Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode The WB Branding

This teen and tween targeting network is history but the Occult branding is classic. It can fairly well be summed up in two images, one very old and one very ancient.

The frog is a big clue. Get it?

Update: Here's one of them.

Update: Here's the other.

The first one is the WB. The second is the frog.

We'll explain in the follow-up.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Exhibits of "The Power to Turn Back Time" - Mandela Effect

When we first saw a commercial starring Jon Bon Jovi selling The Power to Turn Back Time, we were impressed. The gimmick is that he appears suddenly in a couple's living room, like right out of the past. He demonstrates how DirecTV has a magic remote that allows you to access their special features, and also change history!

Here's the video. It's published to YouTube. There's one content claim already but so far it's not being blocked.

If you've been paying attention to the videos we've been putting out lately you have seen examples of how secret codes are embedded in the time counter. I first noticed the embedding of codes in the presentation medium relative to the London Ceremony at the closing of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Since we caught on to the embedding of codes in the timing of The Lake House we've been watching for it, and we've found examples in other films and TV shows. What we're showing in this video is how the SyFy channel is embedding codes in the presentation layer of the timing of these commercials.

They are practicing magic ritual with Code 12 and 13, about time and the mastery of time. They do this during 12 Monkeys, which is about the exercise of the power to turn back time. During the 12th minute, they play DirecTV commercials pitching The Power to Turn Back Time. The pitch man delivers the hook at the numbering of a 13, putting their mastery of time on display. More than just showing off, it's the performance of a kind of magic ritual.

The producers of one of the commercials leverages the design of a clever prop to make a statement about the Mandela Effect - and pair up the familiar subjects of time travel with ritual sodomy and pedophilia. Check it out!

The Power to Turn Back Time - Mandela Effect

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Decoding: PetSmart

The clever wordmark logo for PETSMART has some even more clever esoteric symbolism.

From a marketing perspective, the purveyor of pet supplies makes their branding fun with a bouncing ball like playing with your dog. The motion trails of the ball make an apostrophe that makes the word, pet, possessive, so the name reads like it's your PET'S MART, or store. By making the letters two different colors, they make the bounce trail into a separator and effectively shift the letter S over to make it say, PET SMART, which associates them with intelligence. That sells better than, stupid, right?

There's Occult symbolism that is sinister instead of harmless fun. The bouncing ball traces the buttocks. The ball is the moon, which is suggested by the crescent that reflects the light. We're being "mooned." It takes the sun and moon together to provide the effect, suggested by the SM under the ball. The Registered Trademark appears in this version of the branding to create the customary Code 33 (O+R is 15+18 = 33) and an instance of Harmerty, Horus who rules with two eyes. Where is the seeing eye of Horus? It's the unseen anus, white on white, implied by the bouncing ball butt. An argument could be made that the ball is the dot of a blue i, the "i" of Horus.

The space between the T and S is where attention is focused. TS ~ Time-Space. The bouncing ball moves through time and space. The aspect of time is supported by the wavy lettering, because the wave glyph is a water symbol, and water is a metaphor for time. It's another example of the pairing of time travel (with the ball passing by) and sodomite programming. It's a butt hole time machine signaling logo! There's a crack in Time-Space, a black hole...

The ball travels from the past into the future as from red to blue as we read across the letters from left to right. Above, the colors go the other way, which seems to suggest reversing time. Some physicists are reporting that time is better represented as a vector that goes both ways.

Bouncing Ball. BB. A letter B is sometimes used to signal 8 (like with Buckaroo Bansai, for example) so the bouncing ball signals 88. This is really a popular signal we've been seeing encoded in space-time transiting contexts in some very clever ways! I've been collecting observations on the meaning of the number for a while. Among other things, it signals ancient gods. The god of travelers, borders and border crossings is known as Mercury. The planet named after him orbits every 88 days. Another name for that god is Anubis. He's the dog-headed god. With the bouncing ball of PETSMART signaling the 88, well, that just makes sense, with the DOG-god chasing the bouncing ball between the dimensions! Another god identified with the 88 is Ra, whose eye is equated with the Eye of Horus. The atomic number of radium is 88, and that element is identified as, Ra. That god's name is already present, embedded in PETSMART as the AR, which is the mirror and equivalent of Ra.

