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Part 10 - Signs of Horus Worship - DC and HORUS Whores in the Capitol

A few days ago I posted a link to a news article (to the Notable Stuff section of this blog's side bar) about the US House of Representatives and the accepted level of corruption that goes without general acknowledgement. The members of the House are as harlots, selling themselves in the marketplace, so I retitled the link more appropriately to, House of Representatives = wHORes

I have further noted how the acronym HORUS appears in their title, only very minimally scrambled. Their anal eye of Horus and Capitol Dome brand imagery is the perfect complement. House of Representatives, United States = HORUS.

I've written on occasion about how the Capitol Dome as the womb of Isis is mating very literally, by ceremonial magick, with the Washington Monument, the obelisk and phallus of Osiris. This ritual sex magick is for the manifestation of Horus in the earth, and it's in that very location where the HORUS is found, the House of Representatives, United States! This is operative and symbolic at the same time.

The representation of Capitol Hill as the owl seen in any overhead view identifies that owl as another image of Horus. Call it the Amarucan Eagle and you'll have the equation.

These features are evidence of the worship of Horus and represent the modern expression of the ancient Egyptian magick.

So, sometimes the name of the sun god is concealed as an acronym, sometimes it's in word symbols like “studio,” spelled out openly in iPhone operating systems (iOS), and sometimes it's just reversed. SUROH = HORUS.

The designation of where the HoR, US is located, the District of Columbia, is another sign of Horus worship, with the shorthand DC expressing it very simply. With DC representing the 4th and 3rd letters of the alphabet, the reference to the esoteric Pythagorean triple 3.4.5 should by now be quickly recognized. DC signals the union of Isis and Osiris that produces Horus.

Washington DC is the more complete expression that identifies Washington as the Horus identity, and the underside of the Capitol Dome provides a witness to that in Brumidi's scene of the Apotheosis of Washington. It's not George Washington or Hiram Abiff whose apotheosis is really in view. It's about the raising of Horus as the Beast in the concrete expression of the union of Osiris and Isis. More confirmation of the Washington identity appears in the Washington Monument. This is the phallus of Osiris, so Washington represents the resurrecting Osiris manifesting as Horus. The dimensions of the Monument are telling. The 555 is the Horus number 5 repeating the number of resurrection, 3 times. The 666 identifies it with the beast and his mark. The pyramid capstone expresses the esoteric 3.4.5 solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid. Most folks will dismiss this collection of observed facts as following from mythical and figurative artistic expressions, but watch and see what comes of it.

DC is leveraged by DC Comics, responsible for Superman and the TV series Arrow.

One of their fictional goddess heroines is branded with the winged disk, which I've written about numerous times. See Wonder Woman as Isis with a golden Code 33 symbol.

DC Shoes is a pretty major DC brand. The seven pointed star is what I believe refers to Apollo as Alcyone of the Pleiades in Taurus. The Isis feminine appears in the vesica piscis-like intersection. Code 33 is signaled in the outline of the framing top and bottom. I believe the opened D imparts magickal balancing. The registered trademark signals Harmerty as matching to the oval Eye of Horus produced in the union of Osiris-3-C and Isis-4-D.

Call of Duty is a CD, equivalent to the DC. It's got the union Osiris and Isis production of Horus with evident Duty-as-doody metaphor, as exploited in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. The MW is Code 33, with both characters being of the rotated numeral 3 kind.

The DC is more subtly leveraged in this ad for Bethel College. Spirited Connections. You get what the spirited connection really is here, right? D union C. Bethel - the house of God. That's Horus, folks. That's their brand identity. Read it for yourself.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Part 19 - Code 33 - CK or 3*11

After a consideration of how 3 and 11 signal 33 as factors, the next level of obfuscation involves the substitution of letters with the values of 3 and 11. This is a pretty big class with lots of examples. Here's some notable CK versions.

First up: Calvin Klein. I chose this particular logo variant because it illustrates more levels of Code 33. The cC adds a layer. The word “in” is position at the correct anatomical location for demonstrating a side view of the Vitruvian Man action, sodomy. Calv-IN-Klein. Inside the K are a pair of opposing glans penis, Apollo's arrowheads.

This catalog promo from 2004 features a couple demonstrating the position sodomites call the butterfly.

