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Part 5 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Is the Coronavirus the Final Piece of the Pandemic Puzzle?

By Aaron Hermann

As Bob pointed out in the
"Transition Update" post I am in a season of recovery, but there is much going on that needs to be presented. If you have been following this blog for a while and paying attention to this series you should be able to connect the dots I present here. Without further ado, lets get out our Holy Spirit Sharpies and get down to business.

* The WHO has not yet given the virus a name, but scientists at Britain's Health Protection Agency (HPA) refer to it as "London1_novel CoV 2012".

* Coronaviruses are typically spread like other respiratory infections, such as flu, travelling in airborne droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

* At this stage it is not clear where the virus came from. New infections can emerge from mutations to existing viruses, or be caught from infections circulating in the animal population. Human diseases that come from animal are called zoonoses.

Coronavirus: Mysterious New Virus Can Cause Fever, Cough, Breathing Problems

British health officials said today that a Rotterdam lab that first characterized the novel coronavirus linked recently to two severe illnesses hopes to publish the whole genome in the next 24 to 48 hours, and the UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA) launched guidance to help clinicians investigate and manage possible cases.

The HPA said in an update that the full genome sequence will be published by Ron Fouchier, PhD, based at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. The sequence will be based on cultured virus that has been at the lab since early July.

The HPA also issued a nine-page infection control resource for handling confirmed and suspected cases. It noted that coronaviruses are mainly transmitted by large respiratory droplets and direct or indirect contact with secretions. The agency also said the viruses can be detected in feces and urine and in some instances can be transmitted by aerosolized respiratory droplets and feces.

Full genome sequence of novel coronavirus expected shortly

Case 1
On [13 Jun 2012] a [60-year-old patient] presented with deteriorating pneumonia in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and a 7 day history of respiratory symptoms. The patient developed acute renal failure and died on [24 Jun 2012]. A novel beta-coronavirus was isolated and sequenced at the Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands [1].

Case 2
On [11 Sep 2012] a [49-year-old patient] with severe respiratory symptoms was evacuated from Qatar to a United Kingdom hospital and was admitted to intensive care there on [12 Sep 2012]. The patient remains in hospital and has been on life support with pulmonary and renal failure. Extensive diagnostic tests for a causative agent were negative but on [21 Sep 2012] a pan-coronavirus RT-PCR test performed on lower respiratory samples was positive for a conserved sequence of the coronavirus polymerase gene.[2]

Comparison with the nucleotide sequence at the EMC indicated a close match with the novel virus isolated from Case 1. Contacts of Case 2, many of them healthcare workers, are being actively identified, monitored, and investigated for coronavirus infection. Some of them have reported mild respiratory symptoms but none have tested positive for the novel virus or developed severe disease to date [3].

Novel coronavirus associated with severe respiratory disease: case definition and public health measures

Researchers from the Erasmus University lab that first identified the novel coronavirus implicated in two severe infections have published its full genome sequence, which they and other European scientists used to develop two assays to help confirm any future infections.

The gene sequence is from virus samples that a Saudi Arabian doctor who treated the first patient sent to the Erasmus group in the Netherlands in July. The patient was a 60-year-old Saudi Arabian man who died after battling pneumonia and severe renal disease complications of his infection.

The Erasmus team has uploaded the sequence to GenBank and has termed the new virus hCoV-EMC, according to their report yesterday in Eurosurveillance...

Availability of diagnostic tests early in an epidemic is useful for the public health response, the group wrote. However, they noted that false-positive tests could hamper the development of risk assessments...

They wrote that they expected the case definition to evolve as more epidemiologic and diagnostic information becomes available...

Scientists sequence new coronavirus, develop diagnostic tests

As I mentioned before, if you have been following the blog and paying attention to this series you will be very familiar with Ron Fouchier, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam Lab, and the signaling numbers of "9-11", "9-12", and "9-21". There is much going on during this important season, and it is imperative that some of us know what is going on. May the Lord grant us all whatever it is we may need in this critically late hour to have and do all that He has for us. This is my prayer.

More to come, Lord willing.

By Aaron Hermann

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Transition Update

Update on my situation. I've officially moved out of my residence that was a sign of National 911 Judgment, as of 9/28. I am in a season of recovering from the move, which has impacted my ability to blog and respond to email as I rest and recover. It will take a little while to settle in to my new situation, unpacking and organizing. Blogging may resume, I can't say I know one way or another.

Aaron went back into the hospital for 7 days, and he is now home and resting and recovering too. Neither of us would have chosen this scenario for this time, and we consent that this a good thing. We agree that the Lord has us right where He wants us. If anthing here gets done in our own strength, we would prefer immediate corrective action. We want only to rest in the Lord's ability and find contentment with His provision, which is entirely sufficient and far, far better than we deserve. The Lord Y'shua continues to show us favor beyond any reasonable expectation and we are so grateful!

I continue to watch what is unfolding in the world, with particular focus upon the engagement with Iran. Technically, reports suggest Iran has already been engaged for a season, with intellegence agency operations targeting computers and scientists, but official declarations of war with direct military action have not yet been reported. What I understand from Daniel 8 is that a major judgment against the USA comes in the wake of war with Iran, where that country and "King" goes the way of Iraq before them. America has to be bounced with the result that the order will be established within which the lawless one will emerge, ascending to his appointed throne.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Signals of our Times

PR Newswire: International Justice Mission President And CEO Addresses Modern-Day Slavery And Sex Trafficking Solutions At 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Is this a signal that the Illuminist global conspirators' goals have been attained? Is this an official declaration that their ritual sex magick and ritual sacrifice “account ”has reached sufficient “balance,” and that the recruitment campaign for building the slave army of multiples has met their quota?

The CGI and UN meetings are underway. Global destabilation economically, politically and socially appears to be progressing apace. Military engagement with Iran (Daniel 8) appears to be at hand. All is as it should be. I do hope you've been preparing for this season.

Hangar 18 - Vintage Nephilim Programming from 1980

A film titled Hangar 18 features a plot that anyone familiar with Genesis 6 and the heritage of Cain will find more than a little interesting. This post illustrates the connections and highlights a recent development in supercomputer tech that suggests similar prepping for the coming mark of the Beast.

Hangar 18, a sci-fi "B" movie from 1980 flopped at the box office. It was later skewered in Mystery Science Theater 3000 (May 1989). Like Ed Wood's “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (covered here), the real value for us in this is how the Devil's plan is set forth in yet another window of insight into what has been and what's coming soon.

Hangar 18 is an appropriate title for this UFO movie because Hangar 18 at Area 51 is the most famous building at the base. At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, another Hangar 18 allegedly houses what was collected from the Roswell UFO incident. The film capitalized on the public's awareness of those numbered hangars. The number in the title is what drew my attention to this film, because 18 as a familiar signal number like 9 (1+8=9) and 666 (6+6+6=18).

Here's the dialog of a key scene.

