Sunday, July 21, 2013

Part 17 - Code 33 - X with a Spun 3: Sirius XM Love

This final post of the “no math required” class of Code 33 symbolism continues the letter X paired with a spun 3 (E, W, w, M, m). The previous post was all about the EX that often reads like X, the mark of the sun god, and there were some very notable logos in the batch. In this post I'll sweep through the other variants.

The XE branding is in some cases nearly identical to some of the EX designs. This imagery from presents their e inside the sun as the sun gods eye, the Eye of Horus. The X as the sun god's mark makes it very plain. The form of the e isn't the upper-case that rotates to 3, so it's obfuscated one level, but we're signaled about the value because the crescent sun in eclipse is a mirrored C, with the value of 3. You may consider this a legitimate instance of the XC class.

The squaring of the circle is done by the x, which also imparts a spin to the Horus Eye by angling the tip of the upper cross member. That's the sodomite portal's energy vortex. This image from the Currency Converter demonstrates how somebody understands about Code 33 signal by their backing it with another C and C. The lower-case letter e also bears the form of a squared circle.

The sex magick of the symbol extends to another level where the e inside the circle represents Horus by holding the value of 5, the hypotenuse of the esoteric 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple. Osiris and Isis are producing Horus. The x has the value of 3 in this Code 33 symbol, and the 3 is Osiris. We may look for the presence of a 4 but instead there's another image that represents Isis, the circle. The circle is the female symbol that mates with a male square, here, the X, Osiris. We are shown the fertilization and impregnation, with the e suggesting the disk is an egg or ovum and, too, the womb of Isis. Regeneration is validated with NLP as there is a “converter with LIVE rates and charts.”

Where I grew up, XEROX was one of the major employers. I believe their brand has exploited Code 33 since 1949. Their earlier versions leveraged the X of the sun god inside a squared circle in what has to be seen as an obfuscated unicursal hexagram, which Aleister Crowley associated with the O.T.O. and Thelema. At the focal point from 1949 through 1957 was R and X - RX, the Eye of Horus. The bracketed E and O, EO, is a spelling of Helios, the sun god. Later versions rely upon the balancing of the double X (33, Masonic square and compass), with the central stylized R flanked by EO being leveraged as the Horus Eye. Their current logo resembles the Xbox brand's, which I identified recently as a pyramid and squared circle. The X is decorated with three lines that create 4 bands. I believe this signals 3 union 4, to produce the X as the sun god. The red ball seems to have the look of an eye if you consider the shape of the largest red space.

When you consider XM branding the company XM Radio stands out. They merged with former competitor Sirius, beginning in 2008, and now they are jointly known as Sirius XM Radio. I've already written plenty about the Sirius brand's Occult dog star that is so favored by the builders of monuments and cities in times both modern and ancient. Those responsible for the brand imagery chose to exchange the former dog star for what was acquired with XM, which demonstrates their respect for the power of Code 33.

The XM signals 33 and the wave arcs do too, with 3 on one side and 3 on the other. Each set in the triple is a mirrored pair of letters C, CC, CC and CC for three more sets of 33. If each arc set implies a completed ellipse, three concentric eyes are suggested, the third eye or Eye of Horus!

With the XM brand, the elements X and M connected, following the trend I've been pointed out where the elements are stuck together to illustrate the binding function of ritual sodomy. In the merger with Sirius they've detached the X and M but connected the names as one string to illustrate the same binding. The former XM logo was a very potent symbol, and, even with the loss of the dog star one eye, their rebranding in the merger represents a trade up for Sirius. Their Love promo adds the heart. Yeah. We get it. Serious “33” love. (See the 666? Hint: v=vav=6)

Another X paired with a spun 3 is the WX, an example of which appears as the eye in WX Eyewear's logo. The dim Horus eye Registered Trademark signals Harmerty. The TM adds yet another layer of 33, because T+M=20+13.

The XM WX Weather Software logo adds the WX to the old XM logo. “XM WX Weather Software With XM WX Satellite Weather on Water® you will pursue your passion for water in comfort and security.” Weather on Water is a WW Code 33. This satellite weather channel logo is a powerful Occult symbol. The offset double X adds most of what the Exxon wordmark has going for it. Connecting the W and X like they did reveals it as a transformation of the XM, flipped according to a reflection (Hermetic Maxim), then mirrored. Placing the WX under the XM does more than just add one 33 layer to the other. It creates a magic square, where each row, column and diagonal sums to 33. Then, on top of all that, there's everything added by the wave arcs! CODE 33!

