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Part 4 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005

In this fourth post about, "Threshold," the CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I continue to explore how it reveals elements of the coming triple helix transformation of man, a key feature of what the Bible refers to as the mark of the beast.

A very noteworthy observation is how its Wikipedia page declares that it first aired on the Sci Fi Channel on October 13, a date I understand as being esoteric and highly significant! This day in history marks the commencement of demonic programs that advance the antichrist agendas, as well as some other very important transitions. Pagans, witches, Satanists and all who practice the occult arts understand how vital it is in the ritual worship of their gods and for the fulfillment of their sincere spiritual goals to observe times and seasons properly. I've documented the importance of timing in occult ritual at length with regard to the Beijing Olympics and the activities of the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI. Even the timing implicit in the presentation layer of the Olympics was planned and executed very carefully.

Here's a selection of meaningful events:
This day in history - October 13

  • 54 – Claudius, Roman Emperor died (b. 10 BC) - Nero ascends to the Roman throne
  • 1244 – Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar (d. 1314)
  • 1307 – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into "admitting" heresy.
  • 1775 – Continental Congress of "America" orders construction of a naval fleet
  • 1792 – In Washington, D.C., the cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid.
  • 1881 – Revival of the Hebrew language as Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and friends agree to use Hebrew exclusively in their conversations.
  • 1884 – Greenwich, in London, England, is established as Universal Time meridian of longitude.
  • 1892 – Edward Emerson Barnard discovers D/1892 T1, the first comet discovered by photographic means, on the night of October 13-14.
  • 1917 – The "Miracle of the Sun" is witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people in the Cova da Iria in F├ítima, Portugal.
  • 1930 – New German Reichstag opens with 107 NSDAP'ers in uniform
  • 1993 - Ray Dorion (Belleville, IL) obeys the demonic "Marian pretender" and makes "her" known to the world.
  • 1994 - The "Marian pretender" begins to keep the "only on the 13th of October" visitation schedule for Nancy Fowler, Conyers, GA, ending in 1998.
  • 2006 – Ban Ki-moon is elected to be U.N. Secretary-General
  • 2006 – "Threshold" first aired on the Sci Fi Channel on 10/13/06, Friday, October 13, 2006 at 10:00 pm.
  • 2008 - Following 701 years after an event in 1307, another major transition in state banking occurred. The first involved France, Jacques de Molay, the Knights Templar and the Pope. The second involved Gordon Brown. "Gordon Brown has labelled the steps he took “unprecedented, but essential”. Though essential it might be, it is clear that it is not unprecedented. And it is interesting that he did so on another October 13, precisely 700 plus 1 years after the demise of the first such “putsch” by the French government. As much as this is coincidental, it is also clear that if Jung were still amongst us, he would have a field day in mapping the synchronicities that are occurring. History might not be rewritten on October 13, 2008; history might however be repeating itself?" (The article quoted has been removed from the Web, but I did find the content on a godlikeproductions forum thread.)
In 2006, the thirteenth of October happened to fall on a Friday. I've documented why the infamously "unlucky" and sometimes dreaded Friday the 13th is a notable day on the calendar in a series about the revelation of the lawless one, the beast of Revelation 13:1. It's because the numbering of this day is the convergence of the beast number of rebellion, thirteen, with the number of man, six. Man was created on the sixth day of the creation week, which is now called Friday. Friday the thirteenth is a harbinger of the Beast. When this ominous day occurs in the month numbered ten, October, the influence is multiplied, achieving the next order of magnitude. This chosen day is no small deal! Even beyond all that, the show first aired on the Sci Fi Channel at the hour of 10:00 pm, adding even more to the sum! The time and date when "Threshold" first aired on the Sci Fi Channel can't possibly be construed as mere coincidence by anyone who's informed in such matters. The series was presented to a targeted audience in the manner that is characteristic of occult agencies, which is entirely consistent with the content of the presentation!