C & K presents a similar image, identifying the sun god's butt with orange rays. They rotate this, which suggests the form to us as a child, with the C as their head, Horus Eye illuminated. The C is a 3 and that's the third eye. They C, you see. Code 33! Note, these CandK folks are pre-schooling professionals, since 1907. Pre-school age, actually 3-4 years old is prime for programming chosen ones and multiples farmed for psi powered alters. Just how many Illumined slaves do you suppose have been programmed with ritual sodomy since then? SRA mind-control programming goes way back long before MK-ULTRA and Mengele.

While we should expect that kind of thing from the fashion industry, and really from those organizations parents trust their children to, we folks tend to let our guard down around the comfortable safety of the diner.

The pair on the left side of this collection of Country Kitchen logos each conceal an X up top, presenting the sun god's mark instead of the obvious sun graphics of the pair on the right. The version at upper left presents an X-in-a-box pyramid of the Mayan style, with a 3.4.5 feature in the count of elements (which includes the yellow X). That peak at the top is for squaring the circle, which also suggests a pyramid capstone on the oval eye of Horus.

The version at lower left features a weather vane with a rooster over the X, the fowl associated with Hermes. Validating that, the Hermetic Maxim is emphasized with another image of the rooster below, as above. The rooster is a herald of the dawn of Horus as crowing to announce the coming rise of the sun. I should add here that this is actually modeled on the biblical symbolism of the rooster crowing to announce a resurrection. (See The Bridegroom and Bride - Two Years and Counting)

At upper right, the sunny flower conceals a subtle CC, a great light rising out of the green butt. At lower right is the form of the squared circle, and sunrise. The leg of the K reaches out to mark the male bindi in the circle and create the classic target style sun symbol. The C and K touch, bonding them together, and at their intersection an X is formed, the sun god's mark.

The Candy Kitchen is another opportunity for some sneaky Code 33 signaling. The K appears to be sodomizing the C, with the yellow star (angel) covering the action. That's Horus, called out as it dots the “i” of Horus. “The”=20+8+5=33. The candy cane look underscores it with that subliminal CC allusion.

Below that, Candy Kitchen features a sun god graphic. The sign shape pairing adds to that big circle a square, to repeat the signal made as the straight lined candy wrapper squares the circle of the sun, just in case we missed all the squaring done by every ray. It looks to me like a 3 is concealed in each wrapper of the other candy. They are arranged to suggest the male package, near to the sun anus. Chocolate Covered. Right. A CC class of Code 33. Chocolate, a metaphor for excrement. Strawberry, slang for an abused anus.

The Circle K branding is a simple CK graphic. The leg of the K kicks out to square the circle. Red and white ~ Illuminated Adam-kind ~ Code 33!

Sometimes, the CK appears in a more subtle fashion as with Jack in the Box, which has been leveraging their Occult imagery to great effect. On the left you see their earlier branding. The peculiar way they merged the X into the O of “BOX” is one squaring of the circle. The presence of the registered trademark directs us to perceive that image as a wedjat, the seeing eye of Harmerty. Another squaring of the circle symbol is the rounded corner box. The CK of Jack isn't highlighted but you can see it as another circle being squared in a way suggestive of sodomy, with the joining of the letters producing another X, the sun god's mark.

If you follow their lead and keep tipping the off-balance box to the left, you'll have a pair of them on top, XX, or 33, flanking “the” (20+8+5=33). If you accept that the OX is a wedjat eye, assume that the CK-formed X is another eye, and the the E is the third Eye between them! When double Xs line up the Masonic square and compass is implied.

In the current branding, pictured on the right, the ck is given rather conspicuous attention by wrapping it around the corner. Why? Code 33! A phallic package is also suggested (like with The Candy Kitchen logo above). You can learn more about the decoding of this brand here and here.

The Jack of this brand has a round head. Jack in the Box is the round head in the square box. Remove the eyes and smile from that circle and you have the target style sun god symbol - the sodomizer Horus! A jack that is the child's toy presents an X, and a jack-X in the box is a pyramid!

The CK is the secret identity of Superman, Clark Kent. He's always described as being “mild mannered,” and mm~33. Search this blog for what I've already written about some of the Occult themes I've been led to discover. I expect more will be written about this in the series focused on signs of Horus worship, but it certainly deserves attention here in the context of Code 33. If this comic book cover isn't a picture of SRA, what is it? Superman Ritual Abuse! Superman - The Man of Steel: Daniel 2 - Steel-iron + Man-clay. Small wonder that the ET man in tights is so beloved by the LGBT fraternity. Another community of fans includes ministers: Ministry Resource Site. Mystery Babylon is as Mystery Babylon does.

