Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PositiveID partners with a leader in the financial services and payments industries

PositiveID partners with FIS, an acknowledged leader in the financial services and payments industries. The implantable microchip company has just today announced a partnership agreement with FIS. (See their press release for detail.) This is a very significant connection, binding the health and financial services together in the context of the now "identity secure" microchip implant. If you've been waiting for a big step in the advance of this threatening movement, this is one of the last!

"FIS delivers banking and payments technologies to more than 14,000 financial institutions and businesses in over 100 countries worldwide. FIS provides financial institution core processing, and card issuer and transaction processing services, including the NYCE(R) Network. FIS maintains processing and technology relationships with 40 of the top 50 global banks, including nine of the top 10." Readers familiar with this blog may note that the strategy pictured in's marketing sequence that outlines the introduction of the mark of the beast in the context of the medical center has now quietly reached a major milestone!

FIS stands for "Fidelity National Information Services." On their corporate site, FIS claims to be the leader in the financial services and payments industries. This is no "small beginnings." The recent acquisition of Steel Vault, which gives positiveID and their chip technology the level of security required to play in these other markets was no small step either.

PositiveID's previous press release, coming a mere two days before announcing their FIS partnership, promotes their success with "Phase I Proof of Concept Result Provides Flu or Non-Flu Diagnosis" and presents their Phase 2 goal "to Develop a Prototype Point-of-Care Test to Sub-Type Classify Influenza Strains within Minutes." The expression "steamrolling" comes to mind describing their pace and momentum as they aggressively pursue their goals to position themselves for potential early implementation, by which I mean prior to when an implant will be required for essential life support services, like buying and selling.

In PositiveID's drive to establish themselves as the solution for the diabetic's need for glucose level monitoring, they announced on Feb 17 their acquisition of "Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, a Diabetes Management Company Focused on Non-Invasive Glucose Detection through Breath Analysis." Why would folks bent on chipping offer a chip-free solution? Perhaps they're actually interested in having some assurance that no such option will be offered, perhaps through the control afforded them through ownership of patents and intellectual rights? Should we be suspect of the company's motives? No. We already know their motives and they are not benevolent!

What's the missing ingredient in all this? Well, the only one of significance is that you have to have a beast before you can have the mark of the beast. We have not very long to wait, by any accounting. This upcoming Pesah season is the season appointed to watching for the revealing of the beast, the lawless one of 2 Thessalonians 2. On the thirteenth day of the first month, watch with me, if you will. Perhaps what I sought as the sign for the Bride in 2001 and 2008 will be seen in 2010, and perhaps not. Quite honestly, I would really like to think this will be the year, but I suspect it is appointed rather for 2015. I would really like to be wrong about that. We shall soon see! If the Pope and Bill Clinton get together again, I'm going to get pretty excited!

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