Friday, February 26, 2010

The Implantable Microchip in your future

A couple days ago I mentioned how PositiveID had quietly announced a new partnership that advances the implantable microchip toward "mark of the beast" readiness. This must be seen as a giant step. Joseph Herrin is one who sees how significant this is (See Parables blog), but who else has noticed and is sounding an alarm? Is CNN, Fox News or Matt Drudge? I'm noticing some attention being drawn to the new Missile Defense Agency logo, which is a good thing, but really the latest PositiveId partnership with FIS is bigger news by far!

PositiveId has a broad spectrum of features available to their chip through their continually expanding array of partners, acquisitions and other corporate relationships. IBM is involved and has been for a long time. You've heard of them, right? One relationship that should grab your attention is the one with Raytheon Microelectronics España (operating as "ELCAN Optical Technologies"), which has been contracted to manufacture their chips. Who are they and why should we care? Here's an excerpt from ELCAN's Customer Bulletin dated October 6, 2009.

"The Raytheon Company, with 2008 sales of $23.2B, is a technology leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world. Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services."

If you look around Elcan's site, you'll find this on their "Defense & Security" page.

Around the free world, every major battlefield platform critical military observation and targeting system has assemblies and/or sub-systems manufactured by ELCAN. ELCAN supplies mission critical components to every major military subcontractor in North America and Europe.

Leading defense contractors turn to ELCAN, for their unique understanding and experience with advanced optical systems, to solve customer challenges. Some of the greatest advancements in infrared imaging, digital display technologies, optical guidance, airborne sensors, observation, and targeting systems are founded on optics by ELCAN.

ELCAN Optical Technologies is the rugged hi-tech mission leader with a complete range of battle-tested, premium quality optics, electronics, opto-mechanics and opto-electronics for military and commercial applications.


If you click from that page to their North American Market page you'll find the following.

"North American customers choose ELCAN because we understand the diverse demands of military engagement and the need for components to perform flawlessly in all defense and security applications.

ELCAN works with many defense industry customers as well as governments around the world.

From one program to the next, ELCAN customers have come to rely on our ability to deliver consistent and proven production. For defense and homeland security, ELCAN provides unprecedented sensor and display components for: airborne, missile, tactical, naval and man-portable systems and sub-systems.

This puts a whole new level of !OMG! into Scott Silverman's declaration of "We will blow up his *ss whenever!" You can hear the CEO of PositiveId say that when you play the video I posted recently (The man behind the microchip implant leaks shocking truth during interview).

Let me offer some perspective on the meaning of this relationship between PositiveId and ELCAN. Do you see the implicit threats here? If a microchip implant is ever implemented by those engaging in such activities at the present time, who could resist the will of those who direct the programs? Well, the implementation has already begun, my friend.

I'll cut right to the chase. If you're not yet right with the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and able to hear, recognize and obey the voice of the good shepherd, His son Y'shua, this should rightly strike terror into your heart! The evidence that there is a grand conspiracy is all around you. There is an enemy of your soul and he has been building a net to enclose you and I as a trap. One way the Bible refers to this net is as a global Beast system whose control over individuals is through what is called the mark of the beast. The chip is a key element in that mark.

Let's be clear headed about our response to this knowledge. The momentum building towards the implementation of the microchip implant is not something that will be stopped by grass roots movements or legislative efforts. The coming of the beast and the implementation of his mark is appointed for a season and the sovereign God's agenda will ultimately be served in it. It will come right on schedule. My interest in this is as a watchman, according to the Lord's direction to watch in Mark 13:37. My interest in declaring it is to save souls, speaking not as a salaried evangelical salesman but as one appointed for such a time as this to call attention to the near approach of an enemy with weaponry both deadly and deceptive. See the enemy approaching! Grasp the reality of this situation! Can you claim to love God and love your brother and keep silent about this threat? I can't.

I'd like to address the nature of this conspiracy and offer some perspective. Most folks tend to see life as if it were a marionette show, focused on the drama of the stage show but failing to consider that another directs the activity from above. (Ephesians 6:12 ... "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against" ... a hierarchy of spiritual entities with appointed domains of authority) When Scott Silverman is heard in the surveillance acquired through hacking into the reverse speech channel saying, "The bore will enslave! Am not I at risk?" why should we doubt the truth of it? When Lady Gaga is heard, while enchanting her adoring assembly, reverse-speaking, "So, thank you, President, you are a Nairf! You're closing the net. When we're all connected, You are enslaved. Believe me, you are!" should we doubt the veracity of her statements? When the President, whom she acknowledged as a Nairf (reverse-speak for "boss," referencing the relevant authority of Ephesians 6:12), is heard during his inaugural acceptance speech reverse-speaking "I was their first Nabu. I built Babel. Her slaves thee!" should we imagine that it might be just some weird coincidence that the noise coming out of his mouth just happened to sound like that? He has declared himself to be a Nairf, and so has his second-in-command, Rahm Emanuel. These declarations are each consistent with biblical declarations, the testimony of many other historical writings and artifacts, and our present reality. There are a few knots that remain to be tied before the net that encloses you and I is closed off. This won't happen tomorrow but the pace of knot-tying suggests that it's not far off.

The activity we see as the puppets in the staged show dance, jostle and sing "High on a hill was a lonely goatherd" is all very entertaining, but let's consider it in the greater context. The nature of this conspiracy is first spiritual, directed by Satan as commissioned by the sovereign Lord. While Satan can pull no string my Heavenly Father does not permit, make no mistake that he is no friend.

When the mark of the beast follows the arrival on the scene of the two beasts of Revelation 13 some will look back to this day with deep regret and wish they had paid more attention now. Don't be that guy. Don't be that gal. If you can help it don't let your neighbor, or boss or uncle... How much evidence do you think you need before you can get someone's attention? Are you waiting for more? Don't make me cry. It may be that the Lord is calling you to get on-board with this. Your opportunities are better now than will be soon. Don't let shoulda-coulda-woulda be your testimony.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How could Ham sin so soon after the flood?

In response to some questions and comments about a study I posted recently on The Open Scroll I have added some content to Who is Cain's Father? Part Three in a side bar, and also below. If you haven't yet read the first two parts, you'll be missing some important background info.

How Ham could have done such an evil deed so early in the season following the flood is a curious matter. The influence that inspired and motivated Ham to procreate with his mother had to come from somewhere. The ability to raise up fruit that would be grafted into the bad tree had to come from somewhere. From part two of this study it was revealed how Genesis 3:18 is a prophetic declaration that thorn and thistle men would be brought forth from the cursed ground for Adam for the full duration of his abiding in the dust body. Even though the surface of the earth was purged of the seed of the serpent by the flood, the promise assured their return with little delay.

In the post-flood age, the serpent's seed must be brought forth in the same manner as before the flood, through procreation with the daughters of men. In the garden it was the serpent Tree with Eve, and afterward, the fallen angel sons of god with the daughters of men. The thorns and thistles must be brought forth, and another sire would be required.

Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?
Romans 9:21

Ham may have been made from the same lump of clay as his brothers, but he was somehow made unto dishonour. How did this come to pass? It's easy to understand how people are who and what they are because of what's inherited from their parents, genetically. It's harder to understand how we're not simply as we were when we came into the world. What we now know from scientific study is that our genes change over time due to viral and other factors. Could Ham have mutated somehow? In the biblical narrative, immediately before we're told of Ham's sin, we're given what must be considered a clue.

Then Noah began farming and planted a vineyard. He drank of the wine and became drunk, and uncovered himself inside his tent.
Genesis 9:20-21

Some years must pass before a vineyard matures and yields grapes. More time must pass before the grapes can produce alcoholic wine. During this season, the food brought with Noah and his family on the ark ran out and they began to eat what grew from the ground. The ground had recently been purged by the flood but yet was, in fact, no less cursed than it had been before the flood. The flood did nothing to change the status of the cursed ground, or the promise that it would produce for Adam a "thorns and thistles" people! During this season, Ham also ate of the cursed ground. This son of Noah (who was "perfect in his generations") produced Canaan, who was specifically cursed, but Ham also begat Cush, who brought forth Nimrod. It's in the biblical account of Nimrod where some light appears to be shed on what happened to Ham.

Cush hath begotten Nimrod; he hath begun to be a hero in the land; he hath been a hero in hunting before Jehovah; therefore it is said, `As Nimrod the hero [in] hunting before Jehovah.'
Genesis 10:8-9 (Young's Literal Translation)

As Tom Horn points out, Nimrod didn't start out life as a hero, a giant, or, "gibborim." He "began to be," genetically changing, mutating. It seems likely to me that by a similar dynamic, Ham came to be inspired, motivated and enabled to begin fulfilling the promise of Genesis 3:17, as suggested in the clue offered in Genesis 9:20. Ham was the chosen vessel through whom those prophetic words would begin to be fulfilled in the new age.

I believe "environmental" factors had a role to play, and I'm also convinced that choices made about obedience, about sin, have an effect on one's DNA. Have you ever noticed the difference in appearance between those who habitually practice sinful deeds and those who habitually practice good deeds? It does not seem at all likely that Ham just woke up one day with the idea of procreating with his mother, then just followed through. Over time, Ham changed.

Beyond the environmental factors and those due to choices Ham must have made it seems likely to me that there were also certain genetic factors that were present from birth, and that it was the sum of all these that brought Ham to "uncover his father's nakedness" and become the father of more than one line of bad tree fruit.

That Noah was perfect in his generations we know because the Bible declares it. Whether Noah's wife, the mother of Ham and Canaan by Ham, may have had genetic corruption that transferred through her 23 chromosome contributions is not something I can say with certainty, but it seems likely. If she was not as Noah was, "perfect in her generations," there is certainly the potential for corruption in her children. As I was taught genetics, the male who contributes the Y chromosome determines the blood and therefore the soul component. What influence a mother has genetically, who can say. The Lord knows, and I just know that I don't. If Noah's wife had corrupted DNA then certainly Shem and Japheth had the potential for some degree of corruption. The wife of Ham, who was probably the mother of Cush (who begat Nimrod), may have had corrupted DNA that passed to her children. The wives of Shem and Japheth must also be considered for their potential in the repopulating the earth with genetically impure offspring.

It's really necessary in the broader context to consider the underlying spiritual nature of such matters as our behavior and genetic identity. There is always the matter of legality to be considered, which establishes the relationships and domains of the supernatural agents involved. For, truly, we wrestle not against flesh and blood as it is written in Ephesians 6, but against spiritual entities who have appointed domains of activity and authority. Angels and demons that can and do manipulate matter have a role to play in who does what and becomes what, ultimately according to the will and purposes of the sovereign God.

Ham, a vessel of dishonor made from the same lump of clay as his brothers, after eating what grew from the cursed ground for a season decided to procreate with his mother. Thorns and thistles were going to be produced for Adam. The Lord God made provision for his Word to be fulfilled.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What does the Vancouver Olympics logo really mean?

What is the meaning of the Vancouver Olympic logo? Designed by Vancouver artist Elena Rivera MacGregor, the stone man image is a stylized inunnguaq, a special form of an inuksuk. An inuksuk is a stone construction found in the Arctic region of North America. Some speculate that these were built by humans and used by native peoples as a landmark, a reference point used for navigation. The most common type is said to be a single stone, set upright.

Why would the Olympic committee choose the inunnguaq as the basis for their logo? The IOC should be well known by now for their deliberate and clever choices of occult images. The inunnguaq is fitting for their purposes, perfectly fitting! Quoting from the wikipedia page, "The word inuksuk means 'something which acts for or performs the function of a person.'" The inunnguaq is an inuksuk that is made in the form of a human. This should recall in the mind of the biblically literate a passage from Revelation 13.

14) And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life.
15) And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.
16) And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,
17) and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:14-17

An inunnguaq is of itself, as designed and built by who or whatever first built it, an image of the beast and a forerunner of the ultimate fulfillment of the type. This forms the basis for the Vancouver Olympics' logo, which functions as all their logos do to futher conceal and reveal what many now recognize as an agenda of promoting the antichrist delusion, the coming beast and the mark of the beast!

The biblically literate should also perceive in the Olympic inunnguaq, which is the image of a man composed of diverse colors, the dramatic image of a man composed of different colored materials seen in the prophetic dream of Daniel chapter 2.

31) You, O king, were looking and behold, there was a single great statue; that statue, which was large and of extraordinary splendor, was standing in front of you, and its appearance was awesome.
32) The head of that statue was made of fine gold, its breast and its arms of silver, its belly and its thighs of bronze,
33) its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of clay.

Daniel 2:31-33

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon was the head of gold (Daniel 2:38). Given the ascendancy of gold among metals and the head among body parts, the entire statue or image thus inherits the character of Babylon, which is easily noted from a consideration of history. A king of Babylon and Nabuchadnezzar in particular typifies the beast of Revelation 13, yes, the beast of the "mark of the beast." The Olympics are celebrating the image, the kingdoms of men and their head, whom you might also know as the god Apollo, the very god whose identity is concealed in the great seal of the United States and whose soon coming is heralded in the same! If you're not following me here, you probably haven't been following this blog or the recent efforts of Tom Horn, Chris Pinto and others.

43) And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery.
44) In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that kingdom will not be left for another people; it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever.
45) Inasmuch as you saw that a stone was cut out of the mountain without hands and that it crushed the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold, the great God has made known to the king what will take place in the future; so the dream is true and its interpretation is trustworthy.

Daniel 2:43-45

Note that the head of the Olympic inunnguaq is colored green, like that of Osiris, the god of resurrection that is believed to be the very same being known to the Greeks and Romans as Apollo. (Is the left leg clay colored? Isn't iron oxide red?) The stone construct with the green head, isn't that like the great pyramid seen on the one dollar bill's version of the pyramid? Remember some other green topped capstone imagery covered recently in this blog?