So far as letters combos go, since they have expertly encoded this expression of Theurgy, ET is being called out by the first arc, signaling, extra-terrestrial. It's interesting how there's a mirrored letter, F, evident in the white space between them. That's the 6th letter, which is the number of a man. Man inside extraterrestrial. Cannibal treats.

Giving attention to the coloring, the blue and red cross each other. Crossing the blue with the red is sexual. Crossing the red Adam daughters of men with the heavenly blue sons of god. Signal Nephilim, fallen angel offspring. Crossing or merging those colors makes the color purple, a sodomite symbol.

With PET in red and SMART in blue, what is suggested is that the smart sons of god are making pets of the daughters of men. It's not a pretty picture but we can't argue that it's not fitting. The "Blue" scheme with their near mastery of space-time, with all the bewitching symbol magic of the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon - it just works. On this level, it is the shoppers who are the pets at Pet's Mart.

The clever arcs of the bouncing ball provide from some XO signaling, establishing the celestial throne of the goddess. The first ark encircles the letter T of PET. T is a Tau cross. Encircled Cross. The two arcs suggest crossing circles - X O. Because the letters are in a wave, those inherent arcs make it so both of the letters T are crosses on the edge of circles. Subtle but very potent!

The crossing circles suggest a vesica piscis at their intersection. The fish is well known to be feminine in gender, representing the genitalia Occultists call the mouth of Isis. The vesica piscis fish is also the male counterpart, the phallus of her husband and brother, Osiris. The magickal phallus that Isis made to replace her husband's missing phallus had to be made because the original got eaten by a fish. The vesica piscis represents what the fish ate.

On this theme, the word PET with the letter F mirrored in the negative space provides for Code 47 (16+5+20 + 6), signaling the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis.

Look at the letter S with the red ball overhead. S is for Snake, for Serpent. Compare to these pictures of the Egyptian Gods, as serpents with red disks or balls on their heads. Isis as Agathe Tyche and Osiris as Agathos Daimon, or Isis-Renenutet. (Isis-Thermoutis, Rennut, Renenet, Thermouthis, Thermuthis, Hermouthis...) Also, Horus and Ra are often pictured with serpents around red balls on their heads.

I haven't visited a PETSMART but I suspect you can buy serpents and the food they eat there, along with terrariums, etc.

To everyone who contributes to this effort in some way, we are deeply appreciative!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Lake House and the Arkish Butt Eye that can Fight - Part 7: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming

Another installment has been produced in this timely series. In this installment we cycle back through a couple of the scenes introduced in Part 6, where the Ark of the Covenant volume code is featured. We explore how a casual statement Kate makes suggests an ancient monument as a counterpart to the Ark. It's what is known to some as the Giza Death Star. We cover a lot of ground in the introduction of some salient points but it is ground that we intend to build upon with much more compelling exhibits, to make the point that the threats posed are genuine that are cryptically being made in this seemingly innocent and casual romantic drama. As they so expertly present, science+magick technology is going to be employed as it was in ancient times, with the wielding of control over time to do violence to to the God who dwells in the timeless Highest Heaven. The pairing of time travel with sodomy is a central dynamic in the Adversary's plan of attack. Literally. This is strong content for the mature saint.

Due to blocking polices relating to content rights claims, the video is not expected to be available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 7 - The Lake House and the Arkish Butt Eye that can Fight

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode the PetSmart Logo

Are you seeing what you're looking at? Can you identify the Occult symbolism in the PetSmart logo?

See it decoded here - Decoding: PetSmart

Monday, June 13, 2016

Decoding: Sears Home Services

Thanks so much for everyone's contribution, by commenting, by email, with prayer and funding. It's very encouraging.

I had to laugh when Aaron and I spotted this logo on a service van. What a blatant sodomite design.

The letters ARS are for arse, of course. You can take the registered trademark symbol as a kind of placeholder for it, but there's a trailing letter E supplied already, right below. If you continue there's the S, too. Arses. And that is the full and applicable anagram! sears ~ arses Another scrambled version appears with the SER of, SERVICES, placed directly under under the, a, of sears. aRSE!

The stylized blue home graphic is an arrow, phallic. Arse and phallus - right there. The triangle (roof graphic ) is the anal triangle. (“Cover your ars!”)

ARS. Flip it. SRA. Satanic Ritual Abuse. There's some serious incestuous family oriented ARSES Home Services in SRA, to be sure!

