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Part 42 - 2012 London Paralympics - Occult Closing Ceremony and the Agitos Symbol

Well, that's it. What is being called the golden Summer is over. With the close of the Paralympics, what I've searched out about what happened during the closing ceremony provides further validation of some things presented earlier in this blog series. The essential message I perceive is this: They have achieved their goal. The mass ritual of the Paralympics closing ceremony completed what began with the opening of the XXX Olympiad on July 27. Curses have been generated by high level practitioners of sorcery. It appears as though the threats many of us have perceived being signaled through occult means are beginning to manifest, and I must say, it feels like it's right on time.

London 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony

All the noisy signaling of terrorist activity that had built before the games faded during the season spanning the Olympics and Paralympics. The closing ceremony on 9/9 played to a packed stadium. It seems people breathed a collective sigh of relief. “That's over - and now we can go back to ignoring the conspiracy theorists who `cry wolf.` ” Really? What was announced symbolically as I read and interpret the publicly exhibited evidence of their mega ritual magick speaks to me of subtilty. The alchemist's deadly work is a covert operation, sub rosa. Watch and see what begins now to unfold in their global theater.

The Paralympics closing ceremony seemed to many like a Coldplay concert that was accompanied by non sequitur entertainments and occasionally interrupted by various ceremonial activities relating to closing out the London Paralympics. Questions are raised about the integrity of what we're told about the games even if we consider the ceremony very superficially, as just a big UK festival-style party thrown to celebrate the end of the Olympics season. Many asked why the party featured two non-Brits, Rihanna and Jay Z? That's reasonable, given how the whole deal is supposed to highlight the UK. Did Britain finally run short of local talent? I think not. I believe there's a message being sent about the Illuminist IOC and operations with their elite Luciferian co-conspirators. Rihanna and Jay Z aren't really foreign at all. They are in-house talent, from the branch just across the pond. I don't have any insight into who made that puzzling decision but I do know that, behind the scenes, the sovereign God moves and the agencies of Satan (aka Zeus) are engaged to accomplish His purposes. The choice of two artists from the US may be a statement that a focus of attention for this season is now on the US. While the customary transition to Brazil was in the spotlight with an 8 minute long ceremony to recognize the Rio 2016 games, a shift of attention off London rather to the US seems to be suggested. If this is what was signaled, it portends the big trouble so many of us have been expecting. I'll be expanding on that shortly.

Because so much attention was given to the flame, even labeling the ceremony, “Festival of Flame,” it must be seen that special emphasis was placed on the ceremonial extinguishing of the Olympic flame. Underlying that act is the death curse of ritual magick called the bell, book and candle. (See Part 12 - 2012 London Olympics - Death Rituals: A "Bell, Book and Candle" Mega-Ritual on the BBC) I identified the cauldron as the candle that represents the life of the one being cursed. When the candle is extinguished and knocked to the floor, it represents the life of that individual being extinguished and their soul consigned to darkness outside the light of God. The flame that had been lit from the sun on Mt. Olympus was put out in just that manner at the close of the XXX Olympiad. The same cauldron was relit from the 4 flames that had been lit on the highest summits in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Near the end of the ceremony on 9/9, a second bell, book and candle spell was cast as that flame of the thorn bush Cauldron was extinguished and it was “knocked” to the floor. I think this is where the emphasis on the flame is placed, elevating the power of the ritual magick and therefore the potency of the curse.

For whom were these curses of death intended? Take a hint from what happens to the accursed “candle,” which had acquired the dark energy of the entire London Olympic season that had begun with the lighting of the torch in Greece. The copper thorns are being gifted to the 204 participating nations, very nearly the full count of entities that qualify for participation. Is your country accepting their gift, a Trojan horse with hidden emissaries from hell? Mine is.

The way that fire was featured during some very dark post-apocalyptic scenes strengthens the theme of death and destruction. The mega ritual as one celebrating the bringing of death was highlighted by the theme of the passing of the seasons. The cycles of life and death would be the expected symbolism there but, along with the theme of good vs evil that was also featured, one side dominated. Evil. Death. My point is emphasized with some punctuation in the title of Coldplay's last song, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.” Think about it. Tears will be multiplied. Not tears of joy, I can assure you! Despite the "feel good" party version we are still being sold, I'm betting it will be revealed to some as akin to a trip to the dentist, where the laughing gas comes just before the root canal.

Londoners will some day see the logos for the Olympic season for what they really are. One presents London being sodomized by the Olympics. The other presents London being sodomized by the Paralympics. The XXX Olympiad closed, in my NBC version, with “Take That.” The Paralympics closed with “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.” Ominous. Very, very ominous.