Harry: Kelso has deciphered the alien's language. This is a translation of a document found aboard the spacecraft. Now, the translation is very rough and is incomplete, but if what we can read is true, and there's no reason to doubt that it is, then all the previous information that we have had about the origin of mankind and the human race is absolutely false!
Man: What are you talking about, Harry?
Harry: This is a report of a previous visit of the spacemen to earth. This report speaks of the capture, the training, and the use of certain “animals” as slaves, both male and female. The slaves worshipped them as gods.
Man: Then, what they referred to as “animals” were pre-humans?
Harry: Yes. The report also speaks to the fact that the female slaves found it a great honor to be chosen to live with and to bear the offspring of the gods. You see it's no coincidence that the spacemen are almost identical to us. It is not, Sarah, a case of two species developing, evolving independently of each other. Those ancient spacemen altered forever our evolution. They are the missing link.
Man: Do you know what you're saying?
Harry: We, mankind, the human race, are their children. What we must find out now is why they're monitoring us, why they're watching us!

When Harry says “all the previous information that we have had about the origin of mankind and the human race is absolutely false,” he's referring to anything that contradicts the story told in the document, which includes the Bible. This repudiates Genesis and invalidates Judaism and Christianity, of course.

By now, the “alien” document's version has become pretty familiar to me. It reflects back to what really happened in the Garden of Eden (Eve bore the offspring of the nachash, the patriarch Cain) and also reflects upon the days of Noah. There's a clue in the statement “why they're watching us” because it was 200 angels in a class known as Watchers who chose breeder wives for themselves among mankind. They, with their offspring, were targeted in the purging of flesh from the face of the earth in the flood of Noah's day. That “alien” document's story is becoming very relevant because a version of it appears to be coming within the next 3 years, with plenty of hard evidence to back the claims. The story will be like Hangar 18's version, with some truth mixed in with deadly lies.

The numbering of the hangars and the film as 18 signals the mark of the Beast transformation. That's not the only number signaling. In the scene that immediately preceded the key dialogue two astronauts were in an elevator, descending. We were shown three numbers representing floors, 24, 23, 22. The 23 in the middle is the signal sex chromosome number. The sum of the three numbers is 69, another key signal number for the mark of the beast transformation, triple helix DNA. While the pair of astronauts were descending in the elevator, the bracketed 23 and the sum 69 signaled seed descending from heaven to earth. The scene then cuts to another where we hear the interpreted document's version of our heritage, as descended from spacemen. “We, mankind, the human race, are their children.” Obviously, one scene was intended to set us up for the next. Have you ever heard of the ancient astronaut theory promoted by such as Erich von Däniken, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert K. G. Temple and David Icke. There it is.

The movie is an occult messaging device, concealing and revealing, a vehicle for mass media programming.

I wonder how many children watching the movie may have blurted out something like, “Hey, look Mommy! The alien looks like grandpa!” I think he looked like Tor Johnson, who played the big zombie-ghoul from Plan 9. (See image below right) I think that was a planned association to establish a subliminal link between these two productions.

We do have “alien” DNA, serpent DNA. Claims to this effect will be validated, so that much is true enough. Noah had been a pure descendant of Adam, “perfect in his generations.” We are not. The lies from the father of lies will spin this to his advantage.

Discrediting the Bible makes the whole sin and judgment “problem” vanish like a disproved myth. Since there will be no salvation issue, Beast or mark of the Beast, such a sales job as this will remove the barrier for many who would otherwise reject the genetic “upgrade” that will be offered as the “life” option that “completes their evolution.”

In a scene near the end of the movie, we hear some more NLP or suggestive programming in the dialog.

“These are all designated landing areas.
O my god, they're coming back!”

The “alien” (O my god) gods are returning. The planned landing areas were sites obviously chosen for world domination. The return (that is never addressed further) appears to be for an invasion. This is what the “alien” commander, aka the Devil is orchestrating. The two Beasts the apostle John saw rising from the sea and earth, will make their appearance as the stars in this show. Perhaps most centrally, Revelation 9 pictures entities like locusts rising from the pit in a kind of alien invasion. Similar scenarios were pictured in Plan 9 from Outer Space and in a few of Rango's scenes, plus in many other movies. Many expect an alien invasion of sorts where they manifest and cause chaos in December of this year. While there may be something to that, I can't say I know. I do believe there will be several phases of what some consider an “alien invasion,” manifesting in a variety of deceptive ways. I believe this began a very long time ago and that it will continue until the campaign of Armageddon is decisively brought to its appointed conclusion, as per Revelation 19.

19 And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army. 20 And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone. 21 And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh. ~ Revelation 19:19-21

That end may be seen as a conflagration. Right after the dialog I just presented was heard, Hangar 18 is hit with an incendiary device falling from the sky (false flag) and everything goes up in flames. The fiery destruction of the earth described in 2 Peter 3 seems to be in view. The only survivors of the assault were those who had been inside the alien ship, which was unscathed. The false flag assault on Hangar 18 had been intended to destroy the alien ship and all evidence that it had existed. The plan backfired and the alien ship and the government cover-up were exposed. The movie ends with a media report that suggests the end of the US presidential administration responsible for the deception. Maintaining that administration's status quo had been a important plot line throughout much of the movie. The message seems to be that this current administration's attempt (sovereign Yahweh) to defeat the alien will fail. That's just not going to happen.

Here's a snippet of dialog from the movie I felt was very revealing.

Scientist: Yeah, but I still haven't figured out what method they're using to record and store all this stuff.
Harry: Magnetic.
Scientist: Doesn't appear to be. The recordings themselves seem to be on sort of crystalline microchips.
Harry: Crystal. Keep at it.

I've been writing pretty regularly about DNA as both hydrous and crystalline. Aaron reminds me of documented reports of those who receive kidney transplants acquiring the memories of the donor. The tissue or the DNA of the tissue appears to be a repository of memory, crystalline storage and perhaps recording and playback devices.

Hangar 18. A cheesy movie that spills plenty of beans.

Via an occult message delivery system that sits somewhere toward the other end of most folks' credibility spectrum, just served up an article titled, “‘World Shaker’ Crossbreeds Processor With Memory Chip.” In it, we read, “In today’s world, biomedical research and other “Big Data” applications that juggle enormous amounts of information are butting up against that memory wall, and if we’re to achieve “personalized medicine” — where we tailor drugs and other treatments to an analysis of an individual’s genetic makeup — we need chips that can push through that wall.

This touches upon the mark of the Beast, as I've described in several posts what I believe will be the technology of an implanted chip. (including here: Part 11 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! ISIS Mobile Commerce Network and Isis Mobile Wallet) I believe a chip will be customized to an individual's biology, and that through a bio-feedback looping of harmonics, the genetic code will be rewritten to generate a third strand of DNA matching to the Beast. Presto chango. Mark of the Beastie post-human hybrid.

NLP title? “‘World Shaker’ Crossbreeds Processor With Memory Chip.

‘World Shaker’ ~ Shaking or resonating the DNA of the global population
Crossbreeds ~ creating hybrids
Processor With Memory Chip ~ The processing accomplished by the implanted microchip merges the individual according to “memory.” Memory?

