Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yet another new 17Stormy17 video - Lady Gaga

Can you imagine a pop music icon who actually is doing the devil's work? I know! Shocking - and such a novel concept! Well, uh, no - not really. Because this is the rule and not the rare exception (if there even are exceptions) I seldom take much interest in current popular artists, but while I was doing some reverse speech practice to keep my skills up I listened to pop diva Lady Gaga. I listened to her first hit a while back and it was some pretty shallow drivel in the reversal. When I recently watched a short video of her in concert I was curious what was really behind the spell she obviously had on the audience.

In this particular clip Lady Gaga sat at a piano and addressed the audience in religious language and gestures. "All you need is love and art and each other. And I know that it is a tough weekend and we could all use a little oxygen. But the truth is that what this is all about is that you are all suffering for your love of music. Like Jesus." Then she began to play a song. The video is here Lady GaGa in concert - tells it like it is.

In reverse, she says: Who is Nairf? Yes, waiting for the applause and all your prayers. I soul harvested. Bible, what does it open? Yes Devil worship, them. That it is hot, but, it isn't God. So, thank you, President, you are a Nairf! You're closing the net. When we're all connected, you are enslaved. Believe me, you are!

Yes, the reverse speech I hear is legit, and it's telling it like it is. What she says and does plus the message heard in the reversal reveals that her popularity is due to her function as a priestess of a magical Osiris cult. I don't know how much of this she realizes, how self-aware she is, or, what she understands of the forces that propel her.

It's interesting that she thanks the president and acknowledges that he is a Nairf, which is reverse-speak for a boss, a ruling spiritual authority. I had heard her mention Obama by name in the reverse speech of "Just Dance," which was a bit murky in that phrase and therefore somewhat questionable, but I think it's obvious they are linked in their roles. Search the Web for "gaga obama" and see for yourself this connection.

Why do I say "magical"? She has a spell on some, who are enchanted by her music, her bizarre fashion and peculiar gestures. She's as a priestess and even worshiped as something of a goddess, which is pretty common to celebrities. Consider her latest marketing image that promotes her as the fame monster, compare it to the popular image of the infamous Aleister Crowley. See any similarities? (under her wrist, the reflection reminds me of the eye of Ra.)

She frequently has an eye covered or adorned in some strange way. In the video clip from the concert she's gesturing with a symbol she associates with "oxygen." Oxygen is a key element that represents breath and life, even the soul. This image of the eye or Ra, Horus or Osiris is a clue to what's behind the phenomenon of her popularity. If you've been following this blog for a while, little more needs to be said. She also associates herself with Zeus by way of her logo, which connects the thunderbolt of Zeus imagery with the great pyramid, as the body without the head, the pyramid without the capstone.

The thunderbolt is found on the Grateful Dead logo, another band that had and still has a spell on its fans. Really, the dead can only be grateful when they have been raised, like Osiris/Horus, the resurrection god. This equates to the worship of Zeus (as presented in the ncr.com marketing imagery, remember?). The logo of the Grateful Dead is the dead head, the skull, which is a symbol of the Beast. The mark of Zeus that is the thunderbolt is the mark of the beast on the head (Revelation 13), which is worn also by Harry Potter as a scar, who is marked as the chosen one.

Lady Gaga recruits for the Osiris cult, the Beast, casting a spell over those who will clamor for the mark, which will soon be all the rage.

It seemed to me that presenting Lady Gaga as "The Fame Monster" is fitting, as the associated image clearly recalls the infamous monster of evil Aleister Crowley who was a forebear in the magical occult recruitment effort. I considered the potential for this phrase as an anagram. "The fame monster" == "nethermost fame." Also, without the article, "fame monster" equates to "meanest form," "semen format," "safer moment," and "fear moments."

More interesting yet, it is "freemason mt," and mt, as an abbreviation (Mt. - like Mt. Hermon or Mt. Olympus), is read, mount, as a stud "mounts" a mare. The allure of sexuality is part of her persona. Lady Gaga, as the temple prostitute of Freemasonry?

Another interesting anagram is "nostra femme," which suggests the famous prophet of the occult, Nostradamus. The name Nostradamus is the latinized form of his French name, Nostredame. Nostre-dame -- Nostra femme -- Nostra-damus

Also, "Cosa Nostra" may come to mind, which refers to the Sicilian Mafia. Sicily's flag is a triskelion with the Watcher/Nephilim Gorgon Medusa head at the center, a symbol of the triple helix DNA upgrade scheme related to the mark of the beast.

Anagrams are word symbols that are frequently leveraged by those being directed by their familiar spirits. One can get carried away trying to read conspiracy into things where none exists. However, where one DOES exist, and one does exist that has you targeted, my friend, its good to keep our eyes open to consider what weapons are forged in the dark against us. Many of these powerful weapons lose their influence when brought into the light of day.

The Lord Y'shua is the light, who has a Bride in mind and who cares to protect and bring us to maturity in his great Love! The work of Satan will have a season of success, but his days are numbered. The King who reigns in righteousness comes quickly!

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  1. I've always realized that Gaga was Satanist. That is, after I did a little research. I'm not too sure about the Osiris cult, for I believe that she is just a pawn within the occult (contains witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, necromancy, etc).
    I just had an urge to search about Lady Gaga's message, reversed. If it is so terrible (in terms of morals) with her actions and lyrics, I feared what I would find.

    A little thing about the enchantment she has over her fans. I'm sure she has it. Reveal all of the evidence you will ever find, EVER, about her being Satanist and morally wrong, to one of her hardcore fans and they will deny it before you are even half done, as though they MUST deny it.