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Lord willing, I'll be on BlogTalkRadio with Zen Garcia and co-host Alan Swanson again on the Shabbat. FallenAngelsTV "Bob Schlenker from will join us again to discuss his research into reverse speech and discuss with us whether some will be given discernment on The Time of the End"

You can catch it live online at 2pm Pacific and participate in the chatroom, or download it later as a mp3. I hadn't mentioned this yet on the blog, but I was on last week as a guest, too. "The 2nd Book of Esdras, part of the Apocryphal collection often read beside canon, covers many warnings for what would be the fig-tree generation, or those that witness the recreation of Israel as a nation which occurred May 14, 1948."

Misc. News:

Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple? - "Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, Turkey's stunning Gobekli Tepe upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization"

With the next three links you should be aware how the source lies even beyond where these point.

Obama's Puppet Master George Soros

Obama's college classmate speaks out

Cloward and Piven plan for America & Glenn Beck’s Comment

Coming movies:

The Seed - a television series being made - written and directed by Rob Skiba II.

The Protean Field - a movie being made - written and directed by Rob Skiba II.

FYI - Rob wrote to me on 11/2 that, "The Protean Field is actually now going to be inserted as a multi-part episode in SEED - probably for the premiere episodes of season 2."

FireBreather - animated movie coming to Cartoon Network in November, 2010. Watch the trailer. "Half man - half dragon - all hero." Firebreather - Wikipedia

Compare the main character of MEGAMIND (DreamWorks - November 5 release {Remember, remember, the fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot...}) with the being named Lam from Aleister Crowley's Lam & the Little Grey Men.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Part 2 - The Chilean Mine Incident Sign

Continuing from Part 1...

Perhaps the most easily recognized religious symbol featured during the incident is the name of the capsule used to lift the trapped men out of the mine. It was a capsule named Fénix 2, or, Phoenix, in English. The capsule that had been designed for such a rescue was aptly named for the legendary bird that regenerates itself, burning then rising out of its ashes at the end of every cycle of life.

The phoenix is recognized by many saints as a symbol of the messianic Beast. Note how the Fénix capsule that alternately descended and ascended was 13 feet long, and was built at a Chilean navy workshop in Talcahuano, 1,300 miles south of the mine! The number 13, again, is a beast number that is also the day of the rescue, and further seen in the sum of the men's ages, 1313. Again, think about it. These numbers and relationships are meaningful.

Here's an interesting comparison between two Beast capsules. One capsule is to put a man inside. The other capsule is to put inside a man, an implantable RFID microchip.

On the day of the rescue, the first man emerged from the Fénix 2 rescue capsule at 00:10 CLDT and the last at 21:55 CLDT. One signification of the number 21 is that of time, the fulness of time. The time for their delivery had come. On that day, some have noted how they were delivered within 22 hours, signaling "revelation," This seems quite relevant, yet 22 also signifies the 2*11 or division of the flesh that is death. This is also relevant, because men are as seeds whose bodies must die before the new life can be brought forth. If you consider the delivery of these men as 33 full cycles of descending the phoenix and raising it again, the action required 23 hours!

The following is excerpted from Rescue – Operación San Lorenzo - Wikipedia on 10/23. "The first rescuer lowered to the miners was Manuel González, an experienced rescue expert and employee of mining company Codelco, at 23:18 CLDT, following a three-hour delay for final safety tests. During the 18 minute descent, the waiting families and surface rescue team members sang the Canción Nacional (Chile's national anthem). González arrived in the collapsed mine and made contact with the miners at 23:36."

The number 23 appears yet again as the hour the rescue process really began. Another number is introduced, the 18, another number associated with the Beast. Revelation 13:18 reveals why 666 is considered the number of the Beast and why it is associated with his mark. The number 18 is used as an esoteric signal of the Beast because it is the sum of 6+6+6. The descent into the pit took 18 minutes. It began at 18 minutes into the hour and thus the initial descent was twice marked with the number 18, in the 23rd hour.

Here's another excerpt from Rescue – Operación San Lorenzo - Wikipedia on 10/23. "Once the miner was secure inside the capsule, it then ascended at a rate of 1 metre per second (2.2 mph), with an estimated travel time of 9 to 18 minutes." There's a repeat of the 18 minute transit time, plus the number 9 is introduced, a very important number in this context.

The number 9 is the single digit reference to the triple helix mark of the beast transformation, as addressed frequently in this blog. The number 666 transforms first to 18 (6+6+6) and finally to 9 (1+8). The number 33 embedded redundantly in this sign resolves to 9 as 3*3.

"Alchemy is a threefold art, its mystery well symbolized by a triangle. Its symbol is 3 times 3 – three elements or processes in three worlds or spheres. The 3 times 3 is part of the mystery of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, for 33 is 3 times 3, which is 9, the number of esoteric man and the number of emanations from the root of the Divine Tree." (Manly P. Hall, "Secret Teachings of All Ages")

What Mr. Hall refers to as the esoteric man is ultimately the Beast and those who receive his mark, hinted at by his connecting it with the "emanations from the root of the Divine Tree." Do you understand what really happened in the garden of Eden? The serpent sired a son, the first emanation from the root of Hall's "Divine Tree"! To understand what alchemy is about you must see it beyond the "transformation of base metal into gold," a cover story. It's really about the transformation of base man into divine god. Now, when you consider the lyrics sung during the initial 18 minute descent that began 18 minutes into the 23rd hour (including, "And your flower-embroidered field Is the happy copy of Eden." - Chile National Anthem) you'll have more dots to connect! This conspiracy is supernatural and it goes way back in time!

I've blogged earlier about the Masonic ritual called "three times three," pictured here. These men are performing a magickal ritual that models the structure of the triple-helix DNA and works to bring forth that transformation. In another quote from Hall's "Secret Teachings of All Ages," "In the Mysteries it was customary to refer to initiates as phoenixes or men who had been born again, for just as physical birth gives man consciousness in the physical world, so the neophyte, after nine degrees in the womb of the Mysteries, was born into a consciousness of the Spiritual world." The Fénix capsule that has already been redundantly identified as a Beast symbol is once again so identified, with the number nine. Hall presented as it just as it was seen during the rescue, delivering men from the womb as born into a new life, from the physical to the spiritual! "Nine" is the number of months in the womb, the number of gestation, of the production of offspring with humans.

The only picture that appears in the Wikipedia page's "Rescue – Operación San Lorenzo" section, at 1 in 33 odds, celebrates the delivery of number 9! You see, signs have signal elements embedded even in the presentation layer, as exhibited in what I've documented regarding the recent Christchurch, NZ earthquake and in the Olympic Ceremony Signs series, as presented online through MSNBC. We can be assured that the Sovereign God is well able to direct both the content and the access we need to understand what's going on!

Even while the 33 men were together inside the mine, their activity was modeling the Beast Kingdom for us as a sign. It is reported that they were practicing a one-man, one-vote democracy. This seems innocent enough, unless you happen to recognize it as an esoteric flag. Manly P. Hall refers to what I recognize as the kingdom of the Beast as the universal democracy. The oft heralded democratic society is a huge deception. There's nothing remotely democratic about the reality that will be brought forth through that deception. This is not "me taking a pot shot at Democrats," although, well, "if the shoe fits, wear it." What is sold as democracy is majority rule, which is mob rule, which always leads rather quickly to something like martial law and dictatorship. The wicked far outnumber the righteous. Please, beyond the carnal machinery, see the supernatural. The dragon will give power to the Beast, and so will everyone else - excepting a very small number.

The T-Shirt

Now, let's consider what the t-shirt means. The evangelical Campus Crusade for Christ supplied the shirts, which say "Thank you Lord" on the front. Their JESUS film logo appears on a sleeve. All 33 of the men wore one as they emerged from the mine, even the Catholics. This promotion is considered by some to be good marketing, but I will just borrow from Forrest Gump, here, and say, Babylon is as Babylon does.

The design is easily recognized as resembling the national flag of Chile. Many also note the upside down five pointed star and associate it with the occult. Let's first note the symbolic meaning of the national flag that inspired the shirt's design.

All of the elements are in common with the flag of the United States, which I've already addressed in this blog. The star represents an angel, here, the divine fallen angel Lucifer. White signifies divinity. The blue field represents heaven. The red signifies Adamic earthly man. The red and white bands represent the hybrid divine man beast offspring and the Beast himself. Despite what some will say about it, the truth is that when the second commandment (Exodus 20) is violated, bad things result. Bad things, as in, demonic influence, curses.

The design on the shirt that is inspired by the flag certainly does nothing to fix or cancel the curse of disobedience that's implicit in the source. The star is upside down, and even though it's not the pentagram inscribed in a circle, this alignment is widely recognized as something ominous.