Crucial's slogan presents them as the memory experts. When you're aware of the professed memory experts' implicit link to DNA transformation you can confidently connect the dots to the Memory Tower featured during the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The reason that tower was cryptically called a memory tower and designed to model DNA transformation and man's ascension to godhood is because DNA persists the form and nature of its ancestors, "remembering" its ancestors. The mark of the Beast scheme is to rewrite the DNA memory, blotting out the Creator by means of installing a substitute! Crucial signals that they are complicit, and, by their signaling are advancing the scheme through subliminal and supernatural influence.
~Part 7 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! The Crucial oracle reveals how to gain gnosis

The “Memory Tower” from the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing, 2008

What we see pictured in the Olympic signs is a coming season of "raining soccer balls from heaven," creating a flood that will destroy the seed of the true God as inherited from Adam and Noah. The soccer ball is the dragon's seed, which will join with willing hosts. The pattern for this comes from the biblical account of Noah's day, and also from the season of Adam and Eve's interaction with the serpent and subsequent heritage of Eve's firstborn, Cain. This new condition will be as though one were impregnated with the dragon's seed, making literal physical hosts for his agents in the hierarchy of the spirit of antichrist. The Chinese presentation of the "Memory Tower" as the DNA/Tower of Babel gateway between the natural and supernatural, between the flesh and the spirit, is a vivid witness testifying of the same. To perceive this reality is to understand the flood of Noah's day on a deep level, acknowledging the role the Nephilim played in that judgment. To perceive this reality is to see the motives of those involved in cloning and transgenics. Stargates are not mere sci-fi but real and significant portals for the stars of heaven that will facilitate the completion of their appointed work.
~ Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Eight

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Part 39 - The Sodomite Gateway - Where Is My Guru?

We're in a season of dramatic transition and there's plenty I feel a great burden to do. Yet, I am compelled to continue exposing the imagery of the sodomite gateway. It's important to continue exercising our discernment. It's important to increase our awareness of the signals that reveal so vividly the real nature of our world and the forces at work on us, yes, and on our neighbors, too.

During the London Olympics I visited the official site frequently. One of the Olympic Partner ads I saw looks to me like the designer might have been trying to win a contest for sodomite gateway promotion.

Once-in-a lifetime opportunity
Situation vacant

We're invited to fill the vacancy, obviously, so just slide the girl straight towards us into the vacancy as suggested. I suppose that's going to be a reciprocal thing. This is not just sodomy, though, but ritual sodomy, which leads to illumination. The light stream goes right through the man's bottom. The girl has the illuminated crown and anja chakra, with that third eye light like the Order of the Garter plume. I don't recall who the ad was for. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Eastern Star, though.

Look right above the man's butt. Isn't that a gateway, opened? If you've ever been to a canal and watched the boats go through the locks, that is what it looks like when the gate opens. Canal. Alimentary canal. An open gate on the canal. Remember the Shady Love video and the school sign that alluded to Alimentary Canal?

Since this is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, the message seems to be that, once the gateway is opened, it remains so. I hear that's not always the case. Praise the Lord for that work of deliverance! However, as pointing forward towards the mark of the Beast (they are on the blocks in anticipation of reaching some finish line), obtaining that objective most certainly will be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. There's no repenting of that!

9 Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” 12 Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus. ~ Revelation 14:9-12

One of the other partnership ads on the site was promoting ritual sodomy much less obviously. The ad is for Panasonic, a company honoring the god Pan (aka Satan) and the acoustically activated (sonic) transformation of man into a hybrid. The ad rather comically featured another sexual activity. The speech bubble reads, “I have a Passion for SPORTS” What is the athlete doing? Swimming. He more specifically has a Passion for WATER SPORTS, which is a reference to sexual activity with urine. Passion, with a capital P. The news from the Olympics was buzzing for several days about swimmers who admit peeing in the pool. Passion, with a capital Pee. Pee Sports. So, where's the sodomite gateway signal? First, the speech bubble is purple. There's a flag. Second, the speech bubble is a cloud, a cloud without water (it's opaque, with no transparency to show any water inside), to reference the association with fallen angels using Jude 1:12's language. Third, the swimmer is using the butterfly stroke. The butterfly signals Monarch programming, which is only ever done with ritual sodomy.

About that ad on the right. No, I'm not advertising for them. Folks are reaching into the light. “where we seek to exalt HIM” Who is HIM? His Infernal Majesty? Look up at the top, above the name. Are they selling pants? What? Oh no. That's not right. Break it up, guys. You can also see a truncated pyramid that has a black capstone, illuminated with dark light. That black capstone is also an anal triangle and phallic arrowhead.

The most prominent hand is signaling in a subtle but familiar way. There's an abundance of Freemasons in the area, and maybe this church is evangelizing as a front agency. Well, I say, front, but, yeah.

The “christian” side of Mystery Babylon certainly doesn't have a monopoly on the sodomite gateway. Here's a promo I found on the side of blogtalkradio's site. Add this to your list of "things I can't unsee."

Guru love is the kundalini kind, activating the pineal by way of the kundalini gland. The arrow of this heart-and-arrow combo is the familiar phallus. The heart shape is often the vagina but it sometimes pictures the buttocks. This one isn't pink but kind of orange-brownish.

If the question really is, where is my guru, I'm going to take their picture as a clue and suggest they check their rearview mirror.

Dr. John Dee claimed that his monas hieroglyphica will revolutionize astronomy, alchemy, mathematics, linguistics, mechanics, music, optics, magic, and adeptship. He was obviously on to something, and could well have included marketing graphics in the list. Well, OK. He actually had that covered in the last two items on the list.

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(with fanfare) Now arriving - Yom Teruah!

For as long as I've seen the approach of this day, it still seems almost surreal to finally announce its arrival, but folks, we're here. I can't say when the Lord's clock actually ticks over at the sighting of the new moon whether or not some tangible difference will be felt. Certainly, other transitions have been felt, where, in a moment, something perceived in the spirit was markedly different. With Yom Teruah, it is my testimony that what is popularly referred to as the seventieth seven (Daniel 9:27) arrives. This, my friend, is a V E R Y big deal!

Update! Sighted!

As far as feelings go, the three of us here have been feeling very agitated, with no insight given about the cause or reason for it.

There is a benefit to watching in this season and coming to a sure knowledge of the times. The apostle Paul had this revelation insight to share, which is specifically appointed for a day not now very far off.

1 Now as to the times and the epochs, brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. 3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. 4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief; ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4

Those who, in that day, will still have the need to be written to concerning times and the epochs will obviously be ignorant of some essential provision, and this ignorance will be very costly. I want you to think hard about the subtle implication of the example used. Women who are near term in their pregnancy are generally pretty well aware of the impending labor, right? When the calculated due date is near, you could say labor and delivery is imminent. That's the language many folks today use about “the rapture.” Many folks interpret Matthew 24:36 to mean we can't know the day or hour of our Lord's coming, but we can know the season. Let me tell you that a woman with child knows full well the season of labor pains. The revelation given to Paul is a clear declaration that, hey, that's not good enough. I'm betting he's right. Matthew 24 is esoteric, and those who get it know the day and hour will be known by some.

Take a hint from the passage presented above. Until you know confidently by revelation insight that confirms what is being written concerning times and the epochs, you're still in darkness. Get the hook-up. Some of you need it. Is the rapture tomorrow? If you find something like that crossing your mind, you're still in darkness and the light is a long ways off.

Matthew had some very pertinent insight for us.

