Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hands Up! Part 4 - Unholy Hands * Put your Damn Hands Up

When it comes to raising hands, God's people raise holy hands in the petitioning of God, in thanking and praising and worshiping Him and in blessing His people. In contrast, the Adversary deceives and inspires his followers to raise unholy hands to honor him while cursing God and His people. In this 4th episode, we show examples of how the Devil takes what is good and flips it to do evil, defying the Most High God and inciting rebellion.

Hands Up! Part 4 - Unholy Hands * Put your Damn Hands Up

Monday, October 29, 2018

Decoding: Reeses - Outrageous!

Outrageous? Well, yes!

Defecation? Check.

Coprophagy? Check.

Luciferian Illumination acquired through ritual sodomy? Check. (The knowledge of good and evil = White-Good and Black-Evil)

Redundant sodomy? Check.
(1: Chocolate bar as phallus in the target anus)
(2: Polka-Dot pattern signals poke a dot-anus with a phallus)
(3: Orange is a sodomy signaling color)

Reeses. Reflect it, according to, "as above so below," the Hermetic Maxim. Each e becomes a 6. 666. Mark of the beast.

Reeses Outrageous


Out Rage us * ritual sodomy has been used for a very long time to bring out the rage in the sodomite warriors, supersoldiers.

Have you seen our video decoding Bob the Train and the Chocolate Lane? How about these related posts?

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

In my neighborhood - Macy's furniture and the OX

I was passing through Macy's and saw this scene, and had to snap a pic.

So, is that framed picture an OK or an OX? I'm going to say, it's not OK, and I also mean, not okay! Goddess throne of stone creation - right there in the furniture department. It's the model living room of the goddess! The red star brand has always been exalting the goddess of magic.

I have to say, if the decorator for Panera Bread sees that picture, they'll probably love it, because the XO is their secret motif!

Yes, Macy's - that's the department store with the absurd and evil looking black star for an apostrophe in its logo that is now part of our reality.

By the way, the black star in the logo (that has appeared as if by magick - or, literally, by magick) probably casts some kind of affirmation or affinity spell because it connects the y and the s.

y + pentegram + s = y + e + s = yes.

Where does the "e" come from in my proposed substitution? The star has 5 points. E is the 5th letter. It's an Occult substitution transformation.

While the celebration of Halloween is a big thing in my neighborhood, I'm going to spare you the scenes. But in this season where witches celebrate their biggest sabbath and many victims are ritually sacrificed, there's this - christianwitches.com - Self proclaimed Christian Witches. Witches, certainly. Christians, in label only. How absurd. How foolish. How wicked. Blatant lies contradicting the plain declaration of the scriptures.

Here's an item. Big Mouth. A show with 2 seasons already, on Netflix. A pedo promotion. Demonic Netflix Cartoon Pushes Pedophilia, Sexualizes Kids (The New American website) The title is secretly about the "b IG" or GI mouth that is the hidden one, of course.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Bob and Aaron - guests on Jan Irvin's show, "Unspun"

Aaron and I were guests last night on Jan Irvin's show, UnSpun (on LogosMedia).

We thought it went well, and we touched on several topics of interest. We announced this event in advance but only with very short notice, and I apologize for that. There was only just that much advance notice of the schedule. For those of you who knew about it and prayed for us - thanks! Thanks so much!

Later, Aaron and I observed with interest that it was show #130, which is the number that has a meaning of the mastery of time (13), magnified. Together with the title, "Unspun," there is a level where it may be taken as hinting at the pending reset of time.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Poppy - The Bewitching Opiate

Poppy's 3:36 (Music to Sleep To) is a 2016 self-released album of ambient music, produced with polysomnographists from the Washington University School of Medicine. Rolling Stone magazine called the album "intentionally soporific" - and such is the way of the opium poppy.

Poppy will put them to sleep. Sleeeep...

Poppy - The Bewitching Opiate

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Scandalous Pedo-Signs - USA Gymnastics and Rice Krispies Treats

Another scandal of sexual misconduct is rocking the news of the day. This time, it's not Catholic priests but coaches who are pedophiles who are abusing and exploiting young gymnasts and being protected by their organization.

