Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Outlander, Scheduled Return: April 4, 2015

Yesterday marked a very notable transition. Aaron and I have been led to anticipate something special in this season, and what developed on Yom Teruah did not disappoint! Before I share about that, in another post, Lord willing, last night brought another noteworthy development. The date of the Antichrist apocalypse was signaled through the Starz network show, Outlander. The final episode of this season, titled, Both Sides Now, featured the following conversation.

Mrs Graham: The stories are old. Some say as old as the stones themselves. Passed down through generations and generations through ballads and songs. I first heard them from my grandmother and she from hers. The songs tell stories about people who travel through the stones.

Frank Randall: Travel through stone. I'm not sure I take your meaning.

Mrs Graham: Not literally through the stone itself. You see, the circle at Craigh Na Dun marks a place on the earth where the powers of nature come together.

Vicar Wakefield: Superstition and twiddle-twaddle.

Frank Randall: Go on.

Mrs Graham: The stones gather the powers and give it focus like a glass - Dae ye ken? (Do you know?) - and certain people on certain days it allows them to pierce the veil of time. Mr. Randall, you know your wife went up that hill the day she vanished. I believe she didn't come back down that hill, at least not in 1945. I believe she traveled to some other time.

Frank Randall: Where or when would that be?

Mrs Graham: I don't know. Every traveler is different. They must make their own journey, on their own path, but the songs do say that the travelers often return.

Frank Randall [standing up]: I see. I shall leave for Oxford this afternoon.

Mrs Graham: Did you not hear me!

Vicar Wakefield: Mrs Graham!

Mrs Graham: I said they often return!

Frank Randall: I did hear you. I simply do not share your beliefs.

Insight into what the show is really all about comes when you know what's appointed for the date that the show itself is scheduled to return for its “Midseason Premiere.” April 4, 2015. That day will be marked by a blood red moon in lunar eclipse in Virgo. Although the dating on the Lord's calendar depends on the sighting of the new moon and ripening of the barley, best projections identify it as the 13th day of the 1st month. That's the day of the year when the biblical models present the revealing of the lawless one!

See the following posts for similar accounts. (ordered by posting date)

Here's some miscellaneous bits of interest. All this should make more sense in the post that follows. This is a season for validating signs, for strengthening faith and hope, and love. Note: Saints have “stargate access” to commune with the Lord of Glory, at His invitation. Seek it, as He may lead. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

The pilot of the series: While on her honeymoon, WWII combat nurse, Claire Randall is mysteriously transported back to 1743 Scotland. As I wrote recently in Our Lady of the Bicycle, Playing Cards, Time-Space and the Euchre Miracle:

“If you see the 808 milestone marker as an ancient standing stone, an interesting connection can be made with a TV show on the STARZ (stars = angels) network called, Outlander. A woman was transported back in time when she placed her hands on a standing stone monument. A coven of witches had just performed a Beltane ritual there in the moonlight. Standing stone ~ milestone marker ~ time-space stargate. Finding herself in the past, she soon encounters a man who looks like her husband's twin, who is his infamous ancestor. His nickname is Black Jack. That's a secret time code. The card game Blackjack is also called 21. The number 21 is a time number, generally meaning, the fullness of time. She and he may be seen to be linked through time, obviously. Her husband was the last person she interacted with before her transit, and Black Jack was the first significant contact, following.”

“Starz” Network: Stars = angels ~ Angels Network

“Outlander”: a foreigner. It's code for the Antichrist, from beyond this dimension, an alien or foreigner from out of this land.

“Both Sides Now”: The dimensions linked through time, just like a scene in this episode illustrates when the outlander, Claire, and her husband Frank Randall both come to the circle of standing stones at Craigh Na Dun seeking each other. Despite being separated by time they can hear each others voices crying out. “Both Sides Now” describes a bridge through time.

In “Both Sides Now,” 1945's Frank Randall begins to demonstrate the brutal and sadistic character that his infamous ancestor Black Jack Randall displays in 1743. About that display of excessive brutality, the Vicar made an interesting comment about Frank Randall drinking from the same cup of evil as the Nazis. Comparing Frank Randall to The Nazi, Hitler, an Antichrist.

A network of clockwork angels - bridging time. Time hack opening stargate for transit of Horus.

Frank Randal [standing up]l: “I see. I shall leave for Oxford this afternoon.”
“I See.” He's illuminated, CLAIREvoyant.
“leave” ~ a travel word
“this afternoon” ~ the appointed time.
“Oxford” Code for Silver Gate transit of the beast. Ford, to cross a stream like the river of time. OX is the circle X mark of the beast sign. Oxford signals the crossing of the river of time by the beast, through the celestial Silver Gate. OX is the horned Silver Gate constellation of Taurus. Taurus is the 9th constellation (correctly counting from Virgo). Count how many words there are in Frank's declaration. There are 9.

When Claire first arrived in 1743 she though it wise to use her maiden name to isolate herself from identification with her husband's ancestors. Pronounced, Beecham, the family name is, Beauchamp. That also happens to be the family name of the Witches of East End (Lifetime network), who are a cursed royal family from Asgard who struggle to control the Bifröst stargate. Not a coincidence, despite the different networks.

Claire and Frank were on their honeymoon. Code for goddess assisting transit. Moon, goddess. Honey bee, Queen Bee Melissa, Ishtar Inanna. When Claire went through the V (Venus - Vogue - Virgin - Victory) cleft rock standing stones, the sound she heard was the buzzing of bees.

Claire was a nurse and herbalist. Goddess of healing and magic, who dispensed a love potion in one episode.

Claire is notably disrespectful of men's authority. Jezebel. Her favorite exclamation is "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!" Overlaid Messianic identification. H = Harpocrates, the boy Horus who is linked to the rose? Roosevelt, means, “from rose field.” The rose goddess, Isis-Venus, the Virgin Mary. Claire had found herself planted in the midst of the political turmoil leading up to the Jacobite Rebellion. Her beloved Clan MacKenzie was going to be slaughtered by the King's army, as she remembered from the farther future history, because they were trying to set their king of the House of Stuart on the throne of the realm. Theirs was the Catholic side in opposition to the their Anglican rulers.

The fictional standing stones of Craigh Na Dun are located near to Inverness. From the hilltop we overlook a waterway that must be linked to Loch Ness. The legendary Loch Ness monster known as Nessie is believed by many to be extradimensional, manifesting and disappearing as through a space-time portal.

The infamous portal opening black magician Aliester Crowley (the Amalantrah Workings, 1919) lived on Loch Ness, 21 miles (34 km) south of Inverness. He lived in the Boleskine House, which was constructed in the 18th century by Archibald Fraser as a hunting lodge. Crowley purchased the house from the Fraser family in 1899. Here's an interesting connection. The house was built in the era when the fictional outlander, Claire arrived. Not long after her arrival, she married a Scottish clansman to obtain legal protection for her and her adopted clan from the vicious Black Jack Randall. Her husband of circa 1743 is named James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. Claire (clear - clair-voyant) Fraser is thus connected with the Boleskine House, near to Craigh na Dun's standing stone circle. Portal opening magick ritual locations. (There also seems to be a kind of a kinsman redeemer - Ruth-Boaz messianic thing going on because of the fugitive Jamie and Claire's abiding with the MacKenzie clan on their land.) Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page purchased the house in 1970, who is a famed black magician and Occult bookshop owner and publisher. Lyrics, Battle of Evermore

About 1945, WWII had just ended. Aliester Crowley was a secret agent of the Crown during the war. He died in 1947. Frank Randall was also a secret agent during the war, MI-6. In 1946, a kind of protege, rocket scientist and black magician Jack Parsons famously performed the Babalon Working. That can be compared to Crowley's Amalantrah Workings. Jack Parsons' Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron and L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) participated. Reference to the Babalon Workings is made when Illuminati chosen ones refer to them selves as BWBs, Babalon Working Babies. Many magical workings were done by the Nazis during the war, and Die Glocke as a time-travel device is legendary.

What really speaks to Aaron and I about 1945 is the 70 year span to 2015, which I've written about before. The wedding of the Bride and Bridegroom is the subject of Psalm 45, which presents a perspective of the events of 1945 (see Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms, by J.R. Church), which projects in a heptadic (times 10) echo into 2015.. The lawless one is to be revealed on the 13th day, and the Bride, stolen away by her Bridegroom on the 21st.

