Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joshua 3 and 4 - Inspiring Symmetry

An interactive presentation of the Thematic Symmetry of Joshua Chapters 3 and 4 has just been published to I started working on this project after Aaron and I became intrigued by the the space-time allegories and prophetic layering of the passage. See the series published in August titled, Israel's Wandering for more insight (most specifically Part 2 - Israel's Wandering - Crossing a River of Time with the Time Ark, and, Part 5 - Israel's Wandering - Twelve Stones, for that passage of scripture.)

The coming time reset is pictured there as Joshua places stones from the promised land into the river - in the midst of beautiful and highly organized language constructions that exhibit complex symmetrical relationships. It's a remarkable passage of scripture, and worth the effort to appreciate the way the Lord has concealed and revealed His word in the detail.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Part 3 - Code N.E.W.S. - Network (1976), the London 2012 Olympics and CERN

Since publishing part 2 I had another insight about the One Times Square Building. The glowing time ball and brilliantly lit building is the Eye of Horus - the illuminating capstone of the pyramid on the Great Seal. Look at the map. The Building is separated from the wedge shaped square. It's a match. The illuminated triangle eye appears on the One dollar bill. ONE Times Square - the Monad or Monas worshiped by the illumined elite. The dollar bill has features numbering 13 all over it. Time is money. Mastery of time. One Times Square is an ad revenue generating giant. Note how the news giant Thomson Reuters is adjacent to the former headquarters of the New York Times, keeping the N.E.W.S. ritual in play. On those quarter days when ManhattanHenge is celebrated, these kinds of rituals do add toward the sum, advancing the agendas of the illumined.

Some of the space-time symbolism of the news is rather subtle, but when it comes to the New York Times and Times Square, it's far less so. The space time ritual of the countdown sequence of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics has been given recent ink, and a lot of it was pretty subtle. What was done in London that was far less subtle came during the first segment of the Closing Ceremony. It was all about Code N.E.W.S., as you'll soon see.

First, here's some vintage Code N.E.W.S. - an influential and award winning film from 1976 titled, Network. Network is mostly about network news. Here's an inspiring clip from the news anchor of fictional UBS Evening News. Caveat: The language used is offensive.

Network - Peter Finch/Howard Beal's rant - I'm as Mad as Hell

The first thing you'll notice is the array of clocks and the bank of phones on the news set next to the anchorman. The clocks show the time in major cities around the globe. Space-Time. News. Is that set unusual? Not at all, As I recall, it was a familiar arrangement on network news broadcasts. I remember lots of clocks and maps.

On the camera in the studio, we see the station's logo. UBS, in a circle in a square. Square ~ space. Circle ~ time. In Occult gematria, UBS is 21+2+19= 42. That's the time number 21*2. When Z=1, UBS is 6+25+8=39. That's 13*3, or 13+13+13. The network saved by the news. Masters of time and space-time. Ritual. Magick.

When Howard Beale, played by Peter Finch, delivers his impassioned plea on live television, he encourages his audience to act now, in the moment.

All I know is that first, you've got to get mad.... So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it and stick your head out and yell, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

He uses the words, first, now, right now; time words that inspire action and increase emotion. This space-time ritual is driven with powerful emotionalism, generating and harnessing "psychic" energy, as some would call it, and this supernaturalism is an important feature of ceremonial and ritual magick. When witches cast a spell, they cast a magic circle and raise energy for the spell. When ready, they release it out into the universe. Consider what happens next in light of that observation.

Faye Dunaway's character asks a studio technician, “How many stations does this go out live to?” Again, space and time. His reply: “Sixty -seven stations. I know it goes out to Louisville and Atlanta- ” He's cut off, but consider the space-time symbolism of his brief response. The number 67 transforms to 13, as 6+7. The cities named provide us with an L and an A. L=12 and A=1. Thirteen. The broadcast signal goes out to many stations in many cities - space. The number 13 signals the mastery of time and space-time domains.

When the people have their heads stuck out the windows and are yelling, the thunder and lightning suggests that a downpour is imminent. An open window is like a door, a portal between space-time dimensions. The highrise apartment buildings present a grid, strengthening the symbolism of space. The threatening storm brings the idea of a heavy rain. Water as time.

One final observation about Code N.E.W.S. in Network. The film came out in '76. 7+6=13. Howard Beale inspired rebellion; the Spirit of 76, it may be said, in the year of America's bicentennial celebration. In magickal space-time ritual.

Another epic N.E.W.S. ritual was done in London during the closing ceremony of the XXX Olympiad. I wrote a post about the ceremony in 2012, and my commentary on the segment of interest was along the lines of Howard Beale's observations in Network. (Howard Beale: Turn off your TVs * Caveat: contains offensive language)

“A bold declaration was made by the Illuminati programmers about the state of London. The city was presented as a model with newspaper covering everything. Buildings, pavement, cars, trucks, bicycles and people were covered with it. The bustling activity of daily life was accompanied by hypnotic music, then becoming chaotic noise. It was then called rush hour. Traffic came quickly into grid lock, and “Churchill” began to yell STOP from his tower perch until it all came to a halt. It was a comedy sketch, but when you get the picture you might not think it's funny at all! Even though the picture was dignified by calling attention to the content of the newsprint as being from classic literature instead of London's famous tabloids, the statement actually being made in this dramatic and cryptic fashion should be taken as being far more offensive to Londoners than that. London is programmed. Everything there and everything done there is according to script. Mind control, exercised through print media. The sad truth is, the programmers are absolutely correct in their depiction. The joke is on the Londoners, especially those who participated in the farce, making a mockery of themselves in the sketch that must be acknowledged by those with a seeing eye as the insider's great satire. ”

(Part 40 - 2012 London Olympics - The Closing Ceremony and the Rise of the Phoenix )

Like with the film, Network, my primary interest here is in the space-time ritual of Code N.E.W.S. The Closing Ceremony began with a segment called, Rush Hour. A day in the life of the city of London was dramatized inside the stadium. Nearly every person and thing on the set was covered with newsprint.

