Monday, September 08, 2014

Part 7 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - Stargates Open at the Great Pyramid

The scene set at the Pretty Parlor is loaded with stargate transit symbols! There's still more to be revealed, with more connections to The Wizard of Oz and to The Matrix.

In the moments surrounding this screenshot, several key visual alignments occur in the scene shot looking back from E Loretta Pl.

I already described one in Part 3, where Pyatt passes by the camera and lines up with the mailbox and Darnell. This one is very meaningful because the mailbox is a time bridge construct and the two men are older and younger editions of same person.

Consider the red roses visually aligning with the stop sign. Sometimes, of course, a sign is just a sign, but sometimes, it's a SIGN. The familiar sign is always an octagon, equivalent to the 8 rayed star of Venus-Inanna - a compass rose. Like with the roses in Pyatt's bouquet, the blood red is a goddess color (* the red flag - Our Lady of the Nations).

Another visual alignment in the scene was described earlier from the other direction, where the star on the magic wand lines up with the bouquet of roses. We can't see the wand-star clearly in this shot from E Loretta Pl but we know where it is and we can see the basket the wand is stuck into. In the screenshot, you can see the alignment is just about to happen again. From this angle, some supplementary stargate transit imagery appears in the alignment.

Bicycles represent heaven's transdimensional vehicles, the chariots of the gods. They compare with the baskets that contain the vintage garments. I'll present some pretty obvious examples soon, Lord willing. The hoop style bike rack is an arch that is the signal shape of a dimensional portal.

You can see the bike rack without any bicycles in the way in this “street view” of the actual shop.

The bike rack and bicycles are involved in another lineup in the scene shot from E Loretta Pl - with the arched doorway of the shop: Arched Doorway = Stargate. Add to this collection, the stargate transit signalling element described in Part 5, the vertically striped awning (mekasseh canopy) marked “Vintage Garments.”

In the previous post, I pointed out how the star + triangle is the hieroglyph for the dog star Sirius. That was signaled when the magic wand was visually lined up with the conical bouquet of roses. The screenshot at the top shows that alignment as it's just about to happen for the 2nd time. There's another triangle in the picture, and it's also going to align with the star! That triangle is formed by the sign that sits on the sidewalk, right by the entry. These alignments are enhanced by the bonus imagery of the bike rack stargate and bicycle vehicles!

We may identify the triangle sign as a pyramid. In The Wizard of Oz, pyramid imagery appears throughout the film, always in sneaky ways like this. See how the bike hoop cuts through it to present a distinct capstone. The pyramid is identified with Horus, and this symbol is complemented in the scene by the 2 versions of the sun god (Pyatt/Darnell) passing through, plus the twin versions appearing on the mailbox. In ancient Egypt, the rising of sopdet, the dog star, was the primary celestial event on the annual calendar. With the wand-star raised above the basket, it is in this context a sign of the rising of Sirius.

By placing that hoop-arch style bike rack in front of the pyramid, what is so brilliantly presented is the stargate opening that Steve Quayle has described on Blog Talk Radio. He claims that others have reported witnessing the acoustically triggered opening of stargates to provide access to chambers beneath the great pyramid in Giza. What he describes is like hoop-arch style bike racks. They appear only when the portal is opened. Given the Occult signaling I've seen with bicycles and bike racks, I believe that is a reliable testimony. In this scene at the Pretty Parlor, we see the hoop-arch so the portal is open. This is entirely consistent with everything else I've described in the context. It's evil genius! We even see the bicycle chariots of the gods, as accessing the portal!

