Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movies that prepare us for transformation

Greetings! Although I have not been posting to this blog for a while I've continued to study and learn about the plan for the transformation of man into a three strand DNA beast. I'm going to continue presenting evidence of this plan as concealed and revealed through the symbols presented in corporate logos and other diverse kinds of imagery. To begin, here's some news of interest that has appeared of late.

1 in 8 child prescriptions contain errors
Clinton's summit more popular than Davos - survey
Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named 'Ellie Light'
Scientologists 'heal' Haiti quake victims using touch
Bill Clinton arrives in Haiti with supplies
Sheep Gives Birth to Human-Faced Lamb in Turkey
$16.5 million more for MicroCHIPS, to get trials started for its implantable device
Human sacrifices 'on the rise in Uganda' as witch doctors admit to rituals
Expert Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception and the Swine Flu Hoax
Mind-reading systems could change air security

Movies, the multimedia presentations of the entertainment industry, are obviously a huge source of symbolic imagery, presenting us with occult messages via a broad spectrum of means. In this post I'm going to discuss a small number of the many movies that are preparing people for the coming transformation. The kind of occult symbols, imagery and themes that are appearing in so many popular movies validates what I have been presenting about the plan to transform you by way of the coming mark of the beast, to trick you out of your very soul. Many of them are about turning humans into non-human beings. One TV series from 2005, "Threshold," is particularly convincing because it contains so many of the signal elements in a single package and presents them in such an articulate manner! Lord willing, in the next post I'll address Threshold in some detail.

The mega blockbuster "Avatar," by James Cameron, has already broken records for popularity. Its lead character is a human who is transformed into an alien being. (Spoiler alert) The lead character is a savior who fulfills prophecy, saving the aliens and their world from bad humans. He requires the help of a dragon who rules the skies. He secures the dragon's help only after he joins with it. His avatar body is like the Nephilim, a giant of superior abilities. It was created by blending human and alien DNA. The transformation is completed when he is connected to the mystical Tree (like, grafted into the tree of knowledge of good and evil) and his soul is permenantly transferred from his human body. Does this all seem familiar? It is yet one more retelling of the same story told by the Olympic ceremony signs, the cryptic practices of the secret societies, crop circles, channeled messages from "aliens," corporate logos and marketing imagery, comic books, classic literature, ancient "mythologies" and many, many other movies!

Here's an image of the lead character's Avatar. In this scene he has a third eye represented in the marking on his forehead. This can also be seen as a bindu, a dot, placed within a large V. The V forms a downward pointing delta, the symbol that signifies the daughters of men. The dot inside it, which actually looks like a sperm, signifies the heavenly male sons of god.

A phenomenon is occurring where some who watch this movie want very badly to become a glorious being with a life on the alien world Pandora, the setting for the movie. The world is named for the Greek goddess who is in reality either a fallen angel or the direct offspring of a fallen angel. The most popular reference in our culture to Pandora involves Pandora's box, which, when opened, released evil and thus trouble into the world. The impact of the movie on some viewers is as though Pandora's box has been opened in their lives.

There have been reports that depression (referred to as the "Avatar blues") and even suicide has resulted when some who have watched Avatar want so badly to be transformed that they can no longer bear their present state. This is the kind of forceful evidence that can hardly be ignored: We are being led to desire transformation. Our culture's arrival at such a place as this is due to more than just the influence of a single movie. Avatar is for some like the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. It adds to the total as a substantial addition to a very substantial sum! The effective witchcraft brings some of the folks who experience the movie beyond the point where their lives seem manageable. They are literally being brought to destruction. The so-called solutions brought by the counselors of those who suffer are simply more lies and drugs, sorceries on top of sorceries. People long to be transformed. This is imprinted into creation, but the Avatar kind transformation into an alien beast is not what was imprinted into Adamic mankind.

In the recent writing about Cain as the son of the serpent I referred to the increasing popularity of vampire movies, mentioning the recent blockbuster "Twilight." I haven't seen the latest, which is a sequel, but I did rent the original on DVD recently so I could see why it is so popular. The plot is about a girl who was not yet a vampire but wanted to become one so she could be like the vampire she had become infatuated with. This movie featured only one occult symbol that really stood out to me. The way it was presented shows that it was placed there intentionally. In a restaurant scene, a fleur-de-lis image appeared in a cabinet behind the diners. It was subtle and, although it appeared only briefly, my attention was drawn to it. The fleur-de-lis is a triple helix DNA symbol. The lead female character wanted to be transformed just as symbolized by the fleur-de-lis.

The movie "District 9" (2009)  is about aliens who come to Earth for a visit, whose purpose is hidden. They stayed on Earth until they had made a sufficient quantity of a substance that turns humans into aliens. The lead character is a human who is turned into an alien by this substance that changed his DNA, beginning with his left hand. Why is the district assigned to the aliens numbered nine? Remember the Royal Arch degree ritual of Freemasonry called three times three? (3x3=9) Remember the occultic logo of Nine Points Management & Research / Nine Points Capital Advisors, LLC.? The gestation period of a human is 9 months. The dragon's interest is in generating hybrid offspring with the daughters of men. District 9 is where the human was turned into an alien. The film was produced by Tri-Star Pictures, which I find interesting because it alludes to the triple helix upgrade plot of the fallen stars/angels. Their logo famously features Pegasus, the Greek god with the appearance of a winged horse that was sired by Poseidon and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. Perhaps Pegasus is merely fictional, but it seems far more likely that he is one of the Nephilim involved in a sequel plot to hijack the Lord God's heritage!

