Saturday, July 06, 2013

Part 10 - Code 33 - Double X Magick in the Overt and Covert

Having introduced the XX with a pretty rigorous exhibit in the Dos Equis brand, a few more examples will illustrate the diversity of the symbol's appearance. This will span a couple posts, then I intend to move on to the next class, Lord willing.

“The xx” are an English indie pop band, formed in 2005. Code 33! There's every symbolic meaning of the powerhouse double X, plus the additional 33 of “the” (20+8+5).

Exxel Outdoors demonstrates their understanding of the pyramid with capstone. Making it orange adds to it, the sunny color that is a strong signal of ritual sodomy. Inside the reflected capstone, at bottom, the letter D is used to graphically illustrate an eye, with curved lens. Exxel Outdoors presents an EO, a spelling of Helios, aka Horus. They are an outdoor equipment retailer. Out doors. This is a signaling of ritual sodomy, as in Led Zeppelin's, “In Through the Out Door.” Apparently excelling in Masonic Luciferian Horus worshiping sodomy, their oval logo is a Code 33 signaling Horus Eye.

JVC, the audio manufacturer, has a product line called Xtreme Xplosives. Their Occult knowledge is exhibited in the double X branding as they position the letters XP in the implied lower capstone. RAS style, X=3 and P=11 so XP signals the factors of 33. This is very simple but definitely an Xtreme Xplosive power logo.

(Are you thinking of Microsoft's familiar OS? They got plenty of mileage out of that one, and still are in the corporate world!)

Team Orion features another double X branding. The constellation Orion is a focus of attention for those on the left hand path. The way the brand imagery emphasizes “As Above, So Below” through the use of the shadow and by dividing the double X horizontally into two colors, plus the way they tip it which invites further rotation, these features lead us to identify the stylized double X as a pair of 3s. Add another for the shadow - Osiris-3 of the 345, in the underworld. The 3 is the resurrection number. Osiris resurrecting into Horus through the sex magick of the XX. I perceive an obfuscated H and an A, for Horus and Apollo. Orange = sodomy and Red = Adam and White = Divine and stars = celestial beings, angels. See the TM trademark symbol? T=20 and M=13 so, Team Orion XX: Another big time Code 33!

As the Lord has been calling these symbols to my attention I've noticed quite a few appearing in movies and ads and commercials. Some of these are pretty sneaky!

Here's a sequence from “A Dark Truth.” I was watching it this past week and went on high alert the moment I noticed the XX wrapped around the nose of the building as mirrored. As I continued watching, the former agent who was back on a mission was followed closely by the camera. His collar was turned up to present an obfuscated set. There are red and black Xs on the underside of his collar, with a pair of black ones in the center.

Then, he crossed the street. One X appeared on a sign pole, then three more above, spanning the street, and then another X sign pole to balance the first. The triple X set formed an arch, a vault or bridge. The vehicles were traveling through the arch as a ritual, a magick ritual that included the agent's crossing of the street.

I see the triple X as a symbol of the Unicursal Hexagram, which I've illustrated in this collection of images. This compares to the double X symbol of the Masonic square and compass. The Unicursal Hexagram is a magickal symbol associated with Aliester Crowley, Thelema and the O.T.O. It has to do with opening portals. This explains the scene in A Dark Truth.

The two X signs on poles were symbolic obelisks, each being an X in a box, elevated on a pillar.

You may recall the posts in the Sodomite Gateway Series about the musical “Singin' In The Rain.” In a key sequence, two obelisks flanked the Mahout girl in the Egyptian window setting. She sat in a magick circle as Isis, and that's where the magick was focused.

When writing about the Boston Marathon “massacre” ritual I posted this picture of nearby Copely Square Park's fountain. Note, two obelisks. The water flows through them, and there are many arch portals in the setting.

Watch for the flanking X obelisk symbols, they are not that uncommon. Remember the triple helix pillars at the Gateway to High Falls in the Rochester Series, in posting going back nearly 3 years? Same principle.

I was watching a current TV series called Defiance recently and was alerted to a subtle XX symbol in the mayor's office, which is decorated with many framed butterflies on her walls. Those butterflies, pinned fast and viewed through a pane of glass are blatant signs of Monarch programming and the condition of a slave. On a bookshelf, on a stack of books there are two large jacks, of the toy variety you would play with a ball or spin like a top. I've illustrated it here. Each jack presents an X. The pair is Code 33.