What is the meaning of the Vancouver Olympic logo? It is a symbol representing the image of the beast that will be worshiped. It is an image of a stone messiah that is NOT cut out of a mountain without hands, but rather by the effort of men like the Jacque Rogge, Scott Silverman and others who support their agenda, whether knowingly or in ignorance.

Have you noticed how that when you know the secret plans and learn to interpret the symbols, you see the master plan being signaled by the players who are directed by that head just about everywhere you look? See how the effort is well coordinated and the plan, far advanced?

Update - 4/8/2010

As with the logos of the bracketing Olympics, the word ZION can be assembled from the pieces of the Vancouver 2010 image.

This Zion is their reference to the "New Jerusalem" that is the assembled head and body, the Beast-capped pyramid.

PositiveID partners with a leader in the financial services and payments industries

PositiveID partners with FIS, an acknowledged leader in the financial services and payments industries. The implantable microchip company has just today announced a partnership agreement with FIS. (See their press release for detail.) This is a very significant connection, binding the health and financial services together in the context of the now "identity secure" microchip implant. If you've been waiting for a big step in the advance of this threatening movement, this is one of the last!

"FIS delivers banking and payments technologies to more than 14,000 financial institutions and businesses in over 100 countries worldwide. FIS provides financial institution core processing, and card issuer and transaction processing services, including the NYCE(R) Network. FIS maintains processing and technology relationships with 40 of the top 50 global banks, including nine of the top 10." Readers familiar with this blog may note that the strategy pictured in's marketing sequence that outlines the introduction of the mark of the beast in the context of the medical center has now quietly reached a major milestone!

FIS stands for "Fidelity National Information Services." On their corporate site, FIS claims to be the leader in the financial services and payments industries. This is no "small beginnings." The recent acquisition of Steel Vault, which gives positiveID and their chip technology the level of security required to play in these other markets was no small step either.

PositiveID's previous press release, coming a mere two days before announcing their FIS partnership, promotes their success with "Phase I Proof of Concept Result Provides Flu or Non-Flu Diagnosis" and presents their Phase 2 goal "to Develop a Prototype Point-of-Care Test to Sub-Type Classify Influenza Strains within Minutes." The expression "steamrolling" comes to mind describing their pace and momentum as they aggressively pursue their goals to position themselves for potential early implementation, by which I mean prior to when an implant will be required for essential life support services, like buying and selling.

In PositiveID's drive to establish themselves as the solution for the diabetic's need for glucose level monitoring, they announced on Feb 17 their acquisition of "Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, a Diabetes Management Company Focused on Non-Invasive Glucose Detection through Breath Analysis." Why would folks bent on chipping offer a chip-free solution? Perhaps they're actually interested in having some assurance that no such option will be offered, perhaps through the control afforded them through ownership of patents and intellectual rights? Should we be suspect of the company's motives? No. We already know their motives and they are not benevolent!

What's the missing ingredient in all this? Well, the only one of significance is that you have to have a beast before you can have the mark of the beast. We have not very long to wait, by any accounting. This upcoming Pesah season is the season appointed to watching for the revealing of the beast, the lawless one of 2 Thessalonians 2. On the thirteenth day of the first month, watch with me, if you will. Perhaps what I sought as the sign for the Bride in 2001 and 2008 will be seen in 2010, and perhaps not. Quite honestly, I would really like to think this will be the year, but I suspect it is appointed rather for 2015. I would really like to be wrong about that. We shall soon see! If the Pope and Bill Clinton get together again, I'm going to get pretty excited!

Lady Gaga

If you're interested, the occult symbolism and witchcraft relating to Lady Gaga is being addressed on two other Web sites. As the Lord leads, you may want to consider what is written on these pages:

Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet
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Lady Gaga Is A Witch

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yet another new 17Stormy17 video - Lady Gaga

Can you imagine a pop music icon who actually is doing the devil's work? I know! Shocking - and such a novel concept! Well, uh, no - not really. Because this is the rule and not the rare exception (if there even are exceptions) I seldom take much interest in current popular artists, but while I was doing some reverse speech practice to keep my skills up I listened to pop diva Lady Gaga. I listened to her first hit a while back and it was some pretty shallow drivel in the reversal. When I recently watched a short video of her in concert I was curious what was really behind the spell she obviously had on the audience.

In this particular clip Lady Gaga sat at a piano and addressed the audience in religious language and gestures. "All you need is love and art and each other. And I know that it is a tough weekend and we could all use a little oxygen. But the truth is that what this is all about is that you are all suffering for your love of music. Like Jesus." Then she began to play a song. The video is here Lady GaGa in concert - tells it like it is.

In reverse, she says: Who is Nairf? Yes, waiting for the applause and all your prayers. I soul harvested. Bible, what does it open? Yes Devil worship, them. That it is hot, but, it isn't God. So, thank you, President, you are a Nairf! You're closing the net. When we're all connected, you are enslaved. Believe me, you are!

Yes, the reverse speech I hear is legit, and it's telling it like it is. What she says and does plus the message heard in the reversal reveals that her popularity is due to her function as a priestess of a magical Osiris cult. I don't know how much of this she realizes, how self-aware she is, or, what she understands of the forces that propel her.

It's interesting that she thanks the president and acknowledges that he is a Nairf, which is reverse-speak for a boss, a ruling spiritual authority. I had heard her mention Obama by name in the reverse speech of "Just Dance," which was a bit murky in that phrase and therefore somewhat questionable, but I think it's obvious they are linked in their roles. Search the Web for "gaga obama" and see for yourself this connection.

Why do I say "magical"? She has a spell on some, who are enchanted by her music, her bizarre fashion and peculiar gestures. She's as a priestess and even worshiped as something of a goddess, which is pretty common to celebrities. Consider her latest marketing image that promotes her as the fame monster, compare it to the popular image of the infamous Aleister Crowley. See any similarities? (under her wrist, the reflection reminds me of the eye of Ra.)

She frequently has an eye covered or adorned in some strange way. In the video clip from the concert she's gesturing with a symbol she associates with "oxygen." Oxygen is a key element that represents breath and life, even the soul. This image of the eye or Ra, Horus or Osiris is a clue to what's behind the phenomenon of her popularity. If you've been following this blog for a while, little more needs to be said. She also associates herself with Zeus by way of her logo, which connects the thunderbolt of Zeus imagery with the great pyramid, as the body without the head, the pyramid without the capstone.

The thunderbolt is found on the Grateful Dead logo, another band that had and still has a spell on its fans. Really, the dead can only be grateful when they have been raised, like Osiris/Horus, the resurrection god. This equates to the worship of Zeus (as presented in the marketing imagery, remember?). The logo of the Grateful Dead is the dead head, the skull, which is a symbol of the Beast. The mark of Zeus that is the thunderbolt is the mark of the beast on the head (Revelation 13), which is worn also by Harry Potter as a scar, who is marked as the chosen one.

