Monday, October 31, 2016

More Observations on the Watch Season

Between the time of the previous post and the initial watch report we observed some other news that spoke to us as being worth reporting.

Before we get to that lets consider what it means, the point of this exercise that seems so peculiar to some. Watching, first, is simply being obedient to what the Lord commanded us to do. Mark 13:37. There's a special benefit in the practice of informed watching, which is based on a sense of knowing what to look for and when to look for it. Seeing recognizable signs validates the reasoning behind the determination of the what and when. It's pretty simple really. What is being validated by the observations in this season supports what was already witnessed in previous rounds, which we've addressed at length elsewhere. This watching is rooted in a confidence in a knowing of the times and seasons. (Will No One Know the Day?) The sign of 1991. The count of Shemitah from that Yom Teruah. The template of the Shemitah matching the creation week and the millennial week, according to the secrets of Psalm 90:4. The thing that is still the most strange is being mindful that time itself has, in this season, been skewed in some way, and that the sad result is that our hope is deferred as we await the pending reset that will set us back on the biblical prophetic schedule, back into the past.

Here's the events that project into this season from the millennial week.

We're also watching for signs of the mark of the beast because this is the time during the prime Shemitah when we anticipate the full implementation. While we see MOB signs pretty constantly, that doesn't mean we can just ignore them in this brief season when they have special significance.

This watch season has a pivot on Yom Teruah, October 2, and which corresponds to the Creation week transitioning from the 4th to the 5th days.

One passage linking the creation week and the millennial week has a focus on this transitional season, John 1, because this is the dawning of the Sun of Righteousness.

Here's some items we noted, some of which speak to us as being pretty significant.

October 4 - Exclusive - Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence: sources * Surveilance toward Control
October 10 - Exclusive: ‘3-parent’ baby method already used for infertility * DNA merging (triple-helix) - Dad, Mom and the Beast
October 28 - The Watson AI Is Hitting the Road in 2017: IBM and GM Team up for OnStar Go * Surveilance toward Control

Day 4 of Creation week Also, the Magi see His star in the rising and visit Jesus as a young child. Star as angel.
Lights in the heavens + IS(I)S goddess + MOB extra-terrestrial or non-human celestial life
WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Mystery as alien hunters catch bizarre UFO spotted on International Space Station live stream (10/2/16) - “It is now being used as the latest amongst UFO enthusiasts to promote the existence of extra terrestrial life.”

October 3 - Sprites Dance Above Hurricane Matthew

Day 5 of Creation week
Genesis 1:21a: “God created the great sea monsters”
The scheduled events were disrupted by rain (Hurricane Matthew) during the NASCAR weekend in Dover DE. The track is called the Monster Mile.

Genesis 1:21a: “God created the great sea monsters” - MONSTER HURRICANE SWIRLS IN CARIBBEAN - Hurricane Matthew - the name of the Apostle and the 1st book of the New Testament

Genesis 1:20: “birds of the air” - Many churches in the United States celebrate the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on October 4 each year. The feast commemorates the life of St Francis, who was born in the 12th century and is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment. It is a popular day for pets to be “blessed”.

Jesus of Nazareth was probably seen by most as illegitimate, a bastard. ("Born of a virgin? Sure. Right. Nice story.") In most of the important watch seasons over many years of watching, Bill Clinton is usually in the news modeling something fit for the informed watching. Bill is always presented as an antichrist figure, a beast, a counterfeit Bridegroom. Danney Williams-Clinton, who claims to be his love-child, has been in the news during this watch season. Beast reproduction MOB sign and also a birth in the counterfeit messianic line.
October 31 - 'CLINTON'S BLACK SON' TO MAKE 'BOMBSHELL ANNOUNCEMENT' - Sources believe it will 'rock Hillary's campaign'

Bill was also in the news on October 5, pictured wearing a kippah at the funeral of Shimon Peres.
Did Peres’s Death Signal End of Josephic Messiah and Beginning of Davidic Messiah? - “When Shimon Peres, last of the leaders who founded the modern state of Israel, was eulogized last Friday by a historic gathering of over 90 world leaders from over 70 countries, it dramatically and emphatically marked the end of an era for Israel. One noted rabbi and educator recognized an even more significant transition taking place: the end of one Messianic age and the beginning of another. In Jewish tradition, there are two stages in the Messiah: initially Moshiach Ben Yosef (Messiah from the house of Joseph) and, subsequently, Moshiach Ben David (Messiah from the House of David).”

Did you catch that?

...the end of one Messianic age and the beginning of another

The so-called "slaughter of the innocents" due to Herod's decree
October 2 - El Salvador judge reopens case of 1981 civil war massacre * Mostly women and children - revisiting a crime from the past

In Poland, thousands of women were protesting the near-ban on abortion - for their right to "slaughter the innocents," as it were.
October 3 - Polish women hold nationwide strike against abortion ban “Warsaw (AFP) - Tens of thousands of black-clad women protested across Poland Monday against a proposed near-total abortion ban in the devoutly Catholic country, where the law is already among the most restrictive in Europe.”

Jesus was found in the Temple when he was 12.
Likely, this was for his bar mitzvah. This would have been at the age of 12 instead of 13 due to his presumed illegitimate status.
October 2 - 113 Years And Counting: World’s Oldest Man Celebrates Bar Mitzvah “The world’s oldest man, Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal, celebrated his bar mitzvah this weekend — 100 years late. Born in Poland in 1903, Kristal studied Hebrew and Jewish law as a youngster. But he missed his bar mitzvah — a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony celebrated when a boy turns 13 — because of World War I....Kristal was officially recognized as the world’s oldest man by Guinness World Records in March 2016.”