If the promotional imagery involved was recognized for what it is, no one would be surprised because the branding of USA Gymnastics and an ad from one of their associates reveals the nature of their vile activity.

We expose the Occult symbolism of some of the USA Gymnastics logo, the GK US Classic promotional graphic, and an animated ad for Rice Krispies Treats, a product of Kelloggs, a corporate affiliate of USA Gymnastics.

The "gym" in "gymnastics" comes from the Greek word meaning, naked. https://biblehub.com/greek/1131.htm

Presenter: Aaron Hermann

Scandalous Pedo-Signs - USA Gymnastics and Rice Krispies Treats

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Poppy "Oh No. It's 3:36. What Does it Mean?"

Poppy seems perplexed. Oh No. It's 3:36. What does it mean?

Why is Poppy's "Time is Up" music video exactly 3:36 in length?

216 minutes. 216 seconds. Hmmmmm. Do the math.

Poppy 3:36 "What Does it Mean?"

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hands Up! Part 3 Social Activism Psy-Ops

Examining the hidden meanings of the Hands Up gesture - this episode touches on the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" movement, the subtle manipulation of perceptions in social activism, Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ intersectionalism.

Hands Up! Part 3 - Social Activism Psy-Ops

Friday, October 12, 2018

Daylight Saving(s) Time and Time Trax - Mandela Effect Residue or ?

In a few weeks, on the 4th of November, we're going to reset our clocks back into the past because of the way time is accounted here in Pennsylvania. In the winter, we're on what's called, Standard Time. In the Summer we're on what's called, Daylight Saving Time. There's some controversy about the term because some of us only remember it with an S, "Daylight Savings Time."

Whether or not it's actually a Mandela Effect, there are some very notable observations to be made. Especially when you factor in the "residue," from an episode of Time Trax, from November 1993. What's so interesting is the nature of all this, which, when you take a hard look at the details, has something to say about the nature of this peculiar season and even the pending reset of time.

Daylight Saving or Savings Time, whatever it's called, is about the manipulation of the accounting of time and about resets that result in adjustments of our perception because the time that the evidence suggests is valid is not in agreement with what our experience tells us it should be. Think about what the Mandela Effect is. How weird is that, right, that there's a controversy about a Mandela Effect dealing with Daylight Saving or Savings Time? Because the Mandela Effect involves facts that the evidence suggests are valid but that are not in agreement with what our experience tells us it should be. Some deny that there is such an effect, but even they have to admit, rationally, that because large numbers of people agree on the exact nature of the differences perceived, there is something going on that can't simply be dismissed.

If you can watch this video and consider these things we present and see nothing more than a little irony, or perhaps nothing at all of interest, well okay, you're probably in the majority. But for us, this is more than that. It's not proof of anything in particular, but to us, there's a message in this that speaks about our present circumstances and a returning to Standard Time, if you will, by a reset of time itself into the past.

Daylight Saving(s) Time and Time Trax - Mandela Effect Residue or ?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Part 10 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - Power Women Summit - Keebler Elves

Here's another installment in a series we haven't added to in a while. We've added content on this theme regularly but, since there's so much crossing over with other themes, we just don't "file it" under a single category. This series is worth bringing back into the spotlight, so here's another installment.

Next month, timed to correspond with the High Satanic Holidays (Samhain), the goddess worshiped by vast numbers of those who practice magic will be honored.

"WrapWomen, the producer of TheWrap’s Power Women breakfast series, will convene a summit of 1,000 women in media and entertainment in November to inspire and empower them across the landscape of their professional careers and personal lives."
(WrapWomen Launches Power Women Summit for 1,000 Leaders in Media and Entertainment)

Their event logo identifies the source of their inspiration and power.

Wiccans and other witches exalt the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, the goddess of magic who goes by many names. She is seen in the three triangles, and in each three sided triangle figure.

AWA. Inanna/Ishtar/Melissa... The drawing of the "summits" presents the W form over a pair of A frame forms, actually 2 different sets of A frame forms. Pick either one, though the outer set is a little stronger. (For more examples, see Part 7 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - AWA / ABA.)