We leave the entertainment media behind for the real world do-gooders at Camp Kindle, but the Code 33 theme of ritual abuse remains. Their CK logo features a sun anus vortex. Three waves ~ Third Eye.

Here's an advance on Code 33 word sums: CAMP = 3+1+13+16 = 33

The image of the archer appears on their current home page. If you're familiar with the sodomite gateway series this scene should be pretty familiar. Fragile traumatized youth are rounded up by an organization whose branding is a celebration of all things Code 33. I'm a huge fan of genuine charity but I'm not a fan of the schemes of predators. Let's ignore the young archer's absurd technique as the pose had to have been staged for the picture (and ignore the arrow missing a feather [Hey - those folks must really squeeze every dime out of the funds received.]) and focus on the symbolism.

Apollo is the archer. The boy's one eye validates that Horus identity. He wears an orange t-shirt, a symbol of ritual sodomy. Sodomy is already in mind here, as the means of how HIV and AIDS are primarily transmitted. See how the j in “project”on the adult's t-shirt pokes the Kindle K in the butt. They seem to be making allusion to the drugstore window scene of Singin' in the Rain, when Don Lockwood poked the Mahout girl's butt with the handle of his umbrella. “J” is the letter numbered 10, a transformed IO for Helios. In Roman numerals, J as 10 is an X. Sun god sodomy. Just what they are project-ing there is clarified by the context. The torch is a classic of arcane symbolism representing the light of the sun, stolen from the heavens and brought to earth to illuminate man. The emphasized red letter I with heart flame calls out an “i” of Horus, which makes the heart-butt at the top just oh-so apropos.

Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” (Aleister Crowley, expressing his sexual preference.)

Some Welcome. What kind of Hope is being Ignited to set fire to that kindling?

Finally, the last CK example is the Comfort Keepers brand, which features the heart inside an anal triangle. Find a pair of 3s in the outline of the sidewalk to support the CK code. The helping Horus hand looks like a serpent dragon head. Plus sign windows form the X in a box of Mayan pyramids. Rotate this a quarter turn and the windows frame the inside of a blue H, for Horus. The open door is the sodomite gateway, and white light spills out through the 33 to break the outline of the oval eye, squaring the circle. The sidewalk signals this is the third eye. Take your pick which eye you want to match to the Harmerty signaling registered trademark. The Hermetic Maxim transformation reveals 666 in the reflection. It all just looks so, well, nice, until you see through the delusion.

Thank you Lord, for exposing the snares of the enemy! Soon enough, the corruption of this age will pass away, and the Lord will reveal Himself openly, Who is truly good!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Part 18 - Code 33 - Doing the Simple Math: Factor This

As we step through the classes of how the symbolic number 33 is concealed we come in this series to those where math is required in the transformation. Components are either multiplied or added together to produce 33. I've been presenting examples for a long time but yet it's useful to consider these in a more methodical way, to really grasp how this symbol magick works.

so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes. ~ 2 Corinthians 2:11

Make no mistake, these symbols are weapons forged against us. The enemies of the Lord Y'shua wield them to seize and paralyze their prey. It's linked to the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon, the eye-mazing of Hermes. Those who deny it are either deluded or shills, and, whether the denial comes through saints or tares, it matters little.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws” Confucius

A symbol can act in two ways. First, it can be used to focus and project your energy through it. Second, a symbol can function as a magnifier and transmitter of energy, even if you are not focusing attention on the symbol. Symbols do have a life force of their own. They are mini-transmitting stations for subtle energies that are infused in our reality. Each symbol interacts with your energy field, constantly generating a force field that strengthens you.” (from the popular wiccan magic book "Sacred Space" - by Denise Linn)

To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol.” (Starhawk - from "The Spiral Dance" - a popular manual for witchcraft)

I am compelled to offer the following scripture as one of timely encouragement for those who are being set in battle array under the banner of the Lord Y'shua, whose kingdom is not of this kosmos.

6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, 7 casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. 8 Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9 But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world. 10 After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you. 11 To Him be dominion forever and ever. Amen. ~ 1 Peter 5:6-11

I'm going to launch this consideration of “math required” classes with the factors of 33, which is small in scale relative to the examples that sum to 33. Beyond the numbers 1 and 33 the only other factors are 3 and 11. There are letter combinations that represent the 3 and 11 plus hybrid forms but the obvious starting point is where no such transformation is required.