Baptism of John and Jesus
October 2 - An underground Christian ministry is claiming a “miracle” saved its some 50 people from an attack today by Islamic militants following the secret baptism of 24 Muslim converts near the Arabian Sea.
October 16 - Over 1,000 Muslims in Mideast, Africa and Asia Await Baptism as They Are Set to Begin New Lives as Followers of Christ

Death of Jesus & Resurrecton
October 26 - Exclusive: Christ's Burial Place Exposed for First Time in Centuries
Restorers working in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel uncover stone slab venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.

October 30 - Jesus's tomb opened for first time in centuries * slab put back in place after THREE DAYS - the length of time Jesus' body was in a tomb before he was raised from the dead, rolled away the stone and left.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Watch Report

We're still in the watch season for first century signs, according to the esoteric principle of Psalm 90:4. We've reported some (Yom Teruah - The Initial Watch Report) but most of what we've seen hasn't been reported yet. We still hope to get to that. Meanwhile, we'll address the latest signs.

Here's the projection into our calendar.

64 AD >> October 26, 2016 | Apostle Paul's and Apostle Peter's Death
70 AD >> October 28, 2016 | Seige of Jerusalm and destruction of Temple by Rome (Titus)
73-74 AD >> October 29, 2016 | The siege of Masada
100 AD >> November 8, 2016 | Apostle John's death

With regard to the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome, we have a sign. Earthquakes used to be called, acts of God. Jerusalem is known as the city where God dwelled or had his throne.

Powerful earthquakes hit Italy shaking Rome's ancient ruins 'including Colosseum and Pantheon'

The epicentre was in countryside 80 miles from Rome.

Leading up to that: Published: October 20, 2016 : BATTLE SITE FOUND WHERE ROMANS BREACHED JERUSALEM WALLS - Discovery confirms Josephus' account of conflict nearly 2,000 years ago

Here's another article about the earthquakes.

Gone in 16 seconds: The devastating moment a 700-year-old church crumbles into dust as two immense earthquakes bring fresh heartache to Italy

A church. It's considered to be a house of God. 700 years ~ 70 AD x 10

Aaron noted these observations about the church incident. It was 14th century - which means 1300's - time number 13. Crews couldn't get started because of the rain - water as time. The "rose window facade" of the church was seen to fall to rubble - goddess crashing down. Second quake was two hours after the first - 120 minutes - time number 12.

The temple mount with its still-ruined condition has been in the news recently.

Published: October 13, 2016: U.N. BODY VOTES TEMPLE MOUNT NO LONGER JEWISH - 'What's next? A decision denying the connection between peanut butter and jelly?'

Published same day as the quakes outside Rome: October 26, 2016: For First Time Ever, Jews Allowed to Pray on Temple Mount as Thousands Ascend for Holidays

Here's another one from today that points back to the 1st century. Exclusive: Christ's Burial Place Exposed for First Time in Centuries - Restorers working in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel uncover stone slab venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.

UPDATE - Another registering 6.6 on October 30 - (Reuters) INTERVIEW- Italian earthquakes could go on for weeks in domino effect -scientist

"ROME, Oct 30 (Reuters) - The earthquakes that have buffeted central Italy over the last two months could continue in a devastating domino effect with one large quake leading to another along the central Apennine fault system, a leading seismologist warned on Sunday. An earthquake measuring 6.6 according to the U.S. Geological Survey struck on Sunday in the same region where a 6.2 quake on Aug. 24 killed 297 people. In between there have been thousands of smaller tremors, including a 6.1 quake on Wednesday. The latest earthquake caused no known casualties but was the strongest to hit Italy, one of the world's most seismically active countries, since 1980."

Friday, October 21, 2016

“Skylanding” - Yoko Ono's Globe Spanning Magick Ritual Evokes Horus

Yoko Ono is the famous ex-wife of John Lennon, murdered member of the iconic band, The Beatles. She's a professional musician and artist (and is openly lesbian/bi-sexual - claiming, Yoko Ono: “I had an Affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s”). She also appears to be a witch, as revealed by her working of a magick ritual under the guise of a permanent art installation called, Skylanding. You would be wrong to simply dismiss this as harmless artsy new age nonsense. This is a public exhibition of the mastery of space and time. It's openly claimed to be intended for one kind of magickal-supernatural ritual but, beyond that, it actually celebrates and evokes the antichrist beast and his mark through the agency of the ancient gods. If your eyes are opening to understand biblical symbols and the way of the Luciferian elite with their Occult symbol language, the nature and purpose of this ritual working should become rather obvious.

We'll feature excerpts from this article by Sam Cholke, October 17, 2016.

Yoko Ono Unveils Her First Installation In America In Jackson Park

“HYDE PARK — On Monday, Yoko Ono unveiled her first permanent art installation in the United States, a sculpture that will live on Wooded Island in Jackson Park. For more than a year, Ono has been working on “Skylanding,” a dozen lotus-shaped metal petals that have been installed between two large berms just outside of the island’s Japanese garden. ”

Later in the article, we learn about the companion work to the sculpture.

“Ono will travel to the Art Institute on Tuesday to reveal a companion work to the Jackson Park sculpture. “Mended Petal” will be the 13th petal of the “Skylanding” work and Ono will help to symbolically repair the petal in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi. The event will finish a “ground healing” ceremony Ono started last year before starting on the “Skylanding” piece about bringing the past and the future together in the present to create harmony.”