45 “Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes. 47 Truly I say to you that he will put him in charge of all his possessions. ~ Matthew 24:45-47

The food has been prepared and is being served. The fit food for the time is being served at the proper time. Some of this food service involves the writing about times and epochs. Get it while it's hot, folks.

Call me an arrogant nutter if you like, but I believe that certain key times and seasons of the end have been made known to me, and that this is as the grain of salvation that was stored then distributed by Joseph in Egypt. It is “meat in due season,” as described in Matthew 24. This is the instruction about the day of the Lord that will come just like a thief in the night, as described in 1 Thessalonians 5. Am I the only one serving? I've always tended to think I'm not, but that's the Lord's business. It's of no concern to me one way or the other. The Lord has the matter well in hand and I'm content knowing that.

There is value in knowing when a thing is, and much of that value is in knowing when a thing is not.

For many years I've heard and read many claims of those who assert that we are now in the tribulation, or “the rapture” will be a week from Tuesday. Almost always there's reams of data presented as convincing evidence to support the claims. Family Radio's Harold Camping was a recent and widely publicized example of such, who proclaimed the end was coming in 1994, who subsequently repositioned himself to repeat in 2011. A popular wave had come not long before through the promotion of a book by Edgar C. Whisenant, “88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988.” That failed prediction was followed by a number of repeats. In 1988, the Lord had not yet approached me with revelation about the chronology of the end times and I was isolated from the community of saints who fed at the trough of Whisenant's reasons, and I was wholly oblivious to all that activity. By 1994, however, I had begun to be educated at the Lord's feet about such matters, and Camping's reasonings appeared to me as completely bogus. There is value in knowing when a thing is not, and so, even though demands were being made on me with regard to a response to Camping's claims, I was able to keep from being distracted by the noise. I didn't know all I know now but I knew enough about when things would be to dismiss what did not align with it.

Many claims have been presented to me over the years from very sincere folks, and with the huge benefit of knowing something about when a thing is, I have quickly dismissed them. I have watched and noted a trend. Claims are getting closer. This observation might be viewed from the perspective of, oh, good, folks are catching on, but that's not what I get from the spirit of God about it. The counterfeits are getting closer with the result that more and more people will be deceived as the key times draw near, even every single person who is not accounted among the very elect. These theories, however close they are to the truth, are a filter mechanism. If you can be deceived, you will be. The Lord has assured it.

Part of the value in finding a thing is in no longer having to look for it. OK. Captain Obvious here, reporting live on location. When you know you found something, the search is over, right? You confidently move on to the next thing. This is a legitimate benefit and is how I've been able to focus so intently on the varied subjects of this blog during these past nearly 3 years.

Give the following passage some consideration from the perspective of the level of confidence that will be had with regard to the sign described.

1 Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, 2 that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. 3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

Do you realize this passage is not really a general message for the instruction of a broad range of folks? It's a targeted message for a particular people at a specific time. What is relayed to us about what will deceive is not just some vague similitude but revelation insight into what will be happening in that very day. I've addressed the bad translation in verse 3 at length, and those for whom that passage is specifically intended will understand with no confusion whatsoever. Like I wrote earlier, there is value in knowing when a thing is, and much of that value is in knowing when a thing is not. That's going to be crucial.

It must be known that there is more to times and the epochs than just learning to parrot dates. It's a character issue. It has to do with coming to be trusted by the Lord, brought into His confidence and granted access to the most well protected knowledge about His appointment book. Being privvy to the times means we're privy to the relationship between events and, understanding the dynamic, the bigger plan within which they unfold. Without gaining the necessary level of security access, even though the truth may be right out here in plain sight, folks don't see it. They pass right on by. As it must be. This is not an academic or intellectual challenge. It's a trust challenge.

So, with all that said, let me continue with a little overview, kind of continuing on from what I shared a few posts back, in Oh Oh. September 7? Only Ten Shopping Days Until Christmas!

  • A celestial sign was given, as cryptically described in the Bible. This has a precedent at the 1st advent.
  • A few key events were revealed with their timing identified by positioning within a single week of years.
  • That week was identified relative to the celestial sign by a pattern that declares the span of years between them.

It's pretty simple, but that's how the Lord has given it to me.

The celestial sign marked Yom Teruah in 1991. That marked the transition of Shemittah, accounted from when it was first established on the first day of the accounting of biblical history. The focal week of years did not begin then, but after three full Shemittah pass, 21 years after 1991. This 4th Shemittah is the one, beginning now and ending in 2019. Now that we've arrived, the pre-echoes of the heptadic cycles are useful as shadows that illustrate the form of what casts them. The biblical patterns that illustrate this Shemittah in type are going to unfold beyond what has even already been revealed. We have arrived at quite an awesome time, my friend.

I didn't figure this stuff out because I'm smarter than anybody else. The Lord chooses whom He wills for His own reasons. I'm just smart enough to realize that. Am I deceived about all this, and a deceiver? You call it as you see it. Documentation is provided for most of that on, and mostly in the collection of “Beyond the Veil” studies.

Just Let It Go

Many of us are grieving in recent weeks as the Lord helps us prepare for the coming season. He asks for willing sacrifice, and all we hold dear is due Him. He is good, and we so need this preparation. This is not about some cult suicide thing but rather the biblical living sacrifice that will lead some of us to become martyrs. What is happening may feel like a crime, but it is the Lord's work and far, far from criminal activity! What is coming will bring loss, separation in life and even through death. If you have not got your priority sorted out, you will fail in the trials to come, and in that, the loss suffered will be great, and enduring. The reward for willing sacrifice is also enduring and very great - worth it - SO WORTH IT!

As I write there are mere moments remaining in this season on the Lord's calendar. When the new moon is sighted (karaite-korner), Yom Teruah will begin, marking the beginning of the 4th Shemittah from the celestial sign of Yom Teruah in 1991. When most of you read these words, it will already have been sighted and we will have entered into a most opportune time! If that still doesn't mean anything to you, well, it may already represent forfeit on your part. This is really that serious a matter to warrant such a remark. Many won't survive what's coming shortly, and what's lost is lost.

If you have remaining dreams and schemes for this life, let them go. Are you beholden to your possessions, let them go, maybe literally.

If you hold your life dear, let it go. Trust the Lord who asks it of you. He gave it, after all, didn't He? He continues to give it now, every breath, every beat of your heart. He is faithful and He will give the life He promises when this one has passed.

If you have a husband or wife, let them go. Entrust them to the Lord, as you must with your own life. You must know He loves them even more than you. Is you Mom or your Dad most dear to you? Let them go. Your children are very difficult to let go of, but the Lord asks this too. Let them go, each and every one. Entrust them to the Lord. This is not just difficult, it's impossible according to the carnal flesh. Yet, the Lord helps us as He asks this impossibly difficult sacrifice of our lives and all those we hold dear. This is actually for us a necessary provision and the trial comes as a great gift.

Here's an excerpt from a recent email exchange where concerns were expressed to me about what happens to our children.

With love as His fundamental identity and attribute, you can be assured He will care for us and our loved ones better than we ourselves because He truly loves them beyond our capacity to even comprehend the vast scale and scope of that love. Let each one of your children and loved ones go, individually, entrusting them to the Lord as formally or as informally and as privately or publicly as you may feel led. Do this as you yourself let go of this life, entrusting it to Him. The Lord honors faith. When you have let go and entrusted all that you hold dear to the One who gave it, the remainder of your time and your loved one’s time spent in this world will be with greater freedom, peace and capacity for the love that endures.

