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Princess Eugenie's Optical Delusion at the London Paralympics

The Duchess of Cambridge may have already taken the crown for best dressed member of the Royal family, but Princess Eugenie proved that she is a hot contender for the title as she attended the Paralympic Games yesterday. The granddaughter of the Queen looked incredibly stylish in the Spring / Summer 2012 zip front sail dress by London-based design team Peter Pilotto, which showed off her slender figure.” ~ Daily Mail Online

This dress speaks to me, loudly. NACHASH

nachash (Strong's H5175)

1) serpent, snake
a) serpent
b) image (of serpent)
c) fleeing serpent (mythological)

From the root word: nachash (Strong's H5172)

1) to practice divination, divine, observe signs, learn by experience, diligently observe, practice fortunetelling, take as an omen
a) (Piel)
1) to practice divination
2) to observe the signs or omens

Therefore, when it speaks of Satan as being an angel of light, we must conclude that Eve was not deceived by a mere snake, but by a glorious spirit being of superior aspect, full of beauty and fascination with the ability to enchant and charm. It was to this bright, shining, supernatural being that Eve paid such great deference. Not to a slimy reptile.” ~ WHO IS THE SERPENT OF GENESIS 3? By Patrick Heron

If you haven't been following this blog and finding the fringe versions of things being presented very compelling you'll probably dismiss this post as being quite silly. It seems very likely to me that the Royals have some special genetics, of a reptilian kind. I can imagine David Icke looking at these pictures and rubbing his eyes in wonder. Is she shapeshifting into reptilian form now? But seriously, I'm not mocking here. Arizona Wilder's testimony about what she witnessed as many of the Royals transformed before her is no joking matter. There really are those with “serpent” genes among us, which was promised for the duration of this age from all the way back in the biblical account of Genesis 3. (Who is Cain's Father?) I never gave the shapeshifting reptilian bit much consideration until pretty recently. I have to say my skepticism has faded, and Princess Eugenie's dress is helping the process along.

The garment worn in these pictures by the daughter of the Duke of York says to me, Nachash. Shimmering scales.

Princess Eugenie of York was named at birth, Eugenie Victoria Helena. A Royal named 'genie, like djinn. How interesting.

The decorative elements above her breasts look like the foliage of a palm tree or a pair of them, entwined. Remember Rango's role-playing palm named Victor on the terrarium stage set? Victory over death is the symbolic meaning that is attested to by occult writers. The zipper may be seen as the trunk, and this forms a V-neck, a V. V for Victory. Eugenie Victoria Helena. Victoria. If you check that post (Part 34 - Rango - Jailers of Virtue? A Bitter Vengeance Resurrection Plot) you'll see this image with another princess that has palm foliage covering her breasts. I described the imagery as picturing the crossing over of the death/life boundary. Is Princess Eugenie's garment signaling the crossing over between the realms in shapeshifting? The zipper makes for the quick removal of a garment, which suggests to me the ease with which she may be able to transform herself, shapeshifting from one dimensional form into another. See the reptile in the image from Rango? The chameleon is a reptile. Is this just a random coincidence, a Royal Rango-Paralympics synchronicity, or something more substantial?

Ropes are pictured on Princess Eugenie's shimmering garment. A zip front sail dress? I smell misdirection. Ropes suggest constraining the garment and they outline a form that is not really hers, as though binding and restraining the reptilian form from manifesting. Is this the magickal function? Is the form of the ropes for a supernatural delusion more than for an optical illusion accentuating the femininity of her hips?

There is a golden panel over her womb. If this were displayed in some other context, I might dismiss it as a merely decorative element. Yet, here it speaks to me of the golden child and the golden age of Horus, in the womb of Isis. In the Rango series I identified the princess prop-character as Isis and the palm tree as Osiris. According to the Egyptian legends they reproduced to bring forth Horus, an antichrist identity. In Greek legend, Isis is Leto, who gave birth to Apollo while she was under the palm tree! (Part 35 - Rango - Osiris on the Renaissance Stage and... The Bride Theft) The golden panel that appears under the palm tree and covers her womb appears to testify about the Royals carrying the golden child, and that we are in something akin to a gestation period.

Am I suggesting the princess is literally going to bear the antichrist? No, I am not. The one who will fill that role is already an adult.

I wrote about some crossed palm trees that form a V in the "i" of Horus series, exposing the branding for the In-N-Out Burger franchise. See Part 31 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! The IN-N-OUT (B)URGE(R). These palm trees form an X, but it may also be seen as a V. Alongside the large phallic arrow of the brands sign you have to consider the V as the vagina, presenting us with the Egyptian sex ritual magick and bringing forth of Horus, and the palm tree victory over death emblem. This signals the magickal working of Isis/Leto with her dead and resurrected husband/brother.

This dress was worn at the Paralympics, which is expected to feature a bell, book and candle ritual just like the one from the XXX Olympiad. This pregnancy signaling is of the opened book, the book comprising on the large scale DNA, the diverse genetics encompassing all the nations tribes and peoples who populate the earth.

NACHASH! Hisssssssssss. An enchanting light garment with shimmering scales. If the Bible wasn't already plain about the nature of our times, I'd be skeptical about the message I'm reading in this. However, it is plain enough to those with eyes that see. You remember this one, right? Part 17 - The Sodomite Gateway - Royal Pains - Order of the Garter Then there was Part 18 as a follow-up. The witness continues to pour forth that our reality is what the Bible says it is, not the versions sold to us by our many worldly instructors. I pray this dress worn by the one representing the Royals speaks to you as a sign. What is outside is what is inside.

Hey, isn't that some familiar hand signaling I see in her interaction with the athlete from China?

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