Lady Gaga recruits for the Osiris cult, the Beast, casting a spell over those who will clamor for the mark, which will soon be all the rage.

It seemed to me that presenting Lady Gaga as "The Fame Monster" is fitting, as the associated image clearly recalls the infamous monster of evil Aleister Crowley who was a forebear in the magical occult recruitment effort. I considered the potential for this phrase as an anagram. "The fame monster" == "nethermost fame." Also, without the article, "fame monster" equates to "meanest form," "semen format," "safer moment," and "fear moments."

More interesting yet, it is "freemason mt," and mt, as an abbreviation (Mt. - like Mt. Hermon or Mt. Olympus), is read, mount, as a stud "mounts" a mare. The allure of sexuality is part of her persona. Lady Gaga, as the temple prostitute of Freemasonry?

Another interesting anagram is "nostra femme," which suggests the famous prophet of the occult, Nostradamus. The name Nostradamus is the latinized form of his French name, Nostredame. Nostre-dame -- Nostra femme -- Nostra-damus

Also, "Cosa Nostra" may come to mind, which refers to the Sicilian Mafia. Sicily's flag is a triskelion with the Watcher/Nephilim Gorgon Medusa head at the center, a symbol of the triple helix DNA upgrade scheme related to the mark of the beast.

Anagrams are word symbols that are frequently leveraged by those being directed by their familiar spirits. One can get carried away trying to read conspiracy into things where none exists. However, where one DOES exist, and one does exist that has you targeted, my friend, its good to keep our eyes open to consider what weapons are forged in the dark against us. Many of these powerful weapons lose their influence when brought into the light of day.

The Lord Y'shua is the light, who has a Bride in mind and who cares to protect and bring us to maturity in his great Love! The work of Satan will have a season of success, but his days are numbered. The King who reigns in righteousness comes quickly!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Links, 2/22/2010 and - announcing another new 17Stormy17 video

Greetings! Will 2/22/2010 bring financial disaster for the U.S.? We'll soon see! I'm not eager to see it for trouble's sake, but such must come before my hope will be fulfilled.

Trouble is coming, and I'm not referring to the ultimate campaign of Armageddon. I haven't written much on timing issues recently, but Lord willing, I will soon. Some of you understand the importance of the Iran/Israel/U.S.A. relationship with regard to Daniel 8's prophetic fulfillment. I've been watching that situation with interest because it involves America's demise as a "Superpower," which has a huge impact on the whole world. As for when this event might come to pass I have very little insight, since I don't know how it links to anything about which I do have some insight about timing.

Last year, a crop sign that speaks of America's destiny appeared, discovered near Yatesbury in Wiltshire, U.K. on the morning of the 12th of June, 2009. America's famous eagle is actually the mythical phoenix, a symbolic representation that is being publicized by Tom Horn and others who understand America's occult history. A burning phoenix is plainly pictured in the barley crop, the bird that, like the Osiris/Horus Egyptian resurrection god identities that are so obviously identified with this national entity, resurrects itself, burning then rising from its own ashes. According to Daniel's prophecies, understanding how America is the shaggy goat whose destiny can be read in Alexander the Great's lessons and also how the prophetic dreams and visions of many (like Dumitru Duduman) declare that America must burn, we should have every expectation that what is known today as America the beautiful is the national phoenix, appointed to burn. What will arise from the ashes is patterned after what arose from Alexander's, a new Selucid kingdom with its Antiochus Epiphanes, a little horn, the entities emerging that will shortly fulfill the roles appointed for "the Beast."

I've taken lots of notes about the year 2012, and written some about it relative to the London Olympics and U.S. Presidential election schedule. I'd like to weigh in on it soon because this year, based upon a series of revelation insight I've had and shared on for many years that goes beyond the Mayan long count calendar and myriad other indicators, marks an important transition. It marks the completion of 21 (3x7) years from the celestial sign marking the return of the Lord Y'shua in judgment. This passing of the third Shemittah brings us to the fourth, 2012-2019. I began looking to this Shemittah for the fulfillment of my hope nearly two years ago when, on the watch day of the sign for the church, the 13th day of the first month in the third year of the third Shemittah, the Lord revealed what I did not want to see from John 13, that a third rejection was required before the longed for season of acceptance would arrive. Unless you've been paying close attention for a long time this might seem like ramblings, but, Lord willing, more explanation will be forthcoming. You should know that some will know the schedule for Y'shua's advent, a dear truth that's well hidden. Will No One Know the Day?

Another video has been posted to YouTube, one that will probably not endear me to the promoters of the beast system: The man behind the microchip implant leaks shocking truth during interview

This video goes hand-in-hand with another I posted recently, (positiveID - HealthLink - you have been warned - which in some blog media may appear embedded below) which offers some insight into the microchip implant via the occult symbolism of the positiveID logo, leveraging a recent HealthLink (partnered with positiveID) TV commercial. This is part of an ongoing effort to expose liars and their lies, according to Revelation 2:2 and Ephesians 5:11. There are some who wake up out of their delusion and slumber, who hear the Lord's voice calling amidst the din of the destroyers' cries. I'm interested in these souls who will come late in the season (Matthew 20:14), who will yet become the Bride, which remains my own passionate goal and desire.

Some Links of Interest:

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"The S from Hell" - Part Three - The Phenomenon of the "Screen Gems" Branding

Continuing from the last post, let's consider the audio portion of the Screen Gems presentation. Here's The S from Hell clip found on YouTube. This is what has been referred to by some as “the personification of all things evil."

The creepy music adds to the impact of the visual imagery. Why is that? There is a reason why Wagner wrote the music as he did and why the Nazi party celebrated it and made it their own. There is a reason the tritone, Devil's interval or Devil's chord has the ominous history it does. There's a reason why the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton La Vey, was a professional calliope player, loving the instrument that was originally designed to replace the bells in churches.

The name, Calliope, is that of a goddess, the daughter of Zeus, who is probably a Watcher as identified by the patriarch Enoch or one of their Nephilim spawn. The goddess Calliope is sometimes pictured carrying a book or a roll of paper, a scroll not unlike that of the Screen Gem image. Consider Pan, (pan-demon-ium?), the pipe playing god and the influence of his piping.

There is a reason why the peculiar "carnival style" music was played during the opening sequence of the London Ceremony during the close of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Music has the ability to spiritually influence the hearer, not unlike the influence of symbolic imagery. Evil spirits may be invoked or expelled musically.

So it came about whenever the evil spirit from God came to Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand; and Saul would be refreshed and be well, and the evil spirit would depart from him.
1 Samuel 16:23

When you listen to the Screen Gems sound, consider these things and realize that none of Satan's devices are ineffectual. Is "The S from Hell" invoking the demonic Calliope or Pan entities or their relatives? What other reasonable conclusion could be drawn, given the facts?