If you understand how the number 12 signifies time, and 13, the mastery of time, when you read that “Skylanding” is “about bringing the past and the future together in the present,” you know this is more than just a casual work of art. “Mended Petal” became the 13th petal Tuesday in a completion ritual. Yoko performed the ritual working herself in the role of a high priestess and as a goddess of time.

Jackson Park is in Chicago. Many of the city's icons have to do with the subject of time, and this factors in to the potency of the ritual working. Father Time is featured downtown on The Jewelers' Building.

The Fountain Of Time is a massive statue located in Washington Park, dedicated in 1922. It was inspired by Henry Austin Dobson's poem, "Paradox of Time," and it features fully 100 figures passing before Father Time. It's only a few blocks away from Jackson Park. As a fountain, the metaphor of water as time is certainly in play.

If you're familiar with our videos about, The Lake House, you may recall that it was filmed in the city and in another park not far away, on Maple Lake. Another classic, Somewhere in Time (1980), was filmed in Chicago, and also on Mackinac Island, Michigan. There's Millennium Park, with a millennium being time, of course. There's Daly Plaza, homonym: DAILY. Each film and other media production, statue and art installation and similar element that relates to time, time travel and time warping draws from and adds to the area's mojo. There's some spiritual reason why Chicago is so identified with time travel and it's probably rooted way back into the past.

Jackson Park's iconic statue is the goddess, dating back to the 1893 Worlds Fair. The Statue of the Republic. During the Columbian Exposition, as it was called, a full size statue faced a domed building, which represents the womb of the goddess. Between them was the Grand Basin, which was for boating and could also be considered as a reflecting pool. Reproductive ritual. Water as time.

The setting of Yoko's exhibit leverages the water as time metaphor because it's on Wooded Island, so it's surrounded by water. The 12 petals were set in the ground between two large berms. This sets it within a standing wave of time, ritually.

“'Beauty is important to us,' Ono said after a team of dancers pulled the wrappings off her work. 'Beauty tells us what things are.' She said beauty gives people an incredible high and she wanted her new work to usher in an age of joy.”

She wanted her new work to usher in an age of joy. To usher in - an age. That kind of working requires a time ritual and Yoko just performed one.

“Bob Karr, president of Project 120, a nonprofit pushing for investment in Jackson Park, brought Ono to the park in 2013 to see if she wanted to tackle a space on the island left empty since the Phoenix Temple burned down in 1946. 'Her vision was for the sky to land here, cool it and thereby heal it,' Karr said.”

Yoko's vision is for the sky to heal the ground, and this is an expression of intent for the ritual working. There are two elements that point to Horus as the inspiration of her vision for this ritual. One is the history of the location, with her art installation being where the Phoenix Temple had been. The other is her choice of a lotus flower as the solitary design element.

The legendary phoenix is the firebird that rises from its own ashes. Yoko's magickal working ritually raises the phoenix from its ashes, giving it continuity through time. Her “bringing the past and the future together in the present to create harmony” involves this Japanese pavilion that was built for the Columbian Exposition. That building was based on the famed ancient Ho-o-Do (Phoenix Hall) of the Byodo-in Temple in Kyoto. In the East, the phoenix bird is a little different from the West's version, but Jackson Park's signifies the firebird as making reference to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It is notable that most of the Expo and park burned to the ground in January (the month dedicated to Janus, god of time) of 1894, just after the World Fair closed. The Phoenix Pavilion/Temple burned to the ground in 1946. There's a trend. The phoenix signifies the feathered serpent, the dragon, Amaru and Horus. It's a symbol of hope in his return! Yoko's ritual is working toward that end, which the lotus petals confirm. The only remaining part of the original Phoenix Temple is at the Art Institute, which is the location where Yoko performed the Kintsugi ritual repair of the 13th “Mended Petal” to complete the working. This reveals her intent to ritually connect the piece with its origin, through time and space, raising the phoenix from the ashes of the past.

Kintsugi ("golden joinery"), also known as Kintsukuroi ("golden repair"), is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. ... Kintsugi is the general concept of highlighting or emphasizing imperfections, visualizing mends and seams as additive or an area to celebrate or focus on rather than as absence or missing pieces. (Wikipedia)

Yoko's working thus becomes an integral part of the history of the phoenix. The 13th petal, the “Mending Petal” is the key. The numbering has to do with the mastery of time and the combination of rebel, lord and beast.

Let's consider the symbolism of the lotus flower in this setting.

Yoko Ono unveils lotus-petal sculpture in Chicago park

“Ono says the artwork is a "place where the sky and earth meet and create a seed to learn about the past and come together to create a future of peace and harmony, with nature and each other.”

What kind of seed is she talking about?

The following is what I wrote in the post, Part 33 - Celestial Stargates - The Flowering Lotus that Terrifies Obama in “I, Pet Goat II”

Helena P. Blavatsky was the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, which is the religion of the U.N. as seen in their relationship with the Lucis Trust. She wrote “Isis Unveiled” in 1877, which she claimed was directly transmitted through channeling from the Goddess Isis. Blavatsky has been honored by such students of her works as Aleister Crowley, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. She recording the following observations.

