Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Let It Go

Many of us are grieving in recent weeks as the Lord helps us prepare for the coming season. He asks for willing sacrifice, and all we hold dear is due Him. He is good, and we so need this preparation. This is not about some cult suicide thing but rather the biblical living sacrifice that will lead some of us to become martyrs. What is happening may feel like a crime, but it is the Lord's work and far, far from criminal activity! What is coming will bring loss, separation in life and even through death. If you have not got your priority sorted out, you will fail in the trials to come, and in that, the loss suffered will be great, and enduring. The reward for willing sacrifice is also enduring and very great - worth it - SO WORTH IT!

As I write there are mere moments remaining in this season on the Lord's calendar. When the new moon is sighted (karaite-korner), Yom Teruah will begin, marking the beginning of the 4th Shemittah from the celestial sign of Yom Teruah in 1991. When most of you read these words, it will already have been sighted and we will have entered into a most opportune time! If that still doesn't mean anything to you, well, it may already represent forfeit on your part. This is really that serious a matter to warrant such a remark. Many won't survive what's coming shortly, and what's lost is lost.

If you have remaining dreams and schemes for this life, let them go. Are you beholden to your possessions, let them go, maybe literally.

If you hold your life dear, let it go. Trust the Lord who asks it of you. He gave it, after all, didn't He? He continues to give it now, every breath, every beat of your heart. He is faithful and He will give the life He promises when this one has passed.

If you have a husband or wife, let them go. Entrust them to the Lord, as you must with your own life. You must know He loves them even more than you. Is you Mom or your Dad most dear to you? Let them go. Your children are very difficult to let go of, but the Lord asks this too. Let them go, each and every one. Entrust them to the Lord. This is not just difficult, it's impossible according to the carnal flesh. Yet, the Lord helps us as He asks this impossibly difficult sacrifice of our lives and all those we hold dear. This is actually for us a necessary provision and the trial comes as a great gift.

Here's an excerpt from a recent email exchange where concerns were expressed to me about what happens to our children.

With love as His fundamental identity and attribute, you can be assured He will care for us and our loved ones better than we ourselves because He truly loves them beyond our capacity to even comprehend the vast scale and scope of that love. Let each one of your children and loved ones go, individually, entrusting them to the Lord as formally or as informally and as privately or publicly as you may feel led. Do this as you yourself let go of this life, entrusting it to Him. The Lord honors faith. When you have let go and entrusted all that you hold dear to the One who gave it, the remainder of your time and your loved one’s time spent in this world will be with greater freedom, peace and capacity for the love that endures.

The Lord Y'shua is administering a love test. It is so He knows whether you truly love Him, and it reveals whether He can trust you. It also demonstrates to you whether you really do love Him and trust Him. This is an opportunity to discover our weakness and expose to us the absolute necessity of full dependence upon the Lord's provision. Letting go of our children, parents, siblings, friends, our own lives; this frees us from a burden we cannot bear and releases us to simply love our Creator. It brings peace. If or when the time comes for you and I to literally give up our freedom and lives, the choices required cannot be made rightly without the Lord's help. He will help then, but He is helping us now in advance of when those choices have to be made. Receive His help. You and I need everything He's got for us. Loss has to be grieved, this is natural and healthy, and the Lord knows this and knows us intimately. Receive His help, as what things are not His are loosed, and lost, and grieved. Love, faith and hope, these are found, in Him, and in all this you gain Him.

I pray you find all the Lord has for you, for you and for His glory.


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  1. Hey Buddy,

    Amen! I thank you for this precious, important, and timely word. The Lord is so good to us! Thank you again, dear brother.

    With Love and Blessings In Y'shua,