The word, VICE, is pretty well centered under the arrow. That fits as the clamping function of the sphincter muscle of the arse. A vice is defined as a practice or habit considered to be evil, degrading, or immoral. Wicked or depraved conduct or habits; corruption. Sodomy has long been considered a vice.

These kinds of home services, well, there's nothing good implied.

Time flies like an arrow, as the expression goes, and so with that arrow there's the signaling of time and sodomy we've seen paired up in so many ways.

SEA-rs - provides subtle support for the arrow of time with the water as time metaphor. It's a sea-gate time portal.

The registered trademark is usually leveraged as the darkened Moon Eye that matches to a bright seeing Sun Eye of Horus, and so it is here. The arse has the hidden Eye of Horus, the seeing eye.
se ~ see ars.

The opened third eye of Horus opens a dark window of supernatural perception. With this eye opened the illumined become seers (sears) , for real.

The registered trademark all by itself is the Eye of Horus and a signal Code 33, with the circle as an O (15th letter) plus the R (18th letter). 15+18=33.

Code 33 is sometimes a kind of calling card of Freemasonry. Another is the square and compass. The phallic tool conceals the tools. These tools are used in construction services, naturally. The roof presents the form of the compass, opened wide as hinged at the peak. The compass draws circles, like what surrounds the R in the registered trademark. Right next to that is something that doesn't appear on the other side of the house. It's a carpenter's square. Signature Freemasonry.

There's more construction going on here because the celestial throne of the goddess is being established. That's due to the symbolic union of the X and O. Again, the circle of the registered trademark is involved, joining with the nearby carpenter's square that implies the cross formed by the implied horizontal extension.

Some of the sun god's names are called out, with the “ar” of “sears” mirroring “Ra”. Right under that, the “er” of “services” mirrors Re. Because of the proximity, there's a signaling of “As Above, So Below,” (Hermetic Maxim) and a cross combining to add another instance each of Ra and Re.

SEARS is not only an anagram of ARSES, it's also Re ASS!

Hermes, the phallic god and psychopomp god of borders and border crossings gets another bump through the letters that identify his planet's number. It takes 88 days for Mercury to orbit the sun. The letter H is the 8th letter and S is the 8th from the back. “Sears” is double S 88. “Services” is another double S 88. “Home Services” is an 88.

Have you ever heard of the Sears Tower? It been a Chicago icon since it was built in 1973, dominating the skyline. It was the tallest building in the world for 25 years. Even though it's been sold and renamed, it's still known as the Sears Tower. I see the graphic arrow building as an allusion to the sears tower. A tower is phallic, a building that makes a definite power statement. It's the Arses Tower.

The city of Chicago is known for other icons that honor the gods of time known as Father Time, Saturn, Chronos and Cronus. There's Father Time on The Jewelers Building, The Fountain of Time, The Eternal Flame in Daley Plaza, Millennium Park, the park's Crowne Fountain "standing wave" producing light and water emitting monolith's, The Millennium Monument with fountain in the corner known as Wrigley Square, even Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate "stargate", really, which used to be reflecting all light but is now absorbing all light like a black hole. We've been studying that location because that's where The Lake House is set, and Somewhere in Time, and some other time travel kinds of films. You really have to include the Sears Tower as a time god honoring icon. There's a famous ledge and Skydeck on floor 103. That's a 13, ignoring the zero, the number signaling the mastery of time. Measurements place the Skydeck in the range of 1300 feet above the several features identified with the base of the Tower. The Sears Tower is in the Zip Code, 60606. By reduction, that's 666. Time flies like the arrow of Sears Home Services.

By the way, Millennium Park is in what's called The Loop. That's a time loop, isn't it?

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Lake House - Embedded Codes 33, 54 and the Ark - Part 6: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming

Another installment has been produced in this very timely series. The structure of, The Lake House (2006), includes several kinds of numeric codes embedded in the timing of the medum. The producers of this clever time warp flick put a lot of effort into matching the content of the film to the esoteric meaning of the numbers on the counter. Find out why. What we're documenting here has major implications.

In the 5th installment we illustrated how the film is structured around the esoteric sub-plot of the gaining of the mastery of time. Our focus of attention in the 6th is on 4 instances where the Ark of the Covenant, an object that has to do with the mastery of time, is signaled at the moments that correspond to the object's measure that has to do with time, its volume. We make a first pass through those examples to demonstrate how this is done and offer some insight into why. We intend to follow that up with another pass through to mine the valuable context that exposes even much more of the producer's intent. We start out with a bit of a warm up, with examples of the embedding of Code 33 and Code 54, one that we learned while researching this simple looking romantic drama. Simple, it's not.