London 2012 Olympics - Closing Ceremony

The commentator described it in these words. “And the show will begin with a journey to a day in the life of the city from the early morning rush hour to a glittering sunset.” A journey to a day. So, if we journey to a day in a literal sense it follows logically that our destination is not today but some other day. Time travel. His commentary uses space-time language. While he said that line, a singer and piano player appeared. Their stage was a flat bed truck covered in newsprint. The piano was covered in the same.

Emeli Sandé sang a verse and the chorus of "Read All About It, Pt. III". That's the classic line said by purveyors of the news. Space is wrapped in the N.E.W.S. From North to East to West to South. The headlines and columns celebrate the past. Time.

Another song performed during Rush Hour was, Because, a Beatles song sung by a choir called, Urban Voices Collective. Here's the lyrics of verses 1 and 3.

Ah, because the world is round, it turns me on
Because the world is round, ah

Love is old, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Again, SPACE and TIME. Code N.E.W.S.

The ceremony began rather like the Opening Ceremony had two weeks earlier with another countdown, first synchronized with a fly-over of the Thames-Isis by numbered places and then accompanied by the chiming of Big Ben and the chanting crowd. By starting at the stroke of 21:00 hours the schedule silently stamped the event with the time number that is the mirror of 12. The date was 8/12/12. Redundant 12. As seen in the video linked above, when the show begins we see a tranquil scene, the pre-dawn city. Dawn - TIME. The Sun rises in the East. We're going to go to “glittering sunset,” we are told, which happens in the West. Scale models of landmarks like Big Ben, the London Tower Bridge and the Gherkin are laid out on a 3D grid resembling the Union Jack. SPACE-TIME. The London Eye is positioned centrally.

The iconic structure that the stadium's version of the Eye was modeled on is actually revolving over the water at the bank of the Thames. The Thames-Isis was clearly established as the river of time during the Opening Ceremony. The London Eye is alternately known as the Millennium Wheel. Millennium, that's a span of time. The rotating London Eye resembles a kind of water wheel like what used to power mills or a paddle wheel that drives river boats. It's a water-as-time wheel. The real London Eye is supported by a structure that has the appearance of a compass, the kind used to draw circles. The Circle of Time. That circle was positioned on the spoked hub of the stadium's Union Jack to form the XO of space time (and the MOB, and 66 abyss, and to establish the celestial throne of the goddess of the Thames-Isis). The XO form was repeated as a fractal in the structure inside the model of the London Eye. There's another fractal of space in this design. The city of London has been laid out on the Union Jack. The flag of the UK represents the whole United Kingdom, so by superimposing the symbolic city over the symbolic flag both are represented in a fractal kind of arrangement. But there's another scale to this ritual SPACE fractal, a global kingdom, because the audience ringing around the stadium has assembled there from every nation around the globe. Because they ring around the crosses of the flag, there's an additional scale to the XO fractal that begins inside the Millennium Wheel and expands to include the wheel as the circle inside the flag's crossings. This is powerful space-time ritual! It's worth mentioning here that the stadium is very near to the Prime Meridian, and about 4 miles north of Greenwich, where time is accounted.

Winston Churchill (Timothy Spall) appears inside the top of Big Ben, which has folded open at its top in 4 opposing directions. The clock faces on Big Ben are visible. We will see how newsprint covers the tower, on which is the likeness of a weather map. North East West South. Code N.E.W.S.

Churchill. CHURCH-ill. in a bell tower or steeple. Its a biblical high place! While he recites Caliban's speech, the city begins to awaken and the light of dawn is simulated. Traffic circulates counter-CLOCKwise around the city. Spewing the words of the demigod beast Caliban, words of enchantment coded to the bell of Caliban and linked to the stone marker at Thames Head.

Rush hour is a high energy time and the scene quickly becomes chaotic, with tempers flaring. Traffic comes to a standstill. Churchill, from the space-time control tower of Big Ben shouts, Stop, three times, and the city goes quiet. We never make it past the morning rush hour. Time itself is stopped. It's continuing the space-time manipulation ritual I described a couple weeks ago in the series, The London 2012 Olympics: Revisited. For what reason has time been stopped? For Prince Harry's arrival, who is representing the Crown. He was introduced with a fanfare, and a kind of drum roll. Four newsprint covered jackhammers stood in for the drummers. The drumming jackhammers are doing what drummers do, keeping TIME. The jackhammers are making a rift in the pavement, opening up a rift in the dimensional barrier. Think about what they are showing us in this mega N.E.W.S. ritual. Time is stopped. Pavement is jackhammered to open a rift in space-time so that the royal son can be introduced. “Caliban.” Antichrist Beast. The half breed. Apollo, whom they openly worship. Horus.

I'm going to close out this brief series with an insight into connections between the Olympics and CERN's LHC. The jackhammers are percussion instruments, like the LHC collider at CERN is a percussion instrument. I've previously offered insight into how the LHC appears to be intended as a kind of time machine, which operates in parallel with the magick of time manipulation ritual.

