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Part 6 - Signs of Horus Worship - Pyramid Blueprints: The XBOX, Square and Compass

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The popular pyramid is a sign of Horus worship. OK, Captain Obvious reporting live on location, but there's more to this than most folks realize.

What's called the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Egypt has long been linked to some sacred purpose of one kind or another. There is no indication that it is a burial tomb, and there are no inscriptions or decorative art to suggest one purpose or another. What is known about it has been derived from the form, dimension, location and positioning, externally and internally. I'm not going to offer any profound insight about that pyramid in particular but there are some observations I can make about pyramids in general that should be helpful to some of you. Understanding about the pyramid explains some of symbols we might not even recognize as pyramids, exposing more of the evidence of Horus worship. These in every form of expression are literally idols that receive worship, and many, perhaps most worshipers who are being influenced to worship have no clue about what they do.

A most fundamental consideration of meaning must involve the numbers inherent in every pyramid, which includes the ben-ben stone that caps the obelisk. This set consists of 3, 4 and 5, with the assumed 1 that references the object itself. There are four sides that are triangles plus one that is a square, making five faces in total. The unique numbers produced are 3, 4 and 5. The numbering may also be expressed like this. The triangle faces have 3 sides - Osiris, according to the standard esoteric assignment linked to the derivation of these same numbers from the 47th Problem of Euclid. The square base has 4 sides - Isis. Joined together, the 3 and the 4 produce the 5 corner points that represent Horus, the one. Every pyramid and every obelisk and every obfuscation of the same is an expression of this arcane signal. Each example is a symbol of the sex magick producing Horus, and an idol that draws worship. The glowing eye as the capstone of the pyramid is known as the Eye of Horus, is it not? The whole is Horus. I often identify the pyramid as the messianic beast with capstone head.

Now, some pyramids are easily recognized. The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas could hardly be more obvious, and what had been The Money Store in Sacramento. The pyramid on the Great Seal of the USA is never mistaken for anything else. How many people, though, really link the obelisk to the pyramid, even though the only difference is the addition of a pillar as a base?

Viewing architecture from above or below is something every architect and builder must do. That perspective is an essential part of every blueprint. Mason's refer to their god as the GAOTU, the Grand Architect of the Universe. Surely, in the world of the Hermetic Maxim, he is familiar with the blueprint, and every blueprint includes roof plans. When we see the overhead picture of 345 California Center, what we fail to comprehend from other perspectives becomes immediately apparent. Obviously, the Masons as builders can interpret overhead views. Would you recognize the simple roof plan of a pyramid?

The Illuminated understand the value of presenting things from alternate and unfamiliar perspectives because this how symbol obfuscation works. Representing a pyramid as seen from above is a most simple and effective means of obfuscation. These are signs of Horus worship and Egyptian sex magick.

Chris Constantine gets it. I saw this video last night. He rightly describes the British Union Jack flag as the representation of a Mayan pyramid. Satanic British SUN Flag of Apollyon the Destroyer XXX. Apollyon the Destroyer, aka Ameru, aka Horus.

The steeple on many churches and buildings with vault structures present the pyramid when viewed from above. The projection below is a pyramid too, of course. I've written about so called sacred architecture before and it bears repeating in this context.

The key design element of the Gothic architectural style is the vault. The vault is a form of a pyramid. It represents what the pyramid represents, the messianic kingdom. The tabernacle and Temple built as commanded by the true God were good. Any others are bad, merely counterfeits that honor the false god and his messiah and kingdom.

Consider the diagrams of the Roman and Gothic style vaults. They both compare to a pyramid, resting on a square base and, uniquely with the Gothic vault, rising to a single central point. The views presented from above the vaults are the very same top view of a pyramid. The vaults create within them a virtual pyramid. They represent the vault of heaven, creating a heavenly space in the earthly realm, a sacred temple for worship of the heavenly sons of god. The classic pointed arch window and door frames of the Gothic style suggest virtual vault intersections.

Do you understand why the Masons were taught these structures by the fallen angels and why they have been so broadly implemented? If you understand how ritual magick is real and powerful in the demonic realm you know these constructs have legitimate influence, legally establishing domains of spiritual authority in the physical realm.

(Amish Barn Stars and the mysteries of Gothic architecture)

Have you seen many churches, cathedrals or synagogues or mosques or other places of worship that exhibit forms of a pyramid, now that you're aware of the overhead view? There's a reason for that. It involves the secrets of heaven brought by fallen angels, the pyramid and the mystical 345, and the sun god universally worshiped by Mystery Babylon under many guises, even as the moon god, which reflects the light of the sun, or some other elemental or as a goddess.

The form of the pyramid, however it is represented, evidences a supernaturalism. Becoming aware of how these forms are embedded in our environment is a step toward being free of the influence. Simply praying and claiming the Lord's freedom may or may not be enough for you in this season. If that's all that was required, I wouldn't be writing this post, and many declarations made in the Bible about such a matter would be superfluous and misleading. They are not, I am assured.

One of the more vivid signs of Horus worship appears in the branding of Microsoft's popular gaming console, the XBOX. When you look down from overhead, a pyramid is very simply described as an X in a box. The pyramid is an Xbox! The brand invokes the pyramid and expresses the 345 Egyptian sex magick union of Osiris and Isis producing Horus. The logo for XBOX resembles an eyeball, the Eye of Horus, which you can see in this image I posted a few days ago. The colors are Osiris green and divine light white.