The XX represents the female gender because of the sex chromosome designation. It's the divine feminine.

We see the XX frequently signaling the square and compass emblem of Freemasonry. Resonating with that, the embedded M (under the W) of the Power Women Summit logo mates to the M of the word, woMen, that appears directly under the logo. MM rotates to 33 - Code 33. (This instance resonates with the MM of suMMit.) The women of Freemasonry comprise the Order of the Eastern Star. Start with the O in wOmen and skipping letters across spells OES for Order of the Eastern Star.

In the way the designers of this promotional panel laid out the text, the divine feminine and goddess of fertility gets more subtle promotion in the leveraging of the phonetic spelling of ovum, or, "ovem" in n+OVEM+ber. We know this is being leveraged because it's redundant, supported by a cross-line instance generated with the O in pOwer, combining with the adjacent VEM of noVEMber. AND - if we clip the V from the W in POWER, we have a 3rd instance, formed by the OV (from POWER) plus the adjacent EM (from NOVEMBER).

The location of this event is Los Angeles. El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles (the Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels) was the Spanish civilian pueblo founded in 1781, which by the 20th century became the American metropolis of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not just the city of the angels, it's the city of the QUEEN of the angels! Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc.

There's a sodomite symbol amplification of the power of this spell from the dominant purple color and the "ANUS" cluster: Taking the A from "los Angeles," and from SUMMIT above, clip the N from the obfuscating M and then add the U and S. This is doubled for redundancy, as you exchange the S in "Summit" with the S in "loS." We could make another image to illustrate this but you should exercise your own ability to visualize it and see what's hidden there.

More examples of the same, here:
Decoding: The Tuscan Sun and Summit Entertainment
Summer Sun: Don't Get Burned by the Sodomite Sun god and goddess Subliminals

The ancient bent elbow pose of the Goddess appears in promotions for Keebler. The iconic elf wears a goddess color red vest. Trace the bottom of it to see the W that models the bent elbow form. This is why he strikes the bent elbow pose, to add redundancy in their Idolatrous Occult exaltation of the goddess. The elf is a "mythical" creature, an ancient race or, literally, a manifesting "magical" demon.

I've been served up a lot of animated ads in the past few months where the elf is promoting fudgy cookies. The poopy butt coprophagy pairing with the goddess promotion is so obvious in these!

Whoopsy. Read: *hoop* = POOH! "Fudge" We've started a Hands Up series to expose that gesture as a sodomy sign. The easel is an A frame. The fudgy cookie (donut-like) has a hole in it. On the A-frame easel, it's a fudgy A-hole.

Finally, here's an article that bears a goddess number in a fitting context. 44,000 Catholic Women Demand Answers From Pope Francis Over Sex Abuse Crisis. They worship the goddess under the alias of Mary, our lady of "whatever." According to an ancient esoteric system we call Code 47, the numbers 4 and 44 are identified with the goddess.

Major Network Mass Mind Control

Across America This Week. NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. The Pee+Cock network presents... Code 33 pairing of the themes of ritual sodomy and time/space dimensional transit!

Doubling up on the cross-line encoding of their favorite part of the anatomy. Together with the opposing phallic arrows ritual sodomy is signaled. There is a gender-boundary-crossing/time-space-dimensional-crossing spell cast in the way of symbol magic.

The map (colored blue like the sky) -- signaling: SPACE
"NEWS" = N.E.W.S. = Code NEWS: North East West South -- signaling: SPACE
"NIGHTLY" and "THIS WEEK" -- signaling: TIME * also the arrows, because, "Time Flies Like an Arrow"

Only 2 letters are connected. M and E, which rotate to 33 and signal Code 33.