The scary music or noise was produced by Eric Siday, to whom is attributed the invention of the sound logo and who was apparently quite an innovator. The crackly and dissonant arpeggio was played on a percussive synthesizer that Mr. Siday had Moog build for his "new music." He was onto something - but it was not good! The opening notes of the Screen Gems sound logo are believed to have been produced on the violin, then reversed. This technique is called backmasking, a principle leveraged for occult purposes (according to principles taught by Aleister Crowley) that serves as a kind of jamming device for the soul. It works on the audio channel like the  "optical illusion" of the dimensional conundrum I mentioned in a previous post. It causes disturbance and confusion as our subconscious mind strives to resolve what has been presented.

This principle is known as cognitive dissonance. You can read about it from the linked page on, whose slogan is "How we change what others think, feel, believe and do." There are a variety of ways this is leveraged and we do well to get familiar with how it works so we're not ignorant of Satan's devices. Earlier, I had mentioned how the occult fallout shelter logo was sneaky and evil in associating what is the most deadly threat (the mark of the beast's triple helix upgrade) with safety. It occurred to me that this is the same insidious ploy leveraged in the naming of "Safeway," whose branding I've addressed as similar to the Screen Gems logo. These are examples of cognitive dissonance.

There are those who want to change what you think, feel, believe and do. They know how to do it. There are those who want to change who you are, turning you into them, in Threshold-speak. Are you getting it? This is how it's done!

The sound logo obviously works, "freaking out" many as this powerful occult tool weaves its spell to bend us in relentless promotion of  antichrist delusion. I've presented some of the technical attributes revealing the connection to the Greek gods Zeus, Pan, Calliope, and the Egyptian Osiris, who are fallen angels, Watchers and their spawn. Here are a few other observations I've made.

The globally popular Olympics still honor the gods of the ancient Greeks and of many others to this very day. If you're familiar with the Olympic ceremony sign series on The Open Scroll site you'll recognize the bridge structure featured in the background of "The S from Hell" movie and poster. It's an arched viaduct, in Hebrew, mecillah, which I've written about at length as a stairway to heaven, a construct bridging heaven and earth as a means of passage. It's a stargate used for angelic transport, an inter-dimensional portal. Let the inclusion of this portal imagery in the movie about the sound logo portal speak to you about the reality of demonic influence and the soon ascension of the beast to his appointed throne, and remind you to continually seek insight and protection in the Lord Y'shua!

In the video, "The Top 5 Scariest Logos," I notice the DIC branding animation (@ 1:19-1:26 seconds) has a star that matches the alien probe of the "Threshold" sci-fi series.

It struck me at one point how the name Screen Gems seemed a bit odd. The practitioners of the occult use anagrams to conceal and reveal their secrets. Some point to the example of Santa as an anagram of Satan. The character in a red suit is popularly accepted as a substitute for the Messiah, hijacking his birthday every year. He's omniscient in judgment, knowing when you've been naughty or nice and rewarding accordingly. He is as Beelzebub, Lord of the the flying, flying from one place to another in a heavenly chariot. He has a mystical other-dimensionally hidden place of residence and center of activity. There he commands an army of elves, which are divine or semi-divine beings from Germanic "folklore" (Watchers or Nephilim) endowed with magical powers.

Is Screen Gems an anagram? Some "screen gems" anagrams are, "genes src me" (src = "source"), "emerges nsc," "CERN me egss," but, to me, the most interesting one is "Cremes gens." In this anagram there is allusion made to the offspring of the beast who have the mark of the beast. Consider how in "Creme" there is reference to the antichrist messianic beast (Maitreya) promoted through the agent Benjamin "Creme." The word "gens" signifies family lineage through the male. The Screen Gems anagram "Cremes gens" harmonizes with the Screen Gems sound logo! Benjamin Creme (b 1922) was a member of the Aetherius Society between 1957 and 1959, which is a UFO based new religious movement with headquarters in Hollywood, California. Perhaps there were associations in that season that led those involved with the animation studio that first took the name Screen Gems to choose it with a view to prophetic significance.

These things are interesting and worthy of a little consideration as we look to "connect the dots," understanding what goes on around us as the targets in a grand conspiracy. Did you know that "Hollywood" refers to the holly (holy) wood from which magic wands are made. Harry Potter's wand was made of holly wood, 11 inches in length. Dots, dots and more dots. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

"The S from Hell" - Part Two - The Phenomenon of the "Screen Gems" Branding

Before I continue from the last post I want to clarify something. Quoting what I had written: "This isn't a parody or comedic presentation. The documentary is legitimate and so is the film maker, Rodney Ascher, who has also produced an acclaimed gospel presentation based on a Jack Chick comic." What I mean is that the short movie is what it appears to be. The things said by the people interviewed are genuine and the impact of this logo and multimedia animation is legendary. There is nothing further to be read into what I wrote. The film maker is not generally considered as having evangelistic gifts or agendas  and I'm making no blanket endorsement of his character or work. He states his objective for the film on the Web site for "The S From Hell")

"Not an exhaustive historical documentary, THE S FROM HELL is a subjective film whose aim is make the audience feel the same fear and confusion as the children who were first confronted by the vexing, unfolding sights and mournful, dissonant sounds that hid in the cracks between their favorite TV shows."

Making people feel that same fear and confusion is not a commendable goal, in my estimation, yet the work is simply what it is claimed to be. The response generated by the work is mostly foolishness, yet the documentary film is still legit. I personally have a reverse speech video on YouTube that is popular and especially so amongst the foolish mockers and scoffers. Yet, the work around which the controversy continues to grow is legit.

Consider the following excerpt from this page:

"Before the screening, the festival screened Rodney Ascher’s nine-minute nonfiction short “The S From Hell.” There’s really no way to describe the oddball joy that comes from listening to grown men and women describe the terror they experienced from a Screen Gems logo introduced in 1964 — and its accompanying spooky Moog synthesizer jingle — that popped up at the end of episodes of “The Flintstones” and “Bewitched” when they were little kids.
After the screening, Ascher described how he had found this bizarre community, which also occasionally refers to the offending logo as The Personification of All Things Evil. “Yes, it’s real,” Ascher told the audience of the people heard speaking in the film. “Yes, it’s really real.”"

The "acclaimed gospel presentation based on a Jack Chick comic" was acclaimed for its artistic prowess, not because it spurred a religious revival of any sort. The point I want to make is that the film maker has been recognized for his professional abilities in presenting a legitimate documentary, even one faithful to something so incendiary as a Jack Chick gospel comic. Consider the following: from BBtv -- Jack Chick, animated: "Somebody Goofed," by Syd and Rodney

We reached out to the filmmakers for some thoughts on this amazing piece of work, 10 years after its creation -- Rodney Ascher tells us...