“In chapter lxxxi. of the Ritual (Book of the Dead), called “Transformation into the Lotus,” a head emerging from this flower, the god exclaims: “I am the pure lotus, emerging from the Luminous one. . . . . I carry the messages of Horus. I am the pure lotus which comes from the Solar Fields. . . . . The lotus-idea may be traced even in the Elohistic chapter, the 1st of Genesis, as stated in Isis.” (The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky — Vol. 1, Page 380 LOTUS AND LILY. § VIII. THE LOTUS, AS A UNIVERSAL SYMBOL.)

She connects the lotus to the creation account, and to the messages of Horus in quoting the ancient Egyptian compilation known as the Book of the Dead. Heliofant's imagery flows from this fount of esoteric knowledge. There is more meant by the lotus flower as the one carrying the messages of Horus because it represents the actual physical incarnation of the messianic Horus, as brought forth by Isis through union with Osiris. HPB began the text excerpted above with the following explanation on p. 379.

“There are no ancient symbols, without a deep and philosophical meaning attached to them; their importance and significance increasing with their antiquity. Such is the Lotus. It is the flower sacred to nature and her Gods, and represents the abstract and the Concrete Universes, standing as the emblem of the productive powers of both spiritual and physical nature. ...The lotus is the two-fold type of the Divine and human hermaphrodite, being of dual sex, so to say. The spirit of Fire (or Heat), which stirs up, fructifies, and develops into concrete form everything (from its ideal prototype), which is born of water or primordial Earth, evolved Brahma — with the Hindus. The lotus flower, represented as growing out of Vishnu’s navel — that God resting on the waters of space and his Serpent of Infinity — is the most graphic allegory ever made: the Universe evolving from the central Sun, the point, the ever-concealed germ.”

What kind of seed was Yoko talking about, the ever-concealed germ? She used the merging lotus in a space-time ritual, drawing from that emblem of Vishnu's resting on the waters of space and his Serpent of Infinity. She wanted the sky to touch the ground and heal it.

“Ono will travel to the Art Institute on Tuesday to reveal a companion work to the Jackson Park sculpture. “Mended Petal” will be the 13th petal of the “Skylanding” work and Ono will help to symbolically repair the petal in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi. Ono started last year before starting on the “Skylanding” piece about bringing the past and the future together in the present to create harmony.”

“Bob Karr, president of Project 120, a nonprofit pushing for investment in Jackson Park, brought Ono to the park in 2013 to see if she wanted to tackle a space on the island left empty since the Phoenix Temple burned down in 1946. Karr said.”

The lotus ritual cannot be divorced from connection with the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Isis and Horus. There is in this lotus ritual a drawing from and corruption or perversion of the working of creation itself, as recorded in the book of Genesis.

There are a few more observations that should be made in closing.

The lotus is very dramatically connected with Obama in “I, Pet Goat II,” and this has to do with bringing forth Horus in concrete manifestation as the antichrist beast during his administration. (Likely timeframe is post-time-reset) See the post linked above to see the relevance. On July 27, 2016, President Barack Obama officially selected Jackson Park in Chicago as the location where his presidential library would be built. Obama and the Lotus - together in Jackson Park.

The earth and sky motif and the history of Yoko and Jackson Park intersect in the matter of warfare. Here are a few of the many salient observations that could be made on the topic.

“He praised Ono's as a good friend with a big heart whose work has often dealt with themes of the sky and peace, informed by her own experiences in Tokyo during World War II. "This is a woman who at the young age of 10 woke up to 10,000 incinerator bombs being dropped on Tokyo," Karr said. So it is perhaps fitting that her work is so close to where the Phoenix Temple was burned down by arsonists.

The arsonists must have been very personally impacted by Japan's actions during WWII.

“Ono says the artwork is a 'place where the sky and earth meet and create a seed to learn about the past and come together to create a future of peace and harmony, with nature and each other.'”

“The event will finish a “ground healing” ceremony” -- “Her vision was for the sky to land here, cool it and thereby heal it” -- “where the sky and earth meet”

Incinerator bombs dropped on Tokyo - falling from heaven to earth.

During the Cold War, part of Jackson Park contained a Nike Surface-to-Air Missile site and the nearby "Point" was used as its radar station.” (Wikipedia)

In the 1950s, Jackson Park's Wooded Island was almost leased to the Army to become the location of an anti-aircraft installation, but was strongly protested against, as the Park District had given the Army other location options and Jackson Park's Wooded Island was spared.” (Wikipedia)

Radar station - on the ground looking for threats in the sky
Surface-to-Air Missile site - and nearly an anti-aircraft installation - firing from the ground into the sky
Nike - the goddess

We have noted how Yoko was involved with ritual magic during the season of the 2012 Olympics, where time ritual was witnessed that may well be responsible in no small degree for this season where time itself has been strangely skewed. In another Hyde Park, in London, her work was featured at the Serpentine Galleries. This suggests a ritual space-time connection between the works and recalls Vishnu's Serpent of Infinity, evoked by the lotus petals. That temporary exhibit ran for 12 weeks, stamping that TIME period with the primary time number.


“TO THE LIGHT at the Serpentine Gallery was part of the London 2012 Festival, a spectacular 12-week UK-wide celebration featuring internationally renowned artists from Midsummer's Day on 21 June to the final day of the Paralympic Games on 9 September 2012.”

See also, for more about Yoko Ono in that season - Yoko Ono Introduces Butt-Baring Men's Line

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Secret Resurrections of John 21

This legacy study on the twenty-first chapter of John is one of my favorites. It's been given a lot of attention in recent weeks and the result is that it's been significantly refreshed, with some expansion and some reduction in a refining of focus. It's also been retitled.

The Secret Resurrections of John 21

Here's how it begins.