Lucifer aka Ra or Re is exalted in the middle of it all, with the ER of AMERICA and the same E cross-line linked to the R of ACROSS.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Man in the High Castle - More Observations

Following up on the previous post, a couple more observations should be made. The first speaks to the keystone pattern, a biblical pattern that reveals the schedule of the Lord's calendar and fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

In season 3 episode 10, the stargate the show's Nazi's call Die Lebenfelt was given a trial run. Four subjects were lined up in a row and bound to a cart on a conveyor. The device was powered up and the subjects were conveyed down the track to the locus of the space-time anomaly. The portal was successfully opened. The conveyor wouldn't retract so, with the device powered down, Mengele and some aides went to investigate, returning to report the results and display some gruesome evidence.

"Three dog tags. The remains of three corpses on the conveyor. Not four." This is met with applause. Josef Mengele continues to report the trial's success to the Fuhrer with excitement. "One, sir, the young woman, she got through!"

The basic keystone pattern is that of a success that follows three occasions of failure. While the presentation was a little sparse, the successful result was a transit to another timeline. Compare that successful jump to another timeline to the matter of the doubling of shemitah produced by the reset of time back into the past, where another timeline will branch off from what is probably Yom Teruah of 2012. They compare. A couple of facts betray the Occult underpinnings and the value of this scene.

There's the matter of the location being, Lackawanna, meaning, "stream that forks."

There's also the matter of the dog tags. This evokes the psychopomp, alias Anubis, Hermanubis, Hermes, and Mercury, the god of boundaries and travelers and swift messenger to the gods, who traverses dimensional boundaries and escorts mortals into the underworld. Think about the dog tags and their role. The psychopomp dog ritually escorted the girl to another realm because the dog tag was with her. (It's like the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy going over the rainbow attended by her dog, Toto.) There's also a dog star Sirius angle, because of the importance Illumined Occultists place on the Sirius B Transplutonic dimension. Put it together. Do the math. Let it speak to you.

The other observation has to do with how the theme of traveling through time-space dimensions is so frequently paired in media presentations with the symbolic imagery of ritual sodomy. We have invested a lot in the exposure of this pairing, showing many examples and sharing our understanding of why this is so. If you have questions, check out our video series. (The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV) Many of these also feature Nazis, openly or secretly, like in Back to the Future, FAQ about Time Travel and Star Trek (Star Trek Enterprise (Storm Front II) - The Mastery of Time and the Resetting of Time ).

Here's the promotional image for Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle. Decoding it reveals some familiar elements.

We have the sense of the jack booted Gestapo facing us. But there's a nice flower, with some golden light, rising as an act of defiance against the oppressor. #ResistanceRises. Hope for the oppressed. That's wonderful. And then there's the dark side.

That crack in the pavement, think asphalt, crack in the ASSphalt. "The Man in the High c+ASS-tle". The crack is between the boots, which is to say, between the legs. The crack is between the words, THE and MAN. This is the crack in THE MAN. The letters E and M are called out, letters that rotate to signal the 33 and Code 33. The Freemason identity is signaled in the masonic brick wall, with the man-bricks cemented together with fecal mortar. The flower is rooted in the hole, think, root chakra. The stem penetrates, and the orange ray of light and orange center of the flower signals ritual sodomy and the illumination produced thereby. With all this going on, more support appears in the context through subtle NLP, with clusters of words drawing from adjacent and even cross-line letters. Words like arse and Ra and Re, and phonetic versions like, anes and anec.

Update: 10/11/18: Valentina shared with me how the flower growing in the asphalt is a "Sida Acuta," a tropical common weed. She found out that the name of the flower means "Acute Aids" in Spanish. I checked using Bing Translate and it shows that the flower name means the same thing in Romanian, too. "Acute Aids." Aids is primarily transmitted through anal sex, which explains the choice of the flower in that esoteric sodomy signaling context.

The observations we make about the sodomite gateway and the effort we make to put this on exhibit aren't just a side show kind of thing. It's not peripheral but rather central to the Enemy's operation in our midst. The Adversary's power base is on display. It's a power amplifier, and provides for cover, functioning also like magical smoke and mirrors. We take a lot of flak for this but that also means we're over the target, you see, so, to the wise, this reveals that's where the valuable targets are located.

The matter of jumping from this timeline is mission critical, in the spiritual warfare of this age. We're not making it up. There's no fabrication of a story on our part, or any attempt to twist what we find into something it's not. We see what we see, as the Lord grants us favor in the opening of our eyes and ears. If you see it too, praise the Lord!

