Friday, September 28, 2018

Hands Up! Announcing Part 2

A second video in the Hands Up! series has just been published to our YouTube channel. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

"When we see people with their hands up in the air we interpret what it means just like everything else, from the context. Are they being robbed or arrested, celebrating, showing approval, casting a vote, or just trying to get somebody's attention? Depending on the context, the gesture might be innocent and mean nothing more than it seems. Sometimes, however more is meant - and that's what we're interested in here."

From the decoding of a Walmart mailer and the branding and imagery of Goodwill Industries, it should be apparent that more is meant when people with their hands up are seen in promotions. The themes match to the LGBTQ sites featured in the first video. Why is that?

We've begun to address that question in these first two videos and it will probably take a few more to work our way through the presentation of some of the reasons why the gesture is used in Occult signaling contexts.

All sin is sin, and all of us need the savior from sin, the Lord Y'shua, and His continual help to find victory and freedom.

Hands Up! Part 2 - Walmart mailer and Goodwill Industries

Monday, September 24, 2018

Part 36 - Code 33 - Yes, it's still a thing!

It's been almost 5 years since we last published a post in this series, but it's definitely still a thing. You can revisit other posts in the series to see what it means. It's more than just a reference to the widely recognized degree of Freemasonry.

The news about a very notable corporate merger was announced today that thrusts a popular branding back into the limelight.

Sirius XM agrees to pay $3.5 billion in stock for Pandora to create the world's largest audio-entertainment company (P, SIRI)

Quoting a line from the article above: "The deal could also be a windfall for hedge fund billionaire George Soros, who made a $56 billion bet on Pandora in the second-quarter, regulatory filings show." You know who George Soros is, right?

This image was featured in the article. We already addressed this Sirius XM logo in Part 17 - Code 33 - X with a Spun 3: Sirius XM Love The three arcs on either side signal 3 and 3 or 33. The X and M are another 3 and 3, because X is the 3rd letter from the end of the alphabet. The letter M looks like the numeral 3 when it's rotated a quarter turn. Redundancy means potency in the way of symbol magick.

The "666 mark of the beast" (Revelation 13:18) signaling aspect of the logo is emphasized in the way they positioned this image in connection with the ring. You see, the radio wave arcs suggest 3 concentric circles, which indicates a very familiar Occult transformation. It works like this. Circle = O. O is the 15th letter. 1+5=6. So, 3 circles transform to 666. The X is considered to be the ancient mark of the beast, of the sun god. XM = X-Mark. Of the Beast! It's the heart of the sigil of Nodens, god of the abyss, usually in connection with the O.

The meaningful X O cross in a circle is obvious. Space Time - which is fitting for the satellite radio business. For redundancy, see the M extending through the crossing of the X as forming the ancient wave glyph that means, water, water as time. X is space + wave glyph (time). Also, fitting, is the XO meaning of establishing the celestial throne of the goddess.

I've been served up this Code 33 signaling banner ad several times over the past few days.

The over-under line separator says: DO THE MATH. Let's use our Arabic numerals!

Muslim Matrimonials: MM=33 (rotating the M to a 3)

The letter C in Com is the 3rd letter, so "Muslima (dot separator) Com" repeats the "acronym" transformation signaling of 33.

The stylized heart is formed by 2 intersecting arcs that add 2 more instances of letter transformation 33 signaling. One arc is a C and the other is a mirrored C, and CC=33. The arcs cross in 2 places. X and X, and XX=33, with X as the 3rd letter from the end of the alphabet.

With the opposing light and dark arcs, this has to recognized as the sun and crescent moon (and a signaling of the knowledge of good and evil). Allah is a moon god. The form of the crossing crescents (CC) is meant to be seen as the stylized heart. This is a symbol of the rear end. Moon, mooning. More universally, the sun and moon are the divine male and female, sun god and moon goddess.