The Lord Y'shua is administering a love test. It is so He knows whether you truly love Him, and it reveals whether He can trust you. It also demonstrates to you whether you really do love Him and trust Him. This is an opportunity to discover our weakness and expose to us the absolute necessity of full dependence upon the Lord's provision. Letting go of our children, parents, siblings, friends, our own lives; this frees us from a burden we cannot bear and releases us to simply love our Creator. It brings peace. If or when the time comes for you and I to literally give up our freedom and lives, the choices required cannot be made rightly without the Lord's help. He will help then, but He is helping us now in advance of when those choices have to be made. Receive His help. You and I need everything He's got for us. Loss has to be grieved, this is natural and healthy, and the Lord knows this and knows us intimately. Receive His help, as what things are not His are loosed, and lost, and grieved. Love, faith and hope, these are found, in Him, and in all this you gain Him.

I pray you find all the Lord has for you, for you and for His glory.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Part 38 - The Sodomite Gateway - Coldplay's Paralympics Closer

When Coldplay headlined the recent pagan festival / closing ceremony at the London Paralympic games my attention was drawn to their last song, titled, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” That title sent a message about the season following the games: It will be characterized by the multiplication of tears. I was curious about why, from the deep pool of musical talent, Coldplay was the featured band. I checked the lyrics of several of the songs they played during the event and discovered the expression of a mind-control slave's experience, which includes reference to ritual sodomy. You're shocked, right? Well, by now, I hope not.

If you are a trauma-based SRA mind-control victim and still have to be mindful of triggers, you may want to skip this post. If you're disturbed in any way by descriptions of sexual imagery, please give a similar consideration. This is material fit for the healthy and mature.

If you feel the need to refresh your memory on these subjects, the series links can be found here, Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway. For further study about SRA multiples and the Black Awakening, the Rango Series, Parts 10-17 in particular, may be helpful.

The second song of the Paralympics “Festival of Flame” performed by Coldplay was “Yellow,” which features this image on the cover. The yellow sun is occulted, eclipsed in a way that should be recognized by attentive readers as the anus + light source imagery signaling illumination via ritual sodomy. This should recall Soundgarden's “Black Hole Sun,” a very similar imagery addressed way back in Part 16. And also like the Nazi Black Sun (Part 12) , Coldplay's Yellow connects ritual sodomy with fallen angels and trauma-based mind-control.

I'm going to offer lyrics of a few of the songs Coldplay performed with some commentary. Their ambiguous and cryptic lyrics create a poetic intrigue that some find appealing, but it's really the effect of the standard practice of embedding an esoteric message, one that is concealed from most and revealed to a few. This is the business of mass mind control, which supports the SRA trauma-based mind-control programming of multiplied thousands of multiples and chosen ones and lubricates the rest of the sheeple.

Coldplay - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets are light.

And all the kids they dance
I turn the music up
I'm on a roll this time
And heaven is in sight ~ THEY ARE DISSOCIATING

I turn the music up,
I got my records on
From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song ~ THE MULTIPLE HAS A CORE PERSONALITY THAT REBELS AGAINST THE ABUSE
I'd rather be a comma, than a full stop

Maybe I'm in the black ~ IN THE ANUS - (black is like brown, a scatalogical reference - "Men in Black") AS THE SODOMIZER WITH EITHER A PHALLUS OR A SUBSTITUTE
Maybe I'm on my knees ~ THE VICTIM BEING SODOMIZED (Part 6 - Madonna worships on her knees - "Like a Prayer")
Maybe I'm in the gap between the two trapezes ~ PROPS FACILITATING PERVERSE TORTURE / RITUAL SEX / SODOMY

I swear you emerge blinking into
Every siren is a symphony

Is a waterfall
Is a waterfall
Is a waterfall
Every teardrop
Is a waterfall

So you can hurt, hurt me bad ~ THE ABUSED MONARCH SLAVE

It was a wa-wa-wa-wa-waterfall

Every tear
Every tear
Every teardrop is a waterfall...

The song is something of an anthem for ritual abuse victims. I mentioned earlier how the title “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” sent a message from London announcing the coming multiplication of tears. Given the meaning of the lyrics I interpreted to expose the hidden context of ritual abuse, the word “waterfall” may be seen to send a special signal. Programmers use alpha codes to trigger certain responses, and waterfall imagery is one such trigger.

“GO INTO THE SEA OF FORGETFULNESS” --a hypnotic structure in the mind to forget. Waterfalls are also used as a hypnotic image to forget pain and memory.” (The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler)

Think about this as the last song. Closing with that hypnotic song featuring those triggers brought to many viewers at the end of the closing ceremony a forgetting of the pain of the induced trauma, a wiping of the memory. Closure. “All you mind controlled slaves just triggered, this round of your support programming has been completed. Please forget about it and go back about your routine, awaiting further instructions.” “Keep Calm and Carry On,” Londoners.

Both that song and Princess of China (performed with Rihanna) are on an album titled, Mylo Xyloto. The official interpretations offered for the strange title are varied, which should be interpreted as the typical lies we must expect that are offered for the sake of cover. The cover art for the UK's best-selling rock album of 2011 didn't actually read “Mylo Xyloto” but rather “MYL OXYL OTO,” presented in three lines as you see in this image. If you know how popular the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) is with the elite Illuminists, seeing this line will grab your attention. I haven't given Coldplay an extensive analysis but I note they did have an album titled X&Y, which was the best-selling album released in 2005 worldwide. The X&Y are the sex chromosomes, and sex magick and genetic manipulation are what is concealed in this very familiar signal letter combo. I interpret MYL OXYL OTO as featuring the X&Y, as MY XY, my chromosomes, my genes. From Mylo Xyloto, subtracting OTO and My XY leaves LOL as the remainder. Yeah, really. I have to think the OTO is LOL (laughing out loud) about MY XY, about what is being done with your genes and mine as they advance us toward the mark of the Beast with Illuminati ritual magick.

Monarch slaves have many clocks built into their systems. They have internal clock makers and internal clock keepers.” (The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler)

Coldplay - Clocks

Lights go out and I can't be saved ~ VICTIM IS BEING TRAUMATIZED
Tides that I tried to swim against ~ POWERLESS AGAINST ABUSERS
Brought me down upon my knees ~ VICTIM IS BEING SODOMIZED
Oh I beg, I beg and plead

Singin', come out if things aren't said
Shoot an apple off my head ~ CONTROL EXERTED THROUGH TRAUMA
And a, trouble that can't be named ~ KEEPING SECRETS IS PARAMOUNT
Tigers waitin' to be tamed ~ SEX KITTEN "BETA" PROGRAMMING

Singing, yooooooooooooo ohhhhhh
Yoooooooooooo ohhhhhh

Confusion never stops
Closing walls and ticking clocks ~ RITUAL ABUSE

Cursed missed opportunities
Am I, a part of the cure

Singin', yoooooooooooo ohhhhhh'

Oh nothing else compares
Oh nothing else compares

Yooooooooooooo ohhhhhh'

Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go

"Yellow" was Coldplay's first worldwide hit single, coming in 2000. It's ultimately about the mark of the Beast, but also about the “precurser” multiples and Chosen Ones.