Science+Magick in Space-Time Ritual. It has become quite apparent that their efforts are bearing fruit.

The bloggers at CERN posted this video of chaotic music that reminds me of the Rush Hour segment before Churchill commanded the stoppage.

Indie band Deerhoof experiment with sound at CERN

Four panels. Space-time. Deerhoof. Think - Cernunnos, the horned god of magic invoked still today by witches.

Science+Magick in Space-Time Ritual. Maybe this should terrify you. If you're not secure in the Lord Y'shua, it really should.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Part 2 - Code N.E.W.S.

In Part 1, evidence of the space-time symbolism of the news was presented to illustrate how it's being used in the magickal practice of theurgy. It's used in the branding of major news sources of today, of yesterday, and in popular media that includes the comic book superhero, Superman. I called the Daily Planet's iconic ringed globe that sits atop their skyscraper a time ball, and here's why.

Probably the biggest time ritual in our day has to do with a time ball on top of a building. The time ball near the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, is the basis for it, but the one in Manhattan's Times Square is the big deal today. Who among us isn't familiar with what happens there on New Years Eve? As many as 2 million gather into the wedge or triangle shaped "square" every December 31. That's 12/31, when the time number 12 combines with the mirrored number of the mastery of time on the last day of the year. At the stroke of Midnight, again, the time number 12, the time ball has dropped to mark the transition into the new year and the arrival of January. That's the month devoted to Janus, the god of time. The personification of the gods of time, Saturn or Kronos, is often featured during the pagan revelry as Father Time. Most of us are well aware of all that, but not so much with the connection with the news.

The tower and triangle called a square is forever tied to the newspaper, the New York Times. The time ball tops One Times Square, which was built by the newspaper as their headquarters. The building was completed in 1904. The location is 42nd and Broadway. The 42 is the time nmber 21, doubled. Code N.E.W.S.

About the ball drop (Wikipedia): “The event was first organized by Adolph Ochs, owner of The New York Times newspaper, as a successor to a series of New Year's Eve fireworks displays he held at the building to promote its status as the new headquarters of the Times, while the ball itself was designed by Artkraft Strauss. First held on December 31, 1907, to welcome 1908, the ball drop has been held annually since, except in 1942 and 1943 in observance of wartime blackouts.”

In another excerpt from Wikipedia: “Despite the Times leaving the building, One Times Square remained a major focal point of Times Square due to its annual New Year's Eve "ball drop" festivities (the ball itself has remained atop the tower year-round since 2009), and the introduction of an electronic news ticker at street-level in 1928. Following its sale to Lehman Brothers in 1995, One Times Square was re-purposed as an advertising location to take advantage of its prime location within the square. Most of the building's interior remains vacant (aside from its only major tenant, a Walgreens pharmacy which occupies its lower levels), while its exterior features a large number of traditional and electronic billboards. Due to the large amount of revenue that its ads pull, One Times Square is considered one of the most valuable advertising locations in the world.”

It's an advertising tower, for generating revenue. Money. TIME is Money, so it is said, and money is thus leveraged in magickal ritual as a metaphor for TIME. The history of New Year celebrations has been tracked back to ancient Babylon and the worship of the gods Marduk and Nabu, their idols and temples. A ceremonial battle took place on the last day of the celebration, celebrating Marduk's victory over the forces of evil. The only major tenant occupying the time ball building is Walgreens, a pharmacy. Pharmakeia. The Sorcery of Mystery Babylon.

The Ball and Ball drop revelry celebrates the celestial gods and the mastery of space-time. NYC is a major celestial Silver Gate city. That's a link between heaven and earth, a portal of supernaturalism. Evidence of this is easily seen in the setting of recent films in Times Square including, The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010), The Smurfs (2011), The Avengers (2012) and even in Ex Machina (2015), where in the closing scene, the deadly AI has escaped to a place of wondering at the opportunities presented at, The Crossroads of the World.

According to the official website for the Times Square, the time ball is a geodesic sphere, that is 12 feet in diameter, and it weighs 11,875 pounds. “The Ball is illuminated by 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs (light emitting diodes). Each LED module contains 48 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs - 12 red, 12 blue, 12 green, and 12 white for a total of 8,064 of each color.” Do you think it's for no reason that the number 12 is embedded so redundantly? Luxeon Rebel. Lux. Light. Lucifer. Eon. Time. Rebel. In the book of Genesis, rebellion is linked with the number 13 - in the context of time.

Twelve years they had served Chedorlaomer, but the thirteenth year they rebelled. ~ Genesis 14:4

About Superman, the iconic ringed globe above the building where he, as reporter Clark Kent, is employed is the time ball. See Metropolis as modeled on NYC and the Daily Planet on the New York Times. Some of the comic's iconography pictured the time ball as a ringed planet, like Saturn. Superman's adoption of the real Space-Time Ritual of the New York Times multiplies that very real ritual magick. It's become a distinctive aspect of Code N.E.W.S.! If you were to view One Times Square as a monument to Saturn, you would be seeing it as the high place it truly is.

Since the 1996 New Year's Eve celebration, the current Mayor of New York City has been joined by a special guest, selected yearly to recognize their community involvement or significance, in ceremonially "activating" the ball drop by pressing a button, resembling a smaller version of the ball itself, at exactly one minute to midnight.” (Wikipedia) For the festivities of 2002–2003, the mayor was joined by community heroes, Christopher and Dana Reeve. Christopher Reeve was the actor who played Superman when he turned back time. Ritual. Magick.