There's the 311 Boyz, and while this is an apt description of a De Molay chapter of Freemasonry it's actually a gang in Las Vegas. Then there's Three Eleven Photography, spelling it out for us. Their branding features a grandfather clock, a symbol used by Yale's Skull and Bones, who, by the way, identify themselves with the number 322. There's another spelled out version in the branding of Three:Eleven Designs, and some mix and match action in and 3eleven-creative for web development. Also, 311 (pronounced "three-eleven") is a rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, formed in 1988. Their logo suggests the 3rd eye is opened. The second 1 is used to square the circle. A second 3 is crafted for redundancy on the left side using the inner ellipse with the loop of the 3 of 311. The little 11 at far right apparently answers to that mirrored 3 for a second 311.

According to some people 311 stands for KKK because K is the 11th letter of the alphabet (Three 11s = Three Ks = KKK)” (Wikipedia) Some folks are obviously tracking with the substitution cipher bit. I'm going to simply label these examples, Code 33.

Swapping the 3 and 11 we get 11 3, or 113. There's a 113 events site that features the imagery you see here. The big red anal sun is a clue. The 113 being all stuck together suggests that these produce a single number, 33, and this also implies the binding feature of ritual sodomy. It also looks like a male train, and I really have to think that's the intent.

The other event graphic really establishes Code 33 for us with “Cotswold Classic” being a example of the ubiquitous CC class. Putting the orange on a triangle (anal) adds to the sodomite layering. The word “classic” is a special word symbol. A crass three letter word that matches to the meaning of the triangle appears centrally, and it's bracketed by a pair of Cs. It seems pretty clear what 113 events really are: 11*3 or Code 33 events.

The graphics designer at 113 Events may have been inspired to model the crass blue triangle on the red one of the number one ranked manufacturer of floor care products in North America, Bissell. If you see their logo as a red pyramid with a capstone separated by their wordmark, you're only seeing part of the picture. See the letter A? If you think there's no A in “Bissell,” you're right, “Bissell” is in the big A, written in the cross member! The red is just the negative space contained by the white A. If you see that, now find the two letters that are wholly contained within the red triangle. And, what does that spell with a big capital A? Right. Bissell's famous slogan? “Life’s messy. Clean it up!” Ri i i i i i ight.

The letter e is trying so hard to look like a 3. The double l already looks like a pair of 1s. If we just go ahead and let those three letters cut off on the right side be a 311, well, there's another 3*11: Code 33!

The square dot over the “i” is a symbolic squaring of the circle, and a calling out of the “i” of Horus. You're catching on to this feature from the Devil's bag of sodomite gateway signaling tricks, right? Whether we want to match the registered trademark Horus Eye to the square dot or to the big red anus to assign the instance of Harmerty, well, we have options.

While it's not presenting a 33, this other Bissell brand really begs decoding here. It represents an advance on where the series on signs of Horus worship is heading because I'm identifying the hand itself as a simple Horus symbol. What most folks would identify as a hand print on a camera lens looks to me like a spanking, right in the eye. The 5 fingers on 1 hand represent Horus-5 the hypotenuse, the one pyramid comprising five corners and five faces. The palm of the hand presents a naked butt. The fingers square the circle. The camera lens is an eye. Eye of Horus is the sodomite gateway, and the spanking is ritual abuse. Wouldn't you know, Bissell Photography has a stud-IO.

This graphic for Investment Eleven Three features a sun over three mountains, or Osiris green pyramids, and triangles. The 9 points is notable, as well as how the triangles square the circle of the sun. Eleven Three spelled out handily presents an ET, for “extraterrestrial,” which is a Code 33 fallen angel theme.

This children's book title spells out and spreads out the factors of 33. What they imply is, by extension poetry “in motion.” There's another 33 hidden here, with one 3 above in the raven (big crow) and one in the lower outline of the open book. The three monkey tails present an upside down 666. I see reference to the famous work of esoteric poetry that is The Raven, by E(dgar -LEVEN) A(llen -AND -ARE) Poe(-TRY). The raven is associated with Apollo, Horus. That is probably the best kept secret about Poe's famous poem.