If you've been following this blog for a while you know that it is through ritual sacrifice and ritual sodomy and cannibalism that the Luciferian Zeus worshiping Illuminists achieve their goals. The sodomizing sex magick of the London Olympics branding is more than a shallow gesture like "flipping the bird." It's saying, we're using you, hijacking you as our slaves. It has been said that if you sodomize god you get his power. This really is a legitimate dynamic. The IOC and their sponsors have hijacked London through their sodomite sex magick rituals during this season. According as Rothschild sodomy brings illumination, we were publicly presented with the Enlightenment theme of the Paralympics opening ceremony. In the closing ceremony we see the illuminated slave army triggered and doing the bidding of their programmers.

By viewing the imagery of the closing ceremony through that lens, we may recognize scenes of a 9-12 (post 9-11) world as a prison planet with a prowling army of mind-controlled super-soldier guards, genetically enhanced as chimeric beings, beasts. The theme of the change of the seasons speaks to me as a signal of a stepped or staged plan having been put into play. The burning destruction of the accursed cauldron thorns begins.

I intend to present Coldplay's closing song as a Monarch slave anthem (in the Sodomite Gateway series) and then step through some of the ceremony to document what I've been proposing. That will be forthcoming, Lord willing, but I want to close this post out by expanding a little more on the red, blue and green Agitos, the symbol of the Paralympics.

I introduced this brand in Part 41 as three obfuscated sixes with reference to the 666 of Revelation 13 and the mark of the Beast. I also identified the image as a triple helix DNA symbol, also associated with that mark. The “Tae-Geuk” shapes in the version used from 1994-2004 might have been perceived as being just too obviously three sixes, so the agitos were swapped in and rotated independantly. Although it's still pretty easy to recognize the 666 signal there is a higher degree of plausible deniability, and, more than that, the subliminal and supernatural impact (symbol as demonic portal) is enhanced.

The Paralympic motto had been “Mind, Body, Spirit” during the “Tae-Geuk” era. The Agitos era motto is, “Spirit in Motion.” London's Channel 4 writes that, “The three Agitos, from the Latin meaning "I move", surrounds a central point symbolising motion, and emphasises the role of the Paralympic movement in bringing athletes together from all corners of the world to compete.” “The shape also symbolises the Paralympic vision "To Enable Paralympic Athletes to Achieve Sporting Excellence and to Inspire and Excite the World"” Excite the world? I think we can read between the lines about the excitement being sexual, and that the inspiration is the enlightenment of ritual sodomy.


  • “I put something in motion, drive, impel; drive by rowing, row about; shake, throb.
  • I brandish, wield.
  • (of cattle) I drive, conduct; tend, control.
  • (of animals) I hunt, chase, pursue.
  • I drive to and fro, toss about, agitate, disturb.
  • I rouse or stir up, excite, move, urge, drive or impel someone to something, insist on.
  • I disturb, disquiet, provoke, agitate, vex, trouble, torment.
  • I reprove, assail, blame, decry, scoff, deride, insult, mock.
  • I am engaged in, do, accomplish, have, hold, keep; celebrate; practise, exercise.
  • (of time) I pass, spend.
  • I live, dwell, abide, sojourn.
  • (of the mind) I drive at something in the mind; turn over, study, weigh, consider, meditate upon.
  • (of the mind) I am occupied with, devise, contrive, plot, design, intend.
  • I deliberate upon, confer about, discuss, debate, investigate.
  • (with sat and genitive) I have enough to do, have trouble with, I am fully engaged in.”

agito - wiktionary

Read through the list of meanings a few times and seek the holy sprit about which are most relevant. This “agito” dynamic really speaks loudly to me of aggressively coercive motion toward the mark of the Beast, literally Antichrist Spirit in Motion.

The brand really crosses over to overlap the Sodomite Gateway series because the Paralympics is even more symbolic of sodomy than the other London Olympic imagery. The London guy's anal triangle is the same triangle that is the illuminating head of the Paralympic guy's phallus. Sodomy. That imagery is shared with the regular London Olympics logo. What is added by the Paralympics version is the embedding of the obfuscated letters q and u, for “queer,” homosexual. Also, (warning - graphic) the two agitos forming the letter q can be interpreted anatomically as the buttocks of a sodomizer, facing right towards the reclined green, or as his scrotum.

Ultimately, the sodomizer is Horus because the entire logo forms the upper case letter R, the familiar esoteric variant of the eye of Horus. He is Apollyon the destroyer, son of Zeus, the ancient and returning god who will rule an earthly kingdom for a brief but incredibly intense season.

Flying the 666 flag over No. 10 Downing makes a statement about who runs what. And, how.

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