News agencies and the reports they spread through the full spectrum of media have an inherent symbolism that is being exploited by the illumined. The illuminated round ball in the square is symbolic of ritual sodomy illumination and mind control masters and their slaves. (Why has Dunkin Donuts identified itself with the place? Donut - prison slang is anatomical. $19.99 pricing mirrors 666)

So, the One Times Square tower under the time ball is an advertising tower, for generating money. One of the small number of tenants in the building is Western Union. Their business is the transfer of money. TIME is Money. The financial district with the NYSE is on Wall Street, just down the street at the south end of Broadway. There's another time connection to be made here that goes through another Times Square.

In Rochester, a city in Upstate New York near to where I grew up, there's an iconic Art Deco building called Times Square. Local Freemasons laid the cornerstone for it in a ceremony on October 29, 1929.The Times Square building was known as the Genesee Valley Trust Building because it was their building. Times Square was a large bank. Today, it appears to be an office of Citizen's Bank. Time is money. Linked to the Stock Exchange through space-time ritual?

The building was home to a 25-foot mural painted by a famous local artist, Carl W. Peters. The Mural was called, Rochester Past, Present, and Future. Memorializing the passage of TIME in a place in SPACE. The Times Square Building features a notable construction on top. It's not a time ball but something called the Wings of Progress. Progress, is defined in terms of the passage of time. The four “wings” are like feathers or feathered wings, rounded on top, as might be enclosed in an elongated ball. The opposing wings form an X from above or below. The rounding plus the X presents the combined XO of space-time. The building is a twelve-story building supporting four aluminum wings that are 42 feet (13 m) high, weighing 12,000 pounds each. These numbers aren't random - they're ritual! Forty-two, like the Times Square at 42nd Street in Manhattan - double the time number 21. That also converts to 13 meters - signaling the mastery of time. It's a 12 story building with wings that weigh 12 thousand pounds each. Time. The arrangement of four-square wings marked with 12 each means TIME SQUARE. Wings. Time flies like an arrow. The building is like a feathered time arrow.

Why are the wings made of aluminum? Here's the thing. On the table of elements, Aluminum is in the 13th group. It has the atomic number 13. AND - the abbreviation is, "Al" - which in gematria is 1+12 =13. MASTERY OF TIME!

I believe the idea here was to model the cherubim above the ark of the Covenant, which is connected with the earthly throne of the Most High God, and documented as a moveable center of time.

The cornerstone was laid on the very day the stock market crashed, which triggered the Great Depression. That was “Black Tuesday,” October 29, 1929, or 10/29, 1929.
Those are the mirrored time numbers that were given to Aaron and I as signs in April. 12:21

The construction was completed in 1930.
Thirteen. The mastery of time.

Across the street from the Times Square building is the local newspaper, The Democrat & Chronicle. It's the D & C. D is 4 C is 3. 4 + 3 = 7. 4 x 3 = 12. Code N.E.W.S.

I find it more than a little interesting how Peregrine falcons are now nesting there. It started with one pair in 1998. There's now 5 generations, with dozens of offspring. One of them, named Beauty, is living here in Pittsburgh, PA. There are 24/7 live webcam feeds online where you can watch the nesting birds. The Perigrine Falcon. Horus - Ra. Egyptian sun gods associated with time and the passage of time.

More to follow, Lord willing!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Part 1 - Code N.E.W.S.

In this season of diverse signs on the theme of time and space, an observation made a couple weeks ago continues to hold my interest. News agencies and the reports they spread through the full spectrum of media have an inherent symbolism that is being exploited by the illumined.

News, is defined as, “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events,” and as, “information not previously known to someone.” These have to do with time; newly, recent, previously. I'm not the first to notice how the word, NEWS, is an acronym of the four cardinal directions: North-East-West-South. That has to do with space. NEWS is a Space-Time signaling word, and it's exploited as such for mind-control and ritual magick. Code N.E.W.S.

The news is often seen or heard or alluded to in the context of other time related words, like with the world famous papers, the London Times, New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

When names are associated with the news that identifies the frequency of publication or broadcasting, it supplements the time aspect. Examples include the Daily News, Newsweek, the Evening News or the Six O'Clock News, or even the Saturday Evening Post.

The famous publication, Time Magazine, has been in continual publication since 1923. Time, is a weekly news magazine. There is nothing unusual about any of this naming, but the fact that this is all so utterly common and familiar has nothing to say about what it is or isn't, with regard to its nature and purpose.

When the news is discussed in the context of the Occult, the god known as Hermes or Mercury has to be considered. Papers like the San Jose Mercury News come immediately to mind. Many papers are named the Herald or the Tribune, or in combination as the Herald Tribune. Mercury is the swift winged messenger of the gods and the patron of heralds and tribunes. His winged rod with the winding serpents is the herald's staff. His staff was able to produce an effect known as eye-mazing, which describes the casting of a spell that put people in a slumbering trance-like state. (That spell-binding device is now connected in most peoples minds with medical services. There's a reason for that beyond simple ignorance and confusion with the rod of Asclepius.) When it comes to the reporting of news in this world where the god of this age holds sway, this ancient eye-mazing god is being ritually engaged.

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. ~ 1 John 5:19

Hermes or Mercury is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them. His evocation in the ritual magick of Code N.E.W.S. is for the breaching of space-time dimensional barriers for the traversing of heavenly and earthly domains.