The obfuscated 33 is sometimes transformed by leveraging the factors 11 and 3 with a slight twist on the theme, representing the 3 as an exponent. For example, 11 is raised to the 3rd power, or cubed, but instead of being interpreted literally as 1331, which is still symbolic, it's a transformation of 33. The example seen here ( presents roses on the frosting, and what is sub rosa are the thorns, a people also called tares. The DIY wedding bit, well, it speaks to me of “The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz,” Rosenkreutz translates to rosey cross, linked to the Rosicrucian Rose Cross. Another eleven cubed is an art blog at

Then, there's the letter value transformations, coming soon, Lord willing.

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Part 9 - Signs of Horus Worship - The Name Game: iOS, FiOS, Vaio, Digital Stud-IO

The recognition of the IO in studio as the Helios identity exposes a class of IO and IOS symbols. I'll pick up where I left off in the previous post.

The branding of two of the studios represented in this collection has been given attention on this blog already, Pixar (Part 9 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Pixar Animation Studios) and Disney, which has owned Pixar since 2006.

Pixar's logo features a lamp “I,” an illuminating “i” of Horus. The stylized R is another Horus Eye, and right under it appears the word symbol exalting him - Stud-IOS.

The Walt Disney Studios brand imagery presents quite a collection. Beginning at the left, Mickey Mouse is Code 33 by name and cartoon design, “The” is Code 33 (20+8+3=33). Walt Disney's stylized signature conceals 666, and finally, there's the word symbol, “Stud-IOS.”

“The Studio” (The Lowrey's Studio programme) features The=33 and Stud-IO. Their colorful wordmark wields symbol magick in the combining of the blue and red into purple. It's a sodomite alchemical combination of the heavenly sons of god (blue) with the earthly daughters of men (red - Adam).

While Disney's competitor Fleischer Studios isn't much for logos, they certainly leveraged the Stud-IOS word symbol to good effect. If you visit their site today you'll be welcomed with a playing of their signature cartoon, center stage, Bimbo's Initiation. I make reference to that classic pretty regularly because it's a stark exhibit of the ritual opening of the Horus Eye as one unwilling member is initiated into a society of Horus worshipers.

Sometimes a studio is just a studio, and sometimes it's a front for some other activity where the regular coming and going provides cover. Many kinds of businesses may be used as fronts for illicit activity, of course, but the I introduced an example of a front when blogging about a classic Illuminati mind control programming film,” in Part 99 - The Sodomite Gateway - Organized Crime's Don Stars in 'Singin' in the Rain'. One of the symbolic sets for the umbrella dancing was the Richard Carlane Music Studio.

Sometimes the Greek spelling of the sun god's name is hidden in plain sight.

Apple's iPhone operating system is branded with letters pronounced, eye oh ess, read, iOS. The letters spell out the name of the sun god Helios, IOS.

There's nothing out of character there. Apple Inc. has been giving the sun god honor through their iconic logo from the beginning. Yup, we're making reference to the widely recognized symbol of the garden of Eden. Search this blog for more insight.

The long enduring 10th edition of their Mac computer operating system is OS X, pronounced “oh ess ten.” It was introduced in 2002 and is still current, so Apple's getting a lot of mileage out of this. Why? It features a big X, the mark of the sun god. They could also have represented it as the number 10 - IO - same difference from the perspective of who is identified, but the X carries more Occult symbol power.

Verizon seems to have regarded their clever scheme exalting Horus so highly they labeled their bundled fiber-optic services FiOS. The brand calls out the letter i as an “i” of Horus by differentiating it from the other letters. The letter F is the 6th letter, the number of man. This combining of man and IOS-Helios forms a beast symbol. Ver(seeing)eyes-on 6+Helios

Plenty of Horus worship is being done in the medical profession. The branch of oncology presents some rather obvious opportunities for exalting the sun god. One of their “treatments” involves radiology, and you can see how this relates to the sun with its radiant emissions. The name of the branch is very suggestive. ON-cology: ON aka Heliopolis. ANKH-ology, where the ankh is an Egyptian symbol of life, most particularly spiritual regeneration or afterlife. When it comes to state organizations, two of them are named to create the perfect acronym, IOS!

Both of these present squared circles. One is In-Diana (ISIS) with the hyphen properly drawn for us. Clever red plus sign for another sodomy signal, right? The other logo leverages the orange sodomy color. They isolate the “Io” from “wa” in “Iowa” so we're sure not to miss the point of the exercise. Helios!

When it comes to “studio” as an Occult word symbol, the power is enhanced when paired with “digital.” To illustrate this we have Sony's Vaio brand.