I suppose the jack ( X - Pyramid - spinning vortex) is why we have the classic Jack in the Box, with a royal court jester inside. The illuminated royals have a joke on us.

There's an energy drink brand that plays the hidden double X: XO Energy Drink. “XO, Xtreme Energy for Xtreme People” is their slogan. They also feature XO2. The glowing eye you see in this ad is their logo, an illuminated Horus Eye. The starburst iris in the center conceals the second X. Code 33! That X marks the spot for the sun anus access portal, a sodomite gateway that is supported by some examples of squaring the circle. The XO is the square and circle. And again, the O is squared by the radiant starburst lines. Then, of course, there's the signal orange color. The white ring is squared by the four cardinal points marked off to identify it as the squared circle that is the magick circle, cast in light with the athame as the Guardians are invoked. XO energy is what the sodomite sun god worshiping witches raise in the magick circle. When the demonic energy is released, they X us out, according to their own suggestion. “Let's get X'ed out... ” I, for one, am opting out of that curse.

The XO energy is sodomite sorcery, and the intent is to X Out. This is the message presented in song lyrics and music video over and over and over again. This is how the world is being prepared for the Black Awakening, and the lawless one with the mark of the beast.

The film studio 20th Century Fox leveraged the double X in a sneaky way for many years. The number 20 is written in Roman numerals as XX, which makes a suggestion on a level below our awareness. One X appears in the name FOX. The other was formed dynamically in the beams of the searchlights as they rotated around, crossing and uncrossing in the animated logos opening the films, as you see in this still. Double X - Code 33! More Occult signaling is present that was retained in their updated branding.

Many brand critics panned the update, failing to grasp the presence and meaning of the essential signals. It's clearly not all about aesthetics in the design.

(Brand New 21st Century Fox Unveils Logo — And It Isn't Great)

Deadline editor Nikki Finke got her hands on Murdoch's morning memo, which reads:

'Today I am proud to unveil our new logo, which serves as a powerful symbol of the inspiration and high bar set by our company. Like our name, the logo reflects the rich creative heritage of Twentieth Century Fox and signals the promise of the 21st century and our restless drive toward the future. Ultimately, our new logo celebrates the powerful commitment of you and your colleagues to the excellence and innovation that will propel 21st Century Fox forward.'

We, however, fail to see power exuding from the new logo. The font almost appears too casual for such a substantial media giant.

What do you think?”

I think FOX knows what they want and are satisfied with what they got. Another critic's article is titled, 21st Century Fox's First Logo Fixes What Wasn't Broken. Well, an update was obviously required and it what was retained is substantial in Occult potency. In that article, Gizmodo notes: “The name and the logomark were designed by Pentagram, the 40-year-old studio responsible for dozens of widely-known brands, like the Daily Show and the Big Ten conference.” Yeah, Pentagram.

So, here's what the fuss is about. These two appear to be the primary versions. The 666 feature inherent in the numeric transformation of FOX is carried over from the previous branding. The C and F paired by alignment persists to add redundancy to the 666 symbolism (C=3 and F=6). The cleverly obfuscated double X persists with some strengthening. There's an X in a circle to square the circle. The X of the sun god is on a full moon as it reflects the light of the sun. The full moon usually marks the 13th day of the month on the Lord's calendar. Pagan ceremonies are customarily held on the full moons, and there is frequently a squared circle involved, the magick circle. The number 21 is new, and this adds the number of time, timelessness and the fullness of time. That message is well timed! I'd say these branding folks are dumb like a fox.

And finally, the branding of the FX channel is similar to that of 21st Century Fox. From 2008 until this past April, the double X was featured, divided by the F but still Code 33. Their Masonic square and compass variant swapped out the G for an F. The new logo is the one they had been using for their international logo, so with the latest update they have reduced the diversity. While it's no longer a double X, the transformation of FX into 666 remains.

Notice how a triangle is formed in the negative space. See that as the roof of a house, with a door, framed by a pentagon. This is the 666 doorway. I believe these are the effects (FX) they are after.


  1. Hey Bob,

    I left this comment on part 9, but it may have been more appropriate here.

    I believe the XX has another layer of signaling calling attention to the ancient Egyptian gods Atum and Ra and/or Atum-Ra.



    Ra= (18+1)=19=1+9=10=X

    I do believe this signaling ties into the pervasive Egyptian Sex Magick layer that seems to be everywhere.

  2. “21st”:
    21 = 2 + 1
    S+T = 19 + 20 = (1+9)+(2+0)
    3 + (1+2) = 3 + 3