The XBOX logo isn't a box at all, it's a ball. Cognitive dissonance makes it resonate. That object swap is a “sphering” of a cube dynamic, a circling of the square. To place emphasis on this feature, a generation of consoles was named XBOX 360, which implies a circle by the number of degrees it represents. The way the X appears in the sphere it suggests there is a pyramid inside, green and illuminated, like on the dollar bill and Great Seal. As a reproductive scene we see the Osiris green regeneration, with the X of the sun god enveloped in a magickal Isis womb.

According to the symbolism of the alchemist's Philosopher's Stone, it defines space-time, and creates a ritual binding. This compares with the Pentacle talisman and the Pentagram as a lamen, the magician's personal cosmic diagram, a model of the universe.

The practicing witch is well familiar with such a binding pictured in the Xbox logo. When the circle is cast within which magick is performed, a spherical containment zone is generated as a dimensional bubble. This is protective, defining a boundary, and it is a container within which energy is raised. By “energy,” we're talking about demonic presence and power. The circle is actually referred to as the squared circle.

In this image collection I made for explaining the symbolism of I, Pet Goat II, you can perceive how it looks like what might be a slice through the Xbox logo. The burning house on the chalkboard can be perceived as an obelisk with pyramid and dimensional projections.

A pyramid base set upon the magick circle presents the squared circle emblem, and a point overhead on the sphere defines the fifth point of a pyramid. The pentagram is most popularly linked to ceremonial magick but the pyramid is also used by some, and the object can substitute for the power cone. The pyramid has been described as a power device, and some claim to have taken photographs of energy beams projecting into the sky through the apex. The magician's squared circle connects to the physical world with the four elements, air, fire, water and earth. The fifth element is spirit. The Pentagram represents spirit as the upper point of the five. Of the pyramid, the spirit or fifth side would be the base and the fifth corner point would be the apex, where it also touches the dimensional boundary.

Enough about that.

That squaring of the circle is an esoteric signal for ritual sodomy and the opening of the Horus eye. That image pictured above of the wrestling game that plays on the Xbox console is heavily layered with sodomite squared circle imagery. The wrestling ring is known as a squared circle because rings imply circles but the wrestlers actually compete inside a square. (Do you think there might not be some kind of ritual energy capture going on there?)

Any doubt as to whether the sodomite god is being honored with sex magick by the sorcerers at Microsoft should be dismissed by the ad that asks: How does Xbox say “I love you”? This is the “Love in Action” of the Lucis Trust and all those who have had their Horus Eye activated as initiates into the illuminating power of the pyramid.

If you look at an expression of the 47th Problem of Euclid, like at the lower right in this model tracing board built by members of an A.F & A.M (Scottish Rite) Lodge in MA, you will see another pyramid and Xbox symbol. Of the Osiris and Isis boxes is formed the X. The X is upon the Box, Horus. XBOX.

Notice how the Tracing Board places the 47 inside the Horus box to invoke the esoteric solution. See how the 5 appears above it, which is the length of the hypotenuse of the 3, 4, 5 or “Horus” side as a most basic sign of Horus. The 5 appears to label the Masonic square itself by identifying it with the two sides of a right and isosceles triangle, where we see by comparison how the hypotenuse is implied. Horus, unseen yet present. That square then also implies the base of the pyramid.

Here's an insight into a meaning of the Masonic square and compass. It's a pyramid. Superficially, the compass obviously resembles a side, and flipping the square over makes that appear as a side, but there's more to it than that. The compass appears as a side of the pyramid (Osiris-3), set upon the square (Isis-4) as the square base. Thus is formed the 5 cornered pyramid, Horus, and the magick of the 345 appears.

You can see it pictured in this item I found for sale on, PYRAMID, ROYAL ARCH, COMPASS AND SQUARE, an object that functions for us as the typical Rosetta Stone, the interpretive key where we are informed through comparison of like versions.

The geometrical function of the letter G is probably far more meaningful than any signification like God or Gnosis. It is a squared circle emblem that supports the symbolism of the tools that frame it but adds the essential circular shape to the symbol set. The width of the G provides two concentric circles. The partial smaller circle must join with the partial square and partial triangle as the alchemical representation of 3-space, and the larger circle adds the representation of time itself. It's a magickal time-space or space-time binding implement. This is yet one more reason why the square and compass is ubiquitous. It's more than just a label that says, “Mason.” Far more. I believe it invokes Horus and draws worship to him.

The current generation of XBOX consoles is the One. The Xbox One is the 1 pyramid with constituent 3-4-5 elements. It is like ON(e), Heliopolis. It's also the alchemical Monas, the singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive. Does it recall the ONE dollar bill, and the Illuminati pyramid? Like Neo in The Matrix is the One, Horus is the One, the coming messianic agent of the ancient dragon, Antichrist.

A company called VALVe makes games for the XBOX. Their file format for the code is called XWV. ( If you apply the alphabetic substitution gematria code to their file format, XWV = 24, 23, 22. The reverse version produces XWV = 3, 4, 5.

Right. 345. They do know their code.

In closing, there's this, the cross-as-pyramid.


  1. Bob,

    There is another clever instance of the 47th problem of Euclid being signaled by the masonic square and compass emblem. The square and compass come together to form 4 sides and in the middle is the letter G, which is the 7th letter of the alphabet. Combining the two I believe you have yet another 47 signal.


    1. Indeed a most excellent observation! I believe that's a very fundamental symbol layer.

  2. Hi bob... i just intresting about the MONAS keyword... in my country indonesia have a great Tower , they call it as MONAS... i'm sorry i have a bad english... but i want to learn , so please give me that knowledge or we can share it...