The crossing arcs is a crossing circle or XO symbol that may be seen as establishing the celestial throne of the goddess. This form of the stylized heart derives from the trace that the planet Venus makes in the heavens, which adds plenty of potency to the symbolism since we have the celestial bodies of the sun and moon for the immediate context. The goddess of love is evoked by the identifying form traced by Venus, which is supporting the matchmaking intent of the website. The XO is of the crossing crescents is also a space (X) and time (O) symbol.

Supporting the celestial theme with even more redundancy is the gematria of the word, muslima. When A is 1: Code 88 (measure of Zodiac, full count of constellations, orbital period of Mercury, Ra [radium - sun god] ...)

M = 13
U = 21
S = 19
L = 12
I = 9
M = 13
A = 1

In the Occult Reduction gematria when Z=1: Code 47! (union of Osiris and Isis producing Horus) Sex magick, for the matchmaking!

M = 5 (1 + 4)
U = 6
S = 8
L = 6 (1 + 5)
I = 9 (1 + 8)
M = 5 (1 + 4)
A = 8 (2 + 6)

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Poop Emoji Culture Explosion

News stories in popular media are attributing the growing number of crude games and toys that celebrate coprophagia are simply due to the increasing popularity of the poop emoji. That seems plausible, but is anyone asking why the poop emoji is all the rage? That's a reasonable question, right?

No doubt, Squatty Potty and Poo~Pourri have advanced the curve for widespread acceptability. Why?

If you've been following this blog, you're probably not as naive as you used to be about such matters. It's a sodomite thing, and a mind-control thing.

Here's some of the items, including a glut of edibles.

Back in January of 2017 we published a post (Decoding: Lalaloopsy on Netflix, the promo graphic) decoding the Netflix original animated series, Lalaloopsy, and we included this video of a doll that is promoted with the line, "I magically poop surprises!" (NEW Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise with Baby Alive Doll Eating Surprise Poop & Diapers) The baby's dress features what you should identify as butt imagery.

The range of candy now available on the theme is extensive.

To say the culture has gone into the toilet, well, it obviously has. The obsession with coprophagy continues to dominate the graphic media in the covert Occult ways of symbol magic, and the influence is more evident than ever.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 5

The fifth installment of the time reset end time calendar series has just been published to our YouTube account!

With 17 more examples we raise our tally to 43, but you can score it however you please. It's not the number attained in our generally rather conservative accounting that's important so much as the sense of the scope conveyed in the presentation of this substantial body of evidence, which manifests a stunning level of agreement across the range of it. Some folks would deny that there's even a single one that means what we say it does, but this presentation is not for those with eyes that see not and ears that hear not.

Although it's a radical concept to imagine that time will actually be reset into the past and return us to the year 2012, we can't deny that this is where the evidence has led us, which was first inspired by revelation insight. And, we cannot argue against the weight of the evidence that suggests that the appointed shemitah will arrive as the grand finale of this age within a year from now, in the fall of 2019.

Whether or not you can accept that time is going to be reset into the past, the next shemitah cycle is still approaching with every appointed trial of refinement! What benefit those of you who grasp that time is going to be reset have involves your strategy, because assumptions based on the strict continuity of the past will fail.

If the formula we've been putting on exhibit doesn't mean what we say, what then does it mean? Nothing at all? Does that seem feasible to you? Have the signs that have attended the outpouring of this insight, which we and others have experienced, been witnessed for the sake of leading us all astray down the same narrow and clearly marked path? We understand that there was a necessary season where this model of the Lord's intricate end time schedule had been masked, and this is consistent with the message of the esoteric prophetic scriptures. We believe the season for masking it has passed. The insight we offer bears witness to that. You sit as judge and jury in your own life as we make a case with this evidence. Does this bear witness with the spirit of God that works in you? We leave you with that question.

