Saturday, September 29, 2012

Transition Update

Update on my situation. I've officially moved out of my residence that was a sign of National 911 Judgment, as of 9/28. I am in a season of recovering from the move, which has impacted my ability to blog and respond to email as I rest and recover. It will take a little while to settle in to my new situation, unpacking and organizing. Blogging may resume, I can't say I know one way or another.

Aaron went back into the hospital for 7 days, and he is now home and resting and recovering too. Neither of us would have chosen this scenario for this time, and we consent that this a good thing. We agree that the Lord has us right where He wants us. If anthing here gets done in our own strength, we would prefer immediate corrective action. We want only to rest in the Lord's ability and find contentment with His provision, which is entirely sufficient and far, far better than we deserve. The Lord Y'shua continues to show us favor beyond any reasonable expectation and we are so grateful!

I continue to watch what is unfolding in the world, with particular focus upon the engagement with Iran. Technically, reports suggest Iran has already been engaged for a season, with intellegence agency operations targeting computers and scientists, but official declarations of war with direct military action have not yet been reported. What I understand from Daniel 8 is that a major judgment against the USA comes in the wake of war with Iran, where that country and "King" goes the way of Iraq before them. America has to be bounced with the result that the order will be established within which the lawless one will emerge, ascending to his appointed throne.

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