Making Somebody Goofed was 50% art experiment and 50% self-designed AfterEffects tutorial. It was the first digitally animated project for both of us (I think...). It took at least 6 months to make the thing, maybe close to a year. I was running a Powermac 7500 (Syd's always had a model 1 or 2 levels faster than mine so he was probably behind the wheel of an 8500) and we got a gasp during a Q and A when we explained that rendering some of the QuickTimes took more than a day or two and transporting the uncompressed files demanded about 12 Jaz cartridges!

It was designed to be something of a Rorschach test: we followed the original comic as rigorously as we could, resisted any temptation to change things around (for pacing, content, whatever) and allowed the audience to interpret however they liked. During its premiere at DFilm, the audience was mostly quiet and thoughtful but at a screening at the SFMoMA it played pretty much as a spoof with a lot of appreciative laughter. On the other hand, when it was shown at a screening for the Television Commercial Industry, the awkward, confused, slightly hostile silence was deafening. Happily enough, we've gotten very nice responses from both Chick Publications and The Suicide Girls.

So, take his work at face value, Rodney is presenting what he has for just what it is. It's not a spoof or a parody. It's not intended to be comedic or farcical.  Don't let any of the noise it generates from viewers distract you from the fact that the Screen Gems logo and promo has been well documented as having a significant and lasting negative impact.   Search the web for "The S from Hell" and see for yourself. The foolish mockers and detractors serve a deflection/distraction agenda. It can be said that where there's fire, there's usually smoke.

Now I'd like to pick up where I left off, addressing three more features of occult symbolism present in the visual imagery. The dot in the circle at the center is an eye, the all seeing and unblinking eye. This is the third eye of Luciferian enlightenment. It's related to the CBS logo and features prominently in Masonic and other occult imagery. It's the eye found on the reverse side of the great seal of the U.S. These are the eye of Horus/Osiris, the one who was and is not, yet will be.

Another feature of the logo relates to the so-called S that should be identified as the signature three-legged thunderbolt of Zeus, aka the serpent and Lucifer. The red serpentine S, the thunderbolt of Zeus, the eye of Osiris; these are all picked up in the Masonic themed Superman Action Comic cover that should now be familiar to regular readers of this blog. The eye imagery is a creepy element in many logos and signs. Keep an eye out for it! :)

The last visual elements of the Screen Gems logo I want to point out are the two deltas in the negative space, one pointing up (sons of god) in the upper right, balanced by the one pointing down (daughters of men) in the lower left.

These add to the other features mentioned in the last post to form a very powerful symbol that is far more than just a superficial representation of the things signified. Demonic entities are invoked through this portal, which is why it has such a fearsome effect on some. It is a recruiting agency for the antichrist beast, wielding powerful influence over some for the purpose of preparing them as hosts who will accept the mark of the beast and be transformed in their DNA.

I've noticed that more than one person has described the S from Hell as reminding them of the fallout shelter sign. Artistically, there's some similarity because of the dot inside the circle and deltas in the negative space. With regard to their symbolic meaning and effect these are very closely related! The fallout shelter symbol has the male/female procreative bindu in a circle plus three "daughters of men" deltas and three negative space "sons of god" deltas inscribed within the magical protective circle! This imagery has been used to condition children and adults, to equate it with safety, a safe and protected place. Kinda sneaky. Evil!

To be continued, Lord willing!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The S from Hell" - Part One - The Phenomenon of the "Screen Gems" Branding

While in the midst of blogging about the symbolic imagery that signifies and promotes the upcoming triple helix transformation of man into beast I've focused, during the last two weeks, on movies and TV shows, the media of "entertainment" propaganda. There's one more instance I think you'll find very interesting! It's a movie about a branding imagery that features a powerful symbol. The symbol featured has become known infamously as "The S from Hell," and is of the same class as one with which I recently had a memorable supernatural experience! The nine minute long movie is currently enjoying the popular status of being an "Official Selection" of the 2010 SUNDANCE Film Festival.

What does this mean? My friend, you and I need to understand the power and nature of the weapons forged against us. We need to have our eyes open to really see the reality of the spiritual warfare being waged around us. We need to be able to see what we're looking at, discerning the truth in the myriad of lies swirling about us in the storm of antichrist delusion!

If you see the embedded video you can watch it here. Otherwise you can view it on the "The S From Hell" page.

The S From Hell from Rodney Ascher on Vimeo.

According to the descriptive info found on The S From Hell site, it is: "THE S FROM HELL is a short documentary-cum-horror film about the scariest corporate symbol in history - The 1964 Screen Gems logo, aka ‘The S From Hell.’ Built around interviews with survivors still traumatized from their childhood exposure to the logo after shows like Bewitched or The Monkees, the film brings their stories to life with animation, found footage, and dramatic reenactments." This isn't a parody or comedic presentation. The documentary is legitimate and so is the film maker, Rodney Ascher, who has also produced an acclaimed gospel presentation based on a Jack Chick comic. The Screen Gems logo and "commercial" is documented as one of several that have traumatized children.

Let's consider the imagery of the logo that is a powerful occult symbol. The red letter "S" is similar to the stylized "S" of Safeway branding, which you can read more about here (Who is Cain's Father? Part Three - near the bottom of the page). If you're not familiar with that writing I highly recommend it to you so you learn more about what's behind the S from Hell. On that page I relate my personal and very emotional experience with the similar Safeway branding and some of the meaning of the image as a graphic 69. This S from Hell is the serpentine brand that's also similar to the "S" in Superman's shield, , the subject of a series of related blog posts (beginning here).

It's also a Yin Yang symbol picturing the heavenly male and earthly female. The circle with a dot in the middle (known as a bindu) formed in the center of the S from Hell is a familiar occult symbol representing the male and female in the procreative state. The animation features the earthly female graphically reaching up and ascending to the heavens with the heavenly male approaching from the distance, descending, to join with her. When they meet we see balance attained and a dot appears in a circle between them signifying the fruit of their union. It is an animated presentation of the sons of god joining with the daughters of men, the scenario of Genesis 6 that is about to be realized in our near future in a triple helix DNA transformation via the prophesied mark of the beast.

The 69 S forms an image of a scroll, actually a broken or disjointed perversion of a scroll. The scroll represents the scroll of the book that is the written word of God, and also the temple and the human body with allusion to the helical DNA structure. If you don't understand why, I recommend watching Michael Hoggard's DNA series presentation where he documents these things. Jesus Christ DNA & the Holy Bible

The S from Hell graphically presents the antichrist in a very powerful way. Christ is the body and it's head, the temple, the Word. The S from Hell turns it inside out, kind of. It's the anti-version of Christ, the antichrist. It is the DNA of man's body reformed in some image that is not our Creator's image, a perverted DNA scroll of the book!