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 5 - 17 more examples to make 43, so far!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Unsuspecting Shoppers Beware

I was in Walmart a few days ago and went into their financial services area to buy some money orders. To organize the customer queue they have a lane divider, with a sign at the end where the customer waits their turn to be waited on. And, yes, that is an exit, to be sure. This lane for Walmart's financial services is a symbolic match to Superman's anagram named lover, lois-SOIL Lane (Superman's Dirty Little Secret) - or the Chocolate Lane of Bob the Train. (Secret Pedophile programming preschoolers for the "Chocolate Lane")

Aaron was using a Bible website the next day and this ad for items from the site was displayed. The one on the right looks like, well, something NSFW * not safe for work. The product has a long title, Novelty Jumbo Squishy Kawaii Stress Reliever Super Soft Squeeze Slow Rising Healing Reducer Stretchy Decompress Toy. If you're not at work you might want to visit the site and explore the item's pictures to really see what kind of novelty item they're advertising to innocent visitors to the Bible site.

On a similar note, State Farm is selling insurance with a commercial with a subtle featuring of similar items. (State Farm and Sheryl's She-Shed) They don't identify them but let's call these items, limp impotent garden hose, and vigorous fire hose. The garden hose with the flow issue is wielded by Victor, whose name presents a bit of irony. He was not very supportive of Sheryl's she-shed. Lightning or arson? Shame shame. The firemen are trying to save Sheryl's she-shed. Orgasmic. Her heroes. Running up the score for the triple-goddess branded 666 signaling brand.

UPDATE: A few hours after publishing this post I received a marketing email from Walmart. It calls for an update.

"Best. Tailgate. Ever." Since their sunny starburst logo is the sodomite gateway, calling it a "tail gate," and the best one ever, well, yeah. Okay. Target might want to contest that, with their logo, but, okay. For the ad to feature an image of a couple guys working together to pull canvASS down over a pole, that might be going a little heavy on the sodomy imagery. Featuring the the cornhole game, well, okay. They have gone really heavy on the redundancy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hands Up! Part 1 Decoding the Symbolism

Some time ago we became aware of another signal that's identified with a major theme of the rulers of this age. Hands up! It's a simple gesture, to put one's hands up in the air. In the right context, it compares to the use of the colors purple and orange or symbols like the stylized heart. We're going to present some examples to illustrate some contexts and themes and share a few insights that seem to explain the meaning of the gesture, although there is probably more to this, hands up, thing than we know. This planned series is related to the series on our blog titled, the sodomite gateway.

The "hands up" gesture is not just a dance move or celebration sign. For one thing, it is a sign of a victim, threatened and surrendered, stripped of power and identity.

Hands Up! Part 1 - Decoding the Symbolism

The promotion and celebration of sodomite perversion and even the tolerance of it is an offense to the Creator. That's primarily why it's done, in defiance, and these acts play a strategic role in spiritual warfare. It should be seen that the reorientation of the genders and promotion of homosexuality and gender identity confusion is a Luciferian agenda that is being more and more aggressively advanced in this spiritual war.

We want to say that we're against sin, and homosexuality and cross dressing and effeminate behavior in males and masculine behavior in females is just that - sin. We're also against the sins of omission, where we neglect to help the helpless and ignorant and naive when we can help. So, we offer our insights into the secretive signs of the threats that surround us, like the hand up gesture. The rainbow that is being used as a sign of diversity and inclusivity and tolerance is not "as sold," as a "good" way to express genuine love. This banding together around diversity and the tolerance of sin is about lies used to trick the naive and deprive the innocent of what is most valuable.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. ~ John 10:10

Yom Teruah! We've arrived!

A few hours ago news came from Israel that the new moon was witnessed, beginning the day known as Yom Teruah (to some - Rosh haShanah) on the Lord's calendar, and the 7th month. The final year of this very special shemitah has arrived! We anticipate, given many years of being schooled by the Lord, and having received many signs of some very memorable kinds, that this year will culminate in a resetting of time. We expect that this year will bring more intense warfare, spiritually, and this will manifest broadly in this physical realm.