The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the 'VA' representing an analog wave and the 'IO' representing a digital binary code.” (Wikipedia)

Digital binary code is all about ones and zeros. Vaio is not pronounced as V A One Zero, but as a word ending in i and o. Sony is clueing us in to how “digital” transforms to IO, or Helios. VA-IO is kin to Stud-IO because the VA is the classic up and down triangle pairing. It's the sex magick symbol of the heavenly sons of god union earthly daughters of men. The dot appears as the male member. When Sony combines the analog and digital symbolism in the Vaio wordmark, they make a hybrid. Give that some thought. This is a sign of Horus worship!

I perceive a 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple signal here because, right to left, we see a 3 union 4 (The A and V connect as one, sharing a leg. ) producing 5 (The 3 and 4 are connected, then add 1 for the superfluous dot.), Horus.

Digital Studio's logo effectively demonstrates their understanding of Stud-IO and the transformation of “Digital” to one zero and IO. The vivid exhibit of “As Above, So Below” says plenty in this instance. So does the trademark Illuminati “Watcher” Owl. About dotting the eye with squares; dots are round but these are square. By squaring the circles, which also calls them out as “i” of Horus, the ritual sodomy represented is shown to be the source and beginning of Teaching and of Learning. Digital Studio is a mystery school for Luciferian initiates on the left hand path, it seems.

Digital Cloud Studio. The I of Stud-IO aligned under the o of Cloud presents a crossing instance of the same. Clouds, as per Jude 1 and Acts 1. Cloud's conceal Code 33 and butts.

Dolphin Digital Studios presents what some will try hard to identify as a dolphin tail, but that's quite a stretch. Think - metaphor. Think, Stud-IOS, the sodomizer. Think Dolphin Hieroglyphica.

The Fisher Price Digital Art Studio branding is price-less! A royal sodomite purple background hosts a rainbow starburst. That Horus Eye is flanked by Digital~IO and Stud-IO. See the glow of divine illumination? Arts and Crafts ~ magickal arts of the magickal craft. AC = AntiChrist! The G in “digital” is in the common typeface for the G of the Masonic Square and Compass.

“Exclusive: The CW is planning to rebrand its digital studio CWD as “CW Seed,” evolving it into a digital destination for loyal CW fans. The network will announce CW Seed at its upfront presentation in New York today. [May 16, 2013] CW Seed will exist as a sub-site on, and will still produce original programming, but the channel is adding more interactivity to the service, opening up for feedback from viewers and adding more social engagement. “I think this is kind of a unique thing for a broadcast network to do, to have an incubator to really look at and get feedback from the fans, what they are liking and what they are not liking, and really taking digital to a different level,” CW executive VP of marketing and digital programs Rick Haskins tells Lost Remote.” (The CW introducing ‘CW Seed’ digital and social hub )

You can see what has been done with it here: CW Seed. Yikes. It certainly has retained the (evil) spirit of a “digital studio.” SERPENT SEED! CW and the double E in SEED are Code 33.

There are many signs of Horus worship embedded in our culture, with even the names of their god being spelled out openly, yet, who even notices? The cover spells are very effective. Then, there's all the concealed symbols of his exaltation.

The sun god rules this age, at least in his vast assigned domain, and this is the testimony of the symbols we see. The world is bound by this evil and it will increase, yet, the sovereign God has established limits and appointed an end to his operations. This hope is ours and it's a bright and certain promise! Real love manifests in His presence!

Decoding the Google Doodle celebrating Rosalind Franklin

The Doodle on Google's home page shows a cartoon illustration of Franklin looking at the DNA double helix - eluding to her work on the X-ray diffraction images of DNA, which in turn led to the discovery of its distinctive structure.” (Google Doodle marks 93rd birthday of DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin)

There's an Occult message in this doodle. I think we are being told how she was illuminated, and that her work advanced us toward the mark of the beast.

The G is the squared circle signaling ritual sodomy. Matching closely in kind to the final e (which I'll explain shortly) that is an eye. It's the G-Eye or GI tract Horus Eye. The first letter o is another anal Horus Eye.

The picture of Rosalind Franklin with white accents around her face wearing a pearl necklace illustrates her being illuminated, with pearls of wisdom, arcane knowledge, gnosis. One of the white lines is an obvious butt-3, on her forehead, signaling third eye divine white illumination. The hair resembles a bird on her head, with a beak on her forehead, as seen in ancient Egyptian temples. See examples below. It's the magickal working of the sky gods.

