Monday, October 03, 2016

Passing Through the Iron Gate

This legacy study on Acts 12 is right at the heart of The Open Scroll. It's just been refreshed and in the process the study that was formerly in two parts has been compiled into a single document.

Passing Through the Iron Gate

There was no rethinking of the meaning of the featured prophetic scenario but some of it was expanded upon, some was condensed and the clarity of the presentation was improved.

Here's how it begins.

“Together with the prophetic allegory in Genesis 45, this account in the 12th chapter of Acts had a significant impact on the way I read the Bible. What appears to be a historical account of a miraculous jail break is far more than just that!”

“Early in the Winter of 1991-92, my eyes were opening to some very profound biblical prophecies that revolved around the timing of the events. I was coming to a place where I humbly accepted that the theories I had long subscribed to were failing in the face of my increasingly critical examinations. One day, I was suddenly led to inquire about when the "rapture" (a term I still used back then) would occur relative to the seven year period of interest, and it was with a confidence in knowing that it was not as the seven began, and neither would it precede it. This leading was His prompting, and I simply asked the Lord to show me - and, without delay, that's what He began to do! He had been leading me in that memorable season in such a way that this awesome process had become a familiar routine.”

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