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Part 4 - A Bioforming Pandemic: More "9-11" Signals on September 11, 2012

By Aaron Hermann

Earlier today a reader (thanks Glen!) left a comment on Part 3 of this series pointing to yet another rather intense "9-11" signal. The fact that this signal occurred on the actual date of September 11th, 2012 exactly 11 years after the false-flag event in New York City only added to the intensity of the signal.

Between 30 and 35 people have been injured after two trams collided in The Hague, media in the Netherlands report.

One tram ran into the back of another on Jacob Cats Street, near Hollands Spoor station, and a driver is among the injured, De Telegraaf says.

Ambulances ferried the injured to hospital as police guarded the scene.

According to De Telegraaf, the collision occurred between a No 11 and a No 9 tram at 09:50 (07:50 GMT).

Many hurt as trams collide in The Hague

Another source reports 36 people were injured in the accident:

Thirty-six people were lightly hurt, mostly with facial injuries including bloody noses, when two trams collided in The Hague on Tuesday morning, Dutch media reported.

One tram drove into the back of another near the Hollands Spoor station, the ANP news agency said. Four of the injured were taken to hospital by ambulance and the rest by bus, ANP said, quoting the HTM tram operator.

36 slightly injured in Netherlands tram crash: Dutch media - Expatica.com

So tram 9 collides with tram 11 on September 11th and 36 people are injured. The number of people injured is notable because "3+6=9", which is the single digit numeric representation of the Mark of the Beast transformation. In addition, "3x6=18" is a "1+8=9" as well as a 666 reference.

You really can't make this stuff up, folks.

Adding to the ominous nature of this signaling event is the fact that it occurred in the Netherlands. I have written extensively about the U.S. Government funding Dutch researcher Ron Fouchier's work on mutating the bird flu, and if you are curious about the connection please note that Fouchier's lab is in the Netherlands. From what I can determine, Fouchier's lab is located in the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, which is only 27 minutes away from the site of the tram accident in The Hague. There is obviously no bioterror threat from the tram accident, but the numbers and the date make this worthy of note.

For those of you who have been following the blog you will be familiar with the connection between the likely global pandemic and the "Spanish Flu" pandemic of 1918. Earlier in this series I linked to an article that described the work of Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger and his quest to reconstruct the flu that killed between 50-100 million people. This article appeared on the "mBio" web site earlier today, September 11, 2012:

The influenza pandemic of 1918–1919 killed approximately 50 million people. The unusually severe morbidity and mortality associated with the pandemic spurred physicians and scientists to isolate the etiologic agent, but the virus was not isolated in 1918. In 1996, it became possible to recover and sequence highly degraded fragments of influenza viral RNA retained in preserved tissues from several 1918 victims. These viral RNA sequences eventually permitted reconstruction of the complete 1918 virus, which has yielded, almost a century after the deaths of its victims, novel insights into influenza virus biology and pathogenesis and has provided important information about how to prevent and control future pandemics

Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Virus: Unexpected Rewards from the Past

The severe morbidity and mortality of the 1918 pandemic, which was a form of bird flu, spurred these curious scientists to dig up victims and reconstruct the virus. Excellent idea guys. They can keep touting the benefits to humanity of this research and how it is going to help prevent and control future pandemics, but I'm not buying it.

Also appearing in the headlines today was an article about over 22 million birds being slaughtered in Mexico because they were infected with a form of avian influenza. 2 is a number signifying division, and 11 is a number signifying flesh. I do believe that we can interpret the 22 million as a signal of the forthcoming event that will literally divide forms of flesh around the world as the likely global pandemic kills some and enhances others.

The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality (Senasica) said in a statement that concluded the census of birds killed by the outbreak of avian influenza AH7N3 virus that broke out in June in the farms of the Los Altos, the western state of Jalisco...

Sanchez said that between June 19 and August 31 died or were killed a total of 22, 3 million birds, of which 10.9 million were recorded for the Senasica sacrifice, while the rest died before the police report of the presence of the disease.

Mexico 22.3 million birds slaughtered by bird flu contagion

With all of the headlines coming at us from every direction and all of the noise making it hard to focus, it is important to keep our eye on the ball. With that being said, I believe what is going on in Mexico is rather telling when viewed within the context of what transpired during the H1N1 global pandemic in 2009. According to the CDC, Mexico was the country of origin of the 2009 outbreak.