She looks through the DNA (cartoon sight lines) to see the intersection of strands as an X. This X is the mark of the sun god, the image of the beast. This is the Google letter e, for eye, an observation supported by the shape. The letter e is the 5th letter, and this is obviously another Horus (the 5 of the 3.4.5 Pythagorean Triple, with reference to the esoteric solution to the 47th problem of Euclid) Eye.

That eye is also a incubating seed, taking a hint from the 6 element phallic arrow (the g = two testicles) touching the double helix DNA. This suggests the light body fertilization of the triple helix sun god beast.

I note that the doodle is a reclined ankh, the key of life often pictured in the hands of the Egyptian gods. Trace the dotted line and include the DNA as the cross member. This is a very fitting representation because the meanings are the same!

Flanking the white dot at the very center of the eye are 3 linked elements on the one side and the other; Code 33. The count of all the marks inside the ovum presents 666: Six per diagonal of the x plus six marks at the center.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. ~ Revelation 13:18

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Part 8 - Signs of Horus Worship - Studio ~ Stud IO

Some signs of Horus worship should be readily identified as such, like pictures of the sun. Yes, the images of the sun that are so commonly found in logos and on product packaging are graven images and therefore signs of worship of the sun god. In kind, so is every symbol representing the sun, including name references, both to the sun and diverse solar deities, across a very wide range. Many such symbols have been featured on this blog already with plenty of examples, and while the preeminent role of the sun symbol must certainly be noted in this series our attention is primarily upon those signs where the emblems of Horus worship are more discreet.

The word “studio” often appears as one such emblem. Studio ~ Stud-io ~ IO or IOS spells Helios ~ Helios the Stud. The symbol Stud-IO exalts and promotes the virility and sexual prowess of Horus. A stud service is a common activity for breeders. I raised chickens for a little while and when the roosters matured and started crowing, since our neighborhood was residential, they had to go. My favorite rooster was a fine Rhode Island Red. He went to UC Davis and I was told he was put into stud service. I was happy for him. Not so much about the Devil's leveraging of symbols to exalt and promote the agent of his procreative scheme. If you're skeptical about the symbolic meaning proposed you may find the comparison with related symbols later in this post more convincing.

The animated logos you see at the start of films and TV shows present quite a collection of Occult imagery. They often represent entities that label themselves “studios.” Studio Canal is a popular example. “A Canal+ Company.” Alimentary Canal. C+ANAL. Stud IO the sodomizer. The version you see here at upper left adds two squared circle layers and sticks the words together (binding function) to magnify the sodomite gateway theme.

John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica presents Horus and Hermes performing stud service. Although we wouldn't naturally consider sodomy as a procreative act, this is how an important kind of baby is brought forth. The counterfeit “born again” or “new birth” experience is wrought through ritual sodomy, the opening of the Horus Eye. Babalon Working Babies, BWBs, chosen ones, these are created via ritual sodomy.

Sun Studio is a recording studio opened by rock pioneer Sam Phillips at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 3, 1950.” (Wikipedia) It's claimed to be the birthplace of rock-and-roll, and the central role played by the studio can hardly be disputed. Sun Studio ~ Sun god Stud IO. “Rock and Roll” is a musical genre but the term was widely understood to be a euphemism for sexual intercourse. If you are one to connect dots there's plenty of exercise to be had here!

Memphis, TN bears the name of the city in ancient Egypt. “Since the early excavations at Memphis in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, artefacts have been uncovered in different parts of the city that indicate the presence of a building dedicated to the worship of the sun disc.” (Wikipedia) Horus worship in Memphis, exalting the Sun Stud IO?

Sun Studio's address was 706 Union Avenue. There is a message in this. The Union of god and man, heaven and earth is appointed to manifest in the counterfeit messiah as in the genuine, Y'shua. That counterfeit will be the 7+0+6=13, the union of the 7-god and the 6-man, the rebel lord beast, as I often label him, according to a compilation of meanings of the number. The 706 Union Avenue is descriptive of the beast of Revelation 13:1. He will be the Avenue of such a Union through his mark. Sun god Stud IO - at - 706 Union Avenue.