“I've come to love the twenty-first chapter of John! It features the colorful account of a fishing trip where the Lord directs his disciples to catch 153 large fish from the right side of the boat. The catch of fish is widely seen as a symbol of resurrection, and so it is. I had that understanding for many years before my eyes were opened to discover another resurrection symbol alongside the catch of fish. This presents a striking view of the events that are concealed and revealed in Genesis 45 and Acts 12, the Bride Theft resurrection and the trigger for that event, the turning of 144,000 sons of Israel to accept Y'shua as their Messiah.”

I love how the account so simply and beautifully displays the dynamic of Romans 11:15, a precious gem that remains well hidden to this day! Our God is so good to His children!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Get Out -OF- The Vote

As a saint, do you have conflicts of interest that compromise your higher service? Are you entangled?

3 Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier. 5 Also if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not win the prize unless he competes according to the rules. 6 The hard-working farmer ought to be the first to receive his share of the crops. 7 Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything. ~ 2 Timothy 2:3-7

Still planning to vote? Many saints are entangled with what has been sold as their civic duties. The "game" is rigged, and this video below presents just one evidence. It's actually rigged on a higher level.

New video just released by James O’Keefe on MASS VOTER FRAUD (Caveat - crude language alert)
“In the second video of James O’Keefe’s new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.”

Voting for one candidate is not a vote against the other. It's simply playing the game. Accepting the lesser of two evils is still accepting evil. Electing either Hillary-Kaine or Trump-Pence will not make America great again. Have you been casually dismissive of the mountain of evidence indicating that the entire system is entirely corrupt? The media winds us up because that's their job.

Casting a political ballot is not where we saints have our influence. Let us encourage you to go humbly before the throne of heaven with a willingness to find the Lord's own mind and heart in the matter, and walk out in His authority as you go about His business without the compromising conflicts of interest caused by undue investment in the affairs of this world.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Asgardia and the Eye of Horus - A Timely Sign!

Yesterday, on the 14th of October, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli announced the launch of an ambitious project called, Asgardia. It involves the creation of the first nation in space, called Asgardia. Dr. Ashurbeyli has clout. He's held the highest level of security clearance in Russia and for ten years was the CEO of “Almaz”, the company that designed the C-300 and C-400 aerospace defense systems. He's just been appointed chairman of UNESCO's Science of Space committee. He's the founder of the Aerospace International Research Center (established in 2013). “AIRC is based in Vienna, where the headquarters of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space are also located.” (AIRC “About” page)

What's this really about? Is it just a coincidence that this comes during a very special watch season when signs of just such a major transition have been expected?

Within 40 hours of the announcement of the birth of the new space nation over 100,000 people applied to join, from all around the world, so this is not an obscure campaign. During the time it took me to write this up, the website's counter of applicants went from 253825 (like you see in this screenshot) to 274022 Asgardians, which is over one quarter of the way toward his goal of one million applicants. On the home page Dr. Ashurbeyli claims, “Soon we will become a member of the UN.” That seems likely.

On the official website, Asgardia - The Space Nation, you can read that, “It is intended to launch the first Asgardia satellite in 2017-2018 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the world’s first ever satellite in orbit.” That would be Sputnik, of course. The project is receiving applications for Asgardian citizenship and launching a satellite, but their satellite isn't intended for habitation or to search out a place for an off-world home. The intent for the project is supposed to be as a scientific, legal and technological experiment.

The picture of their satellite over the earth that you see in this screen capture is used across all the pages on the website. That stylized eye that the graphic designer superimposed is a symbol that many readily identify with the Illuminati. It's known as the Eye of Horus, Osiris or Ra. The name of Osiris is already connected with many space missions across various agencies in both America and Europe.

For the ancient gods to be evoked in the naming of space projects and their equipment is nothing new, of course. What might seem strange to some is how the symbol connected with the project's satellite is Egyptian but the project name is connected with the gods of the Norse. There's probably an official explanation for this, given the inclusive nature of the project, with people living in over 200 countries around the globe having already made application for Asgardian citizenship. There's a more satisfying explanation when you can grasp the Occult meaning of the Eye of Horus and that of the other graphic and linguistic imagery featured on the website. This harmonizes perfectly with everything the UN stands for. Their one new world order agenda has a religion at its core, which their publishing branch has made so evident. Lucis Trust. Formerly known as Lucifer Trust. Yes really. They are all about Luciferian Illumination - and biblically, the antichrist beast system and the mark of the beast. If you consider the lanugage used on the Lucis Trust website and the language used by Dr. Ashurbeyli you'll see they speak the same language. Luciferian.

The ancient symbol known as the Eye of Horus is presently being used to promote some very diverse things. Many people identify it immediately and link it to the Illuminati - secretive cult of the global elite. Some think it's just hip. It's a mind-control trigger and most folks are drawn to it. It is an honoring of the ancient Egyptian god who is widely worshiped under many guises. It's also connected with the ancient Goddess. To Occultists, the symbol represents the anus and the sodomy that opens the hidden eye and initiates one into the illumined state. One hundred years ago, the influential warlock and Occultist Aleister Crowley made this comment comparing butt sex to vaginal sex. “Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” The Sodomite Gateway is what we call the mechanism, and the imagery is being exploited on a massive scale.