This day is historically significant on both the Lord's calendar and the popular pagan solar Gregorian calendar. In the minds of most people in the world today, this is all about the events of 9-11-2001, when the Twin Towers of the WTC in New York City became the focus of everyone's attention as they burned and strangely collapsed - in what continues to be very controversial circumstances! It was the end of the world as we knew it, in many ways. Exactly ten years earlier, to the very day, it was the end of another era, although few knew it then, or even still. On that day, 9/11/1991, a sign of a much more subtle kind was witnessed, one that marked the beginning of the season of the Lord's return in judgment. One year earlier still, to the day, a famous speech was given by then POTUS George Herbert Walker Bush when he commented on the new world order. Today is a notable anniversary.

We deem the more important of those events just mentioned to be the more subtle of them, the celestial sign that marked the Lord's coming in judgment. That day was also Yom Teruah, like today, and this may be a noteworthy observation. Yom Teruah is an anniversary of the Lord's birth, in the year typically accounted as 2 BC. Prior to His birth this holy day was prophetic, celebrated (in gross ignorance) well in advance of His arrival. We have had some remarkable signs that marked Yom Teruah in recent years, and we believe there are key events prophesied by the holy day Yom Teruah that are not yet fulfilled. It seems very likely to us that the next Yom Teruah of 2019 may well mark a very significant transition, with a resetting of time itself back to this day in the year 2012.

We continue to watch, according to the Lord's command to watch, and with His help - and yours - we will continue as watchmen, Aaron and I. Thanks and blessings in Y'shua!

Friday, September 07, 2018

Magic Circle Branding and the goddess - Bible Gateway

I have used Bible Gateway a lot. I recently created an account on their site so I could record notes, and I've started using their text coloring feature to highlight blocks of text. Today, I noticed that I was being engaged in what appears to be a magic ritual. I'd like to think this is innocent, but that would just be really naive to dismiss the probability that someone knows exactly what they're doing.

When you select bible text on their site this bar appears near the selection. The color buttons are the issue. This is the color sequence of the casting of the magic circle, as we discussed in the previous post about Joomla! and Whole Foods' 365 brand -- East-yellow-air -- South-red-fire -- West-blue-water -- North-green-earth. We are learning more and becoming more wary of being engaged in rituals as the warfare of the age continues to ramp up.

Like other Bible websites and professional tools and such, they use logos, which really should not be done. While theirs seems to be no worse than the others we find, their current logo is a door that speaks to us not of Revelation 3:20 but of the "Royal Arch/Arse of Freemasonry" and the sodomite gateway to illumination, because of the 2nd commandment. You will find the subtle exaltation of the goddess in the alignment of the name with the slogan. AWA. From the, A, in, All, step up to the adjacent, wa, in Gateway. Unless you've been following this blog very closely for a while and have seen exhibits of example after example of how AWA and other signs of the goddess appear, you will think we're just crazy or making stuff up. But the evidence is substantial.

The old logo looks like a set of crescent moons of a color more like the sun. It's a gateway image, a portal image, and we recognize it as an EYE like a bulging reptilian eye, and eye of Horus orange sodomite gateway portal that resonates code 33. Crescent moon as letter C, the 3rd letter. the big C-as-3 against the 3 smaller concentric crescents. A 666 transformation is suggested also - with the 3 adding to the 3 and the 3 and the 3 of the smaller crescents. The three concentric circles suggested by the arcs transform to 666 through the value of the letter O as the 15th letter - and 1+5=6. OOO=666.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Magic Circle Branding - Joomla! - 365 Whole Foods - GPS tracker

In a recent email, someone asked me about a logo. I didn't see this right away, but when I was ready to reply the spell on it was broken. Joomla! is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. AND - it's a magic circle branding! Practicing witches would recognize this right away - and so should we - who are targeted by those who cast spells against us.