About 1743, in Roman numerals: MDCCXLIII. The simple Occult alphabetic code produces from that letter string the sum of 86. This present Shemitah that is the 4th from the sign of 1991 is number 860 from Adam. So, 1743 ~ 860. The destination of the time-traveling Outlander. The last wolf in Scotland is thought to have been shot in 1743, in the town of Killiecrankie. Wolf ~ Apollo and the goddess - links to the moon. On February 23, 1743, Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born, a major Illuminati player.

April 4, 2015. Is someone who left and is greatly missed returning from the past? According to ancient legend? Through the kind of magick of the standing stones being stirred by such as the Beltane ritual? It's a recurring message that I see more and more frequently.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Part 11 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - Darnell's Vintage Watch and the Epic Irony

As I illustrated in the previous post, the scene pictured in this screenshot is loaded with significant Occult imagery about the arrival of the Antichrist. I'm going to be decoding the very significant dialog that leads up to that esoteric beverage service, and also the imagery of Darnell's vintage watch. The time hack that opens and closes the stargate is featured, and beans are spilled about the how and why of it in what I recognize as the film's pivotal scene. There is, in this pivotal scene, a grand and epic irony to be noted.

The operation of the stargate pictured when Pyatt uncorks the decanter and pours the Scotch while jiggling the crystal stopper requires a kind of time hack. Darnell drops clever hints about it in this segue as he tells his mind-bending story to his unsuspecting younger self, and demonstrates it with a simple but profound object lesson.

Pyatt: Time viewing, huh? But you're not actually viewing me. You're here. You're actually sitting right here, so - how is that possible?

Darnell: You don't believe me?

Pyatt: It's not my job to believe you, but I want to understand. So, so, okay. So you, you created this amazing technology but not now, some time in the future. And that technology only allows you to see, so how are you here?

Darnell: I want you to understand why more so than how.

Pyatt: But you've got to understand that as a man of reason the things that you're telling me are all impossible to accept.

Darnell: I understand.

Pyatt: I've studied all this, I've fantasized about it, I mean, most scientists, people like, like uh, Albert Einstein (Darnell interjects: Hawking), Stephen Hawking, they don't even believe like something like this is possible, yet you're sitting here, telling me that you're actually living proof that it exists.

Darnell: Yes I am.

Pyatt: The idea of taking a man or a woman from one time and putting them to another that already happened - there's just so many questions that arise from that.

Darnell: I was as skeptical as you are when I began.

Pyatt: Okay, uh, one of the biggest issues that comes up right away is causality. So if you change something in the past then-

Darnell: The grandfather paradox is something we all debated for a long time. If Jimmy goes into the past and kills his grandma, will Jimmy or his family ever exist?

Pyatt: Right. So-

Darnell: I came to two conclusions about time. Many theories existed. But now I could eliminate the arguments that travel was impossible, or that only forward travel was. I did tests and experiments that led me to two possibilities. Either time was circular, constant, or, when you went back it would create an offshoot.

Pyatt: Like a separate time line.

Darnell: That's right. A new branch of time moving forward, parallel to the original, with its own events and outcomes.

Pyatt: So, which is it?

Darnell: The definitive answer to that question is close to impossible. Even if Jimmy goes and kills his grandfather and wipes out his whole family in the process, does time ultimately find its way to the same outcome, or is it set in a new direction, a new course, or, does the original future coexist with a separate timeline that Jimmy created, or, does Jimmy fail? Maybe if Jimmy tried to do something as significant as kill his grandfather in the past, time or fate would not allow it. The gun would jam, or a bird would get in the way.

At this point in the conversation, Darnell pulls out his pocket watch, opens the case, checks the time and sets it down on the coffee table. His action provides for some very appropriate punctuation because of the significance of what he had just said. The film's ending leaves the audience with the strong impression that the question Darnell posited about time or fate not allowing Jimmy to kill his grandfather in the past has been answered. Despite Darnell's trips into the past, his best effort to change the outcome merely effects the way it unfolds. “Does time ultimately find its way to the same outcome”? The result informs us, yes. This scene's dialog provides the main question answered by the film, declaring the very hypothesis of Darnell's desperate experiment. It has our attention.

Darnell had checked his pocket watch in the film's opening scene, and he checks it again immediately after posing the critical question answered in the film's closing scene. The checking of the time on his pocket watch is a fitting way to identify the critical pivot of the time travel themed film. That is where we discover the key dialog.

Another element embedded in that pivotal snippet of dialog appears under the same bright spotlight. When Darnell posits, “does the original future coexist with a separate timeline that Jimmy created,” the typical assumption is that the name of his hypothetical story's time traveler is arbitrary and insignificant, but it's not. Jimmy: “a short crowbar; to force open with or as if with a crowbar.” When he says, “a timeline that Jimmy created,” he's secretly telling us about the use of a crowbar of sorts to jimmy time-space, forcing open a stargate for the purpose of changing outcomes. This is what I've been calling the time hack. What we're witnessing in the film is “a timeline that Jimmy created” because he, Darnell, the time traveler, jimmied the stargate mechanism. When he makes that sly declaration and then pulls out his pocket watch and opens the watch case, it's a slick illustration of how he manipulated time and opened the time-space portal to travel into his past and appear in our present!

The operation of Darnell's signal timepiece provides us with a technical illustration. This diagram of a wormhole pictures the folding of time-space.

When Darnell pulls out his watch, we see that the hinged case is folded like time-space when a wormhole is opened. When he opens the case it is an unfolding of the watch, modeling to us the unfolding of time-space. It's an object lesson that demonstrates the manipulation of a time-space wormhole, and of time itself.

Early in the conversation scripted above, Pyatt asks, “so how are you here?” Darnell replies, “I want you to understand why more so than how.” In the conversation that follows, instead of explaining why he's there it seems like he's just explaining the grandfather paradox, but he's actually revealing, in that pivotal scene's dialog and action, both why he's there and how he got there. The keys involve understanding about Jimmy and the watch. How he got here was by jimmying the time-space wormhole. Why he's here is to change the outcome with, “a separate timeline that Jimmy created.”

The level of detail in this richly layered scene exposes the magickal work of the theurgist. It compares to other scenes like the Scotch and water baptism and when Darnell stalks Pyatt past the Pretty Parlor. Let's pause for a moment to consider how and why this is so. On Darnell's watch is a fob, a short chain. It's completely ordinary, yet, that doesn't mean it's not symbolic. The fob represents the seirai, the great chain of being.

“By the Principle of Continuity we can see that there must be a connection between the "highest" and "lowest" realms, between the One and Matter, and connecting all things in between. These are the divine Seirai (Chords, Chains, "Processions"), which unite the Orders of Being. Thus we have connections with the Celestial Bodies and are influenced by Them, who in turn convey influences from the Gods; this is the basis of astrology. We are all connected in the 'Great Chain of Being.'” (source)

“Additionally the theurgist sought to ascend into the presence of the gods by using symbols, signs, words, sounds, godly materials called seirai (chords, chains, "processions") which united Orders of beings with Celestial bodies, "A Great Chain of Being." The practice of theurgy would only convey influence from the gods if the symbols and rituals used were taught by the gods. This is why Plato said 'great power of geometric equality exists amongst both gods and men.'” (The David Flynn Collection - Kindle Edition)

Some Freemasons claim that the G inside their square and compass emblem stands for Geometry, connecting that with the reason why they refer to their god as the Grand Architect of the Universe. They practice theurgy. I wouldn't argue against the G meaning Geometry but there really is far more to it than that.

When Darnell retrieves his watch he reaches into his jacket with his right hand. HELLO! It's the ancient illuminated brotherhood's hidden hand sign, which is also called the sign of the Master of the Second Veil. The location of the film set is an old Masonic building, so that's fitting. With the hiding of the right hand, only the left is exposed, which speaks to me of a sign that he's a man on the left hand path.

Regarding Darnell's vintage watch, there are yet two more symbols to be identified. Yes, more. It would be an error to ascribe the depth of the symbolism coded into this film to human cleverness, and likewise, the decoding of it.

The style of watch with a folding case is called a clamshell watch. Think, Venus, arriving on a sea shell. There, in the immediate context, is the requisite presence of the goddess. Another goddess image appears in this scene because the large picture of a full moon on the wall of Dr. Pyatt's office is occasionally in view.

In addition to the picture of the moon there's a globe on a shelf, plus a horned (Taurus - the celestial Silver Gate) tribal mask to establish a celestial setting. The other pagan idols in the office, and perhaps most obviously, Shiva, provide essential connections with the celestial gods.