The symbol on the satellite that the Horus Eye is associated with can be very broadly described as a six pointed star mandala. It has layers of meaning, including that of a magical hexagram used for spell casting - which is what it's literally doing. The magical sigil is graphically linked with the Horus Eye in such a way as to clue us in to how the two are equivalent. The eye is clamping the sigil in a way that suggests the sphincter. “Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” And Luciferians are well familiar with the routine. It's a rayed butt sun like the Nazi SS black sun sigil. The Asgardian version of the sigil is gold. Quoting Kitty Softpaws in, Puss in Boots, “It's the gold pooper. We're taking it.” The gold pooper, the celestial butt is targeted - the golden eye in the sky.

Confirming that insight, here's how they invite aspiring Asgardians to interact with this sigil.

Tap = have sex with
Tap this BUTTon = Have sex with the butt
“on Earth can become” = CAN is slang for the butt. beCOME - homonym: cum
think - ass-guard-ia

Here's a quote from a video we made on time travel and sodomy about the button as the back door to the magical realm as presented in, The Magicians.

(The Magicians - Part 1: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV)
“The button is the key. Everybody wants the button, and this secret way to access and control Fillory is another butt symbol. It's a BUTT'n. B.U.T.T. Ritual sodomy is, in reality, an access and control mechanism for other realms. A button works with a button hole, right? You have to know how to work the button and button hole to secure one thing to another. It's a brilliant metaphor, and this isn't the only show that uses it. The average button has 4 holes that squares the circle. These are sometimes sewn on in a box or square pattern to emphasize the squared circle. The button connects two individuals together like the mortar does the bricks in another sodomite metaphor. When sewn on in a much more common way, the button stitching presents an X inside the O. XO Mark of the Beast. Space Time. It's a buttoning or joining together like a button joins one one fabric to another, as a wormhole does the fabric of space-time dimensions. The magic button is also a symbol for the joining together of god and man, heaven and earth.”

They want to ascend the people of earth to be with the ancient gods through this means, joining them in the heavenlies. This signals ritual sodomy, the mechanism of magical initiation into the state of Luciferian illumination. It's the way of the global elite from ancient times, of Illuminati programmers, handlers and slaves, of MK-ULTRA and Monarch programming.

The XO imagery is a big factor in the Asgardian imagery. The circle of the satellite is superimposed over the circle of the Earth. This forms crossing circles, which is the union of the X and O. The golden sigil is entirely created by the intersections of circles, inside a circle. XO = Space Time. The 6-spoked celestial star references the 6th planet Saturn, which is known for its rings. Saturn is evoked, who is the god of time. There is a Time Capsule associated with the project, which is intended to be inside the satellite, and this is a notable ritual! The Asgardia website is loaded with NLP time language!

Also, the union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. When the sigil is used as a button, it's red, the primary goddess color.

Dr. Ashurbeyli's company at the European headquarters of the UN, the AIRC, has a logo that is all about the crossing circles, and in a potent way on the circumference of the main circle! The goddess and the opening of celestial and sodomite stargates go together because she is the facilitator. Their journal is called, Room. The stylized M resembles the glyphs for Virgo (virgin goddess) and the Alchemical one for Midheaven, perhaps signaling some higher realm.

So, let's consider the timing of this announcement. Here's a graphic of this watch season we published recently to help with the effort of watching according to the Lord's command, as found in places like Mark 13:37.

The mass movement to apply to join Asgardia began with the launch of the project on October 14th. That's speaks to us as a sign. We expected signs of the implementation of the mark of the beast in this season of the transition into the 5th year of the Shemitah - and this is certainly that on a very significant scale. The Asgardian XO imagery is dancing all over the ancient mark of the beast symbol. This is what they are going for with the joining of men with the ancient gods because the sons of god being joined with the daughters of men (Genesis 6) is what it's about now just as it was in the days of Noah prior to the purging flood. The mark of the beast will join the daughters of men together with the sons of god biologically, genetically, body and soul. The parent DNA that will be spliced in through a special technology will be that of a beast of Revelation 13. Are you familiar with the plot? We're connecting this to the watch calendar. The antichrist will be anti christ and not just anti as against but counter as in counterpart. The same but opposite is one way to see it. Christ was the only begotten son of God and also he was son of man. The antiChrist beast will be unique like that, but as a counterpart, with his father the devil. Like Cain. When the church began, a new birth or birth from above became available. In this birth we become members of the Body of Christ, one with Him.

4 But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, 5 even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), 6 and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, ~ Ephesians 2:4-6

This saving birth into his family raises us up to be seated with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Our citizenship is thus in heaven.

20 For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; 21 who will transform the body of our humble state into conformity with the body of His glory, by the exertion of the power that He has even to subject all things to Himself. ~ Philippians 3:20-21

The season of heavenly citizenship began at Shavuot following the Pesah in 32 AD when the true Messiah was crucified and raised from the dead. According as we've laid out the principle of Psalm 90:4, etcetera, 32 AD projects into October 14, 2016. The counterpart to the birth from above is what we understand the mark of the beast to be. This MOB-ish ascending of man to be joined together with the gods in Asgardia is akin to but counter to the new birth of Christianity. The ability to join together as citizens of Asgardia began on October 14, the day that maps to 32 AD when the saints were enabled to join together with Christ Jesus in the heavenlies.

Is that clear enough? My description is a little awkward, but if you think it through, it's really not that complicated.

We expect to be writing more about the other signs witnessed during this special watch.

I'll close with a little interpretation of the Asgardia concept. This is copy from the official concept page (typos included). The language sounds lofty and noble but it's loaded with evil.


Since the dawn of time humankind has strived to reach into the unknown, to achieve the impossible and to do the unthinkable.