Graphically, it's a puzzle that is appealing in its simple and elegant symmetry but yet visually very unsettling and disturbing on a fundamental level. The circle with the dot in the center shared by the six and nine are in one plane of the six and somehow at the same time in another plane of the nine, technically forming an "optical illusion" that suggests to our minds something that's impossible given only three dimensions. This makes the image disturbing to many because our minds subconsciously strive to process and resolve it. We seem to be disturbed to the degree our failure to resolve the image according to our 3D experience bothers us, while it presents us with persistent demands for a higher-dimensional conceptualization.

Please excuse my dabbling in psycho-babble-ology. I'm no PHD - but I am confident that I do understand some of what the Lord is teaching me about occult imagery, what it means and how it works. Does the Screen Gems branding have an impact on people? Yes! While most only know that it "freaked them out," some of us need to understand why and how. Let's be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. (Matthew 10:16)

To be continued, Lord willing!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 5 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005

This wraps up the series of posts dedicated to the TV show "Threshold." A video (updated 7/8/10)  has been posted to YouTube called ""Threshold" series - speech reversals"

The video features what I hear in the "reverse speech" of the special feature "Behind the Fractal." A series of images is presented that highlights some of what I've presented in this blog, and I also promote this blog and the "Threshold" series of postings.

What follows is the reverse speech scripting that is featured in the video, some of the more clear and interesting phrases heard when playing the audio backwards.

This mark within you and I
(pattern that crops up)

Literal Satan
(the-the sort of)

Here's an homage - Mithran Machiach
(-tation of the geometry)

Get heir, you will see
(is creating.)

Version who gets, the sinner will die - with Nairf
(fractal pattern is its signature.)

Mark you and 'em - DNA
(DNA not only com-)

Curse damnation who saw it
(they're also geometric)
Dead men, listen, but I was kneeling
(millions of atoms in them but)
Be the riddle for thy head
(that they have literally)

They were all Satanists. Satan wash/watch
(the show that's such a, sort of a)

Hell curse damnation - Devil - skies awash
(show is actually the geometric rep-)

Shades of an Absalom. We're history
(you see one of its manifestation)

Their oath's to Babylon - This don't mean I'm married
(been experimenting with in a laboratory.)

Evoke abyss, by Skully
(-ble helix of typical)

An earth hero save for man I hate/eat
(DNA and create a sort of a third)

Pronouncing alarm
(rail on this ladder)

Then yet must have pain
(and that's something that)

It's here inside!
(Chaos theory is)

Me now feel scaring 'em
(but of actually finding)

The lower self they'll worship
(a show like Threshold)

In the ground, they far off once. That's saying a lot!
(-pelling is that its not far off the mark)

What we sought was in zeal; built resolve.
(-wise what what is and isn't possible)

Pray with me that the Lord Y'shua will continue to prosper the work of preparing His Bride in this season of extraordinary opportunity!

Blessings in Y'shua!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 4 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005

In this fourth post about, "Threshold," the CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I continue to explore how it reveals elements of the coming triple helix transformation of man, a key feature of what the Bible refers to as the mark of the beast.

A very noteworthy observation is how its Wikipedia page declares that it first aired on the Sci Fi Channel on October 13, a date I understand as being esoteric and highly significant! This day in history marks the commencement of demonic programs that advance the antichrist agendas, as well as some other very important transitions. Pagans, witches, Satanists and all who practice the occult arts understand how vital it is in the ritual worship of their gods and for the fulfillment of their sincere spiritual goals to observe times and seasons properly. I've documented the importance of timing in occult ritual at length with regard to the Beijing Olympics and the activities of the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI. Even the timing implicit in the presentation layer of the Olympics was planned and executed very carefully.

Here's a selection of meaningful events:
This day in history - October 13

  • 54 – Claudius, Roman Emperor died (b. 10 BC) - Nero ascends to the Roman throne
  • 1244 – Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar (d. 1314)
  • 1307 – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into "admitting" heresy.
  • 1775 – Continental Congress of "America" orders construction of a naval fleet
  • 1792 – In Washington, D.C., the cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid.
  • 1881 – Revival of the Hebrew language as Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and friends agree to use Hebrew exclusively in their conversations.
  • 1884 – Greenwich, in London, England, is established as Universal Time meridian of longitude.
  • 1892 – Edward Emerson Barnard discovers D/1892 T1, the first comet discovered by photographic means, on the night of October 13-14.
  • 1917 – The "Miracle of the Sun" is witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people in the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal.
  • 1930 – New German Reichstag opens with 107 NSDAP'ers in uniform
  • 1993 - Ray Dorion (Belleville, IL) obeys the demonic "Marian pretender" and makes "her" known to the world.
  • 1994 - The "Marian pretender" begins to keep the "only on the 13th of October" visitation schedule for Nancy Fowler, Conyers, GA, ending in 1998.
  • 2006 – Ban Ki-moon is elected to be U.N. Secretary-General
  • 2006 – "Threshold" first aired on the Sci Fi Channel on 10/13/06, Friday, October 13, 2006 at 10:00 pm.
  • 2008 - Following 701 years after an event in 1307, another major transition in state banking occurred. The first involved France, Jacques de Molay, the Knights Templar and the Pope. The second involved Gordon Brown. "Gordon Brown has labelled the steps he took “unprecedented, but essential”. Though essential it might be, it is clear that it is not unprecedented. And it is interesting that he did so on another October 13, precisely 700 plus 1 years after the demise of the first such “putsch” by the French government. As much as this is coincidental, it is also clear that if Jung were still amongst us, he would have a field day in mapping the synchronicities that are occurring. History might not be rewritten on October 13, 2008; history might however be repeating itself?" (The article quoted has been removed from the Web, but I did find the content on a godlikeproductions forum thread.)
In 2006, the thirteenth of October happened to fall on a Friday. I've documented why the infamously "unlucky" and sometimes dreaded Friday the 13th is a notable day on the calendar in a series about the revelation of the lawless one, the beast of Revelation 13:1. It's because the numbering of this day is the convergence of the beast number of rebellion, thirteen, with the number of man, six. Man was created on the sixth day of the creation week, which is now called Friday. Friday the thirteenth is a harbinger of the Beast. When this ominous day occurs in the month numbered ten, October, the influence is multiplied, achieving the next order of magnitude. This chosen day is no small deal! Even beyond all that, the show first aired on the Sci Fi Channel at the hour of 10:00 pm, adding even more to the sum! The time and date when "Threshold" first aired on the Sci Fi Channel can't possibly be construed as mere coincidence by anyone who's informed in such matters. The series was presented to a targeted audience in the manner that is characteristic of occult agencies, which is entirely consistent with the content of the presentation!