Here's a sign. A big sign. The big arrow on the tall Vintage Clothing sign seems to be pointing to the stargate at the pyramid, telling us - HEY DON'T MISS THIS! The arrow provides the scene with a fitting motion dynamic. One could easily see the arrow as the phallic arrow, of Osiris, and the rainbow clothed sky goddess in the clouds / text bubbles as Isis, facilitating the bringing forth of Horus - and one certainly should! Clouds = heaven's vehicles. Again, vintage clothing is worn, the celestial garment, and this one is a special rainbow-like version. Hmmmm. From here, it looks like the goddess might be wearing Dorothy's ruby slippers. In the Wizard of Oz, Glinda's dimensional vehicle involved a rainbow bubble, and we see bubbles with the woman on the sign. Indie fashions. How vogue! Indie - independent - Free - Freedom, like the goddess. Indie Fashions speaks to Aaron of the immortal garments being sought without dependence upon God.

The hoop-arch construction of the Pretty Parlor's bike rack is a familiar style that is leveraged in Masonic lodges, tracing boards, cathedrals and “sacred” architectures of many kinds. The Royal Arch degree emblem of Freemasonry features what's called the triple tau cross. In this scene of The Penitent Man, Pyatt is almost home. When he enters his apartment building lobby, a treble arch is involved as he makes yet another visually striking stargate transit, which I may expand upon soon.

Here in Pittsburgh, PA, the land of Pan's Woods, Freemasons and SRA ritual, you'll find our local bike racks styled as the Three Rivers. It's a local theme because the city is built at the confluence of rivers, where the Allegheny and Monongahela merge into the Ohio. In my thinking, the Three Rivers symbolism was chosen for reasons that have less to do with the local map than they do with the circle of time, celestial rivers of time, stargates and triple helix DNA. Aaron and I see in this design the Adversary's own design, to merge rivers of time and redirect the flow, which will happen in the season of the Antichrist apocalypse in a quasi-successful effort to change his destiny. Placing these symbolic features around town for people to use as bike racks is a brilliant scheme. The Devil has big game, but he's still going to fail.

So, are we done yet? Have we made a full sweep of the stargate transit imagery at the Pretty Parlor yet? I may have missed some, but I'll mention one last symbol that is pictured in a key alignment before I expand on the bicycle and basket symbolism. See the payphone at the market across Summit Ave? Its vertically lined up with the bike rack and bicycles too. Its use involves ringing bells, a dimensional transit sound. Its sole purpose is to bridge time-space for communication.

The telephone and telephone booth are leveraged as a major plot device in The Matrix (1999). In that sci-fi classic, a cell phone can be used for communication but a landline phone is the dimensional bridging construct that facilitates travel between the Matrix and the “real world.”

To be continued, Lord willing!


  1. The bicycle wheels also form a Vesica Piscis from which, geometrically speaking, all manner of arcane constructs can be fashioned!

  2. Speaking of dimensional bridging constructs I noticed in the news Ray (Ra) Rice (i of Horus + code 33) knocked out his girlfriend in an elevator while moving between floors. Not sure if they were going up or down. Rice was released from the Baltimore Ravens who interesting enough play on 9-11 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With 911 being the 13th anniversary this may be something to watch as a knockout blow by Ray (Ra) seems to be signaled. In Batman - The Dark Knight Rises movie a football game is bombed by Bane (Cain?) as well as Gotham (New York) and interesting enough the two teams in the movie bear the colors of the Steelers and the Ravens. The kickoff is initiated by a kicker by the name of Ravenstar! A Ravens Star! At 1:29.50 in the movie you will see 322 under a sky box window.

  3. After a second look Ravenstar is Ravenstaul. Guess we should bet against the Ravens!

  4. In the things that make you go hmmm... department. A couple days ago Apple released its latest product. Of particular interest was Bono from U2 accompanying Tim Cook (Apple CEO) on stage and announcing that U2's latest album 'Songs of Innocence' would be available for free on I-Tunes. They are going to be free until October 13th and they were playing the song from the album called 'The Miracle'.

    This obviously resonates with Fatima but also the timeframe from September 9 (Apple Event date) and October 13 is 34 days. These were the length of the delays in the football games involving the Denver Broncos. A countdown perhaps?

    Just thinking out loud..