Darnell's vintage watch is also known as a pocket watch, and he usually keeps it hidden in his jacket pocket. I believe the watch pocket represents a hidden compartment of time-space, a pocket universe according to how the concept has been illustrated in TV shows like Fringe and The Tomorrow People. The wormhole through time-space represented by the watch opens between this realm and the pocket universe, which may be identified with the Milky Way, the duat, the underworld; the containment zone where the spirit of antichrist is presently abiding.

Recall what I wrote in Part 5. “I'm informing you about the art and craft of the messaging, but more than that, I want to impress upon you just how profound this casual appearing low budget film really is, so that, as I also interpret some of the dialog, you assign to it the same level of significance that is evident in the expertly layered media vehicle.” Here's some of that significant dialog, which I'm camping on this little film to bring forth in this very late hour of a critical season. Do I have your attention?

In the film's pivot, Darnell declares in a deliberately cryptic way what he says openly elsewhere, that he's here is to change the outcome with, “a separate timeline that Jimmy created.” With reference to that part of the conversation, Darnell isn't there to kill his grandfather like the hypothetical Jimmy, but the film's ending presents a similitude. Future-Ovid comes back to assassinate Jason before he can “become Mr. Darnell” and ruin the future. Darnell intercepts him and foils his plan, but in doing so he simply involves himself as a direct agent in the event that transforms him. While Darnell wrestles Ovid for the gun, a bullet is fired that grazes Pyatt's head. Pyatt goes into a coma. When he awakens it's with an epiphany, with the insight about how to view and travel through time. The end result is that, instead of “a separate timeline that Jimmy created” leading to a different outcome it is implied that, despite his best effort, the future is still going to be ruined.

This film's presentation of the proof of the grand experiment's hypothesis is extremely ironic! See Darnell as the “darnel,” the tare, as the agent of the ancient Dragon who is called in the ultimate manifestation, the Antichrist. The Antichrist represents the return of the King Apollo or Horus, with the same god incarnating in a different body and time. His destiny, fate or “outcome” has been declared in the Bible, in places like Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 19:20. Judgment awaits, and he will not escape it. Yet, that's the play, to avoid judgment, from a most simple perspective. In the language of the film, that prophesied future represents a timeline with an outcome that the Tare is intended to change. It's mind-boggling that I'm permitted to address this, and proclaim it! The film's ending suggests the correct answer to the essential question about whether the Adversary can avoid his appointed end, as the Bible describes it. He cannot, despite the time hack gambit. His efforts to hijack the timeline, so to speak, are already accounted for in the biblical text. His failed efforts are already the record of history. There will be no rewriting, no departure from what the sovereign God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has appointed!

Despite what most think, the devil doesn't yet know his time is short. (Rev. 12:12) Until he's cast down again, he's still operating on the premise that he will alter the outcome declared in the Bible with his time hack and his messianic pretender, because of what he sees in his future as he looks ahead. What is hidden from him is the key to his downfall. It will be as it has been.

Consider the message of the Apostle Paul. The sovereign God invented the concept of concealing and revealing as a method of bringing his plans to fruition.

4 and my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God. 6 Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are passing away; 7 but we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God predestined before the ages to our glory; 8 the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; 9 but just as it is written,“Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him.” 10 For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. 11 For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, 13 which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:4-13

The moment is near when the devil will make his play, thinking to check and then checkmate my King. He will manipulate time-space for a short term advantage, or so it will be perceived. What's ironic is that, just like Darnell's observation, “time or fate would not allow it.” In truth, the God of time and fate will not allow, because what He has appointed is what will be.

The dialog that follows the scene where Darnell sets his watch on the coffee table is also valuable. This is the last of the conversation that segues into the drink service, the cloaked baptismal sequence.

Pyatt: I don't understand, so, if you're from the future, theoretically, a time far after Jimmy would have killed his grandfather, wouldn't you see the changes it made?

Darnell: It's not that simple, Dr. Firstly, only the traveler would ever know. If time had changed, we would never experience it. To us, Jimmy never existed.

Pyatt: Okay, okay. What if somebody went back and killed Hitler?

Darnell: What if Hitler was killed?

Pyatt: What?

Darnell: What if originally Hitler was killed and somebody went back and changed it, kept him alive. To us, we would remember it as our history, as if it always happened. Many people believe that time eventually corrects itself. If Hitler was dead, someone would likely step up and take his place. Thank God mercifully I never have to test that theory.

Pyatt [stands up with a start]: Yeah but you can.

Darnell: I guess so.

Pyatt: You being here brings all that into question. I need a drink, man.

At this point, we have the pause for refreshment covered in Part 10. Pyatt's final word isn't here for filler. “I need a drink, man.” This is the segue into the messianic baptism ritual, a last supper “John 13” ritual. A man is going to be baptized with a drink. Think, Son of Man, and blood.

53 So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves. 54 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. 55 For My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink. 56 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. ~ John 6:53-56

“I need a drink, man.” That's how it works.

So, in the pivotal conversation Pyatt proposes another hypothetical scenario and names Hitler. There's an interesting character. Like how Darnell named Jimmy for symbolic purposes, Hitler is named as a notable antichrist and precursor to the coming Antichrist, who is being modeled here by both Darnell and Pyatt.

I'm going to close this post with an analysis of Darnell's lesson. “What if originally Hitler was killed and somebody went back and changed it, kept him alive? To us, we would remember it as our history, as if it always happened. Many people believe that time eventually corrects itself. If Hitler was dead, someone would likely step up and take his place. Thank God mercifully I never have to test that theory.”

Again, the ending of the film correctly implies “that time eventually corrects itself.” Truly, the God of time and every dimensional construct won't allow for a different outcome. Time, it may well be said, is a servant construct, and it serves Him, who created it. The Antichrist maneuver is already accounted for in the biblical text. Those failed efforts are already the record of history.

Darnell's expression of gratitude is more than filler, of course. Here's the twist up. With his time gambit he, The Tare, steps up and takes the place of Hitler, who is dead. He walks in his shoes to finish what his functional forbears failed to complete. Some historians claim that Hitler saw the future in the Akashic record and communed, with his SS henchmen, with the fallen angels. I don't doubt it. They met with unforseen circumstances, and failed. They were deceived. The Tare, deceived, will also fail. Limited success has been granted, however, and in the horrors to come my Lord's purposes will be served, and His glory will manifest! His faithful will reign with Him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Part 10 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - Decanting Spirit into a Host Vessel * RIGHT ON SCHEDULE

I've demonstrated how even the most common looking scenes in The Penitent Man can have many layers of deep esoteric content. In this post, a screenshot from another ordinary looking scene is featured, one that has so much to reveal in context. Of all the film media's messaging vehicles I've perceived and analyzed to date, The Penitent Man ranks in the top tier.

During one of the more engaging sessions in the office with Darnell, Dr. Pyatt takes a breather to serve some drinks. As you see in this screenshot, there's nothing really unusual about the scene that might call our attention to it - except the idol of the god Shiva.

Thus far in this series, the decoding of the film's symbolism has exposed the central theme of the raising of Osiris into Horus, by Isis. In biblical language, that activity is described as the revealing of the lawless one, aka the Antichrist beast. What happens in that day and season has been the focus of much of my attention for many years now. What the Lord has opened to me about it from the Bible is continually reinforced through what He reveals through the world's Occult messaging systems. When the lawless one is revealed it will be with a baptism and anointing, according to passages like 2 Thessalonians 2 and John 13, and this is what's being illustrated to us by the gracious host, Dr. Pyatt. The context of this inconspicuous “pause for refreshment” provides plenty of validating insight and spills more beans about the season's dynamic.

During this scene, water and spirit (Scotch whisky is a spirit) are poured into glasses. Think about how the empty glasses represent host bodies. The drinks are for the symbolic Pyatt and Darnell characters, who alternate in their roles between the identities of Osiris and Horus.

What you can't see in this still image is the essential action of the picture. While Dr. Pyatt is pouring the Scotch into a glass he's jiggling something in his other hand. As he's decanting spirit into a vessel, he's demonstrating the concurrent activation of a stargate. If you're disCERNing about the choosing and placement of props on this clever set, you're catching on already! We're being engaged in a ritual demonstration of the baptism of the lawless one. The symbolism of the elements involved in the esoteric scene, the props, characters, action and dialog; these combine to tell quite a vivid story about what's coming in a matter of months!

