Friday, June 03, 2016

Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony June 1, 2016 - Pagan Ritual

World’s longest tunnel to open in Gotthard massif (RT - Ruptly TV)

The link above begins near the end of the ceremonial rite, 6 hours and 26 minutes into the lengthy video that captures the festivities surrounding the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. The ritual actually begins as the train departs, about 5 hours and 57 minutes in.

Obviously this is a pagan celebration. If you can interpret the symbolism of what is being dramatized, and if you are familiar with what the worshipers of the ancient gods want, this actually makes sense. This ceremony is not unlike the film called Symmetry, made for CERN at the LHC facility that is also in Switzerland. We interpreted that in this video. Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine

If you watch the video you'll see that, at the end, the train on screen that has emerged from the tunnel rises into the sky. It ascends into the heavens to reveal that the train represents a heavenly transport. The train-as-transdimensional transport is reflected in Joel 2:7-8. The tunnel represents the underworld, the abyss, the Duat. When the first official train trip ends and it is seen emerging from the tunnel, the subdued worshiping troupe erupts into a celebration with wild abandon. The train represents the god known as Apollo and Horus, and the horde of his companions who are released from the pit as per Revelation 9:1-6. The Alpen Horns then are as the sounding of the 5th Trumpet.

The wonky clock is worshiped not because they have sacrificed the funding and labor of 17 years to save time while traveling but because the gods of time themselves are being worshiped. The horned dancer's butt is given attention as it's in our faces and the faces of the celebrated attendees. Butts and wonky time and dimensional transits. There's a relevant collection, yes? The Pagan celebrants hold their hats (butt symbols identifying the Luciferian illumination via ritual sodomy) aloft and lay them down before the clock in a perversion of how the 24 elders lay down their crowns before the Holy and Eternal Most High God in Revelation 4:10.

Death. Reanimation. A stargate time tunnel opens up about 6 hours 6 and a half minutes in. Chaos. Spirits enter our realm. The scarab beetles or dung beetles represent Osiris. The beetle pushed dung as a model of the sun being moved across the sky by their sky god aka Ra and Horus, etc. Sky god and god of the day, the night, and of time itself. They are identifying the chief entity in connection with their goat headed god. The ritual is evoking, inviting, worshiping. The blinking eyes on screen. The all seeing eye of Horus. Eyes all around, like the throne vehicle described in Ezekiel 1:18. The Alpen horns cause a transformation, with the voice of the shrieking goat archangel... sound, acoustic energy, people are "ascended" (avatar-ed by the demonic entities, the spirits of the dead Nephilim who transmitted through the portal from the abyss) and they become like the hairy beast they worship. Sex magic is the basis, as it ever was.

At 6 hours 24 minutes in, the May Queen symbolically gives birth and they spank the “baby's” bottom. This is celebrating a birthing into the world through the goddess.

The red and white striping signals the red Adam-kind being made white-divine, through the merging with that beast that they believe will ascend them. It's the ancient hope we now associate with transhumanism. It's called in the Bible, the mark of the beast. The gods named Cernunnos, Nodens, Pan, Baphomet, Hermes and Mercury (and Satan and Lucifer), as well as the goddess, are honored for their role in facilitating the dimensional transit.

Dates are important for pagan rituals. I note that June 1, 2016, depending on how you write it, is either palindromic (or reflexive) (6/1/16), or is a repetition of a signal number (1/6/16).

16 = 8+8 or 88 so 1/6/16 repeats it for emphasis, 88 and 88

That's the signal number for Mercury, as the number of days it takes to orbit the sun. That god, who is being celebrated, is the speedy messenger of the gods and the psychopomp who escorts others into the underworld realm.

This same kind of thing is what the Olympic ceremonies are always about, and you can be assured that sacrificial rites are being performed already for that undertaking, just as they have been for what was just witnessed in Switzerland. BTW, Geneva is claimed by some to be the #1 most Occult city in the world.

These pagan rituals, both public and private, have an impact. Not just on those who participate and are witnesses, but on all of us because it changes the world.

Pray as led.


  1. I thought it disturbing that even RT commented on how blatant the ceremony was:
    "The ceremony continued with a freakish show, where some of the half-naked performers , dressed as goats, allegedly tried to express the hellish work through the mountain or the fact that the gates to hell are now officially open."

  2. You're welcome Kar. And yes, the LHC is built where Apollo was worshiped. All this effort is worshiping him and is working toward his return.

  3. No matter where you look these days, there is some kind of satanic blasphemy on display. Everywhere. We are the Sodomite generation...

  4. Whatever happened to th Good Ole Fashion Ribbon Cutting? What a Hot Mess this is.Goofs,I am so glad I chose Gods side.

  5. Donna, most of the posts on this blog will teach these things, the videos too.

  6. Terrific stuff. If you will remember some time back, the "world" said 666 was wrong and 616 was correct. That might have something to do with the date of this ritual.

    Also, "tunnel" (rectum) and Time Tunnel tv show... it goes on and on...

  7. Also, it can't be denied that there are many (didn't count) people there blowing Alphorns. Alphorns were/are often used in these mountainous Euro areas instead of "church bells" (Wiki) (

  8. Also have to think of this:

  9. Bob, have you ever had a look at the Doritos logo? I've always found it interesting since reading your posts!

    1. It's interesting. Triangle 60 degrees + 60+60 as 666. XO cross circles - triangle crossing through the Os. Calling out OO=15/15=66 Abyss

  10. I've talked to Bob on email and he refuses to discuss his theories in detail or consider others.

    He is yet another controlled opposition agent.

    1. Liar. Framing our thread like that is wrong. Making such accusations puts you in trouble with my Boss, Whom you don't appear to know.

      If this doesn't interest you and your team yet, unless you repent, it surely will.

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