There are other movies that spill the beans on the mark of the beast plot through varieties of combininations of sub-themes. Many have already noted the messaging evident in "The Matrix." In "Sleep Dealer," (2008) people connect to a network where they can work and interact with each other in enhanced ways. The essential network connection isn't established by way of an implanted chip but rather by means of special ports implanted in their bodies.

Some movies present these themes with strong support lent by the imagery woven into the visuals. Here's an example of some symbolic imagery from the upcoming "Clash of the Titans." I haven't it seen yet, obviously, but it is supposed to be a remake of the popular version from 1981. You see on their shields the triple helix signal triskelion, encircled, with distinct serpent/dragon features. This movie features the Watchers and their Nephilim spawn, by name including Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Perseus and Andromeda.

The "DaVinci Code" franchise (2006, 2009) has for its main character a symbologist (played by Tom Hanks), who is an expert on the interpretation of symbols. The plot revolves about the discovery of long hidden mysteries that have been concealed and then revealed by means of the symbols left behind by the guardians of the mysteries, men of secret societies. While it comes far short of exposing the greater truths I've been revealing in this blog, if you've learned how to interpret symbols you can read the them from the vast imagery that has been so painstakingly presented.

In another franchise that draws from the same resources Tom Horn covers in his new book, "Apollyon Rising 2012 - The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed", "National Treasure" (2004, 2007) is little different. In this production, which is sponsored by Visa, the well known sponsor of the Olympics, the lead character (played by Nicholas Cage) discovers great mysteries due to his ability to interpret the clues left behind in cryptic codes and symbols. A triquetra is featured, which is a fundamental triple helix DNA signal that is also understood by many to signify the number 666. It appears in a church, under which is found the great treasure that consists mostly of Egyptian artifacts, remnants of a time when Nephilim ruled the kingdom. Again, secret societies were responsible for the treasure and the clues that lead to its discovery. And again, the real secret that is far more valuable is not disclosed, unless you can interpret the deeper meaning of the symbols.

A sci-fi miniseries from 2005 called "The Triangle" focused on the Bermuda Triangle. The themes of alternate dimensional realities and time-space anomalies were explored, which are a relevant subset relating to mysteries of the "alien" deception. The use of symbols is subtle but, if you're looking, you'll find a dragon on top of a television in one scene that is lit up by lightning in a storm caused by a time-space phenomenon. It casts a dramatic shadow on the wall. A peculiar lamp is also in view. If the shadow it casts were not hidden by other objects we would see an upper-case letter G. It speaks to me of the enigmatic G that appears between the compass and square of freemasonry. It represents the secret name of God, but also GENERATION, the procreative powers of male deity. Other symbols appear that you might recognize, like the two in this scene on the left. The red cross appears earlier in the show as well, representing the red dragon's life in the blood of the union of the daughters of men (horizontal element) with the sons of god (vertical element). The three-legged thunderbolt in the yellow upward pointing delta signifies the sons of god with the mark of the beast calling card of Zeus that may be seen on Harry Potter's forehead.

Lord willing, I'll continue in the next post with "Threshold," (2005) a stunning bean-spilling production.

Blessings in Y'shua!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who is Cain's Father? The finished study has been posted

The lengthy study called Who is Cain's Father? has been finished and posted online, now in three parts. The writing contains some shocking insight. If you don't really want to know what's going on, don't read it. No joke.

Among the answers to important questions you've never asked are:

What does Safeway have to do with Genesis 3?
Why did the creators of the London 2012 Olympic logo model their work after the Sistine Chapel's renaissance art version of the fall of man?
Where did cannibalism come from?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Pope is Green

The second part of the "Who is Cain's Father?" study was updated again today. It seems nearly complete. One of the things I added today is an interactive thematic presentation of Genesis 3:14-19, which should facilitate for some fellow Bible geeks a few hours of rewarding enterprise.

From today's news: Pope urges lifestyle changes to save environment
"Pope Benedict used his traditional New Year address on Friday to call on people to change their lifestyles to save the planet, saying environmental responsibility was essential for global peace."

The Pope is now officially Green. This follows recent public statements "baptizing" belief in "extraterrestrials" and calling for global leadership with a new world order.
Become more environmentally responsible? With these public statements he's strongly supporting multiple facets of the same antichrist scheme.
I've written at length on my Web site showing a Pope's involvment in the coming baptism of the first Beast of Revelation 13, as presented through the London Ceremonies at the close of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. I've written about some impossibly unlikely facts that point out Benedict XVI's potential as The False Prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13 in a writing titled, Who is Pope Benedict XVI?
In recent posts to this blog I've shown evidence from occult symbolism how the Green movement is really just another facet of the green-skinned Osiris plot, the antichrist conspiracy. I've shown by many exhibits of corporate logos with Masonic imagery and children's fantasy literature what Michael Hoggard has revealed, how a triple helix upgrade is part of that plan. This is nothing less than the genetic transformation of man to beast by way of the technologies of the mark of the beast.

Here's a question that will have a simple answer of the kind where a picture is worth a thousand words. Is the Pope really onboard with the triple helix upgrade?

I found this picture of the staircase in the Vatican Museum. This is the only picture I could find. I couldn't see much of the decorative artwork to be able to analyize what it means, yet, what little I see is plenty enough! Do you see the three dots, as marking out the corners of a downward pointing delta? Do you see this unique helical staircase as a winding of DNA? People are ascending and descending on it! The triple dot punctuation of the cryptic Masonic code word abbreviations is one in meaning with the decorative relief on the Vatican Museum's DNA replica stairway to Heaven. There is no other way to interpret the meaning of the stairway. The Pope is Green!