Most of you will readily dismiss that comment about “coming in a matter of months.” Too bad. We're in kind of a bonus season. With the impact of America's breached borders being felt across the land, claims of threats by ISIS and others, air strikes in Syria and the overstated and misrepresented claims of the dire threat of Ebola now in the news, many folks are burying their heads deeper in the sand, but let's not be ignorant of the threats that are real. A season of chaos will facilitate the transition into the new order. The reset of America is coming. Gary Stearman and Thomas Horn are now pooling their considerable resources for what may be described as the building of a tent pitched in the pre-trib rapture camp as a base for an expanding empire. That represents a kind of spear, one whose shaft is not true, and, with a necessarily bent tip, but it's a spear, nonetheless. It's another evidence of the goddess at work, unifying and consolidating. An epic season of opportunity has been mercifully extended, and Aaron and I can tell you with full confidence that it is for our preparation, for the saints to be made ready. In 1988, Henry Gruver and a strike force were miraculously translated to the catacombs under Rome on a sovereignly sponsored mission. The release of apostolic anointing was secured, “loosed to the Body of Christ worldwide for the preparation of the church becoming glorious.” That was not for nought. I implore you to seize the opportunity to both get and give, in this closing season, as the Lord Himself leads, leaving nothing undone, until He who probes our character and proves our mettle is satisfied. His reward is and will be great! And, enduring! And there will likewise be forfeit.

I'm proceeding on the assumption that you're already pretty familiar with this blog and what I've written about the sign for the Bride, and stargates and their activation. When the lawless one is revealed, the ancient god Horus (or Apollo or Apollyon the destroyer or Shiva or Ishvara...) is going to be released from containment in a supernatural realm. Like Scotch poured from a decanter into a glass, pneuma antichristos will be decanted into a host of crystalline DNA flesh. This anointing will reveal him because baptism is for the purpose of revealing. In 2 Thessalonians 2, attention is given to the matter of timing and of a limited season of restraining. When the limit of the season for restraining is reached, the lawless one is revealed.

And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed. ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:6

The decanter of Scotch is a clever model. The container of spirit has a stopper. The stopper has to be removed before the spirit can be released. Stopper in = restrained. When it's time for what the spirit is there for, you pull out the stopper, the restrainer. The unrestrained spirit is then decanted into a ready container, a chosen vessel. What Pyatt jiggles in his right hand is the decanter's stopper, which is lined up visually behind the idol of the Lord of the Dance. This modeling is perhaps even more clever! His jiggling is simulating the cosmic dance, Shiva's Dance of the Nataraja. He's simulating the activation of the stargate with one hand while he decants the spirit into the host vessel with the other. It's a profound demonstration!

One of the dictionaries I consulted offered the following as an example of usage, “Decanter of deans: a company of deans.” The decanter of Scotch-spirit represents a company of spiritual entities. Think, 2 Thessalonians 2:7. Think, Rango: “Where are your friends now, amigo?”

To call the essential matters of time and timing to our attention, Pyatt wears a wristwatch as he pours the Scotch. To give that object's presence and role some emphasis, a little over a minute before Pyatt pours the Scotch, Darnell very deliberately sets his pocket watch on the coffee table between them. He had pulled it out of his vest pocket, opened the case, checked the time and set it down on the coffee table, still open and facing him. Why be so obvious with checking and watching the clock? It alerts us, puts us on watch for time cues. The intense conversation they are having is on the subject of time travel, so this conspicuously touches on the primary theme. The attention given to Darnell's monitoring of time makes us mindful of the passing of time.

Time factors into the revealing of the lawless one because the scheduling is mission critical. The event is an appointment that will happen as it must, precisely on schedule. The other way time factors in has to do with the physics involved. For the transit pictured in the pouring of Scotch, an interdimensional portal has to be opened, which is to say that time-space must be manipulated. The stopper that Pyatt jiggles behind the “Lord of the Dance” idol is functionally a Scotch-spirit stopper, but as a part of the decanter, it's kind of a space-time compartment stopper, a “time stopper.” Both the idol and stopper are notable signal devices. The aspects of time and energy are inherent in both.

Before I expand on that, let's consider the use of the water and Scotch symbolism. Think, baptism. This is what John the Baptist said about the Messiah's coming.

As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. ~ Matthew 3:11

Consider who gets what beverage. The water is for Darnell, who sells himself as the penitent man. “Water for repentance.” He's the aged and less mighty whose life is passing away, in contrast to the younger and more mighty. Scotch is a spirit, and with high alcoholic content, it burns. The burning spirit is for Pyatt. The transition or transfer from John the Baptist to the Lamb of God is thus modeled. The allegory here is limited, of course, but if you're tidy with the limits, it works. Darnell usually plays the Osiris role to Pyatt's Horus, and that works here too. Baptism is a death and resurrection model. Water represents death, and being wet with it, the end of the life of the flesh. The Osiris of legend was killed and his body was chopped into pieces and scattered in the Nile. It was a watery grave. Dead. Isis collected and assembled his body parts to magickally raise her dead brother-husband into Horus. Resurrection, after a fashion. Very clever. This also leads to an alternate and parallel allegory.

Isis only recovered 13 of the 14 body parts of Osiris because his phallus had been eaten by a fish. The reproductive ritual that represented an essential aspect of the ceremonial raising required a phallus, so the goddess of magic made a substitute. This reproductive ritual is reenacted for us in the scene. In this allegory, the water is the water of life and the identities of the characters flip. Pyatt plays Osiris to Darnell's Horus. In the featured screenshot, see the loins of Pyatt-Osiris through the water and pitcher. The water in the pitcher represents the seminal fluid or seed of Osiris. The pitcher is the magickal substitute phallus. When you look at the surface of the water in the pitcher from this angle you're seeing an ellipse, a vesica piscis. That's the divine feminine. Consider the visual alignment. Are you seeing what you're looking at? When water is poured from the pitcher into a glass and subsequently given to Darnell, that service represents the reproductive work of Isis, raising Osiris into Horus. This allegory is strengthened as we follow the director's suggestion to keep watch over the passing of time. When Pyatt hands Darnell his drink, they linger. With both men holding the glass, the transaction takes fully three seconds to complete. Three, the resurrection number!

The allegory is strengthened even further when viewed from a certain technical perspective. When the glass is passed from one man to the other, it is from right hand to right hand, and the lingering makes it look like a handshake. My experience as a Web developer relates the handshaking transaction to the TCP or transmission control protocol. A connection for data transfer is established by a three way handshake, and it has to do with opening a port. Stargate. Gene (genetic data) transfer. In secure transmissions, special attention is given to identification, authentication and encryption-decryption.

The resurrection number 3 is also inherent in the spirit of Pyatt's drink of choice. By law, all Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. There's the resurrection code. I note that there's actually water in his drink too, even though he doesn't add any when serving himself. Whatever the cask strength of the distilled spirit is, before bottling it has to be made to conform to the target proof for that particular product. This is done by diluting it with water, which typically amounts to something in the neighborhood of 20% by volume. Scotch + water provides for a combined spirit and water baptism ritual for Pyatt.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, both the idol of Shiva and the decanter's stopper are notable signal devices. The aspects of time and energy are inherent in both.

The statue of Shiva as the Lord of the Dance links to CERN, of course, and the Large Hadron Collider. The record breaking high energy atom smasher is scheduled to be operational again in the Spring of 2015, and it appears that it will be leveraged for the opening of the stargate facilitating the emergence of Horus through the outpouring of pneuma antichristos. The God particle is claimed to be the key to the mass property of all matter, which, according to Einstein's relativity equation, unlocks the secret of time or time-space.

I'm hoping that you are grasping the reality of what's being pictured in this film's esoteric “prophetic” scenario. The authority to exercise control over time-space has been granted to the Adversary for a limited season to accomplish the sovereign Lord's own purposes. That fantastical ability will be duly exploited, right on schedule and according to set limits. My God is ever sovereign, and He's in complete control, but yet the illusion must suggest otherwise.

The gaining of control over the key-lock mechanism will be a kind of hack. The vault of heaven will appear to be broken into, forced open like what we see in the film when Pyatt yanks the stopper out of the decanter. The matter of forced access is supported by the clever dialog of the scene, which I intend to provide, but first, let's explore how the stopper is used in connection with the stargate image to illustrate the operation of the stargate that opens to facilitate the “Scotch pouring” transit.