I referred to Code N.E.W.S. in Part 1 - The London 2012 Olympics: Revisited. The commentator for the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony was giving us the NLP laden prelude to a guided Journey along the Thames, engaging the audience in a space-time manipulation ritual. He spoke of “the man of the hour” who would be striking the bell, saying, “Think about it, it must have been in all the papers all over the world because no Briton has ever done it before.” Papers - implying NEWSpapers. “No Briton has ever done it before,” which is to say that it was the first TIME. “In all the papers all over the world,” - NEWSpapers all over the WORLD. North. East. West. South. World. SPACE.

The presence of Time-Space ritual in connection with NEWS is most evident and the sorcery (pharmakeia) most potent when associated branding imagery contains other symbolic references to time or space-time mastery.

Until recently I couldn't understand the branding of CNN. I knew there was some kind of potent Occult meaning behind the brand imagery of that dominant force in western news. It's Code N.E.W.S. The letters, n, overlap, forming the wave glyph. Water-as-Time. The letter, C, is a homonym of the word, sea, which is filled with water and waves. The watery seas appear in the image of the attending globe, which also evokes the concept of space. The white line running through the red script is the channel where water flows as through a water pipe. In addition to all that, there is what's inherent in the cardinal directions of the acronym of news, and what is new in time.

The parent company of Cable News Network is Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), and TIME Warner. Their slogan is “Go There. This is CNN.” “Go There,” evokes a relocation, transporting us through space-time. According to their own press release copy, “'CNN. Go There.' is the new brand campaign that signifies a commitment to what CNN can and will be. With an unmatched global footprint, CNN has the capabilities to go where no one else can.” So, it signifies a commitment to what CNN can and will be. When? In the future. That time language is paired with equally obvious space language.

These observations I'm making reveal the demonstrated religion of the illumined elite, the expression of the worship of their gods. It's called theurgy. It's a form of ritual magick. It's also called the sorcery or pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon.

Also inherent in the word, NEWS, is Code 47. The gematria of NEWS when A=1 is 14+5+23+19=61 and 6+1=7, a fundamental time number. When Z=1, NEWS is 13+22+4+8= 47. This is the number that evokes the production of Horus in this dimension through the union of Osiris and Isis. It also involves space-time. You can see from this graphic how the time numbers 7 and 12 are inherent in the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid.

Consider the branding of MSNBC, one of CNN's main competitors in the West. It's the union of NBC and MSN. When they bend the name around the corner it fits perfectly within the 3.4.5 dimensioned right triangle that is the basis for the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid. I made this graphic. I didn't stretch it in any direction, just resized one relative to the other so we could see how it fits. Oh, my! What an amazing coincidence, right? No. It's not a coincidence. It's evidence of the ritual, supporting through redundancy the Code 47 features of the gematria of the word, news.

The traditional NBC branding is the bird with the colorful feathers. “Proud as a Peacock” is their familiar slogan. The colors of the rainbow are represented in order, in a radial fashion. The colors pictured in their logo are in the sequence expressing movement counter-clockwise, i.e. counter-CLOCKwise. I think they are modeling the face of a clock. The feathers occupy the positions of the hours on the upper half of the face, with the the bird's head straight up at 12 o'clock like hands. With that hour being called out for special attention by use of the different element, the time number 12 is emphasized. The bird's neck and head is the white light that splits into the rainbow. The rainbow is a space-time dimensional construct, a bridging construct. The N at the center of MSNBC's linear logo is given emphasis. The letter, N, is used as a portal or stargate letter. (See this post, Part 29 - Signs of Horus Worship - Nationwide, Jr Nation and Comet Ison) The letter, N, is the 13th from the end of the alphabet. Thrteen, signaling the mastery of time and space-time dimensions.

Another major news source is Fox News. Because of their familiar 21st Century FOX movie animations, we tend to see their beacons of light sweeping the sky in the Fox News logo. One is like the other. A century is a span of TIME lasting 100 years. The number 21 is a time number, the mirror of 12. We don't do this consciously, but our minds automatically scan things to identify relationships, and this provides the possible contexts from which we derive meaning. The process imports the time elements through the connection. I see another clock in their brand imagery, with hands sweeping around the face, and also a sundial with a shadow being cast by the gnomon. Fox is, of course, f=6 o=6 (1+5) x=6 (2+4) Code 666, and they are magnifying the XO MOB.

Superman. I've written many posts in the last 5 years about the Occultism involving this fictional character. Superman is a news reporter in his secret identity as Clark Kent. He works in the big city at a paper called the Daily Planet. Daily Planet. Time + Space. On top of the newspaper's towering skyscraper is their icon, a globe.

What planet has a ring around it? It's not the Earth but Saturn. Saturn, the god of time! Cronus, Chronus or Kronos. The Daily Planet; the planet that rules the “daily,” or time.

In other renderings of the building, the ringed planet appears on top of a pyramid like the obelisk that is the phallus of Osiris, a god of time. In another rendering, the building is composed of four opposing towers, presenting an X form. With the spherical globe, that's the familiar XO form. See the four towers as a modeling of North, East, West and South. N.E.W.S. It's the Daily Planet newspaper building. On top, there's a time ball. Keep that identification in mind. We'll be returning to that concept.

