Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 5 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005

This wraps up the series of posts dedicated to the TV show "Threshold." A video (updated 7/8/10)  has been posted to YouTube called ""Threshold" series - speech reversals"

The video features what I hear in the "reverse speech" of the special feature "Behind the Fractal." A series of images is presented that highlights some of what I've presented in this blog, and I also promote this blog and the "Threshold" series of postings.

What follows is the reverse speech scripting that is featured in the video, some of the more clear and interesting phrases heard when playing the audio backwards.

This mark within you and I
(pattern that crops up)

Literal Satan
(the-the sort of)

Here's an homage - Mithran Machiach
(-tation of the geometry)

Get heir, you will see
(is creating.)

Version who gets, the sinner will die - with Nairf
(fractal pattern is its signature.)

Mark you and 'em - DNA
(DNA not only com-)

Curse damnation who saw it
(they're also geometric)
Dead men, listen, but I was kneeling
(millions of atoms in them but)
Be the riddle for thy head
(that they have literally)

They were all Satanists. Satan wash/watch
(the show that's such a, sort of a)

Hell curse damnation - Devil - skies awash
(show is actually the geometric rep-)

Shades of an Absalom. We're history
(you see one of its manifestation)

Their oath's to Babylon - This don't mean I'm married
(been experimenting with in a laboratory.)

Evoke abyss, by Skully
(-ble helix of typical)

An earth hero save for man I hate/eat
(DNA and create a sort of a third)

Pronouncing alarm
(rail on this ladder)

Then yet must have pain
(and that's something that)

It's here inside!
(Chaos theory is)

Me now feel scaring 'em
(but of actually finding)

The lower self they'll worship
(a show like Threshold)

In the ground, they far off once. That's saying a lot!
(-pelling is that its not far off the mark)

What we sought was in zeal; built resolve.
(-wise what what is and isn't possible)

Pray with me that the Lord Y'shua will continue to prosper the work of preparing His Bride in this season of extraordinary opportunity!

Blessings in Y'shua!


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