Notice how the border of the red and blue fields is aligned with the star. The star of the shirt is still white, divine, but it's no longer in heaven, in the blue field. The star is now in both, the blue and red together, a fusion combining heaven and earth.

If you consider the star as the form of a man, with a head, two arms and two legs, you see this star man tilted, with his head in the red and his body in the blue. The dynamic here is that we want to fix this, mentally. What we see is wrong because red should be under blue (cognitive dissonance). Earthly men should rightly appear under heaven, which is the correct arrangement seen in the familiar Chilean flag. There is a subliminal action that sets this design on the shirt in order, rotating it to correct the colors. The star man beast is then head down, falling, a fallen angel about to make his appearance.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
Revelation 12:9

There is another perspective from which the color arrangement is correct, where the lower blue field is the sea.

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea...
Revelation 13:1

The tilting obfuscates the symbolism slightly, and allows for both of these perspectives.

There is more to the appearance of the miner than the t-shirt symbolism. Quoting from Part 1: "The 69 transformation is sold by the deceiver as being an ascension to godhood and the attainment of enlightenment. The men were each birthed out of the womb wearing a white star (a symbol of divine angel) and sunglasses (veiling their lamp-eyes like when Moses was veiled after coming down from the Mount)." So then, notice how the man is pictured as "an illumined one," with his lamp-eye / third eye / crown chakra / pineal gland! Under the short sleeve shirt of this man who had just come from the underworld you can see his arm, green, like the skin of Osiris. Some will insist I've gone way overboard with all this ("But dude, it's just a miner's helmet"), however, let me encourage you to simply see what you're looking at and connect the dots that appear.

Some have suggested that the shirt's design might be meant to signal that Chile is in distress, because an upside-down flag has this signification and the design does resemble the upside-down flag. It may be so, but I can't say. I believe the other interpretations I offered for the design came by revelation insight. That's my testimony.

There's yet another pair of elements I want to set before you in this post. The featured number 33 relates to Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, where the fallen angel gods first appeared on this planet, and even to the year 2012.

"As the navigator can use increments of the earth's latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the earth itself to reveal the appointed time of humanity's destiny. This is why the number 33 and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite. 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the earth represents 2012 nautical miles. Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of extraterrestrial influence with man, lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north 33.33 degrees east ... 2,012 miles from the equator and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian. To be completely accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 ".9" This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end, December 21st, 2012." (p. 3 - An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Count down to 2012 by David Flynn)

The sign of the 33 directs our attention to 2012 as a pivotal year. Even ignoring all the noise surrounding the Mayan calendar and every other indicator, 2012 is the year I look to as being pivotal, based upon my personal studies. (See Beyond the Veil on The Open Scroll)

In conclusion, the incident will be recognized by a small number of folks who are awake and watching as yet one more sign of the coming Beast and his transforming mark. This will escape the notice of most, even most of the saints. Despite all the redundancy of the warnings, with confirmation after confirmation, when the time finally arrives when what we are warning about happens, most will be surprised, stunned.

Someone may look at you, saying, "How come nobody ever told me?" Those of us who do see and know do have some responsibility, or course, and accountability. Let's encourage each other to be mindful of what a rare privilege we have to see these things, and be generous with giving others the opportunity to consider the evidence for themselves. It's not going to be on CNN or Fox News.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Part 1 - The Chilean Mine Incident Sign

Internet monitors have stated that the recent rescue of 33 miners in Chile was among the most-watched video streams of all time. Some very perceptive people have attentively logged their observations about the recent Chilean mine incident. Some of the elements of this widely watched event do appear to be significant, which, like so many things I've been blogging about recently, actually points to the coming season of great tribulation, the antichrist beast and his mark.

For these reasons I don't refer to this as the "Chilean Miner Accident": 1. Not all 33 were Chilean 2. Not all 33 were miners 3. Insight into the symbolic meaning shifts focus from what appears otherwise accidental.

The basis for this kind of spiritual consideration being given to events is the biblical directive to watch:

What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!'
Mark 13:37

The Lord Y'shua plainly declared that signs would be given, signs in the heavens and signs in the earth. Those who practice watching with eyes that see and ears that hear are recognizing some really amazing signs.

The blogger Vigilant Citizen (The Odd Masonic Imagery of the 33 Chilean Miners’ Rescue) is one who has presented observations related to Masonic and occult symbolism, which is an important perspective. This has also been done by Mike Hoggard (Watchman Video Broadcast 10-17-10 - highly recommended - and you may note that this was also linked in the previous post), who takes it the rest of the way where a proper commentary needs to go. Mike has discerned it well. I discovered Mike's video after already having completed my personal study, arriving at the conclusions Mike had reached, and I must say how thrilled I am to see he really gets it! Not only that, the presentation in his video is excellent!

What you'll find in this study adds a few unique insights to the total, so it's not a superfluous work, but whatever redundancy there is should be taken as an independent witness. The mine incident was a supernatural sign of the coming antichrist beast and his mark.

To really understand this we must see it beyond this being an accident plus the deliberate action and direct involvement of men. See the supernatural orchestration, the divine influence. There are forces at work that may be attributed to the devil, and of the Sovereign God that Satan imitates, counterfeits and ultimately serves.

I've been so immersed in blogging and video making that I paid little attention to the Chilean mine incident until just a few days ago. As I was considering what the incident means, it struck me that I had just posted something with very interesting parallels. One of the subjects addressed was subterranean vaults as places of both imprisonment and refuge! The meaning of the names of the city of Rochester, NY's namesake, Nathaniel Rochester, is, "gift of God" and "stone camp or fortress." This relates to the Chilean mine incident most obviously because they were imprisoned in a subterranean refuge. Controversy surrounds the miner's organized religious activity while trapped in the stone camp and their expression of thanks to God upon their release. The many kinds of blessings so generously bestowed upon them as a result of their ordeal (possibly salvation, for some, plus money, celebrity and honor, vacation trips, etc.) can and should cause their season underground to be viewed as a gift of God.

In the last post, the focus was on the Rochester, NY area and the names of towns in the area. I highlighted Gates, Greece and Rochester, and now I'm introducing Chili, which, like Greece, borders both Gates and Rochester. It was established in 1822, in the same year as Greece, NY. Here's a connection to Chile. Locally, the town's name is pronounced, "CHYE-lye."

"There are two theories about the origin of the name "Chili". One theory is that it was named after the country of Chile which was striving for independence at the time. Some suggest that the town was named after the Chiliasts religion embraced by some of the early settlers of South Chili." (Chili, NY - Wikipedia)

Christian premillennialism used to be referred as "chiliasm" or "millenarianism". I personally think both of these proposed derivations for the name of the town of Chile are pertinent.

The derivation of the name of the country, Chile, is likewise unclear. Some claim "Chile" comes from the native Mapuche word "chilli," which may mean "where the land ends," and/or "the deepest point of the Earth." If you consider how the Mapuche word "chilli" compares to "Chili," (NY) and how the meanings of chilli compare to what I've recently presented about the region of Chili, NY's potential, it really makes this whole Chilean mine incident really interesting. Especially so when the timing is considered, because I was oblivious to any connections here when I wrote about the region's implied subterranean caverns.

The Sign

Now, even the most basic features of the Chilean mine incident speak to me that it is a sign. Men were trapped underground for 69 days until their rescue on October 13, 2010, a record length of time. The most remarkable features of this incident are how long they were trapped and that all were alive. The day of the year they were all delivered speaks very loudly to me! For several years, this day has been one of a very small number of watch days where I watch closely for events that match repeating patterns. The rescue fits the October 13 pattern.

The number 69 signals the mark of the beast by way of the genetic transformation of man to beast. This should be getting pretty familiar to those of you who follow this blog. The number of chromosomes suggested in triple helix DNA is the equivalent of 3 donors/strands times 23 chromosomes per donor/strand. The men were as in the womb of the earth, nourished and sustained through what has been referred to as an umbilical cord. When the number 69 was attained, they were delivered out of the womb and celebrated as though being born again. The 69 transformation is sold by the deceiver as being an ascension to godhood and the attainment of enlightenment. The men were each birthed out of the womb wearing a white star (a symbol of divine angel) and sunglasses (veiling their lamp-eyes like when Moses was veiled after coming down from the Mount).

The date of their delivery, October 13, 2010 is hugely significant. In a post titled Part 4 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I listed 15 significant events that occurred on this very date beginning with the ascension of Nero to the throne of Rome, a widely recognized type of the antichrist Beast. This event adds one more to that list! Although it's certainly worthy of repeated coverage, in the interest of saving space here I'll leave it to you to follow that link and investigate the phenomenon further.