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The Man in the High Castle - Season 3

Aaron and I have been watching Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle. Volumes could be written but I just wanted to briefly note a couple observations. We see this release of the 10 episode season as a very timely one. Much of it speaks to us about the pending reset of time back into the past, the divergent (and biblically legitimate) time line branched in 2012.

The series is loosely based on a Philip K. Dick novel from 1962. Many believe the author had occasions of supernatural insight that spanned time. I'm not going to summarize very much, but there may be spoilers here, so if you want to watch it first, don't read this yet.

When the show goes on about different worlds in the multiverse, it's really about alternate time lines. The show is primarily set in a world where the Axis powers won WWII. Nazi Germany occupies the East of America with NYC as the capitol. Japan occupies the West with San Francisco as the capitol. It emerges that a few people called travelers can travel from one timeline to another, primarily the one at the same equivalent time but where the outcome of WWII is according to our familiar history. The plot makes much of films from the "Allies won" world being brought over to the "Axis won" world, and the hope that instills in some who view it, growing the resistance movement.

One of the seasons main story arcs revolves around a propaganda campaign that is intended to reset America's history, removing everything that would remind people of a pre-Nazi America. The campaign is called, Jahr Null, which means, Year Zero. It's a reset of history at a designated point in time. Let that sink in for a moment. It speaks of the reset of time itself, of history itself, not just the record of it or the memory of the past!

One of the elements in the plot involves a machine the Nazis build, you can call it a stargate. It's called Die Nebenwelt, meaning, The World. Compare it to Die Glocke, The Bell, a multidimensional vehicle of legend. It is meant to create a bridge that allows the Nazis to make incursions to extend their domination to other worlds. There are several reasons why we find this so compelling as a revelation of the Adversary's goal in the spiritual war, which is to break through into the highest heaven and replace the most High God.

Die Lebenwelt was built underground in a coal mine because there was known to be a spatial/temporal anomaly at that location that could be leveraged. It was in Pennsylvania, the Lackawanna mine, shaft #9. Lackawanna, is from a Lenni Lenape word meaning "stream that forks." This is a well chosen name because they are forking the time stream there, branching to other timelines. The number 9 is also significant, as the 9 realms of Norse mythology, of its role in vector math, etc. Have you ever seen The Ninth Gate, (2000) starring Johnny Depp? There's something legitimate underscoring all that.

The show has Dr. Josef Mengele as the lead scientist on the stargate project. In reality, Dr. Mengele (alias Dr. Green) was secretly brought to America for his expertise in trauma-based mind control programming. Travel through space and time has been a significant result. In the show, Mengele talks about travel on the astral plane, and astral projection or remote viewing (and being, in the astral body) is what some alters are programmed for and some multiples are particularly adept at this.

When the show makes the opposing capitol cities New York City and San Francisco, they are following an ancient protocol that involves stargates. These are paired Celestial Stargate cities, the Silver Gate (NYC) and the Golden Gate (SF), as we have documented, here. Series Links: Celestial Stargates It's not by coincidence, so let it speak to you that this media production is one in a long line of productions that is a ritual working that advances the Adversary's agendas supernaturally.

Featured in the show is a secret enclave of Jews (in the middle America Neutral Zone) who study the Torah and continue traditions such as the Bar Mitzvah. They masquerade as Catholics to conceal themselves. God has His chosen people Israel secreted away, their identities preserved but obfuscated for protection because they are reserved for the fulfillment of His purposes. Aaron and I rejoice about the Lord's special Romans 11 work!

The show features some of the characters in homosexual relationships. This is on the theme of crossing over and destroying fixed boundaries, which resonates with and advances the main dimensional bridging aspect. One should make the Pink Swastika connection, at some point, even though the gay Nazi element is not played openly.

One secret of our reality is that Hitler didn't die in the bunker in Berlin. The Nazi officials weren't destroyed so much as relocated and integrated into other nations. Nazi rocket science benefited America, which is well known to the public. What's less known but more influential by far were the specialists in mind control programming, of individuals and the masses. The fact is that America and Nazi Germany have been merged while maintaining the superficial identity of America, and the national socialism aspect or socialism has become prominent.