    1. Was that the lotus flower on the iPhone 6 being shown at the show? I read also the apple watch apps arrangement looks like a lotus seed pod.

  5. Hi Bob,

    After posting, I read Chris B's comments above and have stuff to add. First some background.

    A few years ago, the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) did its final trip before retirement and it was put upon me to pay attention. I followed it as best I could from the information Stratfor puts out. From the Atlantic Ocean, it passed by Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea and went on through the Suez Canal, into the Red sea and on into the Persian Gulf. When it was finished its tour, it returned to Norfolk via the same route.

    Now while I was half expecting some dramatics involving the Enterprise in the Persian Gulf that never happened, I realized a short time later that I was watching a ritual. Plato wrote that Atlantis was somewhere through the Pillars of Hercules. Since Atlantis can be equated with the Underworld or Hell, this essentially makes Gibraltar a gateway to hell. The Mediterranean also means middle earth, another place we associate with hell.

    From here, the Enterprise left the 'womb' of the Mediterranean and entered the Suez Canal which represents a birth canal. It then entered the Red Sea, which resonates with menstrual blood to drive the point home. The bottom line is I was witnessing a birthing ritual. What was also interesting in all this was that at the same time the Enterprise was entering the Suez Canal, the earth was undergoing a round of earthquake activity that was unprecedented (none that were massive but they literally were everywhere at the same time). The physicist/blogger who writes ‘CERN Truth’ confirmed that this coincided with experiments being conducted at CERN.

    I didn’t know where things were going with this but the pieces came together when by chance a found a representation of the USS Enterprise in San Diego harbor on Google Earth. It can still be seen if you back the image data up to 2010. There is a flat top with a number 6 on its deck which was the WW2 vintage Enterprise. By all accounts, this ship was scrapped after it was decommissioned so it’s possible that what I was seeing was a movie mockup; nevertheless, it was still a representation of the Enterprise.

    The dots start to connect when you look at the file photo of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65, last version) on Wikipedia. The Enterprise is shown with two escort ships on its right side. They are the USS Long Beach and USS Bainbridge. I realized that I was supposed to draw a line (Google Earth) from the Enterprise in San Diego, through Long Beach, and extend it up into San Francisco, at which point it became apparent that the Bainbridge is represented by the Golden Gate Bridge.

    The significance of Long Beach being in the picture can’t be overstated with everything you’ve posted about the use of Mary to unite the religions in the future. The line that was drawn passes less than a mile from the HMS Queen Mary, permanently docked as a floating museum in Long Beach Harbor. Curiously, this ship was used in the making of the movie Poseidon Adventure (original), and the epicenter of the recent Napa Valley earthquake was under a marina next to Poseidon Winery.

    Notice they plan to bottle a wine called “Shipwreck”.

    Summing things up, the use of the name Bane as the protagonist in the Dark Knight is a little eyebrow raising for me since I was already led to the symbolic connection of the USS Bainbridge. The use of a team with Pittsburgh Steeler colors in the Dark Knight movie is likely also revealing. I’ve already pointed out in this blog that Pittsburgh Steel is synonymous with Bethlehem Steel, the onetime Icon of industrial America. The Golden Gate Bridge was built by Bethlehem Steel which makes it a Jesus symbol of sorts. It was considered their Crown Jewel of Industrial achievement, and unfortunately, if symbols mean anything, it’s probably at some point going to be a target.

    The bottom line is a ‘birthing’ type of event is on deck. Whether this is it or not remains to be seen, but whatever it is isn’t far off.

    1. Good info Mark. Both Golden Gate and Hoover Dam seem to be marked out for "birthing rituals". Now that we have passed the "13th" anniversary of 911 I am expecting a whole new level of ordo ab chao shenanigans. We are now in the GG bridges' 77th year of operation. I wonder if this year will see Lamech get some more revenge at the bridge ala 9-11-01 when flight 77 hit (allegedly) the 77 ft tall Pentagon at 77 degrees.

      There's a Silver Moon on the Golden Gate.