Both the decanter and its stopper are made of crystal. While Pyatt pours the Scotch, he's jiggling the stopper in his other hand as if he's nervous, but the way he's jiggling it presents it as the oscillating of a crystal. “A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency. This frequency is commonly used to keep track of time (as in quartz wristwatches), to provide a stable clock signal for digital integrated circuits, and to stabilize frequencies for radio transmitters and receivers. ” (Wikipedia) If you've been paying attention, this symbolic action makes all kinds of sense in the context. Time, energy, and with this generation of fixed frequency electrical energy being generated right behind the image of the stargate, well, it's quite brilliant. Consider how Pyatt's symbolic wristwatch probably has a crystal oscillator too. The spirit being decanted by the hand with the wristwatch - the crystal being oscillated behind the stargate - the two activities are being directly connected for us, and a structural resonance or a quantum entanglement is suggested.

At some point in the conversation, Pyatt drills Darnell for more technical detail about how time travel works. Darnell tells him that it involves speeding up one end of the wormhole while slowing down the other. What is illustrated in this screenshot speaks to me of a sly demonstration.

Many of the similar demonstrations I've covered involve things like pitchers or candlesticks falling or cats or dogs or people jumping off pedestals, where the force of gravity is acting on mass over a fixed distance. Remember this scene from I, Pet Goat II? This character leaps "into the drink" the very instant he is visually aligned with the clock tower obelisk behind him.

In this screenshot from The Penitent Man, we see gravity acting on a fluid as the Scotch falls from the spirit container down into the chosen vessel.

If you think I'm getting carried away and going overboard here, you might want to review the previous posts in series to get a grounding perspective.

To be continued, Lord willing.

Monday, September 22, 2014

"I have seen the future, and I’m worried it’s really going to mess me up."

The author of this article makes some good observations.

Oculus Rift hands-on: why the latest version is a watershed moment for gaming

The leveraging of technologies that project convincing lies is soon going to be exploited in a big way, and you won't have to strap on any gear. It won't be for your entertainment. And, you won't be able to turn it off.

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Our Lady of the Bicycle, Playing Cards, Time-Space and the Euchre Miracle

The bicycle as a symbol of a transdimensional or interdimensional vehicle is well ingrained in our culture, even outside the mass media industry. Most of us grew up playing card games. The Bicycle brand of cards is very popular and their designs are probably familiar to most of us. They typically feature cherubs riding bicycles and support that with very obvious goddess symbolism.

I recently wrote about how bicycles are such a fit symbol for heaven's vehicles. They have 2 wheels, not unlike the “one wheel within another wheel” throne vehicle described in the book of Ezekiel. The cherub may be seen as a kind of bicycle operator.

9 Then I looked, and behold, four wheels beside the cherubim, one wheel beside each cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like the gleam of a Tarshish stone. 10 As for their appearance, all four of them had the same likeness, as if one wheel were within another wheel. ~ Ezekiel 10:9-10

Ezekiel later recorded the following in a coded passage that is a lamentation over the king of Tyre.

13a You were in Eden, the garden of God... 14 You were the anointed cherub who covers, And I placed you there. You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire. ~ Ezekiel 28:13a, 14

The hissing enchanter, the nachash, was in the Garden of Eden. As having been the anointed cherub who covers, he should well know how to represent heaven's vehicles. The cherub class of angelic beings is what's pictured as “Cupid” on the Bicycle cards. The folks responsible for their branding knew their symbols. The bicycle-as-heaven's-vehicle theme is certainly present in their Griffin deck. A griffin is a lion-eagle composite linked to the cherub, and multidimensional access and protection are the griffin's primary features.

And each one had four faces. The first face was the face of a cherub, the second face was the face of a man, the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle. ~ Ezekiel 10:14

The connection between bicycles and playing cards goes beyond the mimicry of engine noise with a flapping card in the spokes. The bicycle represents the way to travel what the deck of cards represents, time-space.

The typical deck of playing cards models a calendar as a representation of time-space. Rounding the counts, there is one card for each of the 52 weeks of the solar year. That's the Pagan calendar, which divides naturally into 4 seasons, on the celestial-terrestrial solstice and equinox events. There are 4 suits, hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades that match to the 4 seasons, as some consider it: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. In each suit, there are 13 cards, one for each week in the season. In addition to the solar calendar aspect there is also a lunar. There are 13 lunar cycles in the year, and each lunar cycle divides into 4 phases: first quarter, full moon, third quarter, and new moon. The assigned values of the cards in the deck (1+2+3...13 times 4 suits) totals 364, which is the nearest number to the count of days in a Julian (astronomical) year that divides by 4 without a remainder. Theurgy.

Some trace the history of this kind of deck to antiquity, to the ancient Order of the Magi and Atlantis. It seems likely to me that it came from fallen angels, who taught man some of the secrets of heaven.

And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, 'Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl (taught) astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Êzêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon. And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven... ~ Book of Enoch - 8

Most everyone is aware that Tarot cards are used for fortune telling. The common deck of playing cards is also used for divination. It's called cartomancy. Like astrology, it's not without a basis in reality. Lives and fortunes have been won and lost using these cards, and what are considered to be the fates and destinies of men influenced. Card tricks have drawn many into the practice of real magick. The face cards of the deck illustrate how the cards represent entities with a hierarchy of rank, like soldiers and angels, so the deck is played as a warring army. Did you ever play the simple game of War?

The Euchre Miracle

On a personal note, the Lord used a card game as a sign to me at a critical juncture in my life. I wasn't using the cards to divine, but the Lord chose the play of cards to give me a sign.

When He drew me to Himself in 1980 my life was in shambles. I had been perceiving a presence in my life, “interfering” with my plans, bringing me to ruin. I fought against the interference until I was brought very low, really, to the end of myself. I came to pour out my heart in that season, looking up into the sky and saying with all sincerity, “I don't know who you are, but if you want me, come and get me, because I'm done.” I knew he knew exactly what I meant, whoever it was. It didn't take long for Him to do just that. It could not be denied. I was not exactly an easy catch because I still had a huge struggle.

The Lord brought me into a community of saints where a particular Bible class was promoted as a foundation. I was skeptical and uncomfortable about making the commitment required to take the class. I felt like I was railroaded into it, frankly, but I just couldn't resist. It was probably 3 sessions into the course's 12 that I came to a point of crisis. If you have ever been in a place that was infested with cockroaches and watched them scatter when the light was turned on, well, that was my condition. I was like a bag of cockroaches, and the darkness was my comfort zone. Sitting in a room surrounded by people who were praying for me, having to listen for hours on end to the Bible being preached and taught, I felt like I was in the spotlight and there was no escape. Despite having had plenty of evidence to convince me that my prayer had been heard, it wasn't enough. I remember sitting at my desk at work the day after the unbearable session. Stressed. Overwhelming distress. I prayed again and it went something like this. “If you want me to do this class, give me a sign. Otherwise, I can't go back.” It was probably the next day at lunchtime that I got the sign, because the next Bible class would have been scheduled for that night.

Where I worked, there was always a card game going on during lunch hour in what we called the catacombs of the Pilot Plant. Since the small group of engineers and technicians I worked with played, I joined them on occasion. I almost never played, but just watched. The game was always Euchre, and the play in that tiny little room was always very serious and intense even though there was no gambling involved. A Euchre deck is just a regular deck, less all but the 9-10-J-Q-K-A cards. The game is played with 4 people, and 2 are partners so there are 2 opposing teams. Usually, you play a hand together with your partner, but if you have a really good hand you can play alone, taking greater risk for the chance to get double the points. To play a lone hand is not really that rare, but what happened to me that day was impossible. I can't say what went through the minds of the men in that room as I played one unbeatable lone hand after another, but I knew I was getting the sign I asked for. I caught on to what was happening pretty quickly. I got the best hand you could get, which I don't think I had ever even seen before, and then I got the same hand in the very next deal and played them both for the win. After a couple more consecutive lone hands that were unbeatable, I began to call the lone hand without even looking at my cards or caring who dealt it - and I would win all the tricks. Impossible. After a while, the “luck ran out,” tapering off in a gradual way that I knew was part of the sign. Alrighty. I went to class that night and saw it all the way through to graduation. My struggle to get free from oppression and possession was far from over but that battle was won - a significant victory! I'm so grateful for those dear saints the Lord engaged in the many battles fought on my behalf!

I never used cards for divining but the Lord certainly used them to give me a sign. He could have signaled me in any number of ways, but that's how He chose to do it.

Back to the Bicycle brand. Their history speaks very loudly to me about the significance of the bicycle as a stargate transiting symbol.