In this class of X with a spun 3, I've pointed out the advantage given the EX as a pronunciation of the pair renders the simple X mark of the sun god. An advantage is given to the XM and MX because of the letter meanings. The X is often shorthand for “trans” and is used as a symbol of transformation. An example of this is with X-Men, which is even an XM. The M has the value of 13, and the leveraging of this number signaling the rebel lord beast to make the M represent the beast is pretty common. MX and XM: Beast Transformation. Code 33.

Here's a small sampling of the MX class that caught my attention. I'll leave most of the decoding to you, making just a few observations.

The sport of MotoCross is most widely represented as MX. The Member Exchange is also an ME class. See the 2 in the orange C as a doubler generating CC. The Member Exchange is a business that is related to the EX class featured ExecuTeam Staffing. Their “staff” metaphor is here the “member” metaphor. The BS of Building Solutions is more than just suggestive of bovine excrement, BS is Code 33: (RAS) B+S=25+8. Over at Mobotix, the inside joke has got to be, CYA. The sun god is demonstrating the Vitruvian Man. CODE 33!

The MX designation was really popular for a while in the web software world. It was leveraged heavily by MacroMedia (MM=33), which is now an Adobe company. Several of their products are industry standards, with Flash being familiar to nearly everyone. Within the web development community, Dreamweaver has long dominated as a creation tool, and ColdFusion is the server-side technology behind many of the sites you visit. Those products plus Freehand and Fireworks and their bundling in the suite known as Studio all signal Code 33.

BTW, “studio” is a word symbol I puzzled over for a while as the Lord highlighted it to me in many symbolic examples. It's a boast of Horus for his virility and prowess as the sun god lover-breeder. Stud-io. IO is Helios, Horus. “Studio” means IO the STUD. This is a very fitting expression in the context of all that is Code 33.

Mazda is a brand that has been leveraging the MX code since 1989. The little roadster most folks recognize as the Miata is the MX-5. That's 5, as in Horus of the 3.4.5, of course. They don't have any other MX vehicles, but, check it out, they are known for the sporty RX-7 and now RX-8, and their earlier RX series of sedans - that's the Horus Eye! They have what are called crossover vehicles, the CX-5, 7 and 9. CX, yes, that's the Code 33 class featured in Part 13 of this series.

In this collection you see the Wankel rotor of the RX-8's famous rotary engine, appearing as a black sun anus, triple helix DNA symbol, and magickal Seal of Solomon. Playboy, sponsors the CODE 33-Horus Cup racing series. Their famous Playboy Bunny emblem is a kin to John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica, a composite Horus (one-eyed) Hermes (hare) sodomizer (bow tie).

What is it about the Mazda brand that might be supplemented by the Rx and MX and CX codes? Mazda is a Japanese brand, and Japan is the land of the rising sun. Mazda is the sun god. About the current Mazda logo, we read: “A redesigned symbol was introduced in 1997. It's a stylized, winged "M" meant to show Mazda stretching its wings for the future. The wings are also symbolic of the Zoroastrian - Mazda - Guardian Angel. ... The company website states that name "derives from Ahura Mazda, a god of the earliest civilizations in West Asia...the god of wisdom, intelligence, and harmony..." Ahura Mazda is the Iranian Zoroastrian God.” (Wikipedia)

Ahura Mazda is an alias of Horus, Ameru, represented in a form known as Horus Behdety. The Mazda logo does looks like a bird in flight (Ameru) or the face of an owl (Watcher). It's a squared circle form.

Code 33 is impressive in scope. In the next post in series, I'll probably begin to focus on classes where math is required in the transformation of letters into the number 33.


  1. "MacroMedia (MM=33), which is now an Adobe company"

    The signalling in branding seems to be incessant and very repeated we also see the bricks, mortar, manuare and sun in adobe process.

    adobe - a natural building material made from sand, clay, water, and some kind of fibrous or organic material (sticks, straw, and/or manure), which the builders shape into bricks (using frames) and dry in the sun. This clay is also used to conjoin and the adobe bricks and to surface the bricks to make a smooth surface.

  2. I don’t get why XX is 33. Please clarify for this simpleton lol