Friday, September 28, 2018

Hands Up! Announcing Part 2

A second video in the Hands Up! series has just been published to our YouTube channel. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

"When we see people with their hands up in the air we interpret what it means just like everything else, from the context. Are they being robbed or arrested, celebrating, showing approval, casting a vote, or just trying to get somebody's attention? Depending on the context, the gesture might be innocent and mean nothing more than it seems. Sometimes, however more is meant - and that's what we're interested in here."

From the decoding of a Walmart mailer and the branding and imagery of Goodwill Industries, it should be apparent that more is meant when people with their hands up are seen in promotions. The themes match to the LGBTQ sites featured in the first video. Why is that?

We've begun to address that question in these first two videos and it will probably take a few more to work our way through the presentation of some of the reasons why the gesture is used in Occult signaling contexts.

All sin is sin, and all of us need the savior from sin, the Lord Y'shua, and His continual help to find victory and freedom.

Hands Up! Part 2 - Walmart mailer and Goodwill Industries





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