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Part 3 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005

In this third post about, "Threshold," the CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I continue to explore how it reveals elements of the coming triple helix transformation of man, a key feature of what the Bible refers to as the mark of the beast. In the last post I focused on the triskelion fractal image used during the show as the alien "calling card." There are additional elements that bear witness to the reality and nature of the demonic plot forged by the wicked deceiver against you and I.

On the last of the 4 disk "Threshold" DVD series there's a special feature called "Behind the Fractal." In it, the man most responsible for the show as its producer and writer, Andre Bormanis, speaks about the ubiquitous triskelion fractal image used on the show. The series of images (the purple and blue images you see here) he utilizes to demonstrate the graphic generation of a fractal features the occult "Solomon's Seal" (sons of god with the daughters of men - triple helix DNA symbol) as the initial image. This isn't the triskelion image, but the equivalent that best serves his purposes. Andre chose it for this special feature illustration.

The consecutive images in the sequence develop a fractal known as Koch's Snowflake. It's called a snowflake because most snowflakes are hexagonal structures and the fractal resembles a snowflake. This fractal speaks of the triple helix upgrade. Andre might have used the Koch Snowflake or another snowflake graphic as the basis for generating the show's ice crystal-like "multi-dimensional" alien probe. The probe is the device that produces the audio signal that transforms the DNA, remaking man in another image. You can see the crystalline probe in this video titled Threshold - Intro at 0:06 seconds. At 0:04 seconds you can see the fish in the water forming the triskelion fractal.

In the previous post I wrote how Andre chose a crop sign for the the triskelion fractal featured in the show.
Crop Sign - Milk Hill, Wiltshire - August 8, 1997 These images of the Koch Snowflake also appeared in fields of wheat around Wiltshire, U.K., in 1997. The image you see with the internal pattern appeared on August 8, 1997, twelve years TO THE DAY before the enigmatic figure 8 (a sign of a "counter flood" of Noah the 8th)
Crop Sign - Wiltshire - July 23, 1997crop sign would appear at Milk Hill, marking the opening of the Olympics in Beijing! I can't say for sure, but these two signs may even have appeared in the very same field! The other snowflake fractal image that is built from the double delta Solomon's Seal appeared in a wheat field in Wiltshire on July 23, 1997. It has the crop inside flowing so as to create the distinctive 3D symmetry that appears to have been repeated in the one made a few weeks later.

These instances of the fractal appearing in the fields share the same author and purpose as the hexagonal snowflake used in the "Behind the Fractal" exhibit, just like the triskelion sign featured in the show. These are recruiting agencies for the Beast. In the show, those effected by the alien signal to the extent that it resulted in the triple helix transformation were wholly bent on effecting others in any and every way possible. The "improved" and transformed were all about recruiting. Andre appears to be bent to the same cause of the triple helix transformation, who is obviously one with the supernatural agency behind crop sign formation.

Another version of the show's signature triskelion had appeared in Burderop Down on May 4, 1997 in Wiltshire near Barbury Castle. This version is doubled, having six arms and a counter-clockwise rotation. It might be that this is the next order iteration of the triskelion fractal.

During the show we see a stylized modeling of the DNA that we infer might be generated by the mathematics suggested by the triskelion fractal. The images you see reproduced here are from the show.

To be continued, Lord willing!

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