It is the custom of those who practice the mystery traditions to sum the numbers in dates for associated meaning. 10/13/2010 is 1+0+1+3+2+0+10 = 8

Eight signifies a new beginning, and, as frequently brought up in this blog, relates to Noah the eighth and the devil's genetic counter-flood mark of the beast scheme.

Some have pointed out how a popular format of the date of their rescue sums to 33, which is the number of men buried in the mine. 10/13/10 is 10+13+10 = 33 I'll address the 33 features in more depth, shortly.

It's my observation that the annual watch day of 10/13 sums in that same way to 23 (10+13), the number of chromosomes in a sex cell. Sexual reproduction is at the core of the devil's genetic Beast agenda. When the date the mine incident began, August, 5, 2010, is summed in the same way the rescue date adds to 33, the number 23 is produced. 8/5/10 = 8+5+10 = 23

The day number of the rescue date, 13, is a key signal for the Beast and his mark. I've written extensively of this number even most particularly with regard to the marking of the very day of the Beast's revelation, signified in repeating historical and biblical patterns! (See The Number Thirteen (The Sign for the Bride - Part 3) - this is highly recommended and relevant!) "Thirteen" has the basic meanings of "rebellion" and "Lord."

It has been observed that the ages of the 33 men trapped in the mine sums to 1313, exactly. ("Miners II" - forum post by Tony Ellsworth) The corporate body of men represent the body of which the Beast himself is the head, a kingdom composed of those who bear his mark. I believe this number further signifies the entire anti-messianic pyramid kingdom, completed,inclusive of the "lord Beast" himself as its head.

Among those 33 men, there was only one 23 year old. His name is Carlos, which means "man." Think about it. There was likewise only one 46 year old, Jose, whose name is the equivalent of Joseph, meaning "Let Him add," or, "God will increase." Biblically, the context of Jacob's son Joseph's naming was the hopeful expectation of the addition of yet another son to Rachel and Jacob, who would be brought forth in due time and named Benjamin. So, if you add another "man" number, the age of 23 year old Carlos, to the 46 of Jose, you get 69. There was no 69 year old man trapped in the mine, but when the full 69 days of their "gestation" was fulfilled they were each birthed out of the symbolic womb, ascending into the light.

There was only one 33 year old, Victor, meaning "Victorious." This appears to be a prophetic declaration. The Beast strategy presented will achieve a great victory, of sorts.

The number 33 is embedded in the incident as the number of men and as the number of days it took to drill the rescue hole that was 33 * 2 centimeters in diameter. A popular format of the date of their rescue sums to 33 (October 13, 2010, or 10/13/10: 10 + 13 + 10 ) While buried in the mine, José Henríquez served as the pastor and organized daily prayers. He's a preacher who has worked in mining for 33 years. This number in particular has received a lot of attention because Y'shua was 33 when he came to be buried underground and subsequently raised to life, and because the number is popularly associated with Freemasonry.

I didn't watch video of the rescue, but language was apparently being used that made reference to the resurrection of Y'shua. That one feature speaks to the meaning of the sign, testifying of the appearance of a messiah in newness of life. A related element of note is the reference to the delivery of supplies to the men in blue plastic capsules nicknamed palomas, "doves." When, Y'shua was baptized, the spirit as a dove from heaven (heaven is often signaled by the color blue) was seen descending upon him. Baptism is a symbol of death and resurrection.

There are some interesting "dots to connect" from the book of Matthew.

39) But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:
40) For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Matthew 12:39-40

The name Jonah means, "dove." The sign of Jonah can be interpreted as the sign of dove. The sign of the Chilean mine incident is a sign of Jonah, when the 33 men were 3*23 days in the heart of the earth. What really makes it a sign, of course, is being raised alive at the conclusion of the period. After the third trimester of gestation there is a birth! The delivery of the 33 from the mine was according to this model to declare with esoteric imagery the bringing forth of "The Antichrist," the coming counterfeit.

The men had been trapped at approximately 2,300 ft deep and about 3 mi. from the mine entrance. These men of 46 chromosome biology were 23*100 units short of the life for which they hoped to attain. After 69 (46+23) days, each 46 chromosome man was ascended 23*100 to see their hope fulfilled! Here, in the 2,300 ft and 3 mi. distances referenced, is another linking of 23 and 3! (69 = 23*3)

To be continued, Lord willing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fellowship in Toronto or Boston

I've had a couple requests from folks who would really appreciate meeting any local saints who are awake and watching. If you live in Toronto or Boston and feel led to make the acquaintance of these folks, please let me know using the address on The Open Scroll contact page.

Here's some links of interest.



Watchman Video Broadcast 10-17-10 - Mike Hoggard's video presentation related to the Chilean mine incident

William Henry - Nashville and Hermes

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Part 25 - Rochester, NY - From out of Gates, Greece Came Forth

At the conclusion of the previous post I made an observation that seems to validate the esoteric interpretation of Plutarch's description of voyages, that the Great Lakes area had been visited by the ancient Greeks who somehow set it apart for a future people and purpose. The modern Greek state was first recognized in 1828 and established in 1830, following the successful uprising against Ottoman rule that had begun in 1821. At that very time, towns and villages in Upstate New York had been springing forth bearing the names of the cities, city/states and islands of ancient Greece. This phenomenon might easily be dismissed as a meaningless trend, as most are prone to do, but taken in the context of the supernaturalism featured in this blog series it appears to be further evidence of the influence of the ancient gods that is attested to perhaps most evidently by the statue of Hermes exalted over the city of Rochester, NY.

(Click the image to see a larger version)

To understand what Y'shua, the revealer of secrets, is opening to us about these matters it's necessary to find the right "dots" and rightly connect them, so we get the picture. If what is drawn looks like the work of Picasso, we don't yet have it right. When the drawing becomes more and more plain and details are filling in according to the exact patterns revealed elsewhere, we know we're getting it right, and that the Lord is fulfilling His word to us, who need this confidence in discerning His plan in this critical season.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
Luke 8:17

Consider some regional history, all of which is easily documented. What is perhaps most telling is the fact that Rochester actually borders a town named Greece, and they are of a common meaningful derivation!

"The Town of Gates was organized in 1797 as Northampton in Ontario County. In 1808 the town was subdivided and the part still called Northampton was renamed the Town of Gates and incorporated on April 1, 1813 in honor of General Horatio Gates. Parts of the town were later detached to form the City of Rochester and the Town of Greece, both of which now border the town." (Gates, New York - Wikipedia)

Geographically, Greece, Rochester and Gates are connected. You can get from Rochester to Greece through Gates, and from Greece to Rochester through Gates, and directly too, of course.

The namesake of the town of Gates offers a remarkable witness.

"General Horatio Gates defeated British forces in the 1777 Battle of Saratoga, widely regarded as a turning point in the Revolutionary War. He went on to serve in the New York State Assembly around the turn of the century. The town of Gates was named after him when it was incorporated on April 1, 1813." (Horatio Gates - RocWiki)

The meaning of the name "Horatio" is "hour, time". "Horatio Gates" = "time gates" Think about it. This is a parable. Did the ancient Greeks come to Rochester long ago to establish "Horatio Gates," time gates or dimensional portals? Consider the further relevance of how the man played a key role in a revolution, a rebellion against divinely appointed governing authority, and that he, himself, was later assigned as a regional governing authority. Doesn't this speak to you about the purpose and function of the gates connecting the ancient time and gods of Greece with Rochester, NY in these last days?

The Town of Greece that is now a contiguous suburb of Rochester was established in 1822. Rochester was established with the name of Rochester a year later, in 1823, the most significant year in the development of the Erie canal, a waterway that is so tightly bound to Rochester's identity, growth and influence. Both Greece and Rochester were brought forth from out of Gates. Give some thought to what that suggests. Consider it as a parable.

That both Greece and Rochester emerged from Gates speaks to me of how "The area was anciently set apart for coming generations in the great human experiment of the democratic commonwealth." (The Secret Destiny of America) Whatever gates or inter-dimensional portals exist in the area must have been established by the ancient Greeks of record, quite possibly demi-gods or the gods themselves who were declared to dwell upon the heights of Mount Olympus. By way of these supernatural gates, the region is bound to the ancient gods and so dedicated to their worship and service! Doesn't this offer a fit explanation for the landmarks, objects and events addressed in this series?

The namesake of the city of Rochester reveals yet another parable. Here's one account of the city's origins, from History of Rochester, New York - Wikipedia.