Remember, Superman, the film from 1978 starring Christopher Reeve? He resets time into the past to change the outcome of events. He demonstrates the powers of Saturn that are connected with his alter identity. Here's a clip of the epic scene. clip from Superman (1978) turning back time. Watch for the other time symbols, the water (Hoover Dam) the rocks. Superman demonstrates the meaning of his NEWSpaper's icon, spinning rings around the earth. He turns back time, resetting it in the past. Superman's romantic interests have names with L. L. as their initials. Lois Lane. Lana Lang. (allusion to Fritz Lang and wife Thea von Harbou - Metropolis (1927)) Superman's nemesis was named Lex Luthor. Why all the double L naming? L, is the 12th letter. It factors into the space-time ritual.

To be continued, Lord willing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

January River Olympics for Space-Time Mastery

You'll notice that we haven't made any projections about the Fall Feast Days and what might come, or about the Pope's visit. As we've been saying, until time is reset, or we get insight into when that's coming, there's little of value we can say because the prophetic schedule is skewed. We still are paying attention because there are many signs appearing and we're still on watch.

When I revisited the 2012 Olympics to bring attention to the evidence of a time manipulation ritual the focus was primarily on the countdown segment of the opening ceremony, which spanned less than five minutes. Before those Games, and after, much more ritual magic was performed, even to the same end. Every thing that has to do with the next Summer Games in sequence is much more of the same. With the selection of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the host city of the upcoming XXXI Olympiad, the time manipulation ritual was substantially enhanced! The scheduled Rio Games are now not far off.

During the closing ceremony of the Olympics it's customary to honor the city hosting the next Summer Games by giving them 8 minutes to entertain / bewitch us with a ceremony of their own making. Rio's 8 minute long ceremony in London struck me as being rather flat with regard to the kind of subtle Occult signaling I anticipated. Based upon the abundance I saw and decoded relative to the London Ceremony in Beijing, 2008, I didn't know what to make of the apparent lack of such in Rio's. I chalked it up to the unlikelihood of those Games being held, given the prophetic schedule I anticipated. I knew nothing of how time was hijacked in such a way that would necessitate a reset into the past. For all that I did know, I was ignorant about so much. I still am, of course, but I'm learning.

It is said that Europeans first encountered Rio's Guanabara Bay on 1 January, 1500, giving it the name Rio de Janeiro. It translates to, January River. January is the first month, and it was apparently the first day of a new century that had a nice round number. They memorialized the event by naming the location with a time. Space-Time.

The month of January is named to honor the god, Janus, the Roman god of time. The two faced or headed Janus looks into the future and into the past at the same time. Even though the body of water was a bay and not a river, the place was called the January River. Why? It must have been important to identify the place as a RIVER OF TIME and give tribute to the gods. Janus is also the god of doorways, portals. That has to include space-time dimensional transits. January is a 13th month as the 1st of a cycling 12, which identifies it with the number of the mastery of time. The 1st/13th month is the head of the 12.

The 1st Games to be held in the modern era were in Athens, Greece. The year was 1896. The games in Rio are scheduled for 2016, which is the 120th anniversary of those Games in Athens. That's 12 x 10 years. Years - that's a span of TIME, of course, and 120 is 10 times 12, the TIME number!

The Rio Games are numbered as the XXXI or 31st Olympiad. To the illuminated, 31 is an important number because it is the mirror of 13, the time number. The number 13 also has the significations of rebellion and lordship and the agents of the Enemy of the Most High. There are 13 weeks in a quarter year, the span between every solstice and equinox. Samhain-Halloween is the witches' high sabbath that is held on October 31. That's 10/31, the date with numbering that has a reflection in January's position as the 1st and 13th month.

Why was Rio de Janeiro chosen to host the Olympiad? You've seen the numbers of the timing and count of the Games. Compare them to the meaning of the host city's name.Why, indeed. Following London's Games, where the same theme was evident, Rio's extends the ritual. I suspect having the Rio Games in 2016 has been part of a plan for a long time, toward the objective of gaining mastery over time and the ultimate goal of ascending the god of Luciferian illumination's throne above that of the Most High God.

I took a look at the official Rio Olympics sites to see what I would see, “the official website of the Olympic Movement” (, plus the and Facebook sites. I saw countdowns, sponsored by Omega, the official timekeeper, of course. You might say that's to be expected, and yes, of course it is.

Being mindful of the setting as that of the January River, the XXXI Olympiad held in the 120th anniversary year of the Games of the modern era, the featuring of the countdown and the official timekeeping sponsor can't just be dismissed as something of little consequence. Any of the elements connected with Rio's Games that openly or covertly touch on time and space are amplifying and extending the space-time manipulation ritual that was so evidently done in London.

The most iconic image of Rio has to be the statue of Christ the Redeemer, perched high above the city. While most readily identify that with the biblical Jesus of Nazareth, it's really not. It's an idol, of a counterfeit god, antichrist. The second commandment should make that plain. A student of esoteric symbolism can see a pillar in the design, establishing a link between heaven and earth. The idol was erected in 1931. There's the 31 again, the mirror of 13. “Christ the Redeemer” presents the form of a cross, which is the ancient expression of the union of the sons of god (vertical) with the daughters of men (horizontal). The rounding of the robes presents a circle form that joins with the cross. That construction of the XO is associated with lightning flashing from the abyss.

These photos that made the news in 2014 make quite a statement.

In 1960, a special neighborhood was created in the West Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro called, Cidade de Deus, which means, City of God. It was popularized in a novel of the same name in 1997, and in 2002 in an award winning film. It has to be said, if there's any connection with the idol on the high place overlooking the city, that's not a good thing.