This resonates the magic circle because of the colors and orientation. This is otherwise known as the quartered or squared circle. This becomes really obvious when you compare it with another brand, the store value brand of Whole Foods, one that we've exposed as an Occult signaling brand in other posts on this blog.

Pagans celebrate the solar calendar which is 365 days long, except in a leap year. The slogan, Every Day Value, reflects this understanding. This is naturally divided into the 4 seasons. Most folks will easily identify the green flower panel with Spring, the yellow sun with Summer, the red leaf with Fall and the blue snowflake with Winter.

The way the numerals of, 365, appear in the logo suggests a circle as you trace an arc through them. See how the word, DAY, is entirely contained within the implied circle. This design suggests the circular form of the cycling annual calendar, and the terrestrial and celestial spheres and their circling motions that the calendar is based on. All that seems entirely natural, innocent, and harmless, but we're not naive little schoolchildren anymore, are we? There's more to this symbolism that you should understand.

So far as Whole Foods is concerned, the Occult nature of their branding is evident when you can see their decorated letter O as something other than a tomato or some other fruit or vegetable. It's the Ouroboros, the plumed and feathered serpent and dragon. The tail eating Ouroboros represents the circle of time, cycling time, and their store brand 365 imagery is a match to that - exactly. The circle of the arc-forming numerals 3 6 5 is the cycling year and the circle of the Ouroboros is cycling time. See it? They never tell us that, because the potency of their symbol magic depends on it.

Each transition between the seasons is marked by a solstice or equinox. These times are special holidays that Pagans celebrate at the ancient henges and stone circles, calling out to their gods, which are idols. The pagan calendar is one that is inspired by the gods (See the book of Enoch chapters 7 and 8 for some insight) and used by their worshipers, which includes those who practice the dark arts.

So, here's how the magic circle is ritually embedded. The same images used to represent the 4 seasons represent the 4 cardinal directions and the 4 elements and the guardians or watchtowers identified with them. I wrote these out in the graphic above the icons. The Joomla! logo and the 365 brand logo are both signaling the standard magic circle as it's typically cast in the northern hemisphere.

The High Priest or Priestess of a coven or whatever individual is casting the circle will create a temporary space that they consider as a safe space within which they can perform rituals and raise power and cast spells. There's a wide range of practices but they generally follow this format, first organizing and clearing their space. They may mark the cardinal directions with objects and also mark out the circumference of the circle, but it's not a firm requirement. They evoke the guardians of the elements as they begin and then, at the end of their ritual, the guardians are thanked and dismissed. Casting the circle involves starting with the east they move clockwise around to the south, then the west and then the north. This is what the Joomla! and 365 brands picture.

These logos have an orientation that can be rotated slightly clockwise to align the colors exactly with their directions, with the standard map alignment of North as up. However, even without rotating, the orientation is correct; the green is on top, the yellow is on the right, the red is on the bottom, and the blue is on the left. They embed and resonate the magic circle, and naturally suggest the dynamic of clockwise rotation. They are powerful spirit portals.

Hey - next time you're shopping at Whole Foods, check out the tattoos and jewelry on the staff. Witches - on the job. Not every employee is one, I suspect, but many are.

So, the Joomla! logo also features 5 points in the negative space, which resonates with the pentagram that is also inherent in magic circles. The form looks like 4 figures who are linked together, as one, in mind and body and intent, which is a key to a coven's casting of effective spells. Witches typically worship the goddess. In Code 47, 4 (quarters-directions) is the number for Isis, goddess of magic. This logo has the crossing circles and XO unions that signal her exaltation. The divine feminine symbol is fundamentally a circle. The cross or square is the male symbol that matches to the female circle, so their union is a sex magic ritual, and a space-X time-O symbol.