Due to blocking polices relating to content rights claims, the video is not expected to be available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 6 - The Lake House - Embedded Codes 33, 54 and the Ark of the Covenant

Friday, June 03, 2016

Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony June 1, 2016 - Pagan Ritual

World’s longest tunnel to open in Gotthard massif (RT - Ruptly TV)

The link above begins near the end of the ceremonial rite, 6 hours and 26 minutes into the lengthy video that captures the festivities surrounding the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. The ritual actually begins as the train departs, about 5 hours and 57 minutes in.

Obviously this is a pagan celebration. If you can interpret the symbolism of what is being dramatized, and if you are familiar with what the worshipers of the ancient gods want, this actually makes sense. This ceremony is not unlike the film called Symmetry, made for CERN at the LHC facility that is also in Switzerland. We interpreted that in this video. Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine

If you watch the video you'll see that, at the end, the train on screen that has emerged from the tunnel rises into the sky. It ascends into the heavens to reveal that the train represents a heavenly transport. The train-as-transdimensional transport is reflected in Joel 2:7-8. The tunnel represents the underworld, the abyss, the Duat. When the first official train trip ends and it is seen emerging from the tunnel, the subdued worshiping troupe erupts into a celebration with wild abandon. The train represents the god known as Apollo and Horus, and the horde of his companions who are released from the pit as per Revelation 9:1-6. The Alpen Horns then are as the sounding of the 5th Trumpet.

The wonky clock is worshiped not because they have sacrificed the funding and labor of 17 years to save time while traveling but because the gods of time themselves are being worshiped. The horned dancer's butt is given attention as it's in our faces and the faces of the celebrated attendees. Butts and wonky time and dimensional transits. There's a relevant collection, yes? The Pagan celebrants hold their hats (butt symbols identifying the Luciferian illumination via ritual sodomy) aloft and lay them down before the clock in a perversion of how the 24 elders lay down their crowns before the Holy and Eternal Most High God in Revelation 4:10.

Death. Reanimation. A stargate time tunnel opens up about 6 hours 6 and a half minutes in. Chaos. Spirits enter our realm. The scarab beetles or dung beetles represent Osiris. The beetle pushed dung as a model of the sun being moved across the sky by their sky god aka Ra and Horus, etc. Sky god and god of the day, the night, and of time itself. They are identifying the chief entity in connection with their goat headed god. The ritual is evoking, inviting, worshiping. The blinking eyes on screen. The all seeing eye of Horus. Eyes all around, like the throne vehicle described in Ezekiel 1:18. The Alpen horns cause a transformation, with the voice of the shrieking goat archangel... sound, acoustic energy, people are "ascended" (avatar-ed by the demonic entities, the spirits of the dead Nephilim who transmitted through the portal from the abyss) and they become like the hairy beast they worship. Sex magic is the basis, as it ever was.

At 6 hours 24 minutes in, the May Queen symbolically gives birth and they spank the “baby's” bottom. This is celebrating a birthing into the world through the goddess.

The red and white striping signals the red Adam-kind being made white-divine, through the merging with that beast that they believe will ascend them. It's the ancient hope we now associate with transhumanism. It's called in the Bible, the mark of the beast. The gods named Cernunnos, Nodens, Pan, Baphomet, Hermes and Mercury (and Satan and Lucifer), as well as the goddess, are honored for their role in facilitating the dimensional transit.

Dates are important for pagan rituals. I note that June 1, 2016, depending on how you write it, is either palindromic (or reflexive) (6/1/16), or is a repetition of a signal number (1/6/16).

16 = 8+8 or 88 so 1/6/16 repeats it for emphasis, 88 and 88

That's the signal number for Mercury, as the number of days it takes to orbit the sun. That god, who is being celebrated, is the speedy messenger of the gods and the psychopomp who escorts others into the underworld realm.

This same kind of thing is what the Olympic ceremonies are always about, and you can be assured that sacrificial rites are being performed already for that undertaking, just as they have been for what was just witnessed in Switzerland. BTW, Geneva is claimed by some to be the #1 most Occult city in the world.

These pagan rituals, both public and private, have an impact. Not just on those who participate and are witnesses, but on all of us because it changes the world.

Pray as led.