Here's the banner I found on one of the official sites. See the word, Time. The letter, m, in script like it is presents a water glyph. Water-as-time. (The Portuguese with it translates to, work force.)

Here's another metaphor being leveraged. Time is money. It suggests the converse, that money is being used to represent time. Coins have been minted in connection with the Olympics. The Rio 2016 Olympics blog has a post titled, Eight Trivia Facts About Olympic Coins

“Have you seen the new series of Rio 2016 coins? This is the third series of the collection that has 36 models: four gold, 16 silver and 16 circulation (320 million coins in circulation), all with themes of fauna, flora, culture and Brazilian monuments, besides Olympic and Paralympic sports. By the way, did you know that this is the first time that Brazil has exported coins?”

The 8th Trivia Fact was about London 2012's Olympic coinage. “London 2012 was the first to launch a series of coins that counted down to the Games.” That certainly fits with the time manipulation ritual, which was perhaps most evident during the ceremonial countdown segment! Check out the coin that is featured in the Rio post. It has, countdown on top and XXX Olympiad on the bottom. Countdown. That's what TIMErs do. There's a year identified on the right with a radial scale and a pointer to illustrate the present count, relative to the past and future. The sport it celebrates involves swimming, which is of course done in water. Water as time. The other dominant imagery suggests what they are really anticipating in the countdown, which isn't really very subtle if you understand about the cross circle. There's a big X centered on the face of the round coin. Cross shapes ring around the circumference. The O in Olympiad joins with the X of XXX. The triple X echoes the XO mark of the beast theme with each X transforming to 6 (24th letter and 2+4=6).

On the symbolism of numberings, I note that the English gematria of, RIO, is 42, which is 21*2. That's the time number doubled. Where z=1, RIO, is 39, which is 13*3. That's the mastry of time number, tripled. Rio. River. Of Time.

The logo for the Rio 2016 Olympics is very definitely on the space-time mastery theme. The ritual encription of the word, ZION, in the logo is demonstrated in this deconstruction of the imagery. The hijacking of the heavenly city is a major objective of the ritual. The ritual of the logo was advanced when this photo was presented on December 31 of 2010. December is the 12th month, with 31 being the mirror of 13. Time and the mastery of time expressed through the 12 and 13.

For this photograph, the ritual 3D logo sculpture was placed on a pedestal. The pedestal or pillar construct was mentioned earlier as establishing a link between heaven and earth, bridging space-time. The lighting projects a distinct shadow on the wall, producing the kind of thing photographers usually go to great lengths to minimize. The singular source of light (Lucifer... the sun god) and the shadow cast, the shadow realm. Like reflections, these projections bear witness to the likeness between the heavenly and earthly. The colors featured in the logo are those of the rainbow, flowing as across the spectrum. Light passing through the rainbow. The rainbow bridge spans space-time domains. The 3D sculpture emphasizes space, while the aspect of time is evoked by the light colors and design. The three figures form circles and crosses. It presents like the Masonic ritual called Three Times Three, where the men invoke the naming of Jah-Bul-On.

So, Rio de Janeiro. The January River. Do they really celebrate space-time and portals there, as the honor given to Janus and the mastery of time suggests? Here's the city flag and Coat of Arms, which seems to pretty well answer that question with a resounding, YES!

The flag presents an XO that magnifies the many XO forms present in the Coat of Arms. Rio's Coat of Arms features arrows. The arrow plays on another metaphor. Time flies like an arrow. An armillary sphere appears as an excellent model of space. Three arrows superimposed on an armillary sphere shouts, SPACE-TIME! Count the feathers on the arrows. Each has 3 on one side and 3 on the other - Code 33. And, combined, Code 666. There's a crown on top. It presents like an arched bridge and a fortress. Count the elements across the 5 towers. There are 13! The crown signals authority. Mastery of time and space! It's a defensible domain. The space-time imagery is set upon a shield, which is for defense, and hiding behind. This is a Coat of Arms, so the military theme is inherent. There's a Phrygian cap in the center, which covers the armillary sphere so we can't see whether it's the kind that features the sun in the center or the earth. I think they covered it to cover both kinds. The red color and the Phrygian cap are goddess symbols. Like the one whose celestial throne is established at the combination of the X and O. The cap has to do with enslavement and the pursuit of liberty or freedom through rebellion. That's very much a goddess sponsored movement, and the red color supports the violent rebel goddess themes. France's Marianne. The USA's Columbia and Freedom versions. The name, Mary, as in the Virgin Mary, means, “their rebellion.” (VIRGINia MARYland donated the land for the District of Columbia, and that's where the goddess worshiping Pope is right now, as I type!)

Those creepy looking critters flanking the shield as its foundation are dolphins. Mirrored, twins Gemini. The armillary sphere is an object that presents movement of the earth and the time-keepers of the sun and moon through the heavens with its constellations. The dolphins are silver - the Silver Gate celestial stargate. This deal with the dolphins is something the Lord has impressed upon Aaron and I over the past few days. It's connected with the supernaturalism of the mastery of space-time domains. Although there's some debate about the kind of animal represented in the following passage, it seems pretty plain to me that this is what the flag of Rio intends.

5 When the camp sets out, Aaron and his sons shall go in and they shall take down the veil of the screen and cover the ark of the testimony with it; 6 and they shall lay a covering of porpoise skin on it, and shall spread over [it] a cloth of pure blue, and shall insert its poles. ~ Numbers 4:5-6

Have you been paying attention to all the recent posts on the ark as a center of time and space-time ark, and the Temple at the Center of Time?