People have populated all of planet Earth, explored every corner and flown into the atmosphere and beyond. Travel to other planets will occur in the foreseeable future. It is thanks to the inquisitive nature of past generations that humanity has continually evolved.

And yet the science which allows such marvelous advances is not always a priority for society at large. Economical and political considerations often take precedence over purely scientific ones and ethical boundaries are considered necessary to sustain safety.

Modern evolution and intellectual progress can best serve the humanity when decisions are taken primarily on a scientific basis. In the future our children and grandchildren will take for granted what for us is unimaginable.

Asgardia will demonstrate to scientists throughout the world that independent, private and unrestricted research is possible. Its first prototype satellite is planned for launch in 2017-2018.

Asgardia - named in honour of an ancient mythological city in the skies - will offer an independent platform free from the constraint of a land-based country’s laws. It will become a place it in orbit which is truly ‘no man's land’. Welcome to Asgardia!

Welcome to Asgardia!”

“Asgardia - named in honour of an ancient mythological city in the skies.” = Pablum. The naming is evidence of an Occult ritual.
“No man's land” = In the Asgardian vision, Adam-kind is going to be no more.
“...unrestricted research independent platform free from the constraint of a land-based country’s laws” = anything goes. Lawlessness is valued most highly. “Judeo-Christian” ethics and other moral considerations can be ignored.
“Modern evolution and intellectual progress...” = post humanism trans humanism
“Science” is code for the anti-God Luciferian religion of the ancient gods. Scientists are the priests. The image of the Eye of Horus and such a name as Asgardia does not support the idea of pure science, like how the statue of Shiva doing the Dance of the Nateraj at CERN does not support the idea of pure physics.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Passing Through the Iron Gate

This legacy study on Acts 12 is right at the heart of The Open Scroll. It's just been refreshed and in the process the study that was formerly in two parts has been compiled into a single document.

Passing Through the Iron Gate

There was no rethinking of the meaning of the featured prophetic scenario but some of it was expanded upon, some was condensed and the clarity of the presentation was improved.

Here's how it begins.

“Together with the prophetic allegory in Genesis 45, this account in the 12th chapter of Acts had a significant impact on the way I read the Bible. What appears to be a historical account of a miraculous jail break is far more than just that!”

“Early in the Winter of 1991-92, my eyes were opening to some very profound biblical prophecies that revolved around the timing of the events. I was coming to a place where I humbly accepted that the theories I had long subscribed to were failing in the face of my increasingly critical examinations. One day, I was suddenly led to inquire about when the "rapture" (a term I still used back then) would occur relative to the seven year period of interest, and it was with a confidence in knowing that it was not as the seven began, and neither would it precede it. This leading was His prompting, and I simply asked the Lord to show me - and, without delay, that's what He began to do! He had been leading me in that memorable season in such a way that this awesome process had become a familiar routine.”

Read More: Passing Through the Iron Gate

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Yom Teruah - The Initial Watch Report

It's official - Yom Teruah has arrived in Israel. This beautiful photo was sent with the notice of its sighting by Karaite, Nehemia Gordon. It's the New Moon of Yom Teruah 2016 witnessed as it appears over the Israel Museum in Jerusalem at 7:02 pm on this October the 2nd.

This event signals the beginning of the 5th year of the Shemitah, the 4th in series since the celestial sign of 1991. This is special because it would be, on the Lord's biblical and prophetic calendar, marking a very critical transition. It's not, for the reasons we've given elsewhere, yet it became apparent from watching in seasons past that signs were to be expected, and diligently watched for. So, here we are, reporting what seems relevant - and there's plenty of interesting material to report.

The following posts were published to help us prepare for the informed watching.

A Watch Day is coming - Be on the lookout for a sign! (9/5)
A Watch Season - Anticipating Another Yom Teruah Sign - and More (9/7)
Yom Teruah - The Day is Near (9/29)

Genesis 1:21a: “God created the great sea monsters”

Here's one that sits high on the list. We have tracked the calendar as reported by the Karaite Nehemia Gordon. From the beginning until now. It's the end of an era and the marking of a transition. Here's an excerpt from today's notice and announcement.

My Last New Moon Report
“As the title of this message indicates, this will be my last Aviv New Moon Report. After extensive fasting and prayer, I have decided to cease my public involvement in the Biblical Aviv New Moon Calendar, so that I can focus time and energy on other areas of my ministry.
I prayed to Yehovah about who would take over the task. The answer that came to me was Abraham hiking up to Mount Moriah with Isaac. When asked where the lamb was, Abraham responded, "God will provide for Himself a lamb." I pray God sends His Messiah soon to restore the Temple and bring peace to the entire world! ”

On the 4th day of creation, the lights in the heavens were brought forth as signs to mark seasons and days and years. In the 4th day of the millennial week, the Rabbis of old expected the messiah to emerge according to their interpretation of the Creation account as a prophecy about the coming of the Bridegroom Messianic sun. They were proved right, when Y'shua was born at the close of that day, as Yom Teruah began at the opening of the 5th millennial day. Nehemia received an interesting point of connection in response to his prayer. He anticipates that a successor as his replacement will be provided as a lamb was for Abraham. That lamb was a type of Christ, a substitutionary sacrifice. John the baptizer saw Y'shua approach him for baptism and identified Him as the lamb of God. If we consider that the Lamb was brought forth as marked by His birth - there's a sign! This is the precise marker! In his very next line, Nehemia even specifies the coming of the Messiah!

Read the 1st chapter of John again in light of this. It's profound! Read Luke 1.

