoicing, but it was completely overshadowed, tempered by the sobering awareness that there would be 7 more years to the finish, and those, frought with trials. I knew the trials were necessary, that this season was a witness to the Lord's mercy and grace because we needed it to be made ready. Yet, we would be ready!

After a while, various kinds of confirmation began to come from secondary witnesses. I found evidence that the Adversary knew what time it was. He knew about the celestial sign, and the patttern of Peter's denials, and he was blabbing all over the public media about it in the language of Occult symbolism. The keystone pattern is embedded in the scriptures, and these begain to bear witness to me. Eventually, Aaron Herman gave it his attention and he began to root these out.

We've discovered quite an impressive collection of these prophetic passages that proclaim the keystone pattern! These speak so loudly to us!

Luke 8 - The Parable of the Soils

The first example comes from the gospels, a parable that has had a very instrumental role for me. It's called the parable of the sower and the seed but is perhaps better called the parable of the soils. The version from Luke 8 is featured in the study titled, Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear - Part I: The Key Parable. It really is a key parable!

5 “The sower went out to sow his seed; and as he sowed, some fell beside the road, and it was trampled under foot and the birds of the air ate it up. 6 Other seed fell on rocky soil, and as soon as it grew up, it withered away, because it had no moisture. 7 Other seed fell among the thorns; and the thorns grew up with it and choked it out. 8 Other seed fell into the good soil, and grew up, and produced a crop a hundred times as great.” ~ Luke 8:5-8

Three situations are described where the seed was sown but no crop resulted. With the fourth came a great crop!

Another level of insight is provided as versions of this parable appear in Matthew 13, Mark 4 and Luke 8, but not in the fourth Gospel of John, which seems to imply that this lesson is no longer necessary in the fourth season because it has been learned.

Continue reading here on