"On November 8, 1803, a 100 acre tract in Western New York along the Genesee River was purchased by Col. Nathaniel Rochester, Maj. Charles Carroll, and Col. William Fitzhugh, Jr. (1761–1839), all of Hagerstown, Maryland. The site was chosen because of three cataracts on the Genesee, offering great potential for water power. Beginning in 1811, and with a population of 15, the three founders surveyed the land and laid out streets and tracts. In 1817, the Brown brothers and other landowners joined their lands with the Hundred Acre Tract to form the village of Rochesterville. By 1821, Rochesterville was the seat of Monroe County. In 1823, Rochesterville consisted of 1,012 acres (4 km2) and 2,500 residents, and the Village of Rochesterville became known as Rochester. Also in 1823, the Erie Canal aqueduct over the Genesee River was completed, and the Erie Canal east to the Hudson River was opened."

The name "Rochester" means "stone camp or fortress." A city by this name exists in Kent, England, whose name comes from "Roche" (French), "a rock," and from "chester," from the Latin "castrum", "a city or castle." The meaning of the name Nathaniel is "God has given," or, "gift of god." If the supernatural reality behind the town of Gates is as "Horatio Gates," is the supernatural reality behind the city of Rochester as "Nathaniel Rochester"? If the region generally associated with this name is a stone camp or fortress given by god/God, what I've referred to in the context of the "blood sealed vault of Cthulhu" (Part 17) must be given serious consideration! A coming execution of judgment upon the world, including Rochester, is prophesied to be attended by the release of ancient brings who are presently bound under the surface of the earth.

"The spirits of the giants ...shall be concealed, and shall not rise up against the sons of men, and against women; until they come forth during the days of slaughter and destruction."
Enoch 15:9-10

"Other places in the Bible such as Job 26:5 may agree with the idea of a Luciferian power that can, under some circumstances, return Rephaim from the underworld to physical bodies known as Nephilim. "Dead things are formed from under the waters…" Job says. The dead in this text are Rapha (Rephaim) and the phrase "are formed" is from "Chuwl," meaning to twist or whirl as in a double helix coil or genetic manufacturing. The startling implication of this and similar texts is that beneath the surface of earth, agents of darkness wait the moment of their return." (READ IT BEFORE IT'S BANNED BY THE US GOVERNMENT - PART 21 by Tom Horn)

Rochester is not known for any particular stone castles or fortresses. To consider Rochester as a stone fortress we have to consider what's unseen, underground. It's not uncommon to use caves and caverns as natural fortresses. The nature of the battlefield in Afghanistan provides a current example. Because a fortress or castle is constructed with secure containment in mind, the more successful designs have come to feature multiple concentric barriers that establish layered zones of protection. Many include subterranean compartments, tunnels and access to caverns. Is there a secure underground compartment hidden away out of sight in the Rochester area where the giants of Noah's day might be bound? It seems possible, and more and more probable to me. If there is a supernaturalism binding Greece and Rochester by some "Horatio Gates" construct, I have to consider how the evidence suggesting the opening of a time-release gateway (from what I've already presented in this series) in the not so distant past suggests the potential for yet another time-release opening, of some seal on a subterranean vault, releasing Rephaim/Nephilim at the prophesied end of their season of binding.

The Jinni

There is a class of beings associated with caves, the jinn. The jinn, or, djinn, are also known as genies, and one singular jinn is a jinni. Rochester is widely known for its Genny (Genesee Brewing Company beers and ales) and its Jenny, an early biplane designed and built by Glenn Curtiss in nearby Hammondsport! Although most will see no connection between the jinni, Genny and Jenny beyond merely sounding alike, there may well be a supernatural reason for Rochester's linguistic identification with jinni.

The legendary jinni is a supernatural creature that occupies a parallel world to that of mankind. According to the Occultopedia "Jinn" page, the fallen Watcher Azazel was a Jinn. The jinn are mentioned frequently in the Qur’an. The people of Oman believe jinn live in their caves. The winged genie is a motif in the Iron Age art of Assyria. Some popular literary works involving these creatures are One Thousand and One Nights and The Fisherman and the Jinni, plus there are spin-off productions like Disney's Aladdin.

"The mythical world of the Basques is peopled by genies or divinities that take on the shape of animals or of half human beings who live inside caves."
(The Basque People)

The word "jinn" is derived from the Arabic root j-n-n meaning "to hide" or "be hidden." The Curtiss Jenny received its moniker due to the JN of its JN-4 designation. Genny beers and ales are made by the Genesee Brewing Company, immediately downstream from High Falls.

"The Genesee Brewing Company was founded in 1878 from the Rau and Reiskey brewery. The early brewery was successful because of its high falls location and the use of caves dug in the rocks, to help keep the beer cool without refrigeration." (Genesee Brewing Company - RocWiki)

The brewery's name was recently changed to High Falls Brewing Company (2000-2009) but is now back under the Genesee name. You may recall from other posts how "High Falls" references the fallen angels and there's an easily recognized occult gateway on nearby State Street. Did you note how "Genny" was kept in caves? The name "Genesee" is derived from the Seneca language and originally meant "good valley" or "pleasant valley." Jinnistan is where jinn live, according to Persian legend, the chief province of which is the Country of Delight. At some point, any reasonable consideration of this collection of facts has got to rule out random coincidence.

Interpreting the parable of "Nathaniel Rochester" suggests the stone fortress is somehow a gift of God or a god, or both. Given how Rochester has in times past been renowned for great good and great evil, it seems to me that this region may become a refuge for a protected people in days to come, servants of the Most High God. I can't say with authority at the present time that Rochester truly is a stone camp or fortress of one kind or the other, or, for that matter, of both kinds or neither. The circumstantial evidence and what insight I believe I have received thus far suggests that Rochester is involved as a significant Mystery Babylon location and that it's a gateway used by the ancient gods, and that it's somehow related to the binding and loosing of Nephilim by way of the supernaturalism of magickal ritual from ancient times past. Are fallen angels akin to Azazel dwelling in some kind of subterranean stone fortress in Upstate New York? If so, it will soon enough be manifest.

New York resembles Greece

(Click the image to see a larger version)

At this point, I'm going to offer a survey of some of the local communities that bear the names of ancient Greece. Before I conclude, I'm going to show how Hermes is further revealed in this as the god or prince of Rochester. Notice how these (excepting Corfu and Arcade) were established just prior to 1830, when the modern state of Greece was recognized.

Corfu, NY (50 miles WSW of Rochester) is a village named after the Island of Corfu that was incorporated in 1868.

Arcade, NY (74 miles SW of Rochester) was established in 1807 as the "Town of China." The name changed to Arcade in 1866.

I was raised in Macedon, NY (20 miles ESE of Rochester), named after the ancient kingdom of Macedon (also known as Macedonia) in northern Greece. This was the birthplace of Alexander the Great. The namesake for the region was Makedon(Macedon), a mortal demi-god who, according to Hesiod the poet, was a son of Zeus and Thyia. The first officially recognized settlers arrived in 1789, and it was established as Macedon in the same year Rochester was officially established, 1823. Macedon, NY is a canal town, formed out of the nearby canal town of Palmyra.

Palmyra, NY (24 miles ESE of Rochester, established under this name in 1796) was named after an ancient city in Syria. Although that city isn't generally associated with the Greek Empire, it does bear features that distinctly point to the worship of the Greek gods. "The most striking building in Palmyra is the huge temple of Ba'al, considered "the most important religious building of the first century AD in the Middle East". It originated as a Hellenistic temple, of which only fragments of stones survive. The central shrine (cella) was added in the early 1st century AD, followed by a large double colonnaded portico in Corynthian style." (Palmyra - Wikipedia) Just south of Palmyra, NY, the Joseph Smith farm and the Hill Cumorah are found. A statue of the "Angel Moroni" is on top of that hill, as an exalted subregent.

The city of Syracuse, NY (87 miles E) is the largest city in Central New York. Another canal town, its namesake is the Greek city and province on the island of Sicily in southern Italy. Ancient Syracuse was founded by Corinthians, and allied with Sparta and Corinth. In ancient Corinth, honor was particularly given to Aphrodite, Apollo, Poseidon and Zeus, and, in ancient Syracuse, to Apollo and Zeus. Syracuse, NY had been known by several names before being officially incorporated in 1825. It was Corinth in 1817, but the name was changed when the US Postal Service rejected their application for a post office. A Corinth, NY Post Office had already been established in 1818 in Saratoga County.

Ithaca, NY (90 miles SE) is named for the Greek island. The village was incorporated in 1821, distinguished from its parent town of Ulysses, the Latinized form of the Greek Odysseus from Homer's Odyssey. According to legend, the ancient Ithaca was home to Odysseus and his wife Penelope. Penelope, according to some accounts, later bore a son with Hermes in Arcadia.