Here's another Occult layer of the Joomla! brand. The gematria evokes Code 33, and Code 66 (the abyss, which is a very important concept to a wide range of Occultists). With the basic English gematria of 66, the "bang" or exclamation point extends that to a 666. Turn the exclamation point upside and what do you have? The lowercase letter, i. That's the 9th letter. Take the numeral 9 and flip it back over. It's a 6. j+o+o+m+l+a = 10+15+15+13+12+1 = 66. Make these common transformations and produce the 66 and 6 that resonates the mark of the beast, Revelation 13:18. What else would be the point of the bang in a magic circle evoking spirit portal?

Anagrams of Joomla:
la Mojo

Here's another logo that resonates with the magic circle. The tip off is that this magic-circle-color-coded logo is the identifying image of a GPS system, which is all about the directions mapped on the coordinate system of the earth. The logo suggests the magnetic compass, the foundation of the compass rose design, and they are operating under the rose, sub rosa - in secret. The color orientation obviously isn't right for a magic circle, no matter how you rotate the crossing elements. Neither do they have to be right, because by crossing they are signaling a flipping. There's a practice of crossing fingers when people tell a lie. Look it up. In esoteric art you'll often see people crossing their arms or legs or fingers to inform the Occultist that whatever it looks like is being meant is the opposite of what's really meant. The crossing element in the GPS tracker logo says, flip this, spin this, reorient this, and only then will you have what's meant. Magic spirit portal.

Serving false gods is serving the Devil. There is no option there, despite claims to the contrary made by those who are deceived and deceivers. Here's what one openly admits. “Through my words and my deeds, I am offending God and that is my whole goal, to make his people miserable, to bring about apostates, to bring about anguish." (
THE DARK SIDE Inside America’s devil-worshipping church where Satan lovers burn bibles and use menstrual blood for rituals in the heart of the US bible belt)

Ignorance is not bliss. It only makes you easy prey. Get educated rightly. See what you're looking at. Honor and worship the true God and father of our Lord Y'shua!

Walmart's REAR END of summer savings

I found this today on Walmart's shopping site; a hot radiant sun in the blue sky. Labor Day in the US is over, school is back in session - and all Mystery Babylon the Great's spells of pharmakeia are still in full swing.

I call this Walmart's REAR END of summer savings because that's their secret. When there's a summer savings event happening, it's a pretty safe bet that they are leveraging their sodomite brand to the max! You do know their "ASSterisk" logo is only "a sun" if you can dismiss the anagram: "anus," right? Search our blog for walmart to see examples.

Decoding the promo, there are clusters of "anus" and "arse" as you can see from our highlighting graphics. In both cases, they obfuscate one letter that is obviously hidden inside and disguised as another. A case could easily be made that there's another cluster, a phonetic - Enus. En (from, End) + us (from, summer).

For many more examples of the summer sun clustering from last summer's posts, see these posts: Summer Sun: Don't Get Burned by the Sodomite Sun god and goddess Subliminals and Decoding: The Tuscan Sun and Summit Entertainment

We've left one cluster out, for you to find. Hint: It's a 3 letter word.

Not seeing it? Start with the, a, in, savings.

Need more help? Move over to the adjacent letter, s.

Okay. Move up to the, s, in, summer.

Thare's more to the Walmart promo than the word clustering and A SUN imagery. See the mm as signaling Code 33. Just rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise.

The three concentric circles that compose the big sun disk decode to 666. Each circle is a letter O, and O is the 15th letter. 1+5=6. OOO = 666
XO, with the blue rays crossing or X-ing the circles - meaning: establishing the celestial throne of the goddess and signaling space-time.

Are you seeing what you're looking at?

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 4

Another in the series - thank you, Lord! The fourth installment has just been published to our YouTube account!

Does the Bible conceal and reveal a reset of time, even the particulars about when this will happen? We argue, yes, and the case for this continues to be made. In this installment we raise the tally to 26 examples with 12 more - going more deeply into some to explain what we learn from them.

There are more biblical examples left in the queue, with several of the more obvious and compelling examples remaining. Some even reveal time in ways that provide direct links to our familiar calendars.

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 4 - Time Reset - 12 more biblical examples.