78 Because of the tender mercy of our God,
With which the Sunrise from on high will visit us,
79 To shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death,
To guide our feet into the way of peace.”
~ Luke 1:78-79

Birth of Jesus of Nazareth - pivot of history - on calendar dividing BC from AD
Birth metaphor (cutting umbilical cord of child's dependence on mother) used in major transition from one epoch to another
US cuts cord on internet oversight

Birth of a new savior variant - 3 parent - like merging in the beast DNA as a 3rd parent with the MOB. We suspect the full implementation of the mark of the beast will come at this time when the prophetic schedule is restored. The boy was born 5 months ago on April 6, 2016, but the announcement was just made to the public on September 27. The featured picture is seen above. Sun casting shadow on beach. Water-as-time meets sand-as-time as a boundary. Goddess (madonna) dancing bee arms.
World’s first baby born with new “3 parent” technique (9/27/16)
“It’s a boy! A five-month-old boy is the first baby to be born using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three people, New Scientist can reveal. “This is great news and a huge deal,” says Dusko Ilic at King’s College London, who wasn’t involved in the work. “It’s revolutionary.””

Light Sign in the heavens (Creation Day 4) + IS(I)S Madonna goddess + MOB extra-terrestrial or non-human celestial life
WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Mystery as alien hunters catch bizarre UFO spotted on International Space Station live stream (10/2/16)
“It is now being used as the latest amongst UFO enthusiasts to promote the existence of extra terrestrial life.”

Another MOB-esque milestone - police state AI (Revelation 13) image of the beast
SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE Facebook artificial intelligence chief developed SURVEILLANCE systems (9/29/16)

This points rather further toward the end of the seven than the 4-to-5 day transition, but as the end of an epoch that is loosely biblical it seems worth noting.
ISIS prepares for FINAL BATTLE: US troops 2 MILES from site of ancient APOCALYPSE prophecy (9/29/16)

Closure at the end of an epoch - brought by the technology of the future
Virtual reality helps net last Auschwitz criminals... (10/2/16)

Shimon Peres' funeral was held at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem on September 30, 2016. The aged statesman was 93, and he had a significant role in Israel from the formation of the State until his death. His passing truly marked the end of an era. Barry Chamish, an Israeli author and investigative journalist who also died very recently, wrote about Shimon Peres often, shining the light on his shady dealings. Bill Clinton attended his funeral wearing a kippah.

In prior seasons of informed watching, Bill Clinton was in, almost every case, right at the center of the activity of primary interest as a model of the Antichrist beast. And so it is today!
Onlooker repeatedly yells 'Bill Clinton is a rapist' live on FOXNEWS
WILLEY: Hillary was complicit in his sexual misconduct
WASHPOST covers up smear of Bill's victims

Day 4 of Creation - lights in the heavens. In Millennial Week, the Messianic Bridegroom Sun Y'shua came forth at the last moments of the day as it transitioned into the 5th on Yom Teruah.

On September 30, Rosetta (the mission's comet chaser and orbiter) tumbles onto the surface of the comet it chased that becomes its tomb, going out, in a figure, as a bright light as in a blaze of glory, with glowing accolades and major highlight, a data capture and upload. Rosetta mission tributes read like an obituary. Lots of 12 and 13 numberings evident in the facts, time numbers.

“Europe's pioneering Rosetta spacecraft dramatically concluded its 12-year odyssey Friday, crash-landing into the comet it orbited and probed for two years in a quest to demystify the Solar System's origins.”

Mission Complete Rosetta's Journey Ends in Daring Descent to Comet

ESA Blog source
“Combined with an ageing spacecraft and payload that have endured the harsh environment of space for over 12 years – not least two years close to a dusty comet – this means that Rosetta is reaching the end of its natural life.
The final hours of descent will enable Rosetta to make many once-in-a-lifetime measurements, including very-high-resolution imaging, boosting Rosetta’s science return with precious close-up data achievable only through such a unique conclusion.
Communications will cease, however, once the orbiter reaches the surface, and its operations will then end.
“We’re trying to squeeze as many observations in as possible before we run out of solar power,” says Matt Taylor, ESA Rosetta project scientist. “30 September will mark the end of spacecraft operations, but the beginning of the phase where the full focus of the teams will be on science. That is what the Rosetta mission was launched for and we have years of work ahead of us, thoroughly analysing its data.””

Confirmation of the end of the mission arrived at ESA’s control centre in Darmstadt, Germany with the loss of Rosetta’s signal upon impact.

Rosetta - inability to communicate. This speaks to us of the Tower of Babel, a mission that crashed when the sovereign God confounded the languages of the participants. This happened earlier than the 4-5 transition, near the middle of the second millennium, but it seems worth noting because it too was the end of an era where there was an attempt to “unlock the mysteries of the oldest building blocks of our Solar System” and exploit them to access the heavenly domain.

ESA Blog source
“The European Space Agency's unprecedented mission of cometary exploration is named after the famous 'Rosetta Stone'. This slab of volcanic basalt - now in the British Museum in London – was the key to unravelling the civilisation of ancient Egypt. ... Just as the Rosetta Stone provided the key to an ancient civilisation, so ESA's Rosetta spacecraft will unlock the mysteries of the oldest building blocks of our Solar System – the comets. ”

5 The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. 6 The Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” 8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city. 9 Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of the whole earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of the whole earth. ~ Genesis 11:5-9

Rosetta - The celestial Rosetta goddess, Venus, was circuiting the sun while chasing the comet.