Ithaca is notably different in character politically (left-wing) and culturally from surrounding communities. The following are mostly as extracted from Wikipedia. Ithaca is host to the Namgyal Monastery, the North American seat of Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama. Ithaca is commonly listed among the most culturally liberal of American small cities. The Utne Reader named Ithaca "America's most enlightened town" in 1997. According to ePodunk's Gay Index, Ithaca has a score of 231, versus a national average score of 100. In its earliest years during frontier days, what is now Ithaca was briefly known by the names "The Flats" and "Sodom," the name of the Biblical city of sin, due to its reputation as a town of "notorious immorality". Nearby Robert H. Treman State Park features Lucifer Falls. The Ivy League Cornell University's early nickname was "the godless university," due at least in part to their lack of affiliation with organized religion.

Troy, NY (230 miles E) is on the Hudson River, a natural part of what became the great canal system. Troy was named in 1789 for the famous home of the Trojans of Greece, where lived the legendary beauty, Helen.

Athens, NY (255 miles ESE) as a village was incorporated in 1805, and as a town formed in 1815. Like Troy, it's on the Hudson River. A now defunct ferry was portrayed in the 2005 film "War of the Worlds," when alien Martian tripods attack the town and ferry with its refugees from New York City attempting to flee across the Hudson.

Sparta, NY (45 miles S) was established in 1789. It's not on the canal system.

Attica, NY (47 miles SW) as a town was established in 1811, and as a village was incorporated in 1837. It was named for the region in Greece that contains its capitol city, Athens. Like Corfu and Sparta, it's not on the canal system. The Attica Correctional Facility is famous for the deadly prison riot of September 13, 1971.

Arcadia, NY (34 miles ESE) is perhaps the most interesting of the Greek named cities, towns and villages listed here. The Zurich Bog is the lowest point in the town and a registered national landmark. It was known to the natives as the "Bottomless Pit." It has been recorded that Hermes was born at Mount Kyllene (Cyllene) in Arkadia (Arcadia). It is also recorded that Hermes learned from the Thriae the arts of fortune-telling and divination. In 1848, in the town of Arcadia, NY on Hydesville Road, the Fox sisters introduced in America what is known as Spiritualism. Note that it was from a place known as Hydesville, like "hides"-ville, that unseen forces were declared to be brought forth from the hidden realm, and this was actually a deception, hiding the true nature of the activity. Hermes is also known as a trickster, and many years later the Fox sisters confessed to the fraudulent nature of their activity. (Our day: a record and review of current reform, Volume 2 edited by Joseph Cook, Hazlitt Alva Cuppy) Margaret Fox (Kane) and her sister Kate admitted fraud, yet there really are authentic mediums (including the biblical witch of Endor plus Jane Roberts (who channeled "Seth") and Chip Coffee, both of Elmira, NY).

The area was first settled around 1791. The Town of Arcadia was formed from the Town of Lyons in 1825. More weirdness came forth in 1986 from Lyons and other locations around the county when a horror movie was filmed popularizing a local legend, the Lady in White. I remember hearing tales of the lady in white when I was in High School.

"Lady in White is a 1988 American horror film of the ghost/mystery genre. Much of the film was made in Wayne County, New York, taking advantage of appropriate local color. The movie is based on the story of The Lady in White who supposedly searches for her daughter in Durand-Eastman Park in Rochester, New York while protecting young women who are on dates with their boyfriends." (Lady in White - Wikipedia)

Back to the big city, in the heart of downtown Rochester there was a Corinthian Street. Midtown Plaza with its Clock of Nations was built on that very location, eliminating the street. (ROCHESTER'S HISTORY ~ AN ILLUSTRATED TIMELINE) As I mentioned earlier, in ancient Corinth, honor was particularly given to Aphrodite (who bore four children with Hermes), Apollo, Poseidon and Zeus. Had there been some supernatural connection established on that spot? Here's an image of a Hermes coin from Corinth, which seems appropriate given how Midtown Plaza was all about commerce and the sex magick of the god of commerce.

The compilation of facts, no matter how extensive or relevant will never convince the blind of anything, but those who recognize the artifacts of supernaturalism may perceive the influence of the ancient gods in the region. What Rochester was, is and will be seems quite significant.

More coming, Lord willing!

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Secrets of the Occult DreamWorks Animated Logo, and How to Train Your Dragon

I was watching the recent animated feature "How to Train Your Dragon" a few nights ago and in the opening sequence, an animated logo signaling and recruiting for the beast and his mark was presented. This DreamWorks imagery is yet one more witness to the devil's scheme. I made a video and posted it online in a continuing effort to awaken those still appointed for salvation and further open the eyes of those who are already awake and watching.

Occult Symbolism - DreamWorks Animated Logo 2010

As with earlier versions, the clip ends with a revelation that what we've been seeing is a reflection, referencing the Hermetic maxim, "As above, so below." The boy is seen inside the moon. The moon is a Bride symbol and the boy is the offspring, seen birthed as the moon is opened and the boy appears, a celestial and messianic child of the Sun and Moon. You'll notice that the boy's fly-fishing is like a whip, lashing out at the viewer. With the hook on the end, the viewer is the intended catch, to be reeled in at the appointed time. Warning! This is no catch and release program.

There's an important sequence of action sandwiched in the production. The heavens are opened and we look in, where we see a shadowy dragon appear. He descends towards the earth and disappears. Immediately three symbolic tridents appear, which sum to nine points. It's a scenario familiar to many of us, who understand the story of the dragon, the beast who appears and his mark in the book of Revelation, particularly chapters 12, 13 and 17.

Further insight into the nine points as a triple-helix DNA signal can be gleaned by searching this blog and watching this video: Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010 - Pt 1 of 2 - Occult Imagery

This animated logo is a new version for DreamWorks, introduced with "How to Train Your Dragon." The dragon that is seen in the animated logo is the main dragon featured in that movie, of a kind called a Night Fury. I don't intend to make a series or even a long study of this movie, but I will share a few insights.

"Night Fury" alludes to a passage in Revelation 12.

9) And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
12) Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Revelation 12:9,12

Like another animated feature I addressed at length earlier this year (Part 1 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda), the plot revolves around a hero who is a boy raised by a single parent and who is disobedient. In both movies, the boy conceals a creature with powerful destructive force, which with the boy's help later becomes a savior. Both boys ride the Beasts, have the initials H. H. and there is a Nordic/Viking connection. Hogarth Hughes / Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

With the "Dragon" theme, the connection to the dragon Satan is inevitable, but, compared to The Iron Giant, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly new being added that makes it worthy of investing too much effort here, at least to my understanding at the present.

Perhaps most obviously, His middle name contains "HORUS" - "HOR-rendo-US"!

The boy has 3 "H" names and he is "the third." His two triple helix DNA signals equal the dragon's, who is noted here as having three pair of wings and three ear-like apendages on the back of its head. At the end, Hiccup's body resembles the dragon's (both missing a lower left appendage). This speaks to me that H.H.H. has been transformed into the image of the dragon through the triple helix mark of the beast.

The dragon is given the name, "Toothless," suggesting the dragon is not a genuine threat and poses no danger, even though he's NOT toothless and is in fact the very most deadly creature, besting even the "queen bee" all the dragon's had served.

The imagery of the dragon is somewhat cute and tame at times like as with many Disney characters, but there is a fearsome evil darkness always at hand. The Night Fury is very bat-like, resembling a vampire bat and also scorpion-like (Revelation 9). The most interesting resemblance is to an axolotl, a kind of Mexican salamander popularly used for lab experiments. (See here) What makes this an intriguing connection is because of how the form of the creature can be changed so readily. An episode of X-Files, season one featured a guy who had a salamander arm and hand grown/grafted onto his arm, making him a hybrid.

The dragon and the "Horus" boy, missing appendages, could perhaps be like a salamander, like Osiris, who was chopped up by Seth and reassembled and reanimated by the regenerative magick of Isis.

The anti-messianic Iron Giant, too, had this reassembling regenerative power, in himself, which was manifested as he reassembled himself at the movie's closing scene. The reference to Osiris is easily confirmed by reason of Hogarth being shown with the only piece of the Iron Giant he could find; a screw, his phallus.

Over and again, the film industry testifies that they are servants of the master of this grand conspiracy. The beast and his mark are coming. The signs are all around. Fear God, who is your hope and mine.

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Links about Bells and occult Olympic ceremonies

Some links for further study about Bells and occult Olympic ceremonies

As always - CAVEAT: Eat the fish, spit out the bones

Frank R Molver (12 Oct 2010) "false fire musical instruments, church deception" - a testimony about the influence of a Shinto temple gong, a Tibetan singing bell used in meditation.
Perth Black Swan Bell Tower hints at Australian Antichrist
Uncovering the Hidden HELL’S BELLS (Ellis C. Taylor)

Occult Olympic Cauldron Lighting - Sidney, AU - 2000: Olympic Games opening ceremony (Ellis C. Taylor) Watch the video at the end to see the human sacrifice to Apollo (depopulation) cauldron lighting ending with the Apollo capstone illuminated atop the pyramid!