Coldplay - Yellow

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
I came along,
I wrote a song for you,
And all the things you do,
So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all "Yellow."
Your skin
Oh yeah, your skin and bones,
You know, you know I love you so,
You know I love you so. ~ LIAR - THIS IS NOT GENUINE LOVE
I jumped across for you,
Oh what a thing to do.
Cos you were all "Yellow,"
I drew a line,
Oh what a thing to do,
And it was all "Yellow."
Your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn into something beautiful,
And you know for you,
I'd bleed myself dry for you,
I'd bleed myself dry. ~ BLOOD SACRIFICE
It's true, look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine.
Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,

The band's name started out as Coldplay in 1996 but was changed to STARFISH. In 1998 it was changed back to Coldplay. Hmmm.

“Us Against the World” is about an MK-ULTRA super soldier being programmed for The Black Awakening, the CHAOS. (See Russ Dizdar - Shatter The Darkness)

Coldplay - Us Against the World

And bring back the water, let your ships roll in. ~ TRAUMA WITH WATER DEPRIVATION AND EXCESS

The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties ~ MORE TRAUMA
The devil as he's talking with those angel's eyes ~ DEMONIC MANIFESTATIONS DURING THE SATANIC RITUAL
And I just want to be there when the lightning strikes


Through chaos as it swirls

My drunken as a Daniel in a lion's den
And tonight I know it all has to begin again
So whatever you do, don't let go ~ MAINTAINING THE WARRIOR ALTER IDENTITY

And if we could float away
Fly up to the surface and just start again
And lift off before trouble
Just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us and erodes us in the rain ~ REGENERATIVE PROGRAM

Sing slow-ow-ow-ow it down
Oh Slow-ow-ow-ow it down

Through chaos as it swirls
It's us against the world
Through chaos as it swirls
It's us against the world

Coldplay is far from the only weapon in the Adversary's control and world domination arsenal. Success will be granted with this supernatural weaponry that has been forged against the heritage of Yahweh. It will prevail for a season, as it must. The Black Awakening is coming. It is a notable feature in the sovereign God's appointment for this age, which is drawing quickly to a dramatic conclusion!

Lord, help us! This is my prayer. I am assured that He is, and will!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Part 42 - 2012 London Paralympics - Occult Closing Ceremony and the Agitos Symbol

Well, that's it. What is being called the golden Summer is over. With the close of the Paralympics, what I've searched out about what happened during the closing ceremony provides further validation of some things presented earlier in this blog series. The essential message I perceive is this: They have achieved their goal. The mass ritual of the Paralympics closing ceremony completed what began with the opening of the XXX Olympiad on July 27. Curses have been generated by high level practitioners of sorcery. It appears as though the threats many of us have perceived being signaled through occult means are beginning to manifest, and I must say, it feels like it's right on time.

London 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony

All the noisy signaling of terrorist activity that had built before the games faded during the season spanning the Olympics and Paralympics. The closing ceremony on 9/9 played to a packed stadium. It seems people breathed a collective sigh of relief. “That's over - and now we can go back to ignoring the conspiracy theorists who `cry wolf.` ” Really? What was announced symbolically as I read and interpret the publicly exhibited evidence of their mega ritual magick speaks to me of subtilty. The alchemist's deadly work is a covert operation, sub rosa. Watch and see what begins now to unfold in their global theater.

The Paralympics closing ceremony seemed to many like a Coldplay concert that was accompanied by non sequitur entertainments and occasionally interrupted by various ceremonial activities relating to closing out the London Paralympics. Questions are raised about the integrity of what we're told about the games even if we consider the ceremony very superficially, as just a big UK festival-style party thrown to celebrate the end of the Olympics season. Many asked why the party featured two non-Brits, Rihanna and Jay Z? That's reasonable, given how the whole deal is supposed to highlight the UK. Did Britain finally run short of local talent? I think not. I believe there's a message being sent about the Illuminist IOC and operations with their elite Luciferian co-conspirators. Rihanna and Jay Z aren't really foreign at all. They are in-house talent, from the branch just across the pond. I don't have any insight into who made that puzzling decision but I do know that, behind the scenes, the sovereign God moves and the agencies of Satan (aka Zeus) are engaged to accomplish His purposes. The choice of two artists from the US may be a statement that a focus of attention for this season is now on the US. While the customary transition to Brazil was in the spotlight with an 8 minute long ceremony to recognize the Rio 2016 games, a shift of attention off London rather to the US seems to be suggested. If this is what was signaled, it portends the big trouble so many of us have been expecting. I'll be expanding on that shortly.

Because so much attention was given to the flame, even labeling the ceremony, “Festival of Flame,” it must be seen that special emphasis was placed on the ceremonial extinguishing of the Olympic flame. Underlying that act is the death curse of ritual magick called the bell, book and candle. (See Part 12 - 2012 London Olympics - Death Rituals: A "Bell, Book and Candle" Mega-Ritual on the BBC) I identified the cauldron as the candle that represents the life of the one being cursed. When the candle is extinguished and knocked to the floor, it represents the life of that individual being extinguished and their soul consigned to darkness outside the light of God. The flame that had been lit from the sun on Mt. Olympus was put out in just that manner at the close of the XXX Olympiad. The same cauldron was relit from the 4 flames that had been lit on the highest summits in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Near the end of the ceremony on 9/9, a second bell, book and candle spell was cast as that flame of the thorn bush Cauldron was extinguished and it was “knocked” to the floor. I think this is where the emphasis on the flame is placed, elevating the power of the ritual magick and therefore the potency of the curse.

For whom were these curses of death intended? Take a hint from what happens to the accursed “candle,” which had acquired the dark energy of the entire London Olympic season that had begun with the lighting of the torch in Greece. The copper thorns are being gifted to the 204 participating nations, very nearly the full count of entities that qualify for participation. Is your country accepting their gift, a Trojan horse with hidden emissaries from hell? Mine is.

The way that fire was featured during some very dark post-apocalyptic scenes strengthens the theme of death and destruction. The mega ritual as one celebrating the bringing of death was highlighted by the theme of the passing of the seasons. The cycles of life and death would be the expected symbolism there but, along with the theme of good vs evil that was also featured, one side dominated. Evil. Death. My point is emphasized with some punctuation in the title of Coldplay's last song, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.” Think about it. Tears will be multiplied. Not tears of joy, I can assure you! Despite the "feel good" party version we are still being sold, I'm betting it will be revealed to some as akin to a trip to the dentist, where the laughing gas comes just before the root canal.

Londoners will some day see the logos for the Olympic season for what they really are. One presents London being sodomized by the Olympics. The other presents London being sodomized by the Paralympics. The XXX Olympiad closed, in my NBC version, with “Take That.” The Paralympics closed with “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.” Ominous. Very, very ominous.