Make no mistake: These things I'm bringing to your attention are not a matter of ignorant superstition but of well founded belief and practice that wields powerful influence in the realm of demonic activity. We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, are we not? We shouldn't practice witchcraft or divination, which is to fall prey to the adversary, yet neither should we be ignorant of Satan's devices that are aggressively being leveraged against us. We require the defense afforded to us by putting on the whole armor of God, by which we may stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

It appears that even the calendar year "Threshold" aired on the Sci Fi Channel is important. When the numbers of the date are added together the sum is 13! (10/13/2006 | 1+0+1+3+2+0+0+6 = 13)

With all these facts before us, we can be assured that this show's total count of exactly 13 episodes could not have been by chance. The show was "canceled" due to having fulfilled it's intended purposes, not from any failure to generate sufficient interest from viewers.

During the show's monologue the date of September 16, 2005 was named, a date that might seem completely arbitrary. Curious about why that particular date was chosen I considered the Lord's calendar (as accounted by the Karaites) and other calendars but didn't discover anything that seemed noteworthy. However, the numbers nine (September is the ninth month) and sixteen are themselves relevant. The number nine is the number that most particularly signifies the triple helix transformation. (see this post) It's associated with the gestation period of a human, which is nine months long. The number 16 is commonly associated with a human's coming of age - sweet sixteen - as one transitions from childhood into adulthood. Nine and sixteen together speak of the transformation from human to "alien" beast.

When the numbers of the date are added the sum of 23 is attained, which is the number of chromosomes donated by each human parent. September 16, 2005 is 9/16/2005. (9+1+6+2+0+0+5 = 23) Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes, which combine to the 46 that make up our two strand DNA. If a third strand is added to human DNA, consider the possibility that another 23 chromosomes are added to the 46. I believe 23 "alien" chromosomes are intentionally signaled by this date that was said to mark the introduction of the alien signal that "conceived" and "birthed" the first transformed men of this key irruption.

We're told in a "special features" extra that the intent for the show was to ultimately have three divisions reflecting the stages of alien influence. These were to be "Threshold," then "Foothold," and finally, "Stranglehold." In harmony with the expressed plan for the show, with its occult timing, numberings, themes and symbols, it has served and continues to serve to establish a foothold for those who seek to turn you into them. We are being masterfully plied to accept the mark of the beast by this and many other TV shows, movies, ads, corporate logos; in truth, through every media. We are under attack and have been for a very long time. Satan has been granted a season of success and he will carry out his Beast agendas to their appointed limits shortly. My goal, here, is not to make you fear him.

4) I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do.
5) But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!

Luke 12:4-5

Fear Him! If you have never known the fear of God you can't possibly resolve this with the love of God. Those of us who know both the fear of God and the love of God understand how this is not a matter of being confused or dysfunctional, but of being truly in a right relationship with the one who has power of life and death; Y'shua HaMashiach, the only begotten son of the Most High God. If you don't yet know the fear of God, you are not yet in a very secure relationship!

During the show there's a segment where the character Gunnison, who experienced the triple helix transformation, speaks, but can't be understood. Ramsey, a linguist, recognizes that the recording made of his speech can be reversed to expose what he's actually saying. This is a subject the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley knew about and taught as beneficial for those who want to become adept in the magick arts. The writer and producer of "Threshold" is quite likely a student of these magickal arts and of Crowley, like as with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and many, many others. If there was any doubt that the occult promotion of the antichrist agendas of the beast and his mark through this show was intentional, this insight should dispell it.

The technique of reversing recorded speech to interpret a message relates to what's known with increasing popularly as "reverse speech." This is a technique for hacking into the "alien transmissions," for gaining insight into what is meant and who a speaker really is. It's a viable and valuable tool for discerning the truth, and one the Lord Himself has led me to. I availed myself of the opportunity to assess the reverse speech of Mr. Boramis, the writer and producer, suspecting I would find in the "Behind the Fractal" presentation something of interest. While most of it is very subtle, I did discern some VERY interesting phrases with a high enough degree of confidence to present it in a video.

Coming soon - Lord willing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Part 3 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005

In this third post about, "Threshold," the CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I continue to explore how it reveals elements of the coming triple helix transformation of man, a key feature of what the Bible refers to as the mark of the beast. In the last post I focused on the triskelion fractal image used during the show as the alien "calling card." There are additional elements that bear witness to the reality and nature of the demonic plot forged by the wicked deceiver against you and I.

On the last of the 4 disk "Threshold" DVD series there's a special feature called "Behind the Fractal." In it, the man most responsible for the show as its producer and writer, Andre Bormanis, speaks about the ubiquitous triskelion fractal image used on the show. The series of images (the purple and blue images you see here) he utilizes to demonstrate the graphic generation of a fractal features the occult "Solomon's Seal" (sons of god with the daughters of men - triple helix DNA symbol) as the initial image. This isn't the triskelion image, but the equivalent that best serves his purposes. Andre chose it for this special feature illustration.

The consecutive images in the sequence develop a fractal known as Koch's Snowflake. It's called a snowflake because most snowflakes are hexagonal structures and the fractal resembles a snowflake. This fractal speaks of the triple helix upgrade. Andre might have used the Koch Snowflake or another snowflake graphic as the basis for generating the show's ice crystal-like "multi-dimensional" alien probe. The probe is the device that produces the audio signal that transforms the DNA, remaking man in another image. You can see the crystalline probe in this video titled Threshold - Intro at 0:06 seconds. At 0:04 seconds you can see the fish in the water forming the triskelion fractal.

In the previous post I wrote how Andre chose a crop sign for the the triskelion fractal featured in the show.
Crop Sign - Milk Hill, Wiltshire - August 8, 1997 These images of the Koch Snowflake also appeared in fields of wheat around Wiltshire, U.K., in 1997. The image you see with the internal pattern appeared on August 8, 1997, twelve years TO THE DAY before the enigmatic figure 8 (a sign of a "counter flood" of Noah the 8th)
Crop Sign - Wiltshire - July 23, 1997crop sign would appear at Milk Hill, marking the opening of the Olympics in Beijing! I can't say for sure, but these two signs may even have appeared in the very same field! The other snowflake fractal image that is built from the double delta Solomon's Seal appeared in a wheat field in Wiltshire on July 23, 1997. It has the crop inside flowing so as to create the distinctive 3D symmetry that appears to have been repeated in the one made a few weeks later.

These instances of the fractal appearing in the fields share the same author and purpose as the hexagonal snowflake used in the "Behind the Fractal" exhibit, just like the triskelion sign featured in the show. These are recruiting agencies for the Beast. In the show, those effected by the alien signal to the extent that it resulted in the triple helix transformation were wholly bent on effecting others in any and every way possible. The "improved" and transformed were all about recruiting. Andre appears to be bent to the same cause of the triple helix transformation, who is obviously one with the supernatural agency behind crop sign formation.

Another version of the show's signature triskelion had appeared in Burderop Down on May 4, 1997 in Wiltshire near Barbury Castle. This version is doubled, having six arms and a counter-clockwise rotation. It might be that this is the next order iteration of the triskelion fractal.

During the show we see a stylized modeling of the DNA that we infer might be generated by the mathematics suggested by the triskelion fractal. The images you see reproduced here are from the show.

To be continued, Lord willing!