Friday, June 24, 2016

Exhibits of "The Power to Turn Back Time" - Mandela Effect

When we first saw a commercial starring Jon Bon Jovi selling The Power to Turn Back Time, we were impressed. The gimmick is that he appears suddenly in a couple's living room, like right out of the past. He demonstrates how DirecTV has a magic remote that allows you to access their special features, and also change history!

Here's the video. It's published to YouTube. There's one content claim already but so far it's not being blocked.

If you've been paying attention to the videos we've been putting out lately you have seen examples of how secret codes are embedded in the time counter. I first noticed the embedding of codes in the presentation medium relative to the London Ceremony at the closing of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Since we caught on to the embedding of codes in the timing of The Lake House we've been watching for it, and we've found examples in other films and TV shows. What we're showing in this video is how the SyFy channel is embedding codes in the presentation layer of the timing of these commercials.

They are practicing magic ritual with Code 12 and 13, about time and the mastery of time. They do this during 12 Monkeys, which is about the exercise of the power to turn back time. During the 12th minute, they play DirecTV commercials pitching The Power to Turn Back Time. The pitch man delivers the hook at the numbering of a 13, putting their mastery of time on display. More than just showing off, it's the performance of a kind of magic ritual.

The producers of one of the commercials leverages the design of a clever prop to make a statement about the Mandela Effect - and pair up the familiar subjects of time travel with ritual sodomy and pedophilia. Check it out!

The Power to Turn Back Time - Mandela Effect


  1. Great vid Bob. The mandala symbol is everywhere...There is a mexican restaurant where I live that has a giant one on the wall. The entire place is steeped in ritual.

  2. Thanks Miah.

    1. Tim Burton's "X-Men" - Peregrine = falcon = Horus