On April 23, 2009, samples submitted by Texas revealed two additional cases of human infections with 2009 H1N1, transforming the investigation into a multistate outbreak and response. At the same time, CDC was testing 14 samples from Mexico, some of which had been collected from patients who were ill before the first 2 U.S. (California) patients

On April 30, 2009, CDC issued an MMWR Dispatch describing the initial outbreak of 2009 H1N1 influenza in Mexico. Findings in Mexico indicated that transmission in Mexico involved person-to-person spread with multiple generations of transmission.

The 2009 H1N1 Pandemic: Summary Highlights, April 2009-April 2010

Could this be signaling another global pandemic event similar to the 2009 H1N1 event? Let's watch and see.

Bob has written extensively about the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics, and the next story ties in with the closing of the Paralympic games that brought an end to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Hong Beijing, Sept. 9 news (reporter Ding Fei), according to Voice of China "National Network News" reported recently, Vietnam and the emergence of a new type of highly lethal avian influenza virus, the country spread quickly.

New virus appeared in Vietnam in July, August, has spread to the northern and central Vietnam. The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture officials said that this new type of avian influenza is likely to be a variant of the H5N1 virus outbreak last year.

Currently, culling infected poultry in Vietnam, as many as 180,000. Vietnam Central Veterinary Diagnostic Center also about the existing vaccines tested.

Li Dan: Xinhua News Agency reporter in Vietnam, according to officials of the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, this new type of the H5N1 virus, with the outbreak of the bird flu virus in Vietnam in 2011, belong to different types in the same branch, a new type of virus this year than in 2011 virus to humans more dangerous, and a higher mortality rate. As of September 8, this new type of avian influenza virus has attacked seven provinces and cities in Vietnam, Hai Phong City and Green Province epidemic has been effectively controlled, 21 days without a new outbreak.

In the next two months, the spread of the virus in the northern and central Vietnam will reach its peak, and the situation will be more severe. Up to now, Vietnam has four people infected with the H5N1 virus, including two deaths.

Vietnam: new highly lethal avian influenza virus has caused two deaths

If you have not read Bob's work in Part 40 - 2012 London Olympics - The Closing Ceremony and the Rise of the Phoenix pertaining to the "Thorn Curse" related to the extinguishing of the cauldron of this year's Olympic Games you have some serious catching up to do.

Before the Olympics began the Lord directed my attention to the possibility of a connection between the Olympic games and an outbreak. In July a new strain of bird flu appeared that is suspected to have a higher risk of causing human death. The timing of the appearance of this new strain was very unusual because avian influenza normally appears in January and February. The fact that this occurred during the same month as the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony and first days of the Games is significant.

A new bird flu strain is developing unexpectedly in Viet Nam and causing great concern to the government and public.

According to the National Animal Health Diagnosis Center, the new strain of bird flu virus, which is suspected to have higher risk of causing human death than previously known ones [see comment], appeared in July 2012 and widely spread in August 2012 in Viet Nam's 7 central and northern provinces.

Hoang Van Nam, head of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)'s Animal Health Department, said that this virus, thought to belong to H5N1 Clade, is different from the 2 strains of A and B that appeared in Viet Nam in 2011, due to its higher pathogenic risk [pathogenicity].

According to the department, as of 6 Sep 2012, the new virus strain has attacked 7 central and northern cities and provinces, including Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, Bac Can and Quang Ngai, and over 180 000 infected poultry have been culled so far this year [2012].

Apart from the newly-found strain of the virus, the bird flu has developed unexpectedly in the country so far this year [2012]. Normally, avian influenza appears shortly before or after the traditional lunar Tet holidays (which often fall in late January and early February). However, it has appeared since July this year [2012] and spread fast without warning. In the Central Highlands' Dak Lak province, about 30 influenza epidemic spots were found in only one day.

According to local experts, the epidemic will become more complicated once it reaches its peak in the coming months.


While today passed without major incident there were signals. Let us be vigilant and continue to keep watch, Lord willing.

By Aaron and Bob

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