Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friday: Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox - Rare - and a sign

We have been promised signs in the heavens, and this is one.

Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox: Friday will see three rare celestial events

From one perspective, this biblical age has never seen a vernal equinox solar eclipse quite like this one. Similar ones have only rarely been seen. Our research indicates that two of note occurred in connection with significant events with Nimrod. In another season, that might get more ink, but our attention is elsewhere.

This rare solar eclipse comes at the end of the 12th month on the Lord's calendar. With the barley found to be aviv, the coming month is going to be the 1st. We'll soon know for sure about the start day, but my best guess at this point is that the 3rd lunar eclipse of the highly publicized blood moon tetrad will come on the 14th day of the 1st month. Our expectation is that the upcoming 13th day is going to be very, very special, and that the prelude itself will be epic.

We have much more to report on what's been going on, Lord willing. This is an extraordinary season! The Lord is faithful, Who has promised!


  1. Lots of resurrections taking place on Osiris death day 3/17.




  2. Good observations. While St. Patricks Day was celebrated like there was no tomorrow. .