Bell Tower (The History of Bicycle® Cards)

“A Neo-Romanesque bell tower (4-stories high) was built in 1926 atop the company's 4-story main building entrance. This tower housed a fine set of 12 carillon bells, ranging in size from 1-1/2 to 5-1/2 feet. This was the first set of chimes built for radio broadcasting. The chimes were connected electronically to radio station WSAI, which was owned and operated by The United States Playing Card Company from 1922 until 1930 and located within the USPC complex. The main reason for the radio station was to promote the game of bridge by broadcasting bridge lessons. In those days, there was no limitation on the range of radio power and the WSAI transmission was so clear and strong that it could be picked up as far away as New Zealand. WSAI was eventually sold in the 1930's to the Crosley Radio Corporation.”

If you understand about the supernaturalism of bells and bell and clock towers, nothing much needs to be said about that. If you don't yet understand, see, Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective. Note how the main reason for the station was to promote the game of BRIDGE. Sure, it was clever marketing for their product, but really it was far more than that because the esoteric symbolism is all about bridging the dimensions. Bells facilitate dimensional transit, and the bicycles represent the heavenly vehicles that transit the mecillah, the kingdom viaduct. I note that there are 12 face cards in the deck and 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 months of the year and 12 tuned chimes in the playing card company's bell tower. The sound of the chiming carillon bells in the bell tower was local, and it may be understood that such devoted objects command the Baals or demonic Archon of the locality. The sound of those bells was wired right into the station for broadcasting their enchantment around the globe. It was a brilliant strategy. Evil genius.

The pictures above show their bell and clock tower in Cincinnati. On top of one of the buildings in the same complex you can see the company name flanked by what looks like two owl figures, the sign of the goddess. The company's iconic ace of spades appears in the window glass, with the door behind. It's the image of the gateway goddess they identify as Freedom, an identity I'll expand upon shortly.

By featuring the image of a cherub riding a two wheeler, the Bicycle brand demonstrates an understanding of the nature of their playing card business. The exercise of control over time-space that is implicit in the transiting of the stargates is signaled, and indeed, leveraged, in their bell tower. The corporate radio station that was devoted to broadcasting BRIDGE lessons around the globe had call letters that are revealing. WSAI -- W+S+A+I = 23+19+1+9 = 52 and there are 52 playing cards in the deck, one for each week of the year!

What's going on there? WSAI's original transmitter site was in Mason, Ohio. Right. Mason. Were those responsible for these things Freemasons? Probably. It wasn't exactly rare for industrialists to become members, but look beyond the organization of men into secret societies to the influence of the fallen angels in the lives of the illumined who rule as regents in this age. They practice theurgy and the sorceries of symbol magic and honor the celestial beings including the goddess of magic. They know what Confucius declared so aptly, that, “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” It is in no small part due to such means that they acquire the power and wisdom to rule over their domain. Hey, do you think that might have something to do with why the Lord commanded us about images in the second commandment? The more I learn, the more it seems so obvious.

The literal broadcasting of Bridge lessons from Mason, OH, certainly encouraged the use of playing cards like their own product. The effort placed their potent symbolic imagery before the people of the world. If the Occult symbolism surrounding the radio broadcast is perceived, consider also the supernaturalism of the broadcasting of a parallel transmission.

A symbol can act in two ways. First, it can be used to focus and project your energy through it. Second, a symbol can function as a magnifier and transmitter of energy, even if you are not focusing attention on the symbol. Symbols do have a life force of their own. They are mini-transmitting stations for subtle energies that are infused in our reality. Each symbol interacts with your energy field, constantly generating a force field that strengthens you.” (from the popular wiccan magic book, Sacred Space - by Denise Linn)

When a witch describes the generation of, “a force field that strengthens you,” you may interpret that as the evocation of a deceiving demonic agency that aligns you to its own agendas and empowers you to carry them out. The enchantment deployed is a deception and control mechanism. Symbols in any medium are spirit transmitters. When visible or audible symbols (charged language, magic words, NLP, the reverse speech content...) are broadcast through the air, or if transmitted by means of fiber-optic cable, the distribution system functions as a multiplier. That's powerful. But let's talk about the power behind it. The goddess lurks.

Not long ago, radio was what everyone listened to. For many, family life and friendships revolved around favorite shows and sports broadcasts. Radio provided for a shared experience that served to unify its audience. It created a global Bridge game culture, in the case of WSAI. Before radio, newspapers or other publications served the purpose of extending communities beyond the constraining limits of personal interaction. Today, it's all that plus TV plus the Internet, especially through social media. Unification is the hallmark of the goddess. The goddess draws the world to herself to unite under one banner to be delivered to “her son,” the antichrist. The message of the growing phenomenon of the Marian apparition is hardly subtle.

The supernaturalism of broadcasting symbols is magical, literally, an enchantment. Logos that establish brand identities represent a common imagery and perception with a point of focus. There's nearly a thousand posts on this blog for documentation of how this is a great evil, an enchantment that enslaves and controls mankind, binding them together as a setup for the coming Antichrist, and, beyond, the mark of the beast, Armageddon and lake of fire judgment. In the big picture, it should be interpreted as the unfolding love test provided by the sovereign God in this the age of qualification, but let's consider the action at hand. The common ground provided by the focusing symbols and their broadcast distribution machinery is the operative domain of the goddess.

“So will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer... for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery. ~ Revelation 18:21b, 23b

With or without any broadcasting or widespread distribution, the symbols and symbol systems of playing cards and of the Bicycle branding function in the way of Mystery Babylon's pharmakeia.

Let's consider how the Bicycle brand honors the goddess and her work.

Our Lady of the Bicycle

Who is the Bicycle goddess featured on their iconic Ace of Spades, on the packaging for many of their deck designs and on the glass of the entry at their headquarters? Here's the official story.

Statue of Freedom (The History of Bicycle® Cards)

“The Ace of Spades carries another code [making reference to the joker card and the milestone marker, 808, which I'll address later], identifying the year in which the deck was printed. This Ace features, within the suit sign, a woman who rests her right hand on a sword and shield while she holds an olive branch in her left. The image was inspired by Thomas Crawford's sculpture, "Statue of Freedom." which, in 1865, had been placed atop the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.”

That personification of Freedom is Minerva and Athena, the national goddess. She stands inside the owl (goddess) over the dome (womb of Isis) on Capitol Hill, ritually in Jupiter's Temple (Capitoline). The land for Washington DC was granted by Virginia and Maryland, forever linking the federal district with the Virgin Mary. With the stars in the background she is a celestial goddess, as Isis or Venus, the Marian apparition. The shaded frame of the spade is the aureola that expresses the radiant glory or divine illumination of the goddess. This feature suggests that Our Lady of Guadalupe was another source of inspiration. See the resemblance in this image? The shape of the spade is an inverted heart form that is traced out in the heavens by the planet Venus, set as upon a pedestal. The branch held in her left hand identifies her as the constellation and Zodiac sign, Virgo. The virgin goddess. The brightest or alpha star of Virgo is, Spica, which is known in Hebrew as, tsemech, and in Arabic as, Al Zimach. It's “the branch,” a messianic reference. The celestial goddess is the mother of a messiah. Basically, the Bicycle brand's Ace of Spades is a Marian shrine that exalts that ancient entity known as the queen of heaven.

The home city of USPS and the Bicycle brand is Cincinnati, OH, which residents began referring to as the "Queen" city when it was enjoying it's early boom town status. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in his poem, Catawba Wine, that Cincinnati was “the Queen of the West.” For the Queen of Heaven promotion that is the Bicycle brand to be headquartered in the Queen city is, like their broadcasting from WSAI in Mason, OH, evidence of the practical ritual exploitation of theurgy.

Bicycle's ace of spades has some history that illustrates the very real influence of the goddess of war. The image of the card you see here appears alongside the following blurb on their website.

Ace of Spades (The History of Bicycle® Cards)

“The Ace of Spades served a famous purpose in the war in Vietnam. In February, 1966, two lieutenants of Company "C," Second Battalion, 35th Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, wrote The United States Playing Card Company and requested decks containing nothing but the Bicycle® Ace of Spades. The cards were useful in psychological warfare. The Viet Cong were very superstitious and highly frightened by this Ace. The French previously had occupied Indo-China, and in French fortunetelling with cards, the Spades predicted death and suffering. The Viet Cong even regarded lady liberty as a goddess of death. USPC shipped thousands of the requested decks gratis to our troops in Vietnam. These decks were housed in plain white tuckcases, inscribed "Bicycle® Secret Weapon." The cards were deliberately scattered in the jungle and in hostile villages during raids. The very sight of the Bicycle® Ace card was said to cause many Viet Cong to flee.”