One sequence that really spoke to me was in episode 3, Sensô Kôi. Mengele was experimenting with a captured traveler who was not native to his timeline. (She had brought one of the film reels with her, so she is what would be called a courier. The secret moving of valuable secrets by couriers is something Illuminati slaves are renowned for in the spy trade. The real Dr. Mengele/Dr. Green would have have been involved with that activity!) So, in the show, Mengele was telling Reichsmarschall John Smith about his theory of travel from another world in the multiverse. Mengele said, "Our physicists and engineers are working on a physical means of travel to other worlds." Then, they cut to a San Francisco scene where delegations of the opposing Axis powers meet, and the point of this is really arranging for the different world versions of Joe Blake and Juliana Crain to meet, exploring the matter of having memories of relationships and events from other timelines. (This is a big deal, in reality - because some small number of individuals will remember this shemitah after time has been reset into the past) Then they cut to a scene in a club in San Francisco where the Japanese Chief Inspector Kido meets with a mob moss. "We start with a blank slate," he says, and Kido answers. "Yes. A NEW BEGINNING!" And they toast to that. It's a reset! They don't connect it to Jahr Null but we should! That's the Nazi campaign of Year Zero that resets history. What strikes me is the sequence they strung together, with the focus on the traveling between worlds and then on having the memory of other worlds/timelines and then on the new beginning of a key relationship that meant survival for the Japanese in America, the starting with a blank slate.

A segment of episode 4 really spoke to Aaron. Frank Frink was talking about the "dawn of a new day" in the sense of a new beginning and a new world. And the next step being the man of darkness who is trying to prevent that new dawn - and of people forgetting or perhaps never knowing that the new dawn was needed - that this world is not normal. Aaron says that resonates on so many levels, and it does with me, also!

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 6

The sixth installment of the time reset end time calendar series has just been published to our YouTube account! With eight more examples from the books of Judges, Matthew and John, we raise our tally to 51.

This is an important survey because the matter of timing is important and there is a benefit in knowing in advance when things will happen. There is wisdom that attends the knowing, not speculation but knowing. Error does nothing for us.

Each example in the collection informs us about biblical chronology. Those we have yet to address in this series involve the embedding of actual dates on our familiar calendars. Many of the passages of interest reveal something about the nature of this present shemitah and the one to come, and about the reset of time, so we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore some of the accounts more deeply.

As mentioned previously, although it's a radical concept to imagine that time will actually be reset into the past, we can't deny that this is where the evidence leads us, which was first inspired by revelation insight and then encouraged by many signs. The body of evidence continues to grow as our insight continues to increase. If, in the fall of 2019, we do not find ourselves returning to the fall of the year 2012 to experience the final shemitah of this age, we will be surprised, very surprised.

If anyone had told you about the Mandela Effect before it was manifest, would you have believed it? Yet, here it is - our reality!

If you are waiting to act on what the spirit of God is impressing upon you, what are you waiting for? After time has been reset, will you have done all you could in preparation? Whether you retain anything in your own memory of this season really isn't the issue, so don't fret over it. We know that's hard to get your mind wrapped around. What the issue is involves what's actually accomplished in this season toward the next. It's as the saving grain of Egypt stored up under the patriarch Joseph's stewardship, what's stored up in the Lord's own vast spiritual granaries!

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 6 - Adding eight more examples brings the total to 51!.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Two New Interactive "side-by-side" Format Presentations

We just published two new interactive presentations to The Open Scroll website. If you know Koine (New Testament) Greek, and even if you don't, this phenomenon of the highly ordered biblical text is inspiring! The very granular thematic structures transmit through translation to convey deeper levels of meaning - independent of the language, given that a translation is sufficiently faithful to the Greek text. (* UBS5 is a current standard)

1 Corinthians 15 (Greek [UBS5] side-by-side with YLT)

Matthew 24 (Greek [UBS5] side-by-side with NASB)