From verse 25, we see that the dolphin skin covered more than just the ark.

they shall carry the curtains of the tabernacle and the tent of meeting with its covering and the covering of porpoise skin that is on top of it, and the screen for the doorway of the tent of meeting, ~ Numbers 4:25

With all the space time mastery imagery connected with the place named January River, it seems pretty obvious that the folks responsible for the dolphins and the rest of the city's branding are being guided in their craft.

Last night, Aaron and I were led to watch, Johnny Mnemonic (1995), starring Keannu Reeves. (The Matrix - The Day the Earth Stood Still - the time traveling Ted in 1989's, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) He's a courier with a memory chip implanted in his head. While the space-time material was largely overshadowed by the ritual sodomy and trauma-based Illuminati mind control symbolism, it was present. Toward the end of the film, Johnny Mnemonic finally meets the only one who can help him, the enigmatic Dr. Jones. It's a dolphin in a tank like the ark filled with water, wired to a machine! The dolphin is hooked up to energy projection dish and sensor arrays. He's got superhuman ability and interacts in powerful ways. He is key to saving Johnny and at the same time becomes a type of savior of the world.

Rio de Janeiro. The January River. Site of the 2016 Summer Olympics. It's all about the mastery of space-time - and worship of the usurper gods. As I frequently state, success will be granted to those in their grand but arrogant undertakings but it's only temporary. They are doomed to failure.

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn.

The mirroring of the sun god's name is magical. Literally.

This is kind of subtle, but once you see the valley sweeping the arc behind the person making the cross, well, there it is. XO ~ Mark of the Beast.

The return of Ra - reborn in an incarnation as the beast.

He, by any name, is always presented as the HERO.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Vintage Ads for L&M Cigarettes: Part 6 - On Twelves and Thirteens - Signs of Time and its Mastery

The other day as I was reflecting on just how pervasive the signs of time and its mastery were, a discontinued brand of cigarettes came to mind. Searching through some vintage ads, example after example appeared.

...through so much SPACE in such little TIME

Time and the mastery of space-time is promoted leveraging the Occult gematria, a simple alpha-numeric substitution cipher where L is 12 and M is 13.

“Live Modern” was a big campaign. Time words: live MODERN + TODAY's exciting cigarette. Actor James Arness appears inside a circle inside a square. Wearing a hat. Ritual sodomy illumination aside, the circle inside the square is space-time geometry, which is further emphasized with the cigarette package squares superimposed on the edge of the circle. The XO MOB is called out by the v of Live and the v inside the M of Modern, which intersect the edge of the circle. The v extends to an x, of course. As Above, So Below, according to the Hermetic Maxim.

Filter Cigarette. FC. F=6 and C=3. 666 MOB

NYC's Madison Avenue of the 60s was celebrated in the TV show, Mad Men, which ran for seven seasons. The ad industry was flush with tobacco money! Vintage L&M cigarette ad campaign slogans and copy are flush with NLP and are they are spiked with esoteric imagery. It's the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon, broadcasting spells through product use and through media promotions.

More of the same in this one. “Your big red letter day.” BIG means lots of SPACE. Day means TIME. Repeated in the rest of the line, “the DAY you change to L&M.” Change involves and evokes SPACE and TIME. Get in the L&M Circle. Change your SPACIAL position relative the circle of TIME.

The cigarette has long been identified with romance, with sex, and the afterglow. The red is the rose and rebel goddess color. The cigarette is phallic. Whether a girl smoked or not used to be seen as an indication of whether or not she was a virgin. Ads play on innuendo, cigarette ads at least as much as with other products.

More sexual innuendo. Oh look. How clever. The cigarette pack has an erection.

“You'll be sittin on top of the world when you change to L&M”
World = SPACE. Modern - TIME.

“Light into that Live Modern flavor!”
Light... “Let there be light” - Genesis - creation - fundamental dimensional physics

“Start fresh with L&M
Stay fresh with L&M”

From the beginning of TIME through eternity with continuity. With L&M, with time and the mastery of space-time.

SPACE! With L&M, 12 and 13, UNLOCK a new world, new dimensions!

try fresh-tasting, best-tasting L&M TODAY -- pack or (her) box
More sexual innuendo - and goddess imagery.

The proud smoke
Product of a proud land.

Land = SPACE. Niagara Falls. Water as time.

Again, The proud smoke - Product of a proud land. Land = SPACE. New York Harbor - Water as time.

Statue of Liberty - goddess - Cigarette pack erection.

Pointing to Twin Towers of WTC - Gemini and Silver Gate imagery

This... is the L&M moment. Moment = TIME. The three dots indicate a pause, a delay in the movement through space-time. That was a popular slogan.

The vibrancy and tenderness of the afterglow. Subtle cigarette pack erection imagery.

“Never interrupt an L&M smoker.” Well, that can be taken in more than one way, to be sure. Given the scenario pictured, I can see why the cigarette packs have no erection.

The tagline can also be taken in more than one way on the theme of space-time and control. Interruption, so there is no TIME delay in a sequence of events. Or, with regard to the space time continuum - which is being interrupted.

“Because L&M's balanced blend gives good taste from end to end. ”

From end to end. Through SPACE, as illustrated. And, TIME, as from beginning to end, from start to finish.

L&M. 12 & 13. There it is, vintage style.