Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Part 10 - Signs of Horus Worship - DC and HORUS Whores in the Capitol

A few days ago I posted a link to a news article (to the Notable Stuff section of this blog's side bar) about the US House of Representatives and the accepted level of corruption that goes without general acknowledgement. The members of the House are as harlots, selling themselves in the marketplace, so I retitled the link more appropriately to, House of Representatives = wHORes

I have further noted how the acronym HORUS appears in their title, only very minimally scrambled. Their anal eye of Horus and Capitol Dome brand imagery is the perfect complement. House of Representatives, United States = HORUS.

I've written on occasion about how the Capitol Dome as the womb of Isis is mating very literally, by ceremonial magick, with the Washington Monument, the obelisk and phallus of Osiris. This ritual sex magick is for the manifestation of Horus in the earth, and it's in that very location where the HORUS is found, the House of Representatives, United States! This is operative and symbolic at the same time.

The representation of Capitol Hill as the owl seen in any overhead view identifies that owl as another image of Horus. Call it the Amarucan Eagle and you'll have the equation.

These features are evidence of the worship of Horus and represent the modern expression of the ancient Egyptian magick.

So, sometimes the name of the sun god is concealed as an acronym, sometimes it's in word symbols like “studio,” spelled out openly in iPhone operating systems (iOS), and sometimes it's just reversed. SUROH = HORUS.

The designation of where the HoR, US is located, the District of Columbia, is another sign of Horus worship, with the shorthand DC expressing it very simply. With DC representing the 4th and 3rd letters of the alphabet, the reference to the esoteric Pythagorean triple 3.4.5 should by now be quickly recognized. DC signals the union of Isis and Osiris that produces Horus.

Washington DC is the more complete expression that identifies Washington as the Horus identity, and the underside of the Capitol Dome provides a witness to that in Brumidi's scene of the Apotheosis of Washington. It's not George Washington or Hiram Abiff whose apotheosis is really in view. It's about the raising of Horus as the Beast in the concrete expression of the union of Osiris and Isis. More confirmation of the Washington identity appears in the Washington Monument. This is the phallus of Osiris, so Washington represents the resurrecting Osiris manifesting as Horus. The dimensions of the Monument are telling. The 555 is the Horus number 5 repeating the number of resurrection, 3 times. The 666 identifies it with the beast and his mark. The pyramid capstone expresses the esoteric 3.4.5 solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid. Most folks will dismiss this collection of observed facts as following from mythical and figurative artistic expressions, but watch and see what comes of it.

DC is leveraged by DC Comics, responsible for Superman and the TV series Arrow.

One of their fictional goddess heroines is branded with the winged disk, which I've written about numerous times. See Wonder Woman as Isis with a golden Code 33 symbol.

DC Shoes is a pretty major DC brand. The seven pointed star is what I believe refers to Apollo as Alcyone of the Pleiades in Taurus. The Isis feminine appears in the vesica piscis-like intersection. Code 33 is signaled in the outline of the framing top and bottom. I believe the opened D imparts magickal balancing. The registered trademark signals Harmerty as matching to the oval Eye of Horus produced in the union of Osiris-3-C and Isis-4-D.

Call of Duty is a CD, equivalent to the DC. It's got the union Osiris and Isis production of Horus with evident Duty-as-doody metaphor, as exploited in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. The MW is Code 33, with both characters being of the rotated numeral 3 kind.

The DC is more subtly leveraged in this ad for Bethel College. Spirited Connections. You get what the spirited connection really is here, right? D union C. Bethel - the house of God. That's Horus, folks. That's their brand identity. Read it for yourself.


  1. Thanks Jena. Your suggestion of a possible connection between the body's energy centers and the color/shapes of the candy on candy crush seems pretty reasonable. I can't say I have any particular insight into what was intended or accomplished there.

  2. every man from nimrod to George Washington had an eagle like Hitler . every one of these men were gay = harlot riding the beast. Hitler patterned his army after Alexander the great a gay man !!!!!! the harlot has been reviled the time is very short.