If you've been following this blog for a while you know that it is through ritual sacrifice and ritual sodomy and cannibalism that the Luciferian Zeus worshiping Illuminists achieve their goals. The sodomizing sex magick of the London Olympics branding is more than a shallow gesture like "flipping the bird." It's saying, we're using you, hijacking you as our slaves. It has been said that if you sodomize god you get his power. This really is a legitimate dynamic. The IOC and their sponsors have hijacked London through their sodomite sex magick rituals during this season. According as Rothschild sodomy brings illumination, we were publicly presented with the Enlightenment theme of the Paralympics opening ceremony. In the closing ceremony we see the illuminated slave army triggered and doing the bidding of their programmers.

By viewing the imagery of the closing ceremony through that lens, we may recognize scenes of a 9-12 (post 9-11) world as a prison planet with a prowling army of mind-controlled super-soldier guards, genetically enhanced as chimeric beings, beasts. The theme of the change of the seasons speaks to me as a signal of a stepped or staged plan having been put into play. The burning destruction of the accursed cauldron thorns begins.

I intend to present Coldplay's closing song as a Monarch slave anthem (in the Sodomite Gateway series) and then step through some of the ceremony to document what I've been proposing. That will be forthcoming, Lord willing, but I want to close this post out by expanding a little more on the red, blue and green Agitos, the symbol of the Paralympics.

I introduced this brand in Part 41 as three obfuscated sixes with reference to the 666 of Revelation 13 and the mark of the Beast. I also identified the image as a triple helix DNA symbol, also associated with that mark. The “Tae-Geuk” shapes in the version used from 1994-2004 might have been perceived as being just too obviously three sixes, so the agitos were swapped in and rotated independantly. Although it's still pretty easy to recognize the 666 signal there is a higher degree of plausible deniability, and, more than that, the subliminal and supernatural impact (symbol as demonic portal) is enhanced.

The Paralympic motto had been “Mind, Body, Spirit” during the “Tae-Geuk” era. The Agitos era motto is, “Spirit in Motion.” London's Channel 4 writes that, “The three Agitos, from the Latin meaning "I move", surrounds a central point symbolising motion, and emphasises the role of the Paralympic movement in bringing athletes together from all corners of the world to compete.” “The shape also symbolises the Paralympic vision "To Enable Paralympic Athletes to Achieve Sporting Excellence and to Inspire and Excite the World"” Excite the world? I think we can read between the lines about the excitement being sexual, and that the inspiration is the enlightenment of ritual sodomy.


  • “I put something in motion, drive, impel; drive by rowing, row about; shake, throb.
  • I brandish, wield.
  • (of cattle) I drive, conduct; tend, control.
  • (of animals) I hunt, chase, pursue.
  • I drive to and fro, toss about, agitate, disturb.
  • I rouse or stir up, excite, move, urge, drive or impel someone to something, insist on.
  • I disturb, disquiet, provoke, agitate, vex, trouble, torment.
  • I reprove, assail, blame, decry, scoff, deride, insult, mock.
  • I am engaged in, do, accomplish, have, hold, keep; celebrate; practise, exercise.
  • (of time) I pass, spend.
  • I live, dwell, abide, sojourn.
  • (of the mind) I drive at something in the mind; turn over, study, weigh, consider, meditate upon.
  • (of the mind) I am occupied with, devise, contrive, plot, design, intend.
  • I deliberate upon, confer about, discuss, debate, investigate.
  • (with sat and genitive) I have enough to do, have trouble with, I am fully engaged in.”

agito - wiktionary

Read through the list of meanings a few times and seek the holy sprit about which are most relevant. This “agito” dynamic really speaks loudly to me of aggressively coercive motion toward the mark of the Beast, literally Antichrist Spirit in Motion.

The brand really crosses over to overlap the Sodomite Gateway series because the Paralympics is even more symbolic of sodomy than the other London Olympic imagery. The London guy's anal triangle is the same triangle that is the illuminating head of the Paralympic guy's phallus. Sodomy. That imagery is shared with the regular London Olympics logo. What is added by the Paralympics version is the embedding of the obfuscated letters q and u, for “queer,” homosexual. Also, (warning - graphic) the two agitos forming the letter q can be interpreted anatomically as the buttocks of a sodomizer, facing right towards the reclined green, or as his scrotum.

Ultimately, the sodomizer is Horus because the entire logo forms the upper case letter R, the familiar esoteric variant of the eye of Horus. He is Apollyon the destroyer, son of Zeus, the ancient and returning god who will rule an earthly kingdom for a brief but incredibly intense season.

Flying the 666 flag over No. 10 Downing makes a statement about who runs what. And, how.

Series Links: A Bioforming Pandemic

By Aaron Hermann

I believe that in the not-too-distant future we will experience a global pandemic event that will serve as a significant escalation of Satan's continued effort to bioform humanity. I believe that the pandemic will be caused by a governnment-funded, man-made bio-weapon superbug that will be engineered to selectively target people with specific DNA profiles in an effort to identify, isolate, and enhance those whose ancestry traces back to the Serpent-Seed bloodlines. For those meeting this specific DNA profile, the superbug will initiate a "viral loading" process that will act as a foundational layering, or enhancement process serving as a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. It is important to note that "Chosen ones", trauma-based mind control victims, Satanic Super Soliders, and/or psi-warriors will also be included in this enhancement process.

Once this is completed the survivors will be softened up a great deal more for the implementation of the Mark of the Beast, which will be the last in a long line of tactical moves made by Satan to permanently alter their DNA and transform them into hybrids that are able to be used as avatars for the disembodied Nephilim spirits that will wage war against God at Armageddon.

When you read or hear the official reports of outbreaks and there's a nagging sense that there's something they're not telling us, that's probably the holy spirit. The big picture evidence suggests that the official stories are bogus, contrived, that we are being lied to. Strings are being pulled behind the scenes directing the outcome of events. There really is a conspiracy against us. In the face of the onslaught of lies and deceit hold fast to what the Lord has given you and what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you as true.

Let us be vigilant and continue to keep watch, Lord willing.

****While not officially part of the "A Bioforming Pandemic" series, these three posts cover essential material. It is recommended that you begin with these three before beginning the series.****

***Links to Recent Updates Pertaining to Bird Flu and Other Pandemic Stories of Note***

By Aaron and Bob

Please feel free to contact us through our Gmail accounts.

Aaron Hermann (theultimateplan@)and Bob Schlenker (theopenscroll@)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Part 4 - A Bioforming Pandemic: More "9-11" Signals on September 11, 2012

By Aaron Hermann

Earlier today a reader (thanks Glen!) left a comment on Part 3 of this series pointing to yet another rather intense "9-11" signal. The fact that this signal occurred on the actual date of September 11th, 2012 exactly 11 years after the false-flag event in New York City only added to the intensity of the signal.

Between 30 and 35 people have been injured after two trams collided in The Hague, media in the Netherlands report.

One tram ran into the back of another on Jacob Cats Street, near Hollands Spoor station, and a driver is among the injured, De Telegraaf says.

Ambulances ferried the injured to hospital as police guarded the scene.

According to De Telegraaf, the collision occurred between a No 11 and a No 9 tram at 09:50 (07:50 GMT).

Many hurt as trams collide in The Hague

Another source reports 36 people were injured in the accident:

Thirty-six people were lightly hurt, mostly with facial injuries including bloody noses, when two trams collided in The Hague on Tuesday morning, Dutch media reported.