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Part 24 - Rochester, NY - The Burned Over District - Set apart by the ancient gods or demigods?

As I wrote at the outset of this series it was long before I began to identify the demonic dominion over Rochester, NY and interpret the expression of it that it was apparent to me that there was something special about the region. In this post, I'm going to offer some insight into why it is so.

Until fairly recently I was quite ignorant of the history of the area, having little more than the local grade school version of its history. Before it was "settled," the land was occupied by the Iroquois, a confederacy of "Native Americans" who lived in longhouses. The canal known as the Erie and later as the Barge Canal was somehow important, and the area seemed very proud of Susan B. Anthony, a local woman who helped get women the right to vote. All that did little to educate me about the significance of the region.

In 1980, when the Lord drew me to Himself (when I finally gave up my efforts to flee from Him and let myself be drawn), I was brought into contact with a community of mostly young believers in Rochester and its suburbs who met for fellowship from house to house. Among them were some who truly lived by faith. I found it very interesting how that the way the Rochester area was viewed by the ministry folks on a national level was different from how I had perceived that Rochester was otherwise viewed by out-of-towners. It had never seemed to me that Rochester was really that significant, other than in the minds of the locals who exhibited the kind of self-promotion you typically find in any local community. The international ministry gave Rochester respect because of the evident work of the holy spirit and the character of the people who were being raised up. I have come to see now that Rochester is given respect beyond what I had recognized, by the worldly for the works and working of unholy spirit - and, by the saints, for that of the holy spirit.

I had apparently come into a work at the tail-end of something of a revival (one that I later discovered had ties to what had happened on the West Coast with Lonnie Frisbee that also influenced Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel movement, and the Vineyard movement.) At one point, probably because of my desire to understand this situation, I was told about the events of a few years earlier. Apparently, miracles of healing and even the dead being raised was local legend, involving a small number of students at Irondequoit High School sometime in the 70s. I never pursued all the details, but from what was going on in my life it could hardly have been more obvious that the Lord had brought me there at that time and that there was something very special about it.

Perhaps I'll share more of my personal testimony sometime, Lord willing.

As some have observed in comments left on this blog, the Rochester area has a history of supernatural and related activity that has had global impact, with fruit ranging from the very, very good to the very, very bad. I've pointed out how it was in the town of Batavia (36 miles WSW of Rochester) where the rise of Freemasonry was curbed due to backlash from the kidnapping of Captain William Morgan in 1826. Joseph Smith (LDS/Mormon origins) claimed to find golden tablets at what is called Hill Cumorah (1827 - 30 miles SE in Manchester). Charles G. Finney, Presbyterian and former Freemason brought genuine revival to much of the area, visiting for three seasons.(1830-31, 1842, 1856) The result led to the region becoming known as the "burned-over district" due to the extent of the work. The Fox sisters are attributed with the introduction of Spiritualism in America (1848 - 33 miles ESE in Hydesville), a movement that is still celebrated to this day. Rochester and outlying communities like Seneca Falls are famous for political activism for the causes of temperance, suffrage and the abolition of slavery, largely through people of Quaker affiliation.

"Spiritualism first appeared in the 1840s in the "Burned-over District" of upstate New York, where earlier religious movements such as Millerism, and Mormonism had emerged during the Second Great Awakening. This region of New York State was an environment in which many thought direct communication with God or angels was possible, and that God would not behave harshly—for example, that God would not condemn unbaptised infants to an eternity in Hell." (Spiritualism (religious movement) - Wikipedia

Before I address why the region is probably so supernaturally active I wanted to introduce those of you who might not be familiar with it to the testimony of Charles G. Finney's seasons in Rochester.

The following excerpts are from The Prevailing Prayer-Meeting: BY THE REV. C. G. FINNEY, A SERMON, Delivered in Blackfriars' Street Congregational Chapel, Glasgow, on 4th September, 1859.

"... On to 1830 and 1831, for some years a wonderful spirit of prayer was seen to prevail among Christians. Daily prayer meetings were held--ministers and laymen uniting together--and Christians of both sexes observed certain hours for closet concert prayer. This continued to increase, as I can bear witness, and I did what I could to promote it, till, in 1830, it burst out with a mighty power in the city of Rochester, and overflowed in every direction until it reached many places east and west, till Dr. Beecher remarked to me: 'This is the greatest revival of religion that has been since the world began.' 100,000 were converted this year in the United States. Taking the whole of that time, or perhaps from 1830 to 1835, there could not have been fewer than 200,000 that were converted."

"Some of you have heard those revivals of religion discredited, and efforts have been made in this country to represent them as spurious. There is no greater mistake. I have been three times in great revivals in the city of Rochester, and have seen men from there recently. In 1830, 1842, and again three or four years ago, the revivals in Rochester spread themselves and overflowed till they have reached a vast extent of territory, and if there be any Christians in the world, I am sure they are to be found as the fruits of those revivals in the United States. I have been over the field of these revivals often, and can truly say that I do not believe that any revivals have ever been witnessed either in ancient or modern times that were more pure and more lasting in their results than those...."

I don't suppose Finney was given to exaggeration. What really blows my mind is how far Rochester has fallen since the culture was so dramatically influenced in that day, and how such little evidence of such a former work remains. The scale on which the fertile harvest was manifest in the work I had been brought into in 1980 doesn't compare to Finney's day.

So, why is the region so supernaturally potent? There appears to be an ancient connection to Greece and the gods honored by the Greeks. Consider the testimony of Manly P. Hall.

"From Plutarch's description of voyages it can be calculated that our great continent in the Western Hemisphere was visited by the ancient Greeks; they not only reached our shores but explored part of the Great Lakes area. ... Under a thin veil of symbolism they perpetuated in mythology their knowledge of our land which they called blessed....The area was anciently set apart for coming generations in the great human experiment of the democratic commonwealth." (The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall - 3 - WESTWARD OCEAN TRAVEL TO THE EARTHLY PARADISE)

When you read what Mr. Hall has recorded, you must interpret what he calls "the great human experiment of the democratic commonwealth" as a reference to what is in the biblical context to be understood as the kingdom of the Beast, the establishment of which is the goal of the secret societies termed "The Order of the Quest." Could Rochester, NY and the surrounding region have been explored by the ancient Greeks, which may well have been the gods or Nephilim demi-gods themselves? Mr. Hall declares elsewhere that their interest wasn't in settling or plundering (and, accordingly there appears to be no evidence of such activity) but, according to Hall, "The area was anciently set apart for coming generations in the great human experiment of the democratic commonwealth." By what means was the area "set apart for coming generations"? It's obvious they would not have been buying property and acquiring deeds to the land, physically. By interpretation, if such had come and called the land blessed, it should rather be understood as, "cursed." The area would have been set apart with a curse that claimed and established the region for a people who would labor to bring forth the kingdom of the Beast. Is this what was done?

The Bible documents how supernatural principalities may be legally appointed over territorial domains. I've presented convincing evidence in this blog (And, Lord willing, I'm not done yet) that the god worshiped as Hermes is the prince of Rochester, or "Rochester General." Just how this came to be may be due in part to the work of such a scouting party in an earlier season. Given what I've been presenting, it must be asked whether they established a gateway or portal, perhaps one of the 72 some believe to be distributed in key locations around the globe? Is there something to the Lovecraft inspired "blood-sealed vault" story that involves the Clock of Nations as a key element in the captivity of demonic beings that might terrorize Rochester upon their release? According to the book of Enoch, just such a thing is appointed for the near future, and I have to think there's some truth behind what Hall himself has declared in the palatable veneer of his book on the secret destiny of America!

Beyond the evidence I've already brought forth for consideration in these 24 posts, I made a further very interesting observation that seems to validate Hall's interpretation of Plutarch's description of voyages. There seems to be an inordinate number of towns and villages in the region of Rochester that bear the names of the cities, city/states and islands of ancient Greece. This wouldn't seem unusual if the area was settled by Greek immigrants, but it wasn't. If the land was indeed set apart in ancient times for future generations and the gods who had a stake in the property influenced the occupants of the land even while they established their identity, well, that would explain it.

To be continued, Lord willing!

Links of interest:

[video] Jesus Christ, DNA and the Holy Bible (reposted by Mike Hoggard. This is an excellent update to the first of three DVD's in the series distributed by Cutting Edge.