Symbols are powerful, and not just when used in psy-ops deployed against the superstitious. The goddess of war that is the secret weapon is not imaginary, and her images are not devoid of supernatural presence. They are idols. The Bicycle brand has been used by soldiers in many theaters of war. Special decks other than those exclusive to the Secret Weapon have been used. Spotter cards that feature weapons and wanted enemy agents have been popular.

During WWII, the company produced a special deck that had a very fitting purpose. The cards were distributed to POWs in German camps. When moistened, the cards revealed sections of maps that had escape routes marked out. The goddess - facilitating escape and covert transit through enemy territory. Hmmmm. Brilliant.

You may recall from Alice in Wonderland how the feared Queen of Hearts was so quick to command, “Off with their heads!” She commanded all the cards in the deck as her guards and the army of Wonderland. The cards in the deck have rank like the soldiers and officers in an army. As above, so below, as the principle goes. The warring angelic hierarchy is manifest in the playing cards. Lewis Carroll and the Disneys and the Illuminati programmers who leverage the same imagery know what they are doing as they evoke the power of the goddess in the wielding of control.

The very real influence of the goddess is evident in the history of the two-wheeled vehicle that is the basis for the Bicycle brand. Mary, means, their rebellion. The goddess inspires rebellion, and we see her named as Liberty and Freedom where people have revolution and social activism in their hearts. I refer you to the following articles, and make note of the historical link between bicycles and revolutionary feminism and social activism. The bicycle and the Bicycle brand, which has been in continuous production since 1885, are symbols, and what is represented manifests in reality.

Remember the painting, Liberty Leading the People, by Eugene Delacroix? Remember Coldplay and Viva la Vida? You may recall Coldplay's Strawberry Swing video, where the superhero passed the bicycle just prior to emerging into the presence of the banner waving goddess Liberty, who was leading the revolutionaries in battle.

The goddess as a queen bee was featured in both of those two Coldplay videos I have been writing about. The Bicycle brand exalts the goddess as the queen bee in making their famous Bee decks their premium casino quality cards. Notice how the stylized letter B presents the 13 of the Queen bee goddess of love, Venus and of “their rebellion,” Mary.

Here's a related image of the beehive and flower as a Royal Arch dimensional portal from the Masonic perspective. Notice how the arch presents a wheel within a wheel in a the arc of a ring variant.

You can see in the design of the Bicycle fan-back cards that the fans resemble the shells that are trademark Venus symbols. The bicycle in the fan is imagery that compares to the shell conveying Venus to the beach across the celestial sea. A fan is for moving air, creating currents of air. Air and water are both symbols of spirit.

I want to take this opportunity to expand on the observation I made about the dual ringed Masonic arch that compares to a wheel within a wheel style of bicycle. The imagery of a sliding ring within a ring is associated with stargate activation, usually as representing the operation of a coded magical lock mechanism. It's kind of like how the classic Captain Midnight secret decoder ring used a simple substitution cipher, and such mechanisms were used for transmitting secret messages in ancient times. I see such a “bicycle” in this screenshot from the pre-title scene introducing the “Disney Fairies” animation, Secret of the Wings (2012). This adventure tale about Peter Pan's Tinkerbell is probably worthy of its own series for the mining of all the stargate imagery involved. The pre-title sequence alone is LOADED! Whirlwinds, bridges, towers, helical coils, compass roses, mapped trees and rivers...The screenshot was captured in the sequence where the following narration was heard.

If you had wings to lift you and the second star your guide
you'd find a place where all the seasons flourish side by side
yet past the summer meadow and beyond the autumn wood
lies an icy land of secrets, a world, misunderstood.
But if your mind is open and your heart just has to know
your wings can take you farther than you ever thought you'd go.

The sawtooth ringed disk is like the other symbols, used for magickal navigation of the realms through time-space.

By the way, when you see the image of a rabbit on a bicycle, especially when it's the white rabbit who is obsessed with time and who led Alice down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, you should recognize the goddess and cherub psychopomp transiting the stargate.

Back to the cards. The spiritual reality of the influential role of the goddess is expressed in some of the games commonly played with cards.

The ace has one spot and typically has the value of 1 as the first card. The number one, means, unity. While engaged in writing this study, the headline news on 9/19 read: “Scottish leader quits, Queen urges unity.” It's a reflection of the Queen of Heaven's urging of unity, and an exhibit of why the esoteric Bicycle brand features her on their ace of spades.

In the game, Blackjack (21), the ace is assigned either one of two possible values, 1 or 11. The number 11 is a graphic of a pillar, or two pillars. As such, the 11 is used as an astrological symbol of Gemini, The Twins. As is Taurus, that's a Silver Gate sign that implies the presence and function of the goddess.

In the games of Hearts and Spades, cards of the Queen rank have the value of 13, a number that is astronomically linked to Venus. The game of Hearts is also known as Black Lady, The Dirty, Dark Lady, Slippery Anne, Chase the Lady, Crubs, Black Queen and Black Maria. The game has a play called shooting the moon, which adds yet another layer of goddess imagery.

The allure of the goddess is present with all games of “chance” and where there's a playing of the odds. Card players and gamblers have ever courted Lady Luck. Fortuna (Agathe) is her name, according to the culture reflected in the USPC bell and clock tower style of architecture. She is otherwise known as Tyche, the Seven Hathors, Meshkhenet, Isis-Renenutet... These have been called upon in the seeking of good fortune, and many a good luck charm, amulet or spell has been leaned upon for some advantage. The blessings of Victory, Justice, Liberty, Freedom and Columbia are likewise sought for the gaining of benefit and favorable outcomes in risky circumstances. The courting of Lady Luck is the evocation of the goddess, a practiced idolatry of a kind that often involves a magical working in the form of a good luck charm, like lucky socks, perhaps, or an act like crossing the fingers or kissing a ring. These expressions are not really unlike cartomancy in that such activities are inspired by the nature of the playing cards. Dice are similar. These also inspire gambling.

The goddess of Bicycle's Ace of Spades is the symbol of unity who draws and leads people to her Antichrist son. I see this imperative in the Bicycle Joker card.

The Joker

The Joker (The History of Bicycle® Cards)

“The Joker is an American invention dating from about 1865 and has made different appearances in the Bicycle® card line. The first type represented a man on a high-wheeled bike. The bicycle later acquired two wheels of normal size. Then followed a series of playing card kings on bikes. These cyclists wheel past a milestone marked "808." Contrary to some opinions, this number has no mystical meaning. It is merely a reference number distinguishing this brand from others (such as "606") by the same company.”

The joker is akin to the court jester, who was traditionally able to get away with subversive words and deeds under the protective cloak of providing amusement for the court. The Freemason's secretive Royal Order of Jesters comes to mind, who have transport and trade responsibilities. There's really nothing funny about any of that. It's all for their own amusement as they abuse genuine authority to exploit the benefits provided by their special cover.

So, no mystical meaning for the 808 on the milestone? Really? Why is it that the 808 is the only one of their many brand reference numbers to appear? Why does a code number appear at all, and why is it on a milestone marker? The thing about those who engage in Occult activities is that they serve the father of lies. They are deceived, and deceivers. There is a mystical meaning. It has to do with supporting the theurgy of the card deck and the primary mission of bringing forth the Antichrist beast.

There may be more to it, but this is what I see. If we take the milestone numbers on the Jokers, 5 8s can be produced. Count the number of 8s in 808 and 808. There are 4, plus 2 zeros. If the zeros are placed one on top of the other, another 8 is formed.


If the jokers produce 5 8s and this is a milestone marker code, it suggests a refinement of the decks theurgy.

The introduction of the joker has to have an impact on the numerical value of the card deck. I noted earlier many of the features of the natural calendar that are inherent in the standard deck. The deck's total value comes up a little short of the number of days in the solar year. Producing 364 gives the closest round figure (divisible evenly by 4), but the astronomical-Julian year is 365 1/4 days long so the value of the deck is short by 1.25 days. If you assign each of the joker cards the value of 5/8, it produces the number of days exactly (364 + 5/8 + 5/8 = 365.25). This seems to crack the milestone marker code. The working of theurgy demands accuracy in the symbols.

The principle involved is described in Exodus 25, where Moses was given instruction about building the tabernacle that was an earthly model of a heavenly construct. Reference is made to that in Hebrews when describing the function of the Lord Y'shua as the High Priest.