Make no mistake: These things I'm bringing to your attention are not a matter of ignorant superstition but of well founded belief and practice that wields powerful influence in the realm of demonic activity. We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, are we not? We shouldn't practice witchcraft or divination, which is to fall prey to the adversary, yet neither should we be ignorant of Satan's devices that are aggressively being leveraged against us. We require the defense afforded to us by putting on the whole armor of God, by which we may stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

It appears that even the calendar year "Threshold" aired on the Sci Fi Channel is important. When the numbers of the date are added together the sum is 13! (10/13/2006 | 1+0+1+3+2+0+0+6 = 13)

With all these facts before us, we can be assured that this show's total count of exactly 13 episodes could not have been by chance. The show was "canceled" due to having fulfilled it's intended purposes, not from any failure to generate sufficient interest from viewers.

During the show's monologue the date of September 16, 2005 was named, a date that might seem completely arbitrary. Curious about why that particular date was chosen I considered the Lord's calendar (as accounted by the Karaites) and other calendars but didn't discover anything that seemed noteworthy. However, the numbers nine (September is the ninth month) and sixteen are themselves relevant. The number nine is the number that most particularly signifies the triple helix transformation. (see this post) It's associated with the gestation period of a human, which is nine months long. The number 16 is commonly associated with a human's coming of age - sweet sixteen - as one transitions from childhood into adulthood. Nine and sixteen together speak of the transformation from human to "alien" beast.

When the numbers of the date are added the sum of 23 is attained, which is the number of chromosomes donated by each human parent. September 16, 2005 is 9/16/2005. (9+1+6+2+0+0+5 = 23) Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes, which combine to the 46 that make up our two strand DNA. If a third strand is added to human DNA, consider the possibility that another 23 chromosomes are added to the 46. I believe 23 "alien" chromosomes are intentionally signaled by this date that was said to mark the introduction of the alien signal that "conceived" and "birthed" the first transformed men of this key irruption.

We're told in a "special features" extra that the intent for the show was to ultimately have three divisions reflecting the stages of alien influence. These were to be "Threshold," then "Foothold," and finally, "Stranglehold." In harmony with the expressed plan for the show, with its occult timing, numberings, themes and symbols, it has served and continues to serve to establish a foothold for those who seek to turn you into them. We are being masterfully plied to accept the mark of the beast by this and many other TV shows, movies, ads, corporate logos; in truth, through every media. We are under attack and have been for a very long time. Satan has been granted a season of success and he will carry out his Beast agendas to their appointed limits shortly. My goal, here, is not to make you fear him.

4) I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do.
5) But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!

Luke 12:4-5

Fear Him! If you have never known the fear of God you can't possibly resolve this with the love of God. Those of us who know both the fear of God and the love of God understand how this is not a matter of being confused or dysfunctional, but of being truly in a right relationship with the one who has power of life and death; Y'shua HaMashiach, the only begotten son of the Most High God. If you don't yet know the fear of God, you are not yet in a very secure relationship!

During the show there's a segment where the character Gunnison, who experienced the triple helix transformation, speaks, but can't be understood. Ramsey, a linguist, recognizes that the recording made of his speech can be reversed to expose what he's actually saying. This is a subject the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley knew about and taught as beneficial for those who want to become adept in the magick arts. The writer and producer of "Threshold" is quite likely a student of these magickal arts and of Crowley, like as with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and many, many others. If there was any doubt that the occult promotion of the antichrist agendas of the beast and his mark through this show was intentional, this insight should dispell it.

The technique of reversing recorded speech to interpret a message relates to what's known with increasing popularly as "reverse speech." This is a technique for hacking into the "alien transmissions," for gaining insight into what is meant and who a speaker really is. It's a viable and valuable tool for discerning the truth, and one the Lord Himself has led me to. I availed myself of the opportunity to assess the reverse speech of Mr. Boramis, the writer and producer, suspecting I would find in the "Behind the Fractal" presentation something of interest. While most of it is very subtle, I did discern some VERY interesting phrases with a high enough degree of confidence to present it in a video.

Coming soon - Lord willing!

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