Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Decoding: PetSmart

The clever wordmark logo for PETSMART has some even more clever esoteric symbolism.

From a marketing perspective, the purveyor of pet supplies makes their branding fun with a bouncing ball like playing with your dog. The motion trails of the ball make an apostrophe that makes the word, pet, possessive, so the name reads like it's your PET'S MART, or store. By making the letters two different colors, they make the bounce trail into a separator and effectively shift the letter S over to make it say, PET SMART, which associates them with intelligence. That sells better than, stupid, right?

There's Occult symbolism that is sinister instead of harmless fun. The bouncing ball traces the buttocks. The ball is the moon, which is suggested by the crescent that reflects the light. We're being "mooned." It takes the sun and moon together to provide the effect, suggested by the SM under the ball. The Registered Trademark appears in this version of the branding to create the customary Code 33 (O+R is 15+18 = 33) and an instance of Harmerty, Horus who rules with two eyes. Where is the seeing eye of Horus? It's the unseen anus, white on white, implied by the bouncing ball butt. An argument could be made that the ball is the dot of a blue i, the "i" of Horus.

The space between the T and S is where attention is focused. TS ~ Time-Space. The bouncing ball moves through time and space. The aspect of time is supported by the wavy lettering, because the wave glyph is a water symbol, and water is a metaphor for time. It's another example of the pairing of time travel (with the ball passing by) and sodomite programming. It's a butt hole time machine signaling logo! There's a crack in Time-Space, a black hole...

The ball travels from the past into the future as from red to blue as we read across the letters from left to right. Above, the colors go the other way, which seems to suggest reversing time. Some physicists are reporting that time is better represented as a vector that goes both ways.

Bouncing Ball. BB. A letter B is sometimes used to signal 8 (like with Buckaroo Bansai, for example) so the bouncing ball signals 88. This is really a popular signal we've been seeing encoded in space-time transiting contexts in some very clever ways! I've been collecting observations on the meaning of the number for a while. Among other things, it signals ancient gods. The god of travelers, borders and border crossings is known as Mercury. The planet named after him orbits every 88 days. Another name for that god is Anubis. He's the dog-headed god. With the bouncing ball of PETSMART signaling the 88, well, that just makes sense, with the DOG-god chasing the bouncing ball between the dimensions! Another god identified with the 88 is Ra, whose eye is equated with the Eye of Horus. The atomic number of radium is 88, and that element is identified as, Ra. That god's name is already present, embedded in PETSMART as the AR, which is the mirror and equivalent of Ra.

So far as letters combos go, since they have expertly encoded this expression of Theurgy, ET is being called out by the first arc, signaling, extra-terrestrial. It's interesting how there's a mirrored letter, F, evident in the white space between them. That's the 6th letter, which is the number of a man. Man inside extraterrestrial. Cannibal treats.

Giving attention to the coloring, the blue and red cross each other. Crossing the blue with the red is sexual. Crossing the red Adam daughters of men with the heavenly blue sons of god. Signal Nephilim, fallen angel offspring. Crossing or merging those colors makes the color purple, a sodomite symbol.

With PET in red and SMART in blue, what is suggested is that the smart sons of god are making pets of the daughters of men. It's not a pretty picture but we can't argue that it's not fitting. The "Blue" scheme with their near mastery of space-time, with all the bewitching symbol magic of the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon - it just works. On this level, it is the shoppers who are the pets at Pet's Mart.

The clever arcs of the bouncing ball provide from some XO signaling, establishing the celestial throne of the goddess. The first ark encircles the letter T of PET. T is a Tau cross. Encircled Cross. The two arcs suggest crossing circles - X O. Because the letters are in a wave, those inherent arcs make it so both of the letters T are crosses on the edge of circles. Subtle but very potent!

The crossing circles suggest a vesica piscis at their intersection. The fish is well known to be feminine in gender, representing the genitalia Occultists call the mouth of Isis. The vesica piscis fish is also the male counterpart, the phallus of her husband and brother, Osiris. The magickal phallus that Isis made to replace her husband's missing phallus had to be made because the original got eaten by a fish. The vesica piscis represents what the fish ate.

On this theme, the word PET with the letter F mirrored in the negative space provides for Code 47 (16+5+20 + 6), signaling the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis.

Look at the letter S with the red ball overhead. S is for Snake, for Serpent. Compare to these pictures of the Egyptian Gods, as serpents with red disks or balls on their heads. Isis as Agathe Tyche and Osiris as Agathos Daimon, or Isis-Renenutet. (Isis-Thermoutis, Rennut, Renenet, Thermouthis, Thermuthis, Hermouthis...) Also, Horus and Ra are often pictured with serpents around red balls on their heads.

I haven't visited a PETSMART but I suspect you can buy serpents and the food they eat there, along with terrariums, etc.

To everyone who contributes to this effort in some way, we are deeply appreciative!


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