Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Magic Circle Branding - Joomla! - 365 Whole Foods - GPS tracker

In a recent email, someone asked me about a logo. I didn't see this right away, but when I was ready to reply the spell on it was broken. Joomla! is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. AND - it's a magic circle branding! Practicing witches would recognize this right away - and so should we - who are targeted by those who cast spells against us.

This resonates the magic circle because of the colors and orientation. This is otherwise known as the quartered or squared circle. This becomes really obvious when you compare it with another brand, the store value brand of Whole Foods, one that we've exposed as an Occult signaling brand in other posts on this blog.

Pagans celebrate the solar calendar which is 365 days long, except in a leap year. The slogan, Every Day Value, reflects this understanding. This is naturally divided into the 4 seasons. Most folks will easily identify the green flower panel with Spring, the yellow sun with Summer, the red leaf with Fall and the blue snowflake with Winter.

The way the numerals of, 365, appear in the logo suggests a circle as you trace an arc through them. See how the word, DAY, is entirely contained within the implied circle. This design suggests the circular form of the cycling annual calendar, and the terrestrial and celestial spheres and their circling motions that the calendar is based on. All that seems entirely natural, innocent, and harmless, but we're not naive little schoolchildren anymore, are we? There's more to this symbolism that you should understand.

So far as Whole Foods is concerned, the Occult nature of their branding is evident when you can see their decorated letter O as something other than a tomato or some other fruit or vegetable. It's the Ouroboros, the plumed and feathered serpent and dragon. The tail eating Ouroboros represents the circle of time, cycling time, and their store brand 365 imagery is a match to that - exactly. The circle of the arc-forming numerals 3 6 5 is the cycling year and the circle of the Ouroboros is cycling time. See it? They never tell us that, because the potency of their symbol magic depends on it.

Each transition between the seasons is marked by a solstice or equinox. These times are special holidays that Pagans celebrate at the ancient henges and stone circles, calling out to their gods, which are idols. The pagan calendar is one that is inspired by the gods (See the book of Enoch chapters 7 and 8 for some insight) and used by their worshipers, which includes those who practice the dark arts.

So, here's how the magic circle is ritually embedded. The same images used to represent the 4 seasons represent the 4 cardinal directions and the 4 elements and the guardians or watchtowers identified with them. I wrote these out in the graphic above the icons. The Joomla! logo and the 365 brand logo are both signaling the standard magic circle as it's typically cast in the northern hemisphere.

The High Priest or Priestess of a coven or whatever individual is casting the circle will create a temporary space that they consider as a safe space within which they can perform rituals and raise power and cast spells. There's a wide range of practices but they generally follow this format, first organizing and clearing their space. They may mark the cardinal directions with objects and also mark out the circumference of the circle, but it's not a firm requirement. They evoke the guardians of the elements as they begin and then, at the end of their ritual, the guardians are thanked and dismissed. Casting the circle involves starting with the east they move clockwise around to the south, then the west and then the north. This is what the Joomla! and 365 brands picture.

These logos have an orientation that can be rotated slightly clockwise to align the colors exactly with their directions, with the standard map alignment of North as up. However, even without rotating, the orientation is correct; the green is on top, the yellow is on the right, the red is on the bottom, and the blue is on the left. They embed and resonate the magic circle, and naturally suggest the dynamic of clockwise rotation. They are powerful spirit portals.

Hey - next time you're shopping at Whole Foods, check out the tattoos and jewelry on the staff. Witches - on the job. Not every employee is one, I suspect, but many are.

So, the Joomla! logo also features 5 points in the negative space, which resonates with the pentagram that is also inherent in magic circles. The form looks like 4 figures who are linked together, as one, in mind and body and intent, which is a key to a coven's casting of effective spells. Witches typically worship the goddess. In Code 47, 4 (quarters-directions) is the number for Isis, goddess of magic. This logo has the crossing circles and XO unions that signal her exaltation. The divine feminine symbol is fundamentally a circle. The cross or square is the male symbol that matches to the female circle, so their union is a sex magic ritual, and a space-X time-O symbol.

Here's another Occult layer of the Joomla! brand. The gematria evokes Code 33, and Code 66 (the abyss, which is a very important concept to a wide range of Occultists). With the basic English gematria of 66, the "bang" or exclamation point extends that to a 666. Turn the exclamation point upside and what do you have? The lowercase letter, i. That's the 9th letter. Take the numeral 9 and flip it back over. It's a 6. j+o+o+m+l+a = 10+15+15+13+12+1 = 66. Make these common transformations and produce the 66 and 6 that resonates the mark of the beast, Revelation 13:18. What else would be the point of the bang in a magic circle evoking spirit portal?

Anagrams of Joomla:
la Mojo

Here's another logo that resonates with the magic circle. The tip off is that this magic-circle-color-coded logo is the identifying image of a GPS system, which is all about the directions mapped on the coordinate system of the earth. The logo suggests the magnetic compass, the foundation of the compass rose design, and they are operating under the rose, sub rosa - in secret. The color orientation obviously isn't right for a magic circle, no matter how you rotate the crossing elements. Neither do they have to be right, because by crossing they are signaling a flipping. There's a practice of crossing fingers when people tell a lie. Look it up. In esoteric art you'll often see people crossing their arms or legs or fingers to inform the Occultist that whatever it looks like is being meant is the opposite of what's really meant. The crossing element in the GPS tracker logo says, flip this, spin this, reorient this, and only then will you have what's meant. Magic spirit portal.

Serving false gods is serving the Devil. There is no option there, despite claims to the contrary made by those who are deceived and deceivers. Here's what one openly admits. “Through my words and my deeds, I am offending God and that is my whole goal, to make his people miserable, to bring about apostates, to bring about anguish." (
THE DARK SIDE Inside America’s devil-worshipping church where Satan lovers burn bibles and use menstrual blood for rituals in the heart of the US bible belt)

Ignorance is not bliss. It only makes you easy prey. Get educated rightly. See what you're looking at. Honor and worship the true God and father of our Lord Y'shua!


  1. Hello, could you please expound a little on what the hidden components in the logos accomplish when viewed by the unsuspecting? Are subtle energies created and compounded and if so how does this work? If the hidden images are perceived, does this nullify the spell?

    Thank you.

    1. These questions have been addressed in many of our blog posts and videos, including here:

      As some Occultists have themselves noted, keeping the secret about the meaning of their symbols protects the power of the symbol. Exposing it breaks the spell and the influence on those who understand it.