Links related to the burned over district

The Burned-Over District Re-Visited by John H. Martin
WFW: The Burned-Over District
The Burned-Over District
Nature of the Burned-Over District

Misc News

Anthem Blue Cross is allowed to move ahead with rate hikes
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Part 23 - Rochester, NY - Sex Magick of the Clock of Nations, Hermes and the "Wings of Progress"

If you've been following this blog and are generally able to grasp the reality of what I've been putting on exhibit, the graphic reproductive imagery and sex magick of the Clock of Nations and the statue of Mercury/Hermes probably won't shock you. Otherwise, you may want to take some time to catch up on the blog before reading further. These two icons of Rochester, NY are stealth weapons of the gods who, as the most wicked and devious of sexual predators, target as their prey everyone who passes through their domain. They exercise an ancient magick that works as powerfully now as it ever did in ages past.

This post follows in the manner of the previous two in this series, with the theme of the post matching the meaning of the number. There are 23 chromosomes in a reproductive cell (a gamete - egg or sperm), which is half the number found in every other cell of our bodies. For this reason, the number 23 signals sexual reproduction. This number sometimes references the serpent's DNA and the offspring of the upcoming counter-flood of Noah's day. This compares to the Genesis 6 mating of the sons of god with the daughters of men that will be echoed in the coming mark of the beast scheme. Man's two strand DNA will become three stand with the splicing in of the serpent's DNA.

Sex magick models the reproductive act that conceives and then ultimately brings forth the offspring of the serpent, and sometimes actually invokes instances of the same.

To see Rochester's icons from the particular perspective of procreative sex magick I'm going to reference some similar works, beginning with what Tom Horn has presented about the ancient Egyptian version in the Osiris/Isis/Horus mythos. The dynamic of the obelisk and dome pairings seen in Washington, DC and the Vatican is that of Rochester's icons. The following two paragraphs are quotes from "Apollyon Rising 2012," excerpted from Domes, Obelisks, and Magic Squares, O My! How the Most Powerful Nation on Earth Beckons the Evil One.

"In ancient times, the Obelisk represented the god Osiris’ "missing" male organ, which Isis was not able to find after her husband/brother was slain and chopped into fourteen pieces by Seth. Isis replaced the missing organ with an Obelisk and magically impregnated herself with Horus, the resurrected Osiris. This legend formed the core of Egyptian cosmology and was fantastically venerated on the most imposing scale throughout all of Egypt by towering Obelisks, including at Karnak where the upright Obelisks (of Osiris) were "vitalized" or "stimulated" from the energy of the masturbatory Sun god Ra shining down upon them. Modern people, especially in America, may view these symbols as profane or pornographic, but they were in fact ritualized objects the ancients believed could produce tangible reactions, properties, or "manifestations" within the material world. The Obelisk and Dome as imitations of the deities’ male and female reproductive organs could, through government representation, invoke into existence the being or beings symbolized by them. This is why inside the temple or Dome, temple prostitutes representing the human manifestation of the goddess were also available for ritual sex as a form of imitative magic…"

"Through such imitative sex, the Dome and Obelisk became "energy receivers" capable of assimilating Ra’s essence from the rays of the sun, which in turn drew forth the "seed" of the underworld Osiris. The seed of the dead deity would, according to the supernaturalism, transmit upward from out of the underworld through the base (testes) of the Obelisk and magically ejaculate from the tower’s head into the womb (Dome) of Isis. In this way, Osiris could be "born again" or reincarnated as Horus over and over…."

This ritual magick may be performed using objects other than the obelisk and dome. This was modeled during the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. From the London Ceremony that anticipated the 2012 London Olympics, multiple versions were signaled using umbrellas. If you're not familiar with the extensive presentation on The Open Scroll, I recommend investing some time in the study of that series, with a particular focus on the umbrella use. (See Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Two and Part Three Also, having a good grasp of "The Flood as a Conception-Baptism" will really help, from Part Seven, where I document the basis of interpreting the rain as seminal fluid and sperm in the Biblical account of the great flood.)

During the London Presentation, marking the point at which the literal climax of the "Whole Lotta Love" sex scene performed by Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis was reached, a hero of his sport, David Beckham, launched a soccer ball into the crowd of volunteers. The umbrellas that had just been opened signaled the downpour from heaven, not of rain but of what the soccer ball signified, the dragon's seed coming upon the earth.
Note how the soccer ball is almost David's very identity. The pentagram-embedded (five-point star enclosed in a circle) object that represents the serpent's seed had been kept down below out of sight. When the reproductive act being dramatized had passed the point of no return, the ball rose from below as from the loins to be launched into the air and fall upon the fertile earth below, received by volunteers who were illuminated with a pink light just as the circular womb stage had been earlier during the Chinese presentation of the same reproductive act. This dramatic modeling of the reproductive act compares to the magickal working of the obelisk and dome.

When the statue of Hermes was set upon its new pedestal in 1974, one block north of its former home, it was given a more suitable setting. With even a general understanding of how towers are pagan phallic symbols, it takes little imagination to see this architectural structure as an erect member, with a pyramid-esque head and red brick shaft. This compares to the square-based obelisk, capped with a pyramid. As the magickal ejaculate, winged Hermes carries the precious seed aloft in his purse. This compares to the dragon-seed soccer ball Beckham launched into the heavens to fertilize the earth during the Beijing Olympics. The stylized white "foreskin" borrows its flare from the Clock of Nations design, linking the two objects visually and possibly magickally, and also serves to make the gigantic penis a little less obvious.
The stylized "foreskin" is also linked to the High Falls Garage, which echoes its triad of rectangular ports in the decorative rooftop-level perimeter.

Hermes is a phallic god and god of the fertility of herds. His worship was primarily observed with "Hermai (stones that marked roads and boundaries - often adorned with the carved head of Hermes and a fertility phallus)" The phallic tower of the Aqueduct Building is of a square proportion, just like traditional Hermai. (See graphic images of Hermai here)

In Part Nine of this series I presented a parallel to this gigantic phallus, where one of the Nephilim images at the ROC airport is also a Hermai. At a mere 20 feet in height, the airport's version is considerably smaller, but suitable in scale for its context and purpose. The bird house on top compares to winged Hermes on top of the Aqueduct Building's Hermai downtown at Broad and Exchange.

The winged Hermes downtown is propelled on his way by a column of air from the mouth of Zephyr, which is the statue's decorative point of attachment to its base. Note the regenerative features of this god who lends his support to the dynamic.

"ZEPHYROS (or Zephyrus) was the god of the west wind, one of the four directional Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He was also the god of spring, husband of Khloris (Greenery), and father of Karpos (Fruit)." ZEPHYROS -

Why do you suppose the Hermes obelisk might have been set upon what is called the Aqueduct Building? "An aqueduct is a water supply or navigable channel (conduit) constructed to convey water. In modern engineering, the term is used for any system of pipes, ditches, canals, tunnels, and other structures used for this purpose." (Aqueduct - Wikipedia) Think about the male reproductive system with its ducts, the vas deferens and urethra. Get it? As Tom Horn had written, "Through such imitative sex, the Dome and Obelisk became "energy receivers" capable of assimilating Ra’s essence from the rays of the sun, which in turn drew forth the "seed" of the underworld Osiris. The seed of the dead deity would, according to the supernaturalism, transmit upward from out of the underworld through the base (testes) of the Obelisk and magically ejaculate from the tower’s head into the womb (Dome) of Isis. In this way, Osiris could be "born again" or reincarnated as Horus over and over…." The Aqueduct Building is the magickal vas deferens and urethra, through which the "seed" of the underworld Osiris is conducted!

I can't reference any eyewitness testimony, but it's a safe bet that Freemasons were responsible for this evidence of supernaturalism. What happened in nearby Batavia, NY as a backlash from the famous kidnapping and murder of Captain William Morgan curbed the spread of Freemasonry in the local area and around the country in the years following 1826. Yet, Freemasonry is easily documented as continuing in the area, driven further underground, becoming more secretive.

Another magickal phallic tower, this one on an even larger scale, is located a mere block away from the Aqueduct Building. The "Wings of Progress" atop the art-deco icon exhibits a stylized four square "Hermai" design with an obfuscated but still recognizable glans penis-shaped head. This, too, appears to be an angelic transmission tower for magickal emission of the dragon's seed!

Now, please consider the Clock of Nations as another phallic tower, magickally emitting the dew of heaven in an expressive scene. This is closely related to the flowering serpent tree motif of the clock as featured in Part 20, another reproductive operation that serves to magickally bring forth serpent offspring. The design of the Clock of Nations is more sophisticated than an obelisk but the basis for its function is the same.

Consider how clock faces are placed on a head. Consider how the stylized phallic foreskin of the Aqueduct Building Hermai echoed the flare of the lower clock head. The four-square head is seen, in this instance, upon a round shaft.