1 Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have such a high priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, 2 a minister in the sanctuary and in the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man. 3 For every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices; so it is necessary that this high priest also have something to offer. 4 Now if He were on earth, He would not be a priest at all, since there are those who offer the gifts according to the Law; 5 who serve a copy and shadow of the heavenly things, just as Moses was warned by God when he was about to erect the tabernacle; for, “See,” He says, “that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain.” ~ Hebrews 8:1-3

Accuracy matters. Fallen angels know this, and they impart knowledge and wisdom to their illuminated servants.

The numbers 5 and 8 are produced by the planet Venus. In a cycle that takes exactly 8 Earth years to complete, a rosette is traced out that has a regular pentagonal figure. For that reason, the numbers 5 and 8 (also 13, the number of times Venus orbits during that cycle) are used signal the presence and activity of the goddess.

On the popular design of the joker, the vehicle is one of heaven's, the symbolic bicycle, a celestial transport. They are typically operated by a cherub. Who might represent himself as the cherub king? The king of Tyre, (bicycle tires?) of Ezekiel 28? As reaching the coded milestone marker on his bicycle, which presents theurgic calendar imagery, the image speaks to me of his reaching the milestone of gaining authority over the calendar, over time itself, with the assist from the goddess. The joke's on us, it seems to say, as he makes entrance through the twin pillar celestial silver stargate, bicycling into this realm as the returning king. The brand's promotion of the goddess with the time-space transiting king is really an essential pairing.

While researching the number 808 I discovered a claim that it was identified as the energy voltage of the God particle by the celebrated Nobel Prize-winning particle physicist Leon Lederman. He's the author of The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? and he's the one who gave the Higgs Boson the nickname, “the God particle.” The number 808 was derived from an analysis of the numbers he received in a dream while working on mathematical constructs for the Higgs Boson.

If there is a legitimate connection between the number 808 and the particle, the Bicycle joker's milestone marker makes a lot of sense. That atomic particle is believed to be the key to mass, and that has a direct bearing on the manipulation of time-space. The connection between the efforts to exploit the God particle (CERN LHC) and the opening of the stargate through which the ancient sun god and king will enter has been made many times on this blog. Could those responsible for the joker's milestone have received similar insight about the 808 milestone?

Because the number 8 represents a new beginning, and it is the common symbol representing infinity, the number 808 may be seen as a time wave symbol, where the value goes from infinity to zero back to infinity.

If you see the 808 milestone marker as an ancient standing stone, an interesting connection can be made with a TV show on the STARZ (stars = angels) network called, Outlander. A woman was transported back in time when she placed her hands on a standing stone monument. A coven of witches had just performed a Beltane ritual there in the moonlight. Standing stone ~ milestone marker ~ time-space stargate. Finding herself in the past, she soon encounters a man who looks like her husband's twin, who is his infamous ancestor. His nickname is Black Jack. That's a secret time code. The card game Blackjack is also called 21. The number 21 is a time number, generally meaning, the fullness of time. She and he may be seen to be linked through time, obviously. Her husband was the last person she interacted with before her transit, and Blackjack was the first significant contact, following.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Part 9 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - Standing Waves of Time-Space

As this series nears its end, there's just a few more pertinent observations I'd like to make.

After buying roses for his wife, Dr. Pyatt heads home, where he is going to be shot by future-Ovid. On his way, we see him in an impressive sequence of symbolic stargate transits. There's one as he enters the lobby of the Biltmore Apts. The writer-director claimed that most of the filming was done inside the Masonic building, “The Landmark on the Sound,” so that may be what we're looking at in this scene.

We see Jason Pyatt and the arch in this screenshot, unreflected, and a series of reflections. The design of the arch mimics a triple arch, which speaks to me of an emphasized Royal Arch Degree symbol of Freemasonry with its triple tau cross. (Triple Tau ~ T-he T-ime T-unnel) What is so striking about this scene is the effect created by the large mirrors on the opposing walls. The set multiplies reflections, repeating as many times as a particular viewing angle allows. The images each represent a moment in time. The reflections travel to the camera lens at the same speed but the greater distance covered by consecutive images make them not only smaller but older. Any reflected image you see is older than what is being reflected. Think of an echo, where the delay is exaggerated because sound travels much more slowly. The fixed distance between the opposing mirrors in the entryway establishes a frequency of resonance relative to the image inversion. It's a tuned standing wave. The scene suggests time waves. As Above, so below, the Hermetic Maxim, is also being evoked.

In this scene, Jason Pyatt is just about to pick up his mail from his box in the array of boxes in the lobby. He has just used the mailbox at the corner of the Pretty Parlor, a time-bridging construct (Part 3), and we can assume that the mailbox he's about to unlock with his secret combination contains mail sent from another time. Mail always takes at least a day from when it's mailed to when it's delivered, so it always comes from the past, in that sense, and each piece is always postmarked with a date and location (time-space), but the themes of the film involve time spans that are not of the customary linearity. The echoing time wave reflection scene kind of bridges Pyatt's interactions with the mailboxes. It definitely has something to say about the bridging of space-time.

This clever illustration of resonating time waves compares to how it's done in “Insane,” a music video by A-Jax. There, the transit scene was created in a room full of framed mirrors.

They present the resonating time wave as a stack of panes or concentric frames, as if we're looking head-on into the inversion mechanism. Remember, smaller images are older. We see the colors of the rainbow in the sky because it's a rainbow bridge. Each color has a different frequency and a different wavelength. Light behaves as having the nature of both particles (photons) and waves (with interference patterns) as it is observed traveling through time-space. The video also features the mirror like in Alice Through the Looking Glass, as a portal through the character passes into other dimensional spaces.

You may recall how the mirror was used for a past-into-present transition during the recent Olympic Ceremonies in Sochi, Russia. But the framing or paneling of the stargate portal is not just all about the mirror.

Heliofant's viral video, I, Pet Goat II provides a similar illustration of a transit by utilizing the concentric frame technique. In their version, it's a celestial scene and they go so far as to show us their mystical Jesus coming through in the Anubis gondola, making entrance from out of the Milky Way and underworld duat.

The Penitent Man draws heavily from The Wizard of Oz, and we find in that classic two different styles of concentric time wave frames. The first features rectangular frames on a circular ring in the stargate transit where Toto leaps off out of the basket and off the pillar to escape the witch's castle. Dorothy is standing on a panel of the Zodiac ring that has concentric frames while wearing the coveted ruby slippers. Those are the stargate transiting objects formerly worn by the Wicked Witch of the East. She's not personally making the transit like Toto, but the way she appears in the scene is supporting that transit. She is the facilitating goddess.

You can see the style of the grid more clearly in this next screenshot.

Those same ruby slippers are involved in the transit scene when Dorothy is returning home from Oz. Instead of curved rectangular frames we see concentric circles around Dorothy's head.

It's not uncommon in sci-fi for the effects caused by an event that happens in a moment of time to be likened to the ripples on the surface of the water caused by the pebble that falls in. The animated concentric circle imagery creates a mesmerizing trance inducing mind-control signalling effect, and a time wave dimensional transiting effect. The concentric rings and rectangles or curved rectangles compare in symbol. When I address matters of squaring the circle, I'm usually interpreting a symbol in the context of the sodomite gateway, but that has a root in the exercise of control over the breaching of time-space to bridge the dimensions.

This is leveraged constantly by Verizon Wireless in mail promotions, ads, commercials and in-store displays. You even get a special animated version when you boot up their phones, with supplemental wave form echoing audio.

Hey did you happen to see the recent MTV VMA show? The set had the performers entering from offstage through a Time Tunnel style portal onto a central vortex stage. Stargate and sodomite gateway imagery and mind-control imagery was everywhere!

The point of it all is to bring forth Horus, their Antichrist hero by any and every means, and their schemes are working.

The fundamental reality represented by the repeating rings or panels is evidenced in the cycles of time recorded in biblical history, in past, present and future history. Dr. Stephen Jones demonstrates the principle quite effectively in his book, Secrets of Time in Prophecy. I've discussed time cycles frequently on this blog and on Events echo through time forward and back through what generally appears as the apparent linear construct. I've tracked the heptadic ripples flowing out from the revealing of the lawless one coming up in April of 2015, which intersected our “pond surface” in 2008, 2001 and 1994. The Devil knows plenty about how these things work, and he's been busy spilling the beans in coded language of symbols in every fit medium. He's soon going to exploit time itself, as granted by the Sovereign God, for the fulfillment of His own purposes.

More to follow as I wrap this up, Lord willing.