Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Part 9 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - Standing Waves of Time-Space

As this series nears its end, there's just a few more pertinent observations I'd like to make.

After buying roses for his wife, Dr. Pyatt heads home, where he is going to be shot by future-Ovid. On his way, we see him in an impressive sequence of symbolic stargate transits. There's one as he enters the lobby of the Biltmore Apts. The writer-director claimed that most of the filming was done inside the Masonic building, “The Landmark on the Sound,” so that may be what we're looking at in this scene.

We see Jason Pyatt and the arch in this screenshot, unreflected, and a series of reflections. The design of the arch mimics a triple arch, which speaks to me of an emphasized Royal Arch Degree symbol of Freemasonry with its triple tau cross. (Triple Tau ~ T-he T-ime T-unnel) What is so striking about this scene is the effect created by the large mirrors on the opposing walls. The set multiplies reflections, repeating as many times as a particular viewing angle allows. The images each represent a moment in time. The reflections travel to the camera lens at the same speed but the greater distance covered by consecutive images make them not only smaller but older. Any reflected image you see is older than what is being reflected. Think of an echo, where the delay is exaggerated because sound travels much more slowly. The fixed distance between the opposing mirrors in the entryway establishes a frequency of resonance relative to the image inversion. It's a tuned standing wave. The scene suggests time waves. As Above, so below, the Hermetic Maxim, is also being evoked.

In this scene, Jason Pyatt is just about to pick up his mail from his box in the array of boxes in the lobby. He has just used the mailbox at the corner of the Pretty Parlor, a time-bridging construct (Part 3), and we can assume that the mailbox he's about to unlock with his secret combination contains mail sent from another time. Mail always takes at least a day from when it's mailed to when it's delivered, so it always comes from the past, in that sense, and each piece is always postmarked with a date and location (time-space), but the themes of the film involve time spans that are not of the customary linearity. The echoing time wave reflection scene kind of bridges Pyatt's interactions with the mailboxes. It definitely has something to say about the bridging of space-time.

This clever illustration of resonating time waves compares to how it's done in “Insane,” a music video by A-Jax. There, the transit scene was created in a room full of framed mirrors.

They present the resonating time wave as a stack of panes or concentric frames, as if we're looking head-on into the inversion mechanism. Remember, smaller images are older. We see the colors of the rainbow in the sky because it's a rainbow bridge. Each color has a different frequency and a different wavelength. Light behaves as having the nature of both particles (photons) and waves (with interference patterns) as it is observed traveling through time-space. The video also features the mirror like in Alice Through the Looking Glass, as a portal through the character passes into other dimensional spaces.

You may recall how the mirror was used for a past-into-present transition during the recent Olympic Ceremonies in Sochi, Russia. But the framing or paneling of the stargate portal is not just all about the mirror.

Heliofant's viral video, I, Pet Goat II provides a similar illustration of a transit by utilizing the concentric frame technique. In their version, it's a celestial scene and they go so far as to show us their mystical Jesus coming through in the Anubis gondola, making entrance from out of the Milky Way and underworld duat.

The Penitent Man draws heavily from The Wizard of Oz, and we find in that classic two different styles of concentric time wave frames. The first features rectangular frames on a circular ring in the stargate transit where Toto leaps off out of the basket and off the pillar to escape the witch's castle. Dorothy is standing on a panel of the Zodiac ring that has concentric frames while wearing the coveted ruby slippers. Those are the stargate transiting objects formerly worn by the Wicked Witch of the East. She's not personally making the transit like Toto, but the way she appears in the scene is supporting that transit. She is the facilitating goddess.

You can see the style of the grid more clearly in this next screenshot.

Those same ruby slippers are involved in the transit scene when Dorothy is returning home from Oz. Instead of curved rectangular frames we see concentric circles around Dorothy's head.

It's not uncommon in sci-fi for the effects caused by an event that happens in a moment of time to be likened to the ripples on the surface of the water caused by the pebble that falls in. The animated concentric circle imagery creates a mesmerizing trance inducing mind-control signalling effect, and a time wave dimensional transiting effect. The concentric rings and rectangles or curved rectangles compare in symbol. When I address matters of squaring the circle, I'm usually interpreting a symbol in the context of the sodomite gateway, but that has a root in the exercise of control over the breaching of time-space to bridge the dimensions.

This is leveraged constantly by Verizon Wireless in mail promotions, ads, commercials and in-store displays. You even get a special animated version when you boot up their phones, with supplemental wave form echoing audio.

Hey did you happen to see the recent MTV VMA show? The set had the performers entering from offstage through a Time Tunnel style portal onto a central vortex stage. Stargate and sodomite gateway imagery and mind-control imagery was everywhere!

The point of it all is to bring forth Horus, their Antichrist hero by any and every means, and their schemes are working.

The fundamental reality represented by the repeating rings or panels is evidenced in the cycles of time recorded in biblical history, in past, present and future history. Dr. Stephen Jones demonstrates the principle quite effectively in his book, Secrets of Time in Prophecy. I've discussed time cycles frequently on this blog and on Events echo through time forward and back through what generally appears as the apparent linear construct. I've tracked the heptadic ripples flowing out from the revealing of the lawless one coming up in April of 2015, which intersected our “pond surface” in 2008, 2001 and 1994. The Devil knows plenty about how these things work, and he's been busy spilling the beans in coded language of symbols in every fit medium. He's soon going to exploit time itself, as granted by the Sovereign God, for the fulfillment of His own purposes.

More to follow as I wrap this up, Lord willing.


  1. All that got me thinking about Einstein and his e=mc2. I see this as an equation to explain physical light( lucifer). Made on 4th day. Attain light speed, and Albert cheats death by stopping time. Also the equation leads to the discovery of nuclear weapons/energy. The beast rising from the sea. Like the Japanese flag. Fukushima and grodzilla rising. Yeah, they're going for light speed at cern, looking for dark matter/prince of darkness? That's my guess. Voltaire keeps coming up and I can't seem to figure him out. He hung out with some French scientists who questioned newton. Squaring energy.

  2. They can't come up with an equation for the light made on 1st day.

  3. Rt says pope Francis auctions off his beanie. I heard it comes from cult of Cybele . Lbgt /transgender priests. Origin early Roman Catholic scholar castrated himself(ouch!) in one of these parties. Some one brought up a transgender anti Christ. Freaks me out.

  4. London telegraph reports scientists call on pope Francis and other religions to save the planet.

  5. Bbc reports on cern, one article "ultra rare decay confirmed at lhc" admitted that they can't explain gravity. Another one "lhc's d-meson study wraps up anti matter flip story" says they found these d-mesons flipping their charges and changing from matter to anti matter. Kind of like free masons flipping and flopping. To be or not to be, now there's a question for us.

    1. Sometimes the act of observing changes what is being observed. That has to really blow the minds of the physicists.

  6. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Very interesting!!