Above it we see the magickal emission. Instead of winged Hermes on a column of air blown by the Zephyr, or a bird house (airport Hermai) held aloft by a perforated or aerated column, or the ascending "Wings of Progress" we see a ring of heavenly blue doves in flight. Instead of the valuable seed in Hermes' purse or the presumed fertile seed in the bird house, we see bells as the eight-fold seed within the splashing semen.

Higher yet, we see a globe with a ring of satellites around it's equator. It may represent an egg bathed in sperm, as at the moment of conception. It may also represent the Earth as a cage for its inhabitants, trapped in this serpent Dragon's reproductive scheme, with the planet Mercury influencing the world as it revolves, his caduceus mazing the eyes, herding the fertile flock in a grand cross-breeding scheme. This magickal construct may also be a kind of celestial distributor and dispersal system.

I've already written about the clock as having nautical features. I'd like you to see it now as being wet, washed with the dew of heaven that emits from the magickal phallus. The 12 pods of the clock that represent the cultures, nations and people of the world are covered with the viscous fluid, symbolized by the "bell-seed colored" flower-like pattern as it drips down to bathe each egg. Each egg is pictured with the next drop of seed in the flowing stream appearing just above it. There's such an abundance of the bell dew that the bottom of each egg pictures a run-off. Just as at the flood in the days of Noah the eighth, the dragon's counter-flood intends to overflow the world, and so we see the water level represented on the shaft, with the waves of the sea raised above the height of the mountains, the kingdoms of men and their earthly domain.

If it weren't for all the supporting evidence, the suggestion of such an interpretation for Rochester's iconic clock of Nations might seem preposterous, and to the ignorant, it must surely still! Yet, what I described is legitimate and the magick is quite real. Rochester, NY's iconic symbol is a satanic device, a tool for world domination. The magical clock presents a vivid depiction of the hope of Satan's family and kingdom being fulfilled. It's also a stealthy magical working that advances this agenda. It works at the airport, and it worked at Midtown Plaza.

The fertilization makes everything wet with the dew of heaven. Rabbinical scholars have noted the link ("Dew and rain are closely related to each other in Hebrew literature as sources of fertility and of regeneration of life (Micah v. 6 [7])." DEW - and, notably, so have students of mystery traditions.

The following excerpt relates to Edward Kelley’s poem “Concerning the Philosopher’s Stone” (Concerning Ed. Kelley’s Poem by Teresa Burns - Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition - No. 15, Vol. 2. Autumnal Equinox 2008)

"Here we encounter one of the most common actions in chemical theater, albeit with unusual wording. Kelley prefers “spermes” to the more usual “dew,”[31] perhaps for the implicit Hermes/”Spermes” pun, since the dew from heaven, also called mercurial or Hermetic water, is what magically cleanses, transforms, re-animates[32] and re-impregnates matter. As described in Kelley’s Stone of the Philosophers,, philosophic mercury (or Hermes, or here “Spermes”) is also the seed or common origin of living “metal.”"

It's this fertilizing and regenerative version of the "dew of heaven" that carries the dragon's seed. The dragon seed mark of the beast plan has been concealed by a number of cover schemes, one of which is the alchemical transformation of base metal into gold, and, another of which is the philosopher's stone.

[ "extra credit" - The esoteric meaning of the "dew of heaven" may be perceived in such as Job 38:27-29, Psalm 110:3, Psalm 133:3 and Isaiah 26:18-19. Consider the relationship between the dew and manna (Numbers 11) and the Messiah's cryptic presentation of himself as manna woven in with in John 6 ("food is to the eater like a father is to a son" - see Who is Cain's Father? Part One). ]

Here's a validation of the clock-as-magickal-obelisk interpretation. When the Clock of Nations was still at Midtown Plaza it was near to a special fountain. The fountain's pool had the typical "wishing well" magick, but the fountain had a further role to fulfill as it echoed the Clock of Nations' emission of the dew of heaven! You may perceive how the producers of the Jam Handy promo movie (Midtown Plaza Mall (1963) - this may appear below) must surely have been privy to this particular sex magick scheme! The evidence may be seen in this image (above left) I captured from the video, but, because of the relatively poor quality, it's much more easily seen in the video itself.

About a minute in to the video, you can see the fountain featured in the foreground with the clock in the background. The nation-eggs of the clock are pictured rotating around, appearing to pass right through the fountain's emission. This imagery is featured again at 5 minutes in, while the narrator is saying, "... spirit that is the timeless magic of the marketplace since cities began. A delight to the children ..." You can try to tell me those responsible didn't understand what was being signaled but, seeing what I see, I won't buy it. I'm not that gullible!

When the camera crew at the airport positioned the camera for the clock's dedication ceremony and superimposed it over "The Monument," could what was so appropriately signalled there also have been done in ignorance? Are we still that gullible?

Have you considered the fountain's replacement at the airport with regard to the dew of heaven? The Hermai and other Nephilim in "The Council" roundabout stand in a pool, as wet with the dew of heaven.

The magickal emission of the clock is unseen. What we do see in the natural realm are the clock's decorative elements, symbolic artifacts. The fountain at Midtown Plaza was a concrete physical display of the clock's abstract supernatural dynamic, and it seems likely to me that it was magically linked to the clock with regard to the dew of heaven sex magick.

Compare the clock's construction to the fountain spray, with wet central pillar and wet concentric ring of lessor height. Notice how the clock and the fountain, when viewed from above or below, appear as a dot in a circle. This is the male bindu in a female circle - a basic symbol of the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men.

With this aspect of the Clock of Nations now brought to light, let's reflect back on what has been learned about the clock and its purpose, recalling the short story inspired by H.P. Lovecraft that was the subject of Part 17 - Rochester, NY - The Blood Sealed Vault of Cthulhu.

As a flowering serpent tree receives its nourishment from the root system below ground, and as the supernaturalism of the obelisk draws the seed of the underworld Osiris, what lies under the Clock of Nations must be considered as providing a necessary resource in its living dynamic. In the short story (which the Lord dramatically highlighted for special attention), the "professor" "said that the demolition of the Midtown Plaza, and the relocation of the Clock of Nations to the airport dangerously weakened the seal on 'the vault'." He gave the instruction, "This time, you must seal it with blood." Returning to Midtown Plaza and the exact spot where the clock had been, a ceremony was performed with an incantation and blood sacrifice that was met with approval, assuring us that the seal on the vault was indeed strengthened. If there's any truth in this, and I believe there is (with more involved than I have shared), the physical evidence we see suggesting the supernaturalism is validated. Whatever magickal channel, conduit or portal might have been severed before its appointed time had to be addressed.

It's easy enough to see how the seed of Osiris in the underworld and the roots of the serpent tree of knowledge of good and evil relate to the clock as a device for emitting the dew of heaven, drawing from an unseen reservoir within the earth. The reproductive activity will produce the Horus/Apollo Beast and the mark-of-the-Beast hybrid serpent offspring. Acknowledging the testimony of the Bible and the book of Enoch, those fallen angelic beings who are bound under the earth at the present time as in a bottomless pit are appointed for release. They will make entrance back into our world as agents for the execution of judgment. The short story offered a little back story about the vault, from which parallels may be observed that find added substance in the Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos.

"The gist of the letter was that I needed to come to visit the professor in Arkham, or what I had done so long ago would be undone and some sort of vault or gate would reopen and creatures with a whole lot of consonants and not many vowels in their names would be free to terrorize Rochester."

As to what the Clock of Nations and the other sex magick devices are about, it seems easy enough to connect the dots. That these devices have been ordained in a magickal scheme to invoke the Beast and bring forth a family and army of worshipers should be obvious.

When the short story's role of a birthmark-eye is considered along with its peculiar description, it speaks of the supernatural guidance of the unholy spirit of antichrist, the illumined eye, the capstone lamp-eye that illumines and guides those who are enlightened in the esoteric knowledge of the ancient mystery traditions, like the professor. The "birth-mark" signifies a DNA mark, right? Rays radiating out from the lamp-eye appear as tentacles of a "glistening" (meaning: the quality of shining with a bright reflected light) octopus.

"Well, I figured out what the professor wanted. On the drive down, the eye came back, right there in front of my. It grew larger and more distinct the closer I got to the demolition site. I could see now it wasn't a human eye. The pupil looked more like a glistening octopus. Spreading from the center were tentacles that seemed to push up the white of the eye, and the lashes seemed to wiggle of their own volition."

What I'm presenting here should be speaking to you about how we got to be in the state we're in today. We have been preyed upon in a grand satanic conspiracy our whole lives. Whether or not you've ever been to Rochester, NY, you are subject to similar schemes. The devil is very clever. He's been practicing and rehearsing this mark of the beast reproductive scheme for a very, very long time!