Consider the signage on the building? “Free Parking in Rear.” That looks pretty innocent, unless you recognize the sun anus sodomite gateway and perceive the sexual metaphor. Anal triangle arrow. The “Free” adds a double E Code 33. The giant guitar also has symbolic meaning as both the male package and the female form. The shape of the body of the guitar presents a pair of opposing 3s, Code 33. Have you caught on to how “park” spelled backwards is “krap”? Someone's having a huge laugh at our expense. Have I mentioned how masonry is the Mason's calling card?

There has long been a chain of gas stations known as Union 76, represented by an orange ball, a sun symbol. “As of May 1, 2012, the "76" brand is owned by the Phillips 66 Company. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company used the slogan "Go With the Spirit...the Spirit of '76.' "This has been shortened to 'Get the Spirit.'” (Wikipedia)

Sun Studio in Memphis at 706 Union was Sam Phillips' business. Some will consider this observation as a synchronicity but there's a god and a sovereign God behind all of it. There is a conspiracy that has been going on for thousands of years. Folks who make symbols and act according to the motivations of the carnal mind are acting as the enemies of the true God. They draw from the well of supernatural inspiration according to the ways of the ancient rebellion.

There's another Sun Studio, Sun Microsystems Solaris Studio. Again, the Solaris and Sun god Stud IO! Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle a few years ago. “The most important oracles of Greek antiquity were Pythia, priestess to Apollo at Delphi, and the oracle of Dione and Zeus at Dodona in Epirus.” (Wikipedia) These are oracles of sun worship.

I have not yet decoded the Sun logo on this blog, so I'll break it down here. The designers spell “Sun” in clever ways. They use identical shapes to form the three letters, s, u and n. Eight of these characters are arranged to form four overlapping instances of the word. Notice how the alignment permits the drawing of two diagonal lines through it to form an X. That's the mark of the sun god. A square can be drawn around it, so the pyramid or obelisk is pictured as from above, an X in a box. A swastika may also be drawn through it, a magickal symbol of the fallen ones that predates the Nazi party by several thousand years. As you discover these words, you read around in a circle, ritually creating an energy vortex. That's how symbols work, even if you don't bother engaging with them, they still engage you. The corners are rounded off the square, the squaring of the circle, a sign of ritual sodomy illumination. I perceive in this the Egyptian sex magick of the 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple that is inherent in every pyramid shape. Osiris (3 letters in Sun) union Isis (4 instances of Sun) producing Horus (The X in a box).

The collection of symbolic Stud-IO logos that follows will illustrate some trends.

The number 9 is one of those trends, the single digit number of the mark of the beast transformation. Studio 9, Studio 63 (6+3=9) and Studio 54 (5+4=9) fly that banner. Are you familiar with the blog named io9? Slogan: “We Come From the Future.” They don't represent themselves as a studio, but they have got the IO and 9 nailed!

Studio 63 adds two layers of redundancy to the Stud-IO 9 themes, using the familiar bar code and suggesting that 6 repeats 3 times, 666. I note that the “6” dots the “i” in “studio,” signaling the “i” of Horus.

Studio 54 wasn't really a studio, by definition, but rather a world renowned discotheque frequented by celebrities. The most famous nightclub of all time was located at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan, New York. Studio 54 opened on April 26, 1977. This day is claimed to begin a ritual season on the Satanic calendar called the Grand Climax, which requires the ritual abuse of a female between the ages of 1 and 25, specifying oral, anal and vaginal sex in particular. The disco, famed for the debauched behavior of the elite clientele, ceased operations as a nightclub in 1991, but under the original ownership, the so-called "golden era" ended on February 4, 1980. Marking that closure, a party was thrown, called, “The End of Modern-day Gomorrah.” That date was just after Candlemas and the Satanic Revels that call for the same kind of abuse. Stud-IO 54. Although the number in the club's name is easily derived from the street address, it speaks to me further of the familiar 3.4.5 sequence, or 54 -3, which probably explains their peculiar logo. Inside the 4 is a right triangle (3 union 4), and that has the look of an eye, the triangle eye and third eye of the sodomizing sun god, Horus.

That logo seems to have a G in it, and so does Studio Magenta. More Masonry? It's clearly an Ouroboros. Stud-IO, the feathered serpent. The lower jaw of the reptile resembles the slit pupil of a serpent eye, and the G-eye presents the GI tract. It's a Horus Eye sun anus, of course. The purple MacroMedia (MM=33) Stud-IO MX (33) and the pyramid of Stud-IO Level and anal triangle eye Seal of Solomon of Stud-IO Alpha Transfer should require no further explanation.

More to follow, Lord willing!