One tram drove into the back of another near the Hollands Spoor station, the ANP news agency said. Four of the injured were taken to hospital by ambulance and the rest by bus, ANP said, quoting the HTM tram operator.

36 slightly injured in Netherlands tram crash: Dutch media -

So tram 9 collides with tram 11 on September 11th and 36 people are injured. The number of people injured is notable because "3+6=9", which is the single digit numeric representation of the Mark of the Beast transformation. In addition, "3x6=18" is a "1+8=9" as well as a 666 reference.

You really can't make this stuff up, folks.

Adding to the ominous nature of this signaling event is the fact that it occurred in the Netherlands. I have written extensively about the U.S. Government funding Dutch researcher Ron Fouchier's work on mutating the bird flu, and if you are curious about the connection please note that Fouchier's lab is in the Netherlands. From what I can determine, Fouchier's lab is located in the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, which is only 27 minutes away from the site of the tram accident in The Hague. There is obviously no bioterror threat from the tram accident, but the numbers and the date make this worthy of note.

For those of you who have been following the blog you will be familiar with the connection between the likely global pandemic and the "Spanish Flu" pandemic of 1918. Earlier in this series I linked to an article that described the work of Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger and his quest to reconstruct the flu that killed between 50-100 million people. This article appeared on the "mBio" web site earlier today, September 11, 2012:

The influenza pandemic of 1918–1919 killed approximately 50 million people. The unusually severe morbidity and mortality associated with the pandemic spurred physicians and scientists to isolate the etiologic agent, but the virus was not isolated in 1918. In 1996, it became possible to recover and sequence highly degraded fragments of influenza viral RNA retained in preserved tissues from several 1918 victims. These viral RNA sequences eventually permitted reconstruction of the complete 1918 virus, which has yielded, almost a century after the deaths of its victims, novel insights into influenza virus biology and pathogenesis and has provided important information about how to prevent and control future pandemics

Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Virus: Unexpected Rewards from the Past

The severe morbidity and mortality of the 1918 pandemic, which was a form of bird flu, spurred these curious scientists to dig up victims and reconstruct the virus. Excellent idea guys. They can keep touting the benefits to humanity of this research and how it is going to help prevent and control future pandemics, but I'm not buying it.

Also appearing in the headlines today was an article about over 22 million birds being slaughtered in Mexico because they were infected with a form of avian influenza. 2 is a number signifying division, and 11 is a number signifying flesh. I do believe that we can interpret the 22 million as a signal of the forthcoming event that will literally divide forms of flesh around the world as the likely global pandemic kills some and enhances others.

The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality (Senasica) said in a statement that concluded the census of birds killed by the outbreak of avian influenza AH7N3 virus that broke out in June in the farms of the Los Altos, the western state of Jalisco...

Sanchez said that between June 19 and August 31 died or were killed a total of 22, 3 million birds, of which 10.9 million were recorded for the Senasica sacrifice, while the rest died before the police report of the presence of the disease.

Mexico 22.3 million birds slaughtered by bird flu contagion

With all of the headlines coming at us from every direction and all of the noise making it hard to focus, it is important to keep our eye on the ball. With that being said, I believe what is going on in Mexico is rather telling when viewed within the context of what transpired during the H1N1 global pandemic in 2009. According to the CDC, Mexico was the country of origin of the 2009 outbreak.

On April 23, 2009, samples submitted by Texas revealed two additional cases of human infections with 2009 H1N1, transforming the investigation into a multistate outbreak and response. At the same time, CDC was testing 14 samples from Mexico, some of which had been collected from patients who were ill before the first 2 U.S. (California) patients

On April 30, 2009, CDC issued an MMWR Dispatch describing the initial outbreak of 2009 H1N1 influenza in Mexico. Findings in Mexico indicated that transmission in Mexico involved person-to-person spread with multiple generations of transmission.

The 2009 H1N1 Pandemic: Summary Highlights, April 2009-April 2010

Could this be signaling another global pandemic event similar to the 2009 H1N1 event? Let's watch and see.

Bob has written extensively about the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics, and the next story ties in with the closing of the Paralympic games that brought an end to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Hong Beijing, Sept. 9 news (reporter Ding Fei), according to Voice of China "National Network News" reported recently, Vietnam and the emergence of a new type of highly lethal avian influenza virus, the country spread quickly.

New virus appeared in Vietnam in July, August, has spread to the northern and central Vietnam. The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture officials said that this new type of avian influenza is likely to be a variant of the H5N1 virus outbreak last year.

Currently, culling infected poultry in Vietnam, as many as 180,000. Vietnam Central Veterinary Diagnostic Center also about the existing vaccines tested.

Li Dan: Xinhua News Agency reporter in Vietnam, according to officials of the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, this new type of the H5N1 virus, with the outbreak of the bird flu virus in Vietnam in 2011, belong to different types in the same branch, a new type of virus this year than in 2011 virus to humans more dangerous, and a higher mortality rate. As of September 8, this new type of avian influenza virus has attacked seven provinces and cities in Vietnam, Hai Phong City and Green Province epidemic has been effectively controlled, 21 days without a new outbreak.

In the next two months, the spread of the virus in the northern and central Vietnam will reach its peak, and the situation will be more severe. Up to now, Vietnam has four people infected with the H5N1 virus, including two deaths.

Vietnam: new highly lethal avian influenza virus has caused two deaths

If you have not read Bob's work in Part 40 - 2012 London Olympics - The Closing Ceremony and the Rise of the Phoenix pertaining to the "Thorn Curse" related to the extinguishing of the cauldron of this year's Olympic Games you have some serious catching up to do.

Before the Olympics began the Lord directed my attention to the possibility of a connection between the Olympic games and an outbreak. In July a new strain of bird flu appeared that is suspected to have a higher risk of causing human death. The timing of the appearance of this new strain was very unusual because avian influenza normally appears in January and February. The fact that this occurred during the same month as the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony and first days of the Games is significant.

A new bird flu strain is developing unexpectedly in Viet Nam and causing great concern to the government and public.

According to the National Animal Health Diagnosis Center, the new strain of bird flu virus, which is suspected to have higher risk of causing human death than previously known ones [see comment], appeared in July 2012 and widely spread in August 2012 in Viet Nam's 7 central and northern provinces.

Hoang Van Nam, head of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)'s Animal Health Department, said that this virus, thought to belong to H5N1 Clade, is different from the 2 strains of A and B that appeared in Viet Nam in 2011, due to its higher pathogenic risk [pathogenicity].

According to the department, as of 6 Sep 2012, the new virus strain has attacked 7 central and northern cities and provinces, including Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, Bac Can and Quang Ngai, and over 180 000 infected poultry have been culled so far this year [2012].

Apart from the newly-found strain of the virus, the bird flu has developed unexpectedly in the country so far this year [2012]. Normally, avian influenza appears shortly before or after the traditional lunar Tet holidays (which often fall in late January and early February). However, it has appeared since July this year [2012] and spread fast without warning. In the Central Highlands' Dak Lak province, about 30 influenza epidemic spots were found in only one day.

According to local experts, the epidemic will become more complicated once it reaches its peak in the coming months.


While today passed without major incident there were signals. Let